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Emilia is a witch! Rem will be the endgame!

Where was that said? The Oni horn obviously lets them draw mana, but the Mabeast need to feed on mana externally, which is why they seek out the witch scent as a source of mana.

No. The witch beast themselves are attracted to the witch miasma. It's the reason why Subaru was the one being chased out. Arc 2-3 already stated that Rem definitely can smell the witch Miasma which is why she kills Subaru at one point.

I'd say when in the mansion only 2(Beatrice, Rem) 3 if you Puck is aware. No one else is aware.

>but the Mabeast need to feed on mana externally
I heard the Witch of Gluttony created the Mabeasts so they didn't actually need to feed on mana externally, because they actually are able to absorb it from the environment. They attack people because they're hungry for even more mana.

Actually that was proven false. She made then predators on purpose.

Because she thinks people should not forget that they can become prey themselves.

Emilia-tan is so beautiful!

Finished Re:Zero. It was really boring and lame. I'd give it a 4.

>She made then predators on purpose.
I never said they weren't predators. I'm saying they don't actually need to be predators. Eating wastefully is fitting for Gluttony.

Emiliafag, this is your mindset:

Not about them hunting the smell, about their horns serving the same purpose. Oni horns glow when active seemingly, but the mabeast horns don't seem to.

4 outta five? 4 outta six?

Rem's confession to Subaru was basically identical to Subaru's confession to Emilia.

Ram seems tamed when Roswaal gives her mana.

Oni horns are also retractable. There are differences, but there are still a lot of similarities. Mabeasts are apparently useless without their horn, usually getting killed by others of their kind, and taming them seems to involve breaking off their horn and acting as a substitute for it.

Subaru is retarded and gay and so are you

Fuck you I'm not a Ferrisfag.

Caught on to that, did you? Emilia criticizing herself and Subaru offering positivity was the same shit as before with Subaru criticizing himself and Rem offering positivity.

I wish Subaru had been a girl. I think I would have been more willing to put up with all the stupid bullshit he did.

Why did Subaru act so retarded in episode 13? That was painful to watch.

fuck you guy i can't deal with this shit right now i just marathoned this god damn show for the past day because i was waiting for the show to be over and fucking how does he not fucking pick rem like seriously this mitsubishi ass nigga doesn't choose rem like fuck, i know she erased and fuck the author for that

FemSubaru would have been driven off the deep end completely by multiple deaths and you know it.

Well at least she didn't outright reject him and say "Subaru, I love Julius" or some shit

The two are suppose to be foils. Remember that Emilia says, "The image of me inside you must be perfect."

This is the same as Rem's "What do you know about the Subaru I see?" in episode 18.

So why does anyone like Rem? I'll never understand why people would want a pathetic lapdog slave girl. That would be the most boring relationship imagineable. Seriously, girls like that aren't cute or loveable, they're fucking pathetic. Rem's the kind of girl you could beat, abuse, and cheat on, and she'd still be telling all her friends you really do love her, and they just can't understand you.

Because hes possesed by the evil witch of envy Emilia

Good thing he didn't. You do know what happens to girls when the mc confesses or wins in the middle of the series right?

That would have been great.

retracted oni horn holes are for fingering

but emilia is shittier
muh pure waifu bait

>anyone shittier than maids
literally bottom tier baby's first waifubait
at least Emilia has ties to the story and plenty of development left in her

Are you just posting this to show off how contrarian you are? Not that I disagree with you, but why wouldn't the average normal person want the most loyal person that loves you with all her heart and would die for your sake.

And read the Rem chapter. Their relationship isn't as boring as you would think. They both fuck hard in bed, they both bully and make fun of their son Rigel, they dick around a lot and make stupid jokes.

What did Reinhard do to Felt after he took her away?

You know what would've been glorious? If Tappei didn't toss Rem under a bus and actually fucking showed what was wrong with her blind love by deconstructing it in her face.

Urobuchi does that a little for Irisviel in Fate/Zero, as it's her harmatia, but it was a minor focus.

There was an opportunity here in Re:Zero to do something interesting with the deredere trope, and the ball got dropped.

I wanna marry that hafu erufu

Anyone know what track played at ep 25 11:44?

The average person likes rem more because she's willing to do anything for him with little to no effort on his part (at least compared to his trials to win over Emilia). Rem literally went from wanting to smash his head in with a flail to wanting to be his sex slave in 2 episodes.

That's the thing. He had no idea of who she was nor did she even attempt to talk to him about anything.
Not even asking him fairly important questions like...his last name or...about the land he comes from..or about his clothes. Nothing.

They didn't even spend any fucking time together to be honest.
So that entire speech was kind of dumb, so is Subaru's boner for her to be honest.

It just looks like an obsessive neet spunking himself over and fighting to get an unobtainable princess.

Which would have been pretty bog standard and interesting if they played up the fact that his over the top attraction to her didn't make sense, but not only is it not touched upon, but blow her completely out of the water as a main heroine.

Their entire interaction for a MASSIVE chunk of the series her personality helped carry the show.

But it wasn't blind love? She has a pretty clear vision of who Subaru was.

That's a lie. Considering how he has refused his offer to run away with him. Not to mention the deadpan criticisms of Subaru. Not to mention in extra chapters Subaru spoils the shit out of her. Or at least that's what Subaru thinks.

And emilia went from hating him and wanting to distance herself from the loon to not hating him and not even acknowledging what he did for her with a thank you in 10 minutes.

Man, this show sure was pretty forgettable. If I were to rate it I'd probably give it a decent 5 or something. I was really hoping that Subaru would get taken back to the real world at the end before he meets with Emilia for no real reason until it's explained in the inevitable next season. That would have been great.

How far in the Manga right now?

>pathetic lapdog slave girl
>The same person who knocked all of his views down and told him to kick it into high gear
>The very same person who doesn't deny how shit Subaru actually is but knows he can better himself as a person

Nah. While she accepts Emilia, she wouldn't accept anyone else. Its due to Subaru having Emilia being one of his ideals. She knew that. But that didn't stop her from being cheeky and faking her own death just to get a confession out of him.

Well it wasn't supposed to end on a happy note.

He was supposed to commit suicide when Emilia says "Who's Rem?"

I don't know about that. I don't think Rem would fall in love with someone who would abuse her, and her personality isn't especially boring. As with almost anyone, she seems to assert herself more the more confident she is with someone.
>what was wrong with her blind love
I don't think her love was supposed to be blind, just rather extreme. Her sister is probably a worse offender in that regard, since she knows what a shit Roswaal is and is still madly in love with him.
>Rem literally went from wanting to smash his head in with a flail to wanting to be his sex slave in 2 episodes.
She had nothing against Subaru personally, and her hatred of him was as a Witch Cultist. If he proved he wasn't a Witch Cultist, then she wouldn't have any hatred for him. In the end, her main problem is always that she undervalues herself, and is therefore far too willing to accept scraps.

>Rem's the kind of girl you could beat, abuse, and cheat on, and she'd still be telling all her friends you really do love her, and they just can't understand you.

What the fuck? That's literally Ram.

emilia never hated him. she didn't like the subaru sperging out in the capital so she left him to cool his head. she thought about him every day (as evident with the flashbacks), and doesn't understand why he'd do shit for her since all her life she's been discriminated against by everyone. so to her, getting "special treatment" means getting bullied, hence why she mentioned it's the first time someone treated her differently and it made her happy.

No, they are not the same.

There is a massive difference there that people always miss. Rem wanted the real Subaru to fit her idealized version. Thais what Subaru wanted for Emilia in their fight. In his confession, he does the opposite.

What, really? That already sounds better than what they ended up doing.


What is Roswaal gonna do to that Ram?

they were too pussy to go through with it because it would affect their BD sales

Reminder that Wilhelm's Chapter has also been translated:

I want to race mix with this mutt!

I really love EMT now

I wanna marry EMT

What a way to open the inevitable season two it will be

Understandably, without sales there's lower chance of season 2

The fact of the matter is Rem was too impulsive in anything she did. She could've resolved the situation in the first 2 loops easily instead of murdering subaru behind everyone's back. Even Roswaal and Ram wanted to just sit back and observe the situation before making a hasty decision, but Rem went all gung-ho on him.

>Create a character everyone likes and enjoys
>Get scared of her potential to take over main waifu role from your intended shitty dime a dozen cliched main
>Put her in a coma and make everyone forget about her, hoping the readers will too

Why is this allowed Cred Forums?

