I fucking hate this maid

Are Beato/Shannon's tits fake, or is Kanon hiding them somehow?

Fake as hell

I fucking want to deito Lucifer.

Don't be so mean.

She maid you mad?

I hate "Our Confessions." Don't ever read it, if you can help yourself. If you do, it basically invalidates the need to ever come up with another theory.

That being said, it's probably a red herring. Never stop thinking, /seacats/.

>wanting to date old and broken chinaware


Best girl

Watch it, m8.

Why is he so best?

Is there any good Umineko doujin?

TFW Eva Ushiromiya

So what about George?
Does anyone even care about him/his ship?

The funny thing is that if you replay episodes 1-4 you see that Eva is literally always right

Kinzo won't see us?

Fuck you Natsuhi that guy is fucking dead and you're hiding it.

Shannon brings a letter from Beatrice?

Bullshit Shannon you're obviously the culprit.

George wants to get married to a maid?

George that maid is a slut and she's just using you.

He almost succeeded in NTRing Battler. He's cool.

The problem with Umineko is that it makes you feel sorry for literally everyone BUT the culprit, then devotes its entire ending to explaining why you SHOULD feel sorry for the culprit, even though NO SANE PERSON would!

Yasu was a mistake

Posting best Seacat.

hey guys i made an 18 hour video on how gohda is actually beatrice wanna watch it

Battler is so cute. Who wouldn't love him?

She isn't just using George though. Even if she is a slut.

>only 18 hours
Do you really expect anyone to take you seriously?
Come back when it is 36 hours long kiddo

But the culprit didn't do anything, just planned things.