Why is this chinese so smug? Muv-Luv thread

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Who /NVA/ here?

Schwarzesmarken political drama focus was actually good, I wonder when are we getting a new Muv-Luv animated

I was actually on the edge of my seat during Schwarzesmarken. The stazi were a good stand in for nazis and made my blood boil a lot. My cock was so stiff watching all those sick fucks die. I wish Irisdina had lived though. She deserved better but that red haired stazi and his black haired cunt boss made sure that that wouldn't happen.

Well, she's slightly insane, and one can die any moment of any day, so there is no point waiting.


>I wish Irisdina had lived though
I was expecting an asspull to save her, but I totally forgot this is a Muv-Luv series

>that part where people had to eat her mapo tofu
Also, someone with her personality I was actually amazed she didn't go yuri route at all


>stale MAL copypasta


>Muv-Luv extra and Unlimited probably never
>the rest of Total Eclipse probably won't ever be done
this is depressing

I am going to marry this zampolit


What's this for?

Why would she go yuri route? Well, besides all girls in ML being a bit yuri due to circumstances.

But no, she very much fell for Yuuya.


How long until Cui CGs?

There's no SR of her yet, so probably won't be for a while.

Bait of the lowest calibre.

Would it be intense, or lovey dovey, or something else?

I still don't get why Stella hasn't had any yet.

First official Yui lewd from Strike Frontier

A bit late user

In total they have 5 scenes each. That's just the first one.

Did Mastada grip and hold Senna like that too, or could only Mira blind him with such lust?

It's regrettable that strike frontier isn't voiced.

We may never know, but both of his children got them Harem builder genes.

Wait, from where are those from?

I'm actually intrigued to see what they do with Sharon. I doubt they'd go NTR, but I mean she DID go out with Yuuya. Maybe a flashback series of lewds?

The world may never know.


Some of these I am guessing that are from Total Eclipse of PS3, but is AGE attempting a remake of Unlimited better draw? I'd honestly purchase it again on Steam

All of them are from Strike Frontier, friend. You should check /m/, they are really hyped up about it.

I am guessing it's in jap, right? I am not even going there because I will just hype and won't be able to play


I love Chizuru's sex positions, but gah I can't stand her.

So the only SM's we'll be getting is the 666th + Lise, correct?

>this guy
He literally brainwashed a couple of neo-slaves right?

If Sagiri is rollable in SF, chances for Beatrix aren't bad.

Is it even Yuuya we control in SF?
All of Yui's scenes cannot come quickly enough. I've got a few that aren't there

I just got in /m/ and people are posting pics but I haven't find anywhere to register at all, their OP also says it isn't released

Rollabe yes, sexable, no. They already have cards lined up for her, but her main villain status will keep her from getting sex CGs.

Date, user. That thread is old and the game came out yesterday. Also don't bother. You missed all the prereg goodies.

She is still a series protagonist's gf, she'll get fucked alright, unless they continue the Jürgen getting cockblocked in SF as well.

>Also don't bother. You missed all the prereg goodies.
B-but I want to play it ;_; Is it really THAT BAD to not have pre reg goodies?

What sort of sex scenes would we get? Hardcore femdom with a dash of sadomasochism play?

I don't know if Jurgen would be in it, which means no sex for Beatrix. Beatrix is in a unique position, as she's both the main love interest in one story, and the super evil main baddy to another.

At least one SSR pilot and 2 cards you pick from a random daily gacha.

stop being dumb you stupid fuck. you always post this dumb shit and yet you don't even know how mobage work.

Mobage is cancer anyway, so who cares?

How're you so certain that you know how it works. They could cut corners and not give her a sex scene because villains don't love.

> because villains don't love.

I'm going to marry his sister!

Well, if they go with her adult persona, they're won't be any sex.

What would being that close to Beatrix be like? What would she smell like, or feel like, or taste like? Would you be able to keep it together like Jurgen there?

Okay, now I'm curious, who are they gonna set her up with in SF?

Here's some Ayamine:

Jurgen is dead mate.

So is Takeru and presumably Yuuya. Theo became a villain himself.

Where is the line drawn?

Yeah, but Jurgen never existed for adult Beatrix. If they had Jurgen fucking SM Beatrix, then that would be paradoxical.

stop being retarded. seriously. The MC plays a game Yuuko developed so all that sex scenes aren't really real. And aside from the main cast from Muv-Luv other BETA-verse characters don't appear outside the game MC plays. Now go and take your retardness somewhere else. You are just as dumb as that BR.

There is no line.

What will you do if she gets cards but no sexy times and everyone else, even Katia, does?

nothing. what are you going to do about being retarded?

We're speaking in hypotheticals here. Why are you so mad?

because you keep spewing the same shit over and over again. If you knew how mobage work you would know that popular girls get high rarity card and scenes. It is how they make money with these types of games.

She's not as popular as the 666th, who get far more exposure. She only had three cards in Next Answer, their last mobage, and they were ultra rare (and none of them original art, just crops from the LN at that). Pham and Annette had about three times as many cards as she did, so that tells you a thing or two about how popular she is over in Japan. The Japs just don't like her type of character.

Except Beatrix still wins polls in Japan.

Will we ever get Mira cards? There is barely anything about her, period.

someone post some yuuko from striker frontier

minori sr first


Only one new CG I could notice on first watch, sadly. It's a Lise execution one.

You could've linked it for us:

Posting two best girls





Beatrix has both arms in the trailer btw, and they're using a lot of anime footage so expect most of the anime changes to be canonized (just like they did with TE and KGNE).

>No Gretel route



>implying the changes weren't made without age's permission
>implying that the anime wasn't the story they wanted
>implying that isn't what we'll be getting in the VN

>Supported the Muv Luv kickstarter
>Still havn't read extra
I should really get around to it. The start was alright but there are a lot of boring characters

Beatrix in SM is not sympathetic at all. She's about on the same level as Axmann if you don't know about the prequel. Even then, she's the second most evil person to ever be in a Muv-Luv story, so you should feel good about her dying horribly.


What an evil grin. She really was too far gone and Theo did her a favor. Damn you Beatrix and Axmann. I'll look forward to wiping those smug smirks off of your fucking toady faces.

Yeah wasn't much of a trailer as there was nothing new but this. Not sure if she's made her peace or completely snapped, which I suppose is also a sort of peace.

"too far gone" has yet to be determined, as she does have a route after all.

>implying CIWS misses Beato wasn't planned

In my mind, it doesn't really matter who she was in BiS, just who she is now, and who she is now makes Axmann look like a choirboy.

It doesn't miss her though. Axmann or Schmidt have a better chance of surviving and getting what they want then Beatrix does at this point. Age is really hyping her up for the big epic showdown, so that's what we'll get at the end.

Anyone played the DMM game ? It's just released yesterday

>Please forget this person oniichan, she no longer exists

Why the fuck would anyone even want one?

She's taunting the rebels you fuck, so Theo's pain at having to kill her is lessened.

back to /m/ tard

So it really is three rebel routes. Sasuge age.

Scratch those comment, I haven't read the thread from top.

mass effect endings. another kusoge of the year like TE?

It's sasuga dweeb, unless you meant to say sausage.

Blondes like Katia need to die.

I don't think the majority of the Japs would mind it too much, just so long as they get to take their waifu along too.

Anyone have a link to the SF opening scenes translated?

>Yeah wasn't much of a trailer as there was nothing new but this.

