One Piece

Best girl Reiju Confirmed.
She is a best. A GOOD BEST.
anti Reiju fags EPIC BTFO

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>Sanji, the boy in the iron mask
This sucks even worse than Zeff eating his leg.

Miss fatty got BTFO.
What a good chapter.
She got put on suicide watch

What if 3ji is the only real son?
the other 4 are manufactured shit

anyway this backstory is shit


Yo where my nigga Jinbe at?

reiju a shit

he ded

confirmed for being a duplicitous little shit

>no handcuffs

Pudding is cute and Sanji will marry her.


SanjixCossete got confirmed this chapter.
Stop being delusional

boring shit deserves to die

Why would he marry an evil character who lead the Strawhats into a trap?
>b-but she was just being held by Tamago!

The womb part is just to tell you that they could be Judge clones and still have a mother.

And you don't make any sense by saying clones need to act exactly the same in order to be clones.

fish lives matter

Reiju, Cossette, & Carrot will join the crew.
Screencap this.

This. She is a sweet commander.

So Sanji and his brothers are just clones of Dadji and Momji does not exist.
It was somehow expected from last chapter but still doing this kind of things to important characters after a long time is not ok Oda

I have a feeling Sanji's abilities needed time to mature a lot longer then his brothers. Maybe vegapunk allowed them to use devil fruit abilities in their bodies without the devil fruit. So Sanji's could be fire.

It is an idea but pretty lame considering Sabo has the fire fire fruit.

she's a cripple now and probably wants nothing to do with the man who ruined a good gig setting her on the path to paralysis and possibly unemployment as well

>does not exist
Reread the chapter slowly

>D: Why does Sanji-san's eyebrow curl up at the end? Is it for fashion? Make it clear!!

>O: Hey!! You there, sit down!! Now listen!! Everyone lives in circles!! The Sun, the Moon, and the Earth all spin in circles!! And!! If the Earth suddenly stopped spinning!! The planet would be covered in tidal waves!! It would be terrible!! Now remember that Sanji's eyebrow channels that same powerful circular energy!! Reflect upon this!! You may go!!

Reminder that Sanji channels the spiral energy of the planet and his siblings are all of the anti-spiral.

read the chapter again

>He thinks a character will think like that in one piece
>He thinks she got crippled
I hope you were just trying to be funny.

>le speadreader meme
Dadji is full of lies and if you can't see though that you are really baka user

>Sanji's original name was going to be Naruto
Oh shit, son!

Only Reiju will join.

nice bait

Only Carrot will join maybe Cossete as a second chef/chef assistant

>Scheming pyramid hands
Evil confirmed!

Seriously though. Cosette will probably end up living on baratie if she gets any proper closure.

Canon soon

Only Cosette will join as Sanji's wife

There she is. Look at her ignoring all the post about her being BTFO. I bet she clicked the "hide" button too.

>The other three are low tier cyborgs that grew up beating on normalfags outside the grand line
>Sanji is a self-made man of Grand Blue fame

Sanji taking on all his siblings at the same time once the crew gets a handle on the situation will be a glorious beatdown, won't it?

I want to make love to Robin from behind, in a seated position.

>all of the family are genetically modified
>one uses electricity
>sanji is the dad's inheritor
>uses fire
>family name sake is because the dad is the fire user as well

Literally nobody cares about Cosette.

Wasn't you just BTFO again lyingfag? I'm surprise you're still alive.

Sanji does, much more than he cares about his whore sister

I loves Odas ability to make you hate someone so much you crave a beatdown to happen. Last time I craved this so badly was Bellamy.

>oh reiju had no choice
>she's a good girl
>can't have the pretty girl get righteously beaten up
enough oda, enough

but I literally care about her she's qt


>Zolofag in this arc right now

She's still spineless, though.

>I-It was you, y-you got BTFO
My sides

Am I the only one who think this whole Vinsmoke family is Oda's biggest asspull with Sabo? Oda is only doing this because Sanji was missing during Dressrosa arc.

So this arc is basically: "I'm so sorry sanji fans!!! now you get to see him he will get his own arc again!!! enjoy my asspull!!"

this threads will not be the same when Zoro will BTFO Kaido with the help of Kid and Killer

>no baneposting

I am dissapointed

Dadji's lightning tho?

fuck off with your memes

no need to hurry, wano will be our arc


he actually thought about all this when he created his character but was still too early to introduce all this

You still have yet to explain how her being good or helping sanji makes her not a bitch? Plus this chapter pretty much confirmed yonji isn't going to help since he's just like his brothers.

No Sanji was missing and getting BTFO because this arc was coming. I told you faggots about it a dozens times but you wouldn't hear me.

friendly reminder

source: my ass

you have to be stupid to think this is true.

>anyway this backstory is shit


Zoro is the number one candidate for pulling shut out of his ass

Yes, you are. This was already planned out even before Dressrosa.

>a bitch
>when a fat girl calls another girl a bitch
When that happens is because there is jealousy.
Also no Yonji got introduced with Reiju so let's wait and see.

When I think of the man in the iron mask, the first thing that comes to mind is
>N? What does 'N' stand for?

yeah just like you claiming this is just an asspull, you can just don't know what the fuck was Oda thinking about this

>Sanji is clearly presented to us as a person with no family. A runaway kid on a boat.
>He's from another part of the world than the rest of the crew
>He's cheekily used the codename "prince" before
>Oda kept messing up his wanted picture for some reason

Oda is pandering to his fans: Ace fans cry about his death and send death letters to Oda: Oda makes Sabo.
Sanji fans cry about Sanji absence's during Dressrosa and send death letters to Oda: Oda makes Vinsmoke family plot.

You have to be DUMB to think Oda isn't pandering to his fans.

