Danganronpa 3

You better fucking pray we get an hour long finale or else shit's about to get COMPLEX

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>Hour long finale
>When there's already 2 episodes a week
I'm pretty sure that the casualty rate would put the studio out of business if they attempted that.

The plot twist is there was no mastermind, it was just a test of the survivors hope to see if they could once and for all overcome despair ft. Hopeman pretending to be Junko pretending to be Kirigiri

How the fuck does Tengan tie into any of that?

Sounds like you don't have enough hope user.

This is plausible too, the mastermind was killed long before the game finished.

What good is talent when you're waifu doesn't smile anymore?

From Hope's Peak Academy, Two Izurus were born

Yeah, but Despair Arc is only getting 11 episodes, right?

Exactly my thoughts.
I thought everything that happened in the Future Arc was more of a backup plan that Junko set up just in case anything happened to her liking getting defeated by hope, and controlled Chisa was behind it all. I wouldn't be surprised if she made Chisa kill herself during the games just to fuck with the FF and confuse the hell out of them. I don't know why people took their focus of Chisa and think she's innocent.

>tfw the Chisa is Aoi theory might hold water

Oh man, if the Nips were correct on this I wouldn't be mad.

I'm sure Chisa was all too eager to drive people to despair, but she was a wanton

We need something more to this ending besides "Chisa did it and Tengan helped because ????"

Heard Cred Forums was talking shit about boats. But don't worry, I'll fill you all with boat hope soon enough

He was simply a red herring to ruse the viewers again

Nigger are you fucking retarded? We saw the flashback of Chisa committing suicide - she wasn't Aoi.

Did we see a flashback? Or did we see what Naegi and Munakata pictured?

Dumb Hopebot is mad he's not the protagonist

The SHSL Make-up Artist made Aoi, Chisa and Chisa, Aoi.

Goddamn it Chisafags this is just pathetic.

Yes, your waifu was evil, the anime made it clear.

No, she's not the Mastermind. She's literally Mukuro Ikurabsa the one known as Ultimate Despair Watch Out for Her

Shes dead Jim

I never thought I'd see Chisafags become so goddamn delusional.

A Flashback, shown when Makoto was explaining Juzo the suicides.-

At this point the only thing I'm clinging on to that makes me believe Chisa is alive is the theatre scene.

The next despair episode should give us a hint

Red Flags to watch out for:

Izuru not burying Chiaki's body

Mitarai being a fuccboi

Junko doing Junko things

Asahina's brother died in UDG right? Does she know? Did anyone ever tell her?

chiaki was a mistake

I feel like Chisafags are the type of people who think Genocider was the culprit of Case 2 because Genocider is a serial killer

I think the next ep is going to be in the present, but don't pay attention to me.


Hm. Our only hope is for the Zetsobou Hen Special to be the ending of the show.

No matter how you slice it, no matter what Mastermind, dead or alive, 22 minutes won't do the trick.

I'm actually a Junkofag, but we both know they could easily bullshit it to be someone not Tengan or he's not completely at fault. Of course I don't think it's Chisa, I personally think it's Junko or she had some sort of influence. She's the SHSL Super Analysis, surely she saw herself losing to some teenagers in her despair games because of hope, and than losing again when she lost her computer mindhacc program to Hinata and pals.

Maybe Tengan was the one who started this killing game, but his motive behind it was to outs Junko or something.

Kodaka will find a way

Will there be more of our boy Juzo in Despair?


What if we got a DR0 OVA as the Zetsubou 12 Special? I never read the second half of it because I hate LNs so it would be cool.

>Chisafags, Chiakifags, and Kyokofags gone full nuclear when their waifus died and are having less and less chances of coming back
I'm almost glad this anime happened as is just for that.
She does know. It's implied whenever Komaru comes up when she talks to Naegi.

DR0 is fucking terrible.

Although I suppose it along with DR3 proves that Kirigiri "Investigate a room no I accept my doom" Kyouko is an incompetent detective.

I feel for the Kirigirifags. Their girl survived a killing game only to die in a really crappy anime sequel that didn't need to happen. It feels kind of mean.

I doubt Kirigiri stays dead but if she does the amount of "Why didn't she just cut off her hand" shitposting will never end

Eleven episodes in, and we know fuck all about the mastermind.


The only problem is, why would Naegi not notice something was up??

And here she is

I thought it was awful as well, which is why I couldn't bring myself to finish it. But seeing how it fits in Despair Arc's timeline would make for a cool special. I'd rather have a SoL episode or a proper finale but still.

She's just that good. Hell Munakata didn't even find out she was a despair until the Killing Game.

someone change the hair color to match hers

>Assemble those scattered pieces in an anagram are you prepared? Here it comes: The End
The only anagram I know of in the series is Makoto Naegi and Nagito Komaeda.
I doubt it's an actual anagram of The End, I mean Japs would have got it by now right?


Chisa = Aoi is retarded

It assumes too many gimmicks

Chisa = Aoi means that the swap had to be performed at the very beginning of the game - that Chisa had to be painted as Aoi and Vice Versa

This means that Aoi's corpse had to have make -up on it all game and that Munakata, who stabbed the body and searched it, didn't notice the make up

It also means Aoi was convinced the best possible suicide was suicide by rigged chandelier, which doesn't make any fucking sense

It also means Chisa can do a perfect Asahina impression, something she has not been foreshadowed to be able to do, and it also means Naegi wouldn't notice

The sheer amount of stupid required to justify it would make the twist the dumbest fucking thing in the franchise

At the edge of the academy I lived in the wild
From birch I have forged my fists
I've carved out revenge in my heart
On despair who kidnapped you
I've done some bodybuilding
You can call me trv
I covered my muscles in oil
They shine like dog's balls

Great warrior - fire and steel
Great warrior - flame and embers
Great warrior - stands in blood
Great warrior - kills despairs like evil

Hope and love lead me
I never take a step back backwards
Virgins stroke my body
When I pull my chair from the sheath
I've fought Junko before
The hope has been giving me strength
When I lost my ear in a fight
Two other grew in its place

Great warrior - fire and steel
Great warrior - flame and embers
Great warrior - stands in blood
Great warrior - kills despairs like evil

Great warrior - fire and steel
Great warrior - flame and embers
Great warrior - stands in blood
Great warrior - kills despairs like evil

>The sheer amount of stupid required to justify it would make the twist the dumbest fucking thing in the franchise
Which is why it's probably true

Reporting in. Our wife is not dead.

