Storytime: Konjiki no Gash!! AKA Zatch Bell: Volume 16

With the first arc having drawn to a close as of volume 11, the Gash Bell dump continues, finally arriving into an actual plot and where the series truly becomes remarkable.

Gash bell is a Shonen action/comedy series by Makoto Raiku. The basic plot premise is that there are 100 kids from the demon world who come into the normal world to fight until only 1 is left standing, who is crowned king;

I'll be making a thread every day (can't give a specific consistent time of day yet due to IRL bullshit) and will post 1 volume every day until the whole run is posted.

Opening 1:
Opening 2 (current):

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>Why should I be interested?
It has really fantastic art, good humor, great tactical fight's with great choreography and is really excellent at utilizing both positive and negative emotions for FEELS; admittedly the series is a little rough untill arc 2 rolls around, after that all the above starts to really shine and continues to get better; the art in particular.

>Where are your scans from?
NULL's release. their site is here: and they can also be found on and mangasaurus. EBJ has superior digital volumes for sale on their site, but they are japanese only, I'll be buying and ripping them eventually. There's also some really amazing quality Portuguese scans, but only for like 20 chapters halfway into the series, and, you know, aren't in english.

A-Destiny has really amazingly high res scans in english for the last 3 volumes, but they aren't publically available anywhere right now other then the last 3 volumes as jpgs on otakusmash, and the translation is generally nost as good as NUll's I feel in most cases. They also have 18-30, but thye quality isn't much better then Null's and the translation is still iffy.

>Isn't Zatch bell that kiddy pokemon ripoff?
You probably saw the localized anime. The anime is pretty not great due to changes it makes and missing the last arc (nontheless, here's a link to the anime episodes:, and the localization is fucking terrible. The manga is way better, but even it admittedly starts out only above average untill it gets into the second arc.

I encourage you to post and respond to stuff as i'm dumping pages. It's far more fun for me while dumping if I see other people reacting to stuff that's happening and there' conversations I can reply to.

HOWEVER, please do not post images till I finish so the image limit isn't hit before then, and use your judgement for how often you post/how long what you are posting is. Don't overdo it.


My favorite part of the day is here.



Patty a shit

Aw shit nigga this where the art gets good

FYI to everybody, I am super busy trying to get PC parts selectred for my new desktop so I can try to have it built and set up before MS removes pick a patch support from W7 in a week, so I might be slow posting pages

Don't expect a new page every 60 seconds.


patty a best grill

I dunno I feel like it was a bit before this, that first rauzaruk was a great page



Just switch to linux then fag

I'm thinking about it but I use a lot of old software that barely runs on W7. I doubt a combination of a Linux OS + W10 will run everything I need.




I'd actually like anons who have never got this far into the series before/never seen/read it to try to guess who is by the Moonstone that brago is talking about in We've seen the character already before now.


You didn't think it would be that easy.


Leila best fucking girl so hard



I love this owner



didnt he say his master was at the dentist his first encounter?

I thought he meant Lord.

Folgore and Kyanchome a best

Yep, his book master (alvin) has dentures and can't pronounce his spells right





How could you betray us now

Suffering incoming

Sorry firefox shat itself and I had to start it back up






>make friends with worst girl
Poor Gash


Also, i'm still waiting for the user with the artbook to come back

whoa, i really love Zatchbell!

marriage is the devil confirmed.




Which is it?


I prefer Leila










>Danny still in top 15

What the fug

>folgore that low

What kind of bullshit is this.

poor suzy, can't win the kiyobowl, or the character contest.

I'm surprised with how high zeon did with his limited appearances though

>same rank as belegim EO

If only we were part of that contest

>victoreem 16
how very shit

Japan loves rivals, especially those who are virtually similar to the main character.

Look at every single Platinum game.

Damn straight. EO should've been higher.


Folgore's lion is shining through a bit here

>kiyomaru 1059
>Umagon 1060
pls no more bullying umagon


I think you mean his hippo


Nah, that's the same look on his face he has in the flashback when he was a punk




Lucky they didn't burn their book right then.

>That volume cover
Gash just keeps tripping over hoes.


Nice going Gash.







No one in this thread has a petrification fetish right?


Leila is NOT for sexual


My heart...

>implying she didn't use Albert as a sex puppet

Leila is so adorable.

She got Albert's name from his passport, but I don't think Mohawk Ace was that other guy's real name.

Do NOT sexualize

But this is mind control, not petrification user.

I know another user was commenting on the possibility of a family relationship between gash and leila, and while realizing how stupid that is, this page really makes her look like female gash.

Mind break





And here in this scene we see Leila being a baka.



