Summer Vol 1 sales

>16,278 B-PROJECT
>*3.150 Arslan Senki S2
>*2,421 Fukigen na Mononokean
>*1,848 Thunderbolt Fantasy
>*1,378 Battery
>**,442 ReLIFE
>**,*** SHOW BY ROCK shorts
>**,*** Momokuri

>literally all the shit that no one care about is selling well

>Battery doing more than 300
Fujos really are impressive.

This season just proves even further that unless you're fujobaiting and/or doing an idol show with an event ticket that there's almost no point in even bothering with a BD/DVD release for late night anime anymore. It's going to be Love Live Sunshine and B-Project volumes with live concert event tickets over everything else by a substantial amount.

>1,378 Battery
Do they ever play baseball?
I haven't touched it since episode four where he almost gets raped for having hair.

It had an event ticket in the first volume, next volumes are likely to sell substantially less.

Do you know what an event ticket is?

>16,278 B-PROJECT
>*3.150 Arslan Senki S2
>*2,421 Fukigen na Mononokean
>*1,848 Thunderbolt Fantasy
Literal Taiwanese puppet show
>*1,378 Battery

Anime is dead

>*1,848 Thunderbolt Fantasy

I hope Gentards can finally die with their shitty meme that any oroject with Gen's name attached equals success.

And no more excuses this time. Gen had way more control and influence in Thunderbolt than ny other project he was on before.

Just admit it, Gen was always a hack and got lucky with Madoka which is more thanks to Inu Curry's efforts than Gen since it was Inu Curry who made the Faust connections and witch backgrounds not Gen.

>that massive gap between idolshit and the rest

Just end it already.

I didn't expect the puppet to sell anything, actually, so another win for Gen-chan.

SB69 Shorts are to be found under the music CD sales rankings, since they're part of the music volume.
>*,**5,624 SHOW BY ROCK!! BEST Vol.1 (incl. Show By Rock!! Short!! Episodes 1-6)

That's pretty good

Volume 2 is projected at about 220 for DVD, 200 for BD. It's currently ranking in the 40,000 regions on amazon across all versions.

I dropped it around the same time. From everything I've heard it's continues being more about the blase melodrama between the cast and the MC being a douchebag than baseball as one might expect from a noitaminA show in the Aniplex era of the block. If people want to watch a really good baseball series check out Ace of Diamond. It's about 150+ episodes but you definitely get the passion for baseball and the ups and downs and raw emotions of junior division championship series. Also the cast aren't lifeless duds like the Battery ones.

What I still don't get is lets get one of the most storied people in classical composition in Japan in Akira Senju and then barely have any BGM in the show leaving people puzzled as to why there are so many stretches of dead silence on the BGM front. Typical Aniplex mismanagement would be my guess since unless it's Kajiura or Sawano they barely give a fuck about what goes on with the BGM. If it's the latter though it's all about cramming insert songs into every big climactic section even if they don't fit.


Good to see Bones still has some things that don't flop. S2 should also do well.

Re Life was one of those shows Cred Forums hyped a month prior and it ends up flopping, just like Sakamoto, just like Flop Flappers, and just like pretty much any Mappa or 3Hz show

Gen Urobuchi + Hiroyuki Sawano + T.M Revolution + Aniplex marketing=sub 2K sales. I guarantee the only reason Aniplex even got involved and kicked in funding for music production and advertising in Japan was because Urobuchi was involved but they might want to consider dropping this idea that Urobuchi + anything equals guaranteed smash sales. He's almost always had his ass covered by big name franchises or other people doing some of their best work either on the music front, the directorial front or character design front. Not the case here aside from Pili who are mainly popular in Taiwan and thus no surprise at the sub par sales result.

Oh well at least Urobuchi got to do something he clearly actually wanted to do so good for him I guess. His next project will probably do way better since it's banking off a strong staff and huge brand name like Godzilla coming out of Toho Animation and Polygon Pictures.

