You and your little groupies

You and your little groupies
Don’t belong on the stage
If you want to realize your dream
Then you have to dance for yourself

That’s right, /ai/ idle activities is comin’ down
To my own beat, the only one worth trusting
I’m comin, comin’, here to keep my promise
I’ll do whatever it takes… so I’m just ready

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Cutest canon gay couple


I want to kiss Non on the lips!

Third wheel included.




Just another 110 episodes until they fuck.



Until then, enjoying their tsun. Needs more M4 teasing.


Akari has arrived! I'd been waiting for her since she was the first Aikatsu character I knew about.

She's more adorable then I remembered!

She was so cute back then.

To think Akari used to be able to convey emotions.

B2 and C1 is back up for grabs. If you missed the opportunity to pick a square the first time, now is your chance!

Zip with each individual square:!vYFCXKha!UWNMez-T-GQFh_qKL0YTK_fNFsZQmxgsCxSf_9IqKNY
Previous coloring projects:

Enjoy the next hundred episodes of her. She's cute.

Oops, didn't mean to reply to that.

She has assumed the position.


I was going to fap to Lala tonight anyway.



Can I be put on the same cell as Lalafucker?

I thought /pc/ was in bad shape but after visiting /ai/ I feel much better now

>it's a Yurika-sama and Kaede episode
That was maximum comfy. These two pair really well together, although I can't help but wish it was Yurika and Ran who wound up paired together.

Short hair Akari also a cutie.

>Gaara's cyalume didn't shine
>the audience was more interested in tricolore ceremony than Garumaggedon performance
>their loss is already guaranteed

Is this some sort of bullying?



New Photokatsu event has sexy Swallowtails.


I got two swallowtail Yurikas.

Blue is very pretty.

>I can't help but wish it was Yurika and Ran who wound up paired together.
So does Yurika.

Don't say that, this was for the best.

>mfw Raichi shows up for the first time in ages and its him suffering because Aoi miss understood his text
This nigga is born to suffer, isn't he? He just wants a piece of that fine Aoi-neesan booty.

He deserves it for ignoring Noelle.

She is pretty great, excellent wing man for him. But there does seem to be a bit of interest in him on Noelles side it feels. She's playing the long con I feel.

>That Aoi asking if Raichi has grown again scene
The gradual time increasing is great, it won't be long until he is taller then her if he gets the dad genes.

settling for second place isn't for the best.

>Yet every foreign character has a Japanese name. Except the twins but they're haafus.
Reona is a Japanese unisex name.
>Who's pure japanese in pripara anyways? just Shion and Chili? i mean the main cast.
Why don't you think Minami Mirei is Japanese? Or Aroma and Mikan? Or Lala, for that matter. Parents give their kids weird pseudo/full foreign names in PriPara, but there's no reason to believe a character's not Japanese if it's not stated otherwise (Hibiki, Fuwari, Ajimi, West twins).

>Parents give their kids weird pseudo/full foreign names in PriPara
It's not like this isn't a thing in real life either. They're called kirakira names.

Second place is first loser.

Kaede is YES!


I still can't forget my weekly dose of Aikatsu. Stars just doesn't do it for me

I wish I could be as happy and optimistic as Akari. I wish I had an Aikatsu wife to hug and cuddle whenever I was feeling down.

Season 3's finale felt a bit anticlimactic, but I still enjoyed it all the same. Seeing Tristar and Soleil again got me a bit misty-eyed and nostalgic; even though I've only been watching Aikatsu daily for a bit over two months now, it feels like it's been so long since season one. As much as I like Akari and Sumire and Hinaki, I really do miss the OG cast.

The biggest complaint I have with season 3 is how much it ignored a lot of the characters. The DreAca girls showed up for like a total of ten minutes the entire 50 episodes; I know they weren't the most popular, but after how big of a deal they were in S2 it really felt kinda awkward that they basically disappeared. S2 went so out of the way to pair Ichigo and Seira and make them best buds and then you never see the OG cast interact with DreAca again. I also got a feeling of loneliness when the Soleil girls went on their tour halfway through the season and were gone until the last couple episodes. I know they did it so they could give Akari and co. more time in the spotlight, but after being with Ichigo, Aoi, and Ran for 100 episodes, not getting to see them was saddening.

I'm a few episodes into S4 now and I really don't want it to end. I've only got 20-something episodes left and I don't want to imagine going without my daily dose of Aikatsu.

Also, the new potato idles are super cute.

>Pretty Rhythm AD randomly had Buenos Aires as an important place and the climax of DMF took place there.
It wasn't random. Mion was born in Buenos Aires,her dad his probably from there as he's blond just like her. There was a qualification tournament for Prism Queen Cup there which Mion and Serena fought at. And the stage rink the tournament used, which was used again at the end of DMF, is the legendary rink of the skating goddess.
>Reona is a Japanese unisex name.
Really? I do want to believe you but do you have proof? Never heard that before.

Going back to that France discussion last thread, like other anons pointed out it's because Japan idolizes France and Paris, but it's actually esls and less the case for years now, and more and more Japanese people know how Paris is actually like. I think it doesn't reflect in PP since it's a show for kids so they exxagerate to the max.
Also iirc they explicitly said Ajimi is indeed french but not Hibiki. Hibiki could have just been living there for a few years and not necessarily born there. And remember Hibiki's grandfather is probably Japanese as he's supposed to be the chairman/fondator/whatever of Paprika Gakuen. Except the show itself forgot that and never mentioned it again beside Hibiki's introduction ep.

I want to _____.

I want to fuck Lala.


I really like Risa's design.

I really like her butt.

She's Miyabi except cute.

Butts are my favorite thing. I am looking forward to Risa butt.

I agree. Miyabi was okay, I guess. She never really stuck with me.

>Later, Johnny sensei got put in jail
Does this work? They also spell it Reona, not Leona, and it's not as though we have Rara or Doroshii.

Umitsuki Reona is a great manga artist. I have most of all of her published manga.

How has Johhny not been put in the slammer? He has so many middle school girls throwing themselves at him. Does Orihime keep him in check?

That's interesting. Thanks.
>Umitsuki Reona is a great manga artist. I have most of all of her published manga.
I know her too Yuri Mekuru Hibi is funny. Sometimes a bit too gross though.


Not one of the girls view him as a man.

I can recall a few times where some students fangirl over Johnny.

Doesn't mean he is a love interest.

When's their wedding?

In some parts of the world "likes little girls" is not yet synonymous with "paedophile". Though I have no idea why Japan would be one of those places.

Fans of his dancing.


Johnny-sensei has no lower age limit.


Real life is suffering. I wish I could be an idol and Aikatsu everyday with my idol friends.

>It wasn't random. Mion was born in Buenos Aires,her dad his probably from there as he's blond just like her. There was a qualification tournament for Prism Queen Cup there which Mion and Serena fought at. And the stage rink the tournament used, which was used again at the end of DMF, is the legendary rink of the skating goddess.
By 'random', I mean they chose Buenos Aires out of any other foreign place they could've chosen. Of course it was justified in-story, I meant out-of-universe.

I keep trying to think of scenes for the idol thing I'm trying to write, but I'm uncreative as fuck and can never think of anything.

> I meant out-of-universe
Sorry for nitpicking but then just what is considered not random out-of-universe? And who knows if it's actually the case or not,
maybe Mion's seiyuu likes Buenos Aires and asked the staff to make it Mion's hometown.

Just steal ideas like everyone else.


Something like Korea in DMF due to the focus on Korean idols, I'd say. Still, if I had to give an out-of-universe reason for the choice of Buenos Aires, it'd be the fact that they wanted to place the ancient stage somewhere appropriate, and South America is full of ruins of ancient civilizations.

I see. And that would be a pretty valid reason yeah.
Maybe we could try asking the director on Twitter.


You sure love constantly posting and crying about this everytime looking for attention and pity. You got ideas before yet only choose to write the same post again and again.

... updated

>26 奪えない夢
Yuzu's happy to have Lily return to school. She'll be performing thanks to fan demand.

>27 小さなドレスの物語
Hime invites Yume and Lily over to My Little Heart's office where they watch premium dresses being made. Yume learns about Lily's big goal.

>28 ハロウィン マジック
Halloween event at Yotsuboshi where the student who collects the most candy is crowned Halloween Princess.

>29 本当のライバル
Roller is determined to win the audition of Utagumi's center at the Soccer World Tournament Finals' half time show.

>30 七色のキャンディ
Koharu brings herself to tell Yume something important. Yume is baffled by this, and starts planning on something for Koharu with Roller and the others.

Having it in the southern hemisphere was relevant because of birthdays. Though I'd have expected them to pick Brazil, as I thought there was a substantial population of Japanese migrants there.

>30 七色のキャンディ
>Koharu gonna get put on a boat confirmed, called it

So, Koharu is finally going to drop out?

The synopsis makes it sound like Koharu could cheer up for her first CGI live, but we know that's not true since she doesn't have a singer yet...

Why would Yume be baffled by that? Going by the title, I'm thinking she'll try to become the image girl for some candy company and the audition will conveniently be about fashion modelling or something silly without a song.

Unless she's really being Haruka'd.

KOHARU, 2016-2016[/SPOILER]

Nice Lily focus but disappointed over the lack of Ako episodes. I hope she at least hangs out with the gang.

Ako episode is tomorrow at least.

>Ako episode is tomorrow at least.
It's a Yume episode if you're going by the Wikia's mistranslation.

The cutest.

>Koharu must do an audition
>They discriminate against idols with glasses
>They ask her to remove her glasses or she won't be able to do the audition
>She refuses and leave
>Doesn't understand what's happening
>Gets into depression and is traumatized
>Decides to drop out of idoling
>Ends up killing herself by jumping off the school's roof
>She leaves her glasses instead of her shoes

Ako is in it at least.

Koharu reveals to Yume her intentions to surpass S4 and the great keikakus she's got under her sleeve for this purpose. Yume realizes she's way too dangerous an opponent and "starts planning on something for Koharu with Roller and the others", a way to undermine her plans, that is.
They won't succeed.

It does sound serious, but not enough to write her off the show.

Full translation: Koharu wasn't able to tell Yume something important even though she's her childhood friend. However, she can't keep quiet about it forever. Koharu makes up her mind to tell Yume. Yume is baffled by this unexpected talk, but decides she can't be sad about it, and puts a certain plan for Koharu into motion with Rola and the others.

They don't succeed because while Yume and Roller organize an ambush on Koharu, turns out she's much stronger than she looks and beat them up. It's revealed Koharu is actually male. Now that her secret is out she decides to join the male section.

Ai! Katsu!




>replace with Yurika


Which idle would you marry?

None until they graduate.


Who will replace Koharu as Yume's roommate?

Serenon to the rescue!
Thanks for reading.

>Yuu actually being relevant

One of my lecturers has one of these on his office door, what the fuck.







Surprisingly adorable, and also technically Yozora-senpai.


>It keeps happening


Don't post sad things, user.

i would never want to be in a car driven by ichigo


she doesn't seem like she would be a responsible driver

Idle D would be a good show.

She'll take you to the rape fields.

Meet me on the touge and let's see whose Aikatsu is the most passionate.

I want to be driven by Ichigo.

This already exists user


anybody can give me tips for the pripara game? i start yesterday and i dont understand the menus

Koharu is leaving to America, they're planning a farewell party.


The guide:

Koharu has cancer.


There's a picture with menu translations but you'll have to go check the archives because I'm not at home to upload it.

Keyword: doodles. I mentioned the word doodles when I posted it if I recall correctly.

I've seen a few of those posted. They should be uploaded to imgur then added to the guide, but guide user seems to stop by only on rare occasion, I've actually been the one filling in for him now and then.

I don't have the need to upload it anywhere but people are welcome to do whatever they want with my picture.


I will cry during the new Aikatsu Stars OP since Koharu will be nowhere to be seen.

Stop putting everything in spoilers.

Koharu-chan will show up before Roller in the OP.

surprisetext whoa!

I wish they just didn't post more than a week of episode previews in advance.

Can't be helped, that's how they do it in the megazines for this kind of stuff.

The Kasumi family is Koharu's harem.

Wouldn't it be cool if instead of that, they had kids write in about what they predict will happen next, or what they want to see? The magazine writers could even give their opinions. And another option is to include things in the show itself. Precure sometimes posts drawings the girls send in, and PriPara put actual videos in the ED. I can only remember Aikatsu doing something similar in the ending of the Music Awards movie, but it was just the game avatars, not anything really creative.

>/ai/ episode previews are ten times more exciting than /pc/'s
What went wrong?

>not anything really creative.
To be honest I always felt Aikatsu is just a bunch of old dudes in a suit thinking in ways for girls to buy their products, while PP looks like the staff doing the show and products are actually having fun doing it since in the ED they show little girls dancing and in the annual stuff they mention how PP helped little girls to make new friends, Aikatsu feels pretty "cold" in that sense, that it must be why it doesn't feel really creative on that department.

Well it's their fault I had to hide a bunch of this thread. Can't they think about the overseas ojisans?

They don't even care about their own ojisans, Why would they care about the overseas ones? I doubt they even believe in our existence.



I don't agree. Even if the producers are trying to sell stuff and make kids play the arcade game (which they are), the writers and directors involved with the show love it. There's care put in to make an interesting, immersive world with lovable characters and a gripping story, plus each individual episode is entertaining in its own right. The smooth transition from Aikatsu to Stars shows they aren't just following some template, but actually understand what makes a good show.

Koharu's face will appear in the sky in a shot with Yume, Rola, Mahiru and Ako looking up to it.

I want to fuck Akari's armpits.

Does anyone even post them there anymore? In the past year or so I was the one who posted them and have since ceased to check /pc/.

It's not like Maho has any plot to talk about.


No luck with doodles ;_;

Stars wasn't even supposed to have boys, what makes you think there will be canon couples?

>what makes you think there will be canon couples?
That isn't gonna stop the shippers from doing their shit.

Give it another 60 episodes for anything significant to happen

Is this it?

Whoops guess I gave that guy the wrong word


I need to finish watching s2 since I dropped it midway.

I suspect the dress design competition entries we see Cosmo and Ajimi flick through were fanart.

I think RL had fan designs featured for one episode

Are we living in the "golden age" of idol anime? There are more than ever. The 80's and 90's have less than 10 idol anime combined. Now we get 10 per year.

Is a golden age defined by quality or quantity though? I'd rather have 1 Aikatsu a decade than 10 love lives a year. Feel free to replace Love Live with another idol show you don't like, I'm not specifically hating on that show, I just don't like it.

Wasn't one of Aira's dresses in AD designed by a little girl?

Is there any reason to suppose they don't correlate? More shows means more chances to make good shows.

The male idol series are inflating the number. Back in the days, dudes were rock stars.

I want to fuck Koharu.

You better hurry.


I'm horny.

You can fuck me.

Fuck off.

I'm shy around girls this pretty. I'd rather frig Yummy.

Fuck on.

¡Que buena Rola, Rola!

Fuck sideways.

It's not the same.

Where is the pretty girl that you're talking about?

I want to hug a little girl.

You can hug me.

Are you sure? i may never let you go.

She's right here in this picture. She's the one on the left!

Stars is good.

It's gotten pretty good.

It's always been good.

Please hold me tight.


Akari was nowhere near as cute with short hair.

この ばか

Oh, stage left.

Please refrain from making personal comments.

Maybe this will help with your color blindness. L-E-F-T.

Yurika belongs with Kaede!

la mejor

Not a personal comment if I'm stating fact.

V > III > VI > I > IV > II

I want to stroke あかりIII's hair.

I wish they didn't use white for the face highlights. Makes them look plasticky.

Idols can't help but 輝く.

About spoilers in magazines, I think It depends show by show
I remember Pretty Rhythm episode previews in magazines almost never ever said anything that could make you guess what would happen in the episode, and the episode titles were actually different from the real titles, so you couldn't tell by that.
I don't think there was but I may be wrong.

There may have been design contests during PR's run, but I think they only started showing them in the show starting PriPara. And even then they only show them for a split second. I'm still disappointed the plane dress from the 1st contest before PP began didn't get more screentime.

Oh wait, I was thinking of one of Tsubomi's dresses in heartcatch rather than Aira.

Anyone got Tundra pics?

The dress Makopi wore when she sung to Regina was also designed by a little girl.

It depends on the animation director of the episode. Someone likes making them awfully shiny.

Anything less than white won't be as noticeable due to their pale skin, though.

I liked messy hair Akari because it reflected how she herself was a mess.
Then when she got her act together and her hair all braided up and pretty, cheering for her stopped being as fun.



No! I'm talking about the new pale albino hotty!


But she's cold, she's far from hot.

Believe it!™

Only by necessity.

>not "Cool!"
you had ONE job


She did a good job.


By fate.

Kaede loves Yurika in ways that Ran never did!

The fate of a broken heart, always split in half. Her love being a double edged sword, in they no matter who she goes with, she will always get hurt.

>outfit with a swimming tube
REMOVE those outfits

Those high waisted shorts and baggy top do funny things to me.


and everyone else here

Demn smug and sexy Idols.

>clipping in sophie's hair
I'm disappoint CG team.

I love idle butts!

Because Ran is oblivious. Yurika loves Ran in a way she'd never love Kaede.

Idle butts are the devil's playthings.

good catch

That must be a recycled performance or something, I mean, it's Salami Smile.

It's "loved".

I want to make idle butts my plaything.

They are absolutely not sexy.

The girl in the top right is especially sexy.

>pale skin
I guess you have a point. I was thinking of how the Conan anime highlighted lips, but it turns out they also use white.
Everyone in Aikatsu is so pale that even characters with slightly darker skin tones like Tsubasa and Mahiru look tan when they actually aren't.

Why are the Solamis so lewd? Their choreographies and outfits are just dirty.
Now that I think about it, the other teams aren't like this. It's just them!
Is this part of Mirei's plans?

Fuck off.

Who would even want to do such a terrible thing like sexualize the idles.

Fuck on

Fuck off.

Asking with their feminine penis too, right?

Fuck me.

Akari's butt is far too erotic.

Why are you telling my to fuck off when I'm saying that wanting to do lewd things is absolutely wrong. I mean just look how pure they are having fun together. Seems to me you are the one having lewd thoughts as you respond as such.

What the hell where they thinking when they dressed up like that?

>ah ha ha ha ahahaha

F-kun is always like this. You post an innocent picture of idles in bikini and he's like "THIS IS SEXUAL FUCKAWWWFFFF".
He's rotten.


I love your butt.

I love Madoka



Me on the left.

Fuck off you degernate fucks.

Is f-kun a girl? Or maybe a parent?

The swimsuit performance was specifically really lewd. I loved it.

Which other aikatsus have butts?

All of them, except Sumire. She lost her butt when she fell on it.

This is a indirect indirect kiss?

All of them have butts. It's pretty much an anatomical requirement.

No. It's still really gay though.

Don't worry, she may have lost it but I found it.

Not if you don't poop.

I'm skeptical. Do you have any pictorial proof?

I'm sorry to inform you that idols poop.

Canon proof of idle butt.

>/ai/nons sloshing.jpg

This shot always activates muh dik.

Not enough tears.

We wouldn't need to cry if we were sloshing together like that.

>lewder than Junon

I want to fuck Yume's armpits.

F-kun is a concerned citizen of /ai/.

THAT turns you on of all things?
o lawd

I'm concerned about his mental health.

Milf aidorus.


Gro-chan isn't a mother.


He should be more concerned about his rudeposting habits.
Rudeposting is not ok.

W-what's wrong with that?

She gave birth to that Dyson looking vacuum cleaner.

That's rude to Rina-chan.

As you should be more concerned about your lewdposting habits.

Hopefully soon I'll be able to marry my hypothetical future wife and ask her to wear tons of cute clothes like this for me.

sou desu ka?

I want you to fuck off.

Rinne awaits you in the afterlife.



I want to wear cute clothes and not look like a disgusting pervert when I do.

Why? When did lewdposting become a bad thing? We've been doing it for the last 4 years or so.
Being rude was never ok, take that attitude back to /aikatsu/.


There are thousands of other otakubait shows out there, go sexualize one of them instead.

calm down

No. I have no idea what you're doing on /ai/ if you don't like it the way it is.
You're only here because nobody else will talk about these shows with you, you don't actually care about /ai/. Why don't you just join the pp wiki or something? You'll get better discussions there, probably.
Don't come here and try to change things.

I'm not F-kun, and I'm not trying to change things. I've been here from the start, but I've never liked lewdposting.

I like Kii and I would never sexualize her.

I love Kii and ship her with Yurika.

I'll do it for you.

I like Yurika and I would never not sexualize her.

I like Yurika and ship her with Kii.

twitter sauce?


I'm a guy who ships crack pairings, and YurikaxKii is too weird even for me.


Why Yurika?

I love Yurika and ship her with myself.




PP is full of womanlets

Faruru and Hibiki are the perfect coulpe, Fuwari is an eyesore.


Good job on taking the bait.

Sailor Moon Falulu is an eyesore.

Is that you Kii?

Yes, I'm a cute idol and producer. Please have sex with me.

I'm pretty sure most of us ship our favorite idles with ourselves.

I see you're a knower of the menes.

>garuru style

>Mizuki's internal feelings


I love Kii's butt!


Which song?




Hey Little Girl


Is that the real snowflakes?

I'll bet that was an /ai/non.

And stop this.




I'm the real snowflakes.

Ichigo's bunny butt.


Ichigo's ass is fat and flabby and full of mayo.

There is nothing wrong with fat butts!



I want to bully Hibiki by making her wear cute clothes.

The atmosphere was homosex.

I miss the homosex. At least season two had Yurika being gay a lot of the time.


That's mean.

I bet Ichigo, Aoi, and Ran have kinky threesomes during their off-time.

Shut up, fatty.

Fuck off.

>you watch the same show than these retards

Hey F-kun, is it okay if I ship Yurika with Kii?

Does anyone have a gif of Sophie doing the pshuuu dance?


It's "as", not "than".

Little girls are not smart

My mayo.


I may be a little drunk don't bully.


You're bullying too.

Is Falulu like Cell? Absorbing the most powerful catch phrases from every strong aidoru?

Idles can eurobeat?

Why is Kira Pata Shining so slutty?


Why is otona mode so slutty?

Hey /ai/nons, can anyone here seed the Dear My Future raw batch? (
Thanks in advance!

I love Risappe!

They're a two-for-one deal, user.

Why get the inferior raws?

Why are you so slutty, slut?

So do I get them both?

You get neither 'cause they're mine.

You get nothing.


I want to eat some potatoes.

Falulu's closer to a FF blue mage or so.

Cell was about having the strength of all the strongest DBZ characters before him combined. Irrelevant.

You can have me for free.

I don't watch PriPara can someone tell me if Aroma Kurosu appear on not in ?

Do you wear cute clothes like Risappe?

Well... where are the superior ones?

I would if I could ;_;

If you only care about raws then grab KS-W releases for 1-39 (and turn subs off I guess) and these BD raws for the rest!WB9XhYQS!WhFBi3sXDakPpr74aWdxMA
If you want subs you could also grab Ai-dle for whatever we released, but we had to rely on pub raws so they are filled with banding (still used better raws than Zero though).

Not Kurosu but that boy's name is indeed Aroma, is one of the gopri fairies.

Nothing is stopping you, user.

Why boys are so gay?

Is there a batch for KS-W stuff? I was gonna get that torrent simply because it was easier, and there's barely any seeds for the subbed releases either way. But yeah, I don't really care for subs. Are Zero raws really that bad?

I look disgusting. I should just die.

Me too.

From my comparisons they were probably the worst looking of the 3 available sources I checked (2 of which are only available through non-torrent sources).
Anyway all Ai-dle releases are still seeded from my server at least, but your download speeds will depend on how well you peer.
Also this is a DDL location for subbed stuff:

Posting from the third world here so I don't peer very well, sadly. In any case, I definitely appreciate the heads up and the links. Thanks a lot for the help!



I like Yū

I wish she was actually relevant.

It's a stupid and meaningless metric.


So, should I ask that tag do be downvoted or not?

I will never understand why Banrise literally assassinated her, but she will always be one of my favorites.

I wish she was in my bed.

Too bad, you are not Akari.



>never had a chance to livewatch OG Aikatsu
>Stars airs to late for me to watch


Yuu focuses spin-off when? Following a travelling idol would make for a really fun show.

Good little girls don't stay up past 9pm



Just wake up early.

big, monster "poyo"

Colorful Shion-chan is my wife.

Aikatsu Stars episode 30: NANAKURA KOHARU DIES IN MAGMA

I wish I would die in magma.

whoa bro, u crazy

If Koharu really left would you miss her?


>tfw been staying up until 3 AM every week for almost 3 years for Aikatsu

I will never understand how some Chinese little girl cartoon has this kind of power over me. Luckily I rarely need to get up early on Thursdays.

Not really, I never cared about her.


A match made in heaven

She can't leave, i need someone to fuck.

Yes, she's one of my favorite Stars and I really hope that spoiler doesn't end up the way it's most easily interpreted. Or if it is, I hope she still has some kind of significant role afterwards.

Ako and Mahiru would.

Koharu should be replaced in the show by a dog.

If Koharu really does just suddenly leave the show without any proper character resolution, it really would just be a waste of the build up and screentime she's gotten up to this point.

Granted, I don't really think that's what the episode synopsis is implying. I hope it's actually build up to her finally getting a performance.

Haruka will save the show.


Risappe has style!

No, that's not how it works.

After I finish Aikatsu I was planning on watching Pretty Rhythm. Is there a recommended batch of downloads I should grab for the Pretty Rhythm seasons? BakaBT has Aurora Dream and Rainbow Live but I don't know if there are better or more updated versions.

Those at bakabt are the best ones, grab them. Dear My Future's subs aren't finished yet so there's no batch yet.

Like a poor man's Nina.

Thanks! I'll grab the BakaBT batches then.

>chest tumors
poor girls


The Emperor of Mankind's diva queen


Would Hibiki dump Faruru for superior Hatsune Miku?


I would first DESTROY HIBIKI

>making idles go against Nana
That's so freaking unfair.

Nono butt.

Ok, I teared up a little on this episode. Also I'm glad Garomageddon finally got a new song.

That little Garmageddon arc is top-notch.
It's really satisfying to see everything come together the way it does.

The best S3 episode so far. The episode before and after it were great too. I'm glad I got caught up right after it aired.

Akari, PLEASE cover that fat rump of yours!

Gaarmageddon is the best unit for all of /ai/ and I'm glad this is now a fact instead of an opinion.

Speak for yourself

Not watching PP because I'm too lazy to git gud but they do look cute. They can't beat Soleil though.

Yup, just finished ep.106 as well. The whole arc was great down to the last moments.

Apples and oranges. I love both just as much.

Disgusting orangefags get out, apples are objectively best fruit

I think oranges taste better, but they're fucking annoying to eat so I never bother.

Strawberries are better than both.

What seiyuu is /ai/ expecting for Taiyou Pepper?

Find a flaw.

Except "Jululu" was a name Lala gave her out of Jululu's incoherent babbling of her real name before she had any conception of her connection to Jewlie. Please learn to logic and storytelling, stupid child.




Too poor to afford the name brand. So sad.


Space food was excellent. Too bad they don't make it any more.

Kisaragi Tsubasa want down!

What's sad is that Hinaki has to eat space cat food.

Space Cat Food is blue.

Cocotama is over, Aikatsu KONO ATO SUGU

>/vp/ is posting Stars now

I don't get it?

Here's some clue: tv tokyo, 5pm JST,, stream, user

Thanks, but no thanks.

Mahiru and Ako are so cute in this episode.

When aren't they?

>Koharu just vanishes.
Jesus christ, at least have them wave her off.

Ako's fluffy cat butt.

Too expensive.

I want to touch it

She says "Don't."

Too late

Off-time episodes are always nice. Good episode.

Next ep isn't a Koharu ep, the preview is a lie.
It's never a Koharu ep.

Have I not been paying attention, or was this the first time in a group live where the auras actually combined to surround the group, instead of staying personal and becoming a clusterfuck of ribbons obscuring the view?

I am calling the cops!

So that's why early perform.

Wanna bet?

Even if it is a Koharu ep, its a drama ep so probably still no performance.

When will Koharu's suffering end?

Reminder that we got loli Yume today


And this is all we'll ever get of Koharu singing.


My dick is now fully erect.



UNACCEPTABLE although I was sure somebody would make that edit.

I love Legina!


I'm also very happy we're getting someone from Africa as a main character, though probably not for the same reasons as these people. I almost wantto catch up now.

I was hoping next episode would be about the Theater Class, but Koharu is good too.

Koharu is cosmic ded.

I don't know anything about video quality, but I would still always be grateful to them because I remember at some point during PR's run they were the only ones still bothering releasing raws. And I remember a period near the end of DMF there wasn't any raws at all, at least not in the next few hours after an episode aired, and I would watch the show on streaming sites like himado.

Gonna download these and delete my zero raws thanks.

Some years ago I would have probably kept the raws to brag about how I've been watching PR back then, but thankfully I'm not like that anymore.

Remainder that Otoha isn't gay but only Itosexual or Berusexual.

You mean heterosexual?

There's nothing special about a girl loving a boy.



She is.



How was the episode?


I'm scared now. Next week being a Koharu episode makes me thing they will really send her off in 30.

I hope they don't. I haven't caught up yet but Koharu is the only thing I like about Stars.

>So this is spiral power...

They started building it up this week with Koharu's family meeting hinting she may have to move away.

Yup, I got this impression too. Did they say anything specific I didn't catch?

I would have to quit Aikatsu if that happened.



She's the cutest.

>you'll never get fed cake by Falulu, Garuru, or Aroma

Nobody talking about last episode?

Not watching Stars, but if I did, I'd feel like stopping as well. If such a predictable development actually happens, and it turns out to be the reason why they never gave Koharu a CG until now, while they could have gave her one anyway to make her seem as important as the others and less obvious she'd leave instead of cutting corners, then I'd feel like stopping the show too.

>instead of cutting corners
gotta save money

The show is worth it, with or without her.

random delicious Hime pic


Her parents asked if she had told her friends.

This episode was kind of weak. Part of it was just that the art was below par with everyone looking wide and squishy, plus there are a lot of reused cuts that don't really fit over time or look bad like sitting on Yume's bed and Ako smiling down at the crying Reina. And they just reused the performance from the movie straight up. Going back home episodes are usually good, but I feel that having every single character plus a new one all together spread the focus too thin, so it ended up diluted.

Where was this? I just rewatched it from about 17:35 and there was nothing there.

Who is this

Lying is bad for your health.

Fuck off.