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I don't know if I can take much more of Araki's madness, guys.

Gappy makes me happy

>Mother: Jolyne's mother rarely appears and is hardly talked about. It's assumed that she loves Jolyne very much and dotes on her in Jotaro's absence as she was the only known person to be allowed to call Jolyne "JoJo". It's mentioned that she is an Italian-American, making Jolyne 1/4 Japanese, 5/8 Italian, and 1/8 British.

D-did Jotaro pull an Oedipus?

And also cum on her

Which JoJo girl would have the Stand: Fat Bottomed Girl? If they already have a Stand, who would have it as a sub-ability?

>Jotaro's wife actually is Buccellati sister and a Zepelli
I want to believe

What the hell would Fat Bottomed Girl even do? Disrupt the natural rotation of the Earth?

Canonically Josuke's ass is the best ass

>Saturates weight toward the bottom of people or objects

I have my doubts about that to be honest

My only head cannon is that Bruno is a zeppeli descendant

Gappy doesn't make me happy.

Shh, Gyro is sleeping.

[Fat Bottomed Girl] would be able to move the center of gravity of an object to a different location.
The Stand User would first demonstrate this ability by flipping coins and having them land on their side.
And the user cannot be knocked to the ground cause they'd shift their own center of gravity to the feet.
This Stand could potentially collapse objects and machines in on themselves if the center of gravity is shifted correctly.

Naw, buddy. It makes the rockin' world go round. Although it might cause some minor tremors when struck.

Chut, Gyro est en train de dormir.






>Araki brought Avdol back so he could kick one guy's ass without even using fire then not melt this bitch down the second he had a clear sight on her

and then she literally defeats herself. What a waste.

C-Moon inverts it, turning things inside-out.

Gappy isn't Happy

Shit. Who was this?

MiuMiu, user. Jail House Lock.

post jobin

Ah ok, thanks

She was from part 6, she was a Stand user, and she had a delicious ass. Sorry user I'm a bit hazy on the details myself.

Gappy makes me happy

MiuMiu, his stand is Jail House... I... I CAN'T REMEMBER!

Wouldn't shigechi be OP in a jojo racing game?

Now I get it.

Why are you telling me this

Gappy makes me happy

I need that "I was the jojolion" edit
Oh, spoonfed is against the rules.

I am really attracted to Jobin's hair. No homo.

Shigechi will ride his Harvest

Gappy is starting to piss me off

Why? He's a super slow fat kid with a bunch of bees. Okuyasu's Hand would be the cheap trick to worry about.

naranciafag found a new gig

I really liked that little tid but about escaping that Emprio mentioned
>for some reason, no one can get passed those gates other than Jotaro

And then, what do you know, Pucci planted a memory loss stand user as chief guard.

gappy is eternal

okuyasu would be fooled by first obstacle of the game. shigechi can ride his harvest whilst collecting the wheels and shit of others, making him s tier.

Gappy makes me happy


I want Gappy to make me happy

I want Joshuu to make ME happy

Black Sabbath is aesthetic as fuck


Gappy is making me happy


Four balls, user. That'd probably be a 98% chance of conjoined twins with a 2% margin for quads.

>series is called Jojo's bizarre adventure
>main character nickname isn't jojo, actually is gappy
Fucking dropped

This Gappy meme is going too far, anons..

So eh, what makes you guys like Josuke so much? I personally enjoy the fact that he does feel like two people are fused into him which makes him at times seem scattered and odd to some people. Which makes it all the better that he is starting to accept both sides as time passes and is developing his own self while keeping quirks of his past selves.

He came out in the Steven Universe era


Whats Hato's eyecolor? brown?

>Gappy will go the way of the Narancia and people will start hating him because of the shitposters


I thought the concept of wikifags was weird but thread fags? Are you serious?

Let's scale back on Gappy pls

We've had a good streak so far, let's not fuck it up

I want to [R E R O R E R O] her

You think they are going to tease Polnareff in 5 the way they did with Kira in the Part 4 anime?

Post Aida Mitsuo quotes.

>Silver Chariot foreshadowed a la Act3 in the op

I want to rerorero my papi

"Open your ass and your heart and mind will follow."

woah, this general sure is cancer. No wonder they want to close the generals in Cred Forums

Hey, that is a great line..




just how lonely and pathetic does one have to be to actually get hard at the notion of yourself being the cumbdumpster?

>A wheelchair with a rapier and an arrow shows up in the OP or ED

I know right. It's always like that...


When does Part 8 get good? I am 25 chapters in.

I like JoJo. But this thread is fucking cancer.

The start is slow af.
Just keep reading.

It's a mystery story so don't expect it to be paced like the other Parts.

If you didn't love Gappy dropping Joshu like a sack of dirt, I don't know what to tell you.


I wish Daiya succeeded in raping gappy
I wanted to see him lose more and more of his memories until he was nothing more than teddy girl's fuckpuppet

Why? Why did Araki make Secco so Sexxo? This is all wrong!