Given how they've handled flashbacks of events in Future, I'd say yes.
See when Kyosuke's having those Chisa flashbacks in 10 compared to the photo flashback when he's running towards Juzo. The latter is pretty much ripped from Despair, and the former is content animated in Future's style. It LOOKS to me the scene referenced when Kyosuke is thinking of Juzo saying Junko's innocent is from Despair side, so it's feasible he'll show up. Likely for a short scene however, as he wrapped up all of his lines before EP11 of Future was released.

How the fuck can they wrap up the story for 23 minutes?


Like absolute shit. Kishi cannot do a satisfying conclusion for the life of him,

The Remnants of Despair are coming. They got a boat from Jabberwock and they're on their way to the Killing Game. They're going to show up ANY SECOND

They can possibly pull it off well if they use the upcoming despair episode this thursday to quickly get past the reserve course suicide and use the remaining time to set up the rest of the future plot.

>Makoto wakes up
>He's sleeping with his girlfriend's sister, Junko.
>Goes back to sleep while grumbling about nightmares.

I'm scared that they might waste the despair ep on the reserve course suicide and showing the tragedy though. Don't think the specifics of the tragedy are important enough to warrant wasting time on it.

Well they could just use the last 3 episodes to wrap it up.

This is a big part of the reason that the ending is going to be shit.

They absolutely DO NOT need to appear. It's just another plot thread that's going to waste time in the finale.



2 part episode through Future and Despair.

Junko did it.

This entire anime was made as fanservice the least they could do is actually give us some

Im waiting for the "big thank you to the fans" by kodaka

They appeared so they could use Despair episodes to wrap up the finale instead of squeezing it into Future and having nothing else to do with Despair. The whole "the cast talks over a despair episode" is a huge ruse.

God I fucking hope so

>The whole "the cast talks over a despair episode" is a huge ruse.
That, is a good point actually.

They ran out of time for that. Instead of wasting an entire episode on Toko and Komaru's lesbian adventures in the land of the Space NEET, maybe they could have done something with the DR2 survivors.

Instead you're going to get 5 minutes at best, which could be better spent trying to resolve this retarded plot.

But user, don't you want to see Kirigiri's gay dads again?

Space NEET was so fucking pointless I mean Monoca is a great villain but GODDAMN Kodaka what the FUCK are you DOING?

>The whole "the cast talks over a despair episode" is a huge ruse.
It's not even a ruse because Kodaka outright said that both arcs contain 12 episodes each.

>Toko and Komaru's lesbian adventures
Thanks to Cred Forums, every time I see those two I hear in my head THE AMBIGUOUSLY GAY DUO

inb4 "for the lulz despair"

So how did the Future Foundation save Chisa from despair? Was it the New World Project?
Did Munakata create the NWP just to save Chisa?

>So how did the Future Foundation save Chisa from despair?

They fucking didn't.

They didn't. Didn't you see the newest episode? She was despair WHILE in the Future Foundation, as was Tengan. Nobody had any idea.

>implying Chisa was saved and wasn't pretending to act normal all along

>So how did the Future Foundation save Chisa from despair?

They didn't
Chisa was a mole all along
Which opens up a giant plot hole

First off they didn't know she was Despair

Second off they fucking didn't

I swear to god half these Chisafags haven't even watched the anime


Did they ever explain the whole Persona-kun isn't registered as a member? I feel like that's probably relevant, especially since he isn't with the crew right now. Maybe Junko mindhacc'd him to become despair and even he doesn't know it yet


Are you fucking serious? She had her brain swished around by Mukuro. The DESPAIR ANIME makes anyone kill themselves, good or bad(I.E. Ruruka)

nyuk nyuk nyuk

They watched the Despair Side, and are waiting until it, and Future are released to watch Future at all. :)
There really are people that are doing this by the way.

Still not explained

I don't even like Chisa, I just didn't watch the episode yet. Stop assuming things you faggot.

Next Zetsoubou Hen OP

>No Chiaki

Next NEXT Zetsobou OP
>Chaiki is back
>Turns around
>Red Eyes

She was already brainwashed
She was already UD, it shouldn't have had any effect

>commenting on the anime's plothole without watching the anime

You are the worst kind of faggot and need to kill yourself.

The anime doesn't just make you LOL DESPAIR, it also gives you suggestions - the suggestion is killing yourself.

Chisa was broken by a BECOME DESPAIR video
The brainwash video in Future is just a KILL YOURSELF command

It didn't make them despair it just made them want to kill themselves.


So she got another kind of mind-break?
Chisa can't catch a break



Well there was one thing that DID break

Her mind

Why did he do it, guys?

The only thing us Chisapals are holding on to is the theatre scene from the first episode of Despair-hen. It's the Cure W for us.

You're actually really dumb for thinking I don't watch Side:Future. If that was the case, I wouldn't be able to ask that question in the first place since Side:Despair only shows her getting brainwashed. I just didn't watch episode 11 yet. Learn to read you daft faggot.

He wanted to Make Munakata and his crew as butthurt as possible.

My point is that you have no right to ask about plotholes when the episode you've yet to watch explains them.




Life is simply unfair

That theater scene obviously takes place before the Future Foundation was even a thing as she's still wearing her housemaids clothes.

It's unfair to be so cute and sexy at the same time.

How the fuck am I supposed to know that my question has been addressed in an episode I didn't watch?

Then why is she watching something that takes place THREE years later?

he's not even the true mastermind though

I'm not a Chisapal, but damn that was a waste of great tits
Did she keep hanging out with her students?
>what are we gonna do for despair today?
>well kids I cleaned Headmaster Kirigiri's office, but I purposely missed a spot


I get what Junko was talking about now.


Why haven't you watched the episode?


stay tuned for what happened later in Danganronpa 3 - The Aftermath

They didn't

No. Try to do something about it, faggot.