It was their OP.

You should ask /m/ next time.

Oh good, which means we should be getting an actual trailer at some point too. Right?

would have believed you if there wasn't the first VN already out.

Not really. The OP is usually the final trailer disregarding the snippets you'll get in stream.

The first VN was released before the anime. Pic related, for instances, was an anime original character who was adapted into the visual novels.

Nice trips by the way.

Thats too bad.

Beatrixfags about to be BTFO yet again. Getting my buckets ready for their delicious tears.


More best girls!

why are Katia fags such cancer? always provoking and stirring shit? Once they start the whole thread literally goes to shit just like Europe did after Katia appeared in DDR

It's better to have tried and failed then to have done nothing and failed.

Best girls right here.

Best girls.


Jesus christ, MC needs to be crowned new King of Hetares.

>tfw you'll never be endlessly tentacle raped by BETA

Thanks for proving my point stirring shit all the time. Makes me think your a woman or have no friends.

Lets say its true and the story for all three routes is pretty much the same all the way through the difference being Katia survives one, Lise survives one, and Iris survives one, with remaining living side-characters interchangeable between them. How the hell is the Lise route gonna work? Unless they really are majorly different, what could Theo possibly do to keep events ending virtually the same but manage to come out the other side with his sister in tow?

I'd say it was less plausible than Lise route being Werewolf route but I honestly don't know what to expect at this point.


Seriously, the stasi leadership was egotistic, selfish, sadistic, and insane. Schmidt was probably the most rational of them all, and he wanted to nuke everything.

Age takes the path of most ease. It'd likely be them switching out heroine scenes like cogs in a machine. The general route remains the same with the overall same stops, but instead of a Katia bonding scene here, you'd have a Lise or Iris scene instead.

Is Theo the first protagonist in Muv-Luv who deeply enjoys killing his enemies?

But the very nature of the plot and character motivations makes that impossible. It would take more effort to try and force things to fit the same mold than it would to let the different possible circumstances that result from very crucial points in Theo's decision making process develop naturally.

>Katia survives one, Lise survives one, and Iris survives one

All heroines will die in their route even Katia that is how age rolls. Sumika, Cryska etc.

Except Katia already survived her route, its literally the LN's storyline.

Katia and Iris would be roughly the same. You might run into some issues with Lise, but just have her switch sides when Theo disregards Iris and gives her all the love she wants. The overall plot would remain the same, with the same secondary characters dying and the same final battle with Beatrix/Axmann. It'll basically be like ME3.

You know she wasn't popular enough to get a poster this time around, right? Even Gretel was picked to be an SM covergirl before her.

He's not killing people, he's killing monsters. Of course he feels the same amount of regret he'd have from stepping on a bug.

don't you remember them posting on twitter that the ending will be different in VN? She will die. Even if it will be forced like with cryska not having her bath salts.

She keeps winning polls like a champ though. Age decided to go with the low risk option, after the anime Beatrix merchandize sold like shit.

she will win another BD poll next month.

Why are Katia, Gretel, Iris, and Lise all have more merchandise and more prominent then her?

No I don't remember, but if true thats quite foreboding.

A Pham figure might be cool.

He killed katia in the VN which is pretty sweet.

Strike Frontier HCG artwork is a lot nicer then I was expecting. Hopefully someone figures out how to rip it all soon.

>Age decided to go with the low risk option, after the anime Beatrix merchandize sold like shit.
Can't you read? When they have the choice between characters that nobody really hates and the most divisive character in the franchise, they'll always will choose the one with less risk to their profits. Then again, considering they thought this would be popular enough to make, its just ixtl, being ixtl.

Anime Beatrix is pretty ugly.

Irisdina Bernhard: Classic Germanic beauty. Too bad no own twist on it, no "character". A+
Lise Hohenstein: Womanly THICCNESS, childish bows. A
Gretel Jeckeln : Nice body but meh design, B+
Beatrix Brehmer : Evil, but more the realistic, unsettling kind then the titillating. Great body, but unfappable personality. C-
Anett Hosenfeld : Slim athletic build, A+
Sylwia Krzasińska : Poland sexiest lands, A-
Pham Thi Lan : Hot but could be better, B+
Katia Waldheim: Fantastic proportions! Perfect show off of her petite prides! S

You stop being dumb. Some of the girls have already been confirmed to not have echi/h scenarios despite maxing their hearts.

I was with you until Beatrix. She is an S in my book.

>When they have the choice between characters that nobody really hates and the most divisive character in the franchise

Now this is shitposting.

Can't we just gas Katiafags already?

>that extreme over the top katiabias
But she's the least fappable one out of the bunch.

I'm not even a Katiafag, but our opinions over here matter little to the japs, and they don't really hate her, they just find her bland and out of place.

Would definitely buy a Pham figure, that's for sure.

>tfw some believers of Inghild are out there

Good lads


Welcome to Katiafags. Once they start, everything just devolves to shit.

Then again, this may be whoever likes posting animeonlies thoughts here to get our blood going.


I am disappointed.


Yui, Inia and Cryska are my waifus.

There always can be "Theo disregards every girl but understands Beatrix and her ideal, still ending up fighting her" route.

>Theo disregards every girl
Why would he do that if he ends up doing the same thing he always does anyways? "nothing changes but this time everyone also loses just because" helps nothing.

Which girls like it up the bum?


Pretty sure Anette is one of the biggest anal fans on the team..

>multiple waifu

First, the premise of your question is wrong, since he doesn't enjoy having to kill other people in a TSF, he's just pretty good at it.

But literally speaking? No, he may or may not enjoy particularly killing BETA, but he's good at it regardless. But there are plenty of Mabu Rabus heroes who flat out enjoy killing BETA and maybe in general.

I'll take the non-Chinese Zui, thank you.

No thats pretty much halal.

Chizuru is best.

>actual clips from the anime
Remember when Muv-Luv Alternative had high quality hand-drawn animation?

Look at that smirk from Lise! She is confirm Schizophrenic as she first felt fear at first, then pleasure. I was right that she is mentally broken!

To those who think Lise is still sane after watching the trailer must be insane.


Muh first (and last) kill.



IRG can't fight for shit

Which girl would your rape?

girls are for lovin, not for raping

Literally what the fuck would the route even be about. She pretty much despises Theo like she despises to outright hates just about everyone on the team. AND she already has a lover, who is alive.

Even if the latter was not the case, no one wants to fucking see that murderous, blind sack of shit.

The whole episode was glorious.

Gretel route the quest for Martin

also, Indian girl needs more appreciation

Whose Takemikazuchi is this at the end of TE episode 2?

Takeru is the only IRG that can actually fight properly.

Possibly Lady Kyoko.

Otherwise I have no idea.

Also, Takeru isn't really an IRG, in TDA he's of the lowest ranking inducted retainers, the only spot non-nobility can attain. Obviously, this often means they're the only talented ones in their group.

That's not a route then, that's a fucking sidestory. And she doesn't do jackshit to find Martin, he's the one who finds her. There, the end, no adventure. There is no point trying to squeeze adventure where none exists, right?

Niram sadly gets little appreciation. I commend her for keeping her powerlevel hidden for so long.

>Forgetting based Tsukuyomi cousins

>Possibly Lady Kyoko.
My gut feeling tells me that Lady Kyoko is the one piloting because who else in TE pilots Blue Takemikazuchi.

