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Class Trial Time

Was Tengan referring to another Kamakura project? Is Cred Forums full of EOPs? Is Hat-kun a reverse trap?

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Chiakizuru is coming, OP, what will you do when despair strikes back?


What is the basis for this meme?

absolutely nop. maybe. no.

with many of the cast looking similar to previous cast members, i wonder if that's just the "same face" quality of the animation team or perhaps actual story about their descendant. The new weedman is looking TOO much like a rebooted old Weedman with his look and fact that he's probably related to occult stuff as he has planet constellation on the back of his cloak/jacket

I dunno, I guess yet another retarded theory, like Bandai being the mastermind.

Tengan's lines can be interpreted like he's working in another Izuru project, and the only character that comes to mind would be Chiaki, I guess.

>Tell people that V3 isn't original universe related with exception of talents and monokuma
>"haha Mikan and Junko child looks so cute"
>Tell people that "RoboNaegi" is actually a human in power suit
>"Who do you think created hopebot?"
>Make VA specifically state that character she's voicing is indeed the protag
>"no way that's possible because there're other ahoges in cast"
Only ruse Kodaka ever made was KK relevance, outside of it there's no reason to doubt him.

Miaya is coming.

This time for sure.

The basis for the meme is that Izuru 2.0 is already right there in the Final Killing game as the 16th participant, silently watching everyone else. From there, it's figuring out WHO Izuru 2.0 could be based off of.

Do we have enough proof for another Izuru or is it just meme tier?

Only people who speak Nip well can actually answer this m80. From subs I interpreted it as him referring to another project entirely, with him just saying that he didn't want the Kamakura project to go to waste


who is this tumblr alien creature

We all know user

Remember how we saw that Izuru was able to conceal his presence for the entirety of the first killing game until the very last minute? Nobody there saw him until he decided to show himself. The same thing happened later, with Nanami and Komaeda.

Wouldn't it be hilarious if somebody else like him was doing the exact same thing in the Final Killing Game? Just watching everybody act like a moron, slaughtering one another with impunity, with anybody unwilling to do that either killed via NG codes or by suicide via brainwashing, and doing nothing to stop it themselves even when they have all the power in the world?

It's too late. I want her to show up so badly, but they missed their one and only shot at doing it in the previous Zetsubou-hen episode.

>Hope against Hope means two Izurus fighting

A mixture of meme and chiakifags desiring REALLY hard that their waifu is still alive, and more special than before.

with only 24 minutes left on the clock, I wouldn't bet on it.

>not-weedman wearing slippers also with planets/space on them
Welp, here's the comic relief character. I'm guessing he's somewhat related to either astrology or aliens


How does this make you feel?

Is the "last future episode is 1 hour long" meme real?

From Hope's Peak Academy, two Izurus were born...

>tfw your bro ignores you for a girl who killed younglings

Theres literally word "robot" under Spike Chunsoft logo in my pic related.
Kodaka is obviously rusing and Robo Naegi is actually a robot.

>Junko says Goodbye class rep
>RoDs clear the class trial room
>Class trial monitors showing static
>Camera moves and focuses on Chiaki on the floor
>Izuru immediately walks in
Who was camera?

>Wouldn't it be hilarious if somebody else like him was doing the exact same thing in the Final Killing Game
No, because it would be yet another thing straight up copied from ZTD, having your mastermind hidden by camera angles.

I want to marry Hiyoko.

So, where the fuck did Hagakure go? The episode had more of Togami's men show up and start rescuing the people who got the building dropped on them, but Hagakure was outside and fine when that happened yet is not there now. Is Hagakure actually the mastemind? Is he a second Izuru? Was the secret to not being bored while having every talent smoking a lot of weed?

He has Ultimate secret agent talent that Yuto possessed

Top middle would be good if she didn't have that stupid bow.

Also there's "NTOR" above the logo, wich imply word "INVENTOR", probably the Junko character is a talented mechanic.

Robonaegi is a double ruse, he's not a robot but someone else in the cast is.

>he didn't get to confess properly

aliens you say?


>Punched Naegi in order to defend his bro
>Knee'd the fuck out of Anxiety fag because he knew that he was the traitor all along
>Had a misunderstanding with the Gozuboys
>Saved Hinata from getting killed by HPA
>The master of chair throwing, that one miss on Kirigiri was because he was a merciful hero, and not just to flex his muscles and check dat ass (he only want's Munakata's ass)
>Went full ham on the evil old man mastermind and crew to save the FF
>Roundhouse kicks the everlasting shit out of Monaca's puppet in order to stop the second coming of Junko Enoshima
>Unable to stop some mentally deranged kid from blowing up half the school because he was too busy being a hero
>Had a misunderstanding with donut but spared her
>Survived 2 missile barrages by an evil robot bent on destroying all hope
>Called out Monokuma's bluff with his cameras, recording his mad-ass pecs and didn't give a fuck in general about any of these plebians
>Became the world champion in boxing, becoming the undisputed best with bare hand combat before even leaving high school
>Too Alpha to mess with the bitches and instead neglects his own feelings as being the third wheel to protect his love no matter what
>Only took a 2 episode rest before kicking the shin of everyone again
>Took a fucking spear to the shoulder, impaled into a wall and shrugged it off like it was just a mosquito bite
>Was not seduced by Ruruka's sweets because he was so loyal to Munakata
>Has enough consideration to the normies to at least use them as a coatrack
>Even at the world's end, he was still gunning for a piece
>such a straight forwarded bro, he bends his own sexuality
>saves the manlet when he's in need, cutting of his hand to be the savior he truely is! Saving everyone with the power of determination
>Single handedly stopped the killing game, physically and literally


Possible, possible, possible, my friend!

>Izuru versus Chiakizuru
>24 minutes of *teleports behind you*

>shota in the middle top

Confirmed MM

Why are Zero escape fags so obsessed with DR?

Gee, it's a good thing that that was never hinted at!

There were never any shots from the ceiling that may have been used to strategically hide the presence of somebody else watching what was going on.


He will appear in a happy ending taking Togami out of the rubble safe and sound while Naegi witness Kirigiri geting up. Its going to be a bittersweet ending as many had died but DR1 cast will reunite togehter as survivors once again

Same face syndrome and the designers like to reuse beta/discarded designs.

>there's actually an Ultimate Aikido

I'm glad he finally found peace. It was obvious by the end he fucking hated himself.

That never, ever happened. Not even once.

Juzo was the greatest thing to happen to DR3, possibly the franchise, only person's death that made me cry like a bitch, closest I've come before that was welling up at doing the recreation of Sakura's death at the end of the trial.

Take the DR1 cast. Rearrange it so that the murderers, victims and survivor for each chapter are different (try to keep it in character). However a character cannot be in the same outcome as they originally were (Leon could be a survivor or victim but not a killer for example, Sakura is a wildcard and Hifumi is considered victim for this instance, Mukuro must still die at some point). Also the murders have to take the "same" results as the chapter they are in so your hypothetical chapter 3 has to have 2 deaths, Chapter 1 a murder gone awry, 6 survivors in the end etc.

Everyday life with Juzo.

Dammit, i was nervous for Weedman to not die in DR1 and DR3 and now i will have to watch out for him in V3. My watch will never end.

Just was already best, but this episode cemeted him as the best boy of the series.

Funny thing is, he could also run in the best girl list.

Really, Juzo was an existence too good for this lifetime.

Exactly my thoughts, my friend. I didn't expect him to turn out like this. I expected a redemption, but this exceeded all my expectations.

I don't remember how it was with DR2, did they reveal the talents/names/cast before the game came out or did people have to play the game to know?

