Girls und Panzer, GuP and /ak/

Erwin is so cute, she is also my wife!

I win bitch, I always win.

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I am in love with my wife, Saori!


Because someone wanted a TL note.

posting rare Assam


>first 道 is road
>second 道 is way

>戦車 as two different words

Da-dang is a miracle of the universe



I wanna see Shark-tan eat Da-dang-tan.


I want to NTR Saori and Momo, and have their husbands pound me silly!

Yuuki pls.


What number are you guys?

Damn Satan.

The first.




a cute


Sleight of hand level: world class master!



A lewd!

user keeping the /ak/ GuP repository here:

>Dinasty Readers tags it as /u/ scanlations
>Sadpanda, as Shimoyakedou's
>no mention in G/u/P thread
Who's right here? Does this one belong to the repository, or not?

I'm not sure I quite understand the question, one is the artist and the other one is the translator?

Question is, did really /u/ scanlations scanlate this one, or is that a mistake of Dinasty Readers? (wouldn't be the first time it happens) Because there has been no mention in the GuP threads in /u/ of it being translated by them, even though current thread IS about untranslated doujins.

Yeah should be

>When she sees your dick

OK. Thanks.

Hitler did literally nothing wrong other than losing



>literally just about to post my translation

Well to be fair, I got the translation from Danbooru.

please do, the danbooru TL admits it's a troll one in last panel


>idiom whole literal TL is "filth should be sterilised"
The meme TL is actually quite correct

there's nothing wrong with it

>TLs don't see what's wrong with making up your TLs

uh, is saying that using an idiom with the same meaning than another idiom of the original language is actually the correct way of translating

As op can't /thread, op can't claim a girl

Erwin is my wife

Would you blow a raspberry on Katyusha's cute stomach? Why/Why not?

If I wouldn't be shivved by Nonna, yes.

Maybe she would join in, and teach you how to slurp.

Done deal.

Yes, because Katyusha seems to be the kind of girl that is rather ticklish.

Hell I'd also blow rasberry's on.... other parts of her body.

I don't really see Nonna as the sharing type.

Nonna will never sexualy out power you and forced you on her

>Now that you've finished with Katyusha, please take your time to service me~

Force on her or Katyusha?

Either way, I wouldn't mind or care about being "Forced"

Nonna, being between her thighs must be heaven


I want Shizuka to be my wife!

>Forget Katyusha, wouldn't you rather a REAL Loli, user-san?

I want Carpaccio to be my wife

Taka-chan pls.

Loli are shit.

Don't say such things, wouldn't you want to have a scandalous affair with her sister, or even her mother? Imagine how exciting that'd be.


I want to be Erika's wife!

Whre did you get this

I am in love with user's wife, Saori!

I want to fuck this duck


Erika probably wants to hear this from Maho...

>and one manlet jap
...Are you talking about me?

If you get in the way of their relationship we will pursue you.


The more the merrier, as they say

little army 2

Miho pls.


You're a dirty casual who would waste time with lust objects that are less than 60 years

How do people not find fluffy cute and sexy?

>ywn be in a threesome with Nonna and Katyusha
>Nonna will never guide Katyusha onto your dick

Fucking kill me.

By being bigger homosexuals than myself

Miho, fucking PLEASE

I see no problem here

Yukari, that kind of behavior is against school regulations

You're the one to talk, Sodoko?

You will have to settle for Nina and Klara, sorry user.


Would abuse of authority to sexually exploit.

No, my heart only belongs to Katyusha and Nonna.

Erika, please. You'll never have authority over Maho



Vroom-Vroom Team is Best Team.

Erwin is so cute, she is also my wife!

If you keep doing this I WILL end you!




How do I tell the Mallards apart? I'm honestly surprised they're not related.

hair length

Eyes too.
Also generally Sodoko is the one who doing most of talking.

I want to hold hands with Sodoko and kiss her on the cheek

Nakajima is cuter boy than Noriko

By looking at the name tags of their ID

Mako, pls

Nigga, I'm not Mako.

But Noriko is a girl.

Not with that body


Australia pls go

I want to gangband Ami.

Don't talk to me and my daughter ever again.

I would never betray Momo, you monster!

I would remove years of my life to have a Momo figure.


I wonder what you Cred Forumsnons speculate about Mr. Nishizumi

Do you think he's a man alpha enough to match alphaness of Shiho, or one who enjoys femdomed by her?

