How long will Bleach be on hiatus?

How long will Bleach be on hiatus?

Bleach x Naruto crossover chapter next week, you newfag.

Hopefully forever.

Who is gonna tell him?

>I still can't believe it

Until Kubo gives birth.

lol it got axed

user, I...

>Rukia will never draw again

So long, Aizen will be out the next time it starts again.

Until Kubo finds a good co-writer.

It'll come back eventually.
Kubo is focusing on tokyo ghoul right now.

It'll be back once Kubo smokes enough weed to write Boruto's plot, I mean Kazui's.

Until Kubo figures out what happened to all the characters he didn't feature in the last chapter.

Who's the person to turn out to actually be a sword spirit?
Momo as aizens sword? That's why he keeps stabbing her am I right?

How would you write a spinoff centering around Kazui and Ichika?

Comfy episodes together, where they hunt hollows together, as bleach always should have been.
Were they meet uncle Grimmjow and aunt Nel. Which will continue until they hit the legal age, and get married, so Ichihime and Renruki can finally be united as one

He's such a powerhouse at his age that he'd have to grow into a villain sooner or later.

>Ichigo fights against his 15-year-old son
I'd dig it

Beats me but there probably will be more later, there's some unanswered things like Ulquiorra not being back.

Reminder that, Ulq-kun is Orihime's fuck toy. When Ichigo is away, she summons him from the ashes of her old Huedo Mundo outfit and makes him fuck her senseless.

Harem comedy adventure series where a teenage Kazui inadvertently steals the hearts of young women in Karakura Town, Soul Society, Hueco Mundo, and the Lichtreich while going on dangerous missions. The twist is that he actually knows how he's effecting these girls and playfully flirts with them sometimes, in marked contrast to his parents. His partner Ichika plays the role of the annoyed older sister who tires of her little brother fooling around.

Will Grimmjow try to kill?

Yhwach takes over Kazui, Ichigo kills yhwach but he already convinced Kazui to continue on with his legacy of his own free will.
Kazui undergoes a transformation and is now a 25 year old hottie, now begins Ichigo's fight with his son.
It ends with Ichika sacrificing herself to save the world.

He will try, and he will fail.

> imblying Ichika won't get cucked by oppai loli Nemu

Slice of life with some mild action against low level hollows

Ichika goes around all the worlds making stuff for shit and jiggles, stealing the precious thing of all the little girls he finds, Kon will be the useless babysitter and Kazui the rival with a crush that will get angry each time he decide to play with any other girl than spend time with her during her boring noble activities.

What if Yhwach's remnants become the equivalent of Ichigo's inner Hollow for Kazui? He can tap into their powers for a massive boost in strength, but will end up losing his identity if he doesn't go about it the right way.

>this was the REAL master plan of Yhwach
>No even Aizen saw it coming
>villian wins ending .

I can't wait for the day a battle shonen just decides to cut out the middleman and combine the roles of rival and love interest into one character.

Ichigos kid looks super homo

That's because he took after his mother in terms of looks.

Please tell me he won't be as retarded.
Like Big boob princess has some great moments. Through not much after Huedo Mundo


Kazoo looks like that blonde kid from Free.

I sincerely hope he gets a best friend named Banjo. Banjo is even an actual Japanese name.

>we'll never know what happened to best girl
>we have to assume she died in the poison ball

feels bad man

There's still hope for her showing up alive and well in the last volume sketches.

Anime will return when Pierrot will be free from Naruto.

>we will never know what happened to Harribel
>we will have to assume she's dead or still captive somehow

I feel you

Yhwach will be kept in check by Kazui's hollow, who has been awake all along and had time to grow and mature unlike Ichigo's hollow. He's already using FB to transform into a shinigami and sonido, or shunpo to move fast in human form. Kazui may not have more brute strength than his father, but neither did Yhwach. Kazui is much more skilled than Ichigo however. He will definitely try to master all his powers.

I thought she was rescued by her fraccion and Nel.

Ichigo did regain his powers at the end, right?
If not then why did zangetsu revert to its initial form. Or why was he the only one wearing black in the color spread? Ichigo refuels himself by absorbing reiatsu from his surroundings. Perhaps he reabsorbed enough of Yhwach's reaitsu to regain his mojo.

More like he's wearing black to represent death. Ichigo is the only spirit amongst all the people in page, who are alive.

Yeah, he has a body. But it's basically a gigai for his monstrous spiritual form, because remember that Urahara severed Ichigo's soul chain in order for him to regain his spiritual powers.

Final chapter is: Death & Strawberry

>Kazui is not strawberry
>Kazui is also alive
>everyone is alive
>but there's someone who is dead

If Kazui's using his Fullbring, what's his affinity item?

I wouldn't put it past Kubo to make teenage Kazui fujobait.

She wasn't.

Remove Kazui and make it only about Ichika

By killing Kazui and Ichika.
And making it about young Nemu following Mayuri.

God, there were so many characters unaccounted for at the end.

If he would continue it with a Kazui sequel, I seriously hope he'd make him a tough douche like Ichigo and not a "Always kind, oblivious, innocent" MC bastard

I can't see Kazui turning into a hardass like Ichigo. At worst, I see him as a mischievous jerk who likes playing pranks on people.

>I can't see Kazui turning into a hardass like Ichigo
That's because his mother is still alive.

Until Kubo and the editors get along.

Isane bump

Unohana deserved better.


His tiny cock

Soul King's legs send their minions after Kazui because they want to take back the rest of Soul King's power from him (which he absorbed from Yhwach's goo in the final chapter). He can be the damsel in distress while Ichika is the MC.

More likely to be an old soul king who will be the villain if Bleach ever gets a sequel.

Less than 100 replies despite being up for a day. Is this board as dead as Bleach?

Also when does the last volume come out? September's almost over.