Think of the anime character you hate the most

Think of the anime character you hate the most.

If they were in front of you, spreading their legs and telling you that you can fuck them or rape their throat, would you?

I rape him after I beat him unconscious, though.

pike from hxh

hell no

nope because that bitch doesnt deserve my cock or ikkis or any one

Itou "I-give-everyone-the-D" Makoto

so would you?

People hating Chinatsu is beyond me. She saved S3.

No instead I would pray to the good lord

S3 was shit so I'm not sure what you mean.


Must be really gay to not wanna fuck Lousie.

I really like Chinatsu though.

Shit just got really fucking weird

Maybe in the human form...


hell no

Louise is coimin for you. She wants you tasty 'ginity. She NEEDS it.

>hate sex fetish

This abomination of a character deserve endless dickings

>hating a cartoon

I don't really hate any character, but I really disliked Kirino's personality. Yes, I'd dick her with the force of a thousand suns. I have her personality, but she makes diamonds like no other when she's sexualized.

Shit meant to type I hate instead of I have.

Hell yeah I would hate fuck the shit out of this bitch

>given the opportunity to hatefuck Asuka
In a heartbeat.

>after I beat him unconscious
>Implying you can
why do you hate him?


You just can't handle her.

I mean, yeah. Sure.

>Lee from Gungrave
I wouldn't

The only thing that i would've put in his throat is a gun.

I don't think anybody would