Darjeeling is my wife!


But Darjeeling loves Orange Pekoe. How can you prove you're superior?


>day XIX century line
Yeah, because it woks so well in the XXI

The few canon facts about him (other than that he's alive and well), are that he was Shiho's school BF that won her over (not vice-versa) and that he's a doting (if unseen) father.
So, I'd say he's more of neither because fact 1 contradicts your option 2 and fact 2 contradicts your option 1.

Which girl would be the best kindergarten teacher?


Momo of course!



If I had a Yukari, so help me god, I would visit such unholiness upon her anus that you would never shit again out of sheer sympathy. As I took great handfuls of her peachy white cheeks in my hands, satan himself would begin to weep with joy. He knows that the sin I am about to commit will damn every soul in existence, that the profane, wet noises alone will stain the universe with its echoes, that the sight of my face buried in her will scorch the eyes of god himself.

Miho, leave the double-ended dildos to the profesionals

RIP Yukari

Isn't there at least one of her?
Afaik there is a 1/35 kit of the student council. Bit small, granted.

It would help if we could understand what they say.

Why lie? You'd partake of Yuuki in an instant, if not only out of mistrust for Momo, maybe she's doing the same?

Yeah, but that is really tiny. I was thinking more like a statue or figma. That mini Panzer38 with the turtle team is getting released though, so there's that.

Maho tries talking through her mic without it

Never. Yuuki isn't even my favorite rabbit.

I'm faithful to my PR President.

Do you and Momo kiss with tongue?

>Yuuki isn't even my favorite rabbit

And we thought that the worst faggots were in that world

Only when things get serious.

sup /ak/.
what other cute girls doing military stuff shows are out there? I'm starting Stella and downloading Sora No Wo To, and I want to turn into a full military weeaboo


How often is that?

With me and Katyusha we kiss with tongue nearly everyday.

I don't know if this was posted here before, but any thoughts on that shit?

strike witches
gup is the wrong place to start senpai, you set yourself up with the wrong standards

I like to think you'd be serious all the time, and simply had to suck face the second you saw each other. Like you'd go to pick Momo up when she goes to hang out with her friends, only for you two to exchange lusty kisses for the public and her friends to see. You'd both get lost in the moment and start groping at each other before someone finally interrupted you two.

>"I saw nothing, I saw nothing!"

Oh, Erika.


So essentially magical witches in a pseudo-Swiss state that fight off the Nazis during the opening stages of World War II? And they have near-accurate models for the tanks and stuff?

Sounds awesome.

If you want to be a full military weeb, then you need to know the background to what you are watching. /k/ is a good place to learn about stuff like it, as is just reading up on historical texts and accounts.

looks like more opera than tanks

You should listen to Start off with shit to keep your expectations low, then go on a GuP marathon.

Stop recommending showa that suck
ie haifuri

No, to appreciate good things (ie GuP), you need to experience bad things (ie Haifuri).

Haifuri its hot garbage but it's /ak/
Hell, i've seen the lesbian mahjong show thing discussed here, if that's /ak/ so is haifuri

thanks guys, gonna start downloading and lurking tomorrow
tbf, I already fucked up since GuP was released, so there's nothing I can do there. It's just that the only anime I've ever watched seriously was GuP and I want to change that. But thank you too

After matches, and when we're alone.

I believe that was just comparison of bland & nice girl MC who's actually a psycho in both of those series.

Jesus, user. Too lewd!


You're exaggerating, Haifuri isn't that bad.

Is she gonna has a missing father who's actually a Tem Ray as background story?

Noice, me and Katyusha sometimes make out in the tank that she uses in matches, hell one time we nearly were about to go all the way, but because of the small space and me being a bit tall, it just couldn't happen, so we fucked on the upper glacis instead.

Please, I must know.

How do you avoid the Nonna?

You don't need to do it every thread

I think there are more than 2 anglos, I mean I'm one

I bet Sawreehfag and Saori just give each other a hug and kiss each other on the lips gently. You guys are too lewd.


I don't, she knows about me and Katyusha, although she did say that as long as I don't make Katyusha cry then she'll approve of us

I really enjoyed Upotte, Elle a cute

Cute boy, want to tap his ass

> tfw you will never sexually disappoint your favorite guppie

>Wanting to sexually disappoint your favourite guppie

Although if she was a boy I'd still want to tap her ass

Post rare tanks.

