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Was it rape?

Jesus fuck though, more NTR faces
Fumita's out of control

Emasculation complete.

Title: The most powerless I've felt in my life
Panel 1:
Jun: Why...did you do that?
Tomo: Huh? Because you suddenly grabbed me.
Jun: Not that!
Panel 2:
Jun: I didn't ask you to go get it back for me!
Tomo: ...I don't know what you're talking about, but if you're ever in trouble
Panel 3:
Tomo: It's obvious that I'd help you. Because we're friends.
Jun: (Stop saying it like it's so easy!)
Panel 4:
Jun: (I can't do the same thing)
Jun: *sniff*
Jun (for you!)

My heart

So bloody exploitable.

Jun's a big boy.

Jun better wife that shit.

Is Tomo an idiot? or too nice for Jun's good?
>Jun (for you!)
where's that CC bane edit


Fucking dying over here.

I think I got diabeetus from reading that last line.

No wonder he has such deeply rooted self-esteem issues now.

Too real man, too real.
Now we know the fuel that drove Jun to become a demi god.

Need to shoop ahegao and cum on his face.

Do your job anons.

>idolizes tomo as his hero
>feels great shame knowing he could never be as dependable a friend to tomo as tomo is to him
>devotes himself to self-improvement, wants to be worthy of having tomo as a best friend
>always feels like he's in tomo's shadow, but it's not so bad in the shade
>finds out tomo's a girl in middle school
Could you fuck your hero, Cred Forums?

I really hope we get the middle school day in this flashback arc. Just think how potent that emasculation will be.

Oh man, from his perspective? That would be interesting.

So know we know why he acts the way he does. He was emasculated. His man card was taken that day and to make things worst it cause him to develope a fetish for it. Also he thought he was gay.

>we get to see jun's internal monologue and private emotional breakdown the moment after that comic happened
oh god please fumita give me the goods

The tack this is on makes my theory of Jun having already confessed to Tomo in middle school less and less likely.


love it.


My anxiety is acting up. I need to leave this for a couple of weeks and come back. Good thing I have to study for my license.

something something you can't disappoint an autograph

do you think that LLS is tactless enough to make this joke?

>You came already you game boy?
>Get ready for the rape of your life.
>Please go easy on me

As if I haven't done worse already.

this is a key chapter, though. there have been very few of those.
I'm not counting just writing "for you" there btw.

She should demand he have sex with her as repayment. He'd probably do it.


Does he still cry himself to sleep when he remembers how much of a pathetic beta unworthy piece of shit he is and how he'll never be good enough for Tomo?

You almost sound serious.

No, because he has become a monster

Alright this is a convincing reason to why Jun's been such a faggot. His childhood goals and ideals were formed at that moment, but then fumita decided to add genderbender and romance tags to his story.

He cries because his BRO is a she.

After this arc gets a little further, I want to go back through and shop out all the references to Tomo being female, and then push it to a friend to see what they think when they get the reveal when Jun gets it at the end.

10 thousand hours in photoshop

Thank you user.

i forgot the sniffle at the end fuck

Real men don't sniffle when they fuck user.

On second thought, I don't think you could explain this page in any other way.
I don't see this ever being read as an actual gay thing.

You can take this page out?

>you will never have a cute female boyfriend who protects your smile and comforts you when you're hurt

It's technically a throwaway page, but it's there to build this page.
I actually think you could play it as gay, but the whone 'calling by my first name' thing is already weird. I don't know if it would work.

In conclusion, no matter how you slice it, Jun had feelings for Tomo back in the day including, attraction and admiration and later love. Probably thought he was gay, or brushed the thing off as a normal broship. Enter, boobs.. He had to reevaluate his life and suddenly incidents like Todays feel far more damaging to his self-esteem than they would have been if Tomo remained as his bro. If you read this backwards, the romantic undertones are still to visible making the later plot twist inevitable.


Damn! Imagine what would have happened if Jun's family only moved from Tokyo when he entered high school. So, he only meets girl Tomo instead. How would have the story played out?

Well let's see

>Jun would be a faggot scrawny gameboy
>Tomo wouldn't be in love with him

We would literally not have this series.

funny story

But would he be in love with her?
>That is the question.
My guess is he will think she's a disgusting lesbian SJW.

So in short you wanna fool your friend with a reverse trap? Nice.

Also does anyone have this image in clean version?

It's so pretty in color. I'm tempted to draw some fan art of Tomo.

So have you thought of Jun has changed a bit or he's still our Gayboy for not fucking tomo in the arse?