Roswaal is a literal wifebeater.

why would you post a joke review

It will not go unpunished

>Crusch’s left arm was severed, yet his two arms are still free to bend and turn, it was like an act to flaunt his very existence.
>Rem laid Crush, still faintly breathing, down on the grassy plain. She forced her quivering legs to stand. In her hand, she held her morning star, and squeezing out the final drop of her depleted mana, spears of ice formed in the air around her.

>Clash met clash, and in that instant she thought—

>I wish when he realizes I am gone, it could cause a small ripple in his heart.

>—This alone, was what Rem wished for in her final moment.

If only they added this.


They pussied out hard.

She basically threw the dude away because he was acting like an obsessed twat. Something that I DESPERATELY wanted to be a thing and something to expand upon with a "Satella is fucking with his emotions".
Stay here and don't come home is basically what she said to him.

As for being descriminated against and bullied her whole life ? It's too little too late for them to make this a big deal in the anime.
We do not fucking understand where she is coming from at all. We know fuck all about her save for the fact that she's a half elf(WHERE THE FUCK ARE THE ELVES?) and she looks like satella and she doesn't like that.
That's about it.

And her(thinking about subaru the entire time flash back) from everything we've seen she completely ignored him till the ending where they scrambled to put together a flash back sequence to make the relatively little and utterly uneventful time they spent together more meaningful. Not to show that he was always on her mind.

They fucked up with making her the main heroine. Rem took that spot in less then a handful of episodes and this was a few eps after she brutally murdered the MC. I don't even get how badly they could fuck this up.

>implying everyone likes your cuckquean
>implying a loli meido moeblob isn't the most cliche trope in all of anime
>implying she has any effect on the storyline at all prior to being in a coma
>implying that being in a coma isn't the driving force for subaru's quest to gather the 7 dragonballs or whateverthefuck he's going after

>Rem wanted the real Subaru to fit her idealized version.
She wanted Subaru to make decisions with hope rather than despair, and would have been willing to run away with him if she thought he really wanted that. Rem just wanted to help him do what he really wanted to do.

>Finished Re:Zero. It was really boring and lame. I'd give it a 4.

If this guy shits on it I will laugh hard. It basically tells me about his shit taste and elitism when he calls shit like Kabaneri good just because "MUH VISUALS. MUH MUMEI" Not saying this series was great but god dammit it was certainly above that shit.

>Crush 2 votes only


>implying she has any effect on the storyline at all prior to being in a coma

What is "From Zero" for one thousand

Kabaneri was a waste of time too tbqh.

>make speech
>have no more use to the storyline aside from being a sex slave

>Create a character everyone likes and enjoys
More like
>Create shitty unrequited love waifubait that every retard is going to fall in love with so we can kill her off

The author said himself something about being sick of the typical happy ending shit that goes on so it wouldn't be surprising if he literally made Rem as waifu bait just to kill her off and piss off a bunch of retards.

Needed a moment where subaru looked towards where Rem was fighting and clutched at his chest.
He'd begin walking then running towards where Rem was.
But just then he'd hear a drop fall into an ocean and then "You're my hero Subaru" or something sappy like that and he'd stop and turn around.

Except that speech literally extends Subaru's character all the way to arc 6+.

Literally being the reason he can deny Echidna's contract and work through trials in Arc 4. Arc 5 making him the leader of a fucking army due to the whale battle of arc 3 and the main reason SUbaru wants to head to sage tower in arc 6.


What an absolute madman

OH god yes it was.
That first few eps were fucking HYPE then it just shat the bed.

This was really a show that should have been a short OVA or movie.

Nobody knows what the fuck you're talking avout because nobody reads the WN

Did you read the post?

But that would make no sense.

No. She wanted him to live up to her image of being a hero.

We didn't get enough of her.

Show stopped being good before after the mental breakdown when it became like edge of tomorrow and eveything started going on a cruise and a nice happy boring ending

Does the speech last from arc 3 to arc 6 or something? Rem made a speech and inspired Subaru, great. Now Rem has no more use to the plot and the author made actual use for her character as soon as the whale battle ended. Would you rather her accompany Subaru along from arc 4-6 and do nothing but go "muh subaru" and just be relegated to stupid ecchi shenanigans instead?

Just wait. Her and her boyfriend Reinhard are gonna topple the government

>Thinking Rem is a pathetic glorified slave is being contrarian

Is that what you tell yourself everyone is doing when they shit on her? Rem is just, well, really shitty. Not interesting at all and goddamn is she pathetic.

Also it's adorable you jump to an AU to try and make a point.

>Create a character everyone likes and enjoys
No, only faggots pathetic enough to actually want a relationship with a lonely clingy puppy.

Yes, I annoyed.

Agreed. Episode 18's speech was good but how everything just went Subaru's way after that was stupid.

When the fuck did I ever say that? But to say she has nothing else to contribute to the story need I remind you

-Who led the attack at the Oni Village? And for what purpose?
-Why do the Oni village resemble similarities to that of a Witch Beast?
-Aside from the possible rebound for twins when someone goes full Oni, there wasn't really any solid reason as to why the Clan leader wanted to kill Twins
-What did Al mean exactly? Who was supposed to be dead?
-What did the Gospel exactly say when Roswaal read about the impending attack at the Oni Village?
-What did they mean Rem being an "impending disaster?"

>Make female character
>Put on big tits
>Make her unfathomably loyal and clingy to MC
>Make her always support the MC
>Make her always protect the MC
>Make her wait on MC hand and foot
>Make her unable to live without him
>Bonus points if she's a maid or other "lesser" role to make her more meek and weak for you

You guys would like literally any female character if she had those traits going for her.

All of those can be answered by Ram, who is closely tied to Roswaal.

Do you know how to read? I even said I don't disagree but it's pretty clear as to why she's the most popular. Rem isn't even on my mid tier. list. Goddamn you are trying too hard.

Also, it's adorable that you call a relationship with Rem boring and when I point out AU which should be the primary example you draw from on whether Subaru/Rem's relationship is bring you try to condescend as if you yourself have a point.

Again, trying too hard.

Except it can't considering Emilia's visions of "impending disaster" are Rem exclusive.

Spice and Wolf. A Certain Magical Index. Baccano! Oda Nobuna no Yabou. Mahouka Koukou. Haganai. Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles. No Game No Life. Skip Beat! Seikon no Qwaser. Now Re:Zero.

Why do you accept anime that you know will tell you "go read the manga/LN for the ending"? Why do you even watch adaptions of still-releasing material anymore?

>character somehow gets transported in to random as fuck world
>he can respawn after deaths back to a specific time
>his entire fucking motivation after seeing this is saving everyone and muhhhh emilia

Fuck sake why do MC's always have such boring motives? Especially with this premise.

How did Subaru gain the ability to see the invisible hands when he didn't in episode 15?

Is it because of suffering? Or because he realized how slothful he was?

>I only watch original anime
Good luck with that. Most chinese cartoons today are LN materials that authors allow adaptations so they can get more LN sells.

Will anyone here buy this?

The Qwaser anime was something special, it made every effort to be more lewd than the manga at every given opportunity.

>Make a female character
>Put on big tits
>Make have the literal mentality of a 14 year old
>Make her so oblivious to love to ascertain the concept of "purity"
>Make her tsundere the MC so hard but begs for his dick everytime he apologizes
>Make her a mary sue that can do no wrong
>Bonus points if she's a generic elf that is literally Asuna

The whole point of these anime is to make the novels sell, duh.

Now that the dust has settled, can we all agree that Re:Zero was a mediocre show?

Anything less than complete devotion from a woman is not worth a man's time.

That motivation is the problem. Any do you want a book with nothing but WORDSWORDSWORDS and a few pics rather than a fully animated TV series? it should never be acceptable for anyone to go from a TV series to an LN to finish the story. Either adapt the whole thing or nothing at all.

What the fuck else was he going to do with no money, no connections, no applicable skills, and not even the ability to read?

annoying sourcefags have to reach into the LN to find any redeeming qualities for this shit. the election part was a joke, rem and emilia both go on how they don't deserve love and don't know what to do in romantic situations (waifubait), the real world is never seen after ep 1 and his being there isn't explained. even if it's the witch's love, how did the witch whatever centuries ago fall in love with a Japanese teen? praise the LN all you want, the show is something else and it fucking blows. poor magic system, kiddy politics, and cookie cutter medieval setting spiced with a little fantasy.

If you mean most chinese cartoons today are shit, I know.

I'm pretty sure she outright stated she'd have run away with him if she thought that was what he wanted. Her image of him as a hero doesn't seem all too specific, since she still considers him a hero in the AU when he's just her husband.
Nah. I actually prefer her other personality traits, and she's not exactly meek and weak. Well, except that the anime changed a scene which showed her confidence to one which just gave us more of her insecurity.

