Shingeki no Kyojin!

New interview OUT! EM is canon, according to Isayama.

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Ymir is alive. I'll eat my cat otherwise.

Fine with me.

Armin is cute.

Why is Mikasa's dress see through? And why is she so cute?


Because she's a slut and fucks her teachers to get good grades.

>fucks her teachers to get good grades
That's true.

>EM is canon, according to Isayama.

She only fucks Eren, according to Isayama.


You wouldn't happen to be shit posting would you?


According to the nips, majority of this interview is centered around EM, according to Isayama.

>New interview OUT! EM is canon, according to Isayama.

Here's a link to the translation. The interview doesn't fucking exist you naive idiot. Learn how to recognize shitposting for fucks sake

>Is a "Isayama needs to explaing himself outside the manga" chapter.
I wish he could write some consistent plot and developing.


>playing your hand so clearly
Draw 2 and discard 1 or play as a 1/1

There is no way she's alive

>it's another "anons falls for obvious bait" thread
I wish you all weren't retarded.

>Is an Arminfags can't take a joke thread.


How can the Arminfats still be in denial that EM is canon?

I also enjoy drinking at imaginary tables.

Shut up! She's alive!

YH is canon.

Yes, he is.

Checkmate all non EMfags.

Why is Isayama starting to portrait Mikasa's lady parts so openly?

You have to showcase designated cute girl

Funny how a potential 10/10 comic is turned to shit because it has Jean in it instead of Levi.

LM no.

BR a cute.

BR a shit, according to Isayama

Fuck you I like Jean.

Then you like shit

Very cute.

Can we stop this according to isasuga meme?

Are we supposed to see her panties?

judging by this picture it's very one sided


Arminfats are always in denial.

It isn't canon, it's Mikasafags self inserting into the most delusional, worst ship imaginable.

Ymir a shit.

I'm sorry but I can no longer accept you as my LMbrother if you don't like Jean.

LM soon.

Arminfat, pls. You just described yourself and your fellow Dumblr landwhales.

Fuck off.

Post Eren and Mikasa kissing please

KEK, MikaQT bringing out the bantz.

Accurate though.


I'm not MikaQT.

Anything for you user.



Even better.

Sorry about the other anons pranking you. Here's some real EM.

Actually posting what was requested..

The rest of you are all fags.

Fuck you buddy. You a shit. You're not worth the dirt under Ymirs boots.

What's in the letter?


>getting this triggered.

Hate to break it to you, but she's dead.


>Ymir dying
>Armong literally gets revived
Is there a bigger injustice?

Yeah, that would really be something else. I wouldn't put it past Isayama though.

It would be the most bullshit thing if it were to happen.


>Reiner escapes certain death so many times it's practically a gag
>The mascot of the series dies like a redshirt in a few panels
This is becoming a pattern, unforuntely.

Thanks, Armong.

>Haha jokes on you, faggots. I, Reiner, transferred my consciousness in to my microscopic dirt fibers before you slapped my shit. I won! Haha!

Isayama is a hack.

Don't be mad because he's best boy.

Here you go.

Honestly, I blame Isayama. The only reason he even cheats death so much is because Isayama thought it would be a good idea to turn him into a perpetual jobber. How am I supposed to take the antagonists seriously when Isayama makes the main characters so overpowered in comparison?

Look at her little body. She's so small.

>n-no u
EMfags are cancer.

Ding dong.

Ymir dying is justice.

Ymir a smelly piece of shit and is worth less than dirt.

Your opinion is irrelevant m8.

Shingeki no Kyojin is basically the only series where my favorite girl is also the leading lady and I feel like Mikasa's not even THAT popular

Am I just a contrarian

Please contact your local police station and turn yourself in. Your taste is criminal.

And then pretend you're Armong and kill yourself.

Their height difference is literal perfection.

Thanks for making me laugh, Stinkmirfag. Now go off yourself you waste of space.

Not at all. It's shit storytelling, especially when Gesumong got half a chapter dedicated to his death only to get asspulled back to life.

>and I feel like Mikasa's not even THAT popular
Let's see
She used to be kinda popular among normies before nip and western fanbase became fujo-infested.
As for here it's mainly MikaQT samefagging most of the time.
So no.

It's cute because it's also not too drastic since Eren is average height.

You first.

I'm not a regular here, the game reinvigorated my interest. I'm just going off people I know who watch/read

Anything involving 1.45 is kinda drastic.

No thank you.


I don't do favors for smelly Stinkmirfags.

Hissy/Mike, just imagine.

Do it for the world then user.



I don't get it, there is literally no basis for this ship, are people that butthurt because they know ErenxMikasa is gonna be canon no matter what they do?

She's just a fucking background character in the manga now.

She probably barely reaches dick level.



>Not liking the best girl
I can't even fathom how terrible your taste in women is, my lad.

user, not everyone has a name here.

But I like best girl.

What? Why?

That's a pretty nice pic for a reverse shitposter.

I like Ymir too.

>ErenxMikasa is gonna be canon no matter what they do
LM might be delusional but what does EM have going for it, honestly? They barely interact and Isayama shot down the ship many times. Anyone who supports EM is just adhering to Mikasa's delusions because there is no evidence that implies mutual romantic feelings.

YH is cute and canon.

>reverse shitposter.
A what now

Too bad I think Ymir is trash.

Then you clearly don't like the best girl, do you?
I rest my case.

>what does EM have going for it, honestly?

shounen logic.

My best girl is in the image you posted, but certainly not that brown haired dyke shit.