My guess would be Oda had a few vague notes about Sanj's backstory and probably changed it a hell of a lot over the years, but rarely ever thought about it beyond "He comes from a powerful evil family in north blue." "Maybe they were scientists or something."

as the story progress: maybe yes
initially: no, hell oda was planning to name him Naruto

>Oda kept messing up his wanted picture for some reason

for what reason?

reiju will team up with cedar

to postpone this saga probably

I don't give a shit, but how is this an asspull

>s-she isn't a bitch
>you're jealous
Oh so you still can't answer it? OK my point proven

>H-He was introduced with her
OK and now If you actually read, when ever he's shown oda always shows him with the two brothers while reiju is always off on her own.

Because buzzwords and memes.

I hope Sanji allowed himself to take that knee in the back because of the threat to east blue. Also fuck you Oda making Reiju "good." I want to see a woman get the shit kicked out of her like in the old days of One Piece. Nami vs Doublefinger was great. More of that.

I'll have to read the chapter again, but does this mean Sanji doesn't have a mother? Then what's the deal with the sad look at the photo from ages back?

haha I forgot about the prince thing, I might actually believe you then

Did you miss the part where his kick did nothing to niji?

but his first bounty was easily recognizable, he had his curly eyebrow and SANJI writtena ll over the bounty. Actually he is hardly recognizable with his current bounty (heart-shaped eyes).

It was just a joke.

I guess the idea is that Sanji is the only natural child?

Nah, I like it. It doesn't really ruin anything and makes it so Sanji could develop as a character. Oda didn't plan exactly this type of development but I believe that "third son from a royal family" was something that he put into the character from conception and just didn't touch it for years.

He did shoehorn an extreme love for women into the character but I do like it about Sanji so I don't care that much.

So far all the Vinsmoke situation didn't break any character or world rules of OP (at least that I'm aware of) and it's good enough to make Sanji overcome his trauma and grow. It's not tragic enough to stand out among the other strawhats but to be fair strawhats had beyond fucked up backstories. Also he ate a person's leg so combined with his childhood it's tragic enough.

Judge said his mother been dead for a while not that she died after his birth. She could have died when they turned 5

They mention his mother is long dead in this very chapter user.

Sanji is the Liquid Snake of One Piece

He didn't eat someone leg user. Zeff gave him all the food and ate his own leg

all of the are natural child user
it's just they were enhanced with some technology shit

The one who inherited the mother's spirit.

the only thing i wouldnt really understand is, if the fact about Sanji originally being supposed to be named Naruto is true, then it might mean this arc about the vinsmokes wasnt planned from the very beginning because of the number pattern in their names not being present if he were called Naruto

Dude, I don't need to answer. She clearly cares for Sanji. She is not a bitch. She is scared of the others and her dad.

come back here until you have read the manga.

no, he's the failed one, he's Solid

Or maybe the name gags were written in after the fact but the past already existed.

No Judge found out about DNA, they call it the "blueprint of life" in this chapter. It's clear they are genetically modified humans probably clones modified genetically.

Solid Snake is the superior one though

>if it isn't planned since the first chapter it's an asspull
can we stop with this meme please?

yep and Germa found Duval after that bounty

I agree with you on reiju. And here's the issue. In the previous chapters she seemed as evil or possibly more than her siblings.
Now, we're supposed to not want her to get a kick in the face because she's "good", but said goodness is just "I was too scared to say anything"

This isn't enough to make up for the previous negativity towards her.

Please explain what's an asspull.

do you actually believe this was planned from the beginning ?

theres so many asspulls on this manga in the last few years

a reasonable post on Cred Forums? wtf

No, Liquid is the superior clone. They just lied to him and told him that he's the failed one.

>theres so many asspulls on this manga in the last few years
Is "asspull" defined as "new information the reader didn't previously have"?


No, you idiot. Liquid is.

like what?
yeah i think that's probably right, the names don't necessarily need to have a number pattern, they seem to have been born as normal humans afterall, not as clones, they've only been genetically modified afterwards, so the number pattern wouldnt be necessary

the name of Naruto would have been for his eyebrows so idk maybe all this theory about Oda planning it all is wrong

Of course he let it happen. Of course Reiju was going to be good and obviously have been the black sheep as well if not for Sanji due to being a girl. And of course he has a mother, they say it right in this very chapter that she's been dead.

They're just genetically modified kids is all, outside of Sanji who gained power completely on his own.

If Naruto never existed, Sanji's would have been 7th child.

Are you retarded, why would they go for someone named DUVAL when there is SANJI written all over it and Sanji is Judge's son.

I stand corrected

Jesus fuck, did you play the games?

> It's clear they are genetically modified humans
that's what i said
>probably clones
unlikely, clones only apply for the soldiers

yeah but oda is a betacuck so you can't hit women!!!

Or they just had names based around Naruto instead.

because duval looks exactly like the badly drawn bounty poster
that's the joke

>come back here until you have read the manga.
>come back here

Do not come back here until you learn English, you real-life speedreader.

>she's a caring big sis

asspull by the shounen way
One Piece fell into that long ago
more and more important and strong opponents
but if they were/are this precious and prig threat then where the fuck were they during the first 800 chapter?

plus they make the old opponents/antagonists extreme weak and laughable
for exaple Crocodile
even the WB pirates looks like coward now, especially how they acted during the war

now every single man can use all type of haki, awakening all the way just because it is the New World

What asspull? This has been foreshadowed for a while now. There is definitely something strange about Sanji, especially his explicit inability to hit females. Zeff clearly didn't teach him that, so it has to be something related to before Sanji met him.

Because they last saw sanji when he as like 5 so there was literally no way they could know it was duval and not sanji.

what you are saying is that the vinsmoke family are super dumb because they confused Duval for Sanji when all they had to do was looking for the Straw hat pirates and go for Sanji.

That or Oda didn't plan it at all and the bounty poster was just a joke.

he's right though, anime only shitters shouldn't be allowed.

>In the previous chapters she seemed as evil or possibly more than her siblings.

Are we reading the same mango? It was pretty obvious by her reactions to things and how she didn't immediately just let Luffy die that she had a streak of goodness in her.