>Also, Takeru isn't really an IRG
So he is sort of a common rank officer working under one of the great families of the IRG? Sort of like Tsukuyomi's role?

>We'll see each other again, oniichan, on the shores of Hell.
>I'll always love you.

Well the blue Takes and the blue uniform people are basically from one of the main damiyo houses. What's his name from TDA is also for example, one of the blue ranked.

The IRG ranking, and in fact the ranking of the nobility in general, is based on the nobility of your blood, so the farther away you are from the main damiyos, the lesser ranked you are. The lowest rank, the ones who wear black with yellow trim, are not even samurai, but retainers. They are not exclusively non-noble inductees, but many of their number are. They can be inducted for whatever reason, and don't have to have military experience at all (after all, this isn't just limited to TSFs. The nobility system pervades the entire Japanese Empire's political and social makeup), it's upto who is inducting them. But they can never rise into the true nobility (thus, white uniforms and up), even via marriage.

>Yui starts the battle literally butt naked
>Cui escalates the stakes, Yui realizes she's in battle
>Stella and Sharon have ara ara spy session
>Cryska and Inia are autistic and don't even realize they're winning because they don't understand why people have segregated bathing

It was perfection

you stop being stupid. scenes are rarity based and its just a matter of time before the girls that don't have scenes yet get higher rarity cards and scenes. they can't release all at once. they will release them slowly to extend the life of the game.

That is where pic related comes from

But Yes I agree that it's material for a sidestory only and she didn't look for him because she thought he died

Oh my god, Sharon better be in SF.

And captcha ate my pic

She is

but will it be NTR

No cucking so far, every heroine had sex scene with their respective MC.

But Sharon already has a boyfriend.

Yui's scene has Yuuya, so they are more like what if scenarios/side stories.

>pink nipples
And they say they don't look more like white people than Asians.

Fuck off with the NTR

Do you know how to start filling up the second heart? Mine seem to stuck only at the first heart with 100%

Sharon x Yuuya IS NTR.

You need to limit break it. EIther get materials like disks and medals, or another copy.

Oy Katja, Katja!
Moderate degenerate,
Suzy will lead you thirsty across the Elbe.

Oy Katja, Katjo!
Chomp'd are your defence lines;
They would've been intact had you stayed with us.

I want to have a menage a trois with Yui and Cui.

Alright! thanks for the clarification! Btw, do you know if Blue Hornet is available in the game? I have never seen any of that before.

You only want it for the word puns.


so, the plan for the second vn is to make the sales plummet? because that's what the anime did

crash and burn

Age has never released anything decent since ML trilogy and MLA TE

Remove grapplers


that scene happens in her head or she is explaining her fantasy to her "friends".

Who are the worst characters from the Muv-Luv franchise?


Manami, Sagiri, Beatrix

Define "worst".


Katia for sure. she is nothing but a plot device and moe bait.

Beatrix, Irisdina and Jurgen

t. BR.

I see you got the daily 10min ration of electricity for today already.

I don't think he really enjoys killing people, he just doesn't really care. He could inflict the most horrific torture upon one of his enemies if he had too, and he wouldn't feel anything but mildly annoyed that this bug had inconvenienced him. He did feel pretty good about killing Beatrix eventually though, but she might have been the exception.



>He did feel pretty good about killing Beatrix eventually though, but she might have been the exception.
Not in the LN, and we can debate about the anime.

>Cred Forums
This is irony, right? If it isn't, you should really go back to /m/.

>tfw Martyrs would've been out in 8 days if it had not been delayed

these threads have become even more cancerous than usually now that SF is out and /m/ is more active.

I'm not really hyped for it anymore. It's just going to be a rehash of the anime.

You have to have some hope user, at least some of the worst scenes of the anime are already retconned by the first VN, and the OP using some anime scenes might just be age cutting corners.

Age said they're using anime footage in the game and have already shown it off in a few of their previews.

In the battle scenes that is, not in the character interactions outside of them.

Battle scenes can be character interaction scenes.

>t. D.Joe
also known as ''Peruvian shitposter'' and ''wikitard shitposter", from Muv-Luv threads in Cred Forums, ''racist xenophobic shitposter'' in reddit, Valvrager and his super autism in /m/ and ''D-Joe'' in MAL and AnimeSuki.

Fuck off D-Joe kill, please kill yourself

And? The interactions in the anime, in battle, are minimal. Unless you count the Werewolves dropping like flies as character interaction. The only meaningful ones are between Lise and Theo, and one of them won't make it to the VN in its anime form, but will remain the POW execution it was in the LN.

So how much worse is Beatrix and Axmann going to be in the VN then the anime?

VN Beatrix already is better than her Anime counterpart by the fact that she actually has a personality.

pretty bad but not as Evil as Katia who fakes little innocent girl while her secret plan is to destroy the whole Europe because she is butthurt about the death of her father.

She barely appears in the first VN, and both of her appearances have her being a smug evil asshole for no reason.

>and both of her appearances have her being a smug evil asshole for no reason.

The most heroic thing Theo does is killing Katia in the first VN. Too bad he dies after that because he just saved Europe.

Katia did nothing wrong. If she does, she would not have been the heroine of Germany.

she did literally everything wrong that's why Europe falls she is a piece of shit just like all her fans. too bad the story doesn't continue after Theo kills Katia would make for a great route.

>protecting his nation from BETA at great risk
>rescuing his friends
>sacrificing his last remaining family member for what's right
>standing up to his two greatest fears
>stopping and killing Beatrix


Katia did the best she could given what she knew and the situation they were in. Under normal circumstances, it would have been the right thing. Besides, the DDR was doomed anyways, but at least Katia tried to do something good about it.

nothing of that comes even close to saving Europe by killing Katia.

>Besides, the DDR was doomed anyways
Yeah keep repeating that pal.

She knew nothing about the DDR or their internal situation

>but at least Katia tried to do something good about it
>give away the DDR to Bonn

Katiafags pls go

>sacrificing his last remaining family member for what's right
That goes on his list of failures. Whether due to Suzy being an Axmann tier shit or anime Theo going too far, it was never necessary, let alone how bad he fucked up to allow things to get to that point in the first place.

>she did literally everything wrong
>too bad the story doesn't continue after Theo kills Katia would make for a great route.
Think about it, there will be no reason for Theo to be edgy and eventually become the Master if Katia did not fail.

Again, they showed in both the VN and the anime that the DDR was on its last legs. It was dying. In other words, it had a black mark and nothing was going to save it.

And that is why starting a civil war in the middle of that situation was the correct idea, right?

>implying that Gretel didn't killed Katia
Or that Kataia committed suicide out of despair after the fall of Europe

>they showed in both the VN and the anime that the DDR was on its last legs.
>they showed in the anime that the DDR was on its last legs.
If they have enough able-bodied, adult men to have them make up more than half of the protestors, and most of the army, while young, fertile young women are thrown into the meat grinder for no reason, they are far from being on their last legs. The VN is a little better and that regard, but its only stated outright in the LN, and its a opinion by Theo there.

Because the leadership was the one mostly responsible for them being in that shit. They continue to play politics, getting large swathes of people killed in the process (look at what they did to Hannibal's or Kurt's battalion). They foster distrust and dysfunction in their military. They violate their own laws, such as polluting to the point where whole towns are dying, then when people complain about it, they dispatch their psycho bitch enforcer to kill everyone. They're so bad that they're using the war as an excuse to run concentration camps to get rid of undesirables. I think that in the story they're responsible for the deaths of more of their countrymen then the BETA are shown too. The best course for them would have been for them to have thrown off the stasi years ago.