>mfw with an ending like that this show will be completely forgettable in the coming months

>mfw Yen Press also killed the LN translations
>mfw literally no one is bothering with the WN at a good pace

Thank fuck this fanbase will crumble now


>telling the MC to fuck off after he spergs out is considered being tsundere now

This is half of the basis for the love spell theory.

Thank you, based anti-light novel gods!

>the election part was a joke

Their speeches were cut short and motives cut even shorter.

>the real world is never seen after ep 1 and his being there isn't explained

Arc 4+

>even if it's the witch's love, how did the witch whatever centuries ago fall in love with a Japanese teen?

Arc 6 (possibly)

The guy is literally a hero of the verse now and his motivation now still is being a fucking dog to a women and muh save everyone

That's pretty much all isekais. Open up with a promising premise and a huge world to explore, explain very little and just go on to become some waifufaggotry show with some fights. Give some half assed end (usually cliffhanger) to raise LN sales.

Become a master thief that never gets caught. If caught, an hero, try again somewhere else/at a different time. He can literally save scum his way to victory in anything that doesn't require magic or plot hacks.

Which just proves his point, doesn't it? The anime cuts a lot of interesting moments and characterization and failed to include the twist ending.

The ending wasn't done because anime-only fans would see it as a "fuck you, buy the LN" move

Have a motivation and goal to attain all these things?

which was Emilia

What they literally did with this ending anyway.

Which would be cool if he saw her as a platform to attain these things instead of her being his main goal because muh crush

No, this ending was pretty much "we have no idea if there's going to be an S2 or not."

If you actually got spoiled or read the LN/WN, you know what Subaru was going to say in the last second before credits rolled. If you didn't, you just shrug at the happy end.

>sick of happy endings.
>the anime ends with a fucking happy ending.

What a hypocrite.

>What they literally did with this ending anyway.
How? It ended with Subaru getting his pay off ending. Honestly its a ending where i ain't dying to see more.

>just suicide at will lol
This mindset is the reason why we have so many subpar fantasy series with video game rules.
Also the consequences of all those burglaries would eventually catch up to him.

LNs truly are the worst medium for fiction in existence

-low barrier to entry so any mouthbreather with no talent can make one
-not capable of the erudition of novels
-none of the benefits of TV or film as a trade off for the lack of erudition
-not even the benefits of continuous visual stream of comics/manga

It's like people who enjoy them are just gluttons for punishment

>blaming the author for anime ending

>the anime ends with a fucking happy ending.
>author is in complete control of the anime


You know those moments where someone drops a plate and people automatically assume something bad has happened or it's an ill omen.

We'll get a feeling that something bad has happened.
the moment where Tem says something syrupy to him about heroics or we're treated to a flashback to the concession episode, it's handwaived as him steeling himself with her words and going off to put his foot in Kirito's ass.

The series would "end" 8 minutes early and we'd get the infamous.
Who's Rem scene but done in an anime only fashion, he'd be on Emilias lap and he'd confess how he feels about her and Rem and at the end She'd say "who's Rem"
And we'd get a moment where we see complete and utter agonizing despair on his pale face.
A worried Emilia saying his name.
Then we'd be treated to the battle between crusche rem and the arch bishops in amazing detail.
We'd then hear Rem say her last lines about leaving a ripple in his heart and she'd repeat the syrupy words that steeled subaru and drove him on to fight against beetlegeus and be the hero.

A bitter sweet ending.

what was subaru going to say

>Not knowing everything that was added in the anime needed to go throughout the final cut which was Tappei's role.

What was the logic behind Subaru calling in the witch when Betelgeuse takes over his body? Like how did he know Satella was going to tell Betelgeuse to fuck off and force him to leave?

Wouldnt know. Skipped the damsel in distress, oh my hero, suddenly realize i loves him parts

He gets a fat check so he doesn't have the leverage to veto it

Tappei was the last word at what should the anime include and stuff.

He even mentions that the spoon stabbing scene at Crusch was skipped because it wasn't necessary and it didn't play an important role in the story anyway.

Rem is dead

Beetlejuice is in this show?

The only reasonable explaination behind this is that Subaru didn't know what was going to happen but it was his only try to get rid of Sloth or the only way that he did think of.

I love Rem but I hate clichéd endings even more. I'd be fine with this. I wouldn't be happy, but I would be satisfied. Does that make sense?

Wait, all of you hated the ending? I thought it was great. I didn't mind a happy ending after 24 and a half episodes of suffering. And the end card was great.

How exactly are western fans supposed to get the rest of the story?

EMT >>>>>>> remshit waifubait

Daily reminder Subaru loves Emilia because she has a real personality other than "I WUB YOU SUBARU-KUN XD"

Those eyes are too crazy for me

Huh, well as others have said, he must have cut it there because he either wasn't sure if there was even going to be a S2 or because he didn't want people to think it was another "Fuck you buy the LN" show where they'd have to wait until it's almost forgotten for another season.

Then if you're not going to read/haven't been spoiled by the LN's, then you're in for a good time if there's a season 2.

It was presumably an attempt to trick Satella into killing Betel like she did Emilia in the previous loop.

>I didn't mind a happy ending after 24

You've had 0 suffering since episode 18

I think it's pretty simple. He called Beetlejuice's bluff. Subaru is acutely aware of the raw terror inflicted when Satella comes by. He knew Beetlejuice would be in his body, where that terror always springs from. So he was betting on Beetlejuice not being able to handle the fear Subaru deals with so often.

That's why Subaru said he truly was Sloth. He just fucked off when he had a golden opportunity to see the witch.

>forgetting 23

Yea, fuck u, u fucking fuck >:3

Got mine on preordered. Will get around March. Getting giddy.

Can't wait for Ram to pair her with.

>Literally unknown number of casualties during the WW battle
>Watching knights get ripped apart in the air helpless to do anything
>Town massacre
>Felis and Julius killing Subaru

You're right, absolutely nothing bad has happened. Except for all the people dying.

If only hentais were this hot

If you honestly gave a shit about useless fodder you've never seen before or barely seen then you must be an emotional train wreck.

Yea, fuck u, u fucking fuck >:3

And the felis part didn't really have that much impact since eveything was immediately went back to good halfway next episode and Subaru didn't get to hurt by it like in the past.

I'll wait for a Ramserker scale figure. It will happen... right?

So as not to be considered an Anime-only faggot... should I start reading the light novels?

Are there any real differences between the original web novel and the printed light novels? Is any of that shit even translated to Engrish?


Trans are slow as fuck and the LN is abandoned.

Unless you can read nip accept the happy anime ending and move on.

I didn't hate the ending. It's just that it lacks.

I do have some problems with how it ended simply because they changed Rem and Subaru's scene in ep 21. Subaru really needed to look into his feelings rather than it being held off for the epilogue without any build up.

Just do what most people do and read the synopsis on the wiki, then you can start shitposting about future events

But that doesn't convey the dramatic events in a narrative format!

Well shit... I guess I'll just try to forget about it then. I should really just suck it up and learn how to read nip so I don't have to wait for unreliable translators to update manga and LN's.

Is this a lot of people's first "go read the LN" ending? Or was Overlord?

>Then if you're not going to read/haven't been spoiled by the LN's, then you're in for a good time if there's a season 2.

She has to straight up die though. None of this "cucked" bullshit.

1/7 scale announced. Don't know why they went with a laying down position tho.

This is the kind of thing that will be forced out of the cities for the Olympics.

KonoSuba and Grimgar were my first 2 light novel series because I wanted more story after the anime endings...

Welp, I'm bored of talking about Rem for now, so let's bring up the subject of Pride! One thing I've noticed so far is that everyone seems to think that there should be an Archbishop of Pride. Betelgeuse is convinced Subaru is the Bishop of Pride, Felix says all six sins besides Envy should have a Bishop, and I hear Sirius suspected Priscilla of being Pride during their fight.

Which is to say that there's probably no evidence contradicting the existence of Pride. If the Authority of Pride's location was known, and it was still safely stored in its box like Sloth was before Betelgeuse unsealed it, there wouldn't be any question of it. However, there seems to be more to it. It almost seems like the other Bishops know that Pride has already been released, but they have no clue who the fuck has it. The way Betelgeuse phrased it as "not knowing Pride's face" seems interesting, since that came right before the loop in which Al acted very shady.

In most of Al's scenes, there seems to be various implications that he's familiar with Witches, Sins, and the activities of the Witch Cult. He clearly seems to know something about what happened in the Oni village, and somehow knows Satella. He's also clearly got an Authority and is implied to have a scent. He even fits the naming scheme better than Betelgeuse, with his full name was also revealed in the loop after Betelgeuse.

