Danganronpa 3

Dear god in heaven please kill this faggot

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What was his NG code?

God I miss Juzo so much.

Do something right

Fuck no, mitarai is the most human character in this series. I swear to god if he winds up being some late game antagonist.

He saved Asahina and Juzo. That's something right!

hold the fucking phone

if the killing game is happening in a secret underwater base of the overseas hope's peak academy branch

does that mean this entire killing game was being planned BEFORE the tragedy even happened?

>useless fuck
fuck off faggot OP

Nothing of note, if his NG code was even remotely suspicious Persona would have noticed.

I'll do my best, but he seems to have some good luck/bullshit protecting him thus far

Agreed. Traitor is a traitor, no matter what.

He's source of all this despair.

>killing this qtpie
>useless meme
That Asahina,and this guy actually save her.

Yeah most likely, this didn't happen suddenly, this was planned for a very long time.

>Kyouko knew the secret to the killing game for some time
>told no-one
>kills herself and risks others instead
Was she despair?

Based on the words in the background

Doctor - Big Bug Guy?
Aikido - Pinwheel probs
(In)ventor - Witch, S&M Junko or maybe Gundham 2.0

>saved Juzo and Asahina on early game

>what is a detective
>what is hope

What is this?

And this implies?

But he's cute.

No she's always done that, it's so Naegi can be the one to TELL 'EM

Just grow some spines, maybe that'll make everyone happy for him. It's been how many years since the tragedy at HPA.

>draw a girl
>give it a faggot voice
>call it a man
Why is this allowed?

She's kirijunko

under spikesoft it says "robot"

Writing her as a retard for plot conveniences.

Reminder cure W fags got blown the fuck out, how retarded did people need to be in order to believe there was any hint at her survival. does anyone even fucking think theres enough time tom bring her back when we got so much shit left to answer in only 20 minutes.

So Kaede is the SHSL Robot?

She caused the deaths of at least 5 people by not telling everyone that the monitors were suspicious.

Guys do you think Junko told Chisa to do something if she died?

I have a feeling she did and we'll find out tomorrow. Because they didn't need to animate her smirking.

We have 40 minutes because last ep if despair is a special. Future 12 ends with Kirigiri's return

no this guy the MC

>Kirifags still at it
Jesus fucking christ. 3 weeks of delusion, will you make it a 4th?

Producing a Hope-filled Anime.

I actually believe that the Chisa who killed herself was actually Asahina.
That's the only way to explain why she was so cute at that scene.

Me too.

Are you saying my wife Chisa is not cute too.

The ED hints at her faking her death to motivate Naegi.

We will see on Monday faggot.

Asahina, I understand. Juzo, I don't.

>Have Ultimate boxer, restler, katana wielding dude, drugged monstrority, old fart that can stop a flying chair with his palm, MGS robot and Vash
>2 manlets, said katana dude and tanned girl survive
Well that's danganronpa for you


The real MC here fucker!

Why does he resemble Chiaki so much in his looks?
I swear I mistook them for brother and sister before.

id be ok with this, not kirigiri's return specifically though i am for it, but making the final despair episode the conclusion to both plotlines feels really necessary to me at this point

but im not getting me hopes up, it likely will end next episode and be quite rushed, I also just cant picture them bringing kirigiri back now.

She's been dead for 3 weeks. She'll be dead the 4th week.

All my love for our boy Juzo.

He deserved better than this. They all deserved better than this.

>Ryota is Chiaki
Jesus it's all so fucking clear now

What if NISA gets Jensen's VA to do his voice

Wait what, im actually curious about this please post what part of the lyrics do this, i always just kind of glanced over the lyrics when posted

You'll have to beat my invincible combo first if you want to be the MC.

Izuru and Chiaki love child, watch as he dies protecting Kaede at chapter 5.

Remember how we saw that Izuru was able to conceal his presence for the entirety of the first killing game until the very last minute, using the SHSL Spy talent? Nobody there saw him until he decided to show himself. The same thing happened later, with Nanami and Komaeda.