>>>Again, they showed in both the VN
Martyrs aint out yet.

>and the anime
In the anime the west was gona move in to support holding the wall, but the civil war halted it since they did not know which side was gona win so they decided to wait it out till they know which side won.

Watch the anime again when Beatrix and her werewolfs move in then the defence line was held together by their action. When they moved out to meet the 666th in combat then the line defence commander was outraged and the line started to crumble and was breached.

The anime ending also implies that east germany did not fall and everything is fine and happy.

Did you even watch the anime?


Wait what's going on? I thought muvluv lewd was dead forever because Kouki want it to be seriously business from now on?

>The anime ending also implies that east germany did not fall and everything is fine and happy

That's one of the must bullshit endings ever

>Or that Kataia committed suicide out of despair after the fall of Europe
That is exactly my point. If Theo actually takes Iris' words faithfully in protecting Katia but fails which results to the fall of Germany in the worst possible fashion, he will suffer grave repercussions, resign from any signs of hope and then become a terrorist.

The line commander was outraged that the stasi were even there to help, probably because they're unreliable at the best of times, and your enemies otherwise (not to mention majorly hurting morale).

That was mostly Ixtl's fault. Even then, TE and SM stories were in the same magazine that Tiamen Asagi and Annerose publish their shit in.

>probably because they're unreliable at the best of times, and your enemies otherwise (not to mention majorly hurting morale)
Watanabe strikes again

>mix and match spoilers the post.

They were seemed pretty satisfied with the Werewolves performance until Schmidt ordered them to go supress the rebels.

>I thought muvluv lewd was dead forever because Kouki want it to be seriously business from now on
Isn't lewdity part of Japanese's culture and a factor which supports the revenue of the entertainment industry?

>they dispatch their psycho bitch enforcer to kill everyone
Are you talking about Beatrix?

So now you are using spoilers, opions, translated chinese and japanese posts and parts from the LN , VN and the anime version and its portrayal of a character to support your opinion that East Germany was gona fall regardless of katias actions but that she somehow did something good when the end result was the same?

No she was outraged that they LEFT the line WHEN the BETA was attacking. They also had no idea that a civil war was going on.

Watch the anime again.

>katias actions but that she somehow did something good when the end result was the same?
Actually what Katia actually did was to reunite two parts of Germany. She had not consider that Germany would fall in the near future. Even if she manage to do something good, that would only prolong the safety of the nation for only a short period because Europe will not last long anyways.

You are aware that germany is still divided in 2001?

She did nothing.

>Actually what Katia actually did was to reunite two parts of Germany.
Objectively wrong, the DDR still exists, in exile, in 2001. And seeing that the West Germans don't consider the NVA to be hard core commie zealots, its not some last hold out of true believers.

Wich it ended in failure anyways since in 2001 the FRG and the DDR exist as separate nations

Reminder that this man did not die in the VN.

His death was ambiguous in the VN. The fortress still goes up in flames by the end.

>Objectively wrong, the DDR still exists, in exile, in 2001.
Are you looking things at a political perspective? I believe Katia's speech worked on the people of East Germany, the civilians made up with their families in the west and they finally get to live in peace. Didn't they already removed the Berlin wall several days after Katia's broadcast?

I believe the people at that time wanted a united germany, which Katia already fulfilled. What you meant should be those NVA zealots who refuse to actually abide to the republic's ideology and system?

How Axmann is portrayed all depends on whether they do Lise's character justice. If they do it right he will continue to be the worst monster amongst humans in ML as he was already in the LNs. They'd have to go through Lise's Requiem to get the full picture, which given that she has a route there are pretty good odds it will be explored.

Did she try to redpill Theo here?


That's Axmann speaking to Katia though.

>I believe the people at that time wanted a united germany, which Katia already fulfilled. What you meant should be those NVA zealots who refuse to actually abide to the republic's ideology and system?
>I believe
What you believe contradicts TSFiA Nr. 60 and Nr. 39, and long established canon. Katia failed as well. Don't let the anime's feel good ending convince you otherwise.

Where is the proof?

And everything went to shit 3 months after

Also, even if today you have something like the Ostalgie movement, imagine how it must be on the muv luv universe

A lot of the loyalist would probably be intensely pissed off at everything.

yeah i see that now i got confused because right before Beato is explaining to Theo that she want to create a country solely focused on fighting the BETA with the protection of UN .

Yeah, Axmann is anti-UN, as is Iris and most of the characters in the story. He's in America's pocket. Beatrix would be the one who's the UN's puppet.

>Gretel's face when

She was in a hospital during the "transition", I wonder if Martin pull something like in Goodbye Lenin for her

>I wonder if Martin pull something like in Goodbye Lenin for her
We need a writefag on this.


I wonder what happened to Gretel's parents. They were high enough in the Party to insulate her from Beatrix during the whole Martin fallout shit.

Because she drives the best enhanced 2nd gen TSF.

Dumb strike eagles cant compare.

If they are luckily enough both became cultural attachés of the DDR embassy in Mozambique

Why no Beatrix cockpit shot?

Spoilering the finish her off decision.


It'll be like the anime, not the LN. That way, they can reuse that badass dive finisher rather then the LN's underwhelming one.

>choose to spare her
>grappler-kun from the first VN out of fucking nowhere runs up and crushes you immediately

It could lead to a bad end you know, that way you get the "none eviler, female Hitler" you so desire.

The rebels kill you for sparing her
fuck off

>Beatrix's TSF starts working again
>shoots you in the back

>The only villain here is you, Theo. There's only you.

>The rebels kill you for sparing her
Wouldn't be the first time they threaten Theo that way either.

That only applies to him after SM. During SM, he's flawed, but still heroic.

That's why is a possible scenario

He is no hero, his talents lie elsewhere

It would be out of character for Theo to spare her. Besides, we're likely getting the anime's version of penetration, not the penetration that's in the LN.

His heroism consists of slaughtering several dozens of young women who probably are in the same state of mind he used to be only a couple of months before, while choosing to work with the culprit of his own suffering, his sisters suffering and the country crippling rivalry of his CO and her sister in law.

I was in high hopes that VN give us something new and different as from the anime but ever since watching the trailer, it made me feel quite disappointed.

Anime usually takes precedence in age works. They'll actually retcon prior VNs to make room for the anime (like Master going from ambiguous to full on Bond Villain).

They've shown next to nothing but stuff from the katiaroute, which at best means they're being tight about spoilers for the alternative routes which are the real draw in the VN has. The heavy use of anime footage for the fight scenes is a bit disconcerting but nothings set in stone yet.

It'd be very easy for them to have their cake and eat it too if they're smart (have certain anime versions of events play in one route, and have LN in others; like have Lise's LN execution in Katia's route, and her anime death in Iris's), but knowing modern age/ixtl, they'll probably bungle it.

I just hope what's shown in the trailer is all on Katia's route and the other routes will give us something different.

>inb4 we get something like the mass effect 3 endings

Couldn't tell ya man. It might be awesome, it might be horrendously disappointing, or anything in between.

Heres to hoping things go in some interesting and unexpected directions.


>don't pet


>take to a café
>smuggle over the Wall
>release in the free world, far from the reaches of the HVA

Please stuff this one in your freedom sack while you're at it.