Of course, Al being Pride isn't exactly a new theory. What I'm really wondering is how deeply involved Al was with the Witch Cult before he fucked off to go do his own thing. Was he actually involved in the destruction of the Oni Village, rather than just merely aware of it? If so, was that when his face got burned?


Of course, by the time the next Olympics arrive meme zero will be forgotten for good.

pre-ordered mine but the order probably won't go through since I'm broke

Is Grimgar also stuck in ProbablyNoS2 land? Or do you just want the plot faster?

Meh. To each their own. I too thought it got kinda boring at times though. But I still like it.

incoming sports anime galore 2020?

>They both fuck hard in bed

gonna need a passage of that

Holy shit. Some of his replies to that are savage af.

3rd arc was a mistake

>Animation and writing quality down the drain
>Focus on shit Rem
>White fox trying to do action scenes
>Akame ga kill-tier villians

Only the ending was decent

He's the retard who thought Haifuri was a legitimately good show with battles that were "legitimate threats."

yeah the same one who think K-On is the greatest anime ever made and did a 3 part series where he reads his essay on why he thinks K-On is the greatest anime ever made

>[Even though Subarukun should have been exhausted after coming home
from work, you always got really lively right before bed.]
>[Hey but, you know, we were young so we had too much stamina and]

Dunno, I just like instant gratification and hate waiting a year or two for a new anime season to come out.

>taking the obvious sufferingbait that is Rem
wew lad

Quite easily the worst episode of its run, I wouldn't be surprised if many people dropped the show at that point (only to jump back on after the pandemonium of episode 15)

He learns from the loop here Felis boils his insides before Julius decapitates him that Betelgeuse shares what Subaru experiences and his pain. From there he reasons that Betelgeuse will probably come along for the ride if he summons Satella.
As to why he was confident Satella'd btfo Betelgeuse, well for some reason Subaru must be very confident Satella's only into him. Otherwise he mentions that he was planning to summon her multiple times if he had to, so effectively he was ready to take Betelgeuse on the infinite heartsqueeze Satella-go-round until he just gave the fuck up.

Based Digibro

>He didn't like Subaru and therefore it's bad
anime """"""""critics"""""""", huh?

What if I like suffering? I'm mostly just disappointed that she doesn't get to suffer more while in a coma.

Also that she never realizes she could be the hero, given her courage and her apparent admiration for heroes. Crusche is apparently the ideal woman in Rem's eyes, other than her sister, and she's also a big fan of Wilhelm. Instead of trying to replace other people, it'd be nice if she decided to become the sort of person she wanted to be. Maybe learning from and imitating some qualities of the people she admired, but not because she felt she had to take their place. If she ever grows her hair out in canon, I'd prefer it to more emulate Crusche or Thearesia than Emilia.

Then I want her to suffer some more.

Rem is just waifu-bait the character now that all her development got washed up. I can see why Teppei is taking it slow with Emilia since if he progress things too fast with her and Subaru then their is really nothing to look forward too in how the relationship between the two progress. Plus, he still has to answer how Emilia is connected to Stella. Which may have an impact on her relationship with Subaru. Rem getting put into coma is just to make Subaru suffer more and do things outside of just Emilia.

Subaru is literally the only character that's worth a damn in this show.

I can imagine someone not liking the entire show if they don't like subaru

Because she is secondary character who typically has all their development frontload to play a specific role then leave. and just buthurt about it.

I just watched eps 1-4 and damn, it really fell off at 4. dont give a fuck about the politics of the world but at least the girls seem fun. It went from time travel drama to stupidly mellow SoL mode. When does the trainwreckage kick in? Why is this shit so popular?

And I already know rem gets cucked, theres no way anyone who has been on the internet in the past few weeks couldnt know

Apparently he watched it along three friends who also didn't like it. Imagine watching something having three guys pointing at the flaws constantly and talking about how bad it is. I would be fucking surprised if he actually had liked it.

Actually, most of that has been more or less addressed by Ram. On top of that Rem doesn't even care about her past anymore, just Subaru.

It's just another
>desperate man goes adventure to save girl

The show starts shitting in Subaru's mouth in episode 13.

stupid fish poster

No all it proves that both are fucking morons who no concept of long-running large scale plot. There is a reason why the source is 3 arcs ahead of the anime and the story is planned for to end at 11 arcs. You're disgrace to anything with modicum of cognitive functions.


>Apparently Subaru meets Satella every time he dies
>this was not included in the anime

Don't forget a lot of villagers who they trying to protect died and Emilia ended up being blamed even after fighting off Betelgeuse.

> Also gave Kabaneri a seven.

>On top of that Rem doesn't even care about her past anymore, just Subaru.
She cares about more than just Subaru. It's just that Rem is described to singlemindedly focus on what's in front of her at the moment. Subaru was a new element introduced to her life, so she was obviously going to put some more attention there. Then she was alone with him for a few days in the city and didn't have any other obligations in the way. In the end, it was all a pretty short period of time.
>Rem is just waifu-bait the character now that all her development got washed up.
I kind of felt she had a lot more room for personal development, and even that her development got interrupted and cut short by the coma.

Kabaneri is a 7 compared to a garbage anime like Re:Zero.

if your post was directed at the staff of monkeys behind this show then you'd be making sense.

Yes and no, I don't know what happened. Maybe, eh.

Kabaneri is better than reeeeeeeeeee:zero though.

They had to blur the whole screen for Emilia because she's so ugly and repulsive.

user, there were worse problem with Kabaneri here.

Hrm? If someone raises a complaint about how you need to look into the LN or WN to better appreciate what happens in the anime, you're not exactly proving them wrong by pointing out how far ahead or more detailed the source is.

See here

>Rem is just waifu-bait the character

Um, yeah. There's a little more context behind the whole thing.

Bait made by the author for le despair because he hates the love story waifu shit

Oh yeah, she's bait alright.


I would take that bait, if you see what I mean.

>because he hates the love story waifu shit
He doesn't act like he does.

>Literally being the reason he can deny Echidna's contract and work through trials in Arc 4.

False. He denied Echidna thanks to Satella and the other Witches who show the true meaning of the 2nd trial and he never passes the trials except the first one.

>Arc 5 making him the leader of a fucking army due to the whale battle of arc 3

Stop overselling it. You might said the whole thing was Rem's idea. That's all Suabru, she just simply encouraged him to do his best.

>the main reason SUbaru wants to head to sage tower in arc 6.

True, but Subaru would have gone there anyway because of what happened in Watergate City. He wants to fix the massive damage the Witch Cult caused there. Rem just another reason.

because anime this year has been pretty shit

Escapism and a MC that's decent.

>bait character gets her special chapter to appease all the remfags
>literally make her have emilia's hairstyle with the flowers on the side

Chino should cut her hair and cosplay as Rem.

Around the line somewhere, he really started to mock us. Especially with this.

Yeah, it's pretty funny. Saying something is waifubait makes no fucking sense. If they make people want to make them their waif, they are just a good fucking character retards

This is really weird, i've seen people say Subaru is a good MC and a bad MC but have never seen someone say he's a decent MC

>faking her own death just to get a confession out of him.
wtf I hate Rem now

No directed at idiots like you who don't know what an adaptation is but act like going to resolve the plot points the original source didn't. Something even an 8 year old would understand.

He's some one you can relate too and even self insert as. I've had trouble in the past with self insert MC's do to them being really retarded or gary sue. Same with Shield Hero or what ever it's called, which needs an adaptation.

Chino is way way way waywyWAY better and CUTER than rem dont even start.

Except she's a fucking goblin

Then what about Konosuba? It has that but 100x better but I dont see normies talking about it on twitter.

This doesn't change my point. A good story doesn't explain every single goddamn to you immediately but gradually introduces the aspects lore and setting that are relevant at time.

So its been a while since you've seen a decent MC from all the recent MC's from other shows because theres an imbalance on how you can actually relate to, got it

I fucking loved it for the MC and Megumin. I don't go on any social sites other than Cred Forums.

Because it isn't better and world underdeveloped and character treated as jokes.

There basically nothing to talk about that series.

There's a long ass thing about Subaru that comes to conflict with alot of people. Dying and not wanting to really die. No consequence and so on.

Because I'm weak


Because I'm not strong enough


If I were stronger, smarter, more capable then... everyone, wouldn't have suffered, despaired, had those painful experiences and gotten past everything...

I haven't saved anyone... have I


If those worlds continued after I died then, how much, how many times, how many people. I just let everyone die.