I vaguely remember reading the official translations of these pages, the directions were written like a song or a poem before it mentioned Zophise IIRC.


To be fair, she did just recover from a mind break

I love how there are these southeast asian buddhist statues and shit in this ancient south-american temple




And here we see Patty being a baka, but for her it's the default state.


Oh wait, I was probably thinking of these subsequent pages.

All those flags though


Jesus Christ, how horrifying.


Spoiled to help preserve the surprise


>It's just a flesh wound

Oh well would you look at that
I've been impaled


>Zeon has been in like, 5 chapters total spread out though the series
>Gets 4th


Probably my favorite page in the whole manga. New readers may remember this fucker all the way back in the cover art from chapter 1

Love how he's basically just fucking satan

anyways buckle up for one of the longest, and best fights in the manga

Edgy Gash.



This spread is definitely one of the ones that stuck around in my head.


This is why you don't take the shortcut to the boss fight



I wonder how old he is?

Did he piss himself in the last panel?

No, just paralyzed with fear

Nah, petrification would make someone hard as stone. For a girl, that's not ideal.
Mind control, stunning, hypnosis or something is much better. Keeps the body nice and soft.

Oh, so I wasn't the only one who thought that at first.

God I love this fight so fucking much

Not only is demolt fucking awesome and it's litterally everybody against him at once, but Leila finally gets to show off how cool she is too


>not wanting someone completely at your mercy as a trophy
Truly a petrified girl is the most stunning piece of art a person could ever receive.

Always remember. Leila is for loving. Not lewding.

Well, this spread always leaves quite the impact. Really a good picture of absolute despair right there.



Pygmalion go home

Yes, but you can just make a wax statue or 3D print something like that. Its much more difficult to recreate a soft, warm and lifelike person rather then a statue.

S-she's fast

...and strong apparently


That's insane.



stop posting this shitty manga


Leila just throwing things all over the place here,





Leila's a savage.

oh my goodness


Leila bringing the smug and the bantz.



I like how one of the main strategies in the series is just throwing demons around

Throwing demons /and/ humans. It's surprisingly effective.



The perspective's weird, what did Kanchome turn into?

He made himself look like the wall to hide them.

He made himself identical to the wall behind him for camoflage.

Since they're under the stone, doesn't that mean they can use unlimited spells?
Doesn't the stone recover heart energy?


Seems to have the form of a soccer goal aproxmitely, tiled to look like the floor?



That's a big child



Zeon seems the most obvious, but I'm thinking that's probably not it.
I certainly hope it wasn't Patty/Byonko.
Unlikely to be Leila
Maybe the ancient mamodo in England in volume 6? Maybe that professor?
Plot twist: It's Naomi

Poor Brago missing out on all the fun.


Well, keep reading, one of your guesses was right

How often do they make their plans explicit to the reader and they actually succeed?

That's a trope that I rarely see, and I was surprised when Kanchome shrinking and burning the book directly actually worked.


I forgot how based Frog's Book master was.


What was even the point of Ponygon's first spell?

You never see Won Lei's first spell either.

Fucking love this page, one solid, normal punch from Demolt with a spell is still strong enough to send Rauzaruku/Gou Shudoruki boosted Gash and Umagon fucking flying and totally demolishes the wall behind him

His normal punches hit as hard as other character's ultimate spells, it's insane

You do eventually way later

>poor suzy, can't win the kiyobowl
Don't you go spreading lies

If it wasn't for the stone golem Demolt could have had a real shot at being king.

I love how Leila just flies around with Albert

See, you mentioned it, and now I'm interested. If only you had left it unmentioned I wouldn't have even thought to sexualize pic related, but given where the petrification stops in this panel I'm forced to.

The best



search your heart user, you know it to be true.

How the fuck does moonstone even restore ""heart power""?

If it's just using Zophis's bullshit hypnosis power, shouldn't they be much less willing to fight him and his army?

At least with Faudo liquid, it could put your brain chemicals into overdrive or some shit.

Another page I love, the flow of action/coreagraphy in the panels here is great

>can no longer run away
>chest is still soft and supple
>mouth is warm and moist

It's demons I don't gotta explain shit

Say what you will about her. Patty is still adorable.


>devil 3 section staff

Completely forgot. What a hilariously absurd concept.

Maybe that's the idea? It's a pun. Demolt looks like the devil so he gets devil sticks


Devil May Cry.

You know, Stone Golem was lucky as fuck there wasn't a huge chunk of moonstone just sitting around. It would be like kryptonite.

What good is that if the cunny is rock solid?


>not getting off on a loli's fear



I believe in Suzy. She'll get her man.