It was actually so obvious that its kind of painfully stupid.

the marines went after duval, dadji certainly doesn't have time to be running after his mongrel kid

If Sanji's name was naruto, then he wouldn't have fit in witht his brothers. That means Oda literally made this up as he went.
Oda confirmed for hack status.

>more and more important and strong opponents
You mean we shouldn't meet the Yonko and their troops? Really?
>where the fuck were they during the first 800 chapter?
At the top.

Really? We just saw last chapter an innocent girl get fucking destroyed to a bloody pulp.


>he's right

Don't speak in 3rd person in order to pretend that someone agrees with you, ESL scum. If anyone's an anime shitter, it's guys like who are forced to watch anime because they cannot read.

Well there wouldn't really be a point if there weren't stronger enemies, it wouldn't really make sense in the context of the manga itself.

Crocodile actually got a huge buff in terms of strength considering he was one of the earlier villains and suddenly here he is holding his own during the war.

I will grant that the WB Pirates got fucked however, and as for Haki, of course a good lot would have it in the New World. Even then considering all the characters we've met and yet to meet, its still a rather low number. I mean of course its going to focus on those with haki because its the New World and you're getting into the higher ups, the vast majority of people still don't have haki within One Piece's world.

but that's 1 woman out of the many that haven't gotten the shit beat out of them, and it wasn't even an evil bitch, it was a kind person

they tought his face was deformed under the mask, that's why they went after Duval

plus they didn't know his name is Duval until he explained it to them

Pudding will be evil and Nami will fight her user.

>i-i don't need a answer
>she cares for sanji, she's just scared
I don't recall ever saying she didn't care for sanji. Nami cares for the crew but she's still a bitch. You're trying to say I was BTFO but you can't give me a answer to how she isn't a bitch. She clearly puts her self before sanji well being. Laughing at his suffering while not trying to help and using their close relationship to slip cuffs on him. You can say she was scared but she could more then likely beat yonji. And by dadji reaction to sanji beating up yonji I Really doubt he would let anything happen to his precious kids who werent failures.

Why are you so fixated on every woman getting beaten up and then acting like Oda is an SJW for not doing that? Especially your clear distaste of 'bitches' or assuming certain characters are bitches for not wanting to get bullied themselves.

Who hurt you in the past user? Which girl was it?

>more and more important and strong opponents
>but if they were/are this precious and prig threat then where the fuck were they during the first 800 chapter?

Is this your first time following a long story? Is this the first time you find out new characters as the story goes on because knowing about everybody since the beginning is retarded? Have you ever read a book of more than 100 pages?

What's an asspull btw?

>She seemed evil
That was just you faggot. No one saw that. You are a retard for falling for the memes.

>Foreshadowed from as far as Arabasta
>Pic related from volume 25 chapter 227


when the author doesn't know what the fuck do about something and them boom you get JoJo part 5 ending

i have no idea what you're talking about, try to be less triggered by online comments next time.

Swords owned by Zoro are asspull.

That's not Alabasta, that's Jaya.

Because user, if she defied her father she'd end up just like Sanji, considered a failure and worth nothing and they'd all just gang up on her. While Sanji could protect her and she could fight as well, its a losing battle due to Zeff right now and then they'd both just be screwed. Not everyone is Luffy that just rushes into things without thinking or caring. Some people are scared of the consequences of their actions, its called character.

>nothing has happened in the last 5 chapters

why is this allowed?

so, it has nothing to do with Sanji's backstory

when did I say he was an SJW? I just think oda is cringe for never having any female villains and sanji never hitting a girl, fucking gay fags


Any writer who can't turn a 5 year series into a 20 years series without changing things is a complete hack? amirite guys?

The truth is, Oda didn't plan all of this from the start, this is obvious. He probably had the idea during Dressrosa when Sanji's fans were complaining daily about his absence.

During a break, Oda was looking for a backstory about Sanji and he remembered all of the theories about Saniji being a prince that his fans send him. Oda was probably thinking about how his fans can be dumb because they made entire theories from a single name dropping "Prince" (and Oda had no intention of making Sanji a Prince, it was just a nickname good fitting at the time for a gentleman like Sanji).

This is the truth, Oda receive hundred, thousand of letters from fans all over the world. He has read a lot of theories about Sanji being a Prince and after Sanji absence during Dressrosa he decided to make this so Sanji fans would be happy.

Stop hiding from your past user and suppressing yourself, its not healthy.

We all know the mr prince bit.

are you an idiot?

You called Reiju being good delusional. Fuck off your damage control is not working.
Stop being jealous.

what do you even mean by this, stuff has happened in literally every chapter you fucking dumb frogposter

>Nami cares for the crew but she's still a bitch
>you can't give me a answer to how she isn't a bitch
>She clearly puts her self before sanji well being
>Laughing at his suffering

We have a fucking female villain this very arc, Big Mom. And that is Sanji's character, we've seen others hit women before. Hell Luffy has hit women before.

Where do you read One Piece colored? By the usual pictures and screenshots that get linked here I initially didn't care about it but that looks pretty nice (the sites I've tried are all either incomplete or bad)

Noland and DF encyclopedia

Sani is the only strawhat that never hit a girl (maybe Franky too, but still)

I'm just saying that maybe you should do some introspection before saying someone is a speedreader or that they haven't read the manga. You need to learn basic skills like English before you can criticize others, and if you still have no idea what I'm talking about then that only proves me right.

what? i'm not him, i was checking your quads moron

Then what was the point of saying he was from North Blue?

>Oda screwing up THAT bad

It's like he's taken a months-long vacation and some H A C K has taken his place, holy shit

He thinks no punches means no story going forward.

Good catch.

less than 5 women ever have gotten badly hurt in 1 piece

I'll be honest, didn't even realize I got quads. I should probably get some sleep, it is 9am.

nope, are you? why is sanji's backstory an asspull?

