MFW Re:Zero is over but I'm still way too enthralled in its world to move on

>MFW Re:Zero is over but I'm still way too enthralled in its world to move on
Anyone else in the same predicament? What do we do now? Should we just give in and go read the novel as it gets translated? Should we wait until there's a second season or an OVA? If so, for how long are you willing to wait before you just give up and become a source material fag? FUCK, WHY IS THE BEST ANIME ALWAYS ADAPTING SOMETHING ELSE?

First time you've seen an anime?

Don't make fun of him, He can watch a lot more now.

It's popular enough that a second season is a possibility so I'll give it at least two years.

Just fucking watch whatever is next in your backlog, I'm already over this and all about Haikyuu

This. Its a typical end of season feeling after an anime has ended to have feelings for the show long after its ended.

ReZero world building was fucking dog shit.

No, it isn't, but I'm usually able to move on from shows fairly easily. Been doing it for a fairly long time with no problems.
This one really caught me, though, this must be what Indexfags were feeling.

Read the machine translations of the web novel starting from where the anime left off

I was a lot more invested into ReZero when I was binge watching the show up until ep 18 I think. Later when I got used to weekly doses (and got disappointed by the drop in quality too), my emotional investment lowered considerably. And I wasn't a Remfag either, but the ending was a big let-down. I just feel like the tension wasn't there. Maybe becuse I read some spoilers here.
So it isn't like that for me. Perhaps if there was more source material... I had no problem reading through 9 Overlord LNs one after another.

>gf sucking my cock
>am sad
>she asks why
>say no rezero this week

I can kind of relate to you but I'm not desperate enough to go read the novel since a huge part of why I liked this show was in its production and not necessarily its writing.
It would be nice if we got a second season down the line. I have no idea how likely this is.

It's called autism. Don't let it consume you. Just move on, don't let it fuck you over when the show is just mediocre.

The tension wasn't there because they had to cut it short inbetween two long arcs that heavily tie into one another. It's a pretty shit stopping point, but it's not like there wasn't a good one anywhere even remotely close by

The strange thing is that everything after episode 17 was very, very boring.

The most exciting part after that was Subaru getting possessed. The nature of the show is such that it isn't really that exciting when things are going WELL for him, it only has that shock-value when he's doing the Dark Souls thing.

I mean, he keeps coming back anyway!

>this must be what Indexfags were feeling.
What we feel borders more on cuckoldry than sadness.

>I mean, he keeps coming back anyway!
That's exactly why this was a shitty point to cut it off, the next arc is about just that and how it works against him pretty severely.

Has the Rem-in-a-coma thing been resolved yet? If not, it'd be a weird place to end on, because there's no solution.

I feel sorry for each of you losers who "enjoyed" this garbage filled shit-sandwich.

Oh wait but I actually don't.. because you're all 12 years old and probably much happier at life than me

I'd rather if the WN gets translated.

Is that you in the pic?

This anime reminded me of Muv Luv Alternative for some reason


Babby's first anime. Fuck the hell off.

>both Re:Zero and MOB Psycho 100 shit on Otaku
>Cred Forums hates them
What a shock.

>enthralled in its world
Literally how
Re:Zero world is uninteresting as fuck, the author did zero worldbuilding. Just say you want to be in #3959 fantasy setting.

>shit on otaku

>have NEET protagonist end up extremely successful,taking credits for huge accomplishments and having 2 beautiful waifus all over his dick
>shat on

How did Mob shit on otaku? By calling people who join evil organizations because they want to conquer the world manchildren?

Be sure to try Naruto next, you'll love it.