The shonen trope I hate the most is the flat as board tsundere girl vs cowtits useless waifu material.
Why not have them all have cowtits like in Fairy Tail?

this one is my favorit because Naruto hardly got any screentime with Hinata after the confession and he only did care at the very end.

Why not have no romance at all in snk?

Oh, I see. You like best girls wife. That's perfectly acceptable.

You certainly don't sound like a Historiafag, you're just using her as a scapegoat so fuck off.

for once the arminfats aren't shitting up the thread. instead the emfags are taking their place. your doing too good a job of giving us all cancer. stop.

Isayama said he doesn't like those tropes. Besides, Rukia was more of a main girl like Mikasa, but Orihime ended up with the MC instead, so your logic is flawed and implies Eren will end up with a secondary main girl.

Both EM and LM are delusional.


this is not up to us to decide.

Orihime was the female MC and the one obsessed with the protagonist though.


Eren is going to die.

Isayama already said he won't follow that route. That's why he said some people won't like it (he's talking about EMfags).

He said it wouldn't be nice if Mikasa's character revolved only around Eren, which means he could actually give her some development. If he doesn't kill both that is.

Rude. Don't you support Blondies choice in life partners?

Yes, Mikasa's development. He already denied EM because it's bad for Mikasa.

Separating them would be the most interesting development EM ever got. I hope he doesn't back out because of the crazy EMfags because fans who care about the story and characters want to see Mikasa get some independent development.

Fuck off.

He didn't deny it though, he meant that it would be bad if her only purpose would be muh Eren.
This comes from someone who shitpost about Mikasa a lot.

Apologize first.

I don't think EM will happen and Isayama already implied Mikasa will change somehow. Eren makes her remember her sad past and the lose of her family.

What are you talking about? LM has been confirmed canon for over a year now.

Yes he did. He denied it when he said EM will separate. Twice.

Eren is her legit family though.

I'm sorry that you like Stinkmir.

That's his way of saying EM won't happen. Clear like water.

I've noticed that nothing triggers Arminfats more than EM.

Yeah her adoptive brother but we know Eren is going to endure something that will question his loyalty to his real father.

>growing independent from her
Basically means he won't depend on her like she's her mother.

Eren never depended on Mikasa.

Mikasa will never get development. That would take away too much time from Isayama's precious Armong.

That'll do, pig. That'll do.

That's how Isayama views it when he says she's more like a mother to him.

He isn't dependant of her, it's the other way around. But he literally said they will be separated.

Stinkmir a shitty poo.

You're getting more annoying than the one you're replying to. Fuck off already.

I think Mikasa's Ackerman/Asian roots might have something to do with her development when they separate, so she might focus on finding the truth out about her real family and put Eren off to the side for a while.It's wishful thinking, but I'd even be satisfied with some information about her mother's side, really. I just want to know what the fuck her tattoo means already

Ymir is love.

No, you.

You can interpret that however you like, but it still doesn't take away the fact that he said EM will actually separate in his most recent interview.

Armin and Mikasa will have their development together. Eren is too selfish and the other two think different.

If you live in a sewer, sure.

Characters don't develop when Shitmin is around. They only regress.

The fuck is wrong with Isayama
From his blog

Recently, we remove the wisdom tooth

Toka ... and something sutured cut two and equally exposed every bone of the jaw cut open the gums at odd to Gugutsu was knowledge

I felt operations saw

Well, do very well this is the thought in a melancholy about belly ache from the day before quite scared

What if general anesthesia Toka and will struggle for a while meal kana not you Do Toka think while also the day

Emergency When that time comes, seems was a style that unplug simple and very much a kind of pliers it likely was from the moment in which it was found Okina and too much relieved

However, the sound was amazing

Pain anesthesia have worked well I do not at all but






"Barb" roots of the teeth in the feeling
Seems to have been quite dystocia have become a Yo of

He got his wisdom teeth pulled and is over analyzing it.

I don't think she will leave the SL. I don't think anyone will leave the SL. Only Eren but that's another story. If humanity isn't extinct, all of them have family beyond the walls, somewhere. Finding something about her past it isn't important to her, but find a future.

Also, expect a lot of teeth gore from now on.

Hey man the Ninja Turtles live in a sewer don't hate

The brand doesn't have an specific meaning. I think it means love or is an essence for her to not forget her origins.

He's high on the painkillers for getting his teeth pulled out m8.

>Finding something about her past it isn't important to her
I realize that, but if it becomes relevant she won't have any choice but to care. I don't see the point of making her the descendent of two special clans if it's never going to be relevant. The super strength and memory altering immunity still needs to be addressed one way or another because you can't just throw in magical elements like that without some kind of explanation.

Wish my root canal painkillers made me high.

>saving your wisdom teeth
Only slightly less weird than him saving his nail clippings. Fucking christ...

That's something about the Ackermans. We already known the story. I don't think her Asian clan is that important, it's better if Isayama focus on her and her thoughts about the future.

Why is Reiner kissing a man?


But the Asian's were immune to memory altering too. Her being half Asian is fucking pointless if it's not relevant because the Ackerman blood alone would give her the strength and memory altering immunity. There's got to be a reason for making her mother Asian and not just some random person that hooked up with an Ackerman like Levi's parents.

Nigga that's GAY

Mikasa is only asian because Isayama knew that was the best way to make her popular with Nips.

Funny, she's not even the most popular girl

Would you care for a plant covered in Isayama's teeth?

>But the Asian's were immune to memory altering too.
No, only Ackermans are immune to memory altering. She is Asian because well, she is the only one who is half another culture.

