I will post this every day until Christmas!

I will post this every day until Christmas!

96 days!

Fluffy mode!


I still want an edit of this with Kuroneko and the santa costume black.

Not starting the thread with Yui is blasphemy.

>Not liking variety on threads instead of the same

If there is a Millhi Claus why isn't there a Leo Claus since she was the better Dog Days character?

But if he's posting something different every day until Christmas then he's not posting this every day until Christmas!


Hopefully cancer cells will start to form in your pancreas.



This isn't Yui


Yui and Christmas are synonyms.


And WAN WAN to you too, sir!


I Hate My Life


That's not Yui. Don't do this to my autistic traditions.

I appreciate the effort though. Not a bad idea.

If you like pointless daily repetition then you should try few mobile games.


Post the subreddit for this thread

I look forward to Christmas Yui every year


Fuck off impostor.


96 days until a new Christm/a/s song.

What do you want for Christmas?

>96 days until a new Christm/a/s song

IS that a threat, Jebus?

>96 days!
you're a day off, faggot. it's 95 days


Including Christmas day, Cred Forumsnon?

>year will be over in 100 days
how depressing

No, THIS is a threat.

Your mother is a hamster.

Why? 2016 has been a shitty year.

100 days left for it to get worse.

>Jebus Matoi !01jMxbeXFY

MY MOTHER WAS A SAINT even though she does stuff he cheeks with toilet paper and has eating a sibling or two...


>>year will be over in 100 days
what planet are you living on?

>another year has almost passed

96 more faps to Yui before Christmas!

>it's been a year already

Who are you?



What have you done with the real Yui Claus



>95 days
>3 hours
So 96 days.

>100 days left for it to get worse.

Don't forget that the US election is during that 100 days.

I still haven't received a confirmation e-mail from secret santa

Good, hopefully you're blacklisted.

>2nd Christmas without moot


Could anyone have foreseen things getting this bad this quickly?

How so?

Have you actually browsed Cred Forums in the last two years or do you just shitpost blindly?

use this one pls.

Everyone predicted it would get a lot worse a lot sooner.

>or do you just shitpost blindly

I don't blame Cred Forums being shit on moot leaving.
As always its more Cred Forums is running more and more out of things to talk about.
Also, anime's been pretty meeeeeeeeeeeeh since 2012.
TRIGGER is the only one making anything discussable really.
When everything has a source material, Cred Forums can't conjecture together.
We're just in a dry spell about things to talk about.
You can only have an X thread so many times.

No one wants to talk about old anime and the current anime isn't worth discussing either.

Or you'll have to face the fact that we're getting older.

Cred Forums isn't abunch of 18-25 years olds anymore with free time.
Cred Forums is becoming 25-30 years whose parents aren't going to pay for their animu anymore.

I'm actually saving money for a Secret Santa this year. More excited for that than actual Christmas.

Is this pasta?

What makes you say that?

>TRIGGER is the only one making anything discussable
It might be legit, seeing as how metafags always sound the most new.

did santa respond to yet?

>only 96 days
Holy fuck where did this year go.

I can't believe I achieved even less than last year and that was already a low for me.

I just got a confirmation.

You still have 100 days to fulfill your dreams and change the world.

christmas is STUPID

Have a hat, little piggy!

NO i threw the hat off/spoiler]

Why hasn't santa responded to me yet?

my hat was professionally done TEEHEE

I didn't realize the SS threads were up yet!

Stop avataring

oki last one


she should've stay retarded.


How do I contact Santa? I've watched the threads for yeas but this is my first year participating



If you've been here as long as I have you should've know that it went to shit after 2007.
Hell, Cred Forums turned into a fucking porn dump.
I remember the whole porn dumping being one threat every week at most but now it's like half of the threads on Cred Forums are just porn dumps.

Of course it's gotten worse over time but it's been usable. I don't know how people browse Cred Forums regularly nowadays with how poor the discussion is and how intense the shitposting is.

It's easy, just avoid threads like Re:Zero and Danganronpa that are filled with underage Cred Forumsermin.

Where the fuck has this year gone?

You can't just put a hat on everything! Putting a Santa hat on something does not make it Christmas themed!

And the metathreads and the general threads and the off-topic threads.

Oh wait. That's all that's on Cred Forums.

So we watching toradora this year too?
We need to watch something new too.

>I only watch popular shows
There's your problem.

The quality of less popular shows threads aren't much better. Maybe if by non-popular shows you mean shows with 30 or less viewers on Cred Forums.

I'm sorry but you're wrong. Amanchu and Active Raid threads were infinitely better than Danganronpa threads or Love Live threads.

>Active Raid

So a show with like 30 viewers.

You're wrong again.


Remember when these threads were about Christmas?

Please wait until AFTER Halloween...

Can't it be both?

Why doesn't anyone want me to buy them a present?