Did I miss Takagi Tuesday?

did I miss Takagi Tuesday?









puberty hit her like a truck


I want to skull fuck that smile.

Even the great Takagi-san can be caught off guard.



Why are you doing this?



NTR garbage.



except its not cuckboi

>marries some no name
>takes his dick and has his child
>barely remembers the MC's name
I ain't the cuckboi here.



I want to fuck her forehead.

huh, you are an idiot. She married Takagi, it was in the plate and everyone knows by know. Try harder

To be fair we don't know if that is his kid. She doesn't recognize him after all. That might just be his wife's daughter.

mangaka likes to use time context panels, shows the ending at the beginning. user thinks it's some other guy, doesn't understand what it means to be teased when she looks straight at your soul.

go and stay go, new era furfags

Yeah, right.

I'm stealing this

Some people like paper copies on their shelves, I'd assume.



She's too perfect. Is she an angel from heaven or a demon from hell?

"God and the devil alone could not have made you up / The two must have worked as one together"
—Dave Matthews, "Shake Me Like a Monkey," 2009






>mine is 10 inches

pls no fisting the takagi

>flash forward chapter
>"I wonder what he's up to"
>mystery man appears at the end
That wasn't him, right? I mean, why would she ask what he's up to? That implies she doesn't know where he is. I hate being teased

>I hate being teased
You may be reading the wrong manga

Why is her design so goddamn cute and appealing? She's basically a stick with a giant forehead, but it still manages to be so ungodly cute.


It's the power of the smug.

I like this manga alot its like Calvin and Susie in middle school

That's not a bad comparison, actually. I hadn't thought of it like that

Holy shit. You're right.

she's perfect right down to her toes


Who should animate this if we get an anime?

I'm thinking Shaft, but I'm a bit biased.



Shaft could do a great job with this, yeah.


Hopefully the same did for the boy and he got that nine inch cock she deserves.

Good answer.




Do want. Has this been released yet?


I've seen better prize figures than this.

Oh god my eyes

they look like happy meal toys.

what´s the price?


hands perfectly positioned for dropping spaghetti

We never saw his reaction when he openend his locker.



Would they dare to tease the other?


>¿De...De qué estas hablando Taco-san...?

I'm not surprised you have. It's a garage kit, as in made by a literal amateur.


>someone saved my OC

Fuck off.

I guess the question is not "Do they fuck" but "How they fuck"

I want to see Takagi lose her virginity



>are you thinking about me again?
Unexpectedly, this caused me to feel

I love it when I see my OC saved and reposted



I wonder if she makes him prep her bulls or does she just have him watch? I hope the height of her passion that he can't give her is video taped.






The yearbook chapter scares me.

What if it's... what if it's... NTR

This guy knows his stuff, Dogakobo knows how to make cute SoLs look great even without much material to show off, just look at Love Lab, anything else would taint the purity of Karakai

Forever flat.

oh my god that guy should get a trip
Did he finally stop with mangafox?

Fug that was cute.

That's dangerous senpai.

I wish my coffee was smug.

Chill out brah, they will get together, You might get teased by Takagi breaking the fourth wall.

No way that kid isn't Nishikata's. I mean Jesus look at that expression.


What if she marries Takagi but then Takagi is kill, hence "it's been a while Nishikata"

Also when the kid ask "Is it daddy" she answered with "I wish"

The guy at the end is not Nishikata

Stop with your delusions and go read this chapter again

I believe the original raws had captions that said it was fun to be teased or something.


New chapter when?


So it can take 8 months for the series to finish?

Christmas hat Takagi when/where?

This manga is so cute.

Can't believe some people reactions.

But goddamn will the quality be top notch

i tried

>Nikishita and other males doesn't exist
>Takagi now only Tease Baka and Autism girl trio and is now yurishit CGDCT
No thanks.

what if it's FemNishikata

I think the time-space continuum would collapse in on it self if that were to happen.

Takagi: Busy thinking about me again?
Nikishita: Yeah, but then... I'm always thinking about you.
Takagi: ...
Nikishita: ...
Takagi: ~blush~
Nikishita: VICTORY!!!