You know I'm really going to miss these threads, it's fun being able to shitpost about DR with people. I never have anyone IRL to talk DR so it's a nice change of pace, especially since we're side shitposting ZTD memes which I never got to do when ZTD was first released

Maybe the mastermind was Kodaka all along, with the motive to bring us all together with despair so we can find our own hope. Truly deepest lore

A shame she got brainwashed twice.

Though, I feel like they're going out of their way to make Chisa evil. I mean, you didn't need to animate her grinning. My only guess is that she's somehow connected to the killing game, and her dying first was a necessity.


Life is simply unfair. There are moments when a single gyaru can make a world go extinct.

>Life is simply despair

Are you really trying to defend yourself here?
Even if you didn't watch the latest episode you still would've been able to figure it out weeks ago that Chisa was only pretending to act normal during the Future Arc.
It doesn't take a genius to figure that out.

>betray both your favorite student and hasbando
Unforgivable,glad she died.
Still, I wonder what she saw in the suicide dream?

By the time this is over I fear ZTD's ending will seem well thought out in contrast

Clearly someone who can see the future had the video made, possibly by some kind of animator.

Chiaki is dead for good.
Chisa is dead for good.
Kirigiri is dead for good.
Junko won't be making an appearance in present time.

Screencap this, friends; reality is about to smack you all in the face with its dick.

>before the Future Foundation was a thing
It's all the elaborate PnP rpg Junko and Chiaki made together, and they've invite everyone from their class as well as their teachers to come and play together. Izuru exists simply because Chiaki wanted to placate her whiny boyfriend's insecurities by making him a demigod in this setting, and thus Junko is irritated by such a forced development, and is making sloppier rewrites to keep up with that while trying to make the game fun for everyone else.
I will sue the fuck out of Kodaka if this actually happens.

is junko a fujo

Isn't it obvious?

We Chiakifags lose nothing since we saw it coming, I feel most sorry for Kirigirifags.
Surviving a killing game only to die in another one in a shitty anime is a big blow.

Given that the ED has just been confirmed to spoil the plot, I'd say those 'realistic' predictions are finally out of the question.

>Chiaki, become Izuru 2.0

>Chiaki is dead for good.
as a chiakifag its painful but yes. killed twice to stay dead.
>Chisa is dead for good.
>Kirigiri is dead for good.
>Junko won't be making an appearance in present time.
i will remind myself to come laugh at you later.

>c-can I play gaimu

3 out of 4 is good enough for me.

Play the damn game Chiaki!

>yfw Chiakizuru vs Hajizuru, then Hajime kisses CHiakizuru to regain her memories

I admit that even if that scene hurts Chiaki looks sexy beauty with those eyes.
Even when dying she's the cutest.

You're just saying that because DR3 is fresh in your mind. Nothing in here is really gonna out-bullshit ZTD.

Who was phone?

well at least she was not killed twice.

>yfw he gives her the hairpin back and she remembers



Wait, what about the ED?

Why are you glad that best teacher died?

If odds Chiaki is alive and well
If evens the episode is extremely late, and we all get spoiled.


Why are you mad?


>double zeros
fuck you

It clearly says who it is on the screen you stupid fuck

Moshi Moshi, Chiakizuru dess

Because she didn't resist the despair.

>best teacher
that was her

IS 0 AN ODD OR AN EVEN Cred Forums????


As retarded as revived Chiaki would be, I kinda want it just for a chance at a scene where she's getting awoken she sees a continue screen in her mind's eye.

He's dead though.

It's the only way they can reveal she's alive with the amount of time left, so I better be right.

Was there anyone in Despair arc who actually managed to resist the despair?

My money's on "no".

>the door is open
what did he mean by it

>why am i mad
because chiaki had to die for our sins. i just pissed off because they had to kill my favorite twice.

Nor did anyone else but at least Chisa sacrificed herself and attempted to save her students.

That the door is currently in an open state


Not even the SHSL hope could.

I feel you my bro,would've been better to kill Chisa in her place instead since she played no important role in Future arc.

Well Chiaki didn't so much give into despair as she did blood loss

>He's dead though.



The despair video, I mean.

But then she got embraced by HOPE, as her waifufags only hope for her survival.

She truly is a stepping stone.


Fujoshit leave NOW


That video wasn't so much Despair as it was a "kill urself my man" command.

By the way, why wasn't Mitarai called the Ultimate Brainwasher, that's a much more fitting title for what he actually does. I guess calling him that would have given away the trick huh

>a boy falls in love with a girl

Kirigiri better not be dead, or she'd be rolling in her grave from Naegi letting her down like that.

Hardly a new theory, but I have a bad idea all of Future Arc is a movie or an anime.

All the other Danganronpa games and movies have had pink blood, and Kodak had attributed that to a "psycho pop" or "psycho tropical" aesthetic.

All the blood in Future arc is red, and the theater scene with Chisa-sensei still worries me.







>weedman 4th walling saying it will have a good ending

I don't realyl get people defending Yasu

Juzo, Mukuro and Sakura are dead, the happy ending is a lie.

TFW Jessica said it's her fault for not being a better friend to Shannon in episode 8

>believing in weedman ruse
there is no miracle for you.

>people still haven't realised that the end theme refers to Munakata and Naegi and their respective waifus
>there are people here who don't realise that kirigiri is alive based on the lyrics alone
>never mind cure wew or the fact that they conveniently didn't show the survivor count
>Cred Forums laughed at Juzoboys hope and look what happened

This has nothing to do with danganronpa. Please direct yourself to /jp/. Have a nice day.

Tengan is alive and well, everybody. He's totally the mastermind

It's me,

>That video wasn't so much Despair as it was a "kill urself my man" command.
Doesn't explain why Naegi was seeing shit though. If they had just had him silently pick up the knife, you could say it was an uncontrollable physical command or something and he'd look better.

Maybe... his brain got the "kill yourself" message, but since the body subconsciously tries to stay alive his brain displayed a delusion to "explain" why he was killing himself, so his body couldn't subconsciously resist
Yeah, that's gonna be my headcanon. It's the only way I can still respect Naegi.


Despair 12 is actually Future 13 or Hope 1

Looks alive to me


You can only choose one to be revived:
a.AI Chiaki
b.Real Chiaki

How quickly do you think Chiaki accepted Tengan's offer?

c. Ishimaru




As quick as it took for him to say she'd get to play games with Hinata-kun.