>such a straight forwarded bro, he bends his own sexuality
What does this mean? Straightforwarded isn't a word.

>smug not nagito
>Hopebot pose

>Only ruse Kodaka ever made was KK relevance, outside of it there's no reason to doubt him

>people still trust this faggot


Juzo was an extremely well done and realistic character. I'm gonna miss the big guy...

As a zero fag who joined these threads only recently, I'm surprised too.

It's nice the memes lived on, even if the fandom didn't? I guess?

>What does this mean? Straightforwarded isn't a word.
Juzoboys aren't the sharpest tools in the shed. Much like their idol.


All that matters is the size of our hearts.

I believe user

Oh ye of little faith. We'll see soon, I'm sure of it

As someone who has never played those games, the memes confuse me. But at least I kinda understand what a mind hack is thanks to these threads.

Holy shit this pic


Who the fuck cares if it's foreshadowed? Just add it to the list of other things Kodaka has blatantly taken from ZE because he obviously didn't want to write this anime but he still had to do it due to the fans, so he half-assed it.

Agreed. I liked the games well enough but I never really got that attached to any of the characters. Juzo got me hard though. I never expected I'd come out of this anime liking him (or anybody else) so much.

I don't mean anything bad. Juzo had many good qualities even if he wasn't the smartest guy in the room.

I'm just saying whoever wrote it sounds like someone who has ESL. We learned many Juzo fans are international after all.

I'm so happy someone else believes in her!

>being so ashamed of your own faggotry that you let a bitchy high school gyaru blackmail you into letting her ruin the world

Why do we like Juzo again?


Wow, somebody's angry. Oh well, at least you get what I'm saying.

user, if you had to choose between Sakura's, AI Chiaki's or Juzo's death, which one do you consider the most glorious and emotional?

dubbed despair is true despair

paintor(chocolate girl)

What the fuck was Funimation thinking changing the classic "upupupu" with this garbage?

>be robot
>get built to BE a manlet

Why though?


Even the Ultimate Hope can fall into Despair.

Remember the Funi translation of Tengan is a meme translation, the actual translation is "Yes, there's [The Kamakura Project], I won't let it go to waste."

>He doesn't like "nyek nyek nyek"


At this point Junko was suspected for murders. Hardly the same thing as being a suspected MIND HACKER who was going to destroy all of humanity.


While Sakura's and AI Chaiki's death did drop the hammer, they certainly did not land a finishing blow of glory like Juzo's did.
Juzo used the last seconds of his life clock to save someone who had left him for dead, but he didn't care because he loved him.

I wish he had survived.

It's spelled "painter", user.

>Ultimate Akikido

Basically sealed my purchase right there. V3 can't come soon enough

Even though Juzo did make me tear up a bit, it's gotta be AI Chiaki's death, without a doubt. Assuming you mean her final death and not just her execution, of course.


>not wanting to rub your face in mukuro's smelly hairy armpits
>not wanting to breathe deep of mukuro's sweaty combat boots

Because he wasn't ashamed of his "faggotry"?

He loved Munakata and was afraid to lose him. That's all that mattered to Juzo.

Yes, lettting Junko exploit this weakness was a mistake but he admitted it and did his best to make up for it.

Everyone can make mistakes. What's important is that they realise and attempt to fix it, just like Juzo did.

Damn I can't believe I'm actually defending Juzo now.

I wonder what he'd do if he survived but candygirl didn't.

I keep pitching Matsuda, Gekko and Chihiro all talking and Ryoko thinking that theres two girls flirting with her matsuda and chihiro not knowing what to say cause he recognizes her as junko and Gekko being too shy to say that Ryoko's wrong all while she's blushing and cowering behind matusda

So what was the point of Cure Wew?

This better come to PC too.


>Even the fucking SUB is trying to trick us

Even if the conclusion of DR3 would be horrible, there are two things that made it all worth it for me: Hopeman's wild actions and our boy Juzo.
I agree.

>Witch has a staff.
Very nice.


>Look, look!
>We have matching hair now!

My dick can't get hard enough for these SHSL titles


Can you make out the word that is coming from Monokuma left ear?

>genderbend Juzo
>He is now a hot-headed brown tsundere with a toned body and probably large tits

His chances would have shot up a 1000% if this happened. Chisa wouldn't have had a chance.

Yes, her final fate, including saving Hajime from despair, and thus saving the entire world.

You are aware that's what the Funi subs say too right?

Munakata asks him if the project he's referring to is the Kamakura project. Tengen replies "Yes, there's that. I won't let it go to waste." Implying he's referring to a different project.

>Other people in despair are crying
>Naegi is giving the biggest smile he ever has

AI Chiaki. Jesus Christ, that was some ride.

For you to yell at Kodaka that he's a hack when he forgets about it and brings Kirigiri back through literal magic.

TFW the ending is just them playing video games together and commenting on how boring it is

>nobody will ever love you the way Juzo loved Munakata

>Ultimate Akikido

Basically sealed my purchase can't come soon enough. Feels good to be a Jap

Kodaka basically went "DR shipping" route and canonised some pairings to kill off their kids in the future

To give the audience hope. Then, when that hope is greatest, crush it.
The despair will amazing when thousands of kirigirifags cry out at once. I can hardly wait.

DR3 sucked pretty hard but the ride was nice.

>We don't now

Yep, it's gotta be that. No offense to Juzo, I'm just a sucker for that payoff.


she wasn't dead KiriJunko did it for the lols and had the makeup artist do it


She already has a talent.
Already talented people can't be Izurus.

I-I was just testing you user. Y-you did a great job.


That's okay, it'd be too intense for me anyway.
I just want Juzo to be happy.

good to see your hope user.
even if i don't have much faith in that..
living Miaya deserved at least some small scene

Fantastic, another idiotic meme-tier theory that will be spammed every thread by a handful of anons until it inevitably gets proven wrong. Add it to the pile of Chisa mastermind, Bandai mastermind, Asahina is the attacker, Asahina is Chisa, Chisa was Junko in DR1, Kizakura isn't wearing a bangle, Kirijunko, Cure W, etc.

It's pretty amazing how you keep coming up with these even with only one week left.

This is an alt universe setting that the survivors of both games were different.

> Loves a person for years, going through hell seeing his beloved one love his friend (look at his faces in flashbacks) and understanding that his feelings will never be mutual
> Accepts it as is and investing himself fully in supporting said person
> Never lets a thing slip, keeps all of his feeling inside
> Obviously still loves him, harbouring fear of being found out and rejected/abandoned, insecurity grows
> Got beat up by ultimate analyst who sees all of his weak spots, threatened
> All mass of insecurity, childish fear kicks in
> Accepts Junko's terms, hating himself and feeling uneasy
> Killing game starts
> Worst fear came true, abandoned by Munakata
> Steps on himself, develops, literally throws his talent away (boxing with one hand?), despite everything wants his love to survive and does everything for it still thinking that he has been left alone

Yeah, funi's subs work, but you have to remember that Tengan loves to speak in back-talk and half-truths, like when he goaded Hajime into the Kamukura project by making him painfully aware of his own normality. He's definitely talking about the Kamukura project, but also implying something different that's related to it.

I firmly believe that Izuru 2.0 has to be the 16th participant because there's nobody else it could be.

I like how you think

>that full-on back of the hand touching between Kaede and Twintails
It obviously means that the yuri route is confirmed.

>Chisa fucking Juzo while taunting him the whole time that this is the closest he'll ever get to Munakata

Juzo being okay with it since he gets to drench his cock with Munakata's semen.

