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Will 2nd season be about the Nishimura fleet?
I want to see Shiggy saving her senpais and stop the rain.

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Shiggy diggy.

Stop making threads if you have no translations to post you fucking retard. The other one isn't even archived yet.


In my defense Mister officer the other thread has been dead for hours, with someone occasionally bumping it. Now there is a chance for TL to be posted.

>Now there is a chance for TL to be posted.
You're a fucking retard, that's what you are. If there's anything translated and ready to post then the person who has it will just make a thread on their own, there is no need for shitheads like you to make threads without having any legit news or translations to post. You know damn well no one wants to discuss the second season, everyone hated the god damned anime. The only thing people here like is the game, the anthologies, manga, and doujinshi.

Murakumo should be season two MC.

>You know damn well no one wants to discuss the second season, everyone hated the god damned anime
I'm looking forward to season 2.


Congrats, you're now a contrarian.

But I'm not contrarian. Just a legitimate fan.

A legitimate fan in a place that actively wishes the anime hadn't been made and the second season and movie were cancelled is automatically a contrarian. Your opinion is irrelevant to the people who post in the thread.

So where do I talk about the anime? Should I make a KanColle thread on the anime board?

>If there's anything translated and ready to post then the person who has it will just make a thread on their own,
With the exception of Stalker, who doesn't like to be the OP of threads for some reason. Not that this prevents him from waiting until a translation/typesetting OP thread is made of course.

You can go to reddit.

You go there, retard.

I don't want to hear that from a piece of shit who keeps making unnecessary threads.

Even leddit's opinion on the anime is lackluster.

I'm not OP and I didn't ever make a KanColle thread, retard.

Someone sounds upset.

Go back to /qa/ with your tantrum, fag.


When can Z3 stop suffering?

>wanting S2 to ruin Shiggy
>wanting S2 to ruin Murakumo
How much do you hate them?

What is this class good for?

Inazuma- Daughtering
Hibiki- Ignoring
Akatsuki- Marrying
Ikazuchi- Raping

Oktoberfest is coming to an end. I wonder how much the Kriegsmarine drank?


>everyone hated the god damned anime. The only thing people here like is the game, the anthologies, manga, and doujinshi.
same goes with shit threads like RE:Zero, SAO and other shitty tier series which everyone hates and gets a general thread every time it gets archived, heck there are threads like daily japanese thread thread in Cred Forums, which isn't it supposed to be in /jp/?
so why are you only focusing on kancolle thread?

I diggy Shiggy

I've been saying the same shit for two years, except before the anime I was saying threads shouldn't be made except when the 4koma was translated so all the translations finished over the week week could be dumped in that thread and the subsequent typesetting thread.

I need quantifiable data!


3.7625 LOADS

>making unnecessary threads
GTFO then, why bother going to this thread when you don't like it? is because your thread so shitty and unpopular thats why you hate popular threads?

Read the fucking thread you illiterate fuck.

I was saying threads shouldn't be made except when the 4koma was translated so all the translations finished over the week week could be dumped in that thread and the subsequent typesetting thread.
I think some one already explained it

Metric or Imperial loads?

Shiggy is safe. The Nishimura fleet is a story that can be handled better than Fubuki's. There will be drama sure and a miracle with Shigure changing history but I feel it'd come out as a better story.

I wonder which german ship girl will get an oktobert fest sprite

Here's an idea.

What if the season two MC isn't a DD, what would you pick?

My waifu.


Hopefully Bisko. I feel like she is being overshadowed by Graf and Prinz lately.



If any Kongou sister was gonna be the MC, there would only really be one choice. That said, I don't think Kongou would be MC material.

Then it should be Bismarck and how she, Prinz and yuuboot live in Japan.
Yuu gets tanned of course.

>The Nishimura fleet is a story that can be handled better than Fubuki's
>I feel it'd come out as a better story.
Diomedea's hand ruins everything user.