>to have made a stone such as this
>made a stone


Why did zophise have to make koko his partner, wouldn't this guy have been more fitting?

What's wrong? seems right to me.

He wants a puppet. Even better, it's a puppet that can deal emotional damage towards Brago's book master.

I love when kiyo is pissed.

>My name is Satan. Evil Satan.

Raiku is really bad at making names for one off characters

Zophise can only manipulate hearts to a cetain degree. Remember, he had to search to fine the descdents of the ancient demon's original partners, and even then he wasn't able to get all of them to work

Devil sticks seem to be something else.

>Tells us to remember his name.
You know...I had completely forgotten his name.






Thats a rather block headed plan to be brutally honest
>I'll ram my head against the wall until it is gone

I didn't remember how intense was this fight, holy shit.


It's really good, my favorite in the whole series, aside from maybe Gash vs Zeon


Shit nigga Sherry got edgy as fuck



sherry was always edgy with zophise


Why isn't everyone else healing from the light anyway?

>this is a 10 year old in Mamodo World

Demolt is probably so big and standing between it and them that most of it is getting blocked by him






No, no, the chest and mouth are great too but they're still the same. The most interesting part is the partially petrified area. Where can she still feel and where can she not? It's probably some kind of gradient, so what can she feel in those areas, and how do they feel to your fingers, tongue and dick? How does she feel when she gets wet from you licking her partially-petrified cunny?
>fourth and fifth panel
I'd like to make her heartbeat come back and create a pulse within her too

>tfw I typed all of this

If she doesn't want to turn into stone, why doesn't she just get her book burned and get sent back?

Because is she goes back, she won't be under the light anymore.





>sexualizing Leila
I will end you.

Aw shit I never noticed Folgore's eyes here



>demon """"""child""""""


So, I don't know if i';m blind or there's a page missing, but I don't recall the panels kiyo is thinking back to ever actually showing up before this page?

Does anybody own the physical version of this volume? Can they check?





It wasn't in your storytime.

He is a walking evil twin with a palleteswap

Is that another empty speech bubble in panel 5?


more like Jobzakeruga amirite

Maybe, remind me to check the raws when the dump is over


Pattie's ultimate spell here only negated the force of his punch, it didn't actually do any damage. It's insane how tough and strong Demolt is

Demolt would probably still kick the shit out of most characters next arc

so basically he's spamming fireballs to build meter for his super


Which panels are you talking about?


In that page, the "flashback" panels where gash shoots a zakeruga at the back of demolt's neck and it stuns him


Also yeah this whole time Demolt's only been using his weak spells, kek

Oh, I thought those were happening immediately in that moment, it's a very subtle fade.

Yeah, what kind of spell is growing a spiky mane anyway.


>Pattie's ultimate spell here only negated the force of his punch, it didn't actually do any damage. It's insane how tough and strong Demolt is
>Demolt would probably still kick the shit out of most characters next arc

I think the only characters who would have probably been a threat to Demolt in the next arc were Zeon (definitely), Bari, Ted, Riou (debatable), and Rein.

How do you not sexualize her?

>I've been posting images and pushing it closer to the image limit

nice goin' tio...


This is info we could have used about 2 and a half chapters ago Tio!!!!

No such thing in the raws either. I guess he had something else planned but changed his mind midway and had to sneak this flashback to "sew" everything together.

>literally the entire protagonist party gets BTFO in the span of a page and a half

the best

jesus christ how did this guy ever lose

Was stone golem that OP? Was the stone attack something you couldn't defend against?

Earth would probably be able to win with some help, since his spells cancelled out a Zagerzemu boosted Baou, which is what eventually beats Demolt

So, OP, you're really planning to scanslate the entire series to make it higher quality and fix mistakes, right?

Do you plan on using the Japanese or the dub names?


Is rauzaruku the spell that jobs the most?

Oh yeah. You know. With how much of a hard time Earth tends to have in battle and with how easily he had got beaten by Goomu he kinda dropped out of my radar.

Must we keep spamming this meme every time?
Some spells work some times, other times they are overpowered. The end.

From what Leila's said, Demolt is an idiot and right now a lot of the skill is coming from his book keeper

Maybe his bookkeeper 1000 years ago was just really terrible at what he was doing, maybe he was a coward who saw golem and ran.

Well, not really "scanning"; i'd be buying the volumes digitally and ripping the pages

>Do you plan on using the Japanese or the dub names?