It's hard to see but I see an O and a C in there somewhere.

Does Juzo want to fuck Munakata or does he want Munakata to fuck him?

Answer this:

Who is the 16th participant?

I'm not saying that Chiaki is necessarily Izuru 2.0, but I am certain that Izuru 2.0 is the 16th participant.

Attacker alternates and People kill themselves theories were proven true!

Who says this one will be wrong?

Back to the candyshop with you Hotaru.

Just go gay, user

If you hope hard enough, all your dreams can come true.

Gekko and Matsuda talking while Ryoko gets jelly

But user, this is part of the fun, making retarded theories, and see how some of them are prove true.

Chiaki is fuckin dead. Izuru even put flowers for her in the school ruins.

Unless you fags want to argue that the two flowers symbolize their former personalities, Chiaki and Hajime.

He's the heroine, user.

Junko didn't want to stink on her date with Izuru. Any other day then yeah dealing with Mukuro's stink would have been fine

>you will never save Nanami Chiaki when she's on the brink of death
>you will never tend to her
>you will never see the light resurge in her eyes as her wounds heal and she regains her former physical condition
>you will never force her to sleep for extended periods of time "For the sake of her recovery" while you secretly operate on her body, pumping her full of all sorts of talents that she was never intended to have
>you will never see the smile on her face slowly die as she realizes what you're doing to her, too helpless to fight back, assuming the absolute worst intentions of you
>you will never continue adding in more and more talents to her, doing it ever so carefully so that her personality doesn't end up suppressed, ensuring that she can continue to enjoy talents
>you will never see her regain her smile as she realizes she was wrong to doubt you but asks you if she can be let go anyway
>you will never promise her that you will let her go soon and see her smile and give you a hug, letting you feel up those soft, squishy Nanamis right against your chest
>you will never discreetly hook her up to a personality rewriting machine when she's sleeping one night and force her awake just as it turns on
>you will never explain to her that you're going to overwrite her personality with your own, so that you can enjoy her body, and see the light in her eyes flare up one last time as she struggles to resist
>you will never listen with delight in the cries and moans she makes as she helplessly attempts to resist your assault, her mind in utter shambles as you force her personality to the back of her own mind and allow a superior personality, one of your own choosing, to take its place
>you will never let 'Chiaki', the full, complete, Kamukura Izuru 2.0, out of the brainwashing machine and see her give you a big smile for helping her out so much all this time

Wouldn't that just make them extra talented?


Gekkoboys deserve something for our girl

Where are people getting Aikido from?

There's a difference between believing in her and knowing that she simply doesn't have a place in the plot anymore. Besides a very brief scene with her in the Zetsubou-hen episode (which I don't think would be enough for her given how much she's been shafted), I think her only chance would be to actually be Chiakizuru, with Togami somehow being fooled earlier. I don't see that happening.


2018 most likely

>Attacker alternates and People kill themselves theories were proven true!
I actually saw more people arguing against those than anything else, even after it became mega-obvious when Despair showed us Mitarai's anime "m-m-m-m-muh seiko couldnt have smashed herslef against a wall"

thanks i try

Why even HOPE?

Nagito isn't a card.

He's gonna rape Kaede

Chapter 1 - Celes (Victims), Hifumi (Murderer)
Hifumi accidentally pours the wrong bottles into Celes cup which causes her to be poisoned and tries to cover it up.

Chapter 2 - Hagakure (Victim), Culprit (None)
Hagakure accidentally kills himself by falling off a great height due to tripping.

Chapter 3 - Togami,Aoi (Victim), Fukawa (Murderer)
After being found out as Genocider and Togami confronting her Genocider goes into a blind rage and accidentally murders Togami and kills Aoi when she witnesses the act.

Chapter 4 - Sakura (Victim), Junko (Mukuro) (Murderer)
Sakura discovers Junko's true name and Sakura confronted Junko about it and the two face with Mukuro killing her.

Chapter 5 - Victim (Junko - Junko was murdered by the true culprit and stored in the morge), Kirigiri (Murderer and Mastermind)

Chapter 6 - Kirigiri dies,

Survivors are:



>you will never force Chiaki to eat an entire bowl of eggs

Tengan pretty much said so in mirai5

Now now, I gave her the option to refuse... while she was lying in a pile of her own... refuse.

Hold hands with his first love.

That was only for the first stage of the project. Now that it's been refined, the second stage of the project - Izuru 2.0 - can be used even with somebody that's talented.

No. Nay. Nein. Ie.


>Seiko smashing hersf against the wall

I backed those anons up ironically and now I can't stop laughing.

WEBM when?

He wants whatever Munakata wants. Can you imagine how thirsty he must be?

Juzo is too pure for that.

The point is people on this board correctly predicted the anime's twist. That could happen again.


Those eyes and face of "his" are too feminine

>A mixture of meme and chiakifags desiring REALLY hard that their waifu is still alive, and more special than before.
I see, so it's basically Cure W, Chiaki version. That explains a lot.


Objective best boy tier list by order from best to worst

Too best for this world tier
>Great Gozu

Great boy tier

Neutral boy tier

Worst tier

"I fucked up the world" tier

Bandai tier

>two ahoges
How and why

What's so great about Aikido?

Maybe cure W is talent juice?

Except that's not it at all. This isn't so much "IS BEETHOVEN STILL ALIVE" as it is "Gee Brain, who would have the motive to kill most of the Future Foundation right as they do an inquiry into the location of Class 77"

While a lot of people here noticed the monitors, someone here predicted exactly how the monitors worked, right down to the knives being hidden in them.

>Fuyuhiko being that low
Off with your head.

>Because she relates to him with being SHSL Analysts bored with the whole world and want to find a way to enterain themselves.
This whole bored motivation is quite flawed since everything goes exactly as Junko planned.

Junko expected Izuru to wreck her, and that's what happened. Going by her logic shouldn't that be going against what she desires? Nagito, the absolute madman, came in unexpectedly to foil her plans. What does she (& Izuru) do? She looks exasperated, possibly lightly annoyed. Asides from Kodaka being inconsistent she isn't doing this out of boredom at all. It would be more accurate to say she gets off on despair. As for why that is I've had a solid theory on it based on her PTA in SDR2.

>I don't want anything. I don't want to lose anything. The future's full of lies. You have no argument. The future will make you suffer. Any choice is despair. Just give up already. You're not hope. What is this crappy feeling? A miracle won't happen. You won't be able to do it. You won't be able to do anything.

Her standard PR reason to outward parties is that she's bored of everything because she knows the outcome thanks to her talent. I'd go further than that. Because she knows the outcome she fell in despair. She knows when she'll fail, she knows when something will break, she knows when she'll lose someone, so instead of that, why not toss everything away and break it before it has the chance to? Because of her talent she never attempted anything nor felt any reason to. More than anyone she would be familiar with her own faults and confronted with them daily. This would be nice characterization for her while still being in-character.

This reminds me that she's similar to Bernkastel, who as the Witch of Miracles, knows they don't exist so relishes in despair instead. They seek their comfy refuge in despair because they don't want to be betrayed by the future. Despair is constant and reassuring while hope is fickle and unreliable.

Well Kodaka did say this game would be more mature than the previous games....

Reminder to all Chiakifriends, Kirigiribros, Chisapals, and Juzoboys that this will all have a happy ending!

Fuck I want her to bounce on my dick like that.

>juzo not in "i fucked up the world" tier
>hinata in that tier despite not actually doing anything


Just watched the latest episode.

I spent every one of these threads laughing at juzoboys.
But this episode has made me seen the light.
Juzo is best boy.