How many times, did I let you die? How many times, did I kill you?

--- Subaru-kun

Yeah. I don't know about the whole time thing. It's ambiguous.

Subaru will die.

But his soul will choose to go back in time, the time when he was happiest, and he will be at season 1 first episode.

Rem who loves Subaru wants to be with him too and wants to be in a time when Subaru'd love her, but since he already loves Emilia she'll go back in time before Subaru is transported, and become Satella.

Nothing to say here. There's only pity for Subaru, no empathy.

You can start following the Web Novel translations here

New part of the WN chapter translated

Let's see what Wilhelm has to say to Ferri

> Not a NEET

>Beteguise is just a completely lazy Gilles de Rais ripoff and takes up half the story of the season.

Nice anime, nerds.

He's not wrong, you know.

>that pic
That's like a wet dream for me. Millipedes make neat pets.

I'm waiting to see Alter and GSC's figures.

Why are they there?

Wait, is it that child molester who also was a subordinate of Joan?

His words are equal to hypocrisy.

whats the half elfs end game?

everyone else is pretty honest about what they want. This half elf is still hiding stuff. Also it fucking annoys me that he goes for the Half Elf and the half elf barely shows any emotion towards him. Its like hes talking to a brick wall most of the time.

She doesn't even care about being king. No really, she is so naive, really.

I'm looking at on how the story is structure so far. She is just bait to get otaku bucks now since the author already has arcs planned with her out of the picture waiting to be printed in the LN. She is just used for despair purposes in regards to the MC and to not get him too focus on Emilia all the time.

I just don't see what else you can add to her character that hasn't been already explored without things getting dull.

Subaru is pride dumbass.

Yep I get bored when ever theres a scene with her. Its like a one sided conversation. I just fast forward through it. I dont miss a thing.

Is there anything above the witches in terms of power or are they the strongest beings?

Has there been any kind of information about gods in the WN's or anything?

White Knight: The Anime/Manga, prove me wrong

trying not to fucking drown

>If it’s physical wound or emotional wound, Ferris can heal you…

I swear he said before that he can't heal emotional wounds? When Subaru was mindbroken.

The things surrounding her are really interesting. She made Petelgeuse alot more interesting regarding him as a sin. Well, that was Fortuna mostly.

Od Laguna, Volcanica, Pandora, and many other things regarding that are left ambiguous mainly.

Feli-chan heals both wounds and the heart.

Like because he's moe I guess.

No wait I'm a dumbass who doesn't read preceding sentences, he means he can heal/mend Crusch back into being who she was (with the power of TALKING ABOUT THE GOOD OL' DAYS or whatever).

Or Ferris is just a hypocrite. Funny, he hates people who are weak but can't hate a woman who is actually weak-minded at the moment.

>some faggot e-celeb shitposts hoping for views

Emilia is a stinky slut

Trickster will save anime

Which translation is correct?

another reason why we're never ever getting a season 2

I want to kiss subaru !!!

post subaru with his hair down


Hope the preview will give us something to look forward to.

This was much greater context than the anime. And Gusteko was mentioned.

Wilhelm being stronger than the sword saint was p. retarded desu. so basically the only thing good about the sword saint is that you get the op as fuck sword and some blessings.

i hope rem becomes a sword saint. oni genes with blessings and a sword would make her the strongest character in re zero probably

The blessings aren't a sword saint thing, they're a Reinhardt thing.

I love Emilia

Faking was maybe not quite the right word for it, since she was seriously fucking injured, but she did play it up to see what he'd do.

> Former comrades he fought alongside with.
Too bad one dude ain't there anymore.

He is a fucking brony

Whatever happened to Carol?

Daily reminder that the author himself proclaims that his a Emiliafag and thus, he won't do shit about Rem.

>Subaru going to hatefuck Felix for even implying that memories won't be restored by killing Ley.
He's not bitter at all.

When did he ever say that?

When he visited Taiwan to promote his work.

Yet we have no proof of that.

episode 15 truly was the evangelion of anime

ep25 was the BlueBall of anime

Erased ep11 was the biggest blue ball

I love 2001 things about Emilia!

Married Grimm. The both of them are servants for the van Astrea family post-war.

Really? So does Grimm even show up later or even Carol?

Why? Fucking hell... Pivot. We better get an OVA.

100% agree. I don't give a fuck about Emilia's actions because I have almost no context to appreciate her choices.

Why does Puck keep calling Emilia his daughter? Is there actually a deeper meaning to that or is it just talk?

Also why was the Satella never properly explained (as far as I can remember) Is Emilia actually Satella or not?

Emilia != Satella.

They did mention that there is a ritual to have Satella possess a half-elf body, and Satella was the object of the attack on the manor/village for the entire last segment of the show.

Yes didn't you remember the first EP she introduced herself as Satella. Emilia is just a made up name, I mean she even sounds just like her.

Emilia used that name to test Subaru. Even Puck commented it was poor taste. Do people actually pay to context or what?

>Open Google Images
>Search Satella
>Emilia images
What did they mean by this?

This is pretty retard. She has her own wants, so of which you were bluntly told about speedwatcher.

She not interested being King for sake nimrod.

That's still more than what Rem had going for her. Her character apparently any worth she Subaru's baby making factory.

Waant Priscila also known for worshipping Pride or the Witch.

>Only the ending was decent
Fuck off emiliatard
ending was generic happy shit.
>>Focus on shit Rem
Rem eps had the most hype and caused the bds to sell.

bloody digi

>Emiliatards #1
All is well with the World

So let me get this straight, Echidna's spirit is in one of the Lewes but there's also another Echidna in the form of an artificial spirit in Anastasia's scarf?

Both are different. IDK what went through Tappei's mind

Numerated Echidnas
1. Dreamchidna =(?)= Leweschidna
2. Coffinchidna
3. Scarfchidna

Alright Subarufags, we need to unite

I read that as Lewdechidna

Echidna has the potential to be very lewd in a loli body

Almost finished with arc 4 it is indeed too long and gets quite repetitive, could have been trimmed here and there I guess, but the witches' chapters were pretty damn good.
Still, my favorite chapter was probably the one were Elsa tried to kill Subaru and he entered Betty's dimension, how the author depicted Subaru's desperation and despair to save Rem was fantastic. I don't think I'll continue reading, I'll probably wait for the LNs that are better edited and all that but I hope he doesn't lose his suffering touch.

What the actual fuck did i just watch?

You're missing the point. "Hero" doesn't refer to being a literal war hero or an ally of justice, but simply someone who never gives up, never surrenders, and is never defeated. Someone who can always create a happy ending. This is Rem's image of Subaru.

Re:Zero threads are newfag central. None of them know the horrors of waiting eternally for season 3 of Index, Haruhi and S&W.

He's not being an hypocrite, he's biased. Since that weak woman is his best friend and probably the person he's in love with. Besides, Felix doesn't hate weak people in general, he hates those who give up. Crusch is determined to help her friends despite her condition, Subaru himself noted that her strong will is intact.

Emiliafags in a nutshell.

The pain is endless.

I love Ferri.

Crusch needs to heal so Ferri can be happy again.

Waant Priscila also known for worshipping Pride or the Witch.

He sounds desperate, maybe he's just in denial.

Because the author is a butcher and not a castrated modern "man" who gossips about the love life of cartoons with his internet friends

What facts disprove theory that Satella is making Subaru into her new vessel by making him kill all archbishops and take their powers?

How do we heal Kurushu-sama?

Is Rigel the most JUST character in Re:Zero?

Truth of Zero Chapter 17 WHEN?!

>Believing EOPs
>Believing shitters who have been sucking cock from sfag through hell and back
>Only reading wiki summaries

Sounds like you wanted to get baited.

Yo what if felt is actually emilia and subarus daughter from the future. This seems to be the only way to make felts parent revealition to be a surprised

Or you know. Fourier's little sister.

What? After that happened Subaru showed to be extremely clingy of her, and basically throws himself under the bus and wants to punch people in the face if they dare badmouth her.

She wasn't forgotten at all, she gets plenty of mention after this arc too.

Ferris seducing the enemy with his looks when?

Literally none, and that's what is supporting the theory that Subaru is the big bad the story is going to end up with

>Why did Emilia call herself Satella?
>Why did didn't Crusch's lie detection blessing work when he said the cellphone would tell where the whale was?
>Why did Rem kill him?
>Why doesn't Subaru immediately do X, even though he came from a world where he thought of himself as nothing but trash and is afraid of death?

Is the majority of people who watch this just REALLY bad at reading subtitles or checking context clues?