Nooo chiaki, don't sell your soul to Tengan

She had to have known. Likely not the whole Beatrice deal, but she was the ONE person in that whole damn family that HAD to know the butler-maid was one in the same. It almost makes me think she was in on it. Almost.

Seems to me more like it's a metaphorical representation of the true Chisa looking on at the death of her despair self before transitioning into the story of Despair Side.

>mfw this is better QUALITY than Despair arc


She is the gaping plot hole of the series.

I always thought she found out about Yasu's plans and fucked them up because

1. She was the heiress and Yasu was the "true" heriess


2. She didn't like how her fucking maid was cross-dressing and trying to bang her.

1. You're wrong.
2. Go to a seacats thread.

So... Japs think it's Mitarai?


>bracelets with forbidden actions
>they're just going to make everyone commit suicide anyways

Am I being trolled?

>third post

can gundham do this?

>they're calling Juzo the heroine

>homo boxer

I wonder if they have juzoboys too

Fuck off retard

>Doesn't explain why Naegi was seeing shit though
But it's still clearly what it is. All the people who see the video instantly try to kill themselves. It's different from what was shown to class 77, which made them enjoy despair and left them permanently fucked up.

Wtf I love despair now

>Implying something like death can stop our Grandpa Tengan

>Mitarai is the Mastermind
Man don't give me more reasons to hate the kid

>By the way, why wasn't Mitarai called the Ultimate Brainwasher, that's a much more fitting title for what he actually does. I guess calling him that would have given away the trick huh
Because the school is the one that comes up with titles. He got in because what he did was animating. The brainwashing techniques were just something he came up with while developing his anime.

I agree with Izuru, it's hard to forgot such a sexy ass.

>Calling Juzo "Homo boxer"
>Saying he's the heroine

Reminder that the suicide anime of the future is the same that'll be shown to the reverse course in the next despair episode.

Which episode mentioned a second Izuru? I honestly don't remember that.

It's honestly up for interpretation, but I'm very annoyed we don't have a clear answer despite being a few episodes away from finishing.

Perhaps it's literal, and there is a theatre somewhere within the FF and Chisa just changed clothes.

No 2nd Izuru was explicitly mentioned, Tengan just said that he couldn't let the project go to waste in the episode where he confronted Munakata. It's not clear what he meant by that.

I'm just saying why is he seeing illusions that make him want to die if it's purely a physical command?

"Kill yourself" and "Become suicidally horrified" aren't the same command, though they can have the same result.

So who was the biggest disappointment compared to their AI alter ego: Diana or Chiaki?

>Unmatched Valkyrie, Keep your eyes on the founder! Keep him fooled, that impressionable young boy - break it! In this oppressive development, Make your way through the crowds, screaming: "My justice is right way!" make it happen!
What did they mean by this

Episode 5, Tengan implied there was another project besides Izuru, and Chiakifags leapt at that chance to proclaim she's still alive.

Munakata was using Makoto's trial to distract them from the fleet he had sent to kill everyone on Jabberwock Island. This killing game must be connected to saving them.


Fuck off tengan you're fucking dead

Even the Ultimate Hope can fall into Despair.

Good fucking lord when did Tenganfags start up again?

He's not gonna be the mastermind, like everything else in DR3, he'll be a red herring. But he will be connected to the final killing game.

Homo boxer and heroine pops up in Jap posts 90% of the time.

So I take it the whole DESPAIR thing never really meant anything since you can just MINDHACK people into it?

Remember how we saw that Izuru was able to conceal his presence for the entirety of the first killing game until the very last minute? Nobody there saw him until he decided to show himself. The same thing happened later, with Nanami and Komaeda.

Wouldn't it be hilarious if somebody else like him was doing the exact same thing in the Final Killing Game? Just watching everybody act like a moron, slaughtering one another with impunity, with anybody unwilling to do that either killed via NG codes or by suicide via brainwashing, and doing nothing to stop it themselves even when they have all the power in the world?

Or even better... this time around, whoever was watching was given the sacred duty of picking somebody to put down every session - a noble Valkyrie choosing which warriors deserved to go to Valhalla.

Yeah, as much as we bully Chiakifags I'll give the Chiakizuru theory credit for trying to stay ahead of the anime

The goddamn Chisafags were LITERALLY following a Red Herring


Good fucking lord when did Chisafags start up again?

She's not gonna be the mastermind, like everything else in DR3, she'll be a red herring. But she will be connected to the final killing game.

I fucking replied to your meme pasta previously, he has Yuta's secret agent talent, he can do whatever he wants.

The more I see posts obsessing over Chisa, the more I miss those Mahiru cucks

>posting a tumblr image
Better reply with a shitty gif too

Chikai by far. It's not even a contest.



What the fuck is this shit even meaning?

I HOPE it s not Fucking complex motives

You're about as clueless as a child trying to outsmart Komaru is, if you can't figure out that I'm alluding to the possibility that there's a Izuru 2.0 watching the Final Killing Game, just as he observed the First Killing Game.


>H-He's not the mastermind guys! He just built the underwater building, organized the killing game, intentionally tricked Munakata into killing everyone and personally recruited the only person who could have made the suicide videos, but he could still be innocent!
There's only 20~ minutes of Future left. They are not going to turn everything on its head at this point.

It's the 7th image on Google when I searched tengan
I didn't want to bother changing a filename for a chisa baby. Sorry kid :^)

Why? Not like Hajime has black hair.

Human Luna, but less likable

Actually as a Chisafag I'm approaching her warily. On one hand yeah she could most definitely be a red herring and the mastermind is someone else.

But then I look at her development and I think "Well hang on, would you really need to develop someone this much to be a red herring, and her being a despair is a pretty big thing".

What I think is Junko told her to do something if she died, perhaps Junko made the "Kill urself my man" video and told Chisa to use it. It's really the only explanation I can come up for her grinning.

And honestly, it'd be like Kodaka to asspull someone coming back.

I'm not saying he's innocent, he's ambiguously evil, because we don't know any of his intentions, I'm just saying he won't be the mastermind.

Why is she so cute bros?

Good fucking lord when did Mukurofags start up again?

