Saki: Tanoshii

Saki Biyori 56-57 TL is out. Also Hajime's birthday = 9/21

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Chapter 56 - Eisui

Hacchan is clever.

Jindai loves the beach.

instant vacation

Haruru's Shizu imitation?

wacky games

ultimate badminton and snack vending

narcolepsy and the human randoseru

Chapter 57 = Ryuumonbuchi
Jun defeats Koromo

The thrill of victory

Koromo accepts defeat

Koromo is Jun's maid

Tohka's reaction

Koromo takes her role seriously.

Jun pushes the limits.

Koromo's revenge.
End Biyori
Next Big Gangan issue: 9/25; leaks soon

Akio is still waiting for HD raws of the latest Saki (165) and Toki (4) chapters.

Thread is almost at the bump limit.

Does your craving for real life mahjong ever reach a limit?

>It's a dressing up Koromo in cute outfit but turns out Jun-kun is the cute one chapter
I appreciate this.


Is toki really irreversible?


The kodomo is really cute this chapter.

enjoy Hajime

I always thought the miko outfits were eisui school uniforms.

Hajime a cute.

Guys, where do you get the raws for Toki/Shinohayu when they're out?
I remember some cool user posted an archive here last month, but I should probably find them myself this time.

Great, now I have to imagine a Touka/Tomoki scene.

Hatsumi or Hajime?


I think the user said he bought it on kindle store in amazon. Don't know if you need a Japanese credit card for it, but it's like 540 yen for 3 Saki spin offs so it's a good deal.

no interest?

>mfw, dead fanbase

It's time to learn Chinese, the chinks appear to have a bigger following of lesbian mahjong shit.

i need anime! rIIIIIIttttzZZZZZz

I'm just waiting for leaks.

We're at least a day or two before that.

Dump user lied to me!

First C90 scan is up

>females only

2 days is like 20 posts by tanoshii-time though so it's a matter of interpretation.


I've got the one with crack and alcohol coming at some point.

So... is it porn?



Yuan's only good for breeding anyway, she's useless otherwise.

My hype for the next chapter can hardly be contained.
We've been overdue some character drama.


Oh man that was early.

Young hayus a cute

Color spread of lewd Ryuuka and non-Toki friends

Also subtle Rena past, even though she's in the swim club now she couldn't swim before.

>It's too far!
>Any of you know how to swim...?
>Not at all.
>I can swim 25m...

oh Kanna, you never disappoint

More hayu

Biyori featuring Wobbuffet-momo

It's stickers for your cards.

Left side

Canon Colors


Tsuruga biyori for one, what's the other biyori though?

Why are they so lewd?

Forever Toki



Is that a Harvest Toki?

No it's a tea Tomoki.



uh, so it's called OSAKA WHEEL.

>Editing the leaks
Fucking futaba.

Mekimeki art is so good.

I don't know what you mean.


All these malicious jokes about Richardson hitting on Kanna needs to end.


From the spoiler it almost looks like Rena was saved by Kanna. I like how Rena is now a cocky smart ass toward Kanna though.

I think they sto... I mean, borrowed a boat but lost control / lost an oar / stranded in a sandbank, and someone had to swim to get the oar / get help.

So yeah, Kanna indirectly saved Rena, and she began swimming because of this.

Damn son, they are full on prostituting Ryuuka.


I fucking love Hajime!

>the other 2 are in the back holding hands
What do they even need Ryuuka for then

Obligatory muhhh for that Ryuuka see-through dress.

Either that's a flashback, or she very casually shifted hairstyle between chapters.

Isn't she still in elementary?

psst, don't attract unwanted attention

I'm not sure, this is the panel above it

After having read Only You every Mekimeki character look like shameless and uncontrolled lesbians to me.

Not even Hajimes can save this thread


Touka is the best.

Hajime, no doubt.


What's that from?


Who sent them to the beach?

