Older sister is in prison

>older sister is in prison
>get a call from her
>she tells me that the prison library has Azumanga Daioh and two volumes of Watamote
>...but loads of pages are missing

I'm thinking of donating the prison more manga. What series do you think convicts would like?

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I'm serious.

For fuck's sake why not donate to a children's hospital or a library or something not full of criminals

nice rec thread faggot

Why would there be pages missing?

Not even heartless criminals can stand Tomo.

>ha ha ha fuck prisoners
>if you can't do the time don't do the crime
>prison is supposed to be a punishment
>man prisoners have it so easy I should just rob a bank so I can get free room and board too

Prison School.

who are you quoting? where is this coming from, user?

Yuri porn.

it IS supposed to be punishment.

just because it is also supposed to be for reabilitation doesnt mean its not supposed to be serve as punishment as well.

Also, funny thing about your last statement, is that people with nothing to lose/in need of house do sometimes commit crimes for such a reason, if you are not caught, you get free stuff, if you are caught you get some place to feed you. Its not like they'll put you in the uber dangerous ones if your crime isnt very violent

Tell me the crime your sister commited and maybe ill give you some recomendations

>he's never stolen pages out of a manga to fap to them later
Man millennials are so fucking spoiled I tell you what.

Not who you're replying to, but it was drug related.

Helter Skelter

Asagao to Kase-san if you want yuri
Waratte!! Sotomura-san
Koisuru Yankee Girl
This. Just listen to some Johnny Cash Prison is torture and not rehabilitation or punishment, inside it encourages the same criminal and violent behavior the entire time while inside in order to survive or keep your cornhole intact.
Light crimes like drug abuse, breaking gun laws or other shit that get heavy penalties and long sentences will just make a criminal out of an innocent.

In military prison they were very strict about which manga they would allow us to receive and we could only get books from mail order companies/Amazon. The Right Stuf catalog actually got a lot of use there.

For real though OP a good sports manga wouldn't be a bad idea because its more easily relateable. Also sports manga typically have good moral values like self improvement, discipline and not giving up.

>she tells me that the prison library has Azumanga Daioh and two volumes of Watamote
>...but loads of pages are missing

The thought of prison turning inmates into huge waifu fags amuses me to no end.
Prisoners desperate for wank material turn to ecchi in manga and rip out pages for use back inn their cells. Eventually they get invested in the characters and develop waifus. Wiafus lead to gangs dedicated to a specific girl, which leads to gang wars over who is best girl.

>Implying this haven't already happened.
The bloodiest gang war in detroit started about two months ago. Police said it was some drug shit but everyone in the neighbor knows it started the night after episode 18 of Re:Zero aired.

You just know that was one of the missing pages.

What did she do to go to prison, OP?

Also to answer your question: Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, but only Part 6.

>loads of pages are missing

I guess that prison site needs to be nuked from orbit.

>implying tomo isn't second best girl after kagura

donate loli doujins

Speaking of Doujins, I wonder if anyone made a Boku no Pico Doujin?

In my country some prisons just don't give you toilet paper, you have to work and use the money in the prison store to buy.
Not like they deserve any.

Did anybody.. make a Suzu doujin?..
Why haven't I been searching for this?! I need it.

As someone who works in prisons, there are a lot of people in prison with manga. They're usually pedophiles though. I've seen them with Naruto and One Piece. Nothing I would read. They can't have anything too graphic anyway.

Pedos result to drawing their own loli.

Sakamoto desu ga?

Yep, there's at least 3 Suzu Exclusive Doujins:


Bless you, user!

Why is your onee-sama in prison?


I'd just pick up whatever from a thrift store as long as all pages seem to be there.

If it's a woman prison then I guess shonens would be the best, but really anything will do.

I have a buddy behind bars, he can't get hardcovers. Not sure if they take paperbacks from him as he has to work for ages to earn enough money for a few minutes of computer time which he can use to write text-only emails to select people. Takes weeks to get a reply.