She's not gonna be the mastermind, like everything else in DR1, she'll be a red herring. But she will be connected to the first killing game.

Slight OP changes tomorrow if we get a OP/ED

- Chisa opens her eyes and there red
- the second chisa outline is filled in with her as the monokuma maid
- Chiaki is replaced with Junko holding a Monokuma and turning to look at the camera and giving it her monokuma grin

A new ED

- The song changes from "Absolute Hope Birthday" to "The Remaining Cherry Blossoms ~ Zanka ~"

-We get pics of the Remnants of Despair during the Tragedy doing despairing acts of despair which all come together to form a big pic of Junko holding monokuma like how it use to come together to form a pic of chiaki with a hope fragment

That's not fucking Junko.

Good fucking lord when did Deltafags start up again?

He's not gonna be the mastermind, like everything else in ZTD, he'll be a red herring. But he will be connected to the destruction of humanity.

Im all in on Kirijunko at this point I know its stupid but I never was a smart person

The only other possible mastermind is Mitarai suddenly breaking down and revealing a completely different personality, like a Phoenix Wright villain. There's really not enough time or set up for anyone else.

>double 0
she ded jim

An even number, you donut.

Please don't make this a thing. I was just observing

You mean Brotherfags?

Did they have to make her suicide look adorable?

or 2017 movie : HOPE side

I want to _________ over sonia

Redheaded bitch from ZTD

Post your favorite Seiko

Aaaaaand the Japs that think Aoi=mastermind are using this image as speculation because she's "in the black".

Reminder that the characters in-series NEVER correctly guesses who is the mastermind.

I hated this one.

The Japs have had that theory for a while, they also base it on the way she speaks and her reactions to people's deaths.

How do you know you hate it? Just from that camera angle?

Actually, candyslut was Delta



Good fucking lord when did KiriJunkofags start up again?

She's not gonna be the mastermind, like everything else in DR3, she'll be a red herring. But she will be connected to the final killing game.

What if Carlos was here?

This causes me despair

He'd go back in time to the events of Despair arc and just sit around doing nothing before showing up in the last episode of Future arc.

I can't help but get this image of someone killing Naegi, leading Kirgiri to grab a fire extinguisher and go Akane on their ass.

Would Chiaki be flattered, embarrassed, or disgusted that Hajime's last thoughts were about her ass?

screw you guys I'm going despair


Good fucking lord when did mastermindfags start up again?

There's not gonna be a mastermind, like everything else in DR3, it'll be a red herring. But it will be connected to the final killing game.


>Reminder that Kirigiri is happy to check dead people's underwear like Yamada's, check if a male has balls like Chihiro and lick a dead person's saliva like Izayoi's but refuses to check people's socks.

KiriJunko happened because Naegi kept asking to smell her socks which she found disgusting and fell into Despair, allowing Junko to take over. (Notice how Kirigiri in DR3 isn't wearing socks.)

Does anyone want a super hope-filled OVA of the Despair Arc?
especially one that teases a shit-ton of ships?

Who is the 16th participant?

>Naegi kept asking to smell her socks
If he has a smell fetish, he shouldn't have let Touko go.

Kyouko only suggested Munakata as someone who knew about the underwater facility


I'd only want an entire episode of トライアルポイントゲッターズ and its subset pairings.

No, I want an OVA with Despair overload upon Despair overload.

>Camera angles

Yes, it sounds exactly like the kind of prank Junko would pull

I wonder what Chisa's breasts feel like

Good fucking lord when did Nicofags start up again?

She's not gonna be the maincharacter, like everything else in Love Live, she'll be a red herring. But she will be connected to the destruction of japan birth rates.

Good fucking lord when did Irisfags start up again?

She's not gonna be the mastermind, like everything else in T&T, she'll be a red herring. But she will be connected to the final trial of the game.

Naegi is only interested in Kirigiri's smell or Maizono's if she was still alive.

I think Toko has a smell that no one wants to take a whiff of, not even Makoto

You know who

Ikusaba Mukuro. The 16th participant, hiding somewhere in this facility. She is known as SHSL Despair. Beware of Ikusaba Mukuro.

So what the hell are the DR2 kids going to do? Everything seems wrapped up.

What are you implying, user!?
That there was somebody else who we weren't allowed to see because camera angles stopped us from looking at them?
Don't be silly. That's preposterous!

There are two masterminds, one that set up bracelets and one that put brainwashing videos and and monokuma on FF's servers

Take turns beating the shit out of Mitarai for ruining everything with his stupid anime?

Good fucking lord when did Soniafags start up again?
She's not gonna be the mastermind, like everything else in DR2, she'll be a red herring. But she will be connected to the second killing game.

Well, he IS SHSL Spy, what did you expect.

Kirijunko or a bust they just need a two min reveal of how she got into kyoko while also touching on what the Dr2 cast is doing and her reason of faking her death was to cause makato lol despair

I mean, if they were going to do that, they would have had to had multiple shots that intentionally obscured our view of the main cast, and on top of that there should at least be some evidence that places were tampered with! For instance, somebody could have moved a large, heavy cabinet that was barricading the door. But that's never happened in the series, has it?

>"Munakata, sir! I'm here to report that we eliminated all sixteen Remnants of Despair just as you asked, sir!"

They will round up the FF guys on the ships and put them in a new killing game. That's DRv3.


A miserable pile of secrets?

Face off against Chiakizuru. The battle will require a team effort from Makoto, Hajime, and Kyousuke.

>"I guess Hinata-kun was a teenage boy, after all..."

>that feel when both their sacrificed were meaningless now that Kirigiri is dead

>tfw DR3 ended with a gangbang

Hajime loses the second he hear Chakizuru say "Hinata-kun"

Komaru does. Though even she needs Fukawa to tone it down with a bath every once in a while.

I want this so it won't happen. Hope it gets revealed who the camera was in spying on Chiaki and Izuru

Fedora's sacrifice wasn't meaningless. The notebook Kirigiri had on her would have been lost and no one would have solved the mystery.

Junko is alive.

It should be really obvious why.

Just watch her execution. Isn't there something... wrong with it? Something there that wasn't there before?

there just there to explain how junko got into kyoko

>Fedora's sacrifice wasn't meaningless
but his sacrifice was specifically to save Kirigiri, which is what he promised her father he'd do.