When people hype a show, they're not saying it will sell well. I didn't watch ReLIFE but it seemed to be well received on here.

High school anime flop unless it's an all-girl cast. The school harem genre is dead.

Yuri on Ice and Flip Flappers will be the exceptions, they will not flop.

>selling well


>well received on here

yes, by all the 4 posters that watched the show. Flip Floppers and Yuri on Ice are the next 'big things'Cred Forums is hyping, the threads will be deserted and sales non existent.

Flip Flappers are the hope of the sakuga-circle, not really Cred Forums.

Also, that name alone already guarantees derision. It's just too easy to already call it flip floppers like you did.

Are your really surprised to see people having no idea what they are talking about in one of these?

Estimates for the rest

>Love Live Sunshine - 50K
>New Game - 6K
>Mob Psycho 100 - 5k
>rest - flops

Official sales prediction for fall mahou shoujo
>3-5k Raising Project
>2-3k Walmart Walmart Madoka
>1-2k Yuri Bait in WW2
>Under 1k Flip Floppers

Flip floppers is an almot confirmed flop, there's literally no hype in Japan at all, for some reason. There are only 3000 subscribers on the official Twitter, 1 (one) fanart on Pixiv, the thread on 2ch is completely inactive, the advance screening hasn't sold out. Similar fate is happening with Yuri on Ice.

2 episodes with decent quality and then nothing but mouth flapping and pans animation.

>2-3k Walmart Walmart Madoka
What's this one?

but what will sell next season

I think he refers to that mahou shoujo series where all the mahou shoujos are killing each another highlander-style.

>Raising Project
That's Raising Project though. Unless I'm mixing stuff up.

Hibike - 15k
Ajin - 4k
All out - 2k
Brave Witches - 8k
3gatsu - 1k
Flop Floppers - 1k
Yuri on Ice - 3k
Haikyuu - 20k
Touken Ranbu - 10k
Working - 3k
Stella no Mahou - 5k
Shakunetsu Musume - 8k

>Haikyuu - 20k
>s2 average was 15k

>Hibike - 15k
5k. S1 averaged aroun 8k, there's no way S2 would sell more.

>Hibike - 15k
>Haikyuu - 20k
>sequels selling 50~100% more than the previous season
>Touken Ranbu - 10k
>fujo mobage

Uta no Prince will take all the fujo money but Touken Ranbu is still gonna pull 20k easy.

I figure Drifters has a moderate chance too.

GochiUsa S2 sold more than S1

And so did Love Live, but going from a hand full of example to thinking series which haven't shown any increase in sales despite having various other releases after the original series, shows you don't have this figured out that well.

So did Nanoha and Symphogear

They are all original works tho

It really depends on how fucking cool the bonus goodies are.

It only sold more because sunrise jewed it out with event tickets and price cuts

>Fukigen na Mononokean
Hell yeah mother fucker

Those sales aren't good, idiot.

They released all episodes of Relife at once, kinda hard to have weekly discussions of it when that happens.

It seems like past prediction from a couple of years from industry insiders are coming true. The anime industry is falling apart.

ReLife lived up to the hype though. It was a nice anime. What do sales have to do with that? Also, it's a NETFLIX anime, so it doesn't even depend on disc sales in the first place.

ReLife was not discussed because all episodes were released simultaneously, so there was no episode to episode discussion to be had.

Drifters is the only new fall anime male otaku will buy. Expect all yuribait to flop(same with all new fujobait)

Screw those shows, Qualidea Code's sales will probably be the most interesting. Imagine, Aniplex put so much "effort" into that show with all the names attached to it, and yet it will be lucky to average a thousand discs at this rate (first volume will probably only sell around 1.5k).

Orange didn't even rank

Also, here's some Spring sellers
>Space Patrol Luluco
>My Hero Academia v4
>Sansha Sanyou v4

user, you seems to be having some sort of a haterboner for Urobuchi and claim that his career is unsuccessful.

