What's you're honest opinion on him?

What's you're honest opinion on him?

Obsessed with edge, lacks finesse, completely incapable of wring works without some sort of dark theme.


pretty much

Thunderbolt Fantasy says otherwise. Even the assassin was chill enough to share drinks and chat with the protagonist and the main antagonist is pragmatic and doesn't indulge in generic torture.

I like Fate / Zero and Saya no Uta. Don't really care about his other works

He turned a trash porn game in to one the greatest and highest selling anime of all time

Haven't seen, but it appears you've missed the point.

>completely incapable of writing works without some sort of dark theme
Do you mean to tell me Thunderbolt Fantasy has no dark themes whatsoever?

Sounds like you'r either shifting the goalpost or deliberately generalising to the point that fits into anything. Let me ask you, what show doesn't have a dark theme? Even kiddy shows like Pokemon has dark themes. Again, unless you're deliberately shifting the argument, we all know that what 'dark themes' mean when it we're talking about Butcher, especially since used the words "Obsessed with edge". And Thunderbolt Fantasy wasn't even edgy.

So far, the puppet show is just wuxia Lupin. Even the betrayals are fluffier than the sort you get in some Jump battle manga. Even manga Lupin and Mine Fujiko series were way darker than the puppet show.

It has some dark elements in the story, but to call them themes are a stretch as they're more of the background setting and far from the main point of the series. TF doesn't have FZ or PP type of central conflicts about the failure of heroism, morality breakdown etc, etc. Unless of course, you consider Ocean's 11 as being edgy and have dark themes.

>dark theme

But that's what he loves and are good at. What, do you want him to write SOL or something? You already got Reiko Yoshida for that.

TF is a whole lot different.

talentless with occasional lucky streaks of mundane breaking up the shit

Saya no Uta was his best work and I wish it would get a Hollywood adaptation because it would make a fucking awesome horror movie

He's not as good as most your average anime YouTube hack seems to think he is, but he's not bad either. He peaked with Saya no Uta.

Hack that can occasionally shit out something good.

Not as good as the circlejerkers say but also not as bad as the haters say.

He's all right

Meme buzzword that doesn't mean anything.
>lacks finesse
Meme buzzword that doesn't mean anything.
>incapable of wring works without some sort of dark theme
So he plays on his strengths? This is bad why?

I enjoy Psycho Pass s1 and Madoka, fate/zero is alright but i'm only 4 eps in. I respect the fact that he's actually made a name for himself as an anime writer, something none/few others have done.

He's the best writer in the business, no one in this thread even knows his complete works

He's got a fucking mangled up looking face.

I thought Kamen Rider Gaim was okay, didn't care too much about Madoka though.
user no, after reading that godawful comic book adaptation I don't think Americans should touch this

You're the one with a mangled up looking face.

You're asking how I feel about him, idiot.

Looks like someone's favorite meguca didn't have a good time.

Is he still a thing?

Ok but he seems too obsessed with edge. his bro likes being edgy too.

I'm glad he was able to find success in life and give me some boners from the games he wrote.

His works have an interesting premmise, but he ruins everything with how edgy he tries to be.

This. But i also respect most of his work.

His writing can be good when he's not being edgy for no reason but otherwise I stay clear of everything he does.

A pretty good writer that tosses around interesting ideas in lots of different mediums (good on him), although he really likes to write darker themed works.

This can lead to some of the predictability in the plots of his works. But he has been becoming more lighter, see Kamen Rider, Gargantia, Thunderbolt Fantasy, which means he either is a great writer that is a little self-aware of how darkly themes his works are and is moving away from that, or he's changing as a writer; probably a combination of both.

He knows how to write dialogue and pace a scene correctly. With the added benefit of knowing how to write a concept/scenario too.

Although his story pacing can become predictable due to his use of surprises/twists, but I attribute this quality more to how he likes to write darker themed works and he seems to go more for impact (his style). He also likes to reuse the same tropes, but seems to execute them differently.

He knows how to write characters that serve a purpose towards something (usually a theme).
If anything, I want to see him write an SOL with no overt theme, just to see how he is able to do that, but I don't think he will since it's not really his strength/his liking and he knows it.

Although I do gripe about him sometimes, he is way better than most writers in general.

I don't think I've ever particularly hated anything he's made but I've never really liked them either. So mostly just neutral.

Everything other than Psycho-Pass, F/Z, and Madoka are shit. Madoka's just okay.

It seems it's more fun to shit on him. There are better writers but the fact that he's made more than one good work is more than most can say about themselves

Not a fan. I remember reading Fate/Zero years ago and saying to myself, "There was a reason Type Moon didn't make this game!"

I feel the biggest flaw in his stories are his attempts at Pathos. His main characters all share the common trait of being pragmatic and stoic to an unsettling degree of indifference. And in one stroke of writing, the audience receives the main character's source of trauma, their raison d'etre, to understand them.

To empathize with a character, the audience needs to grow with that character and develop through their obstacles and journey not simply understand them. That's my issue!

Next Miyazaki

He's starting to trend down finally

First post best post as always. Butcher is a faggot overrated by normalfags easily impressed by ow the edge so mature.

Kiritsugu was absolutely awful for this. Such a stiff wooden character for so much of his story arc to the point where when we were supposed to get his backstory that was supposed to explain why he's a tin man I still just couldn't jive with him. At least we got a reason with that story unlike Aldnoah.Zero. As for the Psycho Pass movie no idea why the cast of that show got afflicted with it after not suffering from it as much in the TV series. That's easily this guys biggest writing flaw is how he writes his male leads especially as robots.

He's vaguely competent, which in anime writer terms makes him look like a fucking genius.

He seems to prefer writing "deep" plots about ideas, and his characters often suffer for it. It's really not to my taste.

He's outright bad at exposition though. Don't think I've seen him do anything other than "characters casually discuss plot-relevant facts they both know for no reason".