Nah, she might get attached. Wouldn't want that from a rabid wolf.

Bite the hand that feeds her, right?

Wolves can be cute. And they do mate for life so there is that.


I guess that explains Beatrix and Lise

Gretel is such a bro.


I'd mate with Lise for life. And the next life too.

I see the BETA learned teamwork, even Grappler-kun can get a peek without getting squashed now.


That dress is so tight on her.

>she doesn't wear bras


She looks like a slut.

I imagine her smelling pretty bad, like a cheap cumdumpster.

Not necessarily.

Plus it's all what-if anyways.

That or a memory. She DID go out with Yuuya for a while after all.

Katia, Shitgiri

Easy enough to make, she tends to redpill whenever they talk.

The anime basically lied to you. East and West Germany are still divided in 2001, nothing was accomplished. They have a legitimate base of support too. While some sources say East and West Germany are in a similar situation to the UFC, it's not exactly clear. But it is clear they are still seperate.

If you remember TE, you remember the purple Mig-29's right? Those are Mig-29OVTs, and they were from the East German "Graf" flight at the base. Whoever did the models fucked up because they have the Soviet star on them, but basically disregard that, it's confirmed those were the East Germans.

Happy Birthday Luna!

I know we're not supposed to bully girls on their birthdays, but why is attracting so much BETA attention? And then on top, she doesn't seem too surprised?

That cafe seems comfy. I wish I could go.

The crowning jewel of the Luftstreitkräfte

If you're going to post aircraft, first make sure since this is ML, that you get a TSF, and second, if it was mentioned Mig-29OVT, then use one. Since the East Germans didn't, then don't post dumb things, we all know East Germany had Mig-29s in real life.

What is important in ML is that they are one of the big pushers of the Mig-29OVT and eventually Mig-35. With a ton of American help.

Good to see those reposted

Was the -35 mentioned on muv luv?

Going back to the discussion with that user, yes, Katia utterly failed.

No. Well, in context of the 29OVT project, which was one of the aircraft being researched at Yukon. It seems the Soviet Union itself is furthering itself down the Sufoni line, while her former satellite states are furthering down the Mig line. They may even try to rework the Mig 1.44 into more than a technology demonstrator.

I don't like these in one way, since the artist is just assuming everyone who was in the Eastern Bloc is still in the Eastern Bloc, when even by SM, the former satellite states had de facto become free from Moscow and reformed themselves into their own bloc. Partly because they were cut off from their sugar daddy in Moscow, but also partly because they were more independent. And it gets even sillier when he made North Korean Mig-29 TSFs. Cuba is at least partly, if not not really understandable in context of the ML world.

I guess in a way, saying East Germany still existing is proof nothing changed is a bit of an exaggeration, as many of the former East Germans by virtue of both of their evacuation to Great Britain, they couldn't stop people pledging to West Germany. So yes, East Germany exists, just like the people's republic variants of the former WP states exist, but it's not like they are the only representatives of said people.

Maybe it's a possibility that East Nations followed the MiG line, after all country's like Romania and Yugoslavia had an aeronautics industry (I say the Yugos too because since they are cut from Moscow they probably made up with Tito)
Even the DDR had one, in the mid 50's to early 60's they developed the only airliner made in Eastern Europe, too bad it was axed by the Soviets

I'm going to marry her rival

Pact Pride worldwide is fucking stupid, and the Pact died in case you didn't notice. And North Korea and Cuba aren't part of the Warsaw Pact you dumbfuck.

As for their useage of the Mig line, it maybe has more to do with them preferring the Lo end to the HiLo mix, since their conditions are very different from the Soviets. The Soviets are fighting from a toehold in Kamchatka hundreds of miles away, their operational needs are different.

Here have this. You can post her on anything now.

Chill, it was only a joke bruh


Why isn't Gretel a main heroine?

Thank you, user. I'll post her on everything.

Because the world can't handle a commissar route

also, this

Could Theo have fallen in love with teen Beatrix if he was in Jurgen's place, or would they hate one another like they do in SM?

Too incompatible. Theo wouldn't of been able to see the deeper her. She wouldn't of been anything more then a standoffish bitch who acted too good for him.



Because she is MARU and she knows it.

Well first of all, they don't hate each other in SM. Well, maybe Theo does end up hating her, but really his is a more general hate, than her specifically. And she doesn't hate him.

I think he would. All indicators are that teen Theo was pretty cool and a sweetheart. Early child Theo was cynical and a fighter as all hell since his parents were dead and most of his relatives were messed up, but that was because of his upbringing. Being an angry street fighter trying to keep out of an abusive home isn't conducive to a good upbringing (which interestingly, Theo shares with Beatrix). When Mr Hohenstein saved Theo and brought him into their home, Theo finally learned what real love was like and it changed him.

It was only when their dream came crashing down and his parents executed and him cast back out into the cold world with no prospects, that he remembered his grim, fearful demeanor in life.

Him and Bea both had really shitty childhoods that got much better for a brief time in their lives before it all went to shit. Their teenage selves would recognize that in each other.


Theo hates her and blames is for everything

This is a guy who answered his adopted sister's calls for help by first ignoring her, then not talking shit over with her, then escalating the situation and telling her that he wanted to kill her, and finally putting a bullet into her.


>Mom and Dad are dead, I've been tortured, raped and used as a sex slave, forced to work for my captors just to keep your sorry ass alive, I've seen horrors you wouldn't believe, unspeakable things have been done to me, and I think I might need some serious pyschiatric help before I snap and completely lose it. No Theo, everything is not daijobu

Where's Iris?

Are the stasi some of the most charmless, stupid, and evil villains to ever grace anime?


Is Theo quite possibly the worst MC to ever exist in Muvluv ever?

How is he bad? Everyone he killed either deserved it, or would hurt others so had to be put down.

i wouldn't say he is worst its just the people around him are dumb and he ends up involved in their affairs.

I don't actually give two shits about Muv-Luv, but god I had to point this out when I saw that pic in the catalog.

The douchiest of douche grins rises again!




Random fun fact while I'm here.
The Luftwaffe actually operated 23 MiG-29's right up until 2003, when all but one was "sold" to Poland for 1 euro per plane. They were inherited from the Luftstreitkräfte der Nationalen Volksarmee during reunification, along with 51 Mi-24 Hinds and a bunch of transport aircraft.

Back to /k/ with me.



He makes lots of critical and avoidable mistakes, but worst MC is debatable. It all depends on circumstance.

>had to be
You say that but it doesn't hold up in reality.

So from what I've seen, the vn has different characters from the anime correct? If I enjoyed the anime would you all recommend reading the vn?

Them hips are messed up.

>If I enjoyed the anime would you all recommend reading the vn?
Definitely. Its also the most effective cure for animeonlyism, a common disease that plagues the fandom.

>last legs
rebellion-induced +10 WE and -6 stab will do that to your state.

Thanks user, Ill have to try it out.
I just really wished it had the same characters as the anime

But it does, only more fleshed out. There are some new ones, but that's to be expected, when the TE anime only covered half the story.

waiting for more H-CG

Alright, thanks!
Now one more question, I remember some company that did a kickstarter to "re-do" the muv luv vns; would this be the new one?

Im trying to think if I should wait for the remade versions to get released or just play the current ones realized.
I really dont know much about the muv luv vn series

SMs in SF when

next month. There will probably be a VN prelunch event.