She's far from being popular though.

It is, according to Isayama.

She was the most poular for ages though, and Isayama specifically designed her to be the girl face of SnK.

No, user. Asian's are too. Kenny's grandpa said the Ackerman's, Asian's, and minor bloodlines weren't affected by FK memory wipe.

>She was the most poular for ages though
Literally never happened. Hanji is the most popular, Isayama's design be damned.

So is it basically age to assume that I can play as Ymir, Annie and such in tge second Koei SnK game?


Still I don't think her Asian clan is relevant. I mean we are close to the end and Isayama will focus on her development from here to the future.

I like that he refereed to both Ackerman and Asian/Touyou as "houses." It almost adds to the theory that Ackermen are a different race just like Asians/Touyou.

How do you think she'll get development if it doesn't focus on her roots? I can't think of anything. Eren's relations with Zeke and Grisha's bloodline will be a popular topic most likely, so you don't think Isayama might develop Mikasa in the same way? I just don't see the point of creating the Asian clan if it was never going to be brought up again.

Yeah, the asian clan is important to Mikasa's character due to the brand her mom gave her. It has to mean something.


she got a booty you could eat out of

Yes we know it's very clean, Levi.

Yeah she can discover something about her clan but nothing more than that. How could be Mikasa's development? Finding a reason to live, what she wants to do with her future, dreams, develop friendship with Hange, Sasha, Connie, she becoming independent, supporting Armin (that will need help), etc. There are so many things.

Eren*, according to Isayama.

Oh right, what's his official tumblr again? eremikadefensesquad?

Mankasa a shit.

>There are so many things
I guess but that wouldn't be very plot progressing and we know Isayama doesn't like to waste with characters and rather focus on the story (said so in the past and again on his blog recently). I can't imagine him dedicating Mikasa screen time to hanging out with side characters and thinking about her future. There's too much going on still, and it would seem weird if she started dreaming of her future right after the opposition with EAr. I think she would rather distract herself with some important objective or find out about her family as a way to cope with the separation with Eren. And for all we know Grisha could have written about the Ackerman's and Asian's in his books. I don't know, user. You're free to think what you want but I rather get answers than a slice of life segment with Mikasa.

This message is brought to you by a trained MITSS(Mikasa's Injustice Tactical Support Squad) operator.

>I think she would rather distract herself with some important objective or find out about her family as a way to cope with the separation with Eren.
I think she will find something but as I said, there's more. Mikasa will discover new emotions maybe she will be happy for a while. I think Isayama will focus on this, she will smile again like the child she was.

I want Office Levi to handcuff me.

We're near the end of the series. What could possibly make Mikasa smile?

She's already smiled a lot around Eren, she is quite cute when she does.

Yeah. At this rate the only thing that could make Mikasa truly happy is Eren. Isayama had many chances to develop Mikasa, but he didn't. Now I believe it's too late since he has already said the manga is gonna end soon. Anything but Eren would seem too rushed or plain out of character for her.

I'd rather Nile, it's his thing already.

the face of an angle

When she isn't drawn like a beast.


would you hug this cute girl?

That's not true. Eren doesn't have patience with her and she doesn't smile so much. Only one or two times in the whole manga.

Eren has a lot of patience for her, one or two times he was mad and flipped out on her, but she is mostly independent and doesn't really need handholding from Eren.

How can he make her happy if he doesn't like her? That's only something you want to happen. You can't force things.

You know that's not true and Mikasa also knows that. She didn't even want Eren to get close to her in chapter 51.

She wants Eren to ride her.

Why doesn't he take her up on the offer? Or has it already happened off screen?


Likely to have happened offscreen, he probably does her hard too, this would r why they are so close all the time.

Feelings grow and change and the guy notices the girl eventually. That's what happens in almost every shone.

If you think about it, she's always in a pretty tamed mood, she never rages or gets mad really, they must fuck a lot.

Why are the EH artists always so talented?

Looks like a elementary school sketch user

And so did the second most popular character.

Can't wait to see than scene animted and chaged to include a kiss.

Both were a reminder from the authors to the fandom that shipping don't fucking matter.

He used the word pathetic when he talked about Mikasa's obssession with Eren.

You're an idiot.

>Said user, without posting their own artwork

That's stupid and Isayama already said he doesn't like that.

It would be extremely strange if they changed it to a kiss because EM barely got any relationship development after chapter 50.

Just wait and see.

Except when the author himself states otherwise.

Backfired bad. She's neither the most popular girl nor the face of SnK.

i have posted my own artwork before

He never said it explicitly, he used if and might a lot.

>Asian clan
*Touyou clan.
Everytime untill you get it right.

Show us again

Looking forward to see EMfags tears in the epilogue.

Tears of joy as we witness EM create babbies.

You'll get tears from all fags because everyone will die except maybe Levi and Hans.

>That denial
Come on m8, he can't spoil his manga ending, but he kinda did so you EMfag lower your expectation since he's well aware of you ship not ending up together can lead you into suicide.

I'm sticking to Asian clan to avoid confusion. You can't assume everyone read or remembers Isayama's correction in the guidebook.

You'll cry harder because Manlet is going to die for sure.

I honestly couldn't care less about manlet.

Everyone here did for certain. Keep up the Asian thing will just prolong the misinformation.

They are ELfags, so they're used to draw a lot of delusions which gave them a lot of practice.

There's better EH artists out there but that one is cute.

Nothing. You should get over it.

Who's Cruel World Loli user and why is he in our Loli thread? If this is his fucking containment area can't you do something about him?
Attack on Titan fags are fucking useless.