>What if the season two MC isn't a DD, who would you ruin?

And she'll be hated even more than Fubuki by the time S2 ends.

There are several things wrong with that list.

I need this

Hey, you into short ships?


I would eat a whale.

I would eat a Mutsuki.

Short in height, yes. Short hair, no.

>Body of a thick woman
>Voice of a little girl



I would still love Poi if she did that to herself. It's what's inside that counts.

Cutest wife.

Fucking slut.


She isn't.
I am.

Lewdest wife.


I want to lewd this boi

Pls no lewd. Shiggy is pure - unlike her sisters.

itt shipgirls most likely to end up as single unwed mothers.

No posting lewds of Shiggy. I'm reading a book that heavily features her in WW2 and it's weird.

They are all pure, but incredibly sexy.

She's had so many Japanese men inside of her.

I want to cheat on Shigure with poi. And cheat on them both with Harusame.

197-226 to be precise-ish.

He is.


You have a death wish?

Same but with Samidare.

It's not a problem if no one but Harusame knows I'm on Shigure and poi.

Shigure will find out. You can't hide it forever.

She wouldn't.

>having to cheat
>not just openly declare your harem
Fucking betas

Cheating gets my blood pumping.
>Shigure letting you get it on with another girl

Right? Polygamy is legal in this game, spread the love around.
That they are. The Shiratsuyus are the overall hottest DD class.

I want to sniff her butt

Arare can sing!

>yandere Shigure maymay
Well meme'd my friend

Why is that bitch Michishio sleeping?

Shiggy is a cute boy.

It's a sin the devs don't give Bismarck more love.

Not a boy, a lovely girl. Do these look like the curves of a boy to you?

He is.


Hormones and implants are magical things.



Years later, Shigure still making joke about my job.


You mean my penis?

It's time to find a real one, admiral.

Gap moe.

Shigure, please!



Why do most artists go for boob pockets rather than the objectively better tented shirt.


Because anime is shit

Man, if Ushio is a boy, he's got some big ass moobs

>western shit


Easier to draw and they probably don't think about it.

why to these destroyers have such lewd unpure bodies but have some of the sweetest pure personalities.

Because gap moe.

>their personalities
Ayy lmao

Hello secondary.

I'm not. Really.


Explain to me in detail the personalities of Fumizuki, Kikuzuki, and Minazuki.

U  M
M  U

Yes. Haruna is olev, accept it. If you are a true Kongou fan, you will accept she would be more then fine with her imouto being the MC.

Haruna can't be the MC, she's too big of a slut. Otaku hate sluts and only like pure girls like Kongou.

>Fumizuki, Kikuzuki, and Minazuki

Thought so, secondary scum.

Titty dragon.

Kaca a shit

Best dragon.

What the fuck is battleship girls?
Some sort of rip off?


looks edgy in a cringey way.

Lets see you describe them.

You mean "cringeworthy".


I don't need to prove I'm not a secondary.

No I mean fuck off.

There's a whole bunch of them.

Neither does he.

Is that Turdryuu?

Re is my sexfriend!

I thought it was Mutsu.

Re is my best friend.

Christ. some of these aren't even subtle.


A really sweet girl and my favourite of the Mutsukis, but her poking line is questionable.
Jaded as fuck.
Too new for me to really know. Took me a year to familiarise myself with the personalities of the other Mutsukis.

Ogawa-Syou must be green with envy.

Also is not me.

THat describes way too many women in this game

What is Ro for?

So you're saying you have big ass moobs?



>he wants the voice of Hollywood porn star with throat cancer instead.



Enjoying the pee of.


Sea monkey go away.


Can I get a (Yuu)?




Daijoubu time.

>unironically disliking Tenryuu

Does this mean it's time to lick her butthole and/or lick her armpits?

You're starting to get annoying as that spammer who must not be named at this point.

Akebono is cute! CUTE!

U  M
M  U

Anuses are for cumming inside, not for licking.