Was there any difficulty with the logistics of integrating Eastern Bloc equipment into their arsenal, or did they just let it all sit in a warehouse unused?

They are not remakes, they are translations. They just changed the interface, delivered a better translation than the old fan made one, though some parts of it still divide the fans.

>I really dont know much about the muv luv vn series
Alright this explains a bit. The trilogy, two parts of which are in one game, is partly on steam, and they should release the final part in December, or at least thats what they promised. Total Eclipse, the VN, is untranslated, and its there that you'll get the TE characters more fleshed out. The Trilogy and TE overlap a bit, but only in the final part, that didn't make it into the anime. And SM is two VNs, one of which is still not out.
Those are the main VNs and then there are other things like MLA Chronicles, Haruko Maniax and such things, but those come later.

You can read the VN, but bear in mind that only the first one is on Steam at the moment which ends on something of a downer, and the sequel which picks up where it left off won't be released until early next year.

Noble confidants are simply the best!

Reminder that she was expecting Yuuya to come.

They also inherited all of the ordnance and support equipment (barring some more advanced avionics that were deliberately removed prior to the handover), so that wasn't a huge issue. Especially given that the planes never really saw any combat, to my knowledge. Just lots of testing and evaluation, use as an aggressor in wargames (I think, can't find much on that), and standard patrols.

The big problem was that the MiG was designed with Soviet doctrine in mind, not NATO doctrine. It's a lethal fighter up close, but the radar is sub-par, the avionics are comparatively in the stone age, and the engines are hilariously inefficient. The whole idea was that they'd be used as interceptors and guided by ground control radar and AWACS instead of internal systems. NATO fighters are far more autonomous, so while meshing systems and whatnot wasn't hard, meshing tactics was.
Don't get me wrong, though. The Fulcrum is a deadly plane within about 10km. As I understand it, it was one of the first fighters to use a data feed linked to the helmet, as well as high off-bore capable missiles. Combined with an amazingly maneuverable airframe, you had one of the best knife-fighters in the world until stuff like the Eurofighter and F-22 came around.

Bullies go away, Katia is here!

Here's the Martyrs CD design.

>Good old sexy as fuck Bea-hime on the CD

>katiafags are actually the biggest bullies and never play nice with others
No you.

secret route confirmed.

There's not enough.


It's just their Extra/Bonus CD

Usually wallpapers, music, fanservice, that sort of shit.


So the Japs pilfer scans/images from us, but never put up their own scans despite having shit even more readily available. How assbackwards is that?

Katia can bully with the best of them when she wants too.

They have us by the balls. They know we're desperate and will go the extra mile to procure merch and doujins of our waifus to scan and share like the poverty stricken conglomerate of secondary hobos we are. All they have to do is profit.

Why didn't they just annex East Germany?

Indeed but she has one fatal weakness.

Because West Germany wasn't a sovereign country.

Here. Have that at a better resolution/quality-to-size ratio.

now who's pissing their pants

Possible Lise but only because it now looks like she's drunk. Katia has upgraded from pissing to shitting herself in fear. Looks like a nervous wreck.

Very nice

I don't want to fool myself, but I think my hopes are being raised again. I want to believe.


I'm gonna marry that cutie.

Alright japanons, it's time. This is completely unfair.

Goddammit, why is Anette so cute?! Especially when flustered.

To be fair to Katia for just a moment, she should know the suits are designed for that. I just feel bad for the poor SOB who has to clean those things, even if it's with a machine.

Where in the fuck are the Stella and Sharon lewds

You mean in SF or in general?


I suppose you'll have to wait a bit, It just came out after all.


That is the prototype Type-98 and Kyoko piloted that specific unit. Along with other 3 prototype units(Type F, A and C, they were covering for those retreating.

Lunatic Dawn articles and TE PC Version confirmed it.

I'm waiting for Yuuhi and the Eurofront girls to show up

Out there. Someone should gather the older gatcha games artworks for all of them.

Oh, so it was Kyoko then? Makes sense too, since Senna, her sister, is married into the (lower ranked) Takamuras. The Takamura are that damiyo's and one of the Empire's main technological R&D families. Which is why, for example, Matsuda was sent to America.

>That is the prototype Type-98 and Kyoko piloted that specific unit.
If Kyoko can pull a cool appearance in that thing at the end of the episode, then why is she so weak easily against a Fort-Class? She is literally crying when it appear. And Why the heck does prototype Type-98 look way edgier than Yui's yellow Takemikazuchi?

>Which is why, for example, Matsuda was sent to America
Does that make Yuuya part of the imperial royal family? or just some outsider?

get hype


Matsuda is member of high ranking Nobility not Royal Family.

Besides Yuuya was concived out wedlock. He's basically a bastard and only half japanese so I sincerely doubt it anyone would dare to consider him as such.

Does Frank Heinemann have any clue that Yuuya Bridges is actually the illegitimate son of Takamura Masatada and the brother of Yui?

He does, that's one of the reasons Yuuya got the job in the first place.

So that means in the anime Frank already knows that both of them are siblings and decides not to spill the beans?

Well, if he wanted to and had allies inside of royal family with a lot of influence, then he could push for it. Not a norm, though.

I once heard some guy speculate that Yui might acually be a ilegitimate daughter of Iwaya Eiji and Takamura Senna but they hide this trugh out of fear that house Takamura will be disbanded without legitimate heir.

Not at all. Well it depends on what you mean by royal family.

"The Royal Family" is usually considered the highest reigning dynasty in a land, and in the Empire, while the Shogun and the Damiyos wield a lot of power, the Emperor IS still around, and they also have a democratic legislature and PM. The Emperor, as far as we know, their dynasty isn't married into any of his/her vassals, the various damiyo (even during the height of the Tokugawa Shogunate, the Emperor was still technically the highest authority).

Bear in mind that both here and historically, higher ranked families did and will often keep up relations with their subordinate families by means of marriages, usually spare daughters and the like. Hence, Senna being married to Matsuda, a much lower vassal (red is the ones immediately under the main damiyo family, yellow is under THEM), she is technically higher in rank than Matsuda Takamura. But by default, in aristocratic marriage, while the specifics of marriage and succession may differ, standard marriages mean that the children are of the father's dynasty, not the mothers. While I don't know for sure the specifics of Japanese aristocracy laws, there is no mechanism for matrilineal marriage (which is the mother's dynasty being passed onto the child). There is precedence for cadet branches (basically, for one reason or another, the child is the progenitor of their own, new dynasty), but again, not sure of the specifics.

Now, back to Yuuya, no he is not, nor is he a member of or related to Matsuda's sovereign damiyo, since that, at least for Matsu, was his marriage to Senna. And while technically, yes he's the son of Matsuda, he's a bastard through and through. He wasn't even legitimized, so he's a Bridges by both Western and Japanese family law. For sure he would have no aristocratic privilege.

It didn't show, but she was literally impaled by that Fort tail. You LITERALLY saw it waving it.


He's closer to a bastard scion of a feudal lord that owes its allegiance to the Shogunate whose authority derives from the Imperial household. So about four or five steps of authority removed from royalty.

Is this the face of someone who doesn't know?

Uncle Iwaye may know too

First of all, fucking spoiler shit for our newfriends, but essentially, yeah. The Army knows too.


No, that's not fucking true at all. Yui is his legitimate issue. Also, he and then Yui are not the only Takamuras in existence. And considering they are a middling ranked family, they have vassals of their own I believe, some of which are branch clans. The girl friend that Yui talks to (you only see her for one scene in the anime, in the flashback) is related to Yui if I remember correctly. She's also a yellow rank, so she may be a cousin.