Of course he didn't plan it from the start, it's impossible to plan a 840 chapter manga since the first chapter
But why is that a problem?

nah, her just snickering in the sidelines made her seem more
>actually I run the show, I just let these hotheads do the work
to me

If you really cared you would learn Japanese and write a letter to Oda about not having enough women beat up in his shonen.

Show me you care user. Show me you care.

>oda is cringe for never having any female villains
we've only been in the flashback for one chapter, did you already forget which arc we're in?

The point was to make him a bit mysterious and so sanji could explain about this tale from North Blue.

I'm not even that guy, but you posted the anime version of sanji's story with zeff, that's why people are telling you to read the manga. That's it, and then you're going off on a tangent about a spelling mistake i didn't even make. Stop being paranoid and bootyblasted, it's just an anonymous comment ffs.

And? Less than 5 women have ever gotten hurt in most Shounens. Its a boys/teen manga about men, it doesn't need a focus on women constantly. Shit do you complain about DBZ and how women don't get their shit rocked constantly too? Then again you're probably the weird guy in the DBS threads that spends his time fapping to Videl getting the shit beat out of her and not giving a shit about anything else.

>Can't counter argument
>L-learn English first y-you dummy.

big mom looking like an ogre doesn't help your case
oda clearly has a "pretty girls can't be beaten up by good guys" issue

I never said it was an asspull, I know that manga page aswell, I was only wondering how he was gonna do the story if he was named Naruto and didnt follow the number pattern, but as another user pointed out, it turns out the number naming pattern wasnt necessary because they're still humans, not clones.

she's literally not going to get touched because she's female, screencap this

>a bit mysterious
As if the fact that we never learned about his family in his flashback wasn't enough for that.

>reading DBS threads
fucking weirdo


miss valentine
the molewoman
miss doublefinger

that's six, not even halfway through

>This series for kids is not mature enough for my tastes.

You are just wrong. Sanji was absent because he was going to be the main focus in the future. If there's one thing Oda know it's giving enough screen time to all of his characters. I told you guys that it was the reason he was "forgotten". I also told you that the whole crew absent from Dressrosa will have their own arc in the future.

fuck off ussop you fucking pussy

So its not good that pretty girls don't get beaten up, but its alright if ugly girls do?

I mean I guess we've forgotten Luffy punching Vivi in the face, Bonney getting her ass captured and beat, Kalifa getting rocked, Monet getting her ass beat and her heart crushed, etc. etc.

Seriously why does it matter? Who cares.

ughh i don't want brook, chopper, or "another" nami's arc

i hope nami dies
p.s. I hate wimmin!@1

They are not popular though so they won't.

just go back to grave

>They are not popular though
Says who?


Does this makes you weewee get hard?

The rankings. Also this arc is the arc orly Nami and brook as well.
This is their arc too.

Who is your favorite non-canon character?

No no, i mean the whole cake island arc is the counterpart for Dressrosa.

i demand justice for ugly women


the old geezer from the Luffy flashback

Nami, Vivi, Kalifa,Tashigi, Monet, Bonney, every female Mink
Hancock and her sisters should count too, and I think Shirahoshi was wounded when Noah was chasing her but Can't remember clearly

You only think women get hurt less because there are less female characters in the first place

>(maybe Franky too, but still)
So you missed the fact that Franky beat the shit out of that land whale in Dressrosa?

Nami's arc is in Film Gold

why is Nami such a bitch?

luffy didn't beat up vivi, it was a wake up punch
the rest of the examples fail to acknowledge the issue I mentioned
oda clearly can't handle the good guys beating up a pretty woman
he just can't

>she obviously is some weird half and half bitch since she saved luffy
This user might be onto something.
In the current time, she's both been a bitch and non-bitch, when she gave Sanji the handcuffs and when she saved Luffy.

In this case, being half good half bad, the other hidden eyebrow might be reversed as Sanji's.

Her hair style is hiding it, so it's a possibility.


In about five chapters, possibly. Just wait it out.

>hiding hairstyle
Are you stupid? She only put the handcuffs because she is scared and following orders. Stop being a retard.

the chosen one, she will bring balance

>She only put the handcuffs because she is scared and following orders.
Or because she actually agrees to the handcuffs. You know that's a possibility as well.

Your original argument was that pretty girls don't get hit. I gave you examples, and now you're clinging to them getting the shit beat out of them.

But seriously, what does it matter? What would it bring to the story to have a pretty woman getting beat up by a good guy? What doesn't it bring to the story?

Really though, what does it matter whether it happens in the story at all?

I had forgot about that, why is he so best?


What if Vegapunk is invited to the wedding, being old pals with Judge and all? Maybe he can also meet Caesar again.

geez, i want to get a blowjob from loli reiju

>tfw been saying this all along
>tfw people still try to claim nah nah nah she's a bitch, a heartless wench

Some people really need to stop speed-reading and learn some elementary school reading comprehension.

Should I start reading the manga or watching the anime and then reading the manga?

I hope you are trolling. You can't be this stupid.

He probably won't be. He may resent Judge for getting him arrested in the first place.

>conveniently forgetting that Sanji beat up Yonji

It could be either though. That's how it is for characters who aren't fleshed out so much.

Ace and whitebeard die
Sabo is alive
Luffy's grandad is a marine hero
Luffy's dad is the most wanted in the world
Blackbeard steals whitebeards fruit.

The giantess that Luffy ate


>inserting the same meme 2 chapters in a row

Someone please find and shoot Niggastream's translator.

>"year of Sanji"
>Sanji revealed as a genetically inferior abortion
>he jobs multiple fights again
>Oda introduces superior Sanji clones, who also detract his screen time and presence

Ohh I am laffing

Read the manga. The anime is actually horrendously bad 99% of the time. If you want to watch a fight or something in the anime after the manga, go for it.

There are a few moments that the anime does do well, but largely its garbage.