Wouldn't it be hilarious if somebody else like him - say, a Izuru 2.0 - was doing the exact same thing in the Final Killing Game? Just watching everybody act like a moron, slaughtering one another with impunity, with anybody unwilling to do that either killed via NG codes or by suicide via brainwashing, and doing nothing to stop it themselves even when they have all the power in the world?

Or even better... this time around, whoever was watching was given the sacred duty of picking somebody to put down every session - a noble Valkyrie choosing which warriors deserved to go to Valhalla.

>last 5 minutes
>mastermind defeated
>Kirigiri emerges with a Ramen cup on her head

She's fucking dead. And for ED we'll have to wait for that guy to do a "What's in an ED."

I never asked for this but I like it

>you will never save Nanami Chiaki when she's on the brink of death
>you will never tend to her
>you will never see the light resurge in her eyes as her wounds heal and she regains her former physical condition
>you will never force her to sleep for extended periods of time "For the sake of her recovery" while you secretly operate on her body, pumping her full of all sorts of talents that she was never intended to have
>you will never see the smile on her face slowly die as she realizes what you're doing to her, too helpless to fight back, assuming the absolute worst intentions of you
>you will never continue adding in more and more talents to her, doing it ever so carefully so that her personality doesn't end up suppressed, ensuring that she can continue to enjoy talents
>you will never see her regain her smile as she realizes she was wrong to doubt you but asks you if she can be let go anyway
>you will never promise her that you will let her go soon and see her smile and give you a hug, letting you feel up those soft, squishy Nanamis right against your chest
>you will never discreetly hook her up to a personality rewriting machine when she's sleeping one night and force her awake just as it turns on
>you will never explain to her that you're going to overwrite her personality with your own, so that you can enjoy her body, and see the light in her eyes flare up one last time as she struggles to resist
>you will never listen with delight in the cries and moans she makes as she helplessly attempts to resist your assault, her mind in utter shambles as you force her personality to the back of her own mind and allow a superior personality, one of your own choosing, to take its place
>you will never let 'Chiaki', the full, complete, Kamukura Izuru 2.0, out of the brainwashing machine and see her give you a big smile for helping her out so much all this time

What is there to HOPE for anymore?

It's action, not code.


Drop the gun, IN THE NAME OF HOPE!

> Still as dead as ever because it was all in Makoto's mind for he was still being Mindhacked from the Monitor and Tengan

Being useful.

You first hopeman.

From Hope's Peak Academy, two Izurus were born...

His voice will be Bryce Papenbrook's but with a tinny effect on it

>pumping her full of all sorts of talents that she was never intended to have
How about pumping her full of semen?

We doing this!

Stop, they're too defensive. Never mind the fact that they can't refute how cure w hasn't been explained yet.

Be honest: are you secretly hoping for the "it was an anime all along" ending so your favorite can still be alive

I honestly can't think of any way they can redeem Ryota by this point. Unless he's going to be:

>That one character who fucked everything up, but we're supposed to pity him because he just wanted to be a good boy.

danganronpa au where all of the ultimates are 「STAND USERS」

It wasn't even shown as cure w, it's a conclusion you fucks drew so yo ucan have hope in a red herring. It may as well have been trash from the lunch.

I'm actually banking on the Chisa is Asahina theory so Chisa can be alive

Doesn't need to be explained. We were showen that Cure W is useless and also that W means Wuda which is an upside down M which makes Muda as in useless.
Now get over it your waifu is dead.

I want him to sound like Yugi in eng version, but that's probably too much to ask

Cure W is what Munakata shot into himself to heal his wounds.

Hello, friends. I'm here to bring you some JUZOFACTS today, so you can better get to know our boy Juzo.

Did you know, after Juzo pulls the final lever, his last words are "Kyosuke"? It's true! He dies saying the last name of his beloved.

Juzo Sakakura, my friends. The true SHSL Heroine. You will be missed.

Have you worshiped our savior today?

Yes. I worshipped Juzo today.

He had a reason...

What if the W stands for "Wumbo"

I'd like to subscribe for more Juzofacts

another despair standoff

Disregard "last", I suck cocks.
I meant his first name.

Does Cred Forums like boats?

no its wetness because kirigiri always wets herself

Read the part about the 'steadily-moving Valkyrie under the assumption that it is about Kirigiri and her relationship with Naegi.