It's something i'm continually going back and forth on. I really think a lot of the dub names for spells is closer to what Raiku intended the spells to sound like, but at the same time, the dub ended early, so not all the spells have dub names, and mixxing and matching presents issue since the names of spells actually mean things, so if there's a spell past where the localization ended, and it has a prefix in it that DOES have a localized form, but other prefixes or suffixes in it that aren't, that would fuck up the pattern

What I think i'll do is for the most part use japanese names, but if the english name works better, i'll include a translators note explaining the pun, maybe?

Perhaps his partner was an uneducated serf? It was the medieval era, after all.

Earth is the actual jobber of the series. Does he ever actually win any battles?


It's totally my headcanon that demolt rampaging about 1000 years ago is what inspired people to depict Satan the way he is now, with bat wings, goat legs, and a horned head


Didn't he beat Gash in his first appearance?

>It's totally my headcanon that demolt rampaging about 1000 years ago is what inspired people to depict Satan the way he is now, with bat wings, goat legs, and a horned head
That fits perfectly since the devil was originally just an angel who stopped following gods direct orders and wanted free will. The story just got a bit exaggerated over the years so Demolt surely wouldn't have helped.

He nearly beats gash, then Ted comes in and he and gash nearly beat Earth before Earth escapes

Patty's bookkeeper was my favorite character back when I watched the anime. They're such a mismatched team but it works so well.

Yeah, Earth pretty much had Gash in checkmate before Ted intervened.

Not to mention "jobbing" as described in this thread is always going to happen because that's how powercreep works.

I love that all this time Frog's partner has been purposely being unhelpful as to not help Zophise. He just decided fuck this guy he can get bent.

Alvina a best

I meant more so like if you'd make it Umagon or Ponygon.

Also yeah Byonko was a badass the whole time, who knew

>What I think i'll do is for the most part use japanese names, but if the english name works better, i'll include a translators note explaining the pun, maybe?
Sounds good to me.

It must have been interesting to see him trying to find his book owner too.

Exactly. It just shits me off since the jobber meme is getting heavily overused these past couple months and really ran into the ground. I don't know what happened, but it just annoys me now.

>I love that all this time Frog's partner has been purposely being unhelpful as to not help Zophise. He just decided fuck this guy he can get bent.

Based Alvin.

Makes sense. I don't think Zophise would have wanted a demon around that was too weak

What even is the point of it anyway? What is a non-jobber character, one of those isekai MCs with everything maxed? Someone who wins more than he loses? That just means the plot is convenient for him.

Shouldn't Zophise been able to sense the TRAITOR nature in Alvin's heart, though?

Alvin knew. He just wasn't going to let him be uncool and serve a fag like Zophies

Japanese names, but the way I translate them might not be as strict as this translation

Like, this translation translated Victoreem's partner as Mohican S, and the dub did Mohawk Ace. I'll be doing Mohican Ace. For the core group it'll definetely be Gash, Tio, Umagon, etc. Kanchome will probably be Kanchome because Kyanchome is fucking stupid, but we'll see

Barry will be Bari, most likely. Brago will be Brago, Burago is stupid. Undecided on Zophis vs Zofis vs Zophise, but i'm 99% sure it won't be Zophise


>yfw you realize that the first time Kiyomaro accidentally casted zakeru on the first chapter of the manga, he did so because he screamed ふざけるな!(fu'zakeru'na) while reprehending Gash.
Some things really just end up lost in translation.

Someone who doesn't lose specifically to show how strong an opponent is.


Yep, its either a gary stu or a jobber. No inbetween; not just a well worked character with strengths and weakness.
Fucking meme spouting children. We're getting off topic here. Sage.

for a second I read Rajang. fuck you monhun stop eating my brain

Not really a way you can translate that. In the dub, Kiyo was trying to remember Zatch's name while reprimanding him.


But this is going to happen every time a big bad villain appears. You can't cycle the main cast for this when they're not equally strong, so obviously the strongest one will try to defeat it first. By default, the strongest will be a "jobber".

>This time we'll do everyone!!!

Why use a completely made up name like Ponygon instead of what the author intended?

To be fair "You look like a horse, and I want you gone!" was a pretty good joke


Because the whole point of translating it is to change the Japanese words into English words

Gash's peculiar samurai-esque way of speaking is also lost in translation, it's a shame because it really adds to his charm.

u muh gon, brotha
(It's just easier to remember, which is good for a kids' manga)

>Those tears in Patty and Byonko
Damn Raiku


If a series runs long enough for that to become a pattern, the "strongest character" ends up with a dire W/L ratio.
See: Worf, Vegeta.

Though Zatch Bell sidesteps this pretty neatly.

In that case the character is jobbing. A jobber is a character that always does that, but we're still supposed to see them as strong.
For example, when we see Won Lei getting fucked by Demuto, he is jobbing to show strong Demuto is (note that this is not a bad thing). However, this does not make Won Lei a jobber as this does not happen consistently.