Hi lobotomy-kun

I'll post the blog for the kart game again.
If you want to say something or post your idea here's the site: jojokars.blogspot.com.ar/2016/09/future-jojo-kart-game.html

Post out of context panels


Any updates on the JoJo kart game?

I want to fuck her. Just look at those boobs, how the fuck could Gappy resist fucking this?


Because he's in love.


Because she probrably already won the GappyBowl

gappy ain't into neku girls sorry

I thought we settled on modding mario kart on the wii?


What is love?

idk a shit about mods.

She wears clothes with bear ears not cat ones
Also she's Jojo's equivalent of Umaru

Baby don't hurt me

Whoops bad quality sorry

>spending hours building a game from the ground up
>or making models and replacing existing models with them

Which part would you expect this to be the ED for?

Dont hurt me.. no more

ursines, felines, close enough

When you make your own game from 0 you can make what you want.
If you mod a game or use something already created there's no space for what you really want, it's limited af

part 7, since johnny cant run

have fun toiling for a few months on a shitty demo for a kickstarter that'll never be funded then

We should


I'll try to mod Mario Kart first.
idk a shit about mods
what mario kart should mod? 64? wii?

So you think they will fix this scene in the anime?
Cuz it kinda is a considerable big plot hole

Only the Arrow with the Beetle pattern creates Requiems though.

Double dash knee grow


That pose never gets old.

jojo is not moeshit
get that out of here

Choose one of the main villains
Now write one single change of actions that would have allowed him to win

I know but its never fully stated that the beatle arrow is the only one to create Requiems, its implied since it's the only arrow that looks different and kinda works different too, but its never fully clear

I still don't know what the fuck Black Sabbath's ability is, it's less clear than Diavolo's

>Stop the time and rekt jotaro
>Part 3: the end

chose to love doppio and live a quiet life

That plot hole was so fucking huge Araki had to bull shit up the Beetle Arrow just so he could justify the climax

He's lucky he drew it going through Gold's hand and not Giorno's. But it's canon

To find out if someone is worthy of having a stand power

>Just chase down Emporio with your super speed instead of resetting the universe first

It's Aqua Necklace but with shadows, it also grabs your soul and stabbed it with the arrow so that you get a stand

Either not eat lunch at that sandwich place, Tonio's could've been fine.
Or just put the gf back in his coat pocket and not the sandwich bag.

I dont remember that working out for him

>not moe when this shit is in it

I can understand why other anons hate it, but I really liked the concept that Jotaro can stop time too. DIO put it best when he described Jotaro as "invading" his world frozen in time. It comes around full circle as Dio invaded Jonathan's world and leeched on like a parasite metaphorically and very literally. Now Jotaro has invaded DIO's world to protect and serve justice to his ancestry by forcibly stopping time just to wipe DIO from their life. Only for all his efforts to be in vain with the coming of Pucci. That's just my opinion I guess.

Or don't fucking scream your name out loud on the street.

Definitely Mario Kart Wii. It's got the best mod support and loads of tutorials

>Kar & Wham & AC/DC
>Walk into Joseph and Caesar

Jotaro stopping time isn't really the worst part of the climax, most Parts end with an asspull ability anyway

It's just how hard DIO jobbed by the end all of a sudden after an amazing fight

Santana tried that but Hamon protected Joseph from getting eaten

Don't let kids buy drugs.

Oh ok, I forget.
Maybe kill Joseph instead of putting the rings inside of them then.

Tho I didn't like Dio blowing up after one REALLY strong punch to the leg, it was The World that was destroyed and then him along with it, and we saw SP brake several parts of TW during the fight.
Still I would've like something like SP rams his fist into Dios head and crushes it like a watermelon, making Puccis death at Emporios hands mirrow it for ultimate poetry

Don't try kill Trish

Just keep her away as far away as possible from you with literally all of your best men guarding her, or dont kill the gay couple from your best team of assassins

Well we did see Jotaro cave in DIOs skull twice once when polpol disracts him and the other when he appears out of the manhole. Youre right though the single punch to the leg after DIO obtained HIGH form was pretty shit

>Funny Valentine
>fuck Johnny instead of Lucy

Diavolo by not trying to kill Trish when she was still with the gang.

>Just reached the end of My name is Doppio

A-are the good scans really over? Does it really get worse from here?

Mind if I work on a character select screen, I think I can cook up something by tomorrow?

Yeah they get kinda crappy

I'll mod mario kart 64 but if you want to make a character select screen for later use I still want to make the entire game from 0

this line makes more sense now that we know he's a mama's boy

I want to start from scratch too, I'm going to use use unity too.

Why 64? Just curious since there are barely any mod tools or it

>Export the model
>Change the model
>Put the model again in the game
It's easy af.



But you could do the same with the Wii version. Plus there are more characters + karts.

But hey, that's your choice. I might just start missing the Wii version myself

idk how to mod or change things in games, this is my first time.
I found a good tutorial for Wii.

