First time posting, long time lurking

First time posting, long time lurking.

How has no one told me about this masterpiece before?

Jean-Paul Sartre
Carl Jung (lovingly referenced as "Carl")
Ayy lmaos conspiracies
Earlier internet histories
Battles between the Ego, Id, and Superego.
class hierarchy structure/seedy political espionage.

This show covered a lot of ground, and most anime these days have nothing close to this level of thinking FOR AN ANIME.

If you feel it was too deep for you it probably was, and here are some attached images that really affected me at the end of the show. I actually cried when Lain cried, because I feel exactly the same way.


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>long time lurking.
>no one told me about Lain
Is this nigga serious?

I'm actually an Epistemological nihilism
Main article: Epistemological nihilism

a little on that:

Epistemological nihilism is a form of skepticism in which all knowledge is accepted as possibly untrue or unable to be known.


You continued reading after "First time posting"?

Well I've lurked for years but I haven't got around to watching it. Sorry for my miscommunication or poor writing. I couldn't post without drinking a bit to be brave enough.

Lain a cute

Holy fucking shit, kill yourself, retarded newfag.

I don't believe in God, but the anime gave me hope that things would be ok.

Even in this cesspool we all identify as brothers and sisters trying to ascend or descend according to our philosophy down a hierarchical structure of knowledge that will bring us closer to true understanding.

I can respect that.


It's okay.
But Lain definitely has threads poping up every once in a while, even if it's just to say "Let's all love Lain."

>long time lurking.
Not long enough. Go back to lurking.

I know that these comments are either bait or headed to pg 10, but I don't care.

I'm a biology major who wants to study Neuroscience so a lot of these themes hit home for me.



I will soon don't worry, or maybe I'll finally decide that I don't need a physical body anymore, but this isn't the place for that kind of talk.


Just wanted to put this stuff out there. Probably some thoughts I had that I didn't mention in case I lost your attention some time ago.

Thanks guys. I love all of you.

If you've lurked for long enough you would know not to start a thread that way. Also we have a lot of lain threads.

>I'm actually an Epistemological nihilism
Kill yourself

I'd love to hear your interpretations, but I'll probably just get a moshi-moshi baitu desu and drink myself to sleep. Goodnight guys.

I don't care how
>you start threads or use le epic greentext.

try thinking a little differently for once mouthbreather, I brought up some good points, and if you have nothing constructive to say learn how to hide threads.

>Identifying (not restricting yourself entirely to dogmatism) with a school of thought is bad

I love this meme

>typing awkwardly because of exogenous dopamine control and other NT secretions due to mood.

sorry m8, you need a thesis double checked or are we on Cred Forums trying to share feels awkwardly with strangers with strangers?

ja it's pretty anischeral

When will this meme end?

Great thread, you should try it on Cred Forums next time.

has just the place for you, now fuck off and don't come back, retard.

this thread fucking sucks OP, lurk for 10000 years

>Posting about quality
>On a site bordering Cred Forums Cred Forums and /mental disorders general/
>being elitist about it

gb2 gaia kids, if you want you "cerebral in-depth discussions about things that really matter." Otherwise, please, people of the world, give me all your (you)s!

Thread theme.

Fucking baitposters and attention whores. I can't believe how many replies this shitty thread got.

This show didn't have any cute girls, I didn't like it that much. Don't know why people like this show.

modern Cred Forums in a nutshell. Good job buddy, even more cancerous than OP.

>modern Cred Forums
Ten years ago the most-talked about things were how hot Shana was, how great it would be to have Louise step on you, and CC's ass.

>2003 was when Cred Forums was invented on Cred Forums
>It's been about 13 years

clearly you don't remember blue sub six and blue gender threads. They were full of feels.

Yeah, because there were so many threads for fucking Blue Gender and they weren't at all drowned out by MariMite or MaiHime or anything.

>implying slice of life shit hasn't been around forever
>even slice of life got invariably terrible over time. Besides some of the dark comedy.

Slice of life a shit nowadays, even moreso than before.


Lain is wannabe cyberpunk, pseudo intellectual tripe and you only like it for the bearsuit wearing tweenage lesbian lead.

>Posting on Cred Forums because of the anonymity
>mensa boards are dead/shit, and 999 club was a few iq out of my league.

I could stand here and jerk off all day, or you could bring something worthwhile to the table.

>IQ shitposting

Lain is essential post-cyberpunk, and intellectually understandable themes for those of us that aren't Neanderthals. Please project harder next time.

lurk for 2 years before posting you autist

I was just posting a face, Mensa is a pointless/inane garbage, and /sci/ are legitimate flat-earthers and half /x/ so no thank you.


>wannabe cyberpunk
No it definitely is cyber punk
>pseudo intellectual
I can agree with that. Still a great show.

I watched Lain when I was 14.
Loved it, it has a great soundtrack (especially the BGM ones, not just the "hits" from the 1st OST like Lain's Theme and the like, which are also nice anyway, but the more ambient/experimental soundtrack used in this series is quality stuff.

This is just fucking beautiful.

I remember using Taro as nickname in chatrooms in the year 2000, and once found a girl with the nickname Lain (this was in just a random chat room from my country, not one for anime). I remember she told me that yes, the name was due to S.E. Lain and that she was with a friend, let's call her Mika.
I remember getting their phone number, calling her, and arranging a sort of date, at some anime projection event, they were doing Kare Kano and EoE.
The girl with the nickname "Lain" turned out to be this really ugly skinny nerdy girl with a stache. But Mika was also there, this tall, voluptuous brunette who was actually the one I talked with on the phone. She left her friend, this Lain girl, alone, and dragged me to the back of the room, where it was dark and away from the crowded public in the front, watching the first episodes of Kare Kano.
We made out for hours, then convinced me to go to the bathroom. We walked some stairs up and found the men's bathroom, nobody was there. So we placed a chair that was conveniently there right on the door, locking in from inside. I sat on the chair and told her to sit over me, but she was like "nuh-huh" and made me sit over her, I'm not sure why, maybe she thought she would be too heavy for me, wasn't far, but she was taller, bigger than me. She went really wild and tried to unzip my pants, but then someone knocked on the door.
Long story short, this girl ended up stalking me when I "broke" with her some weeks later, she hacked my email account and kept calling home, leaving spooky messages to my mom for me, like "tell user that I'm watching him" and stuff.

If you want cute girl SoL as well watch Haibane Renmei


>How has no one told me about this masterpiece before?

It's posted all the time. What are you talking about?

i didn't read this

So many words

And yet not everyone does.

The best thing about Cred Forums is because of anonymity no one knows you didn't lurk

Everyone knows he didn't lurk

He didn't attempt to fit in

>long time lurking
Why even pretend faggot

>I'm actually an Epistemological nihilism
>Main article: Epistemological nihilism
You literally just mis-copied and pasted this from the wikipedia article on Nihilism.

You aren't an Epistemological anything.

You, sir, are an edgy teen. Go back to lurking, faggot.


What did he mean by this?

you are crucifying an anime fan on an anime board

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i like enthusiasm, sue me.

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Welcome to Cred Forums, newfriend :^)
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