To be fair, Cred Forums goes through so much specula that gets more and more outrageous each thread that someone is bound to be right.

Shit list desu.

Nekomaru is too average honestly and also
>Weed not in meme tier
>Mondo in good tier
>Yaoi not in top tier

Fuck off Juzofaggot. Mitarai was at least held hostage.

So was Togami's. His eyelashes scream feminine

Nidai is shit. Literally.


it's a boy dummy. a faggy looking boy but still a boy

reminder that he has a expensive VA and mask guy talks a lot

I would love for there to be a short scene (whether Despair or Future flashback) where Chisa wakes up, looks at the mirror, smirks despairful then her reflection happens to be original Chisa who says "you don't have to do this".

>every execution is Real Chiaki-tier

when you're excited to finally play a Danganronpa game blindly but not ready for the weird ass shit you know is gonna happen

Kodaka reads these threads, why else do you think so many idiotic meme-tier theories got turned real in the end?



I won't if she gives me the protagonist role back!

Anyone have the screencap of the monitor thread?

I'd rape Kaede too tbqh

here if youi can read moon


The VA lines are recorded weeks before broadcast, the plot's been set in stone for a while.

>Kodaka reads these threads
Bring back Kirigiri pls
Thank you

-Case 1: Victim: Hagakure, Blackened: Fukawa, Byakuya --- Byakuya uses Genocider to get a quick kill and finish fast, sadly her scissors are recognised, Monokuma rules both as blackened.

-Case 2: Victim: Aoi, Blackened: Sayaka --- Pressed by her dark secret (some stupid shit about idols no one cares anymore since the tragedy), Sayaka takes out Aoi in the pool.

-Case 3: Victim: Mondo, Blackened: Hifumi --- both lured by the promise of riches they tried to kill each other, but Hifumi's ambush on mondo was better, and he was able to use the workshop tools to his advantage.

-Case 4: Victim: Leon, Kyoko, Blackened: Junko --- Under orders from the mastermind, Junko Killed Kyoko to lessen the threats to her plan, Leon happened to be a witness and he was taken out too, giving Makoto enough hints to point at Junko.

-Case 5: The mastermind tries to frame both Mukuro and Makoto, it almost works, but the survivors team up and finally point out to the mastermind, Ishimaru.

-Survivors: Makoto (hopelet), Mukuro (heroine), Celeste (Changed her ways at the middle), Chihiro and Sakura (too pure to consider killing)

Would Danganronpa work as an American series?

I want to see flustered Juzo.

>expensive VA

First chapter victim.


>People kill themselves theories were proven true!

Yes, this is true.

But guys, its still impossible for them to stab themselves in the heart then moving their bodies to the position they were found.

Think about how Seiko's body was found and think about the stab with the knife: how would she move her hands back to the wall? Same thing for Chisa and Gozu's bodies. The only one who could've stabbed herself after all the mutilation was Candy.

so did leon.

Accomplices don't get punished. Unless you're changing the rules too.

Is anything cuter?

>how would she move her hands back to the wall?
By not dying instantly after she stabbed herself. Reminder that Chiaki was able to talk and move after becoming swiss cheese

I dunno, I think the game would end pretty quickly as soon as the SHSL School Shooter got into the picture.

>Jane Doe, the 16th Student. Hidden somewhere in this building. Watch out for her.


My bad, consider then that Byakuya offed Fukawa too, sounds like something he would do.

Also in the bad end the one who dies is Makoto, and Chihiro is the one who must make babies with the survivors.

Yes, but instead of hope and despair, Junko is a communist trying to rid the world of freedom.


They said popular nothing about expensive

Well that's easy. Most of the munakata/juzo art I've got is with juzo flustered.

I'm gonna kill myself if V3 doesn't come out on steam.

What is the point of Chisa's character is to establish her as mastermind of v3? Considering she's a teacher, and it's the Gifted Inmates Academy. Though how she'll survive is anyone's guess. Then again whoever is the mastermind must have cunning & intelligence. If Chisa is behind this killing game that would prove she has the mettle to do it though I doubt it. I think Tengan started it for HOPE reasons and despair Chisa didn't even anticipate it, same how Monaca didn't anticipate the Killing Game.

This post is Komaeda approved

popular VA are expensive

So mask guy is a goner

Please show me more, user, I beg of you.

This post here proves my point.

>expensive VA
Gundam Seed Destiny

Who could have moved the barricade back when Naegi woke up when we that everyone in that room was either asleep, dead, or too busy playing a mean-spirited prank to bother doing that?


That was obvious, looking at his design only. Is there anyone with an unusual design who survived a killing game at one point?

Depends on what they're being paid here. Nothing was said about expensive. Ogata's popular too.

>Last chapter has Naegi defeat Junko with the power of FREEDOM as the national anthem blares triumphantly and eagles soar against the background of the american flag

so is suwabe who voiced juzo and guess who got the most screentime in DR3

Post more Junko dub clips, for the pain.

Man I really want Tengan to be the mastermind, partly because I like the guy, partly because I don't want Kodaka to turn everything on its head with only one week left, but considering the whole anime has been cliffhanger after cliffhanger after cliffhanger I'm not expecting much.

Chiaki got punished when Nagito was the mastermind of his own murder.

Soda had a pretty unusual design.

Then why didn't Suwabe bite the dust first with Juzo who literally got the most screentime in DR3?

Consider it done. Any particular flavour of flustered?

Here you go, user.

If Tengan had moved his head so it touched Juzo's hand, would it still count as punching?

I have to say Junko mindcontrolled me and I just can't unsee the image of a pure maiden in love, he didn't blush even once in the anime

Chiaki has waifu/main cast powers.

Fuck off back to tumblr, valwinz


Monokuma bent the rules there, since it wanted to take out both Monomi and Chiaki.

Ironically if it had ruled the affair as a suicide, Junko's victory would've been there.

this looks like a dress up flash game

>when we know that

Where did you get all these Juzos, user?
I've been scouring the internet but I've never seen any of these.

Chiaki wasn't an accomplice, she was the murderer, plain and simple

This. Ogata and Suwabe are pretty popular VAs so this doesn't really say anything

Tengan being the big bad explains why he knew Juzo's code, using weapons doesn't automatically make you assume they can't use fists, at least in Kizakura's case he has super analyst tier abilities and he saw Juzo just rekt 4 people.
Also many of the people applauding him for "Bruning" Munakata would realize that not only did Tengan position Chisa to die first, but he also rubbed Munakata's nose in it.
There was also NO way for Tengan to know about Chisa's despair without being shady as shit.

Nope. Did you forget DR1? In the case of accomplices, the mastermind is treated as the murderer.

Haven't you learned that Junko just flat out cheats when it comes to Chiaki?

In the anime she gets executed despite doing nothing wrong

Monokuma has no problem bending his rules or accepting alternate interpretations so long as it's entertaining or gives max despair

I wonder why Hajime didn't even tried to bullshit that rule to force Monokuma to concede her innocence. Sure, Monokuma had an objective in that trial, but they didn't even try.

I agree, but Chiaki wasn't an accomplice. She killed Nagito. The "accomplice" rule is there if there is more than one person who needs to be punished (Hifumi and Celes) but if there's a clear murderer then they're guilty.
Otherwise, by your logic, Fuyuhiko was the mastermind in Chapter 2 because he literally planned the entire murder out and Peko only stepped in at the last moment.

Why was Chisa crying and shocked when we saw her happily ready to send herself to her doom later?

Did she see somebody she never expected to see again?

