Danganronpa 3

So.. how did munakatanah knew where hidden *emphasized HIDDEN* power control room?

He cann't open door, yet he still able to enter chisa's room

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Through the magic of homosexuality.


because you don't pay attention to the anime.
munakata BUILD the whole building by himself and Tengan only added some equipments.

Friendly reminder that if Kirigiri wasn't completely retarded she could've saved everyone and not get herself killed in the name of KIBOU

Why did she hide all this info for herself anyway. At the very least she could have told Naegi and Ashina.

She was strapped for time with all her investigation meming and the situation never really allowed it until the last second where Naegi was about to break down like a bitch.

It still doesn't excuse her for refusing to check out the room Munakata entered though where she would've been able to solve everything.

Followed the blood

Bloods didnt leave a trail that much, and makes more sense

why do they keep alternating between red and pink blood

make up your minds already

pink blood = Junko's involved
red blood = Junko's not involved

Somebody opened it for him when he wasn't looking.

They aren't really alternating though, right? Mirai is red and Zetsubou is pink. Pretty linear.

Naegi-kun, it seems my panties are wet.

why the fuck is mirai red though

blood in danganronpa has always been pink

>get herself killed in the name of KIBOU
Hopeman would be proud.

Given that Tengan despises fanaticism, I doubt that Nagito is the Mastermind

Yeah, I bet you'd be crying from how fucking stupid you were proven to be.

Mirai's art style has more muted colors than usual for Danganronpa, I guess actual red blood goes along with that.

Why does everyone hate Makoto?

Several theories:
>Mirai's color palette is dark so neon wouldn't match
>Mirai is more serious
>It's all an anime

Take your pick.

Hajime was a much more relatable protagonist

What happen to Jabberwock island ?

What was the entire point of weedman being there?

Is Twogami even alive at this point?

Thru the power of love, my man.

He’s so stupid he doesn’t realize how miserable he should be and I envy that

Because he really does just LOL LUCK his way out of everything

This was a perfect episode to show his HOPE can defeat DESPAIR ANIME but nope, LOL LUCK

is she still a virgin?

I don't.

A bunch of FF ships went to Jabberwock while we saw a single boat leaving it.

They need to give SOME kind of closure for Weedman.

Why single out Twogami when he's in the exact same position as the rest of his hivemind?

Tried to make a fitting tribute to my boy

Personally, I'm a fan of him. He is the Ultimate Hope after all!

Lol luck is Nagitos thing

Makoto is no where near as bad about it

Thank you for reminding me of yet another piece of evidence to the Chiakizuru theory, user. Munakata wasn't able to open doors, yet we saw him enter a closed room that requires somebody to open doors. How was he able to do that?

The only real solution to this mystery aside from a colossal animation error, of course is that at some point between his entering the room and leaving it, somebody opened and closed the door for him.

They're adults in Mirai.

They were (or, in the case of DR1, at least thought they were until spoilers happened) children in the games and Zetsubou.

It's gaming the ratings. If it's pink it's not 'blood' so it won't cause a ratings hike for violence.

What are you talking about?

That's what happens when you die

Generic whiny anime anithero.
Dude literally saved the planet, and all FF could give him was a scrubby desk job.

Which brings me to JUZO FACTS.

Did you know Juzo's eyes are the same color as blood? That's why they're pink in Zetsubou and red in Mirai.

Even the Ultimate Hope can fall into Despair.

I'm starting to think that Kirigiri might've been partly responsible for this shit. And I don't mean KiriJunko, I mean Poirot in Curtain.

Ok Anons, if some of us are actually gonna commit to this Chiakizuru theory before being BTFO on Thursday, we need to tidy it up

How does Chiakizuru and a killing game have anything to do with each other?

In other words, as Mitarai said, why the fuck would Tengan help start a killing game? We know it was on his authority the knife monitors got installed

Because he's pathetic

Remember how we saw that Izuru was able to conceal his presence for the entirety of the first killing game until the very last minute? Nobody there saw him until he decided to show himself. The same thing happened later, with Nanami and Komaeda.

Wouldn't it be hilarious if somebody else like him was doing the exact same thing in the Final Killing Game? Just watching everybody act like a moron, slaughtering one another with impunity, with anybody unwilling to do that either killed via NG codes or by suicide via brainwashing, and doing nothing to stop it themselves even when they have all the power in the world?

Weren't the bracelets already off by the time he started running though?

You did good, user.

Trivia time!

Did you know that Chiaki and Junko are the only two heroines to have canonically suffered multiple executions over the course of the series?

Furthermore, that they are both the heroines with the greatest physical endurance shown? Interestingly, there's also a bit of an odd parallel between their virtual and their real world selves.

AI Chiaki and Real Junko died in relative peace, satisfied that they were able to achieve their goals even if they weren't quite able to overcome their trials.

Meanwhile, Real Chiaki and AI Junko died in misery, cursing their fortune and dying in regret after being just about as completely destroyed as they could be.

Could it mean anything for the grand finale?
Maybe not, but it is food for thought.

I just-
well shit I never noticed that before. i knew his eyes were pink in zetsubou but i only registered them as "dark" in mirai. damn he's based.

Nigga it's only been about a year since DR1 ended in the DR3 timeline

Oh, sorry. I was referring to the time when Munakata entered Chisa's closed room.


Why was Kirigiri retarded? What did she do wrong?

It wasn't a closed room since we didn't see Kizakura close the door when he left anyway

>that last line
Good shit

But he did do things wrong

like choosing to be gay

Maybe she knew that the only way Naegi could muster enough hope to get out of the game and save everyone else was if he overcame the despair of loosing her.
She went full HOPEman and made herself a stepping stone for Naegi's hope.

>Chiakizuru and a killing game
Gamer gurl + game = good

>why the fuck would Tengan help start a killing game?
He's a UD so he wants to cause despair. They spent the Tragedy bringing the world back up from total despair, so what better way to cause despair again than to take FF down? He was okay with getting killed during it because stepping stone.

chiakizuru is a retarded theory

Brety gud

Mikan is cute!

Chiaki didn't survive the execution if the wounds from the execution killed her

because he sudden magically gain height taller than mitarai

Well if we're going to follow ZTD we might as well go the full way

I ship these two

They are not really red in Future either.

I'm going to assume you're just retarded, and not trying to bait.

How fucking old are Naegi and company right now?

How fucking old did they THINK THEY WERE back when Junko still had them trapped in the school.

Now hurry up and remove yourself from the gene pool before you accidentally breed another generation of idiot children.

how's my taste
I hope you can actually see something

I'd like to say something to the Juzoboys: I'm sorry for shitposting about your boy so much.

Initially he seemed like a jackass who only did what Munakata told him to do and couldn't think for himself. But he actually ended up being a surprisingly complex and sympathetic character towards the end. I'm honestly surprised at how much development he got. It feels really fucking bad knowing that he died thinking Munakata thought he was despair and hated him. He redeemed himself way more than I thought was possible.

I'm sorry, Juzo. And I'm sorry, Juzoboys. I shouldn't have doubted you.

> Tfw 10 minutes of the next Mirai-hen episode is going to be dedicated to watching Chiaki die in yet another incredibly painful way yet again.

hope made her an adult. All you need to know

Fuyuhiko is absolutely best boy and you can't prove me wrong

Goddammit guys, this episode
Juzo went from "Holy fuck die already" to fucking Sakura tier, I mean he's still the dumbass who preferred the end of the world over coming out of the closet, poisoned a dindu farmer and beat a high-schooler into being bored forever, but he fucking pulled through at the end and saved the day, or what was left to be saved at least
RIP in Rest

Your explanations are what's retarded. Tengan ain't Despair

Chapter 1- Owada is the first victim to get impaled rather than Mukuro as a demonstration of the killing game's rules.
The first trial victim is Togami, Fukawa has a genocider sho episode, and she isn't deeply enough in love with him yet for Sho to treat him any differently as all the other fuckboys she scissored.