The hint was in the latest future episode when they showed Junko in her 'execution'.


Let's add KiriJunko and Chisa into the mix

Trivia time!

Did you know that Chiaki and Junko are the only two heroines to have canonically suffered multiple executions over the course of the series?

Furthermore, that they are both the heroines with the greatest physical endurance shown? Interestingly, there's also a bit of an odd parallel between their virtual and their real world selves.

AI Chiaki and Real Junko died in relative peace, satisfied that they were able to achieve their goals even if they weren't quite able to overcome their trials.

Meanwhile, Real Chiaki and AI Junko died in misery, cursing their fortune and dying in regret after being just about as completely destroyed as they could be.

Could it mean anything for the grand finale?
Maybe not, but it is food for thought.

What's this about Mukuro

If Junko didn't kill herself, she's an even worse villain than she already is. It's like you all want to regressively kill the series.


I want a beach episode OVA.

Good fucking lord when did Jontronfags start up again?

He's not gonna be the mastermind, like everything else in DR Ech, he'll be a red herring. But he will be connected to the first eching game.

Even though I'm now 99.99% certain this is the twist, my favorite was Ocelot "I live on through this arm" Nagito and I kinda wished it was true.


You don't understand. She doesn't kill herself at her execution so she can gamble on killing herself and filling herself with despair at a greater moment of hope.

d. Mukuro

But we were given reason to doubt it from the beginning. There was something there that shouldn't have been there. COULDN'T have been there.

Just watch it again. Tell me what was wrong. You can do it user, I believe in you.

>Munakata with his high frequency blade, Hajizuru, Ripped Owari, and Souda in a Metal Gear face off against Chiakizuru
>Get fucking owned
>Chiakizuru approaches Naegi and is about to snap his neck
Chiakizuru shields her eyes, giving Hajime the time to subdue her
>10 figures emerge from a Submarine

"And THAT'S what a Despair Photographer does!"

user. The devs confirmed in a interview years ago that the face Junko conveys before being squashed was one of boredom, in other words she'd gotten bored of killing herself.

As much as I hate myself for accidentally starting that. This gave me a good laugh.

I want to hug Nagito!

Did she just casualy had pictures of her killing childrean on her all the time? And Munakata hadn't found out?


The best memes are unintentional after all.

We all know it's happening by Mirai 12, so we might as well start placing our bets now.
How will Junko come back?

*Laugh Track*

I was just observing the amount of Tenganfags that had emerged suddenly.

We know.

Holy kek

Is she the rival or just smug?

Why does she say jizz all the time?

Just smug
Rival will be either twintails, hopebot, or green haired dude

Shitposting Ninja

Rival is Reverse Trap Hat


Junko never died in DR1. She intentionally lost to put all the people who adored her into despair. Using the blood packs from the infirmary she stuffed them inside the Monokuma she was holding, she then fell down to the garbage pit and with help from SHSL Make-up Artist created a fake body that RoD used.

Hiyoko/Ruruka/Celes V3 edition. She's probably just a bitch.

Crying when they die?

>Socks and sandals
More like fashion disaster, even Komaeda's double zippers boots look decent now.

Good fucking lord when did Hopefags start up again?

He's not gonna be the mastermind, like everything else in DR2, he'll be a red herring. But he will be connected to the Final killing game.

No, I will be the protagonist


She's a ninja



Someone has been planting the knife in people's bodies, that can't be denied.

Asahina also works for the most suspicious fucking person in this series

I don't get it, they only show her face smiling holding Monokuma
Only thing wrong with it is Makoto's hair being different in that moment

Gun inhibitors?

She's tempting Hajime to jizz for her, like the pillar of trust and obedience that she expects a man to be

Or she just really likes saying GEEEEEEZ

>>Socks and sandals

Indeed truly disgusting. If you wear sandals you don't wear socks.

Well the japs just noticed she didn't bat an eye to seeing Tengan's dead body, considering she was crying over discovering the guards.

We had 2 beach scenes in DR2

Then what's she doing in the Final Killing Game?
How did she hide?
Can you explain this?


Come and try it, tinman

>Hinata didn't think he was good enough for Chiaki so he went full Izuru
>That made him too perfect and thus forced Chiaki into a situation where she either had to die or undergo the same procedure, even if it meant throwing away her past memories of Hinata-kun
I wouldn't even be mad

TFW this literally happened but with a fucking anime

Something something Chisa related.

Wait.. How did the guards die again?

lol despair

Hold on.

How did the knifes get into the chest of the victims? We saw that Seiko and Gozu didn't plant the knifes in their own chest

Naegi-kun, it seems my panties are wet.

Different timeline, body swap, VR, ghost, despair anime, SHSL makeup artist, snail, complex motives etc

Necks snapped, most likely Monaca killed them. Aoi discovered them.

There's also her directly referencing the Warriors of Hope (希望の戦士) to Monaka.

Desbair bideo made them twist their necks

not even hope can cure incontinence

oh my, you're right

Don't worry just take Cure W and W stands for wetness

>Asahina being a fucking troll and messing up the killing game for everyone
All you need is for the 13th Branch Head to be Nanami and you've reached maximum shitposting ending


That too. Oh man, if this ended up being true. Holy fuck the amount of asspain that would emerge from that.

Good fucking lord when did Kaedefags start up again?

She's not gonna be the protagonist, like everything else in the DRV3 trailer, she'll be a red herring. But she will be connected to the Final killing game.

>Monaca killed them.
Robo chan was in the meeting at that time wasn't she?

That happened afterwards?

Why would Monaka kill them? She said herself that she only was there to look at Naegi

That's not the point user the point is that someone is still in the game sticking knives into corpses


I know you're joking, but there's really been absolutely nothing hinting at this, whereas there are a lot more hints in the story itself that somebody's been following Naegi around and they're somebody that nobody notices, or can notice.

I hope he kept her pin.

I want to have rough unprotected sex with despair Chisa.

Dunno, we can't account for her because we spent most of the time with Chisa.

Monaca also killed the real Miaya.

I meant that I figured they shoved the knifes into their chests later to finally kill themselves, we only saw the prep work.

What is it with ambitious mystery games that they always end up becoming a ridiculous mess?