Even in despair she still cared of muhnakata

People assume that he meant that they are making a second Kamukura and he doesnt want the first one's data to go to waste.

Junko said goodbye to Chiaki, but who was watching in this camera?

Why is Junko so flat-out scared of Chiaki?
Her beef with Naegi gets all the hype, but as far as I can see, her personal biggest rival is the innocent cute gamer girl.


IMO in her case her brainwashing was recovering from her despair, just to remember all the horrifying things she did as UD, that alone was enough to push her to commit suicide.

Could Nanami do a flawless Dark Souls run?

She was happy because she was already despair, but in her final moments the original despair brainwashing wore off and all her regrets and sorrows came back to her all at once.

>Why was Chisa crying and shocked when we saw her happily ready to send herself to her doom later?
For the viewers.

>Norman Johnson

>and Peko only stepped in at the last moment
Far as I remember, Peko had nothing to do with his plan, she just stepped in of her own volition.

She'd make it to Sen's Funhouse and die.

No, we see her happily looking at the chandelier she hangs herself on.

Most likely saw herself as she is without despair brainwash - a child murderer who helped to end the world.


Twitter. There's no one better at scouring it for rares than me. I haven't even gotten started on pixiv yet.

I'd just tell you my twitter account so you could just see my retweets and make it easier for the both of us, but I'm hesitant for obvious reasons.

then Despair Chisa would Dress him her monokuma maid outfit and be like "of course i do Madame junko is counting on me"

No. We know from her "Who could have killed those kids?" moment that while she's a pretty decent actor, anyone who isn't blinded by love could see that she's holding back a despairgasm.

Yet her expression literally goes from "Chisa want uppie!" to in less than a minute. There are very few people that could make Despair Chisa make that sort of face.

How would pre despair Chisa feel seeing all the things she did as a despair?

Was it a deliberate ntr?

Sorry, hopeman.

Maybe next time, Hopeman.

>Super psyched about causing despair to Munakata with her death
>Oh shit dying actually really fucking hurts

Only thing I can think of.

I guess the suicide brainwashing is shortlived, that's why Makoto recovered so fast.

Because chiaki is true ultimate hope

Nice try


We saw her in watching the anime/movie already, and she was just chilling there.


People often forget pain causes tears too.

Nope. See
We know that she should've had at least some traces of a despairgasm from killing herself - you know, like how Mikan died with a smile on her face? - but instead she was horrified. Somebody managed to completely shock Despair Chisa.

Who could do that?

Can you answer that question?

>because he literally planned the entire murder out
Pretty sure it was a spur of the moment deal. He says in the trial that he wasn't planning on killing her, but when she started insulting his sister he lost it.
Fuyuhiko was a pussy really.

There's still one person there, doing the heart stab-stabbies.

That's alright, user. I want to thank you for this boon, anyway.

What tags are you using? I can't read moon so the only thing I know how to search for is his name, and that doesn't get that many hits.

The despair and terror of death brought her to tears but she loved it

She sees in Makoto a fun foe, someone that makes her work harder and can surprise her (Remember, all she does is trying to stave off the boredom)
Chiaki instead is a liability, she sabotages her plans but in ways she can see coming, so it doesn't entertain her.

She's looking right at Juzo isn't she?

Nope. They stab themselves. We saw this happen with Despair Naegi.

Naegi looked pretty happy too

Recovering her sanity and seeing what she became.

Honestly, if suddenly I remembered being a child killer who helped destroying the world, betrayed everything I loved and was planning to destroy the sanity of my couple, I'd consider erasing myself.

Chiaki wouldnt refuse if she had a choice.

Now she and Hajime can literally have SHSL sex.

Chiaki = Girl
Naegi = Dude
Alpha bitch Enoshima don't tolerate no competition.

Except AI Chiaki fucked up her plan in a spectacular way that Junko literally did not account for at all. It fucked with her so heavily all of her stupid goofy personas fell apart and she was reduced to the psychotic lunatic she really is. Wouldn't she be excited about that since it was unpredictable?

How would that work, exactly? You're saying that she suddenly became de-lobotomized through "Holy fuck I really hate Monokuma theater"?

Do you find artists and just check out what they favorite and follow?

Speaking of despair and upsies

Is the new game an AU or is it still connected to the post-despair world Junko created?

I mean, Monokuma Theater is pretty bad.

>muh Chiakizuru
Of all the stupid theories these threads have produced, this one is one of the more out there once.
She's as dead as candyslut here; really fucking dead. If you want to bullshit some way for her to live, the best you could hope for is Izuru having a backup of her AI that he can put into a robot body.

>crying and shocked
That's a despair ahegao, user.

That's what despair is. They are legitimately sad but happy at the same time.

That's why saying Nagito was really sad when Chiaki was dead was only half right he was happy about it to.

Okay there's no way Goatee is going to be unaffiliated with weedman

If you find a good artist you like, just check the people they're following, a lot of them actually follow each other

>it's stupid that means it can't be true

Why is Despair Makoto really hot?

Naegi was despair mode until right before stabbing himself, and also, didn't someone said they are stabbed right in the heart? I think it was Kirigiri, when talking abou how Izayoi wasn't attacked.

Ruruka was fucked up and had candies up in her anus, because she was deep into crazy despair mode.

How can someone survive that much, to cry and despair and make that face, after stabbing his own heart? Unless Chisa has SHSL heart and all.

I meant before her execution, after that Junko plainly lost her shit when Hajime recovered from her despair and BTFO'd her, and that was all courtesy of Chiaki.

Still, I don't quite consider AI Junko and normal Junko as the same, the former hyped Makoto, while the later didn't and simply wanted to take the nuisance out ASAP.

Same way cliffnotes lobotomy works.

It just werks.

Maybe I'm not looking at it quite right.

I wanted him to go in despair mode like komaeda


I know but theres still something wrong

.webm of Monokuma theater in reverse when?

But he would do so with Junko

Was he really gay or is Junko a SHSL Photoshoper?

>implying brain surgery is hard

>implying he would want a slut

Same reason Gozu hanged himself from the ceiling. Same reason Seiko smashed herself against a wall.

The trick would have been too obvious otherwise.

>episode 11
Man, I wonder

Juzo is obviously just REALLY GOOD FRIENDS with Munakata.

He spent his last moments thinking only of Munakata and how he wanted for him to live, even after his betrayal.
Dude was absolutely in love with Munakata.

>implying Chiaki isn't a slut


Sonia is the only slut.
Junko said it herself, she doesn't even enkou shit.
Do you not believe our lady Junko, user?

Okay, this is what I've been doing:
逆蔵十三 - that's obvious, but also split them up and search individually for 逆蔵 and 十三. Right now I'm trying adding くん and さん to each of those with decent results.

Next, there's Munakata - 宗方京助. same deal as the first, split them up 宗方 京助 and try searching with kun and san added to each. Sometimes fans get cutesy or respectful, so that's why I do it. Twitter's photo search isn't that great, so a little change can make a difference.

Next, ship names. 宗逆 for bottom juzo and 逆宗 for top juzo are the mains. Again, putting a space between those two kanji can lead additional results.

Some kind artist made a post and pinned it to their profile saying what everyone's names are in Korean, which did yield some new results, but barely any so it isn't really worth it.

Oh yeah, also try 宗方 十三and 逆蔵 京助. Those are are their first and last names respectively paired together. it'll show you some stuff with the two of them in it that isn't necessarily shipping art.

And as always, I recommend checking out the rest of the artists' photos, because a lot of the time they don't tag their stuff and there's hidden gems waiting to be found.

And there you have it!