Did it say Judge got him arrested though? I just thought they all got caught and he just managed to get away.

Start reading the anime.

lol haha!! you sure showed him

thanks senpai


read the manga, the anime is not bad but slow at some times and it may annoy you

Miss Valentine got rekt by Luffy and Zoro on Whyskey Peak, and that's only one of the many examples

>In the last panel he is repairing his exoskeleton

You don't know what that word means.
>superior Sanji clones
Well they're not clones of Sanji so you're wrong, and Sanji isn't a clone either.

Have you also forgotten that its very clear Sanji is now the strongest kid and he's being pigeon holed very hard?

Nah but continue to shitpost as much as you like and your hate on Sanji for whatever asinine reason you guys hate anybody in the crew.

>Sanji is a special snowflake

Not entirely, but they were partners. A lot of people always blame the partner for where things went wrong.

Don Accino

So is Sanji actually his kid? Why would the scientists think he was modified?

he's just holding back he WILL BTFO his brothers and dad when the time comes

>Oda introduces superior Sanji clones
Literally retarded.

They're all his kids, they were just genetically modified to be superior. Sanji's just didn't take. They're all basically Captain America.

What is hard about this to understand for you people?


But getting arrested found him a comfy job in the WG, probably well paid too

We captain America now

So are they clones or what?

Well not necessarily. He could be being forced to do that work and working under harsh conditions.

Chances are you're right and I'm just spit-balling a reason for him not being at the wedding, but I mean it is possible.

No, they are just modified kids. The clones grow big in 5 years. Sanji and the rest grow old normally.


Epic Cred Forumsro xD

I can keep doing this all day.

No, they are genetically engineered. Just like you can do it to your children in real life in some countries (choose their eyes color etc) except this is more advanced and makes them into superhumans. All of them had a mother as mentioned in the chapter.

>He doesn't understand what quadruplets are.

They have literally the same DNA, twins and shit are natural clones, the cells divide and make two identical fetus thingys. If two twins have children with different partners and the children of both take DNA tests the result says the share the same father/mother even if they don't, they are technically brothers not cousins.

Ban all speedreaders.

They are not twins though the only one that looks like Sanji is yonji

An ideal worth fighting for.

Con D Oriano.

>the original argument
It's not just you and me in the thread. I'm not the person you were originally responding to. My argument was about something different and I said so clearly.

>what does it matter
It doesn't. It's fine the way it is. But it's slightly eh that every time you see a pretty woman in the bad guy's faction you know it's either
woman will fight her
bad guy will turn on her
she's actually good
she'll get no retribution
It's not bad, it's slightly annoying due to predictability.

How and when did she start sucking poison out of men?


Literally retarded as stated in the manga that Ichiji is the eldest brother. Stop speedreading.


>all this talking about women getting hurt
stop. I already fapped.

Woah, stronger people gather the closer you get to your goal? user, you might be onto something, maybe even every other story works this way!

Seriously, are you a fucking idiot? Is this the first time you've read anything? Asking where all the strong guys were - they were in the New World. Why would they go to some weak sea?

I hate this kind of characters
>I'm sorry but don't want to be bullied like you lol
literally a SHIT

No shit, we were talking about Germa Clones. The kids don't have identical DNA/genes to Judge, they're normal ass born kids, they're just quadruplets.

Besides they could all be fraternal twins. While yes it is still a natural clone, it means they don't all look entirely identical. Sanji and likely Reiju's eyebrows for instance.

>sanji now have the most tragic backstory

>It's not bad, it's slightly annoying due to predictability
People have been saying that about One Piece for a few years now

They are all the same age, being the eldest just means he was born seconds before the others.

This nigga is the only vice admiral worth a shit other than Garp and maybe laundry lady. Even at Marineford in the anime filler nobody fucked with this guy.

Jesus Chirst, Sanji has been getting fucked HARD since the time skip. He hasn't even beaten a single noteworthy person by himself

What do you like? A depressing dumb kid like nurutu?

Setup for this arc probs.

>be Luffy
>be son of Dragon
>grandson of Garp
>father figure and friend is one of Yonko
>brother is son of the Gold D Rodger
>other brother is a top dog of one of the strongest organisations
>share uncanny resemblance with the pirate king
>will of the D
>also have 1 in a million haki

Why do people root for this fucker again?

He has all the odds stacked towards him. It'd be shameful if he WASNT the pirate King.

No, it's nowhere close to Robin, Brook and Law

>pics is saved from Cred Forums
is this the quality of DB Super threads? it's not like that the serie is worth anything but eh I thought the fans have some affection for the serie or something

>tfw Law becomes the Pirate King and Oda just sits back and laughs

This chapter just showed genetics don't guarantee anything

Inherited Will motherfucker.

Most people actually just post screenshots from shit they got off nyaa. Not sure what that user is doing.

He was never seen at Marineford. He was seen before but not during, pretty sure.

Reminds me of pic related

>He doesn't know Teach will be the PK before Luffy.

Are you 12?

Wouldn't be too surprised if Sanji was also holding back due to some subconscious underlying issues from his past trauma and inferiority. Aside from the hostage. Still got treated like fodder by Dolfa, though. Nami will set him straight.

>Akainu kills troops who try to run away
>his protege Jonathan is nowhere to be seen

It kind of did in a way. He will still a Royal who inherited strength. I thought he acquired the strength from his hard work and training with Zeff but the arc is starting to make me think otherwise.

Having a noteworthy lineage doesn't mean you'll be worthy yourself. All of Maradona's sons suck dicks at footy

It's kinda fair if you think about it. Pre-time skip he was by far the most versatile crew member. Guy was part of the monster trio, yet he was clever enough to Mr. Prince it up multiple times, and he's the cook and knowledgeable all around.

Practically no crew member from the Straw Hats had such well rounded parameters. Everyone was more of a specialist with one or two things they were good or great at but despite the fact that Sanji was also a specialist he wasn't handicapped in most areas like everyone else. The closest all rounders next to him would be Franky and Robin but they fall heavily behind in combat.