Again, pattie's ultimate spell here really only knocks demolt off balance, and does basically no damage

dude's a fucking monster


She really redeems herself here.


Just posting this for the sake of education.




She's still a shit.


You're a shit Patty is great

Hey, for anons who watched the whole anime, does anybody know what episode Bari vs Ted is?

It's anime filler, but it's well done enough i'd like to post it when we get to where in the manga it WOULD be if it wasn't filler

Is that what they did in the dub? Sounds funny but how does that make any sense with everyone else who sees Umagon later and names him in the same way?

>Kanchome will probably be Kanchome because Kyanchome is fucking stupid
I kinda agree but it's still the name the author chose. Leave it to the reader to think it's stupid or not. Reminds me of the Hokuto no Ken scan I was reading the other day which had a page with a translator note saying they were not gonna translate an attack name because it sounded stupid, I still wanted to know what the name was anyway.

Which doesn't mean you change character names, or else you end up with the main character Kevin and his school friend Suzy. You know, the kind of shit we make fun of 4kids for doing? Changing spell names like Gravirei instead of Gurabirei or debating if it should be Zaker or Zakeru I'm ok with though.

>Byonko bitchslapping a huge demon
that frog is fucking cool

Its in the 100s I think.

Umagon isn't even a name, it's a description. If I translated it I'd call him Ponymon or something.

I completely forgot that this was a Dioemeru spell.

I understand, but this is a joke name based on a pun Kiyo made on the fly. It's different to, let's say, the meaning of "Parco Folgore", which never comes into play so the kids don't need it translated. That's why I'd give this one a free pass.
No reason to change Suzume either, for that matter.

>I kinda agree but it's still the name the author chose

Is it? If it is, then i'll keep it that way, but I was under the impression the Y was just how people choose to translate how it is in japanese, and either or is accurate

I figured that was also true of Bari vs Barry and all the ways Zophis can be translated. If one of them is actually clearly closer to what the intent was and you can explain how, i'll make a note to myself to use that particular translation

>Patie and byonko down!


Good, get rid of these shitters.

Actually, if you give me a minute, i'll post all the things I have noted to look into what the most accurate translation is for:

>I was under the impression the Y was just how people choose to translate how it is in japanese, and either or is accurate

>I figured that was also true of Bari vs Barry and all the ways Zophis can be translated. If one of them is actually clearly closer to what the intent was and you can explain how, i'll make a note to myself to use that particular translation

I didn't know that either, that changes things a little. I don't know enough Japanese to answer that.

What are you talking about user? Sunbeam talked to him and Umagon clearly said it was his actual name.

In jap, some syllables are missing (like Ti: Ta Shi Tsu Te To) but Ka is not one of them. Using Kya over Ka is the writer's intent.

>Hating Patie and Byonko
Fuck you man.

>What are you talking about user? Sunbeam talked to him and Umagon clearly said it was his actual name.
I hope that was sarcasm.

Alrighty, added to my notes then.

What of Barry vs Bari and Zofis vs Zophis vs Zophise?

Yeah nah, fuck you. They're arguably the most annoying characters in the entire series.



Well, once he tried spelling something like Sunai... something, but I'm sure he was just confused. Everyone knows his name is Umagon.

It's not worth copying the foreign author's spelling if it makes the name awkward for the reader. It gives you shit like Gokuu and Kuririn.

If it was just Bari I don't see why the "ri" would be long. It's kidna dumb for a demon to have a human name but we have Ted, so it's consistent. (Also, the wikia lists him as Vincent Bari, where the hell do they mention Vincent?)
I got nothing. I guess it does look a bit more consistent with the western names but there's nothing that points to either form.

But that is his actual name?

How about fuck you. They at least grow as characters. And redeem themselves. And there's way more annoying characters

I think Gustav says Barry's full name is Vincent Bari/Barry at one point

So you think Barry is more accurate then Bari, but what about Barry vs Barri?


Patty is much cuter with her hair cut short.



that is the smile of someone whos ready to pay her dues for her crimes.

the smile of someone who has true courage.

the smile, of someone who deserves friends.

>Yeah... Sorry.jpg
No, fuck you. Not only were the annoying as fuck, they're also traitors to their original team. I also fucking can't stand the cutting hair character development trope.
Patie a shit and Frog as uncool as ever.


I don't see why you'd have a weird invented surname along with Vincent, of all things. Not to mention the i makes it look kinda Spanish so I read it with a rolling r and it's weird...

It's either Kuririn or Kulilin, both are used. But the point is both of them are awkward and stupid sounding to native English speakers.