I'm sure they were just really close bros like Ishimaru and Mondo.

Is there a webm of this moment? No matter how horrible it is it was still adorable.

Don't forget that he said nothing when Jin protected Junko along with everyone else in Class 78 in the run-up to DR1. We know that the FF were monitoring them too even, there's no excuse.

There's nothing gay in having feeling for your bro

>hat guy is the second largest character in the cover after Kaede
Is he the Chiaki?


>I fucked up that world
>Being the victim of Kodaka's shitty writing
Juzo did nothing wrong

Chisa was kind of a cruel bitch.


The real reason Makoto considered committing suicide.

Basically, the Chiakizuru theory really isn't so much about Chiaki as it is about Izuru, which comes from putting together clues picked up in both Mirai and Zetsubou-hen, as well as stuff mentioned in SDR2. The Chiaki parts can easily be red herrings, but I am convinced that the second Izuru is there.

We know Chisa is a gigantic red herring, so we need to focus on other aspects of Despair to unwind the mystery.

One of the characters with the most presence in the plot besides her, like her or not, is Chiaki. We see her forming bonds and attachments with everyone around her, see her suffering when she feels that she's lost somebody close to her, and the happiness she feels when she sees him again. We see the utter despair she goes through when she's betrayed by her beloved teacher and dies full of regrets, pleading for the chance to live once more, a far cry from her AI's dignified demise in DR2. It creates a hollow void in the viewer's heart, and indeed there are people crying that Junko needs another punishment for what she did to real Chiaki.

I'm convinced that the 16th participant is Izuru 2.0 since we saw that Izuru was able to hide his presence in the Killing Game. We have suspicious moments like camera angles obscuring a full view of the room, which was originally discussed as the killer's hiding spot, but with the identity of the "killer" revealed, their purpose in the story is revealed to be something else. Despite having 16 participants since the start of the game, we have only ever seen 15 of them, no matter where the characters went, we never seemed to find the mystery 16th person.

Moments like the barricade being moved yet without anyone being there
Times where the camera suddenly decided it didn't want to show everyone in the room, like when Makoto was confronting and being held hostage by Munakata.
We have too many strange moments early on in the show that need explaining.Izuru 16th solves all of that handily.

This isn't right.

I wonder how much Hope Kirigirifags had for a second that it was her and not Juzo.

She's pretty pure. Kept wanting dat ahoge.

>"Being the victim of Kodaka's shitty writing"
Don't do this user, you can apply that to every character


Anyone would.

>kept wanting the ahoge

>Junko said it herself



>if the story was written completely differently, this character would be fine!



Holy kek

Has Kodaka successfully given you a hypnosis fetish yet?

> 3 off

gl next time hopeman

Joke's on you, I already had one.

She didnt go after Naegis.

But really, it's also about Chiaki because I want Junko to fuck with her some more. To repost what I said before...

My assumption at the moment is that Chiakizuru got possessed by Junko. After all, a key character trait of hers that's been established over and over again is that she is a very meticulous planner who will do things multiple times in order to refine her techniques. We see this in action in DR3 - she did brainwashing twice before performing the third and final one which would convert the entirety of Class 77, sans Chiaki, into ultimate despairs. There's also DR0, where she reveals that she went through the killing game numerous times (including the tragedy) to prepare it for DR1.

The one thing that's startlingly out of place for her in all of this is her plan to create Junkoland, which relies on a very experimental technique that she's (seemingly) never used before. It's not just about conditioning people to enjoy despair at that point, but making them be Junko herself, removing all traces of themselves (whereas even as UDs, they still had some sense of themselves). If she had dealt with it before, such as via overwriting real Chiaki's personality, her confidence that the plan being a success would make a lot more sense.

You got something in your eye.

best way is always check favorites and scroll down

here same example




Are her panties still wet?

>you will never have a qt, hopeful, stupid gamer girl lust for you even when you're gone for months on end.

You cannot give what was already had.

How will you react when V3 includes a first person (from Kaede's perspective) rape scene?

But who will Kaede rape?


Do Kirigirifags want Kirigiri to survive even if she permanently looks like this?

Implying Kohacka has the balls to do such a thing.

A non-protagonist.

Thank you so much, user.
I will put this to good use!

Kirijunko or a bust

Yes. Mah waifu could never be ugly.

I would wonder how that ever got through the censor.


I have no clue what that barricade you're talking about is.

Chiaki is a bigger slut

You were hypnotized to believe that you've always enjoyed hypnosis, I see it has worked well

You mean Hopebot, user?

It's impossible for Junko to be a slut simply because she's a sociopath who can only get off to despair. Sex is too predictable and boring for her.

Kyoko's body doesnt matter its whats inside that counts

Why is her eye not red?

>he wasn't planning on killing her
>still sent the letters and had a baseball bat ready
Sure thing. I'm pretty sure he said that he was planning on killing her for honor, but wasn't sure if he was going to go through with it until he got really really mad

Too bad for her that he moved on to a better waifu

She already has scared hands.
This is fine.

That's like saying Ruruka is a slut. She was only going after one penis

Thanks, user! Everyone's easier methods make me feel a bit anal, but I like doing the most thorough possible job I can do. I hate to think there's a gem out there, just out of sight because I didn't look hard enough.


I'm on the Chiakizuru train because it ties together Zetsoubou Hen and Mirai Hen handily, while providing an explanation for literally everyone's actions.

The only flaw in the theory was Chisa's existence, but since she fucking killed herself it leaves Chiaki.

>Fuyuhiko was a pussy really.
Well yeah. That's a big part of his character he tries to overcome

That's why sex with Izuru is the only solution. Two of the same cancel each other out


>scared hands
She's not a fraidy cat, user.

but junko only likes Muh Matsuda kun

She's already fucked him out of the protagonist spot.

Why do people think cap-kun is the maid? They aren't even the same height or anything. She is next to him in some of the promo images though, so maybe they know each other.

>rape the junko
>"you call this rape? bored. This is so boring."

Don't do this to me user. I love this "person doesn't realise they got mindfucked" stuff.

Bullshit. She wanted the whole class' dick. She confirmed it herself before she died.

Good thing he avoided that slut and went to Junko

But what if Tengan's actions were simply to teach the surviving participants how to SHIT and then hone their SHITTING abilities to prevent a sociopathic Japanese girl from solving a sudoku puzzle?

Are you implying she wasn't slobbing on Tengan's knob?

>She wanted the whole class' dick
That's only a metaphorical euphemism for friendship! She would never fuck Soda or Teruteru. Maybe she'd have a threesome with Hajime and Sonia but that's it!

No she forgot about him. It's only been "muh kamukura senpai" this whole time

Chiakifags and Matsudafags BTFO

That was Hajime not Izuru. The latter doesn't give a shit

Hot damn that's a great cover.

I can see it being a semi-serious black comedy as a US series, but it would probably parody the premise more than anything.

Nope. She was the class slut along with Mikan.


>It's only been "muh kamukura senpai" this whole time
Who cares? He dumped her in SDR2 and never looked back.



TFW Kaede falls in love with Hat-kun and he's a fucking reverse trap

So the OP of Mirai Hen seems to give a lot away
It even predicted Juzo losing that hand

Any clues we can draw from it that's left?

Why do you keep posting this in every thread?
Are you autistic?

It's about mind hax and motives too complex for you.

He'll save her! Miracles exist!

Would you consider uploading a file of all your Juuzo finds someday after the series over? I sure would like to take a look at what you found.

Someone post the Izayoi.pomf.

Can someone post how the games describe Junko's methods about making people fall in despair? I'm arguing with a friend that mind hacc is just poor writting.