Umineko, ZTD, Danganronpa...








Reminder that the twilight murder syndrome incident had nothing to do with Mahiru or Fuyuhiko falling to despair. They just coincidentally watched a brainwashing video. Them being an accomplice to murder and a murderer respectively had nothing to do with it, and they were great friends for some reason.

You do realise those scenes weren't actually real and were just Naegi's vision of what happened, right?
They stuck it in themselves afterwards.

Brainwashing anime


>tfw we will never see this version of Chisa in Mirai-hen.



Yes, the victims. It's obviously the final act after all that bullshit to set up their bodies like how they were. At the very least only Ruruka could have stabbed herself since it was a true closed room.
I don't even think anyone's discovered her corpse yet.

Uh, I think at that point she's more interested in killing than doing it with someone

.webm when?

I don't mean what they showed in the anime.

Watch the entire execution in the game again.

Here: youtube.com/watch?v=rjFLKA2pxjg

If you can't spot something that clearly shouldn't be there I have to question your powers of observation.

Then why did he imagine Chisa acting so cute?

She killed Miaya but I don't see the robot being in a position to kill the guards, also they better explain that fucking helicopter that was shooting at weed man outside.


>I don't even think anyone's discovered her corpse yet.
nobody care about her


I'm more interested in doing it with you than killing. ;)

But Naegi didn't see Ruruka's corpse! How could he know she died via gobbling candy?

She'll probably go in dry for maximum despair

>also they better explain that fucking helicopter that was shooting at weed man outside.
It's probably someone from the traitor's branch

Die monster!
You don't belong in this world!

Because Chisa IS cute.

monomi on her head or what?

This anime is stupid.

Naegi didn't know about the execution method in 1-5 but he guessed it perfectly somehow

Maybe Naegi's a psychic

Or maybe we're watching a cartoon and silky things happen sometimes

But think about the despair of being impregnated by a total loser who just lost his virginity

>Naegi's vision of what happened
No, it's just the anime showing us what happened. It happened in 1 and 2 as well - once you know that something is indeed the truth, you're shown a clip of it happening regardless of whether Naegi, Hajime or anyone else was there to witness it. It just means it's confirmed.

Junko won' t be behind this killing game. She would control it manually like the other times, not leave it on some autorun. It's just not her style. There's also the issue of lack of broadcasting.

She combined a bunch of her personalities in the final execution?

Is it wrong if I find this hot?


Wait. What the fuck. Why is Monomi im there

I want to ravage Rurugirls

She looked like a lost puppy it was so cute but do sad.

>not the series itself
It's always been stupid and that's why I like it

Author made huge rewrites to accommodate for his idiotic Japanese fanbase + lost his closest friend in the middle of working on the latter half.
Author allowed the westerner's joy to go too far to his head, and got bored with what he originally planned and rewrote everything anyway. On top of having lower staff he could and did delegate some of the writing to.
Author is a hack and has been for some time.


you too

>doesn't remember Junko's rabbit hairpin which we've seen in the entirety of Zetsubou-hen

Her crown is different

Not gonna lie, I would probably be too devastated to write anything at that point.

Not him, but I can't see anything either. The only different thing I can see is the rabbit on top of her head (which is off-screen in the episode), which has likely been retconned due to Monomi.

Why don't you faggots leave if you don't like DR?

I got turned on by the excavator part, if I'm being honest.

That's just her pre-Monokuma choice of hair accessories. It's not the same rabbit.

It was never attached to her crown before that. It wasn't even attached to her crown during the trial. She somehow changed it at the last second of her execution. Hell, she wasn't even wearing it for most of the execution.

if junko used brainwash anime to naegi and co to think she got executed ,im fucking done

She's probably a martial artist. Apparently it even says aikido on the cover somewhere

Do you understand Junko likes to flip through personalities, especially during DR1 (whereas it got toned down into a side gimmick from SDR2 onwards) and that was a funny reference to it?

I didn't say anything about liking or disliking DR. You're the one who got upset once your precious Kohacka was insulted. So by all means.
Continue despairing freely.

>Cred Forums memes
At least pretend you aren't a crossboarder while on Cred Forums.

Yes it is. It's just not usually on a spring.

I can't imagine not liking Junko but liking DR. It's pretty clear, at least to me, that Junko's personality was created to answer the question of what a mastermind of DR1 would act like. The music, the mixture of dark and goofy tone, the executions, the black/white contrast you see everywhere, it's all uniquely Junko. I can understand not liking that she brainwashed people into despair, but her personality is the essence of DR.

Kirigiri is the culprit.


Kirigiri and Chisa are the culprits.

Literally never ever, both are dead

It's the very same rabbit. I think you need to stop chasing at this theory when there are very few scenes to support it.

Kirigiri makes me wet.

Don't forget Chiaki.

>Junko broadcasts the brainwashing execution and then shows it to the survivors

>Komaeda is supposed to be afraid of planes and flying because his parents died on a plane

Good work, Zetsubou-hen.

This user gets it.

They set it up as a bet on which husbando and hope would win.
It may have gotten out of hand.

Why are people so defensive about people thinking Kirigiri is alive?

again, yeah it kind of was, he was specifically doing it to keep kirigiri alive above all else.

We hate that she can't actually manipulate for shit and relies on the brainwashing anime, which is the most retarded plot point ever.

>I can't imagine not liking Junko
well duh

Wait... Is that a Monomi on top of her head?

Could it mean she was just a pawn and being
controlled by a Monomi

But Chiaki has a Monomi

Then the true mastermind must be...

Because they were retards who thought DR would be like Zero Escape and the mastermind was going to have complex motives for putting people in a killing game when it was pretty fucking obvious from the way Monokuma behaved through-out, that wasn't the case

Because they're waifufags, they'll think she's alive even if Ryouta starts skullfucking her eye socket

It's just one person, user.

No, it's a rabbit.

Because people are obsessed with being right ahead of time and want to belittle anyone who has a different opinion to their "objectively correct" view. It's been a problem with Cred Forums as a whole for years, it's just worse on Cred Forums due to the board culture.

The problem is that he was solely doing it to save her. And he did, but only temporarily.