An update: Here's a screen of characters you can pick from, each character has different stats as you can see. These are just placeholder numbers.

I'll just need eventually implement an actual kart with those variables later.

need to eventually*

I'm downloading the Mario Kart WII
Wait like... 3 or 4 days and I'll update the blogspot.

remember to model in doppio with diavolo. never one without the other.

Who tf reported me ?

why is whitesnake so hot
you'd expect a priest's stand to be more chaste

That's cool. Give the link once you're done


gay priest

>Gay priest
Vampirelover priest

Why is there Dio and then DIO?

Why is there The World and then THE WORLD?

because he's just THAT much better

Concept Fan-Art for Part 5 Anime

Hopefully I can start and finish the movement down by tomorrow

gureito gureito

>Speedwagoon's speed
>Not 101%

We can play around with the numbers later, I'm probably going to set up a public git project and have others help out, while I manage the PRs, etc.

Whoops, meant to put a period there after the first sentence there. Now I look like those slavs a couple threads ago.

Obvious virgin. All girls want to be cumdumpsters, they jus won't admit it in public

Does DIO count as a man, technically? I mean he's not human anymore. Maybe it's a loophole.

Post Stand users that could defeat the Pillar Men.

technically speaking, he did defeat the pillar men and he was a stand user...so...

If Joseph had Hermit Purple from birth, Battle Tendency could have ended in Rome.

The D'Arby's too, but Kars probably wouldn't play along with their bullshit long enough to lose his soul. I could see Wamuu getting really into Terrence's games, though.

It'd be cool if they managed to channel Wamuu's competitive spirit for something harmless like games or sports instead of fights to the death

Joshuu makes ME happy

One narancia per thread.

Always had something for blind girl.
Blindness is cute.

Isn't that all of them? Non users can't even see stands so all you'd have to do is punchghost them.

> Normal arrows without beetles do not create reqiuems
> The beetle arrow did

Seems through basic observation we can say that this theory is probably true, it's not like Araki is ever going to go back and clear it up.

The only 'plot hole' in this case was that being peirced by a normal arrow should have given Golden Experience a second ability like it did to Killer Queen, but you could just make the argument that Giorno wasn't in desperate need of a new ability like Kira was.

Best stand design desu

reminder that joshuu wanted to suck his mom's tits

Normal punch ghosts wouldn't be able to do any lasting damage to the Pillar Men, though. We saw Jotaro smash DIO's skull in with Star Platinum, but he healed from it fairly quickly with his vampire regeneration, yet DIO was still hesitant to go anywhere near Joseph while he was still capable of using Hamon, so there IS a distinct difference between the two. And the Pillar Men regenerate so quickly that they could just walk through a punch rush and tear the user in half if they wanted.

Of course, certain Stand abilities would still be a problem for them, like Cream and The Hand.

Am I the only one who want to suck Diego's feet ?

you can't just walk through a punch rush especially an A tier one. It'd push them back

No, everything below the waist is exquisite

The difference is that for Kira the Arrow was drawn to him a second time because of just how determined he was to survive, and they make a big deal not about him being stabbed a second time but about him being CHOSEN a second time. Giorno just got stabbed forcefully.

Why is Yasuho so beautiful? Why does Gappy ignore her? Is he Homosexual?

I'd stab Giorno forcefully, if you know what I mean.

Gappy is happy

Anyone have wallpapers of chumimin?

Shitty idea : How about we call the next thread /JJBA/ ? Since /JoJo/ is now synonym of shitposting and circlejerk.

I've made this a long time ago

>good fortune will begin with you diego
>head gets blown off

what did he mean by this

Won't change a thing.

I think it was more sarcastic.

source for that chumimin

>Oh man, you got fucked up by wasps doing my bidding yet you remained loyal and dedicated all the way through it, I'm going to reward you
>Here, get thrown into an alternate universe to collide into and explode with your alternate self
Valentine is not an honest man

It's my edit senpai

I mean the center part of the pic

I know I've seen it before but I can't find it again

Here senpai

thanks famalam


Hey /JoJo/ where are you from ?

Right behind you


My bed is behind me.



che boludo, cuantas copas tenes?

R is the best. She also took part of a Josuke Yasuho doujin anthology back in 2013 and I really wish she uploaded whatever she made for it because her stuff is consistently adorable.


Is JJL the most straight part?
Even Tsurugi is manly af

>goes to SnK thread
>people shitposting

>goes to Mob thread
>people shitposting

>goes to a random Cred Forums thread
>people shitposting

>/JoJo thread
>people shitposting

Why /JoJo/ is the """"worst"""" then ?

if you see this post and read the spoiler, you are gay


user please, this is a JoJo thread.

Jakuten wa nai

Do you think Zombuccellati would be able to get an erection


Russia. Don't ever come to this putrid place, you'll regret it, believe me, also, our Cred Forums is pure cancer. Yes, much more than this one.

pls no bully

alt-f4 your life


>Stone Ocean
You'll cop a lot of hate for saying you like Yo Yo Ma and don't like Kira, though

pretty based and unique taste actually

You can't dislike this

Yo faggots, Iggyfag here.

