Weekly Shounen Jump ToC #42

Gintama (Cover, Lead CP, New TV Anime Announcement)
Boku no Hero Academia
One Piece
Saiki Kusuo no Sainan (CP)
Black Clover
Yakusoku no Neverland - first ranking
Shokugeki no Souma
Taketoritsuki Monogatari (CP, Golden Future Cup Entry #4)
Red Sprite
Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san (CP)
Sesuji wo Pin! to
World Trigger
Love Rush!
Kimetsu no Yaiba
Samon-kun wa Summoner
Hinomaru Zumou
Takuan to Batsu no Nichijou Enma-chou
Isobe Isobee Monogatari

Shounen Jump Issue 44 Preview
Cover, Lead CP: Haikyuu!!
CP: Shokugeki no Souma, Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san, Nigai Bongai Barabarjura (Golden Future Cup Entry #5)

what replaces Kochikame?

Why the fuck are they making another Gintama anime so soon? They should've just continued the other one instead of ending it.

> Gintama
> New season
> reach 400 eps anime
Holy shit.

>Yakusoku no Neverland - first ranking

Fucking nice.

"Pure" Ranking
1 My Hero
2 One Piece
3 Black Clover
4 Neverland
5 Souma
6 Haikyuu
7 Toriko
8 Sesuji
9 World Trigger
10 Kimetsu
11 Summoner
12 Hinomaru
13 Takuan

what a cluttered fucking cover

Probably final season. They'll end it along with the mango

Hinomaru Zumou ranking that low is rare.

Gintama (1-201)
Gintama' (202-252)
Gintama Enchousen (253-265)
Gintama┬░ (266-316)
Newest Gintama Season (317-???) *Will end before climax unless Gorilla ends the manga in the next few months
So Gintama is probably going to need 6 seasons if Sunrise wants to just finish it. Fujoshi fanbase is kind of scary if it can keep reviving a series.

Hopefully Sugita doesn't go bald before he finishes it

>Yuragi getting all these color pages
>Sesuji is gonna survive
>Neverland is now the editor's new Samon

I'm okay with this.

They can't do it in one go because they kept overlapping the manga.This ain't Naruto OP bullshit.

>10 Kimetsu
Please don't die.

>Yakusoku no Neverland - first ranking
Great beginning.

>Kimetsu no Yaiba
>Samon-kun wa Summoner
Please live.

Avg ranks of the 20 series that were ranked in the last 10 weeks

02.10 One Piece
02.82 Boku no Hero
03.50 Black Clover
05.11 Haikyuu
06.15 Neverland
06.59 Yuuna
07.93 Souma
09.29 Hinomaru
09.39 World Trigger
10.83 Saiki
11.22 Kimetsu no Yaiba
11.57 Gintama
11.84 Kochikame (fin)
14.84 Sesuji wo Pin
15.25 Samon
15.56 Toriko
15.81 Nisekoi (fin)
17.80 Takuan
18.13 Bleach (fin)
20.00 Mononofu (fin)

Once again, the first seven placements seem to be arbitrary on the part of the editors. Neverland was constantly placed in the bottom half but its first rank was in the top 4. So any Love Rush or Red Sprite fans should relax until their eighth weeks.

Being this retarded has to be a talent.

>Kimetsu no Yaiba

Which chapter was that?

>Gintama gets another anime

Jesus give it to someone else.

Neverland at 4th! Fuck YEAH!!!!!

>Giving a shit about JUMP rankings

>Eiichiro Oda revealed in the latest volume of One Piece how Weekly Jump ranks its series:

>Jump does not order the manga based on popularity from the week before. It's true that popular series are in front, but the actual order is decided from week to week by the editor-in-chief.

>Basically, it may show the postcards do affect ranks, but it's mostly up to the editor himself.

Everyone here just pretends to care about the rankings. In reality this thread is about discussing WSJ manga.

More like about shitposting and watching retarded Herofags fight with other fanbases.

Every thread.

4 new manga from Osamu Akimoto

he said the it depends on the mood and he was talking about the magazine mood not the editor mood

for example Isobee is always in the last place so the magazine can end on a happy note

They seem to like Cloverfags a lot

>Giving a shit about JUMP rankings

Well yeah, because the least popular ones get axed immediately.

>Gintama (Cover, Lead CP, New TV Anime Announcement)

Please tell me Sunrise is returning and the old director is back at the helm.

>here comes the name dropping faggot running like a clock



I wasn't expecting more Gintama anime, I was really sick of that shitty serious arc by the end of last season but new comedy episodes are most welcome.

told yah, I'll stop when attention whores stop

>Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san (CP)


>posting sample

Because they sell like crap, regardless of rankings.

He's literally the clovefag. All he ever seems to do is go on about how much Herofags argue with people while also trying to start conversations about BC and then blaming herofags when no one cares about bc

Gintama has kept loosing interesting ever since the big stupid reveal that the sensei was the villain and that Kamui trash the story to oblivion with his edge.

At this point, they might as well finish adapting the entirety of it.

You now realize Gintama will get it's final arc animated and Bleach wont

For people wondering how Takuan is still still alive, as of this week Takuan will be at 19 chapters. Volume 1 had 7 chapters. It didn't end this week, so it will have 13 yet uncompiled chapters next week. It needs to get to at least 21 in order to fill up volumes 2 and 3, for it's already too late to fit them in just volume 2. But volume 3 wouldn't have enough to fill it up for a couple more weeks.

Bleach might in a couple of years. By the time it ended, Inuyasha's popularity had similarly cratered years before and peak Inuyasha was less popular than peak Bleach. It still got an anime a year after the end. The only problem is it's probably going to be a short adaptation like The Final Act was.

Called the anime like every same person. And Rakuyo arc has plenty of humour too, so it's all good. Maybe they will even finish it in the same go.

they could always include old oneshots by the author to fill the rest of the volumes

Didn't think of that. Apparently there were two one-shot versions of Takuan before it became a series, that should be enough.

>Gintama (Cover, Lead CP, New TV Anime Announcement)

I'm ready for the weekly threads.

I hope you accompany me

I thought it's Black Clover getting an anime and Gintama getting a live action? So this is a different one? What the fuck is happening.

I'm glad that neverland is doing well.

About Gintama

Seems like the live action adapts the Benizakura Arc

Gintama is getting both a live-action movie and a new anime.

Black Clover is currently only getting a Jump Festa OVA. Those almost always lead to an anime, but the actual anime will be given a separate announcement from the OVA.

Based Hero Aca.

This manga is all right when it's just doing fanservice.

Were are the user that said neverland would do shit

Eating crow

>Toriko comeback out of fucking nowhere
Space arc confirmed.


I loved the series to death but after the Shinsengumi Kondo death penalty arc I just can't continue. I know the author is wrapping the series up, but I want comedy SOL hijinks with my favorite characters.

The last year or so has been all serious chapters one after another.

Goddamnit, Benizakura is not that good of an arc to get like 3-4 adaptions

Neverland debuted at 4th place huh?

I doubt Red Sprite or Love Rush can do better but we will see

Wait whoa, it's ended?

I heard Hinomaru Zumou debuted at 1st, so that doesn't mean much. I think Neverland will stay popular though.

>Ranking for the chapter from 7 weeks ago
>It's this one
They felt the power of Bara Wings.

I think neverland and red sprite will survive
But love rush probably won't

Ranking is what matters. By ranking well Hinomaru Zumou managed to go over 2 years.


Cover for this issue

I think it'll go like this too.

this faggy tumblr art man it honestly makes me like deku

they look like a lesbians couple

did we ever get a confirmation for Yuno's sex?

his sweater shading make him look like he have a breast & wearing a bra

Yuno's design a shit

>Sesuji wo Pin! to
>Samon-kun wa Summoner
Please survive

>Sesuji wo Pin! to
Stay alive, I know you can do it!

That BnHA boobs chapter right?

Ugly shit poor BC Yuno looks like a retard.

The power of boobs!

>fanservice is wrong
confirmed for feminist propaganda.

I just got into kimetsu no yaiba recently. Nezuko a cute

Please survive

You can pull through, Kimetsu!

Hinonimaru Sumo sells like crap but survive purely because of high ToC ranking, just because editors influence it (which we already knew already) doesn't mean it's not important.

ToC is not meant to see which series is more popular, it meant to see which series is the healthiest. The top will receive things like more color pages/merchandises/anime etc, while the bottom get axed or ignored.

An autistic cat is fine too.

>Eidlive anime

Nice for Neverland.
I hope Kimetsu manages to stay alive.

Sesuji, please don't die on me.

I don't really know, the manga doesn't even pander to Alano's established audience.

>Yakusoku no Neverland - first ranking
Great going

it's one of tv tokyo biggest grossing franchises

>Kimetsu no Yaiba
We Dead Space now.

Neverland has no real competition so I bet it will survive for a while. Love Rush would do better if it was a romcom instead of going full fanservice harem with chapter 3.

So Black Clover is getting lots of color pages in an attempt to make it more popular, not the other way around. Got it.

The first chapter of Neverland is really strong, but the others do not have the same impact. Let's hope.

It was announced quite a while ago.

To promote JUMP+

True. Hopefully, they'll get to build the story nicely and have the time to show more impactful chapters later.

It's not that one, it's the one where acacia eats center and neo and becomes a monkey.
Nips like acacia I guess.

Yaiba is the new Bleach

>New Gintama anime season
Will it be garbage like the last anime arc?
It sucks they skipped some comedy arcs, since those are preferable to action arcs, but if they're going to do the serious stuff at least do it well.

Asta looks fine but Yuno looks like a the product of deer/human sex.

But it's the early one everyone knows so they gotta shove that into everything.

I know, user, I'm sick of Benizakura too.

Hopefully we'll get a better director this time. The last anime season was the only time I thought that the manga was overall a better experience.

Well we're getting that love potion OVA... soon? So I think they plan on adapting everything, but I guess they just wanted to do all serious shit for some dumb reason.

It's the first big 'serious arc', so it kind of make sense to start a movie series there. If it's successful then they can follow with the Kyubei or Shinsengumi betrayal arcs.

Looking forward to that, of course.
What else was skipped? The one with Kagura's "boyfriend" or something?

I think so, and a couple other smaller arcs I believe. I saw a list on MAL at some point and didn't bother to save it.


Kagura's Boyfriend, Excalibur arc, missing Shopkeeper's husband, Idol arc and Guardian Spirits Arc.

>toriko's last color page was 47 issues ago
>last cover was 69 issues ago

Sugita will probably be completely bald before the series even airs.

It's getting the Bleach treatment. Toriko really was the new Bleach all along.

I think you need to read that post again because I don't know where you got that conclusion.

>Yakusoku no Neverland
Fucking nice desu.

4 series are doing notably worse than others. Sesuji, Samon, Toriko, and Takuan. I think they all will be dead before 2018.