>males don't exist in Dogakobo anime
How new are you

Love Lab flopped so hard they now resort to removing males like in New Game to boost sales so the studio is dead to me. Nothing but of bunch of selling out bastards they are.

I haven't read the New Game manga. There were males there? Were they central to the plot?

Even so, literally all 9 shows they've done between Love Lab and New Game have had male characters. Stop being a faggot.

Not translating the end chapter text won't confuse anyone they said.


I will be as soon as Dogakobo stops making yurishit anime and give us Love Lab Season 2 already. ;_:

>Hence "it's been a while Nishikata"
She is teasing the readers. In the last page she literally breaks the 4th wall.
>When the kid asked "is it daddy", she answered with "I wish"
She was talking about who was at the door. Nishikata probably works until late, that's why Takagi said that.
>The guy at the end is not Nishikata
The guy at the end IS fucking Nishikata. Can't you see the name plate in the last panel? it literally says Nishikata. Unless she married some unnamed nigger with the same last name and the whole "HA! fuck you faggots I got ya!" in the last page was fake and pointless, we can safely assume she got married to that nigger Nishikata.

>inb4 B-but muh NTR
The only cuck in this thread is you

Honestly still unhappy with that translator, entire chapter leads up to the 4th wall quote.
>group doesn't translate 'magazine script'.
It's practically the author's fucking footnote, I wonder if they don't translate the final goodbyes in series

How long did they date before sex?

yes since you all teased me so much I found a source to download and print my scans that is not mangafox


She maintained composure but what was going through her mind those few seconds?

quality thready

Very lewd stuff like hand holding while looking at the sunset with neither of them saying a word throughout the entire journey home.

>It's practically the author's fucking footnote
I hope you know that the magazine text is literally written by the editor, not the author, and that the joke was intended to be understood without it.
This guy
has proven himself to be a shitposter who actually only cares about shitposting with NTRfags as stupid as he is, and thus needs the magazine text that explains the joke.

Translator faggot you never get tired in shilling your laziness do you?

can someone please post the image of takagi kneeling in her desk with her feet sticking out the back?

thank you in advance

Nope, I was just one of the people who was here when you actually said the manga was boring and you only care about vanilla vs NTR shitposting. These threads are horrible, and you're one of the worst posters in them. The fact that you're mad someone didn't translate the magazine text that's not actually part of the chapter (as it won't be in the tanks) and then call other people lazy instead of just learning moon yourself is ironic in a pathetic sort of way.

>implying I'm not learning moon right now
I'm going to read Takagi raw from now on thanks to this shit from now on.

>Enjoying a manga about bullying
Wew lads

Yeah I'm sure you're "learning" plenty and not just one of those idiots who will give up before they even finish memorizing kana.

Did you miss the deaf chick anime announcement. Bullying is cool now.

Might want to finish learning English first.

Fuck off.

what's the matter, user. Manga hitting a bit too close to home?

Do you ever get tired of shitposting? Just kill yourself already.

You first, you lazy ass faggot.

I enjoy pointing out how pathetic you people are any and every day. Enjoy your manga about bullying, kiddo.

You call this bullying, user?


>you lazy ass faggot.
But I already know moon, so even if I was so stupid that I couldn't get the joke without magazine text I wouldn't complain about someone not translating it.

Give me a break Takagi, a guy'd have to be dead three days not to think pervy thoughts about you.

And that would be you right?

>Only one person on Cred Forums can know moon
I can literally feel the asshurt mixed in with the stupidity coming through my screen.

Okay but who would voice Takagi and Nishitaka?

thank you dear user

dunno but considering japan, both would be voiced by females.

>Getting this assblasted over the truth

>Only one person on Cred Forums can know moon
No, but there is only one person that would bump a dead thread just because it has a post mentioning a certain person and that's you, translator faggot. I have you all figured out since the beginning.

Didn't expect that, did you?

Shizuka Ito assuming she's not retired or sounds different now.

You're the one who's triggered by childhood teasing that isn't bullying, friendo.