That was the joke. Guy was so tactful despite being under Akainu of all people.

Just like Maradona.

People with shitty taste deserve to die

Leaving stuff vague or unmentioned is good because you don't end up having to contradict yourself later. Something as long as One Piece benefits from not everything being final from day 1.

b-but anons on 4chinz will say it's an asspull if you don't have it planned since the very first chapters

That's why Oda is such a God, he foreshadowed Haki on chapter 1

Franky leveled the fuck up though. His weakness now is that he has no combat skills, meanwhile his body is almost a literal tank.

>Year of Sanji!!
>Sanji is revealed to be born a complete failure of a person, sucked at everything since birth, doesn't have magic genetic powers, probably has some bullshit power of Friendship and The Heart
This is beyond the point of comedy, this is just pathetic.

>It's a Sanji gets the crap beat out of him chapter

I'm also willing to bet that he never gets the chance to beat the shit out of all of them because that would be immoral or something

Wow, I am so mad that Reiju is good and not like that manipulative cunt whore in High School that used to bully me! Stop showing sympathy to bullies and women Oda, I couldn't possibly be more outraged after this chapter. She's nothing more than an obvious bitch and who needs to be put in her place just like that bitch in High School. I don't care about her backstory or her reasons, she's garbage that reminds me of the past and I want her ass beaten. I'm so sick of Oda always protecting pretty women, ITS INFURIATING. Do you understand MY PAIN Oda?! No you fucking don't you just want to white knight it up over your pretty women and have them be perfect little speshul snowflaeks that can never do any wrong, well I'm sick of it! SICK OF IT! How dare she not be evil, she's such an obvious bitch, I hope she gets her teeth kicked in. GOD!

>vague is how you please retards
>oda predicted the future of millenial's mental capcity


Oh I don't deny that, I was mostly talking about pre-time skip. Post time skip weaknesses mean shit since their strengths are so high it basically nullifies it.

Well maybe besides Luffy going for meat and Zoro with directions.


>Sanji is still stronger than the other 4 despite not being genetically modified and spends his time making food

Who are the real failures here user?

Pudding will be the evil girl this arc user. Is obvious.
She a shit, A SHIT

training 2 years in the Okama island is not some bullshit, do I need to remind you that he was able to fight back Doflamingo when they were running away from Dressrosa?

>its only good if everything is planned from the beginning with no deviations whatsoever

Do you enjoy anything in life? Also I hate to break it to you, but you're a millennial as well.

someone edit sanji and his brothers into this.


He was there to train his cooking skills not fighting skills.

That's because of her super fucking deadly devil fruit you fucking retarded

Forgetting Alvera, literally the first antagonist

Sanji still, because he doesn't have MILITARY MIGHT! Dong Krieg being his intro arc is really poetic now.
You did, I almost forgot about that because he really hurt his leg, and nobody really commented on how he clashed with doffy, right? And least he got Geppou and iirc better black legs from the Okama but he hasn't been able to do jackshit yet.


I'll assume you've never even tried to create a story

Why do you want to see pretty girls getting beaten up?

Read chapter 1.

Sanji is clearly in the lower half in terms of power.

Also he's been getting bad matchups lately: Vergo, Doflamingo, I'd say we don't even know how strong he is or isn't right now. I'm sure he'll get some upgrade in this arc though, maybe he learns to spin his leg like a propeller or something, fucking anything at all.

>it's a lie because a I say so

Sad excuse for a speedreader.

>yfw sanji genetic powers awaken this arc
>that´s his power up

Alvida's not in that one.

>you fucking retarded

Sooo.. where the handcuffs at?


>do I need to remind you that he was able to fight back Doflamingo

He got BTFO by a single finger and did little to no damage.

>made this up as he went
>s-so it's a hack, r-right?

Kek. Fucking mongoloids I swear.

Why don't you screencap it yourself, ya faggot

he attacked with all his power because he was desperately trying to get Caesar back and yet couldn't even shake Sanji

who here is on the cruise?

Apart from Alvida, we have never seen Luffy hit female antagonist.


Blame the assistants, that's their job

Miss Wednesday, aka Princess Vivi comes to mind.

Cooking skills, which he had fight for to get access to the recipes.

>who is vivi

Sanji will BTFO his siblings right after the cuff and threat is gone?

He beat up Hancock's sisters

Nope, they do the background nice try though but stop trying to defend the hack

Vinsmoke powerlevels

Finally an excuse to post this old thing.

That's a problem. If these guys aren't killed, they'll just retaliate against Zeff and Baratie.

What's this from?

Please, stop baiting or put some effort on it

Nope, he didn't have to. Invakov said to steal them.
Sanji learned sky walk by running, not fighting.

i wonder what are they talking about

cute snails


Miss valentine too

Miss Valentine and the Boa Sisters

Could've been that he originally planned seven siblings but in the end they were too many so he reduced it to five.

Could've been that the earliest design was intended to be named Naruto but after the change of name he officially developed the character.

Could've been a huge number of reasons, but when you write stories and try to keep them consisting you don't throw in an entire arc of asspull (that's what filler is for), specially if it's a relevant arc such as this. Anyone thinking Oda didn't have this planned is a retard.

Miss Valentine got punched pretty hard

Maybe do some research and you will know I am right.
Editors only draw the backgrounds

>Sanji kicked him from behind
>Doffy blocks it easily and slashed him
>Doffy blocks another one of Sanji's pathetic moves
>Doffy lifts a single finger and Sanji is defeated
>Law saves Sanji

What manga are you reading?






still my favorite opening

>females are actually good people
Wow someone call the presses!

>Hey you! You are the pirate black leg Sanji, we've come to capture you
>What? No, you got it wrong my name is Duval
>Yeah right....