It's been a while since I posted on these piece of shit threads. Did i miss anything? Is arcadefag still making that fucking game or whatever? Did naranciafag fuck off forever?

Now excuse me as I let Iggy drill my tight little virgin ass with his doggy dog donger dongerino dick.

>no johnny's pose


Hello. Arcadefag is dead and Narancia posting is getting rare.

Part 9 in the Olympics is looking good.

Thanks. RIP arcaredag.

As for naranciafag, that's good to hear.

Is this some new meme or some this?

I guess everyone has to get tired of their waifu someday.

Hopefully he fucks off for good soon, Narancia's one of my favorite characters and it was really nice when Naranciafag got banned and people were able to actually talk about the character.

Arcadefag was a 13 years old boy from china or something

>"Araki draws art for national sports festival"

>Draws for art national sports festival
>He's en the louvre
>His manga is still alive
>God tier taste in music and art in general
Is araki god reincarnated?

Imagine if Araki got tired of stands and got rid of them as quickly and unceremoniously as he got rid of hamon

*meant to say 'shit' not 'this' why do I even fucking care it's a change for more iggy gudness

i actually emailed arcade fag about the status game. He told me something that i cant tell you here but if you want to know it send him a email.

[email protected]

>Second Universe reset

Source on the pic?

user, how low is your dignity? Asking so shamelessly.

I like it
But sorry, I don't have the exact source or who the artist is.But I did find the picture here: rule34.paheal.net/post/view/1673585#search=iggy.

Here we go again.


That Joshu looks MENACING af

Why did all heads turn cube shaped in part 8? It's the one thing that's bothering me ever since I started it.

Tell me, Pizzanon, the people wear clothes like these:

i did it and this is what he send.
It's just a prank. I did it to get away from reddit, and Cred Forums. The game is still getting made. Just don't tell anyone. I'm making a gameplay video for Jonathan.


That Karera is fucking gross, fat fuck butterface. Everyone else is super good and I want to put my wiener in all of them(except Karera of course hehe)

Australia. Please don't come here. People seem to think Australian chicks are hot but it's a lie. Queensland chicks are alright but they're all inbred.

>White hair
>Red shirt
>Hole on the shirt

I bet he is from Switzerland.

fucking do it. send him one. its exactly what he said.

I don't come to JoJo's threads all that often - I'm a pretty casual fan, only halfway through Part 5 - but I seem to remember there being a lot of people coming up with ideas for stands and statting them. Am I misremembering or did you just stop doing that eventually?

>Just don't tell anyone

He was slowly decomposing and the only reason he wasn't decomposed by the end is because Part 5 was set over like 5 or 6 days.

I want to get off Mister Araki's wild ride

So you think he had rigor mortis or not

P good my man.

The last made-up Stand I saw were somehow related to gravity.

>favorite part 5 is Secco

What do you mean? There's plenty of variance.

The best one

He a good boy

They do that plenty on /tg/, or even Cred Forums .Please don't fuck these threads more

I need to make revisions


Dunno how it'd work in the cock though, prolly just stay the normal size but go stiff. So unless he has an enormous cock big enough for his shrivelled up flaccid one to get the job done then you're out of luck.

I REALLY like the idea of swimming through the ground like that, I feel like it speaks to the inner child in my as just something really neat but not overly complicated. Plus the fact the fight it was in was top tier also boosts it up. just behind it are White Album and King Crimson.

Josuke is the only JoJo I would go gay for.
>cute personality
>best ass
>best ass
>best ass


I mean there's nothing wrong with it but it's pretty fucking pleb.


JoJo is my life right now senpai

I want Araki inside of me

The best in the world

please save me from Merkel ;-;


>wanting to dress up as joshuu


aguante el pity y mala fama vieja

>there's nothing wrong with it
>it's pretty fucking pleb
Explain, user. I'm trying to improve it but that doesn't really help.

I want to fuck his ass and cum inside.

no homo just jojo

Ferné o vino en jarra?

It all seems like pretty safe choices and to be the most popular stuff rather than anything outside the norm. There's nothing wrong with that but it doesn't make it great.

Shame he wouldn't be able to feel it

Le meilleur pays du monde.

>send Vanilla Ice to Japan instead of Kekyoin
>Part 3 ends and DIO wins

In exactly one week, something big's gonna happen

me too user

>After one week, Pixelfag kill himself with a banana turned into a gun

>Turning all GFs into bombs

Vanilla Ice was stupid as shit, Jotaro would've found a way of fucking him up and then DIO would've been down his strongest servant.

That's the beauty of it user

I fucking love Annasui lmao

I have 20$ to spend in mandarake.

It's a shame Fugo didn't wear a shirt beneath the jacket at all times. He looked much better in the flashback.