It was probably Kanna.



it's sad

Saki threads right now

In a way it's Saki-esque with this deadness though. Like Kuro waiting for years in an abandoned mahjong room, or Hisa keeping a mahjong club with only two members floating until her third year.

double Biyori: Shiraitodai / Tsuruga


extra-long Shinohayu?
also separated from Toki & Biyori, which is unusual

internal advertising

Toki making a big comeback?

Toki is not the only girl being bullied by Ryuuka's ex-friends.

So that's the winner of the Kobayashi Ritz prize. It looks suprisingly heterosexual.

More Awai hijinks, excellent.

Seems Toki's had that cleric garb for a long time.

I hope Toki fucks that girl too.

Kanna's probably thinking "If you can put forth extra effort for mahjong, why couldn't you help save the boat back then? Or are you just trying to kill me?"

>"If you can put forth extra effort for mahjong, why couldn't you help save the boat back then? Or are you just trying to kill me?"
And Kyouka's thinking "Oops, I almost revealed my true intentions"

Kyouka is really Kanna's only friend, not just her best friend. (pic = ch 5)

Kyouka is having bad memories of the last time she beat Kanna.


Kanna aged without really maturing.
Kyouka needs to flip a switch in Kanna's brain.

more Hajime

Biyori Hajime looks so pure compared to the rest, but that anime hair-down Hajime is the purest.


How many of you masturbated to Hajime today?

I'm doing it right now

Tell us when you finish and rate it.

I'd like to see Tomoki and Hajime exchange outfits and hairstyles sometime.

>See box
>See Awai
I know that her image will be damaged a little more.

Stop sexualizing the Biyoris, Saya.

Color pages for Shinohayu and Toki.

I would normally dump a bunch of Hajime in the /e/ thread, but futaba didn't have much new this year.

it is hard to resist

I've seen a bunch of Sakis wearing Hajime's outfit, but not Tomoki.
Here's Touka instead.

just posted a few:


missing in action
last spotted in June

could the new girl be Sera?

I see what they did there

Maho will end up Maya-tier shortstack in a few chapters.

"new" - it's a classmate, probably from the mahjong club complaining that the intruders should leave.

Perhaps her name appeared in the list of names that Toki repeated in the main manga.

Toki thread, toki fanbase.


Meanwhile Yuuki will remain DFC forever. She never will get her glamorous summer body.

Sure smells reposterrific.

You will never (be) impregnate(d by) any of the Biyoris, Tokis, Sakis, -hayus or Ritz's.


I really miss Hakka-ya's stuff.






did he find a new girlfriend?


Ako a best.

Artist source?

I hear she has her own series in Manga time Kirara now. Hope Gangan can recruit her.


"Slow Start"?

How gay is it?

Kanna is a drama whore.
Worst girl in Shinohayu.
Switch her with Rena already.

How many IRL years until this?

Kyouka should be the next cover girl for volume 7.
Not sure about Rena, we could also get one of the middle school girls.


I wish I was a magical lesbian that could manipulate titles during a mahjong game.


psst, she's still sleeping in the manga.

In the next chapter she will wake up and watch the end of the captain match with Ryuuka.

>going toki

That's a damn fine Momo there.

September 24 (tomorrow in Japan) is the birthday of Mihoko

Go buy some electric devices as birthday presents.

-- Mako

Happy Subara is happy

Will she change school next year?


God, I love the juxtaposition of the character with the photolike background.

Jelly, Teruru?

fusion dance?

I can't really post this...

"She's not born yet, sir."

last one

I like them too, as well as the fans that travel to compare manga panels with the actual landscape.

This pictures makes me want to defile Maho with my male penis.

It's mesmerizing indeed.
Also imagining that our NEET author secretly visiting those place makes me giddy.

Oh Ritz, I hate you but somehow I can't help but love you too.

Why Himeko such a slut?

She won't stop until she can find the biggest key.

Mairu likes to share the wifi password.

She's not a slut, she just burns calories in a different way!

already got me covered with something about wifi passwords.

Blame Mairu

Mairu-Subara-Himeko dynamic always remind me of Shoujo Sect.

Don't toki.