Nah, Sanji will BTFO his siblings by cooking them delicious food, making them realize the error of their ways through magic shounen cooking. They then decide to open and run a baratie branch restaurant in the new world.
One Piece: Toriko no Soma edition.

im a big bad male grrrr!!


Man, I swear that Sanji better be jobbing on purpose because of the threats of targeting people who he wants to keep safe.

Does Oda actually like the Star Wars prequels?
Order 66 and the clone army

The scene where Bellamy rapes Nami in Mocktown.

she was way too smug for me to handle

>implying you wouldn't want her to sit on your face and increase her weight until you die

Yes, germa 66 is a star wars reference, which had a lot of Nazi references.

did he use spring death knock on his cock
no that's disgusting

I heard he does like them.

>Post Time skip Nami
Your statement is contradictory

Artist is Fukuro Ooji.


Empire in Star Wars was a mix of nazis and colonial brits yo.

what did he mean by this

>Can't hit a woman
>what is Jora
>what is Monet
>what is Baby 5
>what is Bonny
>what is Madame Shyarly
There are plenty of women who've been hit or shown being attacked.

His punches also functions as meat tenderizers. Ergo, cooking. And the final boss just happens to be on his to-eat list.
Jokes aside, I'd admit that Toriko has far abandoned the cooking parts.

>another chapter
>no monet


liquid had the dominant genes
solid had the recessive genes
liquid was fed a lie that he had the recessive genes.

She's in Caesar's new lab.

Hahahahaha what an idiot

Just wait for the next cover story user. Barto's gonna find her on Punk Hazard and heal her up with granny's home remedies.

Sasuga, speedreader-kun

Every single attractive antagonistic female character in One Piece has been redeemed on one way or another, including Monet in the future. This is excluding marines or characters of non relavance.

Prove me wrong.

kek who hit shyarly? for what purpose?

I want to believe these double dubs. But it'd be more realistic for her to take over Germa and become Vivi 2.0.

the loli from one piece gold heart, that tv movie.
Also Jonathan, that guy is legit cool.

>characters of non relavance

Well, we are talking about one right now.

monet was never redeemed retard
she's still a delusional bitch who was in love with doffy

Alvida? She's just a buggy goon now.

Hody tossed a water ball at her for talking shit how he wasn't the one that "destroys" Fishman island but Luffy was.

Stronghold-ossan counted his meatballs.

did she absorb it like some sort of evil sponge?

She absorbs liquids. She's a woman after all.

Sanji protected Kureha from an afro back at Drum

Cossete won't stay crippled right? ;__;

She wasn't attractive before. Also Buggy and crew are also redeemed I guess. I don't see them being enemies in the future and they don't do evil shit like blowing up towns or bullying kids anymore. Alvida's personality also changed after being defeated, she's not a total off putting bitch anymore.

I hope this is fresh pasta, this is great.

You are right. Good thing Monet is irrelevant so she will never be redeemed. She is dead anyway

I bet that Reiju was the one that helped Sanji escape

Thats not it look at any op sea map : you can't go so far away from your birth place unless you are a marine a pirate or a tenryubito (and he did it while < 9 y.o)

I never said she was redeemed fucker. Who's to say that she won't be in the future

He probably doesn't need them now that he knows they can kill Zeff anytime.

>characters of non relavance.
just like monet

i do
exactly hue hue

>Every single attractive antagonistic female character in One Piece has been redeemed on one way or another, including Monet in the future.
But you did. Try phrasing it to what you really mean next time you type

>in the future
I don't think Oda will have a arc in hell

that sweat drop makes me think the little whore knows something of sanji
more than "he is still alive"

At least Monet died

>attractive antagonistic female character

>More vegapunk stuff

fucking yes

I literally can't. I can't even think of a single character. Last arc Violet and Baby 5 were redeemed and Jora was tossed in the trash for being ugly.

just you wait
>she knows he spent 2 years on queer island

Can someone catch me up on what happened after fishman island havent read in years

Monet sure fits the bill there.

well i mean at the op pic when they were children

Luffy teams up with a Shichibukai to take out another one, gains 5000 followers.
Sanji is getting married so his SCIENCE mercenary dad can team up with a Yonko.

Sanji is a clone.

yeah I realized that my bad
maybe the same thing happened to her mother and she knows that's going to happen to sanji, perhaps?

that guy was gutter trash
fuck him and his shitty knockoff akainu fruit.

Does this chapter confirm that there were 2 Monets: the good one who loved the children and threw Chopper the note and survived, and the evil one who fought the Strawhats and died when he heart was crushed?

>X has never happened except for the times it did

one piece is now a comic about furries and nazis

More like Sanji, Duval, Nami and Chopper.

Luffy has a Gear 4th now and still manages to job.

The strongest enemy Luffy's fought so far has the power of making biscuits.

you lost me there, how does this chapter imply there was a second monet?

Name the times it did then.

We want to Spain

never underestimate the destructive power of biscuits


Smoker is still useless.

So Sanji's power levels. He's clearly lagging behind Zoro and Luffy at this stage despite being part of the Monster Trio

Will he finally show off what he learnt from the Okama island?

Will he unlock those abilities that his brothers and sisters have?

Will he just beat the shit out of his brothers using his Diable Jambe because he's been holding back this whole time?

or will it be all three?

He's obviously holding back. If Zeff wasn't in danger, he'd have beaten these shits to death already.
I hope.

I guess but there haven't been any connections between Doffy and nazi science or vegapunk

Alvida becoming Buggy's concubine was a magnificent redemption. Based Oda.

He will combine fire with lighting and that will be his power up

he is a genius jester after all. it was all part of his master plan

>Sanji is the only one with reversed eyebrows

Nice Oda, I like this kinda details.

Another useless shitty nothing happened the chapter that contributes to literally nothing. Gawd I'm tired of this fucking hack,

The Vinsmoke family gave no shits about Sanji until recently when they made a deal with Big Mom

Sanji was only taken back into the family to be sacrificed for Judge's ambitions which was why they changed the bounty to alive only

Buggy redeemed Alvida by giving her the split D.