>politely ask for the stone and live the quiet life of perfect being

user is a poor boy from a poor family spare him his life from this monstrosity,

>barely even knows how to use his Stand
>somehow fights Vanilla Ice
Vanilla wouldn't even have to fight Jotaro.
Even as a dumb fuck he still killed two Stand users.

>mom is dying
>insurance money ran out
>half a man

Even though Annasui is probably my least favorite JoJo ally, he is still great for making the single best line in the entirety of JoJo

Ireland. It's a horrible place, if you were wondering.

Dammit he's a doctor Jim, not a miracle worker.

If Araki doesn't bring back Shakedown Road and the Milagro Man in the coming arc for Josuke to make money to pay Holly's hospital fees than he's a serious hack.

>Annasui is probably my least favorite JoJo ally
What about Straizo or Smokey Brown or Fugo or Shigechi or the some of the others from extended ally group of Part 4?

Can confirm. Sent it to me as well, seems like an automated reply.

>we will never see what would have happened if The World truly had the power of all Part 3 Stands
>DIO will never grant a wish using sand and create a illusion fog through the shadow of the reflection in a water cup attached to a magnet in Jotaro's dreams to send hundreds of ice emerald bullets shaped like ships and beetles carrying cursed swords and killer dolls that can shapeshift their face and body with minerals and bloody warts that can fight underwater covered in purple thorns into Jotaro's brain to consume, slice apart with a rapier, set on fire, create a sun, consume with the void and punch Jotaro's brain while also stealing his soul through the power of gambling videogames

Gappy is unhappy.

What can you say, the dude knows what he'd look good as, that Joshuu is pretty damn spot on.

How did /jojo/ get into JoJo?
I found out about it after pic related, before that I assumed all of the pictures of the JoJo's I saw were the same character through the entire span of the manga.



He still loses because Jotaro has the same kind of stand.

fernet sin soda porque asi pega mas pega mas

What happend.

they don't get kinda crappy, frankly it's barely even worth reading

New stand revealed.


arcadefag is a 13 year old ukrainian, or if these posts are not lying then he played a prank on us

Why the fuck you guys but brojos in supporting? I thought it's for various useless trash like Smokey or Speedwagon.
>Yo-Yo Ma
Perfect taste.

>Useless trash

>Useless trash

Pick one

Why a a banana, tho?

So this thread pretty much confirms for me that Jojo is for homosexuals.

What if there were actually girls in the thread

Why do you think that senpai?


what the fuck

He's an absolute madman.

No wonder everyone fucking died

No, because you could flick a coin off the track and he'd go after it and explode


I'm from Spain.
I fucking hate my country.

Then Jojo is for girls

You're late. Really late...

>they actually show the fight between Polnareff and Diavolo at the beginning of part 5
A man can hope

Araki couldnt resist

Too bad they'll start to deflate in 4 years

I hope Yasuho dies. I don't like her.

That'd completely spoil the surprise of both Polnareff and the boss.


He should draw a hentai.

No, seriously, what the fuck was with all that dust? What fucking hospital would let her room get that dusty?

>I hope Yasuho dies. I don't like her.

No, it's just that this thread is filled with homosexuals and shitposters.

>I hope Yasuho dies. I don't like her.
Go back to your room in this moment Daiya

What is there to like about Yasuho anyway? I'm serious. She's just too boring for me to care about. I want her to disappear.


Well meme'd. But seriously, why do people like her?

And I want (YOU) to disappear.

>Actually her stand is pretty good and interesting.
>She moves the plot (during the Doobie Wah chapters and holly)
>We didn't know her whole backstory so it's a mistery

>there will never be any decent hetero JoJo porn because fujoshis

Wait, part 9 will really be in olympics?
Cos we already had sport in part 7

>she's a retarded teenager
I can't wait until she dies.

What's the one in the top right corner from?

Ça dépend, ton ancêtre est Gaulois?
Si ce n'est pas le cas ça change rien

>part 9 will really be in olympics?
Probably just Araki drawing Olympics related shit since Tokyo is hosting the next summer Olympics. The fuckers are already doing mock versions of the opening ceremonies in order to prepare and in order to make sure everything is in top shape when the actual opening ceremonies do happen 4 years from now.

I kinda agree. She's got a nice design, but aside from wanting Gappy's double dong she doesn't really have much of a character.

I also thought it was about one guy. I think I just gave in after hearing that stands could be any power for whatever reason.

Nah it's just promotional art Araki is doing for a disabled sports event in his hometown IIRC.

>Pick random shit
>Add Araki vampiric powers
>Add stands
>Still better manga than average and top mangas

Rate my meme I drew

From where the original Joestar bloodline started.

And people say we don't have good drawfags.

I'm glad Joshuu has been slowly replacing her as the broJo. He has a lot of potential and could be one of my favorites, up there with Bruno and Gyro.

Pretty good/7

>That Karera

New OP next week?
Was Joshu trying to scare Kato off or did he genuinely want the tiddy?

Bah en fait... Je suis arabe.