Literally red herring central.

Absolutely disgusting. She should clean herself up more.

The mastermind spot, Junko.

What ISN'T a red herring at this point?

>inb4 Tengan
He's a red herring too.

I wonder how Mitarai will mit his end?

Both Kirijunko and Kirigiri being alive has been based on red herrings. It's fucking retarded how these theories are still up.

I know for a fact that Berserkfags don't

he did nothign wrong tho

Was said to be a spoiler by the singer.

I bet you said Juzoboys could never be alive too after getting stabbed by Munakata.

No I know, I'm actually serious.

What's not a red herring?


Is danganronpa a weeb series or a series that attracts weebs?

No. I thought he'd live. His was based on an off-screen action though. Not solely based on red herrings.

I knew Juzo was gonna be alive from that Munakata stab. Pretty obvious.

>does anyone even fucking think theres enough time tom bring her back when we got so much shit left to answer in only 20 minutes.

Do you honestly believe that would stop kodaka

He's going to pull Yoi-kun's gun on Naegi and get BTFO by Kirigiri, or perhaps by Hajizuru. The latter owes Naegi a debt for getting him into the NWP after all.

Jotaro and Kaede will both die in chapter 1

Hajimeme looking at boats.


Junko was actually possessed by the watchers, probably the most logical explanation


Fuck you're an embarassment

True. I just saw a lot of nips tweeting about it.

Well fuck, i really didnt want to regain any hope shes alive after finally accepting she was after last episode.

You better be right user cause the despair of next episode will be too much when she dies.

G-Guys ... I'ts like, staring right at me ... What do I do guys?

One day you will get it right, I believe in you.

>magic chemicals to turn something giant
>in real life, not a simulation

Was this the moment danganronpa jumped the shark?

Cure W doesnt really need to be explained. it was there to illustrate seiko's utter despair in the end at her inability to save anyone, why they put a similar looking bottle next to kirigiri's dead body might be explained by naegi's luck and accidentally bumping into seiko and having it thrown into his pockets back in episode 5. It'll come back as a checkhovs gun when hes dying from a wound inflicted by the mastermind, he goes to die bu kirigiri's side only to see the bottle and fix his wounds.

How do we stop the cancer that is Kaede?

Well yes. After that episode Junko appeared, which meant despair arc going to shit.

you really draw the line here but not the teliporting robot bear controlled by a high shcool girl

Goddamnit user I wasn't expecting to feel today.

We cant ... We just can't.

Dont get your hopes up user, that lyric could be interpreted any number of ways especially if its referring to the 16th participant

Reminder that Juzo went to hell for being a fag

It's feasible that there are hatches in the ground/walls that monokuma pops out of. The remote controlled robot stuff is perfectly acceptable

Fantasy science is not


5 people?

Only Ruruka and Ruruka is a bitch

i hate that Cred Forums has ruined this character for me now, when i play the game im just going to think of him as some super sore loser

That comes later.


Except that there werent, monobear literally teliports and can pull weapons out of its ass, thats fantasy science right there.

So close...yet so far. Stay hopeful for next time!

You might as well self insert as him then.

>The one and only time Makoto ever looked angry in his life
>Was because this little shit had the balls to question his love for his waifu

Mitarai has to be the worst human being in this whole series. At least the villains take responsibility and don't act weasely.

DR2 was a VR, user.

He still has the coolest design.

It's alright, user. By the time you play it he'll probably have a personality and we'll forget all about this.

he dies in the first chapter

Even the Ultimate Hope can fall into Despair.

>Was this the moment danganronpa jumped the shark?
it jumped the shark right after you started a game

this is the same argument people always make as their last resort of their theory being shot down. Shes dead bro.

I really, really want to fuck Makoto while he's despair brainwashed

We all know it's happening by Mirai 12, so we might as well start placing our bets now.
How will Junko come back?

Fuck off fujo

It jumped the shark since the ending of the first game if the revelation there didn't turn you off I wonder why you are complaining about this

Why the fuck isn't there a sideways comparison version of this
it makes much more sense to show one of each eye rather than cutting eyes in half

In a coffin, 6 feet under the ground for a second.