>no change in IP count
Sure thing

>Not cross threading
What are you 12?

You need to do better than that DisgustMan.

What does that even mean?

>None of the characters you like will survive
>All of the characters you don't care about will survive

Speak for yourself.

I honestly still can't believe Moblit is dead. I can't digest it yet.


>caring about non-popular characters

I did not like the way he died. Saving Hange... so cheap.

But if Armin gained it, then the mascot doesn't really change.

Eren originally showed up as a big head titan, then became normal after eating his dad.

Armin won't gain it. He will be completely different.

I think he should have died saving Hange, but that it should have been Hange's fault.
Like she's studying a titan they've captured, gets too close and Moblit has to push her out of the way. And then he gets chomped instead of her.

Ymir's titan didn't change

Because she is a normal. Same with Armin.

Eren's titan is normal

Mikasa has the cleanest, cutest, purest butt, and on that note, I take my leave.

Yeah but he was a child and his mindless titan resembles him as a child.

That would be Hisu's butt, because she is Queen and has professional wipers. Followering her is Annie, because she lived a priviledged life in the MPs.

She has the hairiest butt.

and most fit

Ymir was a child too though. Her titan didn't get bigger when she grew up.
Plus AT was 15 meters when Reiner was a kid, and CT was 60 meters.
It seems really inconsistent how size works.

Uh well that's a good point. We should wait I suppose but I don't think Armin's titan will be that big. Maybe Eren changed because of the coordinate.

Ymir's titan shares the same black eyes and claws that Zeke's titan has. She's not the standard type of titan.

I think Ymir is a normal titan, just that those features are specific to her human bloodline. Just like how Eren and Grisha both had pointed ears.

Pls. The mascot is dead. Armong's titan looks like shit. One does not replace that one motherfucker from chapter 1.

>Plus AT was 15 meters when Reiner was a kid, and CT was 60 meters.
Because they're full forms based on the serum they had.

Been repeated countless of times.

But what happened in Naruto and Bleach is that the girls all got everything they wanted.

>Ymir Ymir Ymir

Zeke looks different than Eren and Grisha though. So both Zeke's and Ymir's different shifter forms could be because of the serum.

I think Zeke injected himself in more than one occasion.


EMA represent the three most important families in SnK

You were right about Zeke and Eren being brothers. I hope you're right about this as well.

No. I don't want Armin to be a Reiss.


Armin and Uri are practically the same person. Same nose, same hair, same moe.

>Armin is a Reiss
I hate it so fucking much but it keeps making more and more sense as time goes on.

Fuck you Isayama.

Welcome to the club. Yiff me baby one more time.

And some wonder why EMA is so hated. Talk about marysueism.

>Armin a Reiss
Please no.

>EMA will oppose each other, particularly Armin vs Eren
>rulers inside the walls vs rulers outside the walls
>with the superhuman ackermans caught in the middle
>armin's name means soldier
>eren's name means warrior
Isayama you fucking madman.

Not really marysueism, just symbolism that while being somewhat original still manages to feel obnoxious

>Kenny and Uri fucked constantly
>Mikasa implied to stay with Armin within the walls by Isayama, said her character growth will come from being away from Eren
AM confirmed?

I hate it too but I was just thinking about how weird it was for Armin to predict the walls coming down seconds before it happened. It reminded me of Uri talking about the world ending. They even looked similar sitting by the water too when they made those predictions. Probably a coincidence but Isayama is crazy enough to confirm this and I'm fucking paranoid.


>The Ackerman, Reiss, and Yeager's all had some huge war years ago but no one remembers because of FK
>EMA will cause history to repeat itself and stir the same conflict up again and fight for their respective houses.

This shit isn't Asoiaf.

I thought about that too and kind of wanted to punch myself in the face for thinking it valid but fuck. Goddammit. Not an Arminfag but I wouldn't mind just a few panels showing his parents but only if they're not Reiss members, but now I'm really starting to think it's going to be true that one of them is a Reiss, probably his mom unless his dad took his mother's surname.

I'm really suspicious now.


I think his grandfather worked for the Reiss and he stole a book. Nothing more.

>why did armin's grandpa have an illegal book about the outside world?
>because he's a fucking reiss

Well, the Arlerts clearly have a habit of stealing shit that isn't theirs. Fucking Armin. But I think he's a Reiss even though I wish I didn't.

Someone screencap this for prosperity

I don't think he is a Reiss. His grandfather stole the book. You will see. Fingers cross. Like Grisha, Armin's grandfather noticed his curiosity about the outside world so he stole a book just for making his grandson to find it.

In that case his grandpa is worst shingeki for stealing something. How fucking dare he. Killing people? Fine. Whatever. Rape? Yeah sure. But STEALING? Now that is where I draw the line. The line in the sand. You see it? It's right there. Nuh uh.



Please tell us something to look forward to in the future.

I already have everything planned out till the very end, but I shouldn’t say much.
I try not to use the words “good and evil” and “justice” much.
I plan on taking the story while not deciding just who are the good guys and who are the bad guys.
I plan on still deceiving the fans, but…if you read without putting too high of expectations, I think you’ll be able to enjoy it a lot more!

Grandpa Arlert did it on purpose. You will see. He stole the fucking book.

Or Uri gave it to him as a gift.

That's also a possibility.

>rulers outside the walls
Zeke is confirmed not to be leader of the village.

But he's pretty high up in the ranks.

Thats ill.

Stil not the leader, which means the actual leader is from a different bloodline.

Maybe. Or the leader was/is Ymir, who's a Jaeger.