I always saw it as a way to break away from his human lineage. Not only did he hate his father, but last names are a reminder of the fact that he was once human. Vampires have no need for families.

He kick that chair and start yelling
He did that to scare the shit outta her

ça change rien en fait. Les plus gros racistes en France, c'est uniquement les dirigeant.

>New OP next week?
I thought it was this week.

Also, yes.

Stand called: Robot Rock
if there's I am a fucking rock as a stand name why not Robot Rock?

>Still better manga than average and top mangas

Well yes but JJBA has some flaws and confusing shits on it. It's still great, though.

>implying it wouldn't be DIO or Jotaro using their time stop to get a 5 second lead whenever they want
>implying it wouldn't be Pucci using Made In Heaven to reset the race over and over again until people get tired of it and just say fuck it and quit

>If Joseph had Hermit Purple from birth
Daily reminder that Araki said in Jojoveller that Hermit Purple is designed to invoke the way Hamon would look if it were visible, and that if a Stand user were to watch Young Joseph's fights in Battle Tendency he would see Hermit Purple wrapping and coursing around his body.

T'as totalement raison mdrr


That's why i want to make the game from Zero

No. People says we don't have drawfags.

It's not this week because this week is episode 26, so it's still part of the second cour. So it'll be next week or the week after. Chase was meant to be in the first Rohan episode but you can see where it was awkwardly cut out based on the terrible music syncing on the scene where Rohan does his spooky face, probably because it wasn't finished like the ED when they first showed it in episode 2 and they didn't want to premiere and unifinished opening. So Great Days should hopefully air next week but if it's not finished on time it'll be in the second episode of the new cour.

More part 8 girls please senpai, fucking niiice.


Jojonium* not Joveller

>The image of the vine is also connected to Joseph's Ripple ability. I've always wanted to make pictorial visualizations of supernatural abilities since Jojo began. Stands were based on this concept just like Ripple was, so when I thought about putting Joseph back in the story, I needed to decide how I would visualize Ripple as a Stand. Ripple is life energy that travels through the entire body through a special breathing method. Therefore, a concrete visualization of it would be some sort of wire wrapped around the entire body, like a vine. If Jotaro's group time traveled to the world of Part 2, they would probably be able to see "Hermit Purple" wrapped around Joseph just like in Part 3.

>So Great Days should hopefully air next week but if it's not finished on time it'll be in the second episode of the new cour
Is it actually a 3D opening?

Daily reminder than Kira could have lived a normal life as he wanted, if he didn't go for another killing when masquerading as Kusaku.

How the hell did he heal himself after getting punched by Jotaro?

No, why would you expect it to be? Kamikaze Douga aren't doing side projects at the moment which is why Part 4 didn't get CGI openings, David has to make the openings themselves.

Fuckin joshuu. What an alpha

Why? What Kamikaze Douga even doing right now?

Also, what if they get a different CG company for Great Days?

Tu gagne une fellation

>if he didn't go for another killing when masquerading as Kusaku
That bitch and her boyfriend insulted his rad ass bowling pin clippers. They had to die

>How the hell did he heal himself after getting punched by Jotaro?
Crazy D fixed his hand and presumably the rest of his body when it caught back up to him. Either that or Jotaro really was weakened to shit and couldn't punch as hard as he wanted.


Zettai hyaku pāsento desu!

They're own project, I don't know if it's even known what it is yet or not but they've got all hands on deck at the moment. And Kamikaze Douga are one of the best CG companies that do anime related stuff and they probably can't get the same quality from others at the same price as they do from KD. It's far cheaper to do them in house anyway.

How the hell is this supposed to work? Araki thinks that Joseph had Hermit Purple since birth? But the Joestar stands didn't awake until DIO stabbed Jonathan's body with the arrow.

Did Araki forget again?

>It's far cheaper to do them in house anyway
But not nearly as spectacular

Weak Sauce

Joseph is a stand user since birth
Jotaro awake his stand because of DIO
same for Holly

It just works

Kill yourself you underaged faggot

Debatable, I hope they get CGI for part 5's OPs but Chase's visuals honestly hold up just as well, if not better than some of the CGI OPs before. Honestly with the CGI OPs they all seemed to have their own linear feeling, you knew it was going to be spectacular and flashy but with the part 4 OPs it's genuinely surprising seeing how different each of them are going to be. CNBT was funky and colorful, Chase was bleak but had god-tier visuals and really stylistic depictions. If Great Days is a mix of both it'll be fucking amazing.

Never because Araki's music taste is too good for such shitty boring two-clicks-in-fruity-loops garbage.

2D ones fit the aesthetic the series has going forward anyway imo. A CG Part 4 opening would look fucking ridiculous and not in a good way. It MIGHT work for 5 but beyond that it'd look stupid. Remember the CG openings as they were user.

I think he means that since Ripple and Stands aren't that far apart, Joseph knowing the latter before awakening the former would mean that he'd have his Stand inactive and coiled around his body before becoming aware of it himself. It ties both concepts together.