This was a legit tough choice I have a lot of pictures of rare tanks





Based Hiroyuki.

Do not distribute private photos!

Bullying doujin when?


Is ok to be gay, user, when the boy is that cute


Yuri is the best mom

But why would anyone want to bully Maho or Erika?




I want Erika to be sexually bullied.


>implying she would see it a s bullying if Maho is involved


Don't know, but bullying is what Hiroyuki does the best

But Erika only wants lovey-dovey sex with Maho.

What a cute slut




The cutest semen demon.

What is satans plan?

Why is your favorite tank so shit, user? You really should get a better taste in tanks.


The Hetzer is a cute tank shut up, second best Rabbit.

But my favorite tank is the chaffee

Haifuri (schoolgirls in ships)
Upote (schoolgirls ARE guns)
801 TTS Airbats (all-female JSDF acrobatics team)
Najica Blitz Tactics (near future female James Bond uses cold-war gear and flashes pantsu)
3rd Girls Fighter Wing OVA (girls with 3rd-gen jet fighters)
Pumpkin Scissors (post-WW1-like alt universe setting; not so much combat as military life, and not ALL girls, but the Lt. kicking ass in a BALL GOWN is a miracle of the universe)

How about strike witches? Is it any good?


>reading up on historical texts and accounts.
advice for the novice /k/er, unlike what you've likely heard, Wikipedia is actually a very good place to find hard technical data of military materiel (thousands of autists ensure that kind of data is very accurate), but for the love of God do NOT trust it for anything like accurate account of events, motivation behind historical events, or the like - some of them are OK, but others show huge biass. Unless you already kow enough /his/ stuff to tell apart gold from gilding, do terat Wikipedia with caution and check your sources.

Haifuri is onlyt bad if you were actually expecting a grimderpfest aimed at 12-olds. Were you expecting such, user? FUCKING REALLY?

>rare tanks


I take it as you were expecting it to be muh 90's political conspiracy.
Know that your delicious tears were highly regarded when I was using them as lube

You are the lowest of the low.

Is rare because it's a non-burning Sherman?

I want to cum inside Rosehip.

It's not bad, but it's not as /ak/ (or as good) as GuP. There's also a lot of pantsless lolis.

Upotte!! is very /ak/, although it's sorta pop culture/meme discussing guns, and the writer has a ridiculous hard-on for Sigs.

Other /ak/ stuff- Jormundgand, although the second season isn't quite as good.

I'm told that Arrpeggio of Blue Steel is good, although i couldn't get into it, and lots of the characters are personified ships of the IJN- not in the super cute way that Kantai Collection does.

Gate has some pretty cool 80's era military fighting a fantasy army, but it's also a semi-standard battle harem, with a lot of Japanese right-wing nationalism (more in the manga than the show, though).

>That same user whose only defense to justify his shit taste is calling other who disagree with him as grimderp fan.


>Upotte!! is very /ak/, although it's sorta pop culture/meme discussing guns, and the writer has a ridiculous hard-on for Sigs.

Also has a pretty catchy OP

You forgot to mention the most important thing about Upotte.

i want to help anchovy clean her wig!

I sorta assume everyone knows about that in /ak/ threads.

You'd be surprised. We've had a lot of newfriends since Upotte aired. Not that it's a bad thing at all

Sawreehfag knows when to step it up. He knows Saori will want to try EVERYTHING she sees in magazines and movies.

That's true, it's nice having new people, actually.

Oh yeah, high school of the dead isn't that good, but a lot of fanservice, if you like that, and the artist loves guns. There's a section of the manga where the gun otaku talks about safety.

I love Oryou

She's my wife

Just kidding Erwin is my girlfriend, fiance and wife

I love my Riko-chan

I wonder if there are any Funco X Sako Doujins?

Who is the best German?


Cutest loli


I can't help it the British had no idea what they were doing for most of the war pls don't bully me

I don't get it
Did WW2 happened in Haifuri's world or did they rebuild the ships?


>scans never

I want to sin with this Finn

Hint: I'm not even the first user to poke fun at you and your kind for thinking Haifuri was gonna be grimderp. I remember a lot of such in Haifuri threads.
Even before episode 4.

Honestly? No idea. Not explained.