This is why i'm pissed he's a side character. Put so much effort into a design only to kill it in the end.

They're drawn at slightly different angles anyway. Fanart would be better.

What has Cred Forums made you think of Kaede?

Hope and despair are just two sides of the same coin! Doomed to be run by extremists!

This is why Tengan is trying to end the Future Foundation, so normies can run the world again. Neither hope nor despair deserve to exist!


Junko AI is the one who sent mitarai a message

The last scene of last episode man
And even then Naegi had to question him directly or he would have never talked.

I'm sure that if Tengan's message had not interrupted he would have sperged out and run away again. He hasn't changed at all.

junko never died she just lol brainwash them into thinking she died

A retarded fujo

What if she thought some person's forbidden action was "learning the identity of the attacker"? And maybe she thought learning the monitor trick would count.

Of course that's stupid to us, but Kyouko was pretty cautious about those things, even saying people shouldn't reveal them in case someone's action is revealing their action.

I want to get locked in an airtight school and fix her with hope. She would try anything and everything to make me feel despair, but I would just laugh it off, because as long as I'm helping her, no despair is strong enough to enter my heart. I'd show her that no matter what she has done, I'd always forgive her. I'd make her food and clean her secret lair, and drag her out to bed if she stays up late. When the nights get so cold that we have no choice but to cuddle together at night for warmth, I'd feel her breath going from shallow to deep as her form relaxes and she falls asleep in my arms. I'd feel her cling to me in the night when she wakes up from a despair nightmare and feel her sob into my chest, first seeds of hope sprouting in her traumatized mind. I'd softly kiss her hair and tell her everything will be okay. I'd take care of her when she gets sick, read all the books from the library and hold her hand so that she can fall asleep. I'd make shitty homemade pizza for her and stay up late with her watching dumb movies, and feel her cuddle up to me when she can't stay awake anymore. I'd teach her retarded drinking games and show her how to play pool in the rec room.

One night, she silently sneaks over to the kitchen. A shining sliver of a blade extends from her clenched fist when she walks into my room. But her hand stops, centimeters away from my chest, and begins to shake violently. Something is wrong. One by one, her trembling fingers let go of the hilt, and with a soft thud, the knife falls onto the carpet. She throws herself on me and buries her face right where the knife should have gone, Clutching at the fabric of my clothes. Her whole body shakes feverishly and I scoop her body into my arms and tell her that everything will be okay, just like usual. Her silent sobbing turns to wailing that echoes out into the dimly lit corridors beyond the door.

She would finally be cured of despair. Because the only thing she can't analyze is love

Dumb and hasn't really been supported by anything.

He's going to have a main role, why else slap him on the cover and feature him prominently?

I don't know why you don't enjoy learning about our boy Juzo, user. I don't lie! I just tell facts. Facts about the best character in dr3, Juzo Sakakura.



Shh Utopia user, this isn't /drg/. Cred Forums won't fall for your tricks


It hurts more because he's probably gonna "redeem" himself.

Not to me, unless he pulls off something incredible.

The true mastermind faked their death and has been hiding in the shadows this whole time...watching and waiting without anyone noticing them...


He was merely behind our sight of view.

She's gonna tie you up and rape you

To trick people into thinking he's the MC? Dunno, we'll just have to see.

>We were showen that Cure W is useless

I thought I was gonna like Mitarai because his design was kind of cute, but then it turns out he was a worthless anime retard.

I don't think he's redeemable, since I've spent all these episodes gradually hating him more and more. At best I think he's the useless survivor we always get.

Can't we ever get cool people? It always has to be the dumbasses.

Fuck Despair

The best thing to come out of this anime was people sperging out over cure W, i just rewatched the death scene on youtube and all the comments are damage control saying "nuh uh the shows not over yet" like theres any fucking time to bring her back.

God it makes me so happy that kodaka actually had the balls not only to kill kirigiri, but to bring back chiaki and force waifufags to watch her die in a significantly more graphic was.

Boy, that cabinet sure looked heavy! Even the Great Gozu had trouble lifting it!

it's ryota, NASA confirmed it

Do we have a [Hope] brigade prepared for the inevitable delay tomorrow?