That's how they tend to "phonetically translate" Barry, you can even search for celebrity names or whatever on Wikipedia and you'll see.

>This much unforgiveness
See user, that's why you don't get to be the king

Go away, Zophise.

Fuck off man. They realized what they were doing was wrong and did what they could to rectify it. You're a shit and you're opinions are uncool.

>selfish cunt is forced to face the moral repugnance and consequences of her cruel actions and feels legitimately terrible and penitent

I don't see how this is a problem

>main cast tanks splash attacks without books getting harmed

I know that guy's attack is literally his arm on fire but they get out a number of scrapes that should've fucked their books up.

>They changed in some point of the story
>Ther're still a piece of shit

Yeah, fuck you too, trash.

I don't think the "Ah...sorry" comparison is fair. Patti is a child, children are selfish, stupid and don't see the whole picture.

>Vulcan that low
>folgore isn't in the top 10
>suzy that low
>zeon that high
>motherfucking Umagon in second
Nips have shit taste

yeah sometimes it's difficult to suspend disbelief between how easily books burn and how resilient they often are.

>hating on umagon
Whats wrong with you

When I become a kind king we will no longer have to shitpost like this.

Alright, noted that down too

others are:

>graveidon vs gravidon vs grabeidon; by extension, Gurabirei vs Gurabeirei vs Gravirei vs Graveirei
>dufor vs dufort vs dofoux or however it's spelled
>Won Rei vs Won Lei
>Li Yen vs Lee Yen
>Bento boxed lunch vs Bentou boxed lunch
>Seushiru vs Seishiru
>Boren vs Bauren for won lei
>Belegim EO vs Belugim EO
>Leila vs layla vs reira
>Demort vs Demolt vs Demolto vs Demorto vs Demoruto
>Gorgogeo vs Gorgogio vs Gorugojio

I know R's and L's are basically interchangable, so for Won Rei vs Won Lei it could probably be either, but for his and for Li/Lee yens, whatever is close to how it'd be in chinese would be best, I imagine

For Demolt/etc I wonder if "demort" is supposed to be a pun, with "mort" as in death. The anime also clearly adds a "o" sound after the T, like Demorto/Demolto or Demoruto/Demoluto


Is this the shota bait manga/animu?


Raiku's rants 2: The reVenge!!!!


Raiku really fucking loves motorbikes. I believe he goes further in the future, buying one himself.

>Zatch friend zoning her


Yeah, he got himself a full set of Akira gear too to ride with

Wait a sec, his book isn't burnt yet, is it?

How much of the next volume does this fight take up?

I'm glad that he kinda lied about Victoreem never coming back.

Also, I love Victoreem's fight the most for sure. It's hilarious and a lot of pure brilliant strategy.

Off topic: does anyone in this story ever just pull out a gun?

You should learn kana if you're worried about how to romanize stuff. It's not very hard.

I always thought of them as Wong Lei and Li Yeng.

>Yeah, he got himself a full set of Akira gear too to ride with

I remember this being a side flap for one of the later volumes. Which one was that?

That design of the right is really amazing.

>Wait a sec, his book isn't burnt yet, is it?
Nope, demolt is fine.

>How much of the next volume does this fight take up?
About half.

So where is this Victoreem special? I am curious.


>still no translations
That's a pity.

OP, do you plan on leaving the design contest in your HQ scans in the future? If you do, translations would be nice.

Link me some resources and i'll check it out

I don't know, sadly

Actually read the next volume in advance because I was tired of waiting

Hot damn

Hey look its Corphish.

The Gashbowls already been decided, this ain't a harem.

Man, I wonder if Zophise is a pushover compared to this guy. I'm just going to read ahead.

I really love that top right design.
Better than that dorky fawn in first place.

If I can find somebody willing to translate them for cheap, yes. Same for the SFX since these translations stopped translatring them a few volumes ago too

I'll also need somebody to check over the translations in the spots i've noticed the wording is off/ where people in these threads have noticed it, as there's a long list of those

I had forgotten they changed it to Krillin in the American dub and kinda missed your point, sorry. Still, "Gokuu vs Goku vs Gokou" and "Barry vs Bari" is just arguing romanization, you certainly should choose the romanization that sounds better. Changing the whole name like Krillin, Suzy or Ponygon though should be avoided, specially when those are just completely arbitrary names made by some American executive.

DO NOT sexualize the Gash!

Don't forget the Rocketeer gear too.

Top right looks like a character worthy of not being lewded.