Survivors: 13

Chapter 2: Hifumi is the victim. He gets killed by Sayaka in the exact same manner Leon was supposed to, but she actually pulls it off this time.


Chapter 3 The victims are Aoi and Hagakure. After investigating the case thoroughly it turns out Hagakure was planning on killing Aoi with a very convoluted and suprisingly clever scheme, but he fucked up and tripped or something and they both ended up dead. His motive is that he predicted she would be the person responsible for his death.

Survivors: 9

Chapter 4: Chihiro gets killed, and the murderer is Mukuro. Junko is getting worried about Alter Ego and after having confiscated it herself, she orders Mukuro to kill Chihiro. Mukuro does this, but the others discover her in the trial. She gets a fake execution involving explosions, but she survives this(you only find out in the final trial).


Chapter 5: Mukuro gets BTFO -- literally and this time for real. In the same manner it happens in the original game. The survivors figure out it is Mukuro by the hand tattoo, but they don't realize that it is also the girl they saw get "executed".

Survivors: 7

Chapter 6: same shit as the game basically, except Junko gets hoperaped by the good guys like in this fic(archiveofourown.org/works/4562604).

Final survivors: Naegi, Kirigiri, Leon, Ishimaru, Sakura, Celes, Ryoko

last week, I wouldve agreed with you
but now, now Im not so sure

it's all good man

Alright dudes, time to clear this once and for all.

With ONE Future episode left, are we EVER gonna see Nagito and Makoto interact?

He fought against his gay desires and never acted on them. He was content with supporting Raiden while sacrificing his own feelings.

Well, I mean Kirigiri always has that 'not enough evidence' thing going on. But what if it was literal, in that she figured out who the Mastermind was but couldn't prove it? So, instead of ending the game early, she lets it run its course in order to make sure the Mastermind would be caught. This would mean she and a few others would die, but she accepts her death as punishment for her plan.

You know, like Poirot.



Horrid taste and horrid format

best new boy and best new girl
Seiko could of used an older bro like Juzo

Munakata literally said this past ep that Tengan was a RoD

So what's this Cure Water shit I keep hearing about?

He doesn't have to be RoD to rek FF's shit.

>Cure W


Generic taste and generic format.

Reminder that whatever project Tengan was talking about was started after the despairpocalypse already happened, when Tengan had his change in attitude towards fighting Despair.

Just how long did he preserve Chiaki's body?

It's the final plot twist: twins with different views on Naegi. Thus explaining the 16th person

The 'Why' is, of course, the biggest mystery left, one that could prove or dismiss Chiakizuru forevermore. Thankfully I'm positive that we will get confirmation of whoever's truly responsible by that point, but I'm hoping it's Chiakizuru so that we have an actual physical threat at the end, so that this whole thing wasn't just about them chasing at shadows.

My theory is that it's like Junko's killing game. It's not really about the participants themselves as what it means for the person observing - in this case, it would be Chiakizuru. What does Tengan mean to teach her by having her watch all of this senseless violence? I don't know.

Is Junko possessing her? Is he trying to re-awaken the Junko that sleeps within her by having her watch despair-inducing events? All of that is a total mystery.

I am certain, at the bare minimum, that the events of the Final Killing Game are meant to parallel, on some level, the events of the First Killing Game, and that means that somebody has been a passive observer this entire time. Strange moments like when Naegi were held hostage and the camera decided it didn't want us looking at the room, or the time Gozu's barricade disappeared the moment Naegi woke up despite absolutely nobody -we know of- in that room being capable of doing something about it, are the only hints we have to go on.

Chiakizuru would be a fantastic way to tie together Despair and Future, explaining just about everything we know of and resolving all the little issues and inconsistencies in one fell swoop.

everything about this is hilarious

Mitairai walks with a slouch. Asahina just has big hair. Seems about right,.

Cures Kirigirifags of their shit taste.

Motherfucker's NG code is "can't tell lies" and he said he wasn't a RoD.

Then again, Kodaka is enough of a hack to just have that waved away with the bracelet on Tengan being a fake.

What I'm wondering about is why didn't Munakata notice that he was in the replica underground base (the reason why he would build that section was probably in case of danger so they could continue their operations or use it as shelter)? If he was aware why didn't he tell anyone that they were moved? He didn't think that piece of information was relevant? I assume only Tengan (& Chisa) were aware of it.

And the reason for moving the participants there is to 1) the preparations for the Killing Game could be done covertly there, 2) to seclude them from any potential help.

Also why are there Monokumas under the island? Makes no sense whatsoever. Who placed them there?

Everyone has things they regret. Okay well he probably doesn't regret the farmer killing and normie beating, but he certainly regrets letting Junko blackmail him. RIP.

And Munakata's been so on point with his theories, right?

Munakata is not exactly a rational, smart man, user. In case you couldn't tell.

>Motherfucker's NG code is "can't tell lies" and he said he wasn't a RoD.

No, he said: "Is that a question? If it is, I have to answer it." Which is true. THEN he said "I am not a RoD"




how is my taste generic when Krigiri and Chiaki are the ones stomping the polls and they are below Seiko and Sonia

And its a good format why would I not use it?

What if..... he is a general of despair

I sincerely hope so. I've been waiting years for something like that, but I'm not sure how/if it'll happen. I mean, if Nagito is awake and on the boat coming to the tower then maybe, but with how little they've gone into about that I can't say for sure.

we've already talked about that

It being a fake bracelet would be an improvement to the rest of the shit kodaka is doing

>seiko actually threw herself onto the wall

whats wrong with edgeworth?

This format doesn't really show exactly how I feel about some characters, one might be really fucking interesting but shitty looking and the other way around.
as for the taste oh boy Tanaka on the same tier as Komaeda, holy shit

At this point I don't want them to. The main reason I wanted them to meet was to finally get an explanation for why they are so similar, if they are clones or long lost cousing or whatever bullshit. Now there is no time for any of that, if they were to meet now it would just be an empty fanservice moment.

Who needs to be a remnant when you can be the Ultimate Despair?

Just because your taste is not the most normal or popular taste does not mean its not generic

Fuyuhiko is great.


>kirigirifags this mad

Honestly I assume the mastermind is already dead (whether it's Tengan or Chisa), otherwise they'd have to find out, confront, then beat the mastermind. Which would take up at least half the episode. The Tengan message is likely automated after the Killing Game stops. The fact that the Killing Game can even stop makes me think it was done for HOPEful reasons and to test the mettle of the FF leaders in these despair times.

animation errors


From Hope's Peak Academy, two Izurus were born...

Curious. If Naegi had his way at the start of Future, where they all attempt to work together instead of splinter apart, would more people have been saved? Or was it destined to have a bunch of people killed until the case was solved?

I mean, Kirigiri could never have solved the case unless all of these people were killed first, so I'm just trying to think how exactly would Naegi's plan of "Working together" work at all?

I mean you have limited time until some individual dies each time, would Naegi have wanted everybody to be near each other when they all go to sleep? It seems like a death sentence.

Like in retrospect, I definitely can understand where Munakata was coming from, especially after his talk with Tengan.

