ITT: shit anime

ITT: shit anime


Your favourite one.


First post best post.

Diane for best girl

it was a good anime tho

just started School Days
watching Episode 6 right now

this shit is unbearable

Nostalgiafags place this shit on a pedestal to trash modern high fantasy anime since it's so "dark" and "mature", but the moment you criticize how generic and boring it really is they go:

>B-but it was good for its time!

i was thinking about watching it right now ? how bad it could be ? and why it's popular if it's that bad?

For reasons unrelated to this thread, what is your favorite anime, OP?

it makes me feel really uncomfortable
i can only feel hate and disgust towards the main character
>why it's popular
for similar reasons boku no pico is known
some people who enjoy suffering might actually enjoy this show

Spice and Wolf

This one.

You guys want something terrible, here it is.

how was seven deadly sins bad?

terrible, in the end the mc even gets decapitated by one of the jealous girls

shit taste

another naruto

you're an idiot

Meliodas shit protagonist
Elisabeth WORST female protagonist and girl

It's a dramatic tragedy disguised as a romcom.
Only watch if you enjoy seeing a shitheel get his dues.

Zero no Tsukaima, never again


thanx for the warning but i think i'm going to watch it

The last 17 episodes of re:zero

I generally enjoy stupid/goofy harem bullshit, but it fucking baffles me that people actually enjoy this.

>t. remfag
what's being on suicide watch like?

Makoto was an impulsive retard, but the girls that knowingly fuck him, and Sekai especially are far more fucking vile than him.

Elfen Lied
I absolutely cannot deny that I had a fun ride though

But I'm an emiliafag, salty because that blue piece of shit stole the spotlight and nothing ever compared to the lap pillow scene.


>no Sleeping with Hinako
I'm not mad, just disappointed.

fuck you NNT is perfect

> I had a fun ride though
then why do you hate it if you enjoyed it?

Monster Musume gave me priapism and I'm glad it exists, but as an anime it isn't that good overall. But maybe I'm missing the point.

Gurren Lagann, not so good.

This is a thread for bad anime, not specifically bad anime you hate with all your being.

Neon Genesis Evangelion.

I keep getting yelled at by a friend to finish it, and I dragged myself through 24 episodes and still hate it.


disgaea anime was deplorable

Man, fuck Sleeping with Hinako. Worst shit ever.

I finally manage to fall asleep after 15 minutes of her irritating asthmatic breathing, then the little shit TURNS THE LIGHTS ON AND GETS UP FOR A MIDNIGHT SNACK

I jolt awake and wonder if someone has broken into my room, half-stumble out of bed, and when my eyes adjust, I see that fat cow stuffing her face with pudding or whatever the fuck, with absolutely no regard that SOME PEOPLE ARE TRYING TO SLEEP HERE


Eiken was not a good show

one of the rare examples of anime i actively regret having watched, complete waste of time.

I'm giving (You) a (You) out of pity.

I think this is the only anime that I have watched and was legitimately apalled by how bad it was. Not in a snarky "It wasn't really everything I thought it would be so it's lame" way, simply a "How can anime actually be this bad?" way. It was purely awful. Is there any anime that's actually this bad that I haven't seen?

Probably you're favorite anime

Ginguiser, probably

If this was a bait thread for NnTfags.. then you failed miserably. Most of us are manga readers and agree that the anime is bad.

Hey fuck you bud.


Dayum, too bad i was planning to watch this

manga panelling is shit

Avast DIane's Ass


Green Green got pretty insufferable at times.

Cred Forums disagrees

Who cares, you fags have massive shit taste anyways.

Dragonaut the Resonance

Why everyone is being ironic? Reminder you don't know what a bad anime is till you watch White Album 1.

How does it feel to have good taste?

I didn't really understand any of it.


Skelter Heaven from the same people

I always knew

You faggots haven't seen the absolute void that is Venus Project: Climax.

What makes the anime bad? I picked up the manga where the anime left off and the anime seems to have had done an alright job


Haha u mad its good and better than shit fantasy crap you watch. Stop posting here and go back watching your re:zero shit.

Interesting name choice considering SmurfRockRune actually has OPM at a 9...



Regardless of how one may actually feel about NnT, the anime is a pretty shitty adapatation

Is there any good recent anime?


Alexander, finish it, you fuck

Don't do it. It's a trap.

Did you fug?

I marathoned it and enjoyed my time with it.
As with every genre, you won't enjoy it, if this genre is opposite to your tastes. Go watch historic or "Cowboy Bebop". I hated "Cowboy Bebop" and it was the reason to drop my habit of watching things to the end. It and "Neon Genesis Evangelion".

made some good fap material at least

yuru yuri s1 and 2

I enjoyed it. Watched it to the end, no regrets. But I hated "Cowboy Bebop" and "Neon Genesis Evangelion". Matter of tastes.

Yes. I tried to watch it and read it, but could not do either of these for long.


Don't remember it being this way. I enjoyed it at the time.

Akikan was fun. I especially enjoyed crazy love of the only human romantic interest.

>Another shitty bait thread

Sage and move on.

The one in genre you like. Things generally improve with time. Most things before 2006 are garbage.

manga is much better

Kiss x Sis is good, though.

>the fanbase is bad so the show is bad

Please post actual shit anime. I want to watch something nobody likes so I can fuel my hipsterdom.

This was my first anime when i was 4 in Korea. Made my boipussy tingle

Meliodas gets better in the second arc and Eli had her moments. She was actually useful when she stole the bell.

Hitman Reborn and Fairy Tail.

And here I thought I finally completely forgotten about that garbage.

Everything I don't like.