What fucking royal family are you talking about? There's a billion of them! And no, you're wrong there as well. He's a bastard, and not only a child out of wedlock, not only NOT legitimized, not only born to a commoner, but a FOREIGN commoner. He has less value in the JP aristocracy than black and gold vassal retainers.

Now where he is in the Bridges clan, that is a different matter.

>Now where he is in the Bridges clan, that is a different matter
So if Yuuya were to join the IRG, does he have a higher privilege than Takeru or just similar rank?

First of all, you don't just "join" the IRG. If you're a non-noble, it's the IRG that finds you. You have to be sponsored by one of the aristocrats. And it's not a forever thing, it can be situational.

Iwaya is not, for example, Matsuda's actual brother, but a very long time friend, and one of the heads of R&D in the IJA, so he would have been coordinating with the IRG anyways. So while he was in America, on a project for the IRG, he was inducted as a retainer. He's called Uncle by Yui because he practically is her uncle, raised her especially after her father died.

Why aren't you using your brain? It's been said here numerous times what the nobility model is like. Yuuya would, hypothetically, be the same rank as Takeru. Again, this needs to be said, Yuuya has NO privilege in the IRG. Hell, just being half-Japanese would probably cause some nobles to throw a hissy fit, even for a lowest ranked vassal.

Why would Yuuya even join the IRG though? He has absolutely no place in Japanese society, he has no need to go there, he's an American citizen by birth, he's completely American in his affinity, and he has no obligations in Japan, and he's very much in the American Army. He doesn't even ever learn who his father is, I think.

I mean, theoretically, even if he had come at Yui's request to Japan do something for their R&D, he still couldn't be inducted because you can't join a foreign military as an American. As far as I know, there has never been a non-Japanese IRG. In fact, I'm not even sure of a non-Japanese IJA (disregarding any oddities from TDA of course). Speaking of loan outs, in TE, it's Yui who's being loaned out from the IRG to the IJA.

Nigga knows fo sure.

>Looks like a nervous wreck.
t. Donald

Make Terra Great Again!

So who do you choose? The 666th? Or Beatrix?

While we at the topic of aristocracy. Is Position of Shogun heridary or after He or She diesa new one is elected from one of the Regent Houses.

Because IIRC there was mentioned somewhere that previous Shogun before Yuuhi, was someone from House Ikaruga.

Elected, I think? Don't ask for the source, though.

IIRC the emperor appoints the Shogun from the Five Houses

You monster, look what you did.


I'm going to train Irisdina's ass.

I'm going to make Bea smile like that again.


Is it possible that in muv luv world, the US have much higher gun ownership and liberal gun laws to the the point that civilians, militias having RPG's and military vehicles is sligthly common due to the BETA threat?

No. It would likely remain the same as it is now - You can legally own those things, it's just no one will sell them to you.

Not really, especially not with so many Allegiance and RLF "light" groups around. The last thing they need is easily available guns for religious nutjobs, desperate refugees and home-grown terrorists.

So Cred Forums, while looking through some of my old stream screenshots I found this. Who's the girl between Kirke and Annette, and any ideas on why they put her there? Catharina, maybe? And why in the anime's art style?

Easy, that's Pham.

What can we hope from tomorrow's stream?

mostly SF stuff and not much else.

This scene gave me a sense of relieve! Good one, Theo!

>ants browse Cred Forums
What the fuck

stay in /m/ ant.


>tfw we'll be getting an SM scenario in SF where we'll get to clobber her

Feels good.

I wouldn't expect anything not SF related until next month.

oh god all you do is talk about her. you must secretly really like her and are just too afraid to admit it. Why else would you talk about her all the time?

No, most of the time I'm over in /m/ talking about the mobage. Gretel and Katia are my SMfus, but usually only Lise and Beatrix are getting discussed. I'm neutral towards Lise, but I hate Beatrix so I tend to respond when she's brought up. If you talked more about Gretel and Katia, then I'd respond to that too.

>Having more than one waifu
>Gretel and Katiafag
Shitposter starter pack?

Hey, what's wrong with Gretel?

>>hating Gretel
t. Wessie

She's a bitch in the source material. Seasonals need not apply.
That's shitposting.

that is called love-hate relationship don't be in denial anymore and admit to yourself that you do like her. You feel guilty because you are not supposed to like her according to anime yet you do anyway and because of all that PC brainwashing you are ashamed and only way that you can express your love for her is to shitpost how you want to penetrate her and how evil she is while in truth you are crying on the inside.

tldr: you are confused like a kid who got his first boner

Maybe when you will be true to your feelings you won't shitpost so much anymore.

>10 months circlejerk
I mean, what do you expect

>a katiafag trying to falseflag as a gretelfag

How did he cum on her if his dick wasn't even out?

Esper BS magic

I'm fucking blind.


Why is Beatrix shorter then Iris and Sylwia when canonically, she's supposed to be the taller. Why isn't Lise and Katia shorter?

The image is slanted, and the anime gored everything about Beatrix, except her tits, so why not her height as well?

What? Beatrix looks taller to me there. And Lise and Katia are about right.

She should really be about as tall as Theo. If her ingame sprite is to scale with Irisdina's, then she's roughly 105% taller then Iris.

She looks about as tall as him to me, even with it slanted.

So our Yank fellows, what kind of chocolate would you buy for Vivi?

Probably milk chocolate. Really, I don't know what they see in the American stuff. I'm an American, and German chocolates are the best.
>tfw I'm no longer able to get Happy Hippos

As an American East Germany must have had some really crappy chocolate for him to buy Vivi stuff from here, I mean chocolate is chocolate but all the really special stuff seems to be imported unless you're talking about a local family owned business that makes their own from scratch. But American chocolate by and large is commercial brand like hersheys.

I'd give her cheap american stuff.

I think the best chocolate is made in Ontario these days, so I'll give that to Iris.

Iris is nomeklatura, so she already gets the good shit.

>East German
SM must be a complete parody for you.

A good rule of thumb for East German products was, that if something needs to be imported to make it, its going to be either shit or scarce. Sometimes both.

I'd be willing to think so. Then again, National Guard training is likely mandatory.

As said, it's Pham. Not only the head flowers, but she does that pose in other times.

I think we found it.

Utterly callous, cruel human being who is just as happy to torture to kill enemies of the state as the worst of the Stasi. Completely unpleasant to be around. Literally at best dislikes everyone in her team, yet the most unskilled 666th by far - Theo's had quite a few scrapes with death because of her ineptitude already. And yet, while being a shitty tactician, she can and does override squadron orders. Shrill voice like a harpy. Extremely annoying. Has zero glasses moe somehow. Literally responsible for 2/3 bad ends in the VN, need I go on?

Do you want me to start on Katia too?

I think it's sorta averaged out. Walther is very tall. Pham is supposed to be taller, and so are Beatrix and Iris, and Sylwia.

Not Hershey, but well, chocolate. A very very big bar of chocolate. I know Cadbury's isn't , but I heard the recipe in America is quite different from the UK one.