>Q: What kind of face do you make when you are writing about Natsuki Rem?
>A: I have the face of a joyful man who is witnessing a blissful family, the best in the world.

He definitely does.

Well the witch has two personalities, one said to be evil, and the other apparently not as much. Satella wants Subaru to live and be happy, and to kill her, while the witch we don't know, but she's basically yandere for him.

I doubt she's using him as a vessel, since Emilia is 100% compatible and she got possessed in arc 4, but since her seal is still in full power she could only transfer a small amount of herself.

The fact that she Possessed Emilia instead of Subaru and tried to make him be with her forever in arc 4 goes against it.

Except he still gives her plenty of mention.

And love is LITERALLY the main motif for most of the characters in the story. People like to take everything the author says to face value when he likes to joke around a lot.

Yeah, but you also need to consider that same Satella tried to absorb Subaru in the same chapter as well.

That means nothing, Subaru was still a weak shit and only had a single authority, and the witch has ALL of then.

What Subaru described was like him feeling like he was jumping into a endless void, probably for eternity. If he was the vessel, she would have possessed him instead, when she LITERALLY grabs hold of his heart, and is always near him, it's much easier than Emilia.

True, but you can also say that he is consuming Subaru not the "vessel". Not to mention if she does have all the authorities,, what better way to give them all at once by absorbing him?

>Rem is just waifu-bait the character
Do you know meaning? Waifu-bait is a character who don't have any role and implemented into the plot with a reason to be a someone's waifu. You can say, that Ram is waifu-bait, but you can't say it about Rem.
>now that all her development got washed up
1) It's not.
2) It's not about her development, but Subaru's development.

So what's this ad about? Are they trying to speed animate the next season while it's still relevant, or is it just saying if you wanna know what happens next, read the fucking books.

That was the witch though, not Satella, we don't know what the witch wants, but she does love him madly. She probably just wanted to make him stay by her side for all eternity.

It's advertisement for the Light novels.

The anime just ended, and the light novels will work around what happens after the anime, basically "read the light novels to know what happens next".

It's still too early to go around telling people "hey, we're animating the next season, even though we have no clear permission for it, nor the source material as of right now".

So the LN's aren't following the WN's?

>from page 252
What a fuckers.


user you cannot discuss with people who throw buzzwords around, they don't care about facts, what they "feel" is right, is the absolute truth.

They are, but they need to adapt the anime OFF the light novels, since the web novel is too much of a cluster, and the light novels make then more clean and better.

Plus, they can change some stuff here in there, for example, he was supposed to kill himself after being possessed by Betelgeuse in the WN, before being killed by Julius. They most likely felt that death was unnecessary and would drag things out so they removed it and mixed the events from that loop into the one Julius kills him. They may do other small changes in the light novel for future arcs too.

I don't read moon, what does it say?

So is it true he kills himself to try and save Rem but it doesn't work. Some guy is translating the chapter and I saw no mention.

He skipped 1 chapter

Post the illustrations faggot, I wanna see Ley and my boy Regulus.

That Satella is actually Petra.

Felix height is fucked in that picture






Its there.

Damn, a dagger to the throat without hesitation huh?

>If you want to know what is happen after ep 25 read from page 252
or something like it.

Found pic in twitter, I don't have any.

Yeah, this chapter
It will be translated soon by Chicken.

But Subaru has no control over his power and doesn't feel something growing inside of him when he uses it, unlike he does with Sloth. RbD hardly seems like his power at all, and Satella is implied to be in control of it. Also, Bishops tend to be named after single stars, the brightest in their constellation, which doesn't fit Subaru. Subaru's named after the Pleiades/Seven Sisters, which implies he's meant to unite them all. Al is probably the true Pride, considering his power has elements in common with Subaru's but is used on a smaller scale and is under his control to some degree.

>[Felis: Anyways, if you were to calm down and think rationally you’d understand wouldn’t you. You’d realize that the fact me, who had been healing the wounded around, not coming around immediately meant that Rem’s injuries were not ones that indicated a life or death situation.]

>[Subaru: How can I stay composed in a situation like that! That beloved…! The person I fell…! A girl important to me…! That girl got injured and lost consciousness, it’s a given that I would lose control!]

May I ask why Subaru is so damn reluctant to say he likes Rem?

user, its pretty obvious why. Try using your noggin a little bit.

Because he loves Emilia

There's something I wanted to ponder over. Betelgeuse strikes me as the only Bishop who was a real organizer, who focused on directing and recruiting others. Lust might have some transformed slaves and Gluttony might have some monsters they spawned, but none of the known Bishops seem very complex. They're mostly just petty douchebags or monsters who seem to be pawns of a higher power, and I'm wondering how much of the story each Bishop can really carry on there own.

The most compelling ones I've heard of so far are Wrath and Gluttony. Mostly because she'll probably be mindfucking Subaru any time he interrogates her, like Hannibal Lecter or some shit, while Gluttony is there for reasons personal to Subaru. Also, because while Ley and Roy are mostly concerned with the eating aspects of Gluttony, Louis seems to be dominant over the others, talks about giving birth, uses womanly words, and cares about who he eats with. Which is to say, Louis seems more concerned with the reproductive aspects of Gluttony's authority, and we don't know the limit of that.

I guess I'm going all over the place with this, but the fact Louis can shapeshift into the other two, seemingly lesser, Gluttony Bishops is suspicious. It's a common trait for human-feeding monsters to be able to convert their prey into more of their own, so I get the feeling Ley and Roy may have actually been Louis's first victims. They were probably people "who he wanted to eat with", because that's what's important to him. He supposedly said he needed to give birth and set the table before he left, so I'm actually wondering if it'd be possible for him to create a fourth Gluttony Bishop and who he'd use for that.

Because being in love with two girls is frowned upon. I'm surprised Nisekoi had Raku admit he liked both Onodera and Chitoge.

Maybe that's what Eclipse is for?

The question is, who would be the most likely candidate for being the fourth gluttony bishop. If that were true?

I'm utterly confused on whether this is ironic or not

Because their relationship is akin to that of a willfully dense MC and his childhood friend, if we go by that one AU. I guess that doesn't actually answer the question, but the translated chapters I've seen makes it sound like Subaru was always actively trying to avoid thinking about her that way. She could, and pretty much did, throw herself all over him, and he'd just kind of pretend he didn't notice and push it out of his mind.
I'd suggest the most dickish option possible, as Gluttony seems like they could use a good cook to help prepare their meals.

That's Betelgeuse assuming shit. Wrath also thinks Priscilla may be Pride in arc 5.

What Preview? if you're talking about that pic someone posted in one of the threads about a preview AFTER the anime, i'm fairly sure it was edited by some user to trick everyone.

Emilia is right fucking there. And at this moment she has no clue who this sleeping girl is.

That's on the silly side story only, he's fairly aware of his feeling for Rem in the main one, the problem is, Emilia was RIGHT there by his side.

Question for people who have read the WN

Does anyone ever find out about Subaru's power?

Ever since finishing the anime it has been triggering my autism that he didn't hint to Amelia/Pack that he knows Pack's true form, which would mean he at least has some form of future sight and that's why he acts the way he does.

That scene was right after his confession to Rem and attempt of kiss. Felix heard all this conversation. Subaru is too shy, to talk about his feelings with someone.
>he'd just kind of pretend he didn't notice and push it out of his mind.
>「実は、レムの話なんだよ。レムがその、俺のことを……な、なんとなくわかるじゃん? それで、あんな告白しておいて勝手っちゃ勝手なんだけど……」
Looks like he was aware of her feelings even before her first confession.

did anyone else feel that they over-animated the final scenes? it was very jarring

Roswaal knows he can "reset the world", but has no idea how he does it.

And all the other witches find out about it from him in arc 4, because they're inside a personal space, which stops Satella's influence from reaching him.

Yes. That confession scene literally had no right to have that much budget put into it. As that scene had no impact to the story compared to the ones after.

You know what I think would be particularly fun and sickening? Emilia being separated from Subaru and getting ambushed by Gluttony in a fight and doing pretty well against them, until she gets taken completely offguard by one of them.

Emilia later comes out and returns to Subaru's side like there's nothing wrong, except her mannerisms are a bit odd. She's a little too clingy and occasionally slips up and calls him "Subaru-kun".
>Looks like he was aware of her feelings even before her first confession.
I'm not saying he wasn't aware. I'm saying he pretended he didn't realize any of it.

Ah alright, thanks user.

Second question.
Could I read the WN's strictly by putting everything through a translator?

Please don't

If that ever happens that would pretty much confirm the Rem is Satella theory.

Lets not have that happen.