This. A win/win for everyone involved

when she used it on bandai and he still died,

>the falseflag king is at it again
Do you ever sleep?
You are throwing a fit in every thread.

Delay is already confirmed


That's strange, just a little while later it got moved.

Who could have done it?

Better than Junko again tbqh.

Don't forget there's way more than one Monokuma. Chances are there's a fuckton of em prepped throughout Hope's Peak, and some of them come pre-equipped with weapons (in DR2, which was VR)

That was the reanimator. Not Cure W.

Camera angles-kun, please stop. Gozo probably moved it in a fit of suicidal rage.

>yfw he actually knew the trick but trying to reverse effect it this whole time in secret
>his NG code is don't tell the truth,opposed to Tengan

>despair is an unknown
Demonstrably false. Hope is complex and nuanced, with multiple different outcomes. Despair is a comfortable, predictable doom that an analyst would enjoy because they can't handle change.

Don't worry guys, me and me and me will stay hopeful about this situation

Because Killer Killer is hiding there,his NG is "someone sees you", now that all bracelets are off he can show himself, rate Mastermind plan and kill him/her.


Back when Junko was preparing for the second killing game in DR1, she erased everyone's memories. The purpose of this, of course, being to give everyone 'hope' and drive them to try to leave, despite they themselves being the ones who sealed themselves in.

Now, we know that at some point afterwards, the survivors got their memories back after FF doctors figured out how Junko had done it and reversed the process.

But... what if Kirigiri had been wrong from the start?

She wrote in her notebook that 'Despair walks among us. There are two of them.'

But what if she were wrong?

What if there weren't two despairs in the class, but THREE? Two who controlled the game (Junko and Mukuro) and a third who had their memories of falling into despair erased? That person would act like a sleeper agent, only falling back into despair if and when they had their memories restored. It probably wouldn't have been Toko. And we have to assume it's not Naegi either.

A lot of people reading this would probably suspect Kirigiri next, since that would mean she left a false clue. But she probably just never found out because this third despair didn't act out in any overt ways, same as Chisa.

Next suspect would be Asahina, and this might be fair since her personality has undergone a massive shift since the game. But all her changes have been for the better, so it's hard to pin it on her either.

That just leaves Togami and Weedman. I can't help but think Toko would notice a change in Togami's personality, so all that leaves is Weedman. The true mastermind, the last Remnant of Despair- Hagakure Yasuhiro. He's the one behind everything. That's why we don't see him helping with the rescue effort despite knowing he made it out of the building (which he 'accidentally' blew up) just fine- he's the one who sent that message and is now making his preparations for the final showdown.


What would've been hilarious was if every time Izuru did something, there was a cheesy subtitle stating what talent he was using as if it was a special move.

>Izuru puts bread in the toaster
>Takes it out at the right time so it's golden brown
>(Talent: Ultimate Baker)

Still salty your waifu is dead huh, maybe shouldn't buy into crackpot theories

He has the heaviest burden on his shoulders. He was already a wreck when he met Junko and she lumped a really big load of of shit on him. I don't blame him if he becomes a "useless survivor" but for his sake he needs to overcome that despair. It's the point of the series, don't lament someone for struggling with their despair user

But I'm not convinced that these don't mean anything yet.

I know everyone is expecting that if Chiakizuru is the culprit she'll be stoic, but what if she ends up being a giddy psychopath bragging about how she put on a game for the exclusive enjoyment of Class 77?

As much as I want KK ro be relevant, this'll probably not happen.


If Chiakizuru happens, I can only see Junko possessing her.
It would be the perfect finale to her suffering.

I've enjoyed the tears, we've been shit on by the series somehow. I'll take my share and enjoy theirs

good luck
the point is hope is predictable routine, despair is insanity and chaos

>KK will be relevant
>no DR1 survivors will die
Why is Kohacka such a fucking liar?

>Chiakizuru tards already acting like their autistic theory is a foregone conclusion
It really is Cure W all over again

the 16th is hiding in the ceilings watching everything, now without the NG he/she can show herself/himself


Cure W at least had some plausibility. Chiakizuru is flat out autism

I win no matter what

If Kirigiri lives we get HAPPY END

If Kirigiri dies Asahina wins the Naegi bowl

Because the excessive bleeding would've killed her instead

What the fuck is this Chiakizuru meme?