>A CG Part 4 opening would look fucking ridiculous and not in a good way
Nah. You'll eventually forget the OPs from part 4. You'll never forget the OPs from parts 1-3 because of how unique they are.

Post Tenmei OR Pucci

I'd only remember them for being CGI, but there's more to an OP than that. I remember the first OP more for Sono Chi No Sadame than the visuals, I remember CNBT for how funky the song was and how the OP feels like an old 90s show OP like Starbomb. Honestly I'll never forget any JoJo OP, they're all god-tier in their own ways.

Because I am a rock is a good song and a cool name. Robot rock is shit

Dire is the most well written jojo ally


No, he's stating a connection between Hermit Purple and Hamon like this guy said The beginning of Part 3 directly has Joseph establish that Stands are an evolution of the Ripple. That the Ripple is a prototype for Stands
So having the Ripple on Young Joseph be visualized as vines by Stand Users, and a crackling aura by non-Stand Users, actually makes complete sense.

Wow, Araki is actually being consistent and tying his canon together for once.
Good job he's making progress

>I'd only remember them for being CGI
You'd remember the songs too, dumb-ass. Don't try and act like you wouldn't

Merci bien

>The beginning of Part 3 directly has Joseph establish that Stands are an evolution of the Ripple. That the Ripple is a prototype for Stands
Araki then reaffirms this in part 7, but includes the Stone Mask among his list of stand-creating items, which is strange. I mean, it'd certainly help, because you'd eventually develop a stand either from doing things for so long or for having been stabbed by the arrow but survived because lolvampire

Just like with SBR spinning, Joestars' stands awakening from Dio's arrowstab upgraded his Hamon technique to Hermit Purple which allowed him to see a visual representation of his spiritual powers as a stand.

Shit, just realized my post didn't make sense. What I meant to say was I'd remember them a bit more distinctly because they're CGI, but that doesn't instantly make them better. If the OPs for part 5 and 6 were hand-drawn in comparison to the early OPs I'd remember them more based on visuals as well as the songs. Point still stands though, all OPs are gureito.

I feel like im the only jojo fan here


Best JoJo soundtrack coming in:

>[Papa Roach]

Kaato is savage, but Joshu about to go absolutely HAM on her.

Tucson Arizona. The place Jojo needs to go back to in the Beatles song, "Get Back."

That's not youtube.com/watch?v=kH_5PtbBJeo but good choice, friendo.


I'd really like to forever forget about generic shitty shouneney second DiU's OP, but Crazy Noisy Bizarre Town is forever in my heart along with Bloody Stream and SCNS.

>Joshuu won't drink milk that's expired by 1 day
>Kaato says his hair's like that because he didn't drink his milk as a child

>hating on Chase
You have no taste.

I think the whole Stone Mask = Stand thing is Araki explaining what the more out there vampire abilities like Wired Beck's camouflage were. Plus, the principle of "evil people tend to develop strong abilities", which is the mentality Araki used to develop Stands, was directly mentioned by Dio in Part 1 as something he was looking for in zombies.
I think he's joked in the past that everything weird and unexplainable that happens in the series is "Stand magic lol".

Plus, it would actually give an origin to the Pillar Men's Elemental Modes: they were Stands as well (or at least prototypes).

I hope they don't cut too much shit next episode, what with it being 6 chapters.
Like I hope they can just speed up the RPS duel rather than cut out my nigga Joseph at the start again.

Why is he so perfect?

Joshu confirmed as true SBR Josuke.

Seriously, I've seen and heard completely same openings in tons of various generic shounen shit.

>I think the whole Stone Mask = Stand thing is Araki explaining what the more out there vampire abilities like Wired Beck's camouflage were
Huh. Neat idea. What if there was some They Live shit where one of the character from the future arcs goes back to parts 1 and 2 and they see stands on everybody?

this theme is so comfy

Generic =/= bad though. Chase is perfectly fine, it fits the tone of this part of DiU brilliantly, is catchy as fuck and honestly feels badass. Just because it's not an over-exaggerated song like Sono Chi No Sadame doesn't make it less memorable, plus the song compliments the visuals fucking brilliantly. Not the best OP but still godly.

Morioh cho radi o

>he doesn't even know the lyrics
You have no taste and are bad at life.

Filename chain.

Yeah that would be neat. Like, maybe he sees all the Hamon users wielding different types of Hermit Purple and the Pillar Men and vampires wielding proto-Stands of sorts.
Come to think of it, if Dio didn't come back in Part 3 and had a defined Stand in The World, his ice abilities could probably be passed off as an actual Stand.
Maybe Stroheim did have a Stand ability that was what allowed him to become a cyborg.

>giving shit about lyrics especially in anime openings

2nd cour soundtrack when?