You're really starting to piss me off.

But how else are you supposed to lovingly prepare her anus for insertion?



That's why God invented lubricant.

Fuck off.

You disgust me.

>unironically liking Tenryuu

Are you jealous no one is willing to French kiss your butthole?

Of all the things to get triggered by.

>unironically shitposting

But lubricant isn't filled with my love like my tongue would be.

Speaking of buttholes I've noticed everytime I wipe my ass there's a few drops of fresh red blood on the paper. Did I develop hemorrhoids from sitting on my ass all day shitposting 24/7 on Cred Forums?

It's consequence for not scrapping Warspite.

There's nothing likeable about Tenryuu.

>It's consequence for scrapping Warspite.


But I scrapped Warspite and that doesn't happen to me.

It'll happen sooner or later.


>he scrapped prettiest BB

There is nothing wrong with scrapping a representative of the oppressive system that is a monarchy.

But Fusou is still in my fleet.

That's Haruna.

>Help! Help! I'm being repressed!

Do you also think the NTR queen is the prettiest carrier?


The British monarchy has been powerless for the past 300 years you mongloid.

But she is
>inb4 someone brings up Amagi

The British nation is not free until the monarchy completely ceases to exist. The only monarchs on earth that deserves to exist is that of the 天子 and 天皇. One of them no longer exists, so only one deserves to exist now.

Shit taste.

Shoukaku is a good girl

>The British nation is not free until the monarchy completely ceases to exis
I don't think you understand how the monarchy works or what it actually does. It does nothing and has no authority.

>not pretty

Oh wow

>It does nothing and has no authority.
Sounds like Shitspit.

I'm only trying to help you, user. Learning is fun!

>The British nation is not free until the monarchy completely ceases to exist.
The monarchy is the only worthwhile thing about the UK.


Kiso is the protag of season 2


I just fapped to Kuma

IIRC, didn't Atago give Fubuki a pendant with her pubic hair shavings in it as a good luck charm?

I'm about to fap to Kuma.

Accept the truth

How would you respond to this?

which 2hu is this?

You should've said something earlier, we could've fapped together.

So you want to ruin her?

Takao a cute
Atago a cute
Maya a cute
Choukai a cute too

Yes she did.



thumbnail makes her look like she she has some wierd futa cock

Fuck off with this shit already.

list of dumb memeships

if you find yourself about to post one of these consider refraining from doing so

Biggest memeship: your shipfu

Something wrong with this Kaga, i think we're going to have to put her down for her own good.

When she stops wearing the cursed bikini.


It's not too late!

What about Kaga?
Or is she the Spamship?

>kiso a memeship

Since when?

I love you too, Kaga-san


Kaga is sick, what do?

Kaga is a great ship

Thanks for once again praising Hotel, retard.

Iowa agrees!

I want this meme to stop

But it's what she's actually saying, retard.

What meme? Kaga was talking about Yamato in that scene.


>Kagafags trying to skew the facts
Pathetic, you lie because you know you can't win with the truth.

Can ships impregnate one another? When will Akagi announce that she's pregnant with Kaga's child?

Pure sex.

No, they're both dead.

Hamakaze is too attractive for her own good.

Costume change

I'm going to embrace the Shiggy.

Are you going to squeeze her butt at the same time?

Yes, If get more interesting I might passionately kiss it.

but kaga is alive and well

I like that attitude.

I want to fuck all the girls, starting from youngest to oldest.

why is shiggy so darn sexy than her sisters?

How does the rigging attach?

dude draws best shiggy hips

In the butt.

>it's a Shiggy thread

Is this the elitist thread?

Shigure a best, good choice on OP.

I want Shiggy to crawl in my bed at night so she can sleep by my side. I sleep naked though.

None of the Kuso Ichishit ships are good.

>I sleep naked though.
It's because of sinners like you that anime isn't real.

What's wrong with me sleeping naked?

>None of the Kuso Ichishit ships are good.

Kill you're self kuso elitist.

>not locking your junk in position with boxers


I want to lick that Shiggy

But they feel so restrictive.

what OS does your shipfu run?

I can never sleep bare, i get cold sweets

Being a Kanmusu requires serious sacrifices.

I can understand where you're coming from, but personally I don't like my balls being loose between my legs in bed.

Windows 95.

>The Shiratsuyus are the overall hottest DD class.

Second only to the Duckies for me.

How does this look?

Who is the oldest girl?



You didn't use the right shade of white to clean the bubbles.


Hamakaze's future is a single unwed mother after a one night pump and dump and he doesn't take responsibility.

How come nobody is discussing this sexy snail


Maybe you shouldn't put ice cream in your bed

I can see where you cut out the japanese text

Dumb slut like her sister

Yodo is cute. I want to snuggle with her.

Thirsty sub.

but did you do your weeklies?

This kills the Irishman.

I stopped playing about 6 months ago.


Best sub


maybe 4yuu

Got bored of it. Couldn't be bothered spending all day sorting expeditions or grinding anymore.

I agree. Nimu has a nice mix of sexy and cute.


I want to do such awful things to her, she's too cute and sexy for her own good.

Thick, sexy and cute + Loli voice, I want to commit war crimes.
until she got ruined when she turned into ro.

Best subs.

Miyoko a cute, my favourite CA

You forgot one.

That's a Mexican not a sub.

I want to lick her beautiful thighs.



me too, i think nimu has the best thighs in this series.


What's wrong? Why don't you just jerk off to Kuma with us too?

I would bust that tight pussy so hard and so often that she would leak and limp for a week


Shioi is for sexing.

Is it time to post brown girls?

Italians have what's called 'olive skin'

Then why are the pasta CAs and BBs Nordic white?

becus cake a best

I'm Italian, and pale
My grandfather is Italian, and olive
It's just the way it goes, friend.

I also don't tan, or get sunburn.

I can't stop fapping to Urakaze.


This appeals to my interests.

I love Inazuma so fucking much.
So fucking much.
And all of the Akatsuki class as well!

Good good, my purest daughteru needs all the loving she gets.

Que lindo el bote.

She won't be pure once I'm done with her.



Why do you keep posting shit on both here and /jp/?

You demon, why would you do something naughty with the purest destroyer of them all?


>Ikazuchi =/= Inazuma

She's asking for it, and I'm going to give it to her!

>And all of the Akatsuki class as well!

>ringed daughteru

Oh you're the one that married her? It's okay, continue whatever you're doing then.

This artist sure loves Ikazuchi.

He was talking about Inazuma, but the guy posted Ikazuchi in all his responses.
Ikazuchi is not Inazuma.

I want to storm this castle.

And what I posted was related to the spoiler not Inazuma. I am already aware that Ikazuchi ISN'T Inazuma, but had he not had the spoiler, I wouldn't have posted my daughteru in response.

How do we stop Shitbafu?

Whatever happened to shirocolle, that shit still going on?

It's weird to see people want to fuck Akagi.

Still around, and it seems it got a major overhaul recently.


What are you talking about? Kaga gets posted every day.

Outside of food memes, she's actually pretty cute and like a princess in some of her lines not pertaining to food.

She looks like a Big Bucky.

I literally cannot stop fapping to these 4 girls.

Fat Fubuki.

Why don't you take a seat over here.

I like Hibiki lewds, especially the one were she's grinding on a dick.


>enter to your office
>see this
What do?

Close the door because I'm not a fucking pedo.


New map soon lads.

Whip out my 3DS and have fun with them.

Wonder how the two potatoes joined my fleet without me knowing.

And then cunt punt them.

What game are they playing?

Akagi is cute. Shame she's lumped with the SS Shitpost.

Infinite Space.

Monster Hunter


>stop Shitbafu
>criticizing the art style of an artist
Some people like his art style but if you dont like it then draw something and submit it to Kadokawa Games and replace shibafu

Harusame is for ______

>You can only criticise art if you're an artist

Delete this.

Then I want to play with them too.

Shitbafu is fucking lazy. Stop defending him.

Sweet sweet Harusame.

I want to enjoy Harusame's company.

That gif was spooky.

It's 4 player. You just have to figure out who's hosting.

Don't worry. I know how to MonHun.

Harusame must smell pretty nice and is very soft to hug, good bed companion.

I want to fuck Harusame, but be seeing Poi on the side.

She seems like she'd love snuggling and cuddling before she sleeps too.

I-19, more like I-slut, am I correct in my assumption?

Red Poi > green Poi.

But that is wrong.

Search your feelings you know it to be true.

I can see a Loli Harusame loving this, It can't get more cuter than this.


Thank you kawaii hat

Post Takao.

Help I've fallen in love with poi

Remove legs.

Dumbfounded Kaga a cute

Reminder that Hiei is best wife and mother to any potential daughters.

I love the idea of rigging attachment/holes. I wish more artist drew them.

I want to make a dozen litters with her~

Thank you kawaii hat.

Poi is a wonderful ship that deserves to be treasured.

Thank you kawaii hat!

>Shitbafu is fucking lazy
I don't see people getting butt hurt by Konishi's same face warspite and shoukaku.

Post butts that can't go unkissed.

Monkey > Potato

Steak party with poi

>This is your TTK tonight

Because they don't look like fucking potatoes
If his was a style that saved any amount of effort from samefacing it'd be a valid comparison but it really isn't

How does she like her steaks?

Thank you kawaii hat!


BUT you can't deny that Fubuki is cute, you potato haters.

I would rabu raibu that (You) every night



Fan artists can at least make Fubuki look okay.

>not liking the abyssals

What if I like Mizuho?

Good bono

In that case you have stellar taste. Good job. Please post more of her.

>Having sympathy for those annoying piece of shit

Your TTK is a spy!! Just like my DD

>best wife and mother
you forgot to add the part on how she will poison you all dead. Gonna go out on a limb and say that is not best

I want a hard petting season with her~

I'm sure she's a good cook with any food that isn't curry.

a whole season???? damn, thats a long time user



can do chief

Session*. I'm tired.

I don't know how it would have worked exactly. but they should have done a Garupan crossover event

Agano is the cutest.

triple-dubs tell no lies

Save Sendai

Thank You Kawaii Hat

I rather sit back and watch.

Don't blame them, blame the RNG.

Fuck you, Ritou.

Abyss grannies are pure sex.

that is what you get for stealing the admiral's suit!!

Destroyer baba is cute too.

She won't let me clear 6-4.

She's just doing her best just like your girls, don't hate her for it.

Cute Fumi-chan.


I want to kidnap that destroyer.


How would Suzuya feel if we all fapped to her at the same time?

Bored, she wants all those cocks inside her.

Is the user who suggested Hefe-weissbier around? If so, you were right, and I now fully understand why Germans love their beer so much.

What do you think of her new hairstyle?

It's shit.

She looks like Sazanami.

Why does this Aoba looks so tiny?

Artist loves to make the Kanmasu smaller than they actually are.

It's a loli Aoba.


So where's her Kai2?

Anyone make a manga that reenacts the Pacific War?
Or features cute Abyssals.


There are some like lurk more

>Anyone make a manga that reenacts the Pacific War?
Who the fuck else would?

Where's Kaga-san?


What happened to the third one anyways?
I really want more pages of copy paste WW2 info from wiki with a dose of really awkward hentai scenes in between.

It just hasn't been uploaded yet.


Better with long hair

I want to bully Aoba.

I love this slut.

And she'll love you back for the right price.

fuck sluts like kongou.

Suzuya is not a slut.



Kaga is the best, my kaga friend.

I command you to stop posting pictures before we hit the bump limit

You posting some manga related stuff?


That's more amused than smug.



There's a gumo.

Daily reminder that Hiei loves the Admiral and is happy she married him!

That's Autumn wind not Autumn cloud.

Meant to reply to

Best Germans.

hiei is a goof

>Thank you for your favour, commander... B-but... my heart... belongs to oneesama! Eh? It's not that kind of talk!? O-oh.. I see... I-I'm so embarrassed~!
Doesn't sound that way to me. Sounds like Admiral is friendzoned.


But she still marries him anyways. I mean what's the point then?

Do you honestly think she'd marry the Admiral if she didn't love him?

Wouldn't be the first ship to do so. See Akebono, Chikuma, and Yamashiro. And it's a game mechanic, they can't say no.

Tell me more about this ship.

Even if it's a game mechanic, I'm pretty sure the intent behind the action is to imply that the girl you're proposing to loves you enough to marry you.

She'll piss in your cheerios if given the chance.

The worst tsunship

>To call me out to such a place, you think you're so great, don't you, you shitty Admiral... I mean, what's with you confessing to me! Are you a masochist!?
>T-thank you. But, my heart shall always be with Fusou-neesan's... Sorry.
Na, not all ships feel that way. Most do at least.

>One ship of the Kamikaze class is trying to steal your love and while another is trying to steal your snacks

Time to load my sausage into this sexy blonde cruiser wife again.

I would cheat on Kamikaze with her.

What really annoys me is that the developers know that you spend all this fucking time to get to marry a ship and have her blast off a line about how she doesn't even love you.

God dammit Hiei. Why do you hate your admiral so much. I even made you flagship for all of my operations

Good for you, since she clearly is the cuter one.

Replies to

But Kamikaze is cuter.

>But Kamikaze is wetter.

Just rape her and get her pregnant. She will have no choice to stay with you then.


She would probably laugh at your tiny pecker.

But Kongou and the rest of the sisters are going to kill me

Marry them too.

We don't rape our boats.

But raping ships is fine?

Thread claimed for Prinz!

Stupid sexy pudding.


Well done user, I'm sure she loves you as much as she loves me

That's doubly not ok.

Old ladies shouldn't be this cute.

Fine, time to impregnate the pudding and fuck her ten times over again!

>Prinz Eugen is named after a possibly gay Italian general born in France who fought for Austria using German soldiers and often found himself allied with the British duke of Marlborough

I guess she really is an American.

Kaga is love, Kaga is life

No, the only one she loves is ME!

Kagalove is real, kagalife is forever, marry me kaga-sama!

>Image limit reached


Shagging the Shiggy

This is like the 4th time it's happened this week. I told them to stop but they didn't listen

You can't unless you marry her.

What if I'm already married to her, can Shiggy be shagged?

>implying an Cred Forumsnon would ever do what they are told

Licking the pudding and savouring her taste.

Sure I go first though.

Take it easy, at least this time the gap between post limit and image limit wasn't that huge.

I think Shiggy can handle 2 at the same time.

I love Kaga-san the most!

>lagafag spamming while changing IP
He should just die in some corner of the street.

Shiggy don't shaggy that way. Delete these comments heathen

Sorry guys, my bad

>agrees to dying on the street
Based lagafag.

Don't be shy now, we both love Shiggy and Shiggy love us both, it's normal that such a shag happens.

Not really sure what you're talking about

Thanks for showing that you are retarded and can't read.