You must follow the translations here

It was only jarring because the rest of the show, especially the battle scenes, was so poorly animated and it highlighted that fact. If the whole show had been properly animated you wouldn't have noticed.

Dear god.

cool, thanks!

He's been going pretty fast since the series ended.

At the end of this interlude, Arc 4 may begin.

>Ferris keeps acting like a biased and passive aggressive shit because of what happened to Crusch
>Wilhelm puts him in place

Can the old man stop delivering so much? I can only love him so much.

Wilhelm will sacrifice himself for Subaru

Don't tell me you really don't want to see that for yourself.
That may have been one of the reasons for my suggestion. The best part would be waiting until someone catches on.

Anyhow, does anyone even know how one would return someone's memories to their original form? It doesn't sound so simple as merely killing Gluttony, and I'm not sure how Subaru would get the names and memories of everyone who they had ever eaten.
>[Ferris: Defeating that bastard will bring the memories back? I say, Wilhelm, to think lost memories can be brought back by killing the thing that ate it… are you daydreaming? Or do you think this is some kind of fairy tale—]

Reminder that Emilia and Rem have a good relationship with one another and do not condone hate directed at either of them.

Patrasche is best girl anyway.

Not gonna happen.

After what happened to him in arc 5 it could happen. Not a straight up sacrifice, but he could favor helping Subaru.

For drama unfortunately.
The main reason I want to see the rest is purely because I want to see what happens after she gets out of her coma.

She's definitely my favorite from the series.
Would'nt be surprised if Subaru ends up going for her, making Emilia's transformation in the jealous witch complete.

We don't know if killing gluttony is enough or not, it could be as simple as that, and it couldn't.

All the memories and names reside within Gluttony, so it's possible, if killing is not enough, then manually transferring then back would be necessary, so Subaru gaining the powers is needed.

This is something that actually bothers me. The manga plays down the NEET, the anime plays it up, and the LN explains it as him being mid-transition to becoming a NEET. He very recently started skipping school to fuck around at home, because he couldn't live up to expectations. A lot of backstory was glossed over or ignored.

It wasn't ignored, it gets fully explained in arc 4.

Also it's not being downplayed in the manga, he just didn't have his mental breakdown yet.

Yes, but can he manually take the names and memories from Gluttony after he kills them? That's the thing that worries me most. He presumably needs to be able to take the names and memories before killing them, but he won't have the Authority to do so until afterwards.


Even the fake Japan he goes back to was done by Knuckles the Echidna.

I tried to read an auto-translation of the WN. It was very painful. I don't suggest you try to do so.

Crusch better get her memories back. I swear to god if the series ends with (or does) a years long time skip and she stays as the "new Crusch"...

>a years long time skip
Just one year, and I hear she's relearned a lot of stuff and is almost back to how she used to be.

But she has to remember

>But it wasn't blind love? She has a pretty clear vision of who Subaru was.
Rem is a needy girl, even when Subaru was being a little shit she didn't do anything other than spoil him. Subaru saved her one time, told her something nice and she eats all of his crap because muh great hero. She only called him on that aptitude when he brake her ilusion of a perfect hero, when she could had helped him before. Even when Subaru told her he loved Emilia she said to him later, I would be okay with being the mistress.

Well they can give "birth", so i assume it's possible through that method. Plus, we don't know if Theresia was brought back due to gluttony reanimating her corpse, or if it was Pandora's deal.

>Subaru swallowed, but seeing no reason to disagree, he nodded. From their perspective, this decision made sense. If Crusch’s current condition is known to the public, her status as the most competent candidate will vanish.

Kek, even Subaru knows all the others felt like a joke speech wise.

I wonder if Truth of Zero is going to show the epilogue and Crusch getting attacked?

I love Ferri-chan!!!

It probably will, it's present in the Light novel and Web novel, no reason to not show it.

Because unlike Rem, Emilia wants Subaru to tell her what's wrong with him to be able to help him, instead of spoil him to no end because muh hero dere girl.
Subaru was an autistic fag that didn't rralize how clear to everyone his actions were, he was doing everything to feed his ego and chuuni fantasy, in Roswaal mansion it worked because he was obeying simple rules.
In the capital he damaged Emilia and Roswaal's names because of that. Julius had to beat the shit out of him to save his ass from bloodythristy knights. Emilia had to ask one of her rivals to heal him because she was too annoyed with him.

Who doesn't?

Hopefully they animate the EX novel.

I don't. He acts like a piece of shit after what happened to Crusch, even though it was a fatality for both sides.

They'd better do it. Oh yeah, are we getting a PV this friday?

Fairly sure it wasn't because she was annoyed with him, Felix promised to heal him back up in case things got ugly. Plus, Emilia had already previously arranged for him to heal his gate, so it's not like healing him required that much extra effort.

Again, that PV thing was most likely fake, i don't see a single thing about the Wiki admin talking about it in any page.

Some user probably edited it to fake everyone out.

Go to episode 25 on wiki and scroll down the comments

Al also became quite flustered when he met Rem.
And he's missing an arm and his face is fucked up.
Seems awfully familiar to Rem killing Subaru in the Mathers mansion if you ask me.

Oh so it was real.

I wonder what the PV is about though.



His face got fucked by Regulus and Pandora when they attacked his country though.

He said it's just the Episode 25 preview

Of course there's a change they surprise us

Yeah, forget the PV.

I..I fucking need this

>Because unlike Rem, Emilia wants Subaru to tell her what's wrong with him to be able to help him, instead of spoil him to no end because muh hero dere girl.
What? Rem obviously would want him to tell her, but she's smart enough to realize that Subaru has a reason he can't. She doesn't really spoil him too much either, which is a plot point because Subaru would have entirely fooled by Carmilla if that was true.

Is there an explanation of this anywhere?

Makes absolutely no sense at all. There's something going on here.

the smell of freshly baked conspiracy

Why does Pricila let Al dress like a hobo?

How old was Subaru when Rigel was born?

>Worth a 7


Only Mumei and the Visuals were the redeemings factors of that show. Aside from that, it was dumb as fuck.

If you want visuals, go watch Mob Psycho which actually is a better directed one than that piece of shit.

I feel pity for people who have to choose either Rem or Emilia as their waifu.
Just choose no one and shit on both

Wait. It's releasing on Friday? Isn't that on the 23rd, when the LN drops?
She thinks he's a clown.
Maybe a year older than he was when he ran away. He got Rem pregnant before he could find a job.

I actually hope there's something going on, i'm so not satisfied, like not one bit. I didn't have issues with the ending scene itself, but it felt like they literally cut everything right there and said "the end", and nothing more.

It also doesn't help how they simply left us with the statement that the VN is the "sequel" to the anime, that's ridiculous.

This. If both of them died, I wouldn't care.

Why would they even release it at this point? And to wait till every airing ended makes it even more illogical.

Yes. The LN releases at 24th if I'm right.

So basically I wouldn't be surprised if they were putting some promotions for the 4th arc as well but no confirmation of S2.

Friday is the 23rd. The 23rd is also when volume 9 is released.

>Satella shares the same voice actor with Emilia
>They have the exact same hairstyle and silhouette

So when does Emilia become Satella?

>Rigel is going to end as the personal and unpaid babysitter of all the babies Rem pops out.
I pity him.

Fairly sure Subaru had a job already, she even joked about how Subaru was supposed to be tired from work, but still found the energy to "play".

He'll be fine. He takes after his father, so the kids will probably love him.


True ending.

I really like this video

>Subaru was being a little shit she didn't do anything other than spoil him

First you need to consider how dead and dissapointed her eyes where when he was being a little shit. Problem is that she is also an opportunist, she knew she wasn't able to help him get out of the rut unless Subaru himself opens up and gives her the opportunity to do so.

Which circles back to
>when she could had helped him before
Plus she also has helped him before, just not to the degree or scale of "From Zero". Episode 14-16 with Emilia problems.

>She only called him on that aptitude when he brake her ilusion of a perfect hero

>[Rem: You really are a terrible person, Subaru-kun.]
>[Subaru:..I know.]


>Subaru: Do you think I'm pathetic?
>Rem: Yes

Yes, Rem calling Subaru a terrible person, a cruel man, and a pitiful pathetic being is her viewing him as a perfect hero. Come on. Even then, she knew that Subaru himself could become a better person, which he did, mind you and that despite wanting to run away Rem knew that was the exact opposite of his goal, to where she reminds Subaru if he were to run away now he would have regretted it.

Not to mention the person Rem admires are both Theresia and Crusch, so if anything her views of a "perfect hero" would be reflective of those two.

>Even when Subaru told her he loved Emilia she said to him later, I would be okay with being the mistress.