Yeah, just some close bros doing bro things.


Cry harder at your dumped gamer nerd and manga loser.

Izuru got farther with Junko than he did with Chiaki. At least they've dated


No! She just wanted friends and Hinata-kun! Shortcake is pure.

thats cause Zero hasn't happened yet Izuru BTFO's to fuck chiaki's dead body so Junko has to go back to her childhood friend

If Chiaki is alive you won't see it this Thursday anyway, my guess is the next despair ep is in the present, with the guys from Jabberwock on their way to FF's headquarters.

Monday is the key date, in that moment we will know if Kyoko and/or Chiaki survived the slaughter.

Just because you call it a date doesnt mean it's a date, Junko.

And Chiaki and him have dated multiple times at the arcades and junk.

The only problem I have with any kind of '16th person' theory is that said 16th person has spent the entire game doing literally nothing.

They weren't the attacker- all the victims were suicides.

They aren't running the game from behind the scenes- it's clearly all automated.

They weren't making any adjustments to hide the truth of the victims deaths- the bodies were unaltered.

Whoever they are, they would have to have spent the whole series sitting in a room whose only way in or out is hidden well enough that nobody found it, and it didn't just accidentally pop open when the building shook.

If that were the case, what was the entire point of them being there?

Why do you care ?


It's about the best guy in the world: Carlos

it was clearly a double ruse a duse!

Kodaka only wanted us to THINK weedman didnt count

Naegi's black hope vs Kirijunko's white despair

>all those trips to the arcade
>Not dates

Then who activates the NG codes?

This picture made me realize I have a thing for autistic girls.
>female Izuru

thats cause The 16th person is Junko and she's been controlling kyoko's body this whole time

>If Chiaki is alive you won't see it this Thursday
I agree. It'll be a Junko/Tengan ep I think.

Really want to know what the DR2 guys will do. We've been blueballed so hard.

Ishimaru as the mastermind sounds... interesting.
I mean, the OCD psycopath is nothing new, but it could be done well.


Good taste. Those are the best

Well, someone must have taken the bodies to underground, and there's also the soldiers killed. Maybe whoever it was left to Jabberwock and that's why the game is fully automated afterwards?

There really aren't any explanations anime only kun. Its just vague handwaving about some awful school murders that lead to global despair because reasons. At least in DR2 they started to suggest that there was a terrorist network lead by junko to destroy the planet.
>I'm arguing with a friend that mind hacc is just poor writting.
It is, but given the setup from the games this is the only reasonable way to get to where we are.

If only Dangan Ronpa had a character like Carlos. Maybe then the characters we loved wouldnt have died.

He'll be her Kirigiri.

I feel bad about the artists going uncredited on such a large scale, but I'll think about it.

It's for pragmatic reasons as well: some of them say "don't repost" so worst case scenario they delete all their shit in annoyance if they ever see it.

No because we discussed that that was a file that Chisa tampered with as FF information branch head and hidden remnant of despair

>But guys, its still impossible for them to stab themselves in the heart then moving their bodies to the position they were found.
For Seiko and Gozu, sure. That's true.
But Monaka was also still in the game back then, she could have been fucking around with them.

It was a date and he liked it

Don't compare that to the kiddy arcade hang out Hajime had with Chiaki

>kiddy game trips
>did nothing for Hajime
>an actual date with Junko
>got a boner put of Izuru


I'm not a filthy secondary, friend. I have as we speak both games installed. The thing is I don't have the exact screenshot where a bit of Junko is revealed, and I remember someone posting it here when the anime made it clear it was actually mind hack, retconning stuff from the second game.


Remember that time Gozu lifted up a giant cabinet and placed it over the door to stop anyone from coming in?

I dunno, he gave Kotoko a pretty gentle life.

Why Makoto needed to lose his waifu Cred Forums? Unlike Munakata or Izuru, he never did a single bad thing against someone in the entire franchise.

It just works

>implying she's dead.

Come on now. This is a classic ruse.

That korean artist went on a deleting spree it seems, that's a shame

Not really, that shot scared the shit out of me hence why I posted that pic in the first place but everyone seems to get turned on why it instead for some reason.

I've just realized now the fucking knives are designed to look like Junko's stupid smile

I'm so slow

Hajime, other than being gullible, never did anything bad either. And he lost his twice.
Sometimes, the world is just shit


Technologically advanced sensors of course.

>trying this hard.

Indeed. Thanks!

The madman already gave chaiki a horrible death and killed all the chiakifags

Nothing from the second game was retconned, the games gave us multiple possible explanations.

>He'd prefer his waifu to die instead

>10 rolled around
>Yep, we are getting some evidence and Kohacka is telling us we got pranked any second now
>11 rolls around
Any second now
>12 rolls around
But... CureW...

If Kotoko manage to get past the censors, I'm pretty sure a high school girl like Kaede won't be any safer.

Not even a kirigirfag, m8. Juzo survived afterall. Kirigiri living would also be great closure for Seiko.

He was genuinely curious as to how Chiaki could still think about spending time with everyone even at death's door. Her determination and optimism showed him something else that he couldn't comprehend and it caused actual tears to come down his face. When has he ever cried for Junko?

I was never a fan of Mastermind Ishimaru. He is too pure and kind hearted for that.

Even when the 4koma did an entire comic about him being brainwashed to be a mastermind, the only thing he does is try to make everybody young upstanding citizens that follow rules.

Scarring is one of Cred Forums's favorite moe tropes. Up their with pantyhose and petanko.

NG codes prove someone else is involved.

And before you say Mitarai, he wasn't there for Izayoi's NG code

Well... It's hard to say. On one hand, Togami found no evidence that there was any kind of broadcast coming out of there. So whatever was controlling the bracelets was on the inside.

On the other hand, there's also no real evidence that there's any actual person controlling them at all. The way Monokuma explained it made it sound like the bracelets did it on their own. Which is hard to believe, but I could see it being done.

Basically, each bracelet would have to be specialized to detect their particular NG code. Like, Naegi's probably used GPS as well as various biometric scans to determine if he was 'running' and if he was 'in the hallway'. The rest probably could have used similar gimmicks.

Lie detectors are a thing, so Tengan's isn't hard to believe. The bracelet was on the same wrist as Fedoraman's hand he couldn't open, so it just had to monitor the muscles in his wrist. And so on.

If the mastermind was among the victims, they could have done it them self.

Monaca probably WAS in on it, but got bored when she realized the mastermind's motive wasn't what she thought.

She said 'I don't know' when asked who the attacker was, which isn't really a lie- there's no way to know who it'll be next.

Not even budget constraints could QUALITY our boy Juzo

Only retards thought that her living wouldnt get revealed until mirai-12 or despair 12. There is no reason for her revealing her being alive in 10 and 11.

I didnt get the people who said if Kirigiri doesnt show up in 11, she's absolutely dead. I really hope she's alive now, because the ">cure w fags think it means shit" fags would get BTFO.

It depends (see Takahiro Sakurai for Leon & Yoko Hikasa for Kyoko). Basically a popular seiyuu is not a guarantee they won't be killed off first. I actually thought Leon would last a while because of Sakurai but I got bamboozzled.


fite me m8

The File was Chisa (remnant of despair and FF info branch leader ) covering up the Despair video to make Junko Seem unbeatable to FF

Yes, the 16th person has done almost nothing at all the entire game, possibly because they just don't see the point in it.

I hadn't played UDG and all I can say is: Jesus Christ how horrifying

But what if the poison also renders Kirigiri infertile, so she can't have kids with Naegi?