>can't read and understand a sentence

Ṱ̸̛̼̩͈̭͙̫̠̤͊̈̆ͮ̂̒̑͑͂͜o̷̻̠͇̱̠̯̫̟̟̪̻̠͕̫̠ͬ̈́ͦ̊ͨ͋̓͐̃k̷̴̪̰̮͓̺̬̉̆̓͑ͫ͜͞ḭ͈̰̜͍̮̖͓͎̬̻̠̪̮͒ͭ̒͆͛̾ͯͮ̒̔͟͜͞͠tͧͤ͛́͊̈́͞҉҉̝͕̤͢s̵̴̷̼̲̻̜̩̤͇̭̱̮͑̋̓̇̉́͊͒̑̀͐͟͠ù̪̜̤̖ͯ͛ͬ͊ͨ̔̈́̀͘͜͡kͨͣ͊̌̆҉͓̤̹͔͓̠̱̕͘͢ͅȧ̷̸̙͕͎̪̰̙̮̙͓͕̫̉̅̂̓̋̀z̵̸͔͙̝̥̳̹̞̖̣͍̱ͬ͂̾̈́̎ͨͯ͛̓ͮ̽͗̏̇͌͘͟͞ȩ̡̛͎̻͕̟̘̤͇́̎ͫͨͪ͒̊ͨ͊ͮͤ̔̌͊̾̏͟ ̡̢͍̩͔͎͖̰͖̦̩̟̀͋͛̈́ͨͮͯ͛͌̉̔͞i̵̡̛͙̩͈̥̤̗̥͚̬̬͍ͣ̋ͣ͗ș̶̬̬͕̈̃̔͐̽ͩ̃ͨ͐͗͘͟͝ ̷̵̧̣͎̩͚͓̗̂ͦͭͦ̄ͭ̆͠b̒́̓ͬ̎͂͋͌͒̒͋͗̆̄̍̓̈̌͊҉̷͏̸͓͈̤̪̹̞̬ͅě͎̤̼̱͓̜̼͔ͤ͆̊ͦ̔ͨ̅ͩ̎̅ͣ͘͠͝s̵ͣͫ̎ͪͪ̕҉̘͈͕͓͍͜t̨ͫ̿ͤ̒͛͒̒͂̒ͯ͒͏̰̜̪̗ ̵̡̝̫̫̺̰̪̘̻̞̓̃̌ͯ̎ͤ̑̏̊ͩ͊̾̀̎͒͂̓͐͛́͘͝ͅͅs̛̳̹̪̳͈̟̤̯̤̭̼̋͋́ͫ͊ͧ̉ͮ̐ͤ̈́͠͞͡h̷̵̀̋́̅͏̲̦̜̲̘͈̹͉̪͙͞ͅi̵̶̞̞͕̝̮̦͇͔̠͓̝͍͆̎̌ͩ̓͑ͩ͒͆̀̎͗͐ͦ̾̉̂̈́̚͘p̸̛̪̥̝ͪ̈́̓ͭͪ̊ͧͦ̅͂̅̈ͫ͒̊ͫ͢͡f̸̮̣̠̜̲̟̰̮̫͍̳̗̎̏̎̉̊̌̔͒ͧ̐ͭ̕ų̡̛̞̰̗͈̟͔ͤ͌͛͐ͣ͒̍ͭͣ̓̎̍̿̅̋͐͒̀̀

Please marry me, Kaga-san!

>get BTFO
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It's not his fault he's a faggot.


>call others shitpost while he shotpost the worst
Why is lagafag so pathetic?

Hi hiphop

I want Prinz to stuff her boobs in my face as she bounces on my dick.



Kaga is strong and beautiful, Kaga wins.

Ironic coming from the guy who can't even post an image and a post four times in a row. Also that screenshot of the danbooru image.

Yes, Kaga is awesome my Kagafriend

>loses to Enterprise without doing anything

>get BTFO
>starts spouting nonsense

>truth is nonsense
Did you act like Kaga getting fucked by Enterprise didn't happen too?

There was another one with the rebecca image, but it was lost in the archive fuckup.

When did the q appear?

Looks like I am going to turn you into my Prinz as I make you ride my cock instead user.

Then I am going to make you pregnant and make you into my personal slut.

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Kagalove is real love

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Kaga Last

Kaga Love Life