It was inevitable.

Fuck off.

>he can recognize that it's mal
Hmmm I wonder what this could mean Mr. Contrarian

check em

>wow how can you recognize shit
>you must be a shiteater yourself

How one can say that MAL is shit if one never enter to the site?

Funny how a very old posting in Cred Forums guide recommended MAL over Anidb.

>reddit:zero cuck
>Post male ss

Nothing surprising here.

Do you enjoy making a fool of yourself.

She supports them having sex

>still two more weeks until the Reddit:Zero cancer is gone

It can't come soon enough.

Of course, she's her maid. Preparing Emilia for her first time is Rem's duty.
I mean, it would be, if she wasn't eaten and forgotten.


Subaru doesn't deserve such a perfect girl.

MAL is fine for that purpose, anyone who says otherwise is just blindly shitting on it. But MAL's community is hated for a very good reason, though I'll have to get back to you on that as to why.

these threads are like fucking cockroaches, and when pictures of these disgusting character designs popup it's like one crawled on my monitor


because the show is for beta self inserts the protagonist is a useless piece of shit

because on Cred Forums you're supposed to agree with everyone on here or be subject to (you)'s

It's actually triggering me. If Rem doesn't fucking win, I can't be held responsible for what I'm going to do.

Seriously, what the fuck is going on. I just finished episode 18 and I feel like punching a hole in the wall. Subaru rejects her after a beautiful romantic monologue, declaring her love, and then asks her for help that she "humbly accepts" and then further rubs it in as she's crying in his chest.
>Will you come with me to save the girl that I love that isn't you
>humbly accept
>Yeah just so you remember, I don't love you. I love the elf. but come give me a hug.
I don't mean to use it as it is commonly used nowadays as a meme but Subaru is autistic.

even malfags know that rem is the best girl

what are you doing here malfag this is not your place

Everybody knows that except Subaru because
>S-she saved me that one time from the "thugs"
a-also she's very nice.
Srsly fuck that guy i hope he doesn't end up with Rem, she deserves someone who loves her not someone who put her "2".

>Rem not considered a main character
MAL once again proving it belongs in the trash along with the shit waifu Emilia

But (you)'s are never a bad thing

This show was garbage from start to finish.

>Entire plot points completely forgotten about
>characters having inconsistent and convenient powers
>an unlikable main character with a contrived love interest
>characters being introduced and then never seen again
>characters being written out because they'd be too convenient to have around when shit hits the fan
>boring ending that leaves more questions than it answers
>best girl gets cucked for no reason


>remfag still mad his generic meido is going to be forgotten

I hope so, i actually stopped visiting A and became a cross-boarding faggot because of these cucks,

>Re:zero fan

Pottery. When will this end? JUST GO AWAY

>muh cuck waifu deserves to be main character even though she has zero reason to be from a plot perspective

Re:Zero was taken quite well on Cred Forums before it blew up in popularity.

I'm stuck between hating and loving the fact it's popular, since it attracted a bunch of retards while simultaneously giving it a shitton of merch.


Just wait till you get to the end of episode 21.

>Rem not important to the plot
have we been watching the same show?

>3dpd reaction image

Lurk for 2 years before posting.

>getting this triggered