Like you said, he's have the control and influence as a writer in Thunderbolt. But he also CREATED it. How many writers in the industry can you name that have that much authority? But thing is, that's not even the point.

Urobuchi is the vice president of Nitroplus and created many well-known hit in anime and VNs and he could be making another big anime hit with the full backing of Aniplex. But instead he chose to work with a fucking puppetry studio in Taiwan. He's must've sound stupid and strange to you right now, huh?

The truth is he doesn't give a fuck if you want to see him fail or not. He got something that's more important than money. He has the ability to create and write whatever he wants with his hands untied. And what about you? With that burning jealousy, how many companies have you made?

>2,421 Fukigen na Mononokean
That's much better than I expected desu.

>Flop Flappers

That is a pretty big claim to make.

According to MAL, ReLIFE is the most watched summer anime series.
If it's doing well among the casuals on MAL, i'm pretty sure it's safe to say it's decently popular in the western fandom.

Sales of Trigger's other Spring anime show Kiznaiver
>Kiznaiver Volume 1 of 6
>Kiznaiver Volume 2 of 6
>Kiznaiver Volume 3 of 6
>Kiznaiver Volume 4 of 6
>Kiznaiver Volume 5 and 6 of 6
Not released yet.

>Hibike - 15k

Why don't you say it'll win an oscar too while you're at it? Everything you kyoanifags say always comes true after all.

I rather wish the kynouni-fags would use their reality-manipulation power to grant me a 100 million dollars, superpowers, and a cute eternal futaloli-lover.

They can make them come true. Last month i asked them to make Kimi no Nawa find a way and they did, the absolute madmen.

Shoujo rarely sells.

You're forgetting IBO. Also, how the flying fuck is Hibike going to double its last season's sales?

Considering Mononokean barely had any discussion on 2chan when it's airing, it does much better than what I was expected.

Although it still doesn't change the fact there won't be S2 (at least not anytime soon) because lack of materials to adapt.

>no Natsume
You're deluded if you think it's going to sell under 5k

I would like to ask, why do you care about what is popular, selling well and flopping in sales? Cant you just form your own opinion instead of relying on the Japanese consensus.

Good, it had potential but it turned out to be just shitty teenage drama

What marketing? It was something no one knew about until it aired. And fuck sales, if it wasn't for MP100, this would have been my AOTS.

>Hibike - 15k

This trash didn't even sold well in the first season and now that Kumiko finally gets the D and yuritards get BTFO its gonna sell even worse.

Now fuck off Kyoanitard.

Re-relase of Hibike sold 4k, so make that 12k.

No, stop being this delusional retard. Hibike OVERALL YOU MONGOLOID sold fucking 8k.

Now fuck off.

Lad, you just posted an image that takes re-releases into account, an image that was made before Hibike got one.


Okada was a mistake.

>guys when referring to any anime sales make sure to use the data FROM ITS SEASON
>but if it's Kyoani count the re-releases!

Who are you quoting? And see

Wait until you see Love Live sales.

New Game is climbing. I think it will be underestimated since store front effect will be bigger. You know, those people trying to get the extras. Marketing is scary.

Only plebs don't care about what is going on in the industry.


Fixing it for you

Hibike - 6k
Ajin - 2k
All out - 2k
Brave Witches - 5k
3gatsu - 2k
Natsume Yuujinchou - 8k
Yuri on Ice - 3k
Haikyuu - 10k
Touken Ranbu - 20k
Working - 2k
Stella no Mahou - 2k
Shakunetsu Musume - 4k
Utapri - 50k

It should climb because the release day for volume 1 draws closer and closer.
Also, that promised episode 13 if people buy all six volumes that will have the cute girls going to a bathhouse so that people can see their nekkid skin will do wonders.

IBO S2 will sell less


Kinda pathetic how much you don't get the show.
>management is responsible for sound direction
loving every laugh

I think that user is talking about first volume-sales.
Which makes sense, since this is a thread about first volumes, not series averages.