Haifuri is fucking garbage and you're a retard if you like it

I like it

I want to wipe Wilhelmina ass with my hand after they run out of toilet paper

Well your taste is the same as your fetish: fucking shit

t. I'm a grimderp

Wilhelmina is great and I was being ironic

Brown sugar

>He still think people dislike it because it didn't went grimdark
No user, people dislike it because it went full retard, even SW was never been this retard.

The most amusing thing regarding that episode was how it was a /k/ as fuck reference, yet none of the "I want a serious/k/ anime" crowd got it was a USS Motherfucking Skipjack reference.
Neither did the shitty fetishists, but nobody cares about them.

>even SW was never been this retard.
now you're reaching and you know it


No one had any idea what they were doing in the war.

Strike Witches is hella retarded and the only good characters are the american and the North Africa girl.

You mean grimderps. Sales were quite good because "people" (read: those who aren't grimderps) actually like it, PRECISELY because it was funny and light-hearted.
Just wait for S2.

That's true, but this is a girls und panzer thread.

And /ak/ stuff?

Should I get into Strike witches or I will get depress because no new season ever

Shirley/Kay yuri when?

Futa would be fine, too.

> Sales were quite good
Sure thing.

Good one!

SW is /ak/, even if its fandom usually sticks to their own threads

>and /ak/

You can't compare with Monogatari

>dat last pic
/r/, plis

It will and before Girls und Panzer

Screencap this

The Final Chapter is an ova and will end the anime

Do you like QUALITY and fan service every three seconds?

PROTIP: This usage of elipsis is proper English and neither ironic nr meme

There's a new spin-off season starting next month.


is KanColle good?

Nope. Try Gunsmith Cats instead.

Sadly, no.

only fap to the women

Haifuri and GuP plots are dumb

I want to make Katyusha a mother and take responsibility/

Haifuri, I'll grant you that the plot is a bit dumb, but GuP?


It's at least coherent unlike Strike Witches


How is the plot of SW not coherent? It's just ww2 in alternate dimension. It has sol aspects and then the battles, that's it. And then the war ends by 1945 with most of the series mangos and anime taking place in the 44-45.


What's hard to understand about Strike Witches? The Nazis and Japanese Empire are an unstoppable force to which we owe our freedom, or lack of.

There's a difference user.

In Haifuri they gave us interesting intrigue and then the most retarded explanation imaginable.

In GuP nobody was trying to create an intrigue, because it wasn't needed. What GuP needed was simple, but well-explained plot and setting. And they've done it in 100%. Also, GuP is a show about globalization, downfall of western civilization and Japan trying to fix their fertility rates.


Also Haifuri has no hippo team.

>spoilered text
Go to bed, user

Saemonza and Oreo look so cute, but what's wrong with Caesar and Erwin's heads?

>then the most retarded explanation imaginable.
Deliberately so. Which is what most haters fail to realize.
Not entering in the argument of it it makes it good or bad, just pointing out that fact so user can make his own mind about it.

come on it's time to decide

duce or brit?

This is what happens when a retard draws them


Chovy then.
Won't annoy you with proverbs.

I wasn't planning to fap today fuck off

I'll take the third option and go for Katyusha



I love the Duce, but i also lust for Darjeeling.

Have fun watching your house burn.

>Manlet and Edgy
Just like me


Excellent taste user, but I must warn you that she's mine and mine alone!

Orange Pekoe is so cute, i want to kiss her.

scans when



This is kinda cruel but cute at the same time

I still think that Erikas biggest (and probably only) problem with Yukari was that she is Miho's teammate.
Otherwise she'd probably either just have ignored her or maybe talked a bit over tanks with her. After all, Erika IS interested in tanks, too.)


poor Yukari

How dare Yukari be all over her Miho

Erikafags are a sad bunch

Not Erikafags, just shippers who like Miho x Erika.

I honestly pity them.

what about momo and erwinfags?

I bully the momofags, the erwinfags are still bearable

Momofags are prime bullying material.

man oreo went really lazy with her costume

is there really a difference?

The insufferable that are some fags

She is the least chuuni of them, while Saemonza is the queen of chuunis.

Her name is Darjeeling

Can't argue with those numbers

No had any idea, or everyone at least followed different doctrines that both had their own unique advantages and disadvantages.

In the end, the Brits realised that a change had to happen and they created the standard universal doctrine, that still remains the universal doctrine to this day: MBTs.