>bump a dead thread
Good lord.

And please for the love of god stop trying to be smug and clever, your broken English is painful enough to read as is, the fact that you think there's some wit in what you're writing makes it worse.

>projecting this hard
Wew lad

The only thing that is broken here is your cover, translator faggot. I suggest you leave this thread already and don't even bother to do damage control because it'll make you look even more pathetic.

Are you retarded? Serious question.

No, Just pretending.

Fuck off already.

Alright then, I'm genuinely curious.
Why do you think what happening in this manga is bullying?

Because there is NTR in the end.

Pretty much this. She's a smug cunt who is constantly berating him, teasing him, and making him feel worse about himself and in the end she doesn't even have the decency to fuck him after implying otherwise.

He got bullied as a kid and cucked as an adult. Enjoy your shit-tier manga.

>No, Just pretending.
Thank god, I was worried you thought you had a point or that anyone agreed with your retardation.

I still think translator faggot is a dick and still waiting for him to apologize for his rudeness any day now.

That's quite the leap of logic user, you're under the delusion that she has some sort of obligation to sleeping with the MC.
Also if you actually read the omake you would of noticed the nameplate on Takagi's door.

>That's quite the leap of logic user, you're under the delusion that she has some sort of obligation to sleeping with the MC.
It's not an obligation if she wants it.

>Daughter doesn't recognize her "dad"
>Bitch doesn't even remember his name and reminiscences about her time with him as if she hasn't seen him in years
>"Hurr durr it's Takagi's door because that name can't belong to a thousand other Japanese families."
Delusional much, cuckfag?

I still think you're an idiot for complaining about free fan translations when the only thing they did wrong is not translate something to author didn't write in the first place.

But that's right, you wanted that line to help shitpost the NTRshitposters with.

>people still complaining about the translation
>people still responding to NTR bait
Why are you all so stupid?

f'(x) = 0 sure are scary

>But that's right, you wanted that line to help shitpost the NTRshitposters with.
You mean against it. Don't you see the NTRfags are still at it even with that chapter translated? The only way for them to be shut up permanently is to add that little text to the page.

There is nothing to discuss about this manga. If there were no shitposting, the thread would either die or will be filled with blogposts.

>the thread would either die
Yes, god forbid this guy
ever stop his crusade. A series needs threads up even if there's nothing to talk about.

>nothing to discuss

when did Cred Forums need to be philosophical?

just post more cute takagi


>A series needs threads up even if there's nothing to talk about.
Generalfags please go


>She's smug to her daughter as well


How is she so pure and lewd at the same time

People talking about NTR

Are you in the spectrum or you're only teasing?




I wonder what sex with her is like.

>It's a safe day today

>although I currently identify as male I was born with a female body configuration

Boku no Pico

Safe day for Nishikata?

Takagi: >what do you want to watch tonight?

he rubberbanded his balls

I...don't think that's healthy.

>walk me home gently

Oh my...

Goodbye Nishakata Jr

>japanese middle schooler having a nine inch anything

that's why they measure in centimeters instead of inches



Scans and translation when?

I'm so glad he got better at drawing her

delete this

>walk me home vigorously

>a cat is fine too



>breaking the 4th wall then closing the door
needs to happen more often

>I can only orgasm through prostate stimulation

she gave him blue balls
he leveled up to black himself








How can loli be so smug?

because she's written to be that way by an adult

go back to monday witch

your brand of perversion is not welcome here

KyoAni or maybe the peeps that did Nozaki-kun? Hm...

I'd just like it getting a nice soundtrack, honestly.

DogaKoba would make her too angular



Needs more stuttering.

You can do better than that user.

Such a pity we never saw what happen on that date. Doesn't seem to have progressed anything anyway.


why didn't you die when tuesday ended bitch?


Would it have been more interesting if their roles switched in High School?

I would love to see Takagi being teased by Nishikata

is Takagi teasing us with dubs and failing to deliver?

Are people really that stupid to not understand what happened? The author trolled us with Takagi being a 4th wall breaking tease.

>made you look



Too bad that'll never happen.