Why didn't Uri have any kids anyway? Wasn't it his royal duty to make an heir because he was the older brother?

>inb4 he was gay with Kenny

At best it's someone from her family and I doubt they are Yeagers

Isayama said in the guidebook, because Rod thought he wasn't fit to be the coordinate he saw his job in producing new coordinate candidates.

Uri's the younger brother and he may have had a kid we don't know about, who is one of Armin's parents.

And yes he was gay with Kenny.


>Like Grisha
You mean Erwin's father, not Grisha.

>EM is canon, according to Isayama.

show source please

No, his grandfather wanted Armin to find the book because he knew about his big expectations.

Here you are again.

Fuck you. This is better than the Armin is a Reiss theory.

Not them but
>a theory = headcanon
So why haven't you killed yourself? Do you hate discussion that much, Shitkasafag?

But doesn't royal families usually pass power from father to child? I don't understand why he passed it to his brother's kid instead of making his own heir. It's rare for a person of royalty not to get married and have a bunch of kids to ensure the line.

I want to kiss mikasa on the cheek

>He wanted his retarded grandson to run around with a forbbiden book on a naziesque society and get all his family killed.
Sure m8.

Meh, who cares? Not a typical royal family.

Armin being a Reiss is an even bigger headcanon.

It was already passed down with Rod.

Oh, if only.

He died before he could tell Armin something.

Doesn't make the previous statement any less retarded.

It won't be when that fucking madman confirms it because he thinks it's 2deep4u and alludes to the mysterious history of the world. You know Isayama is retarded enough to do it.

Yes, Armongfag.

He died on Maria's retake, there was plenty of time.
>Implying he knew Armin was pulling his rug.

>mysterious history of the world.
He would need to eat the coordinate for that, retard. Pay more attention while reading the manga.




Yes, Armongfag.

We don't know when he died but maybe it was after the wall breach.


>Saving thumbnails.

>Pay more attention while reading
Ironic. I said the connection would allude to the mysterious history of the world, as in, EMA would each be linked to an important family if Armin is a Reiss.

Am I right?

We already have Historia for that and don't need Armong and she can't tell us anything, because she would need to eat the coordinate for that.

Not even close.

Mikasa, Armin, Jean, Annie, Reiner, Bertolt, Connie, Sasha, Eren, Hange, Levi and Pixis.

Uri, Kenny and Troute are not in this pic.

Number 9 is Erwin.

I think the same. Grandpa Arlert only stole a book or it was a gift from the Reiss.

Eren is not in the pic. He drew him and Historia separately to prove their eyes are different.

You still don't get it, user. I'm not talking about the coordinate or memories. I'm talking about EMA potentially being the figures of those families that played a huge role in their history.

Believe me, I don't want Armin to be a Reiss either because it's retarded, but you can't deny how shitty Isayama's writing is lately. I'm preparing myself.

Yeah, that's Erwin. My mistake.

There is no point in making him a Reiss, if he doesn't do shit and it adds nothing to the story. We already have a Reiss who can't tell us anything.

If Armin is a Reiss, all it really means is that being gay is definitely genetic.

Fuck you Allahfag.

No, my name is Jeantron. :)

>We already have a Reiss who can't tell us anything
That still wasn't my point but I'm not going to explain myself a 3rd time. You missed the point I made about Isayama possibly using EMA as a throwback to the three historical families in an attempt to be "deep." Forget it.

Nice try Allahfag.

Good thing Shitmin is not a Reiss.

All this retarded Charlotte bullshit is pissing me off. I hope Armin or even Historia make their world white again, this is fucking bullshit.

1 - Mikasa.
2 - Scumin.
3 - Jean.
4 - Annie.
5 - Reiner.
6 - Bert.
7 - Connie.
8 - Sasha.
9 - Erwin.
10 - Hanji.
11 - Levi.
12 - Pixis.

Yeah, sure you do not.

I would probably drop this manga if Isayama tried to force shit writing like that. Trust me user, I'm not lying when I say it's retarded. But after Isayama literally resurrected Armin and made him a titan I'm expecting the worst here.

>be Arminfag
>love him because of how sweet and smart and sometimes creepy he is
>as the chapters go on, it becomes obvious he's Isayama's self insert
I want to save him from bad writing so badly.

I think Armin and Levi are a mix of Isayama's self.

Isayama said he doesn't self insert as anyone, when asked about. He only said Dazz probably would represent him the most.

*about it

Armin is probably who he wants to be/his ideal person.
Dazz the fucking spazz. Makes sense.

Fuck off Allahfag,

How dare you compare me to that falseflagging sandnigger.

Doubt it. If anything I could see him wanting to be like his favorites, since they even share some similar character traits.

Fuck you.

Even when authors don't self-insert, pieces of themselves always show up in their characters. Did you read that MMA interview? He has a complex from childhood that referenced Armin's mentality about not fighting back/running away.

Still means Shitmin isn't his self insert.

It's nearly impossible to write characters that have absolutely nothing in common with you. Partially because we're all every possible trait at some point, and the things we are the least are often difficult to write convincingly.

Writing characters who I hate is hard too, because it's hard to write a character you can't relate to in some way.

That's why I say Levi and Armin have parts of Isayama's personality.

How is Armin a gary stu exactly? Because he's smart and kind? Because of him winning the serumbowl? Because he states the obvious and gets praised as being a genius as apposed to reasonable?

I just think he could be written better. But a character is only as smart as their author. His only moment of genuine genius was his idea he came up with in the J-JUST JOKING scene.