Shiho should have sold her traitor daughter on the black market as a sex slave.

Yukari for Miho, Erika for Maho. Problem solved.

No, you can't argue with shippers.

British didn't know what they were doing, but at least they weren't the germans who were doing the exact opposite of the correct thing, ever since they got a hardon for the 88.

>implying Erika doesn't belong to all the Nishizumis

Official canon pairings

Kay x Yukari
Erwin x Erika
Miho x me
Darjeeling x eternal loneliness

>This is actually a question

cagamos muchachos llegaron los Yukariputos

Don't forget, Katyusha X Me.

This seems kinda doubtful

>Darjeeling X Eternal lonliness

>One will bombard you with phrases from literally who's all day
>One will make you pizza and be happy about it

This is a tough one.


Yeah, it's pretty tough, but I'd go for the first one since she seems she smart and cultured instead of sounding like your average bitch.

Momo x Me

Why do you want to suck his dick so much?



I hope by that you mean Miho and Maho and nobody else.


Wh-what are they going to do to him?

Oh I'm sure she gets CULTURED alright. Hope you don't mind sloppy 22nds.

Maho is for Mika


What kind of tea is so shit you need milk to drink it?

Teach him to tank

wrong thread m8


Admittedly Assam and Pekoe would be easier and healthier for your nerves to have around all day than Carpacchio and Pepperoni, though.

I want to befriend Yukari

and then rape her traumatizing her for life

post the Yukari one

>Implying we'd live anywhere near London
>Implying non-chavy English women are coalburners



You are the family's pet/sexual toy, be proud of it

Sorry m8, don't have the Yukari one, got the translations from

So if you got the Yukari one and a translation for it then I'll be happy to typeset it.

>Can't drink tea without milk
>30% of Japanese aren't lactose intolerant
>Darjeeling has a natural affinity for the English language, although the extent of the affinity is unknown
>Dresses up in heavily English - or Anglicised - inspired clothing, despite everyone else dressing up in 'normal' clothing or Japanese clothing.

I think Darjeeling may be British or at least part British.

>your awaited one is coming
Lewd as fuck.

>Inb4 someone posts that comic where it says she's Japanese.

a) that's not canon
b) if a is even possibly wrong then it could be a ruse

Last one (For now at least, if anyone has got the pics of the rest of the guppies and a translation then I'll get 'em typesetted as soon as possible)

>Maho ended up getting a love letter from a girls

WHO could that possibly be?


THAT kid who hated fun and was going to report Maho and Miho to the sensei

if you have it post it


based as fuck

>tfw there's no tank I like in particular more than others

>i'll never be the Nishizumi father

Channel is up and running. If anybody has any good /k/ or Cred Forums or /ak/ related videos we'd love for you to share them.

>i'll never be willy

ask the guy who just derailed the /lat/ thread anything

You're giving me /gsg/ PTSD.

where do you live senpai

Which /k/ banner should I vote for?





ok me mates itssa time to lern to waggle your own willies.youve come very far in the willy academy of waggling and its time for yer finaltest...accounts for 70% of your final willywaggling grade!!!!!!JUST WAGGLE YOUR OWN WILLY AT YER COMPUTER RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!! GET A COPY OF THE BEANO OR YAHOO SOME BIG BOOBIES!!!!!!!! I LOVE TO WAGGLE MY WILLY And so should you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!MY WILLLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!MY WILLY IS GOING TO EXPLODEOHYESMEMATES ;) AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The guns don't kill people one, it's hilarious.

Argentina, whitest nation in the southern hemisphere

The girls are good, the anime is not.

But where senpai

My backs been sore recently should I see a doctor about it?

Buenos Aires, like any other civilize person in Argentina

pls visit

Who's your favorite -fag?

Cheers user.


Momofags enthusiasm is cute.


Cool and nice guys, unlike the load and dumb momofags

That's a cute Oryou

Is /gup/ a /gsg/ colony or a puppet

Fuck off.


Friendly but different ideoligies


did i trigger you dude? your colonial masters are here to stay



>that dress
>that bunny
>that hat
I want to adopt her

see >>Cred Forums65193374
He's a filthy shitposter, he visits /gsg/ as well


>fucking nonsense jokes all the time
>you don't even know what that quote is about
>that tea isn't even warm

>pets a cow in one panel
>eats a burger in the other

Do you have the other ones?