>Utterly callous, cruel human being who is just as happy to torture to kill enemies of the state as the worst of the Stasi. Completely unpleasant to be around. Literally at best dislikes everyone in her team, yet the most unskilled 666th by far - Theo's had quite a few scrapes with death because of her ineptitude already. And yet, while being a shitty tactician, she can and does override squadron orders. Shrill voice like a harpy. Extremely annoying. Has zero glasses moe somehow. Literally responsible for 2/3 bad ends in the VN, need I go on?

It's called character development. Most of the heroes start off as douchebags and become better people by the end. She starts off bad, but like Theo, undergoes a character arc and transistions into a better person. Most of the rest of the 666th, like Iris, and Sylwia, go through that process too. It mirrors the stasi characters, who become even worst jerkasses as the story goes on.

>It mirrors the stasi characters, who become even worst jerkasses as the story goes on.
Not really, its just that the story starts to focus on them as antagonists instead of the BETA. You think that the actions of the named Stasi characters during the rebellion arc even compare their actions during Lise's 2, Beatrix's 7 and Axmanns 15+ year careers? Not that Lise is to blame for anything, but torturing the 666th pales in front of what Axmann had her do in the past.

>Axmanns 15+
Axmann is 27-28, same age as Walter and Jurgen.

Proof? He seemed to be a bit older than Jurgen at least.

I thought BiS stated that they both started their careers around the time, attended officer school, and rose through the ranks at a similar pace. In the latest chapters, they're both Captains now, which fits them being rivals.

I thought part of Axmann's butthurt towards Jürgen was how fast the man was rising while he was stuck. And both Walter and Jürgen would be 29 by '83, or at least by the time SM is set.

>it was one of the first fighters to use a data feed linked to the helmet, as well as high off-bore capable missiles

F-16 could've taken that title but, y'know, political infighting and one-upmanship always take priority.

>any good at close-range combat

Good joke!




t. Rex

As long as it ain't yank it should be fine.


>>any good at close-range combat
>Good joke!

It's all the same. Both in the ML world, and in here, people doubt the Raptor. And then come repentance, it's too late.

Watching Deutschland '83 actually made me start eating fresh fruit multiple times per day.


Because fresh, out of season fruit was scarce in communist Europe.

I see fresh, in-season fruit right in that picture.

She's the sweetest fruit of them all

But that's Beato

Bea is pretty sweet but I'm going to go with Stasimouto

I prefer some very sweet and large melons.

Literally good taste. Verboten fruit always taste the sweetest.

I want to blast my man jam into her clam, if you know what I mean.

no i don't. please explain this man jam stuff.

Oh shit! Raptor's here to steal your wives and stab you in the back!

So did she get a downgrade in the following years? Those breasts are Beato-tier.

>So did she get a downgrade in the following years?

Shame. Busty aryan goddess vs busty midnight goddess would have been perfect.

I liken Beato to a grapefruit.

Big, round mounds, with a very ruby red color. On the surface, when you're younger and less wise, very bitter, and you wonder how people could even like this. Then, when you get older and you can appreciate different textures, and realize that that underneath that particular bitterness is actually a very sweet and succulent combination of juices held in generous and large bits of citrus flesh. The juice is very powerful and it's recommended you not mix medicines with it, but it will completely reinvigorate you.

Not really. If anything, Beatrix has gone up in size.

23-year-old 172cm B93 W58 H87

18-year-old 160cm B88 W57 H86

15 years old 155cm B75 W56 H81

18-year-old 163cm B81 W57 H81

20-year-old 165cm B75 W56 H80

22-year-old 168cm B97 W64 H93

Raptor-chan, when are you gonna do next chapter?

I wasn't aware I was Muslim.

I think Pham stole Irisdina's bust.

>B88 W57 H86
Holy shit thats bombshell as fuck for an imouto type. I can't imagine what she would be like when she gets older.

I want a threesome with Pham and Irisdina.

What are Beatrix's measurements?

How come Iris is the only one who has the confidence to sit in a two piece?

Any new CGs?

its classified

Because Irisdina is perfect.

Isn't she supposed to be tall and intimidating?


State secret, comrade.

I'm not sure it's lack of confidence in Pham's case. Maybe they had nothing in her size? You have to remember there are material shortages, even if they want to make Berlin look like an idyllic fantasy city. That's at least part of the reason she wears her uniform jacket open - the quartermaster couldn't get her a bigger one. That, and she probably likes to display a bit, but is sort shy and sad hers are so big.

I can understand why Anette may do a one piece, but then again, she's not super tomboy, and does try to be girly. Maybe she should have gone for a two piece.

>dat Inia butthole

Inia no! You're too dumb to comprehend this kind of thing!

Or wait, that's Cryska. Inia is more along the lines of insane.

>Lise route results in pool party with the Werewolves
Make it so, Kouki.

ixtl overlords say no.

Why do they hate fun?


werewolves aren't moe enough.

because they hate money


>a tangle of large asset, clingy girls with issues, likely decked out in contraband swimsuits while Beato gives him the smuggest shiteating grin known to mankind

Do you want Theo to die?

Why do you think they started pushing Katia so hard as main heroine? Before the anime everyone thought Irisdina was the main heroine.


Because Age hasn't made a good business desition in ten years

because its ixtl. they reviewe it and say hur dur not moe enough change it.

How do we get rid of ixtl?

>win lottery
>buy age soft
>make it great again

Call Truman

FFS! earthquake hit japan. inb4 another delay.

She's 180cm tall and has Pham's hips and Sylwia's tits.

If I asked for a source, would you die?

>Hey Onii-chan, I’ve seen horrors, horrors that you’ve seen. But you have no right to call me a murderer. You have a right to kill me. You have a right to do that, but you have no right to judge me. It’s impossible for words to describe what is necessary to those who do not know what horror means.
>....Horror. Horror has a face...And you must make a friend of horror. Horror and moral terror are your friends. If they are not then they are enemies to be feared. They are truly enemies. I remember when I was with Special Forces...Seems a thousand centuries ago...We went into a camp to inoculate the children. We left the camp after we had inoculated the children for Polio, and this old man came running after us and he was crying. He couldn't see. We went back there and they had come and hacked off every inoculated arm. There they were in a pile...A pile of little arms. And I remember...I...I...I cried...I wept like some grandmother. I wanted to tear my teeth out. I didn't know what I wanted to do. And I want to remember it. I never want to forget it.
>I never want to forget. And then I I was shot...Like I was shot with a diamond...a diamond bullet right through my forehead...And I thought: My God...the genius of that. The genius. The will to do that. Perfect, genuine, complete, crystalline, pure. And then I realized they were stronger than we. Because they could stand that these were not monsters...These were men...trained cadres...these men who fought with their hearts, who had families, who had children, who were filled with love...but they had the strength...the do that.
> If I had ten divisions of those men our troubles here would be over very quickly. You have to have men who are moral...and at the same time who are able to utilize their primordial instincts to kill without feeling...without passion...without judgement...without judgement. Because it's judgement that defeats us."

Yeah, sure. it's why they were drawn in suggestive poses in the art book. Katarina and Lise are the only one who're "moe."

An user broke down the height differences between the girls using their sprites a while back and determined that Beatrix was approximately 1.047 or something units higher then Irisdina.

She's 18, she's basically done growing.

I want to grow babies in her tummy

The again, Beatrix and Iris hadn't fully filled out by the time they turned 18, but then, they weren't exactly ever petite girls either.


she's unlikely to get much taller i mean. her boobs will grow once you put a couple babies in her belly.





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We don't even need another thread at all right now.

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Once maybe twice a week at most would be for the best as it is right now.

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