He hasn't changed. He's still a gentleman.


do it and make it extra lewd senpai

This guy has his priorities straight.
In this page, at least.

I hope Tomo and Jun never get together. I am sick of her pretend crush.

>Pretend crush

Damn. Didn't know pretend could last for 10 years or however old they are

Thanks senpai.

Think of the poor boy.. He's so dependant on her.

>pretend crush
How? They're childhood friends, and Jun is clearly physical with Tomo on the regular.

>Jun never forgot this
The payback hes going to exact on that girl in the future...
Literally the same comic for the past few pages but with full grown characters and the positions reversed.
and nudity

I wanna see Jun and Tomo pound each other non stop for hours with neither giving up.

I think he is referring to the last chapter of harambe's arc where tomo stated that she actually woudn't mind to stay as friends in the end.

I dunno

>Boyfriend (Female)


I wanna see NTR. SO BADLY.
When is their summer break?
>Jun goes to visit grandma in Tokyo.
>Tomo meets this guy while she's running in the park.
>He asks to be shown around.
>Tomo is stupid. Takes him on a tour.
>He treats her to lunch.
>Later they become FB friends.
>Asks Tomo out.
>Tomo says yes, because clearly Jun had no problem dating other people.
>Jun comes back.
>Jun commits suicide.
>The end.

Love this series. The perfect amount of lewd and cute.

I don't see this going more JWWW than doujun as far as pacing. There's no way that jun would tap that even a month after confessing. too large of a mental block.

I still think that misuzu is referring to her trying to get tomo to turn into a girl, which would throw a wrench into that idea. still, I assume we have much to learn in the rest of this arc.

>I wanna see NTR


>I don't see this going more JWWW than doujun as far as pacing. There's no way that jun would tap that even a month after confessing. too large of a mental block.

I didn't mean now. Once Jun gets over his trauma and Fumita stops being a bitch and finally starts drawing porn for his series.

The only acceptable NTR is Jun getting fucked by some bimbo and Tomo suffering.

What did he mean by this?


>Sometimes this kind of expression happens in ero manga but it ends up looking like someone awakening a superpower
>Kinda like this

>What did he mean by this?
All I've ever seen is someone trying really hard to take a shit

You mean Tomo getting together with Misuzu

getting raped by your bro

yeah thats true, ahegao always looked really weird to me, like they're in extreme pain

Bros don't rape bros, bros know to ho' for the bros.

>he's never had a female boyfriend

Sadly this is probably true for Jun's situation. He must have felt like he lost a friend to some capacity, while also now having to reconcile the fact that his best friend is actually a girl which not has recontextualized their past, and future interactions in his mind.

This happens to me whenever I read something drawn by royal koyanagi. Everyone looks like they are grimacing.


You may enjoy this one then

I wish I had a friend as good as Tomo.

>Sadly this is probably true for Jun's situation. He must have felt like he lost a friend to some capacity, while also now having to reconcile the fact that his best friend is actually a girl which not has recontextualized their past, and future interactions in his mind.

Holy shit, if I found out that ghost rider was a chick, I wouldn't know what to do. That shit too HOT yo.

pls kill urself :^)

Holy shit I'm crying. This is gold. They keep the same face the entire time it's like they are yelling at each other in some alien mating ritual.
10/10 couldn't fap because I was rolling on teh floor.

Everything was fine until Page 13. Fucking why.


Oh thanks for remanding me this glorious treasure.

Ok I don't get it

Who masturbates in this position?

Back when I didn't use a computer that was exactly how it looked.

Who masturbates into bedsheets?

Jesus, is there an unhinged jaw tag?

That looks like a very unsubtle way to fap.
Imagine the musk from jacking off to that for x days in a row when you air it out.

The more I read of this arc the more I feel bad for Jun's current situation.

Forget whether he wants to bang Tomo or not, this guy has some deep-seated self-esteem issues and it's kind of sad that Tomo is completely oblivious to it all.

It was funny in my head, but by the time I finished the edit it had become silly.

I posted it anyway.

Christ I love this one. I couldn't even fap to it because I was laughing too hard.

ah I see


His denial of everything makes so much more sense now. So much of who he is is there because of trying to emulate Tomo. If Tomo turns that around and loves him, where does that leave him as a person?

He knew exactly what she meant.

I'm wondering if we're gonna get a flat-out reveal that Jun's fully cognisant of Tomo's true feelings by the end of this. Maybe revisit this scene from his perspective.

It's not even about that, Tomo isn't even the same person to him anymore in high school. When she tries to act girly or spills spaghetti in front of him his brain just becomes a mess because to him none of that is "Tomo."

The twin story keeps getting more relevant with every strip. He wasn't just explaining his view of his relationship with Tomo to Sempai, it was a cry for help. He has no idea what to do and it's killing him.

How do you keep on living knowing that shota Tomo will never beat and emasculate you?

I did this to someone once on accident. They thought I was a girl and it fucked with them when they found out I was a boy. I still feel bad about it but they're my best friend to this day. I can weirdly relate because of this. A lot of the shit Jun is going through is similar to what they said to me when they found out.

Femdomfags are so pathetic.


Tomo's a boy.

Boy (female)

That's certainly the direction it's going. The whole point of this arc is explaining Jun's side of things, it would be logical for the narrative to end up in a place where we know exactly how both of them feel, and then the story becomes how the eventually deal with and resolve those feelings. We already know how Tomo feels obviously because she's just a dumb tomboy, but Jun's state of mind is complex and really requires all of this backstory. So why go through all of this if not to give us a complete outline of Jun's motivation as a character? I think that by the end of this arc the major mysteries surrounding Jun will be unveiled and the whole dramatic tension of the manga will be significantly different. It may be early to call, but the story might be entering its final act.

Crybaby Jun is so moe.


No. I'd want her to fuck me.



I 100% understand why Jun is more or less broken.

Your "mentor" and the person who looked upon your whole life suddenly turned into big tits girl.

Fetishes aside, he doesn't know what to feel anymore.

i want to kill myself for laughing at the For You

end me

What the fuck Cred Forums you fags told me this is suppose to be a comedy feel good manga. Why is there a deep plot and story to this shit the fuck?

This is not funny anymore in fact this is reminding me when I was a kid and I used to look up to my big brother.

>Why is there a deep plot and story to this shit the fuck?
Because it's great. What did you think we were all sticking around for?

If you had fucked your big brother this wouldn't be giving you bad feels. It's just your guilt user.


Zenkichi did it in the end.

god dammit Cred Forums

I'm still sticking around for the cute tomboy. The good drama is a great bonus though,

What's this? Looks fun

I need a collage with all those faces

Remember when this series was just about a tomboy in love with a dense guy?

Yes, a pain in the ass

Yeah, it's far better now that it's not just a cliche.

Sure, but "tomboy in love with a guy who's just pretending to be dense" is more unique and interesting.

I hope she gives up on him and he commits suicide.
That would be a perfect ending.

Boring, more Carol please.

Amano megumi

I am starting to feel angry at Tomo for being such an ignorant idiot

it's funny how the author did hentai before. His loli work is pretty fucking vanilla but hot.

Confirmed that hentai artists make the best non-hentai manga.


Yeah, and it's impressive how he spun it all from gags and jokes into what it is now.

I'm seriously tearing up senpai.

>tomo's loli vagina will never be rubbed on your back.

Wait, then all those times Jun "protected" Tomo were because he really have feelings for her, or is his trying to finally "repay" her after all this time? or is just him trying to prove that she can relay of him as a "friend"?

That's a nice read. I wish I knew more works like this, pursuing girl and "perverted*" boy.
*more like healthily puberal, but japs are weird

>>tomo's loli vagina
>tomo's shota vagina

I doubt when she was being groped he was thinking

>now is my chance to pay her back for saving my gameboy from this bullies

not neccesary he was thinking that at the moment, but he probably could create the mindset that he should help her and protect her because he has to be able to do the same things for her, since she would do it for him.

Actually I think that scene showed off his feelings for Tomo quite a lot

>It revealed that he's fully aware she's a girl
>It revealed that he strongly cares for her
>And that he's not willing to put up with any shit for someone he cares for

I don't remember if that scene is before or after


I feel like angry midget needs to take jun to the side and show him how vaginas work.


It made sense before, but now it makes even more sense. He just wants to be as reliable/great a friend as Tomo.

That pic reminds me: someone said Jun and Tomo's official heights had been given on Twitter, could someone post them?


>fumita yanagida
>good loli
It was average.

>Confirmed that hentai artists make the best non-hentai manga.

You say it like h-manga artists going mainstream is so strange for you.

Tooru OIKAWA's Infection manga sucked, His drawing on Shin Sekai Yuri was okay
Inoue Kiyoshiro's art style can't save Tsumino's bullshit writing for that one robot manga
Naruko Hanaharu should have been given writing duty for that shitty gargantia robot anime
Fukudahda's rom com manga is flopping because it is shit
Azuma Kiyohiko's best work is Azumanga
Maybe's Tale of wedding rings is okay, the ghost girl is better but not that much
Shun Saeki's food wars is shit
Kitakawa Touta's Dead Tube is shit
Higashiyama Shou is still tracing after all this years of drawing
Yoshifumi Osadai or Hana Hook's series Bamora scans/raws are hard to find
Hisasi's collab manga called Union, axed
Seiman DOUMAN is a chuuni on twitter and can't write worth shit, so he styles it as absurdist comedy.

Yuusuke Higashida's Kyuusen no Shima had a good start, and a very dissapointing resolution. THe sequel is just a patch for the shit he started in KnS.

>read all of madoka box in the last 3 days
>have literally never heard of it before on Cred Forums
>just finished reading it and i come back to Cred Forums
>already a reference in the first thread i open

whew lad

>what is gender even for XD
The binding of bloodlines and the raising of children within them.

It's beyond me how he can not just grab her by the legs and ravish her when she looks like that.

I wanna be dominated by loli-tomo

>never heard of it
You really should have been there as it was being released. What a fucking FRESH ride

How did Jun manage to become my favourite now that I know his side of things??

Now we need Mizusu side.

I'm not expecting rashomon, but...
Okay, I'm expecting rashomon.

She needs to instruct him on proper naked wrestling moves so he can practice them on tomo.

It hasnt to be as contradictory like rashomon, but to show the same things

How Mizusu came know Tomo, how they became friends, her growing yuri for her but at the same time seeing her get attracted to Jin and knowing that she cant act on her feelings and all that.

I'm not expecting yuri, just a lonely girl. I also expect Jun to have left out a lot.

I remember that Tomo's and Mizusu's moms are long time friends and that's why they know each other

Flashback arc from Mizusu POV But in reality is their mothers

I'm watching Lost, so I found this a bit funny.

wow man, so much hate in one post.

Are you on your period or something? Try to chill a little.

I want Tomo-chan to sit on me.

>I want Tomo-chan to shit on me.



>4th panel
Aftermath of Tomo finally snapping and having her way with Jun.

funny thing is, if that were to happen now it would look very similar.

"Now" as in this loli/shots flashback, or "now" as in teenage Tomo/Jun?

Why would Jun cry now?
And if you mean "Tomo would still rek him" then you're delusional, Jun is clearly stronger and they both acknowledge it.

in the present, if she actually pushed the issue like the main girl in a doujin.

Jun's mind would snap if Tomo made a move on him. The only real question is whether or not Tomo would keep going on a mindbroken Jun.

>Jun's mind would snap if Tomo made a move on him.
You say that, but IMO Tomom foreshadowed it: push him too hard and the wolf comes out.

Yes, and now we know that the dense guy is only pretending to be dense and the reason why he is dense, but also in love with her. I like that the reason goes beyond the simple childhood friends cliche.

It would be great to know the reason why Tomo loves Jun as well.

Why IS there so much plot now? It seems to have turned from a comedy 4-koma to a regular manga. Did something during that month long break?

it was all keikaku from the beginning.

>mutually exclusive
Have we been reading the same 4koma? Ninety-five percent of the chapters still end in a gag.

Was forgetting about Tababe and senpai's relationships all according to keikaku?

I'm so fucking dickhard for Tababu to melt Misuzu's icy heart.

>Ninety-five percent of the chapters still end in a gag.
Not in this arc. Not that I mind.

I mean arcs were only about 10 pages long and moved at a fairly quick pace. Now, even though each page still has a punchline, the arcs are much longer and slower paced. This loli-Tomo arc is already 26 pages long with no end in sight.

Though I have to admit that these longer arcs seem to have started after the new-years break rather than the recent summer one.

This is a long arc because from a narrative perspective it's the most important arc that has ever happened. For hundreds of chapters the story has revolved around what exactly is going on in Jun's head, arguably since chapter one. This is a huge turning point for the manga.

The last three chapters or so have been less funny, but what you have to keep in mind is that that's a pattern which has always existed. There have been a number of arcs with a dramatic climax, and every time the couple chapters leading up to it gradually became less and less funny. Pic related.

Does/Did Jun not have a consistent father figure growing up? Poor kid is a neurotic wreck.

yeah, sorry to tell you, but the best part were the live threads. people shitting themselves left and right.

Papa is away from home all the time.

>For hundreds of chapters the story has revolved around what exactly is going on in Jun's head

I thought it revolved around Tomo trying to get into Jun's panties?

A salary-man's hours leaves a boy at the mercy of the females of the family turning him into a sissy.

Yes. His dense personality doesn't look very believable these days.

>at the mercy of the females of the family turning him into a sissy.

Fucking hell I can relate.