The finns are the best team

I'm the fag who started the emetophilia meme for Nishi.

I'm sorry Nishifags but I can't help but find this hilarious. I hope someone draws porn of this soon.

>Mika is ate all the food again
>Nothing she says makes any sense
>My clothes are worn through and it's getting cold
>These boots were stole from Pravda are too big
>The tank is breaking down and we'll have to steal parts for it
>Mika is high as a kite


>Implying the jokes aren't just banter and the whole school atmosphere is just pure banter
>Implying you're not retarded
>Implying coffee, alcohol or any of the shit the other schools drink is better than tea - cold or warm.

>Not wanting to fuck her



Oh my god, I hadn't noticed the "E".

Yuuki does things to my thing


I want to grind my dick on that slit.


There are Jajkafags?

At least one guy wants to stick his dick in her hair.

Don't, is not safe

That's me, but i'm everygirlfag

Don't worry. It'll be just on the surface. I'll pop her after we're married.

>Not wanting to put your dick in straight away


>I'll pop her


Yuuki is such a cute little slut, i want to break her.

>Can we eat something besides fast food?
>Did Kay just let a spy see our entire lineup?
>Why isn't our tank commander wearing pants?

I want to hold Katyusha in my arms after we have had sex.

It's crayfish season in Finland.

Fuck you nigger, She's my wife

She would break you first

No, she's mine you fucking faggot.

Is loli season


Being her boyfriend must be really fun.

Dumb and in love, user.

'ello m8s :))))

Then why that fag left her?


My dick wishes to know what's being said.

Because he was a huge faggot, like Takashi.

My dick wishes to know what's being said here.

I like this fetish

Me too.
Watching a live upskirt feed while the girl's talks to you.
It's specific but damn good.

Takashi did nothing wrong

Did Saorifag died?

I guess it's up to you now, Momofag.

>Alisa will never listen in on you phoning Kay or Naomi asking for advice on confessing your love to Alisa.

Why live?

>Alisa will catch you having sex with Kay or/and Naomi

She will never get a rest

>Implying that I'm interested in Kay and/or Naomi


What a faggot

Wrong, my heart and dick belong to Alisa.

Updated OC

I made that on paint

Saorifag cannot die. He needs to protect Saori. He wouldn't leave her like this.

It is not my time yet.

I remember when I thought GuP was just Strike Witches with tanks and I wanted to watch it because I found Saori really hot.

I ended up liking Kay and Yukari more. What about you guys? Did you watch the show for a girl and then switched favorites later on?


Saori/Yukari then Duce/Mika

I still like Saori, She tries so hard to be the woman a man would want... it's kind of cute.

I started with Erwin in 2012 and I'm still loyal to her

I love Erwin so much

I watched it because i thought girls riding tanks could be fun, don't really have a favorite girl.

I came for the tanks and stayed for the girls
I want to leave this hellhole but I can't

My ass belongs to Naomi.

So do we know what Final Chapter is yet and will it have more Katyusha?

Fukuda getting ready for her daily petting.

Hope it's not too heavy


It's not.

A producer tweeted it was a film, but quickly covered his ass, so no real statement yet.

From the information we do know it's set 6 months after the movie so all the 3rd years graduated meaning no Katyusha as commander.

>it's set 6 months after the movie so all the 3rd years graduated meaning no Katyusha as commander.

Petting Fukuda's helmet for good luck during the match.

In this case, the point of divergence took place right after the Russo-Japanese war of 1905, as the subsidence of Japan took place sometime after it due to excessive mining of Methane Hydrate. A later interview in May 2016's issue of Model Graphix reveal that, among things, World War I and World War II still happened, but slightly differently, both because Japan never participated in either (due to the aforementioned subsidence of its landmass) and the fact that heavier-than-air flight technology was never developed in-universe, because the people in this timeline decided that it was a line of research that was just too impractical to pursue.

Grumpy Fukuda looks so fucking cute.

Who are the third year girls again?

good taste!

I bet it's the same cow.


Yuuki a cute

Moomin girls are the best

>No Darjeeling

I became interested in GUP after seeing a silly loli in a Russian tanker hat.

Momo had won me over before the end of the Pravda fight.