The only reason he even had to die was because Rurugirls could not be controlled and thought everyone had to die even though she already knew there was nothing behind that door.

Let me show you how it's done.

Alter ego?

Naegi would actually kill him if that was the case.

We can still get C O M P L E X. Through the bullshit of body swapping again.

Fine, it's Usami
Happy now?


No, that's a rabbit. The same rabbit, in fact, that she wore before the Monokuma hairpins. It's also the same one Mukuro wears in her Junko disguise.

She manipulated Izuru without a brainwashing video
She manipulated the top brass at HPA without a brainwashing video
She manipulated the public into a top modeling gig without a brainwashing video
She manipulated Mukuro without a brainwashing video
She manipulated insert blackened here without a brainwashing video


Does Aoi's donut obsession mean she'd be willing to give rimjobs?

Sometimes a rabbit is just a rabbit, user.
While I'd appreciate an explanation for why Usami literally uses Junko's old theme of "rabbit and ribbon", it's ultimately not that necessary.

Here's the real deal.

Actually speaking of Mukuro. I might not be remembering properly, but did Mukuro imitate Junko's voice in DR1?

>everything off-screen

We need those 7s.


Mukuro and Junko have always had the same VA. DR3 is basically the first time we heard Mukuro's real voice.

Please tell me the retarded Kirijunko theory is dead already.
Everytime i see "KIRIJUNKO" i can actually feel my brain cells dying.

Cause both sides fling such shit over the past few episodes that they just desperately want to be on the right side, kirigiri is dead people are more than likely on point so they are more or less just gloating.

Between the Va comments, survivor count, lack of time left, and no mention of anything suspicious with her body let alone cure fucking W, shes pretty dead.

Watch my 7 you faggot

and she brainwashed dr1 survivors into thinking she killed herself
That's it, Junko is the mastermind again

Izuru wasn't off screen. Neither was any manipulation in the games.


Ultimate analysis that even gets bored of her own personality
Expects her to manipulate 15 people one by one which out getting bored
> Ultimate analysis finds a way to make 15 people into her followers all at once

Its literally not worth her time to spend on people who she referred to as chumps in Dr2

Why waste your time with a bunch of chumps?

Junko's the only one that can mimic voices outta her and her onee-chan cause of Ultimate analysis Mukuro just probably sounds close to whatever junko's base voice is like most twins sound the same

>manipulated Izuru
That was barely manipulation and Izuru basically hasn't done anything for her other than stop Nagito once.
>manipulated top brass
Kidnapping someone and tearing out their eyeball isn't manipulation.
>manipulated public into too modeling gig
No, she's just super hot
>Manipulated Mukuro
This is the only one I'll give you but Mukuro would have followed her like a manic dog no matter what
>manipulated blackened
Nope, each time she basically threatened the blackened or their loved ones if they didn't kill. The only time she didn't was Celestia, but her motive was beyond me.

Junko is shit at manipulation, she can only kidnap and blackmail b/c Mukuro backs up her bullshit

>no mention of anything suspicious with her body let alone cure fucking W
That makes it more likely though

No i wish, people actually think it has more validity now somehow even though there isnt even enough time to bring back normal kirigiri let alone kirijunko.

There'll never be an explanation for how Izayoi dug that tunnel safely, won't there?
Junko, Mukuro, Shirokuma, and Kurokuma.
I'll miss her VA more than Ogata(assuming both don't show up in V3, which is feasible).

Chiaki easy.

Real Diana was good for some laughs and had some of the same amount of purity that the AI had yet had her own faults.

Real Chiaki on the other hand was literally MORE an image of purity than her fucking AI was and it was disgusting to watch. She fell in love with Hajime so hard and fast she constantly mutters his name,is so trusting and gungho about her friends that she stubbornly believes in them and did s uch a good job with them that they WILL return the favor also I find it nothing but curious and likely intentional that Junko never had any dirt to dig up on her. Just a complete waste of time and basically a raw uncooked plot device.

This right here also might be way people hate those who say giri is alive. Not giving any foreshadowing or set up is not making it more likely that shes alive. Cure W was a red herring

>Cure W was a red herring
everything were a red herring

Sigma's face when she asks him to fuck her is priceless

For six fucking months.

>Chisa's a red herring
>Mitarai is a red herring
>Tengan is a red herring
>Cure W is a red herring
>You're a red herring
>I'm a red herring
>we're all red herrings

She got Izuru out of his hides hole and instigated the Tragedy at HPA by blaming it on him. Oh yeah and he saved her life. Whether he's useful is irrelevant though, just that he got manipulated.

I wasn't talking about that one guy. Junko got into the 78th Class via a special method from the top brass at HPA. She also has access to resources like knowing all about the Izuru Project, dungeons and bunkers, and other privileges that imply a hold on the leadership of HPA.

She makes herself got to manipulate people. Remember how in DR1 it said one of the reasons she was so popular was because she seemed so real? Manipulation.

The reason Mukuro is enslaved to Junko is because of Junko's manipulation. She's functionally the same as any of the RoDs.

Since when are threats and blackmail mutually exclusive with manipulation? The two frequently go hand in hand from my perspective.

Why is semen dripping out of her eyes?

well fuck me

We're all too paranoid and we all expect some sort of mind-breaking twist so everything is a red herring. We should just press the button to end our lives.

The Akane. That isn't laughing, that's a fighting pose. Look at her other hand.

There's a difference between manipulation and blackmail. Manipulation is when you convince someone that they want to take a certain action of their own free will. Blackmail is when you force someone into a situation where they feel they have no other choice but to take a certain action, or else suffer dire consequences by your hand.

>press the button to end our lives.
Enoshima is that you? or is that another red herring?

The only difference is that blackmail is a form of manipulation. Manipulation is just controlling the acts of someone else.

I'm just a red herring. I've been developed so much over the course of the series. But I am still just a lowly red herring, just like you.

jabberwock is RED because it's red herring


god dammit guys it can't be it

Or you're retarded and take obviously non-literal things literally.

Shut up, you're dead and a red herring too.

How do you know, perhaps the theatre was also a red herring

even your death is a red herring

>post yfw the project that tengan was talking about was Junkizuru not Chiakizuru


You mean Junko-possessed Chiakizuru.

That was the plane his parents died on