What? Amputation, but that is for gays!

He is a faggot who ruined the world, why should I care for him?

Nice guy gave me a monitor template last night.

I'd like to apologize to him as this is the best joke I could come up with

He said that it was directly linked, which is true. Characters from DR3 appear in KK.

Post template?

Here's the thing if anyone else wants to try.

>Have no clever theory by the end of detective series
>Come up with something completely retarded and pretend that's it fine because Kodaka is a hack (Chiakizuru, Kirijunko, Chisahina, Junko's ghost~)

What is the name of the song that plays when Juzo is dying?

Not killing Dr1 characters is a genuinly bullshit thing to lie about

but killer killer isnt a lie, its directly tied to DR3 just not in the way that killer killer is needed to watch DR3. Characters from 3 appear in killer killer.


With what?

>Inb4 Monokuma knife

That frail knife wouldn't cut through bone, Juzo broke it easily in this episode

A retarded theory.

It ties together Future and Despair and also answers some strange things.

I still say it's Asahina and the 13th Branch Head

Chiakifags are at the peak of delusion

it goes it goes it goes ZETSUBOU

I still like him. He's cute. I want to protect him and force him to slave away making the anime of my dreams.

Recall the end

>Skipping ED

Nowhere near as delusional Cred Forums last week

>Chisa is the Mastermind!!!




I want to force him to make a good Danganronpa 3.

I wonder how many times you morons need it drilled into your heads that Chiakizuru isn't so much about Chiaki as it is about Izuru?

Can one of the chiakizuru proposers tell me exactly when Tengan transformed her?

Reminder that Tengan was originally like Munakata, he just wanted to kill Despairs, kill anyone aiding them and that would be the end of it, but he changed at some point when he realized that "you cannot extinguish despair with war alone" and that's when he decided to start his mysterious second project. Just for how long did he conserve Chiaki's body?

Theories for each DR game
DR1:Cure W

Tengan said in some other ep he had his own personal project. Now people are thinking it was making a second Izuru with Chiaki's body.

>force him to make porn of yourself and your waifu

>watching the ED
Nigger you must have nothing better to do. You watch the OP and the ED at least once, then only watch them further if you think they're good enough. D3's OPs are great, and the EDs are boring as shit.

>If Kirigiri dies Asahina wins the Naegi bowl

Honestly if Asahina DIDN'T the Naegibowl, I'd be more upset than if she did, Kirigiri's life or death status notwithstanding. Aoi has gone through such a fucking transformation since DR1.

I just replayed DR1, so I can say this with confidence- at no point in the game did Asahina really trust Naegi. Not one. She may have considered him a friend but not a particularly close one- she only really cared about Sakura. Even after Sakura's suicide and Asahina's admission that she tried to kill everyone as an act of revenge, she didn't really get much closer to Naegi, and in the last couple of investigations she was still not really treating him particularly well- when she had the idea that the door to the Monokuma room might be trapped, she told Naegi to open it while she hid, in case it exploded. When Monokuma passed out the pictures, she doubted Naegi the same as everyone else.

That's a far cry from the girl who has spent this whole series carrying him around when they need to run, fighting off his attackers despite having an NG code that could easily kill her, and being as positive and supportive as possible, even pulling Naegi out of a funk when he started to have doubts. In every scene she's either worrying about him, supporting him, or protecting him.


what shitposter see on the monitors

Bandai was already dead. Do people willfully choose to forget this just cause they want to be right?

with side he take?

Can you explain this moment?
There was nobody watching. Junko said "Bye bye, class rep", Class 77 filed out, the monitors showed nothing... then, and only then, did somebody reactivate the camera and focus on her.

Who did it, and why?


Naegi is going to end this series sad and alone. He needs to keep going long enough to fuck Despair up and then he's done with life.
Aoi has been pretty great in DR3. I'll agree with that.

her final fte suggests that she like him

>You watch the OP and the ED at least once
That's what I did. The other guy that I quoted certainly didn't even watch even once if he couldn't even recognize that song.

Look closely...

Holy shit user, my sides.

If only in my dreams.