Also while true, if you really expected she didn't have a plan of her own to get to Subaru's favors you are greatly mistaken.

Do people hate characters that work hard to get what they want or something?

So how do you think Subaru appears to someone who lives in the best timeline?

Someone who has a perfect grasp of a situation and can plan out accordingly most likely.

A Hero.

>someone who lives in the best timeline

But there's only one timeline

We still need confirmation from Satella if it's a time rewind or not.


Rem did not deserve such a shitty life.

Why didn't they show Rem's coma?

I can't get that off of my mind

fucking hell

Because S2 is unsure

Probably wanted to end on a happy note, or there was no time.

That's not really an issue, a cliffhanger ending would have made people buy the Light novels all the same.

Maybe they didn't want to be dicks

I got a hunch that they will drop it in the PV. It will start like a normal, opening-less episode, and continue just where it left off. Cue the "who's Rem?" part, then the scene switches to a flashback where Rem and Crush encounter Gluttony and Greed and get BTFO hard. Then the S2 announcement.

>which is a plot point because Subaru would have entirely fooled by Carmilla if that was true.

Holy shit this

Plus a bunch of other shit Carmilla said to spoil Subaru. That's why he got pissed off at her as he knew that isn't what Rem is like.

I like being hopeful about future seasons, but you're WAYYYYY too hopeful.

There's not enough material Light novel wise for a second season yet.

>S2 announcement

No change. Something like 30 min OVA would be more probable.

She was sad and betrayed because she put Subaru in a high regard, but he destroyed her image of him. And Emilia was the only one that asked him to talk to her so she can help him.

Was S1 not a financial success?

What airs on re:zero's timeslot on sunday? The next one who's supposed to take re:zero's slot airs on oct 2

People just forget to check all points of the story for her character.

You're forgetting that she was also pissed at all the preferential treatment she got from him, thinking there was some ulterior motive. Once she found out it was because he loved her, she went all mellow and liked it.

She's not that complex, she's a nice girl who doesn't like to see those she cares about hurt, but at the same time is dubious of other people's feelings due to being discriminated all her life.

Thanks for crushing my hopes.

Time to learn Nip and go read the LN I suppose

>I'm utterly confused on whether this is ironic

How new are you?

Code Geass is objectively a better anime than this garbage.

Code Geass was a wild ride.
Nobody can deny that. But that doesn't mean this show is garbage in comparison.

My opinion is objectively better than yours.

The thing is Rem knows Subaru is a little shit, but because she needs to hace someone at her side, she downgrades herself and puts that person in a pedestal no matter what that person does. That's why she never tried to help him, because he is the hero that will save everyone in the end. Rem is as chuuni as Subaru.

The ending begs to differ. Premise of the story is to see who is elected queen, but oh no, let's stop the anime without finishing the story at all.

We don't know.

Hnnnng priscilla

>If Tappei didn't toss Rem under a bus and actually fucking showed what was wrong with her blind love by deconstructing it in her face.

Well, at least Takahiro already did it with the superior blue-haired waifubait character that actually has a justified development.

I miss this show already. It hasn't even been a week yet.

Is this your first time seeing an adaptation of an ongoing story or something?

Or start to follow the WN translations here

Well it's because she knows how bad it is to have people always help you, without letting yourself try to get up on your own, that's how her entire life was with her Sister, and after she lost her horn, she felt like garbage.

She wants to help him, but she's not going to hold his hand every single time something bad happens. She did it in episode 18 because he was pretty much broken, and she offers comfort from time to time, but that's it.

The idea is that she knows he can do better, but does not want to hand hold him all the time for it.

I have that bookmarked from another thread.
Still, I always wanted to be more than bilingual and I'm guessing most media can be better understood in its native language.

It's an ongoing story, do you seriously think this is the ACTUAL ending?

Code geass also ended on a unfinished note, the first season that is.

Is there an Archbishop of Gluttony or is that the whale?

Why are they following the LN and not the WN if it's further ahead?

There is Ley of Gluttony devours Rem's name and memories, and makes her be forgotten by everyone else, and left in a coma.

The owner of the whale is the actual archbishop his name was Batenkaitos? Other anons correct me if I'm wrong

You are wrong on 2 fronts:
1. Rem's image of a hero does not take into account whether a person is terrible/pathetic or not. See . People she admires and her heroes are wholly unrelated matters.
2. That pic is her normal stare. There is noting "dead" and "disappointed" about that at all. Subaru already opened up the problem to her in that loop and she was helping him plenty, following his orders. Subaru needed that loop to learn how to negotiate. Even if From Zero happened at that time, he would still fail because he would not know how to negotiate properly with the candidates.

So, is there also a gigantic monster equivalent for each sin or is that exclusive to Gluttony?

Stop calling him owner. The whale has no owner aside from it's creator, it's a wild animal.

The bishop just calls it pet, but he has zero control over it.

Because they don't get money from the WN. LN sales matter a lot.

The three great mabeasts were all created by the Witch of Gluttony. The other two are a gigantic black snake and a huge horde of fist-sized, man-eating rabbits.

No, the one who liked to make monsters was the witch of gluttony.

All the other major monsters who show up were made by her. I'm not sure on the wolfs though, but most likely yes.

Sorry, I was just going off from what I've picked up in threads

It's that, but also because the LN is the revised and final version of the product, so if they adapt the WN and the LN changes something, like Subaru's forced suicide death from Betelgeuse, it will complicate things.

>She wants to help him, but she's not going to hold his hand every single time something bad happens.
She spoiled him, was that nice girl, and his waifu, because in her delusional mind he is the classical hero. That's the thing, for Rem's words to work on him, everyone had to tell him he was a little shit, from Crush, Emilia and Whillem.

It amuses me how Re Zero threads generate so much discussion.

>that's how her entire life was with her Sister
Stop writing fanfiction. Rem was trying to find her own niche under Ram's shadow while they were young. Ram didn't try to do everything for her, either. Her issue was one of talent and jealousy. Think Sakurasou.

>She did it in episode 18
No she didn't. She didn't "hold his hand". Subaru was the one who came up with the plan and a way to execute it. Instead, she encouraged him and reminded him how heroic he can be. She didn't want to help him in the way you are implying. Or did you forget that she herself left him at the inn the first loop?

She did the opposite of spoiling him what are you on about? She said he had to get back on his feet, and even belittled him for "giving up" saying it was the easy thing to do, Subaru even got angry at her for it.

She said she was there to aid him if he needed to, and basically give him support, but he still needed to make a decision of his own. She doesn't see him like a classical hero, stop looking at it so tunnel vision like, she says he's HER hero, because he saved her from her own self doubt and for real in the wolf beast incident.

No surprise, it's probably the most fascinating show of the year so far and it's made for waifu wars. The only way this would be more of an Cred Forums-bait was if it were an original series.

I worded that one in episode 18 badly, she didn't hold his hand yeah, but offered support and he got back up on his feet.

The issue with Ram is true as well, but add in inferiority complex.

I'll be sad when I have to start baiting people to get some discussion going...

Hopefully that doesn't happen.

You completely missed the trigger in that scene. Subaru figured out it wasn't Rem because Rem told him to never give up (ie be my hero), while Carmilla is telling him to give up and leave everything to her.

Claiming that Emilia sucks and Rem is great is sure to get you at least 200 replies

Too bad the show stopped before the actual world building gets going in arc 4.

In other places outside of here sure, but on Cred Forums i hardly see people give a shit, unless you write a autistic looking pasta about it.

I want to know

Ok so I've been lurking in this thread for awhile and let me get this straight.

People are complaining that Rem turned Subaru into a hero or some shit? The fact that Rem made Subaru the man he was (who is apparently a badass) in the later arcs was stupid?

Wait, shit. The complete opposite of that.
Actually, it probably doesn't matter.


No, they're claiming she was being selfish about it, or hand holding him, while others are explaining why that wasn't the case.

At least wait util the thread reaches like close to page 10 or something.

>she was also pissed at all the preferential treatment she got from him
No. Rather, she was worried about him sacrificing himself for her. She only got angry at him when he refused to properly explain his motives.

I'm probably not who you are talking about, but personally I think it was too much of a change in a short time. I wish they would have toned down the "subaru is a gigantic asshole who is losing his mind" a bit.

He felt like he was nothing, and got a push to try again, starting "from zero". He also decided to stop being a sperg and think carefully on how to plan out and go about it, using all that her learned instead of simply expecting others to agree with him because he knows what will happens without properly explaining shit.

>Choosing a waifu
That's not how it works.

Is that a bottle of bleach?


Just the greatest drug of all time.