>that Corphish
>its even using Bubble


>Off topic: does anyone in this story ever just pull out a gun?
The Chinese Yakuza on that island used guns. The bank robbery at the beginning too. I dunno about actual book owners though. It'd be a legit strategy to just shoot the opposing book owner too, albeit a dirty strategy.


this dude definitely screams 'DEMON' to me, basically like a cute, smaller Demolt.

Hell! he fucking cals himself HADES!

Natsu (catgirl) aint bad, Love miniature oni Baiken, and Meburon (samurai bugdoll) can be better.

Mukuromo (ghost girl) looks excellent

gotta love Carol (Not-hoppip) and Kyubyu(Not-sakuyamon)!

The Danny boy chapters had gun toting guys, too.



End of volume 16

On an tangent, I think Pattie's canon colors here look not so great compared to the anime coloration

>I wonder if Zophise is a pushover compared to this guy.
I don't think I should need to spoiler this since it's just my educated speculation after reading ahead, but:

Even after you read it's hard to compare, because Zophise is fighting Brago and Demolt is fighting the main gang. Would Brago have an easier time against Demolt? Would the main gang have an easier time against Zophise? Hard to know.

He sure loves bullying his own characters.

I imagine since the book owners have to travel all around the Earth, its probably difficult to reliably have a gun or bullets on them

She's so cute

Check the kana forms (I think it's all in the wiki).
It would be silly not to follow the gravity model imo
lel no idea, Dufort and Dufoux are real names, choose whatever
>Won Lei
Considering the chinese pronounce the r kinda like in English, it's probably Lei
>Li Yen
Wikipedia says only uppity fags like Hong Kong use Lee
Old debate, no idea.
That's the kana form
Kana form (of course, it's pronounced Bowren, so using Boren is silly)
No idea. Belugim kinda works because it reminds you of Belgium but that doesn't matter
Layla works due to pronunciation, but Leila looks cute... A pro would use Layla I guess
Demort looks like a french word using "death" but given the kana, it's unlikely (it would be Demouto in that case), Demolt is fine. As for the O, japs mostly reduce final U so it's meaningless.
Gorgogeo is misleading due to the geo- prefix, so -gio is fine

She was born to be bullied.

Why does a discrepancy between manga and anime hair colors happen so often? Shit's always irked me.

Just follow this guide up through the "additional sound's section. All the names are written in katakana.

Yeah, the cyan worked much better.
Great dump, OP. Cheers.

>Would the main gang have an easier time against Zophise?
I honestly think the main gang would have a harder time against Zophise. His battle is out in the open and he can fly, so he'd be much harder to hit. So Umagon, spell enhanced Gash and WonRei wouldn't be nearly as useful.
Plus Zophise isn't toying with them and wouldn't hesitate to just instantly burn books when he gets the chance.

>Gorgogeo is misleading due to the geo- prefix, so -gio is fine

Not sure what you are trying to say here. You saying that It's not actually geo, but since it's a stone spell, geo seems misleading relevant?

Considering that so many other spells are engrish (Gura/Gravi, Kurei/Clay, Guran/Ground, etc), I can't imagine that it WASN'T intended to sound like "gorgon" and "geo"

More Leila faces

Oh nevermind I was thinking of Gorm, since it looks like a bug and there's a bug called Gorgojo in Spanish... I'm a mess.
Yeah that's the medusa-like spell, -geo seems to be the intent

Gash Bell dump? Awesome, great series. Posting best demon being best demon in a very spoiler situation if you haven't read the manga. Or is it? How far did the anime go? I never watched all of it.

The anime went original before this scene.

Anime diverges before that. Chapter 212/Episode 137

Ah, that's a shame. It's my favorite scene in the series.

I always thought it was Dufaux

The anime went to the end of the Faudo arc but a lot of that arc got it's events changed

Like what you posted never happens in the anime. Zeon never gets redeemed, Won rei loses to Roudex, not Unko tin tin, Earth gets his book burnt, etc

Anime really isn't worth watching, even outside of those changes it doesn't match the art quality of the manga and it doesn't match the tone quite right either, outside of a few scenes which i've linked to when I get to those parts of the manga (the end of the Kolulu fight, the Belegium EO fight/kid's book being burnt, Brago using baberuga gravidon for the first time, all instances of songs (Chichi oppai, very melon, Pattie's song she hums, etc).

You should really go at least watch the anime versions of the songs on youtube or something, those are great. The OST in general is really fucking stellar:

It's a shame, we could have had many layers of meaning with these names if Raiku knew a bit of french (or did his homework). Can't complain about it though.

It's amazing how strong his spells are.

Would Demolt/Kiyo be even more OP then Kanchome/Kiyo?

>no Unko tin tin

Already sounds like shit.