>how is my taste generic

I mean, it is pretty generic. Props for having a couple of non-generic choices like Asahina, Akane and Teruteru being high

But im an Ibukifag

So he wasn't a Remnant. My point still stands though, right? He wanted to take FF down in the worst possible way, even if it wasn't for the particular purpose of despair. If he's actually dead, he was okay with dying.

>Junko says Goodbye class rep
>RoDs clear the class trial room
>Class trial monitors showing static
>Camera moves and focuses on Chiaki on the floor
>Izuru immediately walks in
Who was camera?

So, one of them admires him while the other seemingly hates his guts but is actually just tsun as fuck?

user you literally sound like an Ace Attorney witness right now after getting BTFO

I'm half expecting that fucking Sad Monk to tell me to let it go and move on

cut them some slack, they are producing double anime

Generic contrarian

Naegi's only 160cm. If he miraculously grew after DR1, it can't have been that much. don't trust the wiki

Oh no, I was just bursting into memes there.


Post lists

For people wondering about Chisa's horrified expression, it's simple, right? The tears automatically come from watching the Despair Video (at least for the girls), and her open mouth is only because of the position her head is in. Basically her expression is a red herring to make you think she died in horror at the beginning.

Pic related you see her tearing up a bit if you squint.

161 now

This makes me so angry. Juzo deserved better.

They still would've fallen asleep. Even if they were all together, someone would be dead by the end of the sleep time so they'd all get investigating. The game would probably be over much quicker since Ryouta would be pointed as having something to do with the monitors.

Makes sense to me.

Everything else I pointed out still applies, though.


Monaca is canonically the smartest person of the series because she realizes how chuunibyou it is to obsess over either hope or despair.

>"It's time to wake up"

That is one of the two ways I can see this ending. And at the very least, while I don't really support the idea of using VR to explain things away AGAIN, at least it's fair:

As things stand, the RoD ALL get to live (except for Chisa, anyway) while Class 78 and the FF nearly all die.

This being a simulation would at least negate a FEW of the casualties on the side of the guys who DIDN'T actively destroy the world.

>"It's all right. You guys go on and escape. I believe you are the SHSL Hope, and are the only one who can end this conflict and save this world." - Munakata, right before he breaks the glass, flooding the building and allowing Asahina to swim out carrying Naegi.

I feel like this is the more likely solution. Munakata is probably going to die to atone for what he's done, and Mitairai will probably join him. Then it's only Asahina and Naegi, and if anyone can swim the distance to the surface while hauling a probably unconscious Naegi, it's Asahina.

Free divers have gone as deep as 800 feet (with horribly debilitating side effects and near death) and survived, and 300 feet is possible for experience free divers. The fake FF building is very close to the real one, so it can't be more than 1 or 200 feet to the surface. Even a hundred feet would be enough to kill someone who wasn't on a level with the SHSL Swimmer.

Asahina will pull a reverse Ever17, take hold of Naegi and swim to the surface. Then resuscitate him after making it to shore, since he'll almost certainly lose consciousness from the water pressure and lack of oxygen.

>Yuta taller than Makoto
He really is a manlet

Explain it to me then. Why would Tengan help start a killing game?

Weedman looks to be taller than Togami in some scenes in Future, even when he's slouching somewhat. Hard to believe that Weedman could be over 185cm, but the Bad End in DR1 has Weedman taller than Togami too which is like 6 years into the future

I need more Juzo screenshots for science.

How great would Komaeda's hair be to feel?

She killed herself. That's the opposite of smart.

Acknowledging that the central themes of your work are embarrassing and dumb doesn't actually it make any less embarrasing or dumb, Kodaka-kun.

In this poll strawpoll.me/11155960/r Seiko is no 3
Sonia is no 11
yea kirigiri and chiaki are no 1 and 2 that is the most generic part of my list as Mikan is no 6 Mukuro is no 10 and Komaru is no 16

I hope we get the DR2s new measurements. Though it seems like only Naegi grew. Nagito was 180 in DR2.

Guys, I'm worried. I've watched every single Monokuma theater in DR1/SDR2. Does that mean I've been brainwashed into Despair now?

>message from tengan
>"C has come to"

Maybe he finally gave into the despair.

have Fukawa and Komaru too

Just don't watch them backwards.

is there anything to wonder about her expression though? even if you love despair if you're in excruciating pain you're going to show it

Its Junko again anons. It's Junko again.
My 0 proves this

Ishimaru's dad really looks like he's done with life.

Where my Tengan bros at?

Best banter
Best smug
Best motives
Best mastermind

Go away Junko, you are not needed anymore

I keep rewatching the Student Council Killing Game to hear Megumi's Tsubasa wo Kudasai. Am I despair now?

Make sure there isn't a chandelier in the room.

Or walls.

Nah you're fine.
it's too late for you.

Simple. Both as a test of the Future Foundation's abilities, and to open shop for new members.

He was seeing if they could work together(They couldn't), and also creating a situation to let in new members, probably Class 77.

The two things that work against it being a simulation or some such are:

1) Monaca's Miayabot. How do you plug in a robot in a simulation?
2) When FF building collapsed the others felt the tremors underground (unless it's like Inception where outside interruptions appear within the dream).

If you can solve 1) the simulation possibility has a chance.

>it counts his ahoge

that's cheating!


Tengan had SHSL Sass all along

>he thinks its just hair
Where do you think Naegi stores his hope user?

>you will never save Nanami Chiaki when she's on the brink of death
>you will never tend to her
>you will never see the light resurge in her eyes as her wounds heal and she regains her former physical condition
>you will never force her to sleep for extended periods of time "For the sake of her recovery" while you secretly operate on her body, pumping her full of all sorts of talents that she was never intended to have
>you will never see the smile on her face slowly die as she realizes what you're doing to her, too helpless to fight back, assuming the absolute worst intentions of you
>you will never continue adding in more and more talents to her, doing it ever so carefully so that her personality doesn't end up suppressed, ensuring that she can continue to enjoy talents
>you will never see her regain her smile as she realizes she was wrong to doubt you but asks you if she can be let go anyway
>you will never promise her that you will let her go soon and see her smile and give you a hug, letting you feel up those soft, squishy Nanamis right against your chest
>you will never discreetly hook her up to a personality rewriting machine when she's sleeping one night and force her awake just as it turns on
>you will never explain to her that you're going to overwrite her personality with your own, so that you can enjoy her body, and see the light in her eyes flare up one last time as she struggles to resist
>you will never listen with delight in the cries and moans she makes as she helplessly attempts to resist your assault, her mind in utter shambles as you force her personality to the back of her own mind and allow a superior personality, one of your own choosing, to take its place
>you will never let 'Chiaki', the full, complete, Kamukura Izuru 2.0, out of the brainwashing machine and see her give you a big smile for helping her out so much all this time

What is there to HOPE for anymore?

why did we ever think he was straight?

I keep rewatching Chiaki's execution as her screams of pain kinda turn me on. Am I despair now?

Why is Naegi still wearing his Chucks? How much time passed from UDG to DR3 anyway?

>Ishimaru's dad really looks like he's done with life.
who can blame him after having a shitty life already + losing his son too

If we counted hair then Hagakure would be the tallest dangan

People didn't like that she didn't take her assumptions as facts.

So he wasn't Despair. He was just insane.

Speak for yourself, I knew he was a sharpener since the first episode

If Tengan wanted to test the FF leaders what would be the impetus for it? After all FF was winning. They were gradually winning. So why this drastic measure? Either he felt that FF got infiltrated by Despairs or he could still see Despair coming back as long as Munakata retained his radical disposition (thanks, Chisa. I knew it was strange such a gentle calm woman was put in the "radical faction").

Why does the Ishimaru family have to be dealt with so much suffering?