16 AIs

Explain Seikos.

>Everyone is happy
>Chiaki and Hajime
I wasnt ready...

No matter how ridiculously stupid or hamfisted it is, I can really only see one way for Izuru to be relevant, to account for the 16th person, and to have a 'final boss'.

As much as I don't want it to be true, Chiakizuru is pretty much a given. At least Chiaki and Hajime will finally be a perfect couple, able to find infinite interest and engagement in each other, while finally being able to act on the same level as each other. Hajime will have gotten his eternal wish, Chiaki would be de-despairified and daijobu after some slapping around by Izuru, happy end.

I really can't think of a way of doing KiriJunko or anything more interesting than that at this point, sadly.

>we will never see kirijunko shoot her thick white despair into naegi's tight black hope
Why live

>Not really
>I'd prefer my waifu dying to her becoming uglier
You never really liked her

Who would want kids with her?

The fact that AI Chiaki & Human Chiaki are slightly different makes sense if Chihiro/Matsuda/Miaya never met het. But why did they choose Chiaki? Did they hear about her valiant struggle? Or was Class 77 infamous for being a hope-filled fun class? Or did Izuru tell them about her? Least likely is that she was related to Chihiro. Either way it's second-hand information.

>implying kirigiri's fake stabbing wasn't foreshadowing her fake poisoning

She's gonna be fine bros.

Obviously because I want to see more waifufagging.

Well that's fucked up.

All I got is; it's one thing to put rape in a file somewhere, it's another to have it happen on screen to the protag. Even Kodaka can't go that far. Right?

The counter showed 6 people were alive. We've known since the beginning that it's been off by only one. That means that only one person between Ruruka, Jozu, and Kirigiri were still alive, and we know who that was.

Next episode is Izuru breaking into Chihiros room and asking him if he can borrow his computer.

>Which is hard to believe, but I could see it being done.
This point has always been dumb. DR is a world were mega-advanced human like AI can fit in your pants' pocket and some people will insist that some obviously technologically advanced bangles can't keep track of actions.

If the 16th person ends up being a red herring, or god forbid, Hagakure after all I will blow up Kodaka's house. Same for the 13th head.

Yeah, but from shit since she died with a full stomach.

Me! They would be super-smart assholes.

New thread, made by an idiot

That's why it'll be a miracle. There is no way she survived after the poison came in so the counter counted it. Is the counter even out of universe?

Not necessarily.

Juzo cut off his arm, meaning whatever biometric lifesign reader the bracelet has would assume that he's dead. In that case, he wouldn't be counted in the counter. Hence, Kirigiri should still be alive.

Well, there IS the claim that the game was being broadcast. Which would imply there are cameras all over the facility. Probably in the monitors.

And we know that the bracelets can communicate with the monitors, since only the bracelet closest to one would get the signal to wake up, and the monitor would know that it was being used and dispense a knife.

So the cameras just had to be tracking Seiko, tracing the boundary of her shadow and watching for someone else to be 'inside of it'.

For that matter, Naegi and Munakata were probably monitored the same way, rather than some bizarre bio scan to tell it 'Munakata's hand just touched a metal doorknob'.

Son of bitch. I'm glad I got there before they flipped.

That's not what I meant.
Kirigiri has already been scarred enough. Her smile is one of her best aspects.

Don't need to try when I have facts

That was all Hajime though. Izuru himself didn't give a fuck.

And he doesn't need to cry for Junko. She isn't the one who got shiskabobbed here.

>whatever biometric lifesign reader the bracelet has would assume that he's dead.

THE BOY will be missed.
Munakata better honor the man in some fashion.

I find it hilarious how Monaca was a much better villian than Junko.

>That was all Hajime though. Izuru himself didn't give a fuck.
They are at the core the same person. When Hajime's memories start coming into Izuru, they are Izuru's now too.

I laughed my ass off when Mitarai conveniently received a message from Tengan in the right moment when Makoto and Aoi started inquiring him about the brainwashing thing.

same as what was the entire point of weedman being there?

>Kirigirifags being this retarded


But he already as much as admitted it- 'She used my techniques'.

Maybe no one programmed Chiaki AI and the NWP itself just went through the school records and created a facsimile based on one of the members of their class who wasn't in the program already. Maybe they could have ended up with Mitarai AI but Usami decided tits were more therapeutic.

Kirigirifags are absolutely embarrassing

>wanting to be like Naegi
This was his first mistake.

It's one of the easiest to explain, there are cameras all around that can track her shadow and see if someone stepped on it.
If the whole thing is automated, Bandai's is actually harder, since how would you tell a computer the difference between a tap in the shoulder or violence?
Of course, none of that matters because is right, they made an AI that perfectly mimics a human and has all her memories inside a single chip. Even if it was 16 AIs using the cameras to check the NGs, it could easily be done

I hope he adopts his hoodie, personally.

No they're not. Hajime's subconscious was the one acting here for a brief moment. Izuru doesn't care. He cares more about what Junko is going to do next than Chiaki overall.

It's obvious you're the same Sayakafag that keeps spouting bullshit every time the word Kirigiri pops up.

Your treating Izuru as if he's a seperate personality like Genocider. He's just Hajime with all of his emotions and memories suppressed. It like having a computer that had some software removed and a lot of other software installed. It may function differently but at its core it is still the same computer.

I'm sad.

>HOPE Megaman is still collecting upgrades even after living through his EDGE
I am telling you, he will use Aoi's cotton panties from her school mode ending as an eyepatch eventually

>Even Kodaka can't go that far. Right?
he is testing how far he can go

You read the bracelet.
You know your NG Code.
Bracelet reacts when a person's brain outputs the chemical reaction associated with fear and despair.

ie it can distinguish between random boner and boner from deliberate arousal for example.

So, anons, what were your theories on Komaeda when you first played SDR2?

can't help but agree with that

hes hope Junko
and not much else

Which is suspicious it's what he said to Kyouko in the episode 9.
>How the fuck the guy says who wants to be like someone and then call that same person useless?

>How the fuck the guy says who wants to be like someone and then call that same person useless?
user, what the fuck.

>How the fuck the guy says who wants to be like someone and then call that same person useless?
>user, what the fuck.

Fucking shit what?

And when they were about to ask him for what, he received a message.

It'll clash horribly and everyone not in the know will wonder why he's wearing it, and Munakata won't give a single fuck.

Juzo is still lending him his strength.

It's clearly a message from outside the simulation.

Thing is, with current day techology, that is hard as shit to do.
They actually have an abysmal success rate, believe it or not.
Also, reading emotions through brain or chemical reactions? Hard as shit. Even your brain gets confused over what you should be feeling with the right stimulus.
The thing would have a nightmare of a time trying to know if it should kill him or not if he suffered Despair in other situations even if it did work perfectly. I say, just leave it at "lol SHSL technology"

>Space NEET better than Junko.


>The ultimate analyst is utterly helpless in the face of a mildly autistic(more heavily in AI chiaki's case) gamer girl

Why does this make me laugh so much?


Persona should have ended up with the boy and adopted a child they'd raise together to defeat despair.

I don't know how I should live without Juzoboys

There's more juzo boys now than ever before. It's Juzo who's gone

> Juzo Dies
> Juzo now has more people of the Juzo Boys
Juzo is Jesus


There will be the end soon
The end of anime
And these threads


He wants to be like Naegi in the way that he doesn't give up
While Neagi managed to defeat Junko he got scared and run.
It doesn't change that Naegi is useless.

He might have changed his mind after seeing him in action. You know, like Monaka? They underestimated him.