>just finished reading the next volume

Man, Brago's the coolest. Sure he looks like one of the demons from the contest, but man.

>Unko tin tin
Professional Megumi bully.

Much thanks.

He's there for the quiz part but he doesn't show up again after that, I don't think

What I'd give for seeing the phoenix scene with Megumi present

That fight is the perfect representation of this series. Switching between life and death struggles and ridiculous comedy flawlessly.

Won Lei for a close second. Why are characters who sacrifice themselves always the best?

>phoenix scene

I don't think I've ever seen a fight so hilarious and heartbreaking at the same time.

This cover reminds me a bit of the covers of volumes 12 and 13 from Hunter x Hunter.

>Leila's unchanging grin
I'm kind of creeped out. What did she mean by this?

She's just really chill and knows that Patty did her very best, and that she's leaving the fight so it'll be daijoubu.
Good thing that they didn't know about Mr Shin Kuria at this point

He kicked so much ass in the later volumes that he retroactively made the top 5 in popularity.

Thanks for the dump op

I disagree.

The only reason Zofis took as much effort to take out as it did for Sherry and Brago is due to him using Koko against sherry. Gash's team doesn't care much about Koko

Also, Zofis wouldn't be able to tank nearly as many hits as Demolt did.

As far as Sherry and Brago vs Demolt and Robet, I think in isolation Brago would have a good challenge in demolt, but coordinating with sherry, brago and her coluld easily overwhelm robert and get demolt's book. If demolt got into his beserk mode and swallowed robert right away, I think the fight would probably be dead even

Raiku being childish gives me a heart boner

Kolulu really drew the short end of the stick compared to demons like Tio, Kyanchome, and Momon, didn't she?

In what way?

Come to think of it, it's great that Sherry and Brago actually scared Zophise into undoing Koko's mindfucking instead of magically befriending and forgiving. This kind of action that prioritizes character over general tone doesn't happen often in shounen manga.
We didn't get to see many of her spells, and her ultimate is pretty hack too

Her spells forced her into a super violent battle form against her will when her true spells are about maintaining and protecting life function. Compared to the other characters with support movesets not counting Shin Poruku who didn't suffer from the same thing

But that's because Kolulu didn't want to fight at all. Tio and Kanchome still wanted to be king.

If Kolulu did want to fight, she'd just get a support set, probably.

The question is whether her berserk form would be controlled if she wanted to fight.

Did sunbeam have a form of answer talker?. I'm asking because last volume he was able to dodge the sun guy's beams pretty easily.

If he did, Raiku never said so, but it is pretty odd he and Riddles both have those eyes and similar abilities

I bet he's still waiting for someone to ask...

Nah, I see Sunbeam's thing as just a strong sense of perception. He just saw through Pamoon's attacks by reading his eyes rather than actually foreseeing anything.

Riddles on the other hand I'm sure has it. There's literally no other explanation for how he found Sunbeam in the first place.

Yeah but that's Mr. Prodigy.

Takes forever for Team Gash to reach his level.

Albert starts to cry here.

How did Yopopo move up despite being dead all this time?

The anime probably got to Yopopo around that time


Raiden would be proud.

SFX are something you could also just do yourself by learning kana, specifically katakana since its all just phonetics

Hell just having a chart by your side would be enough for the most part


Well, also meant translating what the SFX /mean/

Like, the phonetics is one thing, but having dumped the first 13 volumes that had the SFX noted, a lot of the SFX aren't really obvious to what they mean.

Just from picking the patterns up, I know that the "shiiiiii-n" SFX is silence and "gata-gata-gata" is teeth chattering or fear; and I know from jojo that go-go-go is ominiousness, but if I didn't know any better i'd be like "what the fuck does a shiiiiiiiiiiiin sound mean?" So like, in that case, I want the SFX note to not read "shiiiiiiiin", but read "silence".

Or is the meaning of what the SFX are something I could more or less google?

Now this is true character development.
These are great.

The spanish dub ended literally in this page, with everyone running up the stairs. I was fucking mad as a kid and it still makes me angry that they finished it there.

Also, I realize this is speculatory, but do you think the Emeru\Emuru\Erumu in some fire spells is intended to sound like the english word "ember" or sound like "mera", since I know "mera-mera" is flames flickering?



We'd have to see the original japanese, but when it comes to pronunciation its always very clear cut, it only gets confusing when its trying to imitate a foreign word so the call is hard to make with spells, are they words, resembling words or just the literal sounds they make? and even then you gotta chose how to romanize it, L or R, B or V, etc

That said I can't really see ember being said any of these ways, you'd definitely have a B sound in there, maybe even a silent R like the brits do it