Tengan loves snuff so he uses his grandaughter Junko to bring him the best deaths

What specifically am I looking for?

i thought this was just show the camera recording her death that izuru watched

Explain the fish to me. When did that become a meme?


Nothing he said had anything to do with waifuing or believing theories, nor was he being salty.
Contain your autism, user.

It's a red herring

The real Culprit.

its not that i want to be right, for starters I was a cure W faggot before this, its a matter of accepting defeat when you actually lose. cure W was nothing

>everything is a meme
its a herring, as in the fish, a red herring. get it cause cure W is bullshit.

Can't believe I didn't realize that. Thanks user.

No? It focused it on her again.

Watch again. The camera changed focus as if someone controlling it to specifically monitor Chiaki.

yes he is a salty waifufag, hes been in every thread calling anyone who says kirigiri is dead is a falseflag king.


Well, she probably only just realized it at that moment- that's why she had Naegi end that little roleplay so quickly.

But even after that she hasn't really pushed for it, and she definitely shipped Naegi and Kyoko. She was probably just happy that Naegi was happy, and left things as they were.

>get it cause cure W is bullshit.
So was the brainwashing anime and suicide theory. People who got assblasted about that strangely seemed to disappear once they were proven wrong. If this Cure W thing were true, I imagine you'd disappear as well.

"Your sister's a rug muncher, Naegi! She's gonna spend her life eating Touko's smelly snatch and being degenerate. No niece or nephew for you. Feel that despair!"


oh shit, i hope next episode gets to show off tengan being a uber asshole when he walks right up to izuru afterwords

Aoi was adorable while shipping. Her VA also does it, which is even more adorable.

This is why Danganronpa needs comedy shorts.

The brainwahsing and suicide theories were always pretty legit thought, people were more mad that they exsist not that they were unlikely. Cure W actually wound up being a falseflag and likley us hilariously enough over analyzing literal garbage on the floor

Post girls who live long enough to pass on their genes.


Oh, no, sorry, I just double-checked the latest episode. I was thinking you might be onto something and Gozu moved that to use it as a stand, but my memory wasn't wrong - he was just standing on a box.

She fucked Hajime.

As long as she keeps Toko away from him, Byakuya sets Komaru for life

>have to use Funimation because unit internet.

How can they get away with this shit when pirating is better quality and actually comes out on time?

>Red Blood in Mirai and Pink Blood in other installments still hasn't been explained
I'm waiting for that Anime asspull.

RIP, user.

I'm already balls deep in despair, there's nothing it can do to me.

>Cure W actually wound up being a falseflag
That hasn't been proven and won't be until she's confirmed dead. I'm not saying she isn't, but no one's checked her pulse, we haven't seen the left side of her face, no one has definitely proven she's dead yet. Just say she's one or the other already. I'm sick of this Schrödinger's Waifu bullshit.



Tomato sauce.

Absolute cute

What would Junko think of this guy?

She wouldn't be able to hide it with glove and still look perfect.

still going with Kirijunko

>Togami pays for their house, their wedding, and all that just as thanks (and payment) for getting Touko the hell away from him

I like this.

How do we prove Kaede is NOT Sonia's daughter?

Asahina is Izuru 2.0.

I mean think about it, how did she move one of those huge lockers that even Gozu had trouble with so easily, when she's just a 5'3'' 110 lbs little girl? It also explains why she wasn't afraid of fighting Juzo despite her NG Code, it was a non-factor all along, nobody could possibly beat her.

Obviously despair, because he doesn't even believe in hope.

>Schrödinger's Waifu bullshit
the best thing to come out of this kirigiri bullshit was this statement.

Though i dont think its really right to say she hasnt been confirmed dead.Its more like shes dead until proven otherwise by whatever bullshit future 12 pulls

It's a subtle hint that shows how shallow her will to live and how deep her despair is.

We need to find our how flexible her legs are.

We don't?

>that look of utter disgust on Naegi's face
Gets me every time.

>That old hag hand


She might be. Sonia isn't a virgin after all.

>this anime faggot killed my waifu.

>cure W is bullshit.
Juzo survived pic related. Nothing is bullshit anymore. I dont know why anti--cure w fags insisted that Kirgiri has to be shown alive this episode or she'd be dead. It's also great for Seiko.