>her screams of pain kinda turn me on
That's some SHSL Despair shit user.

Only anons that enjoy denial thought that.



>Komaru's taller than her brother
>Makoto only grew a cm in the 2+ years since entering hpa.
Being a manlet must be suffering.

>his last words were "Kyosuke"

There was this one user trying to tell me those scenes were unnecessary, but it looks like Kodaka roped in his target audience.

>her screams of pain kinda turn me on.
Take your guro somewhere else, Junko

My point is Monaca is love. And yeah, Kodaka has the tendency to make fun of his writing flaws thinking it excuses them (see: Junko being meta about the twins twist). Though I personally don't mind the hope vs despair concept. Could be quite interesting actually.

Kaede raped a fellow student (leader of a separate clic) at her school with a group of friends. Said student she had a personal hate grudge against.

Turns out they all ratted themselves out as culprits out of guilt but Kaede kept up her alibi. It went to court, and borderline nearly get tried as an adult but she managed to get off innocent. Her friends on the other hand got tried as adults and their names revealed. Her existence (even if not interacting with the other clic) makes their lives hell and she personally has half regret but half acceptance of her action.

Last trial out of the 7 left Kaede and X person (the last of her prison friends who either killed or got killed. 1 of 3-4 people) are left. Knowing that the other 5 are fucked up folk (rehabilitation is very unlikely and through out the game they decide to team up in the outside world once they throw off the law's pursuit) and that Kaede's future is ruined since mid game her identity as the leader of the rape got revealed through a news leak in the outside world. She and that X Person decide to find a way for person X to escape by person X doing a killing and winning the trial with Kaede trying to throw the investigation and/or trial off in a sacrificial final gambit.

Winning that trial the Kaede and the 4 other are executed separately. Kaede's execution in the end shows her memory of her and the escalation to the actual rape with her thinking "In the end justice has been given and I am blessed". Her talent is then revealed as "Super High School/Prison Criminologist".

Out of those 3-4 people that she has as a close ally in the final trial 1 of them is able to kill her (the other refuse to do so) after Kaede suggests the idea. You play out the trail from their point of view throwing off the others

I bet that's how he actually conviced Peko to go after Mukuro

Goddamn Kanon is so fucking fine. Weedman is probably too stoned to know what a great catch he has. That or like IF ,she's noncanon and he'll die alone.


The robot uses a program. Move the program into the simulation and translate all the stimuli and inputs so it still functions normally inside the program. Even Monaca might not have known her Gekkobot was in a program.


No satisfying answers there. The best I could say is that, since the person who set up the simulation also set up the explosives, they might have set the program to simulate the reverberations when the bomb went off.

Anyway, like I said, I don't really support or expect the VR answer.

I'm betting Munakata and Mitairai to make peace with themselves, die for their sins, and allow Naegi and Asahina to escape and make caramel colored babies together.

Did Ishi's dad even knew about Ishimaru's death? Chihiro's dad didn't even seem to know and apparently it wasn't even broadcasted to their captives but apparently Kanon knew about Leon being dead
>mfw the scene when Dadhiro's photo falls out and Touko keeps her mouth shut to not make Komaru sad

That fucking ad

"stay away from -- and don't look at -- monitors" is useful enough advice to pass on even if it is just based on a hunch.

He certainly wasn't testing them by putting them in a killing game.


Well, it's only a bit and only the first half I can't finish the video as it makes me too sad.
But still, I wonder if she'd be into some sadism if it's someone that she likes like Hinata.

You would not believe how upset I am they shoe horned in the juzo is gay shit they are trying to brain wash are kids into being gay and thinking being gay is ok and the fact the animators will get away with this due to Obama makes me sick

Its time we rise up and stop the nips from turning are kids gay so we all give eatother aids and stop having kids so we all die

Japan is trying to get revenge for the nukes dont you guys see its genocide what the gay agenda is doing to us and we need to stop it before it corrupts us any more

>So he wasn't Despair. He was just insane.
His motives are far more complex than you can possibly imagine.


>Why does the Ishimaru family have to be dealt with so much suffering?
good question. They and Chihiro's family had it real bad while not deserving it. So sad.

Still alive.


Amazing image user

That seems to be the theme of the DR universe- bad things happen to good people. Bad things also happen to bad people.

The only way to be truly safe is to be an idiot.

Kanon said she read it in a magazine.

Well, they did end up in a room with no monitors on their fourth session.

And they did learn it from Kiri.

Wouldn't blame Chiaki for accepting that deal

Literally no other choice

kys fag

Because he was and is him being a aids monkey is just a forced in plot to force the gay agenda

My only problem is with how low the bar has gotten for these mutual killing games. In DR1 they had to lock everyone in a school, take their memories, and then tell everyone their friends and family were probably all dead.
Now Junko just throws some weapons out there and these morons can't rev up the chainsaw fast enough.

>The only way to be truly safe is to be an idiot.
Bonus points if you're brown + have huge tits as well.

I knew he was gay when Chisa literally teased him about it and because they only ever showed him acting flustered when Chisa brought up how Munakata was hers, never when it was just the two of them. All you faggots dismissing me as a fujoshit back then can suck my dick.

Is this in UD:Hagakure? I never unlocked it myself ingame but I read the wikipage

Dont call me a fag no one on earth hates fags more then me I know the truth that you sheep dont and thats the plan

They are trying to make us all gay so we all die of aids face it you fucking sheep

Yeah, fuck you faggots who told me I was autistic for reading into the fact that Juzo literally wouldn't shut up about Munakata after Chisa's death but barely even mentioned her.

Kaede shouldn't get executed. She should fuck all the others to save herself so I can get a despairgasm.

Yes. Read it, it's short and entertaining.

I used to like juzo then it turned out he was gay and now I really hope he dies and burns in hell for his actions againt god and logic

If you weren't emotionally and socially retarded you'd know that they were basically hinting at his being gay the entire show.

It's pretty pathetic how through out the entire show he was letting himself get manipulated and played so hard.

When do we get more info on V3? Thursday?

>Power control room
How so? He fucking owns the place. Why wouldn't he know where it is? It's the reason Sakakura knew where it was too.


>Punched Naegi in order to defend his bro
>Knee'd the fuck out of Anxiety fag because he knew that he was the traitor all along
>Had a misunderstanding with the Gozuboys
>Saved Hinata from getting killed by HPA
>The master of chair throwing, that one miss on Kirigiri was because he was a merciful hero, and not just to flex his muscles and check dat ass (because he only want's Munakata's ass)
>Went full ham on the evil old man mastermind and crew to save the FF
>Roundhouse kicks the everlasting shit out of Monaca's puppet in order to stop the second coming of Junko Enoshima
>Unable to stop some mentally deranged kid from blowing up half the school because he was too busy being a hero
>Had a misunderstanding with the donut but spared her
>Survived 2 missile barrages by an evil robot bent on destroying all hope
>Called out Monokuma's bluff with his cameras, recording his mad-ass pecs and didn't give a fuck in general about any of these plebians
>Became the world champion in boxing, becoming the undisputed best with bare hand combat before even leaving high school
>Too Alpha to mess with the bitches and instead neglects his own feelings as being the third wheel to protect his love no matter what
>Only took a 2 episode rest before kicking the shin of everyone again
>Took a fucking spear to the shoulder, impaled into a wall and shrugged it off like it was just a mosquito bite
>Was not seduced by Ruruka's sweets because he was so loyal to Munakata
>Has enough consideration to the normies to use them as a coatrack
>Even at the world's end, he was still gunning for a piece
>Such a straight forwarded bro, he bends his own sexuality
>Saves the manlet when he's in need, cutting of his hand to be the savior he truely is! Saving everyone with the power of determination
>Single handedly stopped the killing game, physically and literally


I for one did, brother!


Don't answer the autistic troll.

>Did Ishi's dad even knew about Ishimaru's death?
doubt it

Chihiro's dad didn't even seem to know and apparently it wasn't even broadcasted to their captives but apparently Kanon knew about Leon being dead

Komaru didn't know either. Maybe they gave Kanon that info because they knew how obsessed she was and would try to take revenge?

>the scene when Dadhiro's photo falls out and Touko keeps her mouth shut to not make Komaru sad

Just that expression and silence from Fukawa.
That must of hurt her more than she lets on

their posing is so bland and bad.

> Chisa brought up how Munakata was hers,

>mfw she probably did this on Junko's orders just to fuck with him.and remind him of his failures

>It's the reason Sakakura knew where it was too.

That was a hidden room not in the original plans. Sakakura only found it, he didn't know beforehand.

Munakata found him by following the literal river of blood he was trailing on his way there.

If everybody followed that rule, there'd be no posting in Cred Forums.

Tengen is not a Remnant because he is ORIGINAL Despair.

He found Junko and he is the real mastermind.

That happened before she was MINDHACKED

They're literally in-game sprites

That's most obvious theory right now.

>All you faggots dismissing me as a fujoshit back then can suck my dick
Why did this make me laugh

I hope they come back in AA7, even if it does mean we'll probably have to deal with another magic show murder if they do.

>responding to 0/10 bait even tumblrinas wouldn't jump for

We all know it's happening by Mirai 12, so we might as well start placing our bets now.
How will Junko come back?

How was Tengan so fucking strong? And don't give me that "Juzo couldn't punch him" crap, Tengan somehow threw that chair a lot harder than Juzo using only the palm of his hand.

I kinda like SeikoxRyota
these two just wanted to save everyone

Must suck when each of the dead students loved ones asks that question " how are they"

Hifumi's sister: Where's my bro. I've always wanted to do a collab with him and I miss him so much. We never really met in the middle but after this I'm willing to compromise just for little Fumi.


Toko really went from my least favorite Dangan girl to the best one in the fucking series over the course of that game.

If you had told me that before I actually played it I would have called you a fucking liar. But I really feel for her now and I'm genuinely glad she seems to be slowly getting better.

You did read our manga, right?

It has Juzo in it.

same way Izuru could wave his hand and flip Mukuro over. magic.

I've been thinking about picking it up. Is it any good?

29th september

I am not a huge fan of Chiakizuru theory but at least it tries to be one step ahead of a red herring.

You idiots thought Chisa was the Mastermind until yesterday because you fell for bait, not even good bait

And now because you see a text message from Tengan you think he is the Mastermind?

Like are you fucking serious? I bet you thought Asahina was the culprit of Chapter 4 too you incompetent retards

Also she was pretty surprised and didn't know what to respond when Juzo said he was actually jealous, I doubt she was seriously taunting him

It's average. Art is nice and main girl is cute.

>same way Izuru could wave his hand and flip Mukuro over.
hmmm it really makes you think

So how much did Chiaki know about her class? Like did she know Mikan was super bullied or what? Did she socialize with them or just "socialize" with them?

If all the magic show cases were as good as 6-2, I wouldn't have a problem with it.

It wasn't that bad honestly, female lead is pretty cute and some of the bad guys were okay,

J U Z O B O Y S Report in.


He probably used to be a really good fighter

It could've been so much better than it was.
>actual mysteries
>takumi not being a mary sue
>character development
>more juzo

What the purpose of making Izuru and rest of 77th class go to the FF if Chisa is already dead?

Lay it to me Cred Forums.

What are the chances Juzo might be alive?

>Chiaki maxed her bonds with all of her classmates in the year and a half she knew them all.

She got all those Hope Fragments

That's what I've been thinking.

>Like did she know Mikan was super bullied or what?

She literally became the SHSL Nurse from treating her own injuries because no one else would. I would hope at least Chiaki could have gotten that deep, even if she didn't share it with the class as a whole.

Because they still haven't had their revenge on Junko.


To pants the guy who tried to kill them by sending a fleet of warships after them and broadcast it across the world.

Juzo is probably cursing the fact that he didn't live long enough to see it.

Either way Chisa's death being first was a strategic move. They wanted Munakata to become reckless and destabilize the situation.

Very low. I'd be happy if he miraculously lived though.

She did a ton of group activities with them. Judging from how everybody got super-sad, I'm guessing that she did get all of the hope fragments.

Did she? Mikan told Imposter that him saying he trusted her was the nicest thing ever and no way she didnt max out Nagito.

Yeah, and it's kind of terrible despite haivng a great premise. The pacing of the manga is such that there is basically no mystery, drama or tension to any of the "cases", Just "edgy fuckhead/tits show up at the crime scene. edgy fuckhead gropes the body. tits leaves. Edgy fuckhead kills the villain wiith zero build-up in a gruesome manner "

>Is it any good?

If Tengan is still alive, he may have done some "body double" overriding of someone's mind.


>Must suck when each of the dead students loved ones asks that question " how are they"

For certain.
Ishimaru's dad would probably lose it.
Kenshiro would know his incoming death would reunite him with Sakura

Because somebody else is there.

>To pants the guy who tried to kill them by sending a fleet of warships after them and broadcast it across the world.
Munakata? He was broadcasting that?

Literally only if Hajizuru enters the room and SHSL Blood Donor/Doctor/Surgeon him.

Juzo is a fucking boss. He's been through worse. So he'll live this like nothing ever happened...

What are the official numbers?
Aoi used to be about his height, but is she that short still?
The HOPElet stayed the same, right? How tall is the ANIMElet supposed to be?

You have to rely on the VR theory being real for that to happen.

My guess is that they didn't know for how long they wanted to or were allowed to keep Killer Killer going.

Or maybe Kodaka thought that killer of killers is so clever he'd be inspired for something later on and just didn't.

This scene was too emotional for him not to be dead, I doubt they have medical supplies to save him anyway
Honestly I wish he was alive but I didn't cry for nothing dammit

>And now because you see a text message from Tengan you think he is the Mastermind?
There's a lot more pointing to Tengan than just that message.

>Only person besides Munakata who could have made underwater building
>Kirigiri accuses him of being too calm
>Personally scouted Mitarai into the FF
>Somehow knew Juzo's NG before he even did anything
>Some shit about a second project
>Intentionally tricks Munakata into thinking everyone was Despair
>The fact that he even knew about the "attacker" to begin with
>The fact that he even knew about Chisa to begin with
>Possibly one of the higher-ups who enrolled Junko into HPA
>Possibly intentionally poked Hajime's insecurities
>Possibly the old man in Naegi's Worst Day Ever
It would make ZERO sense for Tengan to be innocent at this point

Did he have the SHSL everything standing next to him?

Worded that badly.
They're going to broadcast the pantsing to the world.

It depends if she was in on the plan or not.

If she was in on the plan, then it was a calculated move to drive him to despair.

If she wasn't, or not deep enough to know what the mechanics of the game would be, then it was just bad luck- everyone woke up in the same position they fell asleep in, and Chisa was right next to the monitor. So- she was the first to die.

In truth, she could have probably caused a lot more harm alive than dead, like showing Munakata the picture, taking someone hostage, and making him kill her himself.

still going with Kirijunko but i'll be open for anything

0. He got complete closure and was satisfied.

I dont think they are petty enough to go after Munakata. Especially Hajime.

read few chapters only for pictures of Juzo

Who? Chiaki? That would make less sense than Chisa being alive.