I seriously want to cum on her smug face so badly please

Lots of stands didn't have a true form like the baby, Love Deluxe (it's hair) Mikitaka
Maybe without the arrow you can reach something like a proto-stand if you are strong/evil enough
Like the pillar men modes, they can be "proto-stand" powers without a true form

Scar Kak>Black Glasses Kak>Black with pink hair kak>Kekyoin>Kakyoin

What about rubber soul?

You will NEVER wake up in Morioh and listen to Morioh Radio to wake up.

Finish me lads, I can't take it anymore

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Which was the better fight? Grateful Dead and Beachboy or White Album

The thing about Stands is that they have just enough amount of rules and limitations to be believable within the context of the series but are vague and absurd to the point where Stands can be literally anything Araki wants.
There are Stands that can be seen even by non-Stand users like Thoth and Love Deluxe and the Pillar Men's Modes can really just be Proto-Stands in the same way the Ripple is. Not enough to warrant it's own physical manifestation but strong enough to affect the user's abilities.

Come to think of it, Stands in the series follow abilities that are made to complement the user. Gambling cheaters get Stands befitting their non-fighting roles. Serial killers get Stands that allow them to erase evidence or attack without being seen.
But for a character like Joseph, who already has the Ripple, his Stand exists to work in conjuction with the Ripple.
So it actually makes sense that Ripple users and Pillar Men would not get fully humanoid and powerful Stands since they already have powers of their own without Stands. The Modes just complement their natural abilities.

white album was more action-packed and will probably be cooler to watch in anime form, but i think grateful dead is a better example of the team all using their skills and reasoning and working together well

Grateful Dead and Bitchboy

Northern Ireland is wheres it's at lawd
But nah its worst than Ireland by a landslide

white album.


Personally I liked the former more.
White Album seemed a bit too OP for most of the fight, and the way he is defeated was pretty dumb.

But Mista's RESOLVE was hype as shit to see

Your Favorite JoJo fights your least favorite Villain

Who wins?

Giorno absolutely thrashes Kira, it's not even somewhat close

>Gappy against Alessi
>Alessi unfuse Kira and josefumi

So is Trish the shortest character with listed height at 163cm?

>implying Koichi is anywhere near 157

That some rare good taste mate

>Jolyne vs. Kars
im not sure honestly

I guess, but I really liked the development of Beach Boy and his chemistry with Grateful Dead guy. Also Bruno going full operator was amazing.
Also, is there any fight Mista is involved in where he doesn't get rekt by his own bullets in some way?



Joshu what the fuck is wrong with you?


Kars tries to absorb her and it just turns into a mess off Pillar flesh and string everywhere.

what did he mean by this

trying to scare her far away from the estate. Attempt to protect Daiya.

>But for a character like Joseph, who already has the Ripple, his Stand exists to work in conjuction with the Ripple.
This can be also applied to Rohan: he developed his ability to affect people with his drawing talent on his own and his stand was just an upgrade of this and even its visual representation looks like his manga character.

Protecting his dad and lil sis
They were scared

>Jonathan vs Kars
I think Jonathan would be able to beat Normal Kars on a straight-up fight but he wouldn't be able to luck out agaisnt Ultimate Kars like Joseph did.

It already happened in canon.

That connect with "a stand is a manifestation of the most inner feeling of the user"
>Pucci wanting to preserve his sister memory
>Abachio wanting to redo the things to save his bro
>Bruno wanting to unzip his dick

time for new thread

Time for good cosplay.

You could also say the same applies to Tonio and Mista as well. Characters with a natural talent or passion getting a Stand that gives them a further ability to pursue said talent.
I wonder what kinds of Stands would anons on this board get following this logic.

>That ff
>That Okuyasu

It only works in the OVA. Best fight too.

>people still don't realize that FF is wearing a hat

I would get [Looks at Porn]

Its basically google glasses as a stand but I can see any girl I want naked/in a sex scene at any time

I have a very good memory.
I wonder what kind of I'll get.

>Giorny becomes mod to defeat unstoppable 「SHITPOSTER」 with his GER

that ff is a dude

>people still think ff is wearing a hat

Didn't Etro have a shaved head? It's a hat.

>he thinks its a hat

Has anyone else noticed how slow these threads are at this time of day? Are 90% of the usual posters in these threads in high school or younger?

Araki just changed design and made it longer. He does this all the time.

If that bullied girl back at that "Jolyne makes some girl piss herself" part of the manga is meant to be Etro, she'll have the final FF look from her first appearance in the anime.

>Tfw the only JoJo character who's shorter than me is Koichi

forgot pic

Everybody here is a 13 year old Ukrainian

I thought the girl with shaved hair they were talking about in the "There's six of us!" arc was Etro, not a different girl. FF's hair doesn't even look like hair, anyway.

>that ff is a dude
Proof or get out

So... it's a hat?

To Be Continued ----->

We only just hit bump limit. If we're going to have generals we should make them as efficient as possible instead of making a new one once the other one hits the bump limit.

I'm straight, except for the cutest boy

Then why are you here ?

they would get very degenerate stands

Why were Pucci's poses so great