Sometimes people even hate characters who are like them.

We have already talked about it.

Isayama's Armin leaves much to be desired. I can only like him in fanfiction--good fanfiction. Same with Mikasa and Eren.

I've got a friend like that. Hates one of the shingekis so much because he's basically the exact same.

Which shingeki?

Jean. My friend likes to trick himself into thinking he's a nice guy who doesn't bully others. He's an asshole. Sort of smart but a huge cunt. Honestly not sure why I'm friends with him. I guess I'm trying to fix him. It's working slowly, I think.

Jeanfags are like that actually.

He isn't. Its just mad Erwin and Bertfags making up seemingly legitimate reasons to hate him.

Kek. I've noticed.

I want to say you're wrong but you're not. I don't hate canon Armin, I just feel like there's something missing from him. I wish I could see what my sister sees in him.

We know you are here Allahfag.

For example. Also because his plans never fail, no matter how retarded they are.


How are his plans retarded? They make sense. Nothing extraordinary but solid. And his plan did fail with Bert at first.

Actually Jean supposed to be the opposite of your description, so perhaps that's make you the Connie of your group of friends.

Wrong. Armin was called a Gary Stu way before that went down. I don't like how Isayama makes others look stupid to make Armin look smart. I don't like how most of his plans have a 1% chance of succeeding but always work out in his favor somehow. And the whole BA thing was created just for Armin's benefit too. Overall, bad writing is often linked back to Armin.

What? I'm describing my friend, not me. Jean's a tactless cuntwad and a bit of a bully like my friend but he's also smart. I'm like the male Sasha of our friend group.

His plans only work, because people around become retarded. Also him baiting Bort for example.

So is Reiner going to take a selfie of him twerking on Blort's makeshift grave next chapter or...?

>people around become retarded


Was it rape?

How dare you portray Mikasa like that.

No, but it will be.

Ahh, gomen gomen!

Love that scene. I love how they use "we" like if they care for the other and are connected.

So cute. EAr is my favorite but AM is so cute.

They're mostly visible on Ymir and Jean, since they're his favorites. He rarely talks about Armin.

For fucks sake, just stop whining already.

He does a lot in interviews though.


Not them but the only one whining is you fags who keep shitposting about how much you hate Armin. We get it, you're autistic and don't know how to not be cancerous. Shut the fuck up.

>not be cancerous
Just like Arminfags.

>a lot

Haha, Allahfag you are so silly, I am screencapping this post because you are Allahfag.

That's translates to a real life obese guy/whale. So you must certainly get bullied in the daily basis, poor you.

>All the Armin hate around here really wears me down because I have an unhealthy obsession with him and take every insult personally. I know I shouldn't but it hurts a lot. I've noticed I'm a lot more sad and self conscious lately because of it. I wish people would just shut the fuck up and talk about their favorite character instead of hating on mine. I never ever talk shit about characters I don't like. I just ignore them and their fags and go on my merry way. All this Armin hating has actually made me not enjoy him as much as a character. That terrifies me because in my pathetic existence, Armin is the only thing that brings me joy anymore.

Everytiem. Scumin a shit.

Kek, I posted before I even checked the thread and of course I was fucking right, my instincts once again flawless.

I don't know why the Benefactors try to portray me as an Arminfat when he is my least favorite cismale character and I made that abundantly clear before it became cool to hate him with the rest of you sheep.

I thought that Ymirfellows had an alliance with the Armintellectuals?

Trying to excuse themselves for being worse cancer than you, likely.

>[Manga Spoilers] Romeo & Juliet of the Wall?
My take: He simply just isn't romantically interested in any of the characters he has met so far and no one has shown him any signs that they are interested in him save for Mikasa, who does a rather crap job at it to be honest (plus she has the whole family thing muddying all of her feelings as familial to Eren).
Asexual or not, he just isn't interested that way in any of the characters, and the only one to show interest that way in him is Mikasa. Bearded MC would have seen Ymir, started bowing to her, and maybe we would get at least a little more info on what that is all about. The closest thing we've seen to a ruler or used to be ruler outside the walls is Ymir getting the bowing treatment from a mindless titan.
I think she's related to the Yeagers in some way so...
>Can we get any closer to the classic R & J tale than this?
A Ymir look-a-like titan and a girl who is supposedly Historia's ancestor meeting (Supposedly in secret) to share what is likely the coordinate.

(( Hopefully Season 2 brings more variety in merch, namely Ymir and Historia. ))

>Did Ymir know that so many humans existed?
She said that she died for the happiness of a lot of people so I would assume, plus the bowing titan leads me to assume that she would have been in a position to know a good number, if not all of the secrets outside the walls.

I understand that this is a pairing that you like and you're free to ship what you want but please, for once, try to understand and accept that your pairing isn't on equal ground when it comes to canon basis. The amount of reaching you have to do for most, if not all of your points is evidence enough of that.
The amount of times you repeat canon through out this post and through out all of your posts and comments in relation to this pairing feels like you're trying to convince yourself more than anyone else that this pairing has strong legs to stand on. And now you're trying to compare it to Romeo and Juliet, a relationship that is largely considered to be one of the least healthy in literature, as proof of it being even more canon.
There is no competition to be had here when the "competition," Eren, isn't even competing. He's busy fighting titans and keeping his friends/family safe and you somehow equate that to him pining for Historia when not once have either of them shown even an ounce of romantic attraction towards each other. The only bit of romance to ever appear in any of their interactions is Eren pushing Historia to go after Ymir.