>Buggy fucks Alvida up the ass while she's down on all fours and looking up at him
Devil Fruits have such fun uses.

Reminder that his name is actually Buggy D. Jester Clown.
screencap this

>the only way to overcome her lubricated skin was with a levitating dick

>be Luffy
>be son of Dragon
>grandson of Garp
>father figure and friend is one of Yonko
>brother is son of the Gold D Rodger
>other brother is a top dog of one of the strongest organisations
>share uncanny resemblance with the pirate king

All of these mean literally nothing. In fact, having Dragon as a father probably makes him MORE of a target.

>will of the D
We don't even know what this means yet.

>also have 1 in a million haki
Oh boy, a power that takes out fodder, something he could already do just by punching, what an enormous advantage.


CoC is the most useless power in the series.
>The power to take out people who couldn't threaten you in a fight to begin with

Is he Natsu?

don't forget the magic ability to talk to animals

the ability to hear animals at least
Zou would only listen to Momo

Is luffy a shichibuckai now? I mean even buggy is one but you know..
Is his dad in the new world?? Seems a bit far fetched
Wasnt it always like that :pp
Not suprsised
At least he looks cool

Also something I always wondered how did Crocodile end up in Impel down? I taught he died in Ankara or however its called

All this Vinsmoke stuff could have made a great arc all on its own, similar to a post time skip Enies Lobby. But instead we have to deal with all the cake and candy shit that comes with having Big Mom in this arc.

>is luffy a shichibukai now
Yes. He gave up on being a pirate and is now working for the World Government. CONGRATULATIONS user, YOU'RE THE BIGGEST RETARD I'VE SEEN ALL WEEK!

It means he gets the special treatment and gets connections to people like Rayleigh/Boa. Boa wouldn't give a shit if he didn't have conquerors haki, Ivankov wouldn't of helped him. He would've died when Buggy lopped his head off if Dragon didn't save his ass.

Luffy has such a significant advantage over the average normie pirate it's not even comparable.

i think its a dope contrast

I enjoy the cake and candy shit more than the Vinsmoke edge city.

He will also add whatever ability Niji has.
Maybe Sanji has all of their powers stored in him.

Of course it does. Akainu went out of his way to kill Luffy at MF for this very fact.

>Reijufags were right

>Yonji confirmed irredeemable



I have literally read every single One Piece doujinshi.

i guess if the devil fruit book is the easy access or is something expensive to get

completely irredeemable

Yeah... I'm afraid guys what if Monet is really into the replica lab of Caesar?

Teach had it and he was a dirty peasant before joining Whitebeard.

Shickubikai's are still pirates


Will Ichiji try to usurp power from Judge?

What will Luffy's awakening look like? Will the ground and everything around him become rubber?

I assume so. Maybe he'll be able to control it to and force someone into the air to set up a combo

It was a joke. Look at his face.

Reiju is the most likely to do it

Was there any doubt?

bouncy castle

Bounce House

>Yonji gets his face dented
>Judge has to use wall while fighting Sanji
>Niji gets a kick in the face and then relies on hostages to stop Sanji from fighting back
Vinsmokes really are shitters
at least this increases the likelihood that Sanji will kick all their asses himself instead of Luffy showing up to save the day
also Ichiji will probably be stronger than Judge

>"Iron Mask" Duval
>Has Sanji's face underneath
>Sanji had an iron mask obscuring his face when he was disowned

Rubber damage absorption and redistribution for counter attacks.

...and then he was forced to take a hit since they still have zeff as hostage. Sanji won't go all out this arc. The crew are going to fight sanji's family.

yeah what the fuck's the deal with that whole 'outer skeleton' thing they mentioned this chapter? is no-one interested in what that means?

>Caesar hears the name vinsmokes and Germa but says nothing about Dadji

It's pretty self-explanatory. Google exoskeleton if you don't know what it is.

I think he's already been shown to be stronger than his brothers, at least two of them. He's never been defeated without blackmail or unfair conditions (in the case of his father) until now.

it means exactly what it sounds like
they have an exoskeleton to protect them from damage but obviously that won't do shit against new world pirates

It's an outer skeleton, what's there to know about. There's a layer of hard metal or some shit covering their bodies under their skin.

he worked with vegapunk after the government took him

>sanji wore an iron mask as a kid
>Duval was introduced wearing an iron mask
>Duval was confused with Sanji

I see what you did there, Oda.

Caesar didn't know Vegapunk from way back in the day like Dadji. If you think he was part of that group of scientist you are wrong.

new thread

>Every single attractive antagonistic female character in One Piece has been redeemed on one way or another
Exactly. Monet will never be heard of again.

new thread

use the catalog next time

this thread was made first


This thread is bullshit, there's no indication that they are born by "natural way" and genetically modifying a human and after he's born sounds stupid.

Don't be a dick, they were posted a minute apart. He probably saw there wasn't one and created one at the same time as someone else submitted his.

In the anime zeff cut off his leg to free himself from a sinking ship and later starved while giving all his food to sanji. When sanji goes to take the "food" from zeff later he realizes what happened

In the Manga zeff ate his own leg so he could give sanji his provisions

both were created early as fuck so both OPs are faggots

at least wait until it reaches 500 replies you fucking cancerous pieces of shit

this guy has the right idea

>makes thread way before bump limit
>acts high and mighty over being first
kill yourself

This explains how he knew about the clear clear fruit.

Sanji might appear to be a normal human, but he is still genetically modified.

Now, it wouldn't surprise me if he were to get a massive power-up, explained by unlocking his modified genetics.

it's only unlocked once you have sex so he's fucked

Pudding can help him with that.

He'd nosebleed to death so it's pointless

Smoke some weed or something dude, there's no need to be this upset about a fictional story. You sound exhausting to be around.

Do you really think this thread is any better user?