>Rui in charge of drawing hands even when he has 3D models to trace

Kirigiri died in the killing game. He is looking at a person partially responsible for the killing game. There is a knife in arm's reach.
He's putting those pieces together.

What could it mean?

He gavi him that look at least 3 times before actually asking about sudoku video, he just can't accept that faggot lived for so long despite being suspicious as shit.

What did he cut his hand off with, then? Was there anything nearby he could have used? Only thing I can think of is maybe some of Izayoi's traps, but if he was already in that room he could have just gone into the Monokuma door and thrown the power switch right away.

Ready for our boy to show up one more time?


Ryoko cameo tomorrow

Asahina is actually Chiaki, just look at their measurements.

If only there was a pile of pretty fucking sharp weapons somewhere in the building


I thought he was seriously expecting him to just say something about it at some point (as if he was giving him a chance to explain himself or something) and then finally realized Mitarai would never say anything without being directly questioned.

The same people are also ruling out Chisa because we saw her supposedly killing herself and because Munakata basically said 'no Tengan did it'. They've stopped thinking.

Nigga she just came from investigating Yoi's corpse and Kizakura discovered like 2 dozen traps in there including a fucking spear

Is "What is this Chiakizuru theory?" more of a meme than the theory itself now? Given how much it's been discussed by now and how keen people have been to dismiss it in advance because it doesn't fit their views, it's getting quite amusing.

Please no. I'm sad that he's gone, but let's not ruin the meaning of his sacrifice by bringing him back.

Why is this PR guy such a shitposter?

>I dont know why
It's because at this rate there won't be any single assblasted party to be mocking. If Cure W becomes yet another theory proven right, anons will be pissed off simply because all the shitposting was for nothing. Everyone was calling Juzoboys delusional, then once he came back they had their nuts sucked back into their body at the mere thought of being called out on their idiocy.

>The same people are also ruling out Chisa because we saw her supposedly killing herself
You are fucking stupid. That's all I have to say. You fell for the biggest red herring ever.

Where does it state that he traces 3D models? Now that I think though, the sprites of DR1 were really stiff and 3D-ish

I think that's the point
Naegi always believe in others so he wanted to give animator a chance to prove himself innocent

>The same people are also ruling out Chisa because we saw her supposedly killing herself
ZIs there any proof she is alive outside the theater?

Munakata's old sword obviously

He probably noticed that Munakata was using a new sword and went to look for the older one



Well, there's a leftover render of Sayaka's corpse in the game files.


Are you retarded? Broken glass or random "sharp weapons" wouldn't be able to make the clean cut necessary to take off the bangle before the poison activated

>Is "What is this Chiakizuru theory?" more of a meme than the theory itself now?
Nah, you are just a retard with a persecution complex.

He can't keep getting away with it

Somebody post the Hope tweet that Trump made

I'd vote Trumpkuma.

I'm not even involved in that stuff, but thanks for proving me right.

The video we saw in this week's episode is the same video Junko showed to the reserve course students? She mentioned hundred of people killing themselves, falling like dominoes in DR1.
Mitarai is responsible for more deaths than Junko herself.

Next you're gonna say that anything seen with Makoto not on screen means that we shouldn't trust it because he didn't witness it.

Ironic, given you just proved that you have a massive persecution complex over being called out.

>Though i dont think its really right to say she hasnt been confirmed dead
I think it's safe to say Kodaka wanted us to have this "Is she dead or not?" argument by leaving things vague. If someone had just checked her pulse, there would be no Cure W meme. And I'm fairly certain that even if she's dead, that bottle was intentional for the reason stated above.




None of Yoi's traps were sharp enough or had the shape to do the job

A spear? Are you fucking retarded?

It's like you guys are retarded, she needed a weapon like Munakata's sword to cut her hand quickly and in a clean manner so the poison doesn't activates while she is in the middle of the process



Where is Mukuro? She died in the killing game too.

>see's bread
>all thats left is wholegrain

Make Despair Great Again

id argue it had to of been this episode just cause they are rather short on time, that said if despair 12 is what we all hope it is, