Rules, Regulations and Moderation for Cred Forums

Post-mortem of Official New Rules Threads (See & & & & & ):
1. Generals to be regulated.
2. LNs and gookshit are allowed on Cred Forums in dedicated containment threads.
3. Underage Bait like lol, kys, cuck and so on will result in a ban.
4. Board Based Mods have to be introduced.
5. Visible sage at night - early morning.
6. Cred Forums will split into Cred Forums - Anime, and /ma/ - Manga.
7. Dubs posting mandatory ban no warning.
8. /djt/ -> /jp/, /kancolle/ -> /vg/, /buyfag/ -> /jp/
9. Spoilered loli accepted.
10. Spoonfeeding is encouraged in OTP threads
Hiro has asked us to create a thread on each board for discussing the problems that are facing us and how to deal with them. He also wants us to create our own set of rules so that the mods will be regulated to follow them.
Remember mods, Hiro talked to you guys and you said it was fine to have one ongoing thread up about this. This means you Janitor!

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We've entered an endless recursion of time.



3rd for /spg/

If you keep doing this I WILL kill myself.
And there will be nothing you can do to stop me.

Can we get a ban on dubs and everyone getting them? They literally contribute nothing to the thread.


>8. /djt/ -> /jp/, /kancolle/ -> /vg/, /buyfag/ -> /jp/

remember that if you are circumcised that 20,000 nerve endings were stripped off your penis and you will never experience true full pleasure


Maybe his butt hurts?


if you're circumcised you will never know the pleasure of fapping 5 times in one day and going to sleep with washing yourself and then getting to smell that dank cock stench the next morning


Cred Forums only needs one thing.

omedetou baka

Can we not just have a single 24 hour sticky everyday?

Welcome to the shitposting general - /spg/!
OP is a faggot edition

Last threads:

Useful links: Forums
>>>/random biased polls/

Thread pastebin: (read this before posting) (embed)


To the mods:
This thread is allowed, here's proof (embed)

- OP is still forcing this thread
- weebs >making a new thread when the old one is on page 5 rather than waiting for page 10

It's like this is really a /vg/ tier cancer general.


Fakes >>> Original




>5. Visible sage at night - early morning.
10. Spoonfeeding is encouraged in OTP threads
>Spoonfeeding is encouraged
Kill yourself.


I liek how every new thread is creating a rule from nowhere

That's literally the only thing I want to ban.


What about sad panda threads?



From what?

These loliae are not spoilered. Read rule #9.


Chen is unspoilerable

I would never spoil my lolis.


Benus :DDD

>shitposting contaiment thread
OP was too god for us.


>loli haet reptile

remove reptile threads


>implying OP wasn't aiming to start a thinly disguised loli thread


fuck it, it's only 1:30 AM.

Don't hesitate to tell me if my typesetting is wonky.

loli loev reptile



Oh shit. I didn't realize this hellhole became the loli general.


>6. Cred Forums will split into Cred Forums - Anime, and /ma/ - Manga.

I agree with 9/10 points, but do you really think this will work out well? Manga has to be postable on Cred Forums. You have to be able to talk about the source in a discussion about an adaptation.

I'm also afraid that a pure manga board would become a Big 3 containment board.



>trying to discuss things
This is the digit thread.

lol kys cuck







[ ] Cake yuri
[ ] Loli yuri
[ ] /ll/

You can only choose one.



>cuck banned
Mods are Youfags confirmed



Notto disu shitto agen.


>[ ] Cake yuri
>[ ] Loli yuri
>[X] /ll/
If I must choose only one.

Feels awful man :(

>Cred Forums will split into Cred Forums - Anime, and /ma/ - Manga.

wtf, why?

fuck, I'm forgetting to sage.

Ignore him, post lolis

Fuck your rules, I pick all three.



i want to inseminate a futuregraph


I actually forgot to sage a few times posting in these threads too. Isn't there an autosage setting for 4chanX or something?


well, that's about it.






black cat of ill omen


>Banning dubs

Fuck YOU. Dubs have been here since before I was and I've been her for 7 years. Too late to start banning dubs and completely unnecessary since dubs only derail bad threads or if the dubs are quints and above.


cuet bike

9/10, would ride

I wonder if I can post such a thing as this?

Fuck you.



>frogs keep getting deleted, proving that there is a mod or janitor around
>these threads don't get deleted though
Really makes you think, doesn't it?
Check "Quick Reply Personas" under Advanced in Cred Forums X's settings.



>1. Generals to be regulated.
Just get rid of them.
>2. LNs and gookshit are allowed on Cred Forums in dedicated containment threads.
Isn't that just a general? Not only that, but there are a lot of LNs. Might as well make an LN board if you're going to shove it into one thread.
>3. Underage Bait like lol, kys, cuck and so on will result in a ban.
Nah, that's stupid.
>4. Board Based Mods have to be introduced.
Yeah, cause we need Mods who trip on power like that.
>5. Visible sage at night - early morning.
Literally what? Why don't you just go to reddit then. You can downboat all you want.
>6. Cred Forums will split into Cred Forums - Anime, and /ma/ - Manga.
Fuck off with this meme.
>7. Dubs posting mandatory ban no warning.
It used to be that way and it still never stopped it, newfag!
>8. /djt/ -> /jp/, /kancolle/ -> /vg/, /buyfag/ -> /jp/
Yeah, that's fine.
>9. Spoilered loli accepted.
Fuck off, pedophile.
>10. Spoonfeeding is encouraged in OTP threads
I don't know if it should be encouraged, but not bannable.







Who the fuck agreed to these rules? A couple of them make sense, but the rest are pure hogwash.>1. Generals to be regulated.
Makes sense, but regulating them means you're encouraging them at the same time. No. Most generals are bad as it is - look at the jojo threads for an example.
>2. LNs and gookshit are allowed on Cred Forums in dedicated containment threads.
You're putting LNs on the same level as wuxia and korean manga? Nigga, what the fuck?
>3. Underage Bait like lol, kys, cuck and so on will result in a ban.
Warnings, but not bans.
>4. Board Based Mods have to be introduced.
Don't these already exist?
>5. Visible sage at night - early morning.
No. Sage isn't a downvote, but what NEEDS to be done is educate people on the existence of sage. It's self-moderation, in a way - it would take off some of the burden off the moderators' shoulders.
>6. Cred Forums will split into Cred Forums - Anime, and /ma/ - Manga.
No. Simply no, this would kill the board. It doesn't make sense to want to allow LNs, but to move manga elsewhere. If you want to turn Cred Forums into an anime "forum" there are other places you can go to; don't force Cred Forums to change according to your will - you should adapt to Cred Forums.
>7. Dubs posting mandatory ban no warning.
Again, it has to be a couple of warnings, and then ban. If dubs posts are made in a shitposting thread, might as well have no punishment for them.
>8. /djt/ -> /jp/, /kancolle/ -> /vg/, /buyfag/ -> /jp/
No, these threads belong here.
>9. Spoilered loli accepted.
Why the fuck are unspoilered ones upsetting you, OP? They shouldn't be, unless you're browsing Cred Forums in a public place - but why would you even do that?
>10. Spoonfeeding is encouraged in OTP threads
Spoonfeeding, accepted? You sound like you really don't belong here. Learn how to acquire the source on your own, or at least ask for it nicely.



Fix Cred Forums with one rule:
Ban Kevin cunt and Ledouche.


I think he was referring to nsfw loli, maybe?

Also, nice 5s KoG.

Uh, I think the two of us could fix Cred Forums to be honest.

Nice dubs.

Here are 2 rules, which can help us get rid of generals.

Rule 11. Delete any thread which has "reddit" in the OP.
Rule 12. The following shows are renamed (As per the agreement with myanimelist admin):
New Reddit
Reddit:Zero (no change)
One Reddit
Girls und Reddit
Reddit Musume
Reddit Collection
Reddit Shippuden
Pretty Reddit
Reddit no Souma
Reddit x Reddit
Reddit Ball
One Subreddit Man
Toaru Reddit no Upboat
Love Reddit
Reddit Onslaught
Redditor Slayer

Please, send me an e-mail about further suggestions to the address I put in the e-mail field.

dumb tripfag


yeah, they should be unspoilered.


The two of you should fuck off to 8/gag/ instead.

>Don't these already exist?

>Sage isn't a downvote
It is whatever people use it as. If they use it as a downvote, it is a downvote.

I'm a qt tripfag!

Uh, no. We shouldn't let any NSFW loli on Cred Forums. At all.

Here's my one rule.
1. Ban /qa/-posters

reminder not to spoil your lolis if you want them to behave.

Why hasn't /opt/ been moved from Cred Forums to /wsr/ yet?

Lelouche is just a person with wrong opinions. We need to keep him around so we have something to laugh at.

holy fuck
is the same artist

Why? You're the newfag here.

So it's a bunch of redditors who are here now, huh?


Who's posting NSFW loli? This is all perfectly workplace acceptable I assure you.

Superior solution:
All tripfag posts are automatically moved to a shaming thread.

This sounded funnier in your head, didn't it?

Sssshhh. He's an autistic Cred Forumsfag as well. Don't give him attention.

What about Non Non Reddit?

No, no. That's not how you treat a loli!

By shaming, you mean a worshiping thread, right?

>So it's a bunch of redditors who are here now, huh?
I wouldn't be surprised if that's the case.

But using mechanics differently from intended isn't new to Cred Forums. Besides, if it wasn't a downvote it would never have been made invisible. moot removing visible sage was pretty much him acknowledging that sage had become a downvote.


Even newfags know tripfags are cancer.

Congrats, you fucking mods. You literally gave me an ulcer.


What is this? He's not listed on the staff for that show anywhere I can see, and the art from that show looks very different from that in general.


Which is a shame. It was a whole bunch of retards who thought that sage matter. Like it was the ultimate insult to a thread. It sucks that all these people are from other websites and don't realize the mechanics that were built into these boards or how to use them.

Shut up, redditor. I won't let you have this board.


How do you treat a loli?

All these threads keep showing me is why none of the people making these suggestions should be trusted with any major decision making. Most of these ideas are either stupid, pointless, and in a few cases would literally kill the traffic of the board.

We keep thinking Cred Forums is this toxic shithole but honestly, even with its flaws it's the best damn place to talk about anime on the internet.

With money.

That's r/anime you idiot. Cred Forums is even worse than MAL.

>and don't realize the mechanics that were built into these boards or how to use them.
They do. They just don't care.

with love

Fuck off

>nude loli grinding on lap while you still wear underwear
This is my fetish~

Tripfags are literally the redditors of Cred Forums.

No, moot fucking up site functionality was him listening fo /q/.

>listening fo /q/
And what did /q/ say that made him remove it?

>6, 8, 10

Just no.

Fucking kill yourself.

Asuka a shit.

Maybe you don't like visible sage because your threads were always full of it.

Some of them don't. Cred Forums has never been a place that explains what things are. I bet there are people in this thread that don't know how to make a secure trip.

Tripfags are the literal culture of Cred Forums. Without tripfags you only get stagnation. Why do you think you're all having these threads? Right now Cred Forums is doing the best it's ever done because you've removed almost all tripfags, you get to talk about any anime because generals exist, and if you don't like an opinion you can filter.

This is everything you fags ever wanted.

Fucking this

Fuck off retarded tripshit.

>Thinking a visible sages could stop me.
Back then I could post in my own thread and still bump it. Do you honestly think one faggot using sage killed any of my threads? You're some newfag if you really believe that.

I'm pretty sure that's the point. All they've done so far is prove that Cred Forums is still one of the best boards at self-moderation, since nobody other than people who arrived late is taking them seriously.
Even if one mod really wants to change the rules (or just wants to incite infighting), we don't give a fuck. Cred Forums is safe.

They said they view it as a downvote. Because every time they'd come to Cred Forums, their shitty threads would get called out on, while letting them fall to page 15 at the same time.

>trying to get serious meta discussion in /spg/

What the fuck are you doing? Nice dubs though.

why haven't you killed yourself yet?

Hey niggas, no one cares about your metashit. Post more loli and shut up.

>tripfagging on an anonymous image board
>part of the culture
Yeah no retard, your only on of dozens who came and gone over the years. The only reason you still kept yours is you're literally too autistic to realize nobody likes you save for the few Cred Forums cross boarding scum. Just do all of us a favor and chug bleach.

True, but it's not like they would care even if they did know.

And moot acknowledged them, did he not? And by acknowledging them, that was the point when sage truly had become a downvote, no?

You can't make me

You mean when you had 10 sage posts reminding you you're a faggot until you got banned on the spot because we didn't have reddit-tier mods back then?

>No. Simply no, this would kill the board. It doesn't make sense to want to allow LNs, but to move manga elsewhere. If you want to turn Cred Forums into an anime "forum" there are other places you can go to; don't force Cred Forums to change according to your will - you should adapt to Cred Forums.
you're fucking stupid, KoG. other points are okay


>/kancolle/ -> /vg/
>anime and manga still coming out
Wow, it's like you really don't know what you are talking about.

Non Non Reddit
Yuru Reddit
Reddit Euphorium
Reddit Star
Reddit Mosaic
The Melancholy of Reddit
Is the order a Reddit?

Did I forget any?

>people are seriously replying to and trying to argue with Kevin
Yup, that says a lot about these threads.
Hey there, /qa/.


Adding on, not only that, announcing sage or reports is now banned. It's like even the act of announcing either, is a downvote now.


>The edgy teenager who started posting here in the last year thinks his opinion is valid.
Yeah, and we saw all the tripfags who changed the boards. They either made them better or made them worse. Physical things changed on Cred Forums because of them. But hey, you don't know anything about it.

Maybe I hold too many of our users to a higher standard.

So somehow now that we got reddit-tier mods I don't get banned anymore? I also never remember getting banned on the spot. Almost all of my bans were justified in some way unless it was that gaylord Kyoubro getting his mod friends to ban me behind the scenes.

>10 sage posts
Oh yeah? Those 10 sage posts must have really hurt too. Never happen tho. My threads last a lot longer that to receive just 10 then a ban. You're fucking retarded, kiddo.

>no dubs
>spoiler loli allowed
>spoonfeeding encouraged

>5. Visible sage at night - early morning.
>What are timezones?

Fuck off to /qa/ OP

>6. Cred Forums will split into Cred Forums - Anime, and /ma/ - Manga.
Fuck off.


Fate/kaleid liner RedditIllya


The whole "sage is a downvote" shit came from retards crying about their shitpost threads falling to the bottom of the page in /q/.
Every decision moot made as a result of /q/ made Cred Forums 1000 times worse. Everyone bitching about Cred Forums were nothing but casual faggots, blatant trolls, and siztra's band of IRCfags. moot fucked this place right up in a sad attempt to make it look "cool" for his new hipster pals in silicon valley. Cred Forums never recovered, if anything it's ANN forums 2.0 with more shitposting.



DJT would die if it was moved to /jp/, it's specifically a part of Cred Forums culture, it would be incompatible anywhere else, especially on /jp/

How does it being on here even effect the rest of the board?


Catalog fundamentally changed how people use Cred Forums. Sage still has its uses, but you can't really sagebomb threads to death anymore. If there's a garbage thread you want gone, just report it and spam loli, dubs, or keitai like a normal person.

Plus there WAS a concerted push for Kancolle on /vg/ when it first blew up.

And nothing of value was lost.

>6. Cred Forums will split into Cred Forums - Anime, and /ma/ - Manga.

no fuck this

who do I complain to so this doesn't happen?

Goddammit where are my lolibros?

And would you look at that, /q/ (or now /qa/) is at it again with all these threads.

Now do the next season!


My Little Redditor Can't Be This Upvoted!

Most of /jp/ can speak Japanese fluently already. There's no need for it.

Watching him slam out walls of poorly-typed text in anger is pretty fun.

I like that guy on the right stroking his chin. He's really trying to figure out this scene.

This is worse than /q/, based lolibro is the only redeeming feature of this thread.


>anime and manga still coming out
More like spammers and avatarfags still coming out.

>We hate generals but we're okay with this retarded thread being spammed.

>losing to Sheever

Hi Lelouch~

Then merge it with the thread on Cred Forums. I checked both and it was basically the same shit.

I hate Kevin-kun's antics in the Madoka threads, but he's weirdly on-point here and I can see myself agreeing with him.

What the fuck, man?

Smashing the report button and trying to decide whether or not if I should go to bed.

Why would dubs be banned if whiners can't even observe these repeating integers?

I'm saving each pic you post tbqh

Put your trip back on faggot.

>what is a meme

>posting SFW loli
Is this reddit?

>You Are (Indeed) Reddit-kun

Look at me, I'm avatarfagging too. cog
Please stop thinking you have any say in how a board should behave, /qa/. Go back to complaining about /mlp/ and having all your threads bumped by one autistic faggot.

A meme is "something I don't like".

Friendly reminder to report the faggot so he can fuck back off to Cred Forums where he belongs.

You know, not everyone thinks I'm wrong about this stuff.

I took a fap break, and now I have to head to bed. Sorry. Keep it up in my stead.

Sorry I don't have much of the rarer images. Most of what I got are the commonly posted ones.

>everyone who disagrees with me is one person

Yeah I am sure /q/ agrees with you.


int is a socfag board


Hi /spg/, newfag here
Can someone tell me why getting dubs is NOT a bannable offense?

One day I'm going to save Cred Forums and you're gonna thank me!


Madoka doesn't love Homura.

Tripfags need to be dragged out into the street and shot repeatedly.

You can start by not contributing to them shitty Madoka generals.


The Japanese thread there is different from the rest of Cred Forums. IIRC it's because it came from a textboard.

And Cred Forums has said in their meta thread that even if /intg/ is made, language generals such as the Japanese thread can stay in Cred Forums, so they wouldn't mind it.

Madoka is IN LOVE with (Homu)ra!


This, Cred Forums should be like a Russian roulette. If you fuck up and get dubs, that's it, you're gone.


>shitposting general
>all 3 major tripfags actively post in them at the same time

What a surprise

Lelouch, you are the only faggot I wouldn't gas. Just quit replying to that faggot.


RIP satan

Poor Satan. I hardly knew him.

I rarely post in them anymore. They've been completely taken over by now. The mods have let a few shitposters over run them with their shitty opinions about crack and Troid.

Is Fun Things Are Fun that major?



RIP you too

Snail a qt!

A QT~!


>no underage bait
Fucking racist

>5. Visible sage at night - early morning.
Get up earlier you murricuck


satan nooooooo



Who is this woman? And what is her occupation?

Post them faggots. Show me your epenis.




Too far, this is not sexy at all.


>He needs to hide his stuff.


The thread on Cred Forums isn't a Japanese learning thread, it's just a Japanese thread, attitudes are different

>7. Dubs posting mandatory ban no warning.
Anime dubs should be banned instead.

Is this the same lulu from d2g?

Cowfee demon

I don't like you Kevin-kun but at least you have good taste in Monogataris


Cred Forums considers all their language threads learning threads as well.


Jesus fucking Christ, I already fapped a couple of times today but I feel compelled to do it again, goddamnit.


I prefer dubs posters to loli posters

Why not b

Same tripcode

Man, I wish I could draw

Where do you think you are?





That's a bit better.



Koume-chan is the cutest!


Loli's aren't supposed to take off their clothes you pedos


Yeah, TOTALLY not socfag bullshit.





my face

r/anime of course


my soul

Please do not sexualise the Kino

dumb frogposter

socialising is an essential part of learning a language. not that I'd except you to understand
not that I have any social skills ;_;

But she's so sexual

LN can stay on Cred Forums but gook and chink shit should fuck off to

Every fucking day. Every single fucking day when I come home this little faggot just sits there and gives me this stupid look on her face. What should i do about her? Ideas?


Thanks, user-chan!

socfagging and socializing are different things

>gookshit are allowed on Cred Forums in dedicated containment threads.
Just put these parasites in /trash/, it fit them



Alright. I've made sure to spoil my loli properly.

I want to clean her up!

Howdy Cred Forums, my name is Kenichi Smith.

I'm a 27 year old Japanese Toonaholic (Cartoon fan for you foreigners). I draw cartoons and comics on my tablet, and spend my days perfecting my art and playing superior American games. (Halo, Gears of War, Call of Duty)

I train with my 1911 every day, this superior weapon can shoot straight through steel because it kicks ass, and is vastly superior to any other weapon on earth. I earned my gun license two years ago, and I have been getting better every day.

I speak English fluently, both the Midwestern and the East Coast accents, and I write fluently as well. I know everything about American history and their Constitution, which I follow 100%

When I get my American visa, I am moving to New York to attend a prestigious High School to learn more about their magnificent culture. I hope I can become an animator for Nickelodeon or a game designer!

I own several cowboy outfits, which I wear around town. I want to get used to wearing them before I move to America, so I can fit in easier. I keep cool to my elders and seniors and speak English as often as I can, but rarely does anyone manage to respond.

Wish me luck in America!

What's this face trying to convey?

Pick one

Who suggested these rules? Most of them are terrible.

1. Moderate generals
Just delete/ban that cancer already.

2. LNs and gookshit are allowed on Cred Forums
Go suck a bag of dicks faggot, LNs were always allowed on Cred Forums and only filthy casuals don't want them here. Gookshit should be permabanned.

3. Underage bait like lol, kys, cuck will result in a ban
This is fucking stupid. Only a cuck would hate the word cuck.

4. Mods have to be introduced
What the fuck is this reddit? Nobody cares about mods.

5. Visible sage at night-early morning
Kek. Also
>what are time zones?

6. Cred Forums will split into Cred Forums and /ma/
Whoever suggested this must be a giant faggot and must be permabanned.

7. Dubs posting mandatory ban no warning.
Check them.

9. /djt/ - /jp/, /kancolle/ - /vg/, /buyfag/ - /jp/
Why? I understand kancolle being moved to /vg/ but /djt/ and /buyfag/ should stay.

9. Spoilered loli accepted
Loli posting must be proudly encouraged, not spoilered.

10. Spoonfeeding is encouraged in OTP threads
Then we are pretending /wsr/ and /r/ do not exist? Reverse image search? archives? Lurk more you sourcefagging nigger.


The twin tailed dess slut.

Give her your shroom.



My wife Miyu is so cute.




Last one from me for today. Sorry lolibros, and keep up the good fight.


It's just a prank bro.

>Visible sage at NIGHT - EARLY MORNING.

Did this get voted so the oblivious retard that put this in the poll, feels bad when he realizes how dumb his suggestion is?

Sleep well user

Same. I have a 5 mile run I got to do in the afternoon.

Wait a sec, are those official nipples?



OP hasn't gotten over his (You) addiction. Please don't feed him.

Yep. There's one floating around for Illya, too. I can't find it. Too tired.

/ma/ sings : "Solanin" when?


Here's hoping we actually get them in animated format. Please be good next OVA.

new rule: /mala/ manga&live action

I hate girls so fucking much!

>Damage control
No one agrees with tripscum unironically.

post some traps then.


Does Cred Forums like cakes?

Shut the fuck up and report.

Tripfags are already an endangered species. Not counting Madoka threads people, there's only like five tripfags left on this entire board.

When will you losers pick up the slack and start replacing the fallen ones? At this rate, there won't be any tripfags left by 2018 and that would be terrible.

>unironically linking to Cred Forums
fuck off

I've saved like 20 pictures from this thread

Yeah who would I hate then?

I'll be forced to hate myself afterwards if you cunts die!

just fucking kill yourself holy shit

Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

You never see it [/spoiler/]5coming

So now there is a fucking meta general? mook may have made his first big mistake.

Does Cred Forums like muslims?

Blame your brethren who shit up this board. Tripfags come and go. You'll eventually drop your trip and you'll still be here. Trips are usually reserved for translator and actual contributors, not autistic sperges who shit up threads.
Either drop the trip or go hang yourself.

Post your fetishes and I'll see if we can do better.

mook already let nipplemod keep his job, this is just a continuation of terrible things to come.

Only sometimes.

Cred Forums is muslim. That's why we hate sluts

>casca nips
Speaking of nipples, I love pressing mine against the cold glass during the night. I don't fucking know why it's so goddamn pleasurable.


Inshallah habibi

They're all fine but 6, 9 and 10

Please keep making these threads, thanks

>tfw I've ran so much and made my nips bleed due to friction to the point I can't feel them
I really need to sleep.

desu akbar

So you want me to become a tripfag?
But I'm just a random citizen. Would my trip be strong enough?


Are you completelely As-salamu alaykum man?

Gook and chink trash are not Cred Forums related, kill yourself, cockroach

Wait, you've made them BLEED from friction? Mine hurt like high hell after I run, walk for a while and cycle, but they've never bled.

These threads have gone past their intended purpose and are just thinly veiled shitposting threads now.

Why don't mods just make this a sticky.


Ten mile endurance runs do that to you. I've started wearing band aids to stop that. Who knew fetishes would actually be helpful?

newanime: High school Akbar. It is about daily lives of Pakistani high school boys. In their school they have various subjects about terrorism. The MC when he gets late runs with a grenade in his mouth

That's racist. We do no such thing.

These threads do nothing but create more autism and they will not be listened to by Hiro or any of the mods. Hiro made a retarded decision to let these threads be allowed.

>complaining about 'racism' on Cred Forums

But yeah, I can kinda agree it won't work as an anime.

I don't know about that stuff, but if their content is similar to the Japanese ones, well that's fine

Remember when we had a sizable Syrian and Lebanese posters pre Arab Spring? They were bros.

korra and some new comics are pretty similar to anime and manga too. Should we allowed them in Cred Forums?

And if I parody it line by line from Daily lives of high school boys?

Fucking retard, gook and chink shit are just bootleg, and bootleg can fuck off to /trash/

Heh, I should probably start doing that as well; it would look a bit lewd, but oh well - if it's gonna keep my nips safe.

>Cred Forums anime & manga
Gas yourself and your family, shitface

korra korra korra

Terrorism is offensive but if it was about cricket, it would be okay because they love cricket.

Contrary to popular opinion, you don't need to be some kind of a highly intelligent human demigod to start tripfagging. As long as you've spent two years lurking followed by two years of posting anonymously, you're good to go.

I haven't seen it on Cred Forums. I think they're fine on Cred Forums.

Are you talking about gook and chink anime? Idols?

Then I'm good to go :)

hey i've got a suggestion let's abolish mod power

Except for the trip fags, minus Lelouch.
You motherfuckers can chug bleach.


I've been debating starting up a trip. Gonna think of a name as lay in bed. You'll see me tomorrow

Why is there a meta thread on Cred Forums only?

What makes you think I haven't?
Bleach is pretty good if you ignore the last arc.

>but if their content is similar to the Japanese ones, well that's fine
Can you even read your own post, you filthy retard newfag?

It's easy. You gotta chug a lot of cum first tho.

>6. Cred Forums will split into Cred Forums - Anime, and /ma/ - Manga.
Stop posting this shit you cancerous piece of garbage.

We will never split Cred Forums again. It would kill manga discussion on the entire website.

The fuck is this idiot even talking about?

I am talking about chink and gook comics, dumbass

Literally never would

Just make /gook/, the containment board for every crappy mmos, kpop and koreanchinese trash.

>He still believes this meme.
Anyway, I'm still here.

Does SAO belong there?

Kirito is Cred Forums related


Kirito will wreck your shitty pathetic tripfag loose asshole

kill yourself

>not using Anonymize and making everybody anonymous

When I wrote "they're fine on Cred Forums" I meant the fanbase is fine being there. If the chink and gook fanbases prefer to stay here it's because there's a reason behind it, maybe because they feel okay posting on Cred Forums


The fuck?

>If the chink and gook fanbases prefer to stay here it's because there's a reason behind it, maybe because they feel okay posting on Cred Forums
And who let them stay here? This is Cred Forums anime & manga not whatever gook & chink shit. Also they're all koreaboo shitposters, always try to spamming these shitty deviantart here

but then you would accidentally reply to disgusting tripfags

>i want to stay here and fuck ur mom
What is a pathetic little cuck.

Who the fuck let these kpopshitter stay here? Cred Forums is already bad enough

>board about anime & manga
>hey guys we want to stay here and discuss not anime & manga related stuff because we prefer it here
>stay if you want also please fuck my anus

A lot of people dislike anonymizing because they don't like the idea of accidentally replying to a tripfag. And a lot of those also don't like filtering because they don't like the idea of missing out on content, even if it's low quality content.

Someone should make some kind of a script that renames all (or selected) tripfags into a generic tripfag title so you can tell which posts are made by tripfags and call them names or avoid replying to them without having to suffer seeing their name.

Recommend me a way to kill myself Cred Forums
Please no moeshit

>We will never split Cred Forums again
Cred Forums is already split, look at the fucking catalogue: it's mostly isolated and self contained generals or template threads, or which has very little to do with Cred Forums beyond being posted in Cred Forums. /jp/ is the future of Cred Forums. Not old /jp/, modern /jp/: a ghetto of general sprinkled among template threads made by those desperate for attention.

Then how would I know which tripfags to like and which to hate?

I feel okay when gook shit is not allowed on Cred Forums

That's exactly how threads like DJT were allowed to become a "thing".

>Cred Forums
>can't even read japanese
>probably from reddit and MAL, mangafox and other unholy shithole
>fluent in Japanese
>original from 2chan and Cred Forums

If there are tripfags you like, you can avoid using the version of the script that renames everyone and instead use the version that only renames tripfags of your choice. Then you can leave the ones you like and rename the ones you dislike.

It's Japan related so it fine, not japan related should fuck off to

Sounds too complicated, I'd rather that no script exist and Anons stop treating Cred Forums as a safe space.

As much as I love DJT, I honestly don't think I would mind if it got moved or even just outright deleted, it's complete trash in there like 50% of the time thanks to shitposters

Either delete it or have higher moderator presence in there I say

>It's Japan related so it fine

>I'd rather that no script exist and Anons stop treating Cred Forums as a safe space.
That's exactly what you do with your secure trip and Madoka threads. Do you triptards even have the slightest scrap of self awareness.

Never saw such a thing, they're not even the main problem

Aren't discussions more important?

Never saw them shitposting here

The good thing about Anonymize is that you won't know if you replied to a trifag or not, and by time you will even forget about their existence. I remember being disgusted by their post as well, but now I feel okay. I'm not mad anymore

Shonen should become its own board. Shoujo should fuse with /c/.

I hate coming to this board to discuss dbz or naruto when im surrounded by a bunch of shit taste weebs talking about gay shit like madoka and nichijou.

>Got rid of no frogposting, the only good rule
All bad rules, off yourself

>Cred Forums
>can't read Japanese
>too dumb to learn Japanese
>become shitposter
Such is the life of average f/a/ggoy

And I say they should get the fuck out.

Are you saying that Madoka is a safe space or that somehow I created a safe space by having a trip? I can tell you, having a trip doesn't really leave you warm and fuzzy when someone's always telling you to kill yourself.

>changing Cred Forums
Fuck off reddit

Fuck off.

Anime and manga are so close, there's no reason to really split it up.

This entire thing is stupid, and just seems to be adding in dumb shit rules that are not needed.

>Either delete it or have higher moderator presence in there I say
Read from here down, which is the last 40 minutes or so worth of posting in that thread. It is a lot worse if you scroll up and see where all the retarded off topic bickering is coming from, but this snippet gives you a general idea of these sorts of threads:
What exactly can moderators do to moderate that sort of thing aside outright deletion? They'd have sit in the threads themselves.

>Never saw them shitposting here
Just check the archive, fucking idiot

Literally none of these rules are good.

See, this is why gook and chink shit are not allowed on Cred Forums

What if you reply to a tripfag and then some other guy replies to you with "stop replying to tripfags, idiot", or to the post you previously replied to with "kill yourself tripfag"?

That my main problem and i want them to fuck off to /trash/ and you too m, pathetic fuckface.

>yfw people who whine about tripfags instead of ignoring them are literally worse than tripfags

At least tripfags contribute, complainers are just shitting up threads

Kill yourself tripcancer

>At least tripfags contribute
Put your trip back on, faggot.

Put your trip back on, tripfag.

how about me shitting up your mouth?

Point proven.

>At least tripfags contribute,
Why lie though, faglord?

For any new poster who's tasking this thread seriously: don't. The OP is a shitposter being protected by a mod, none of the things discussed in any of this entire sequence of threads will ever happen, and Cred Forums will thankfully stay the same forever. He will make a new thread immediately once this one hits 500 posts and that thread won't get deleted either despite being pure shitposting material.

I piss in your grandfather uterus, fucktard

>3. Underage Bait like lol, kys, cuck and so on will result in a ban.

The correct answer to overused cliches and buzzwords was, is, and ever shall be wordfilters.

This has nothing to do with anime nor manga and therefore it should probably be removed


Hiro already said on /qa/ that he's thinking about a manga board, but wants to be persuaded into doing it first. The nightmare isn't that far away.

delete this

The thing is is that the shitposting in there is started by the same one person 90% of the time, and it escalates because that one person is allowed to just keep going freely as much as he wants, which either baits other people or encourages other people to start shitposting themselves

Even if sitting in the thread and watching out for shitposts is too crazy an idea, the posts always get reported when they come up, but even then for some reason the reports never get answered and nothing ever gets deleted

It just seems like mods could be a bit more vigilant in there, because it wouldn't be anywhere near as bad if the posts got dealt with before they had a chance to escalate, while they're still few in number

He also said that he want to put his Japanese micro dick in your ass.

>6. Cred Forums will split into Cred Forums - Anime, and /ma/ - Manga.
That's fucking stupid.


The little black spot in the bottom left is triggering me.

Fuck off to Tumblr with your safespace, speaking for others, bullshit, you insufferable fucking cunt. Anons as talking about these things because Cred Forums is NOT find and things need to change.
>and Cred Forums will thankfully stay the same forever
Cred Forums has changed dramatically, you fucking newfag. There was a time when something like a general thread would have been laughed at and never been allowed to come into fruition. Now Cred Forums is full of that shit, with everyone shunted into their own little safe pigeon-hole mentalities to discuss the same shit over and over with the same group of anons.

If this thread is able to hit 500 posts, it means these are things user want to discuss. No amount of kicking and screaming from insufferable cunts like you will be able to quell discussion. Cred Forums has been doing meta threads for years. Lurk the fuck moar.


Chocolate my mouth with your filthy smegma ahhhhhhhh


You want me to dubs your mom, m8?

You earned this (You) by being so dedicated (and by somehow managing to get angry because someone called your shitposting general out). Handle it with care.

>500 posts of shitposting

what the fuck I hate nipplemod now

Aaaah~ I wanna taste a dick~

I need fap material, quick.

If 5 gook die


>The thing is is that the shitposting in there is started by the same one person 90% of the time
No, fuck off with that boogeyman shit.
Protip: one person cannot make dozens of anons act like complete fucking idiots.
This is the sort of mindset which needs to fuck off, and generals protect them. Take some goddamn responsibility; if one person is able to rile up an entire thread then that thread is full of people who need to stop posting and spend at least another two years lurking so they can come to terms with how anonymous image boards function. One person cannot control the actions of others and if the others act like morons, that's on their behalf. No amount of saddling scapegoats will change the fact that they are the real problem. There is always going to be shitposters, in the past they were never a valid excuse for other anons acting like children. Why should people proscribe double standards to generals?

Check my 7 and gook will roll

You are in the minority.

i got dubs once

i can verify this. good post

What are you even talking about? My 7?

Guys i'm sleepy what do i do?

Suck my dick off

check my six brother gooks are attacking from all sides


*teleports behind you*

Sucking my thump would be more entertaining

I specifically said that one person usually starts it and encourages other easily manipulable people to start, because they see it as an excuse to get away with shitposting themselves

Obviously it's not all on that one person since there are many others that join in, but my point was that the problem is easily fixed or at least reduced significantly because the shitposts are so easy to stop at their source the vast majority of the time

If any thread gets taken over by shitposting (LIKE THIS ONE), that could also mean that most of the board simply does not want it to exist. Even though one person might be able to shitpost consecutively for 500 posts if he has access to 106 proxies, it's much more likely that the board is telling you and your shit to get the fuck out, which is exactly the same thing that happens whenever a retard starts a YouTube thread. The difference is that this time some stupid mod refuses to delete these threads despite their OPs having been called out a fuckton of times, possibly because of a misinterpreted post by our admin.
But it's not like you're going to read this anyway. See you in the next thread when you'll continue kicking and screaming because you couldn't kill Cred Forums once again, /qa/ncer.



Sure, sure, whatever makes you feel better. Why don't you go complain on /qa/ because nobody is taking your threads seriously on Cred Forums?

What the fuck are these threads, I thought they were scam since they were never pinned, is it actually real or are mods just having difficulties to get rid of this guy?

If 5 i'm the Hokage


hey fellow new trips WHERE WE AT?

Physically remove all generalfags and gooks


I understand your dislike of generals, but that ship has sailed. It's a site wide cultural shift and there's no putting the genie back in the bottle.

It has advantages at least. If you've been here as long as you're implying you'd know that stuff related to popular anime would periodically generate waves of threads that would push tons of content off the board. It's a shame that it ruins actual discussion of certain ongoing series by turning threads into little persistent chatrooms that people sit around shitposting in week after week, but the problem with banning generals is it just causes people to be careful with how they phrase the OP of each new thread. They're still linking each one end to end forever. There's just not really an effective way to combat them.

Dubs allow me to tripcancer as well

i'm gonna put my genie into your bottle fuck yeeahhh


I think a more important split is /ag/ - Anime & Manga Generals alongside Cred Forums Anime and /ma/ Manga

>doing their jobs
The amount of they're putting to stop this guy is the same they amount they win for moderating


>6. Cred Forums will split into Cred Forums - Anime, and /ma/ - Manga.
>buyfag/ -> /jp/
>10. Spoonfeeding is encouraged in OTP threads

Kill yourself to death.


>It's a shame that it ruins actual discussion of certain ongoing series by turning threads into little persistent chatrooms that people sit around shitposting in week after week
Most of those you call shitposting are actually related to the series the "general" is about. If people start blogging or whatever then please do your job and report them, then carry on with posting about the series.

If OP makes a new thread his mom dies



>Cred Forums gets actual board moderation improvements
>every other board gets fucked
Of course.

>If people start blogging or whatever then please do your job and report them
the mods don't do shit about it and they can't possibly do that you fucking sutpidddd piece of shit




If dubs everyone in this thread will HAVE to state their ninja village