>tfw no DMC ani... oh wait

Dante can die, Alucard just can't.
Like Uncle Dante 700x more though.

Let's make it a three-way fight.

vash would be overwhelmed fast unless he pulled out his plant pistol

Alucard would win hands down. His regen is just too good.

What is bullshit is that no one actually uses Alucard how he is at the end of the series. With schrodinger cat's abilities he can't loose against Dante.

I thought the anime was okay

The fuck you on about, he's far weaker than he was. His power comes from the souls he absorbed. That shits all gone post series. He might not be able to stay down but he can't do enough damage to take dante down either

Dante beat Mundus who was universal level, in DMC1.

DMC 4 Dante is stronger.

And let's not talk about "I one-shot enemies stronger than Mundus with my gun in base mode" DMC2 Dante, who also has Majin form that makes him invulnerable.

In the end, there will be only one true victor.


He can't trace guns

If there's anything katanagatari taught me, its that guns are simply future swords

his arrows fly as fast as bullets


that makes no sense since an arrow would have turbulent drag at speeds greater than mach 1.


b-but if the spiral flight distorts space itself making the arrow impossible to block

what happens if you have an impenetrable shield that distorts distortions?

what i learn from this franchise is that the undodgeable can be dodged (gae bolg) and the unblockable can be blocked (caladbolg)

Jeez, this is a really popular look, isn't it.

can the unlovable be loved?

No gun = No party

Tell that faggot to come back with a gun, if he wants to fight with swords Dante will skewer him.


Guns are merely devices that launch miniature swords

Dante may be a son of Sparda, but no one can out-sword Shirou

Dante befriends Vash, hijinks ensue

Which of them can pick up the most ladies in the course of a week?


In a week? Each of them gets a couple ladies crushing on them, but neither manages to actually score.