Will MC finally grow some balls and finally ask out Hishiron?

Hopefully not before she breaks down in front of him bawling about not knowing what she did wrong. Or even better, have her overhear some other girls talking behind her back how all the stuff he does for her is probably because he pities her, but there is no way a guy like that would consider her girlfriend material.

She's best girl but we need some suffering before they fuck like rabbits. All her conflict has been about whether she understands her feelings. What we need is for her to understand her feelings, and then force her to consider that they could be utterly rejected and crushed.

Not until he figures out that she's a subject.

He won't make a move until then, but it's pretty obvious he's going to learn sooner or later

I'll be really disappointed that if when they start dating (and they will) they won't fuck.

They're almost freaking middle-aged. If they're in a relationship, they really need to fuck for it to be believable.

They're both NEETs though. Hishiro is definitely still a virgin because of her slight autism and I wouldn't be surprised if Arata was too. Because of that I wouldn't say they need to fuck. Also anyone know if the anime is getting a S2?

There's not enough manga to adapt for another season.

I think this show would have been popular on Cred Forums if it had been a weekly release instead of all episodes releasing at once.

>growing balls
Provide one example of when this has happened in an anime made since the 90s.


school days

I mean, she's already suffering since she thinks maybe he doesn't want to move onto more than friends after Arata slaps her hand away and avoids her but I do agree that there needs to be more and build it up.

I wanted to be smug cunt and name some gender bender show (so the MC would literally grow balls) but while trying to think of one I realized how not only is it way rarer for girls to turn into guys than guys into girls, but finding one where the girl is the main character is even harder.

Probably not because >muh memories


Inari from Inari kon kon is the MC of her show and has shapeshifting powers, and at one point transforms into a guy.

Therefore she is an MC that literally grows balls.

Gonna be at roughly another year until there's enough manga to make a second season, and then another god knows how long to actually make it.


>Late 20's
>middle aged
I'm done.

Her brother would be a better example, since the series pretty much shifted to his situation being the mainstay of the series.

I went out of my way to be meta in explaining the joke and people still manage to not get it.

Worst girl made best boy cry.

What do we do?

No idea.

I'll google "friend crying help" to see if there's any advice online.



Not anytime soon. In the manga he finally admitted to himself that he wants her, but he can't stop feeling guilty for wanting to fuck a highschool girl.


Is "being a part time worker instead of a full time office slave at 27" really THAT severe of a crime that he needs to have his life redone? Fucking japan.