Like almost every show I've watched, I can't for the life of me remember how I started. What I remember is that I initially was an Erwinfag, then saw the light and became a Yukarifag, then Erika's fanfiction personality drew me to her, the movie made me love Chovy, and now this cute little boy_ is slowly luring me.

>Naomi (I believe)

And I forgot the others

Chihatan gilrs are for sharing

Please go be a cuck somewhere else.


You expelled Korean girls wrong user

It's true, Hana is also the Ooarai student counsel president now that Anzu has graduated.

That said, I have a hard time believing the popular characters like Darjeeling, Duce, Katyusha, Maho, ect are going to be ignored juts because they graduated, I'd expect them to show up in some capacity.

why are you always winning?!?

>StuCo gone
Good riddance
>gaymers n public morals split apart
>Kay, Darjeeling, Katyusha/Nonna, Duce and Maho gone
Now THAT'S terror.

>It's true,

>Miho will never get the chance to defeat Darjeeling anymore.

Undefeated... at least undefeated by Miho.

ok guys, I booked a whole saloon just for us Garupanfags
there will be a table for every girl so anons who love that girl might sit and discuss about her

in which table do you seat?

extra security will be employ in order to prevent Erwinfags from killing each other

Another one to the list of things that'll never be scanned

I still can't choose between Yukari and Kay. Don't make it hard for me.

>sawreehfag's table is the bar
>momofags' has soundproof insulation
>an entire fucking room to house the ducefags
>a "no homo" table for the pekoefags and norikofags

The Momo table. Wine is provided upon seating!

Katyusha-fag table

>implying Nonna would let you without a bribe

Will there be gym equipment for anteaterfags?

>Ducefags constantly singing songs about how great Anchovy is
>Erwinfags gotta be stopped from killing one another
>Nishifags trying to figure out who is the vomitfag so they can exclude him
>Hanafag table is covered with dust and spiderwebs
>Kayfags mixing soda with alcohol
>Alicefags and Katyushafags get Chris Hanson'd
>Mihofags are autistic and come in dressing up like Boko

How much?

Something equivalent to Katyusha baby pictures

how come momo is there?


>tfw you're the only Naomifag you know of

The whole student council is there. No way they're gonna drop them like that. Even if they have to bullshit their way back in there.

>all the Mahofags show up wearing pic related

i thought nonna was a 2nd year, and holy shit i had no idea piyotan and sodoko were 3rd years

Nonna and Klara being younger than Katyusha would be pretty amusing.

being graduated doesn't mean they will be out of the movie/OVA/Season completely

Klara is the commander of Pravda now, so she is younger.


I want to propose to Katyusha after her graduation ceremony

Oh god my dick. Inside of Shiho is Maho and inside of Chiyo is Mika. And then their parents had sex while being pregnant with them. I wanna see the look on their faces when they find this picture and learn the truth.

>Tfw we see anzu cry as she graduates just like she put it in the blackboard during the movie

Really, use Wikipedia to find the primary sources. Wikipedia is basically an aggregator, and most pages have external links or books that point to the original documentation.

That's how I found a neat little book on the history of German armed merchant raider vessels of WW2.

So like, 8 years from now?

Erwin is cute and she is my PANZER ELITE

I want to tickle Shizuka's clit!

>Momo doesn't cry

Anzu, give her back her tears!

>Momofag has to drag Sawreehfag to the hospital to get his stomach pumped

Poor Momofag can't catch a break.

Anything for the Sawreehfag.

The doctors won't bully me, would they?

How did he made it?

He redeem Saori

Yes they will.

Redeem from what? I don't even remember people bullying Saori other than calling her fat and a seal.


I would be scared shitless if I woke up to that.

>I would be sexually aroused if I woke up to that.


I wish I was in the middle and sodoko over me


I wake up to that every morning. And I love her more every time.

Those thread made me watch the movie 4 month after the BD release and it was FUCKING AWESOME

>ywn be Sodoko's boyfriend
>ywn have her sleep on top of you with her Sodoklones sleeping next to you
>Sodoko will never give you a sloppy, kiss.
>Sodoko will never grind her hips on your dick
>Sodoko will never remove your pants, nor will she remove her panties, exposing her neatly trimmed pussy to you
>She will never ride your dick
>She will never scream in ecstacy as you cum together.
>ywn notice that she turned the intercom before your early morning fuck.

>ywn get arrested by the authorities after that ordeal

It'll be worth it