It might depend on their training. As a boxer, Juzo's trained to use his muscles for punching, not throwing. So he might've not used his muscles properly when doing things that aren't associated with boxing.

Tengen on the other hand, is unknown. We have no idea what fighting style he learned over the years, so he could have better technique than Juzo in that situation.

Who controlled this camera?


How about you try reading this thread for starters? Also, see

>Kodaka wasted great characters like Bandai, Gozu, and the 76 trio on being useless filler to increase the killcount
>Instead we got 9 episodes of Persona and meme boxer faggot running around trying to kill everybody


To wit, Juzo survived this.

Like her a lot too

DR1 put all the focus on her Togami obsession and personality changing. Did little with Fukawa herself.

AE kept her away from Togami , forced her to interact with others and actually developed her.
Her and Komaru's growing bond is the best part of AE

Juzo in Chika's outfit was the best part of Killer Killer.

>everyone woke up in the same position they fell asleep in
Nah, they woke up in different positions. Even took screenshots but can't find them.

Of all things happening and we didn't got mitarai NG code at all?

I bet it has to be.

>Don't be an alpha

Mahiru travelled back in time to plunge everyone into despair using her ultimate photography skills.

To think you all underestimated her despair-inducing abilities.

Man If the RoD are now mix of island/despair memories Izuru got away kinda easy.

Considering he did not do anything really horrible aside negligance due to his lobotomy.

I mean Sonia fucking killed her own parents.

From likely to least likely:
Tengan > Junko > Chisa

The '76 trio got way more episodes to them than they should've. They were utter garbage compared to the likes of Gozu and Miaya, the latter of which could've really used that screentime in a more story-relevant way.

DR has fodder characters are in every game. Get used to it.

Munakata must feel horrible being the one to kill Juzo, his best bro. It wasn't the NG code, it wasn't the brainwash video.

>Gozu didnt become 77's teacher when Chisa had to actually work as a teacher.


Izuru actually didn't do anything wrong at all and also basically killed other rods with exception of 4 people.

>Sonia killed her parents and plunged her entire nation into despair
>Akane starved herself and probably killed her brothers and sisters
>Fuyuhiko fucking stuck Junko's eye in his head, took over his family's mafia and murdered everyone with it.
>Souda mowed people down with guns, built giant rampaging mechas and became a hedgehog
>Hajime stood there and watched his waifu die


I don't get why they included the 76 trio in Despair when their arc was pretty much in a vacuum except for Seiko getting fucked over by Hopeman.

He only survived that so kodaka could do his little redemption story with him

At first I read "Juzo in Chiaki's outfit" and now I feel confused but also excited

Munakata has basically done nothing right in DR3. Poor lunatic.

Honestly, I sometimes feel better off considering DR1 Fukawa and AE Fukawa separate characters. As a consequence of being turned from yet another one-note character to a full blown deuteragonist, the latter has a lot more character development, both in terms of explaining her character (why she is the way she is) and in terms of her overcoming her own insecurities to become a better person and truly trust in somebody else. Story-wise it's one of the tightest and most well put together entries in the series, if I had to be honest. It'd be nice if V3 meets the bar it set.

Well, he didn't survive it -- he just died really slowly.

Izuru SHSL Bullshit Chiaki back to life in the underground laboratory.
Tengan enters.
Izuru is coded to obey Tengan.
He hands him over Chiaki.
Chiaki is used for Kamukura 2.0 overseas.
She is perfected Izuru.

who's boobs are bigger chiaki's or juzo's

As bad as the gameplay was at times, I feel like this game did more for its characters than the other two ever did.

Not to mention no one knows what Izuru looks like and "Hajime Hinata" is literally a nobody. He leave the island and do whatever he wants.

What can Despair Country Queen Sonia do? Or Most Powerful Yakuza Clan Leader Kuzuryuu?

When will the "liking Juzo" meme end? He literally allowed the world to end because he didn't want to come out of the closet. His 'redemption' is the equivalent of totaling a car then putting an apology post-it on the windshield.

So you imply that Chiaki became the Ultimate Hope like it was intended from the start with Hajime? I sure HOPE so.

Cause the game had less characters to focus on.Also, there was miss opportunities of getting to know more of the other captives,

So what can Mitarai do to stop being Shinji 3.0?

>Chiakizuru vs Hajizuru

How can I vote if there's no Juzo?

I'd assume Juzo since his chest appears to be bigger than Hajime and the only girl in sdr2 who was bigger than him was Akane.

why? faggot didn't warn him about Junko.

Can someone remind me how many years were wiped from DR1 characters?

>Cred Forums suddendly hate mitrai

Because AE condensed its cast members. I think a full blown Danganronpa like it (mostly extras and a couple of developed characters) could work really well.

Become the Ultimate Hope with our new project available at Hope's Peak Academy, one spot, no refunds.

Has anybody ever said they LIKED Mitarai?


Why is Hajime's chest so broad?

desu it's not like munakata could have stopped her by that point anyway

she had her brainwashing techniques, the Ultimate Despairs, the reserve course students and her plan to go into hiding as Ryoko.

She was pretty much in the clear.

>gyaru is literally controlling an entire student body with mind hacks
>don't get her busted since you don't want your friend to find out you're gay

>he didn't do anything wrong

The NWP program could have worked if he didn't fuck with the program. He effectively fucked up naegis plan on curing the ROD if they all don't wake up and even if they did, some of them like Mikan and Nagito would still be messed up.

Sorry for not believing in the most bullshit theory going around.

He just liked Anime...


>despair sushi
Found the plot for DR V3

>it's an "everybody who likes something I don't like must be pretending" episode

W-What's that in her mouth?

>Nagito jizzes himself out of his coma

I like Mitarai
Ice Cream

one of those plastic popsicle thingys

fuck off cuck

I would honestly love it if earring boy did something like that and left a trial for 1 nonstop debate
We could have a new Hopeman if he's like that

>both of Nagitos' hopes became SHSL Hope
That would be pretty lucky of him.

After everything we have seen there is 100% a reason why he uploaded Junko AI and it was not "lol despair".

Either program was tampered with or graduation was not what it seemed.

I assume Tengan at this point.

Since they entered HPA. So two years.

Poor guy had a tough childhood and dedicated his life to making something that can fill everyone with hope, it's seriously not his fault he met wrong people.

Junko is related to Tengan then? Maybe she's her granddaughter which explains a lot of her free reign bullshit around the school?

It won't end. The bozoboys are too large thanks to kodakas crap ending for him.

Why i'm supposed to like the guy who always are giving weird glances to my Hopelet?

Gary Stu confirmed

Kodaka's projecting

Chill out, weakling.

Post gas-mask Hopeman

>didn't even try refuting it and just made fun of me
You big bully!

A popsicle of course

Junko would've just killed him right there if he refused her terms. The whole "offer" was just a way to humiliate him.

He really wanted a talent, so he tried his hands in several different areas. It's probably why he was the only other person Chiaki met who played Gal Omega so much. He was alright to pretty good in some areas, but never good enough to SHSL.


Ahoge's are stupid

You're all stupid

What does that have to do with his chest being huge?

He just had to say yes and tell the truth to Munakata later.

Turn Heel and reveal he made the entire game a giant revenge plot against Class 77, Chisa, Class 78, and the Future Foundation for taking advantage of him

no u

I want to use Akane's boob pillows.

Yeah, I'm sure he'd be able to successfully lie to the SHSL Analyst.

Wait, so why didn't he just do this again?

Wew lad

A lot of workout, enough to be hot but not enough to call yourself the Ultimate hot.

>implying she wouldn't know he was going to lie

I want Ahoge Fight to replace the sword minigame in V3.

Mitarai might not be an antagonist but god i hope the Mastermind kills him

Yes, In the early threads.
I still like him, People started hating him for no reason this week.

What did Class 78 and the FF ever do to him?
He has no one to blame but himself for his misfortune.

But he's the SHSL Ikemen.

>As a consequence of being turned from yet another one-note character to a full blown deuteragonist, the latter has a lot more character development, both in terms of explaining her character (why she is the way she is) and in terms of her overcoming her own insecurities to become a better person and truly trust in somebody else.

Indeed. A character like Fukawa really needed that and I'm glad she got that chance.

> It'd be nice if V3 meets the bar it set.
It would be nice if the character interaction could come close to Fukawa and Komaru in AE. Doubt it though. Considering they have more characters to focus on.

He's Nagito, I don't care what proof you have it's just too perfect.

This. It isn't that he can make an untrue statement after his first statement. He said he isn't a remnant of despair, which is true technically. He could still easily be the true ultimate despair.

So you're saying he didnt even try to lie? What a pussy.

>Hajimeme's last memory of his waifu was her shapely ass and panties.

Ohhhh. I see. Hajime's chest is too huge man.

>this week
People have been hating him since he got roped into being Junko's crony.

be me a kirijunko fag
Cred Forums calls you retarded
Reddit calls you a dumb fuck
Tumblr just laughs at you among their tears for their dead waifus (chiaki and kyoko)
some guy on Cred Forums comes up with a even more meme theory about Chiaki being Izuru 2.0
Everyone likes it

well there goes my theory that the despair anime was the synchro arc of Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V

The talents that involved physical labor had some impressive results. As far as we know, they only messed with his brain when mak8ng Izuru. His body was left untouched. So the strength Izuru has would just be him using his muscles to their full capacity.

>just give up robohope
>you could never defeat my omegahoge and become the MC!

did you even watched the ep? even chisa said that junko is innocent

It would have been a waste of everybody's time to show him lying and her immediately realizing it. Whether it happened or could have happened or not, it wasn't a necessary scene so we didn't see it.

Shut the fuck up valwinz

>Weedman banged Kanon and popped out this fucker
Weedmom has purple hair so Weedman probably has purple hair as a recessive gene

he was beaten to the ground by a girl who had already killed a bunch of hpa staff members. what's the point in lying? he knew what would happen.

Sorry, user. This is all I've got right now.

I'm a Umineko vet user. My theories stick because I've seen some shit

>H-Hajime? Are you sure this'll increase my ahoge size like yours?
>shut up slut



>be me
Kill yourself you Cred Forumstard

YO that was harsh but True

Danganronpa is full of closet gays

Being gay=despair

This thread is despair

Junko wins again

Frankly, I don't know why people are so obsessed to call him a liar when we know that he absolutely loves talking in half-truths and outright anti-truths intentionally designed to take advantage of others' insecurities. He told Hajime "don't worry about being a WORTHLESS NORMIE bro, you can go back to your highschool where everybody bullied you", everything with Munakata, and if we take the old man in Worst Day Ever as him, he stole Naegi's coffee can and told him luck didn't matter, except it turned out that Naegi's luck absolutely mattered, and he baited him into following him to boot.

He's still running away from his problems so if he blames everyone else but himself, it will satisfy his fuckups.
Maybe he wants Naegi, his "idol," to die so he doesn't have to be reminded of his mistake of being manipulated by the woman Naegi defeated anymore.

They are blaming him for the entire tragedy when it wasn't really his fault.
They also are saying that he is useless when he saved Asahina and at least tried to protect Kirigiri.
Yes, He is useless but is normal considering how weak he is.Neagi was just riding asahina for most of the time and then he was punched by Munakata until he left the edge
Munakata has only made the things worse every time instead of being usefull and nobody is complaining

Then why didnt he use that as an excuse when he confessed to Naegi?

Mitarai at least has the being held hostage shit.

>what was the point in lying
What was the point in staying silent after she let him go rather than telling Munakata?

Come on that's just a shit anime. It wasn't despair inducing

who is better

What's his endgame? Is his wild ride over or will he surprise us yet again?

I don't think it's so much outright hating him as it is a passive dislike of him from doing almost nothing besides saving Asahina early on and complaining more and more.

Only a few, People still felt sorry for him.
The Mitarai hate really grew this week when he really didn't anything bad.
Also, Why are you hating him for something that wasn't his fault?

Ive weathered Umineko too user We've both seen some shit

Btw Bern and Lamba are best girls

B-But he turned off the lights!

That makes sense considering his mom's pink hair

>Episode 12 future
>Makoto wakes up at home
>Feels dizzy, does usual stuff
>Suddenly Komaru comes in his room
>"Hey Onii-san, you've got mail from Hope's Peak Aca,,,"

To find the ultimate hope, no matter what the cost is

Is he incredibly suspicious and in no way the "cool old guy" we thought he was early on? Yes.
Is he connected with the mastermind? Undoubtedly.
Is he the mastermind? Maybe, maybe not.


>Why are you hating him for something that wasn't his fault?

you know who

These threads have made me go from seeing Robo Naegi as cool to seeing him as this crazed lunatic who is obsessed with getting his protag spot back

>Kirigiri stays dead
>Aoi dies too somehow
>Makoto travels to Towa to claim Fukawa as reserve reserve girl and is challenged by his sister
and so the Mortal kombat Ahoge Fight started

So being normal human? And it's not like Naegi has done much.

If we're still on Nagito's wild ride then I want it to stop... I can't take anymore of these feels.

Purple-ish Pink

Hopeman is a maniac who loves hope so much he's going to fuck everyone over for it and survives on pure bullshit ex machina. Kumagawa is a righteous hero who is objectively more correct than the protags and continues to struggle even when everything goes wrong.

even if he had some semblance of an excuse for it he still regretted it.

what would munakata do that junko wouldn't have been able to immediately thwart? he regrets this too but junko had a fuck ton of bullshit on her side

We'll see his pod switching on at the last second of the last episode

Why is Nagito's jacket so /fa/? Where could you get one like it that isn't for cosplay?

Yep. I like him for being one of the most 'human' characters in the series and not bottling everything up, but I can easily see why people dislike him.

So since every DR has a 2 gay faggots, who is going to be gay in SDRV3

>what would munakata do that junko wouldn't have been able to immediately thwart
So because it's not likely they'll win at this stage, he just straight up doesn't give Munakata information?

could he have prevented that from happening?

Naegi hasn't really done anything too.
He just was punched by Munakata in this entire series and saved by everyone this entire series.
Munakata has done anything right and make thing worse every time and everybody forgets him for his dead waifu.

Tengan won't mastermind per se, but he was disgusted with FF.

I feel like Makoto was exactly what Tengan wanted.

Normal people who try their best.

Also Jin Kirigiri is seriously responsible for most of the crap, he is a fucking idiot.

The craziest thing I can think of is that when Hajime and the gang wake up, they see his pod had opened before them, and he's somewhere in the island doing crazy stuff.
Actually, Tsumiki's pod could have also already opened as well...

Another Umineko vet here. I wonder what population of these DR threads is filled with people who were around for Umineko threads.


>2 gays?
teru (bi), ishimaru,hopeman. juzo

He could of refused and become a stepping stone for hope. His sacrifice against despair could of warranted him being labeled ultimate hope,

How does he always manage to look so damn fine

NO ONE should be able to pull that outfit off

>Hopeman Gay
Nigga Hopeman is only gay for one thing. And that's Hope

If he wasn't so full on autistic for hope and noticed his surroundings, probably.

Never go 100% on Hope. Just look at how retarded Munakata and how insane Nagito is

Hopeman is hopesexual

She stole his techniques with his talent.
Tell me how is that his fault?


>Normal people who try their best.

he intentionally made HPA associates FF leaders instead of normal people who were more qualified for the jobs

Every time I glance at this thumbnail I think the white box is a censor for his huge dick.

I wonder if V3 will abandon the hope/despair shit and go the LOVE route that DR3 took

Did you miss how Junko stole his techniques and made the brainwashing video before he realized?

> Hopeman is hopesexual
Fucking Kek

Go away fujoshit

Why is a normie like Hajime so handsome?

>implying mikan hasn't already committed suicide from breaking down from her actions
But if they both woke up first, what would they be doing?

how could he have prevented junko from taking his techniques?

I keep thinking it's a censor for a head he ripped apart and tossed aside.

>Tell me how is that his fault?
He gave them freely too her, he didn't even ask why she wanted them.

The Kirigiris really got dealt a shit hand in terms of plot. In all the cases where they were incompetent it was purely because Kodaka had written himself into a corner and had to hand them the idiot ball so the story wouldn't end right there.


yes. stupid, right? but in the end, there wasn't a way for him to stop her.

Watch the anime again.
He didn't give them to her.
She literally copied it with her sharingan.

Yeah, exactly. The way he spoke to Hajime in particular really tipped me off that there was something up with him.

>Look, look!
>We have matching hairstyles now!

plus he fucked the despair outta monaca and made her an adult

Has anyone translated Megumi's radio show with Chisa's seiyuu yet?

When will Chisa use long nails to kill Munakata?

I love how neither he nor Chikatilo wore anything under that waistcoat. Fucking lewd.

Yeah but he didn't have to share it with her did he? He never asked why she wanted to know these techniques.

>We don't now

Shut up youre dead

Trying to kill each other.

You tell me when the Despair-hen ED is literally Nagito cumming about HOPE to a collage of scenes with Class 77 that make up a mosaic of Chiaki.

It's still hurts

But that's for cosplay.

Literally anywhere user. Maybe not with the finishing like the pixel shapes in the back or the red prints, but any khaki sportswear coat or kway coat would probably do.
Only kaki is /fa/ though, Nagito's coat in itself is oldfashioned and most people who wear it look like hobos. You'd be more /fa/ with a khaki bomber jacket.


Get back in your unmarked grave zombie.

Why would he ask why? Some girls want to see his anime, and he showed it to them. Seems innocent enough. He didn't mention the brainwashing until AFTER they saw it.

I know

He didn't know taht she wanted to know those techniques.
She said that he wanted to see the anime and then she helped him.
Mitarai's only sin was being very Naive and don't realize that people generally don't help you without being paid.

Pre-DR3 I liked Hajime more. Post-DR3 I like Makoto more now. DAT HOPE.

Also being useless

Very very useless

>These 2 despair trips were so bad they absolutely mauled themselves to death compared to the other suicides
I hate that I actually liked Seiko

Literally green parka with some red paint on it and cuts at the bottom.

Junko never said that he wanted to know about it.
She just literally see the anime and copied it.

>they never, ever made up with each other
No wonder it was so effective.


Being a Seiko fag is suffering

What about Juzo's jacket?

How does that change the events of Despair arc?
If you are talking about Future, He saved asahina and was protecting Kirigiri from Juzo.
You should complain about Naegi and Munakata.

She blackmailed Juzo when she didn't need to just to make him despair.

And now I actually wonder what our boy Gozu saw that made him go despair apeshit on his ass

Seiko was best girl in Mirai-hen...

Seiko didn't deserve that.
Ruruka on the other hand...

She needs a better resolution. Not like this. Not like that.


Reality that gay is wrong


That's because Hajime isnt in the middle of killing game where he actually has to do stuff instead of be in the shadow of HPA.

>page 1
Fucking stop.

>Watch latest ep
>Rewatch Despair Ep 2

Fuck I cant makeup my mind with Juzo. He saved the day but he's still one of the biggest pieces of shit ignoring Junko.

Because Kodaka is a hack.

I think the very fact that she blackmailed him instead of just dragging him off with her normie army and brainwashing him too proves that no matter what he did it would not impact her plan at that point.


That isnt Chiaki. We know it isnt.

>doesn't take assumptions as facts
>yet assumes the secret room is in fact just a fake exit and does not investigate further

Juzo's shown he can resist brainwashing. Chisa's last memory of Munakuta burned away after being brainwashed. Juzo's last memory of him remained until he life finally ended. Junko saw that his devotion was even stronger than Chisa's.

>You can't see me
>Gozu stabs his eyes out

How can he be so innocent about it too? I bet he just picks those low-cut shirts because they help him cool off faster or something, not because he's trying to show off the goods.

Chiakifags are making the Cure W crowd look good right now.

>Juzo's shown he can resist brainwashing
You obviously can't put Ruruka's candies on the same level as what Chisa went through

Do you never go shopping? These are rather easy to find.

>And it's not like Naegi has done much.

Naegi's LUCK has done more than Mitarai ever could have done

At least they have better reasons to be delusional.
Their waifu died in a horrible way meanwhile the Kirigirifags are complaining when their waifu had a heroic sacrifice that is good for her character development.

I dont see how Cure W is a dumb thing to some of you fags who want Kirigiri dead.

Is a dumb asspull.

No, Kirigirifags are complaining that Kirigiri got a retarded plot point death and that it's only getting dumber as the series goes on thanks to Kodaka. Chiaki dying was a foregone conclusion from the moment she was revealed to be real, the death was horribly violent but it was nothing unexpected or dumb.
I honestly don't mind the theory, the issue is how insanely hard some people are pushing it.

>Foreshadowed multiple times
>"dumb asspull"

It really isnt though. Her drugs made a dog grow to the size of a house.

Also, Kirigiri being alive make EP9 and 10 very pointless and a waste of time that we didn't have with 12 eps.

>I honestly don't mind the theory, the issue is how insanely hard some people are pushing it.
I find it weird how insanely some try to push it down.


>Cure that never work and seiko didn't use for some reason, Save Kirigiri

They clearly don't care. Remember the UDG episode?

I liked him in the beginning because he was so ridiculous. Sympathetic antagonist.

>Cure that never work
When did it never work? On Bandai who already died? Why would Seiko use it on herself? Her NG wasnt activating.

>Cure that never work
She only tried it once on Bandai, who was already dead on the ground.

How? It makes Naegi sad and had to make him go confront munakata. Her being alive is a BD ploy.

What is the point of all those emotionals moments,foreshawding about her dead and falshback if you are gonna bring her back?
Why even bother killing her with when we just have 12 eps and waste time with her death and then waste time explaining how she isn't dead.

She also used it in the dogs.
To try to save the others and finish this faster?

Because it's like Kirigiri's character to take a gample and her surviving would foreshadow case 5

I really want Kirigiri to be dead now.
We don't have time to explain the mastermind,16th,Togami and DR2 guys + How she is alive in 26 Minutes.

>We don't have time to explain the mastermind,16th
Something will be revealed in Despair 11.

Survived the rubble falling

>DR2 guys
Mirai-12 and Despair 12(part of the story).

>How she is alive
"I drank Seiko's medicine"

We still have the 12th despair episode

>Inb4 VA special

It's being called that but nobody knows what it is, maybe it's a last crossover between Despair and Future