>He is 15 years-old. What about those raging teenager hormone?
15 years old and still no interest in any of the characters, not even the one you claim has canon support.
>Most of the 15 years-old guys i know in real life has trouble dealing with their awakened basic instinct, whether being romantically interested or not, except for those seemingly-asexual, strong, righteous, selfless, hard-working, overly-nice and incredibly honest freaks
You're joking right? So you know about the sex life of a lot of 15 year olds? Do you ask them or do they tell you about it?
Probably one of the more insulting things you've said the entire time you've graced this sub with your presence.

That relationship has for more going for it than Eren/Historia does, that is for sure. But still, nothing has been explicitly romantic save for Mikasa and Ymir's feelings for Eren and Historia respectively and Historia's confused not sure what love is feelings towards Ymir. That's just the simple matter of it.

So any 15 year old who doesn't have issues controlling their urge to bang any girl in sight is a freak then?
>Furthermore, it's science, man.
And so you link to a faith-based site. Interesting views about the "homosexual lifestyle" there by the way.

Okay, what makes you think that the Ilse Titan was a shifter?
I don't think he would literally bow, at least not feel compelled to to the same degree the Ilse Titan was, but I do think that he would recognize her.

I find it strange that people are so quick to jump on the Ymir is dead wagon when we've seen time and time again how these play out with Isayama. The fact that we've been dancing around the subject of her fate for over three years now just increases the odds that she is alive.
But Connie's mom spoke and she was mindless. It's been shown that mindless titans have some memories of their past, or that certain things trigger the memories and common actions. Connie's mom saw her son and did what she usually does, welcome's him home. Ilse titan saw who it thought was Ymir and did what it normally did when it was human, bow to her.
During the OVA they make it obvious that it's a mindless titan. Even in the manga it's made obvious with it trying to resist the urge to eat.

New chapter when

Two weeks.

There are other issues as well along with it being a dumb strategic choice on Zeke's part to eat Ymir and waste getting a new shifter. As far as we've seen, physical traits of shifter titans don't carry over to a new shifter. Eren didn't get anything from his dad that his mindless titan didn't already have. Ymir was more or less the same after eating Marcel, the only things they gained were more muscle and whatever special powers Grisha and Marcel had.
If Zeke ate Ymir, he wouldn't gain physical traits from Ymir since those aren't some special power (She had the eyes and claws/teeth when she was mindless as well), he would have gained whatever special power Marcel had, if he had any at all. Given that, if he did eat Ymir, it's odd that Zeke didn't showcase any new power at all during the fight. Gives them more incentive to go after the Swarm, also think the same happens to Kait's mother.

>Anyone feel sorry for Bertolt?
Didn't he just not get as attached to everyone else as much as Reiner and Annie did? You do see him in groups and with Reiner but he never really talks unless addressed directly and he never starts any conversations like Reiner does. Bert sort of just gets roped into the bonding because of his inability to separate from Reiner and Annie. Reiner's armor is no different from what Eren has, he just formers the armor on his body when he transforms. It's not a part of his body (seeing as he is able to detach any part at will and form more later on). From what we have seen, titan's gain a lot more muscle once they eat a shifter, this is seen across all cases we have been shown. Eren's titan did look a little different but the core features were still there like teh mouth, ears, etc. He ate his dad and got the muscle that gave him a more normal look and that's about it, everything else he already had (excluding the coordinate).

I think a key difference between them is that if Bert didn't do it some one else would have. MT just casually threatens Reiner with giving his armor to someone else, I'd imagine the same applies to Bert.
They have a choice, but the choices are do it and get it over with, or die horribly and someone else does it.

Hopefully Season 2 brings more variety in merch, namely Ymir and Historia.

Most new Merch will be manlet again.

>Go home Benny, you're drunk.

- Jeantron, our resident psycho Arminfag

Thanks for reminding me to unfriend cyborgboy, the delusional EHfag who won't shut the fuck up about EH for two seconds and keeps spamming the subreddit with his cancerous, delusional posts.

Yeah nah, there will be plenty of lots of Yumikuri merchandise because season 2 will make it abundantly clear that this is a show about empowering relationships, not organic mechas.

>admitting you are a redditor

Another Armintellectual activated my trap card!

>that delusional EHfag


pleonasm, hah!

>try to understand and accept that your pairing isn't on equal ground when it comes to canon basis. The amount of reaching you have to do for most, if not all of your points is evidence enough of that.
>The amount of times you repeat canon through out this post and through out all of your posts and comments in relation to this pairing feels like you're trying to convince yourself more than anyone else that this pairing has strong legs to stand on.
Oh the irony. The funny is that the OP's post copied mine's from here.

>Armin not being the goofy black nerd of the group


>Mongfag willingly admiting she's from leddit.
Hey neckbeardtron idolizer.

Wait, so you are the delusional (EHfag) yourself?

Once again proof that all the bad things and all EH comes from Cred Forums, proof that it is nothing but a crack-ship designed to commit violence against women and girls on the Internet (YH supporters).

who the hell is benny and jeantron?

That's obviously you, m8. And the YHfag and this guy fall for you everytime. Because redditors can't into logic.

Nice try bencunt but I never posted and never will post on Reddit even if it was either death or posting on Reddit.

Only the retarded Arminfag falls for it.

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That's Allahfag talking to himself.


You are that Arminfag I was talking about.


I'm the Uri(Ken)fag, mate. Are you reverse shitposting?

>I'm the Uri(Ken)fag,


Yeah, that YHfag will argue about a fanart even though he's painfully wrong.

Well I don't go to that cancerous site, so I don't know what you are talking about and neither do I really care.

>Only the retarded Arminfag falls for it.

Calling it now: All the townspeople will immediately start sucking Armong's cock when they find out he's a shifter and technically took down Bertolt. He'll probably even get some crazy bitch trying to marry him and M'kasa will have to smack a bitch.

Yes, he actually believes the reverse shitposting and thinks it's serious.



He even said so in a previous thread, while posting a retarded Mikasa pic.

>Gets credit for CT's fall
>After Eren took him down using Hanji's idea.


The usual. Although Shitmin did risk his life, so the rageturd got a chance for the surprise attack.

We need more Eren x Historia.

Please post the panel where Hanji suggest anchoring to CT's teeth because they don't disintergrate.

I think that user is talking about Hanji being the one who observed that CT gets weaker after every steam attack and he's immobile while using it.


Hanji's and Jean's. I forgot Armin can only copy.

Tired of Armin and I hope next chapter he's not a focus

Well we might get some Hanji and Hisu next chapter.

Tired of snk and I wish I could drop it.


Honestly, yeah. I thought I'd feel something from Erwin's death but the way Isayama writes now takes away something from SnK.

Yeah. I would like to see them discussing the contents of the journals with Eren and whoever else, I wouldn't mind an infodump chapter this time around. Hopefully Isayama includes nice visuals to accompany the discoveries

>with Eren
Only if he just stands there, because I can't stand Eren either and don't give a shit about what he has to say.

I'm indifferent to eren but it would be very strange to have a basement contents chapter without him involved

Yeah, sadly there will be more daddy issue drama.

I figured but as long as we get some answers I can ignore that bit

I want to squeeze Mikasa's butt

Why would you want to squeeze her flat, manly butt?

It's cute, fit, and toned.

>near the end of the series
I'd be amazed if we were even 1/3 into it

EMA a shit.

Whi doesn't

They're worse than shit. Especially Armin.


That little shit could be related to the Hisu.
This is all wrong.

So is "Armin is a Reiss" the newest retarded Armong theory? Reminds me of the dumbasses who sincerely believed Shitmin was Mom Eater.


It's old. Just a bit more traction now as we get bogged down in his shitness


Abel is scary.

Looks like it. Armong being Isayama's real favorite and self insert is also new.

>Who's Ulklin.

Only the dwarfs are in the pic.

If you force it one more time someone might believe it. No.

I was just repeating Armonfag's retardations.

What the fuck is in Ymirs letter dammit.


Maybe some infos about her backstory, which will lead to a role reversal and Historia being the one who saves her and helps her dealing with her past.

"I'm sorry I released the female titan. If I did it, they would spare me."

Not going to happen, but yes please. Hisyu reunited when?

Maybe its another photo of the outside world

EMALH killing the fuck out of Annie when?

Getting some real Gantz vibes from this.

You keep posting the wrong pic.

Eren is going to leave with Annie and join Zeke.
Screencap and just wait.

The other ones better because it isn't a shit meme.


He didn't leave when he learned the truth.

So Annie finally found her prince?

Mikasas trip to the shit machine then execution soon.

Hopefully proof that she's dead

And Eren.

Yes since Annie is a sleeping beauty after all.

He doesn't know "the truth" he just knows humanity isn't extinct. We don't know "the truth" yet.

Reminder Grisha ditched Zeke because he wasn't a psycho.

That's true. The ice beauty would have been more fitting for her in high school au.

Just Mikasa. Eren gets his limbs chopped off

No, both of them.

They need Eren

He knows. There's three full books talking about all of it.

There's three books talking about something. We don't know what's in the books.

Shitmin is the savior of the world anyway, according to Eren.


Well he is a Gary stu

>He turns into the destroyer of the world wannabe instead.

>What's in the basement?!
>What's in the fucking book?!

>They can't read because it outside turned upside down kanas.
>Armin miraculously figure it out after they arrive.

>They can't read it, but Ymir and Reiner could.
>Titan Capture arc
>Manga finishes on Chapter 243

Coordinate tho. Grisha said the memories should help Eren.

>it turns out the books describe how to create a giant metal warmachine
>but it can only be piloted by one that possess blood of the asians and the ackermans
>EMA is now two titans and one mechpilot

>the journals will just create more mysteries

Triggering me.




I want Leia to fuck me.

>Historia, I'm a mega dyke, please let me go down on you

YH is cute. CUTE!

I'm so happy.


>EM is canon, according to Isayama.

Even after he said that relationship is disgusting? KEK.


>Eren will end up with a secondary main girl.

It's an established fact that Eren and Annie belong to each other.

The cutest.

Let it go user. It won't happen.

It will, user, according to the latest trend of underdog heroines winning.

Of course it's going to happen.

Except Annie is a fucking VILLAIN. Following your trend, Historia is more likely.

Super cute!

Erens entire family minus Carla are villains.

No, she isn't, speedreader-kun. She is an innocent girl who was forced to do bad things by true villains BR. She is the equivalent of Orihime in the Arrancar arc.

I'm seriously happy that Annie failed to become a Warrior. Best girl is redeemable.


Are you guys even Anniefags? Annie even sees herself as scum and that's a huge part of her charm. She is in no way on the side of the protagonists and that would only ruin everything her character stands for.

>Annie even sees herself as scum
I see myself as a decent guy but that doesn't make it true.

Annie is such a huge waste of a character. A character with so much potential and only the boring main characters and manlet get screentime.

Here's the thing, you might not be self-aware but Annie definitely is. What about all the people she murdered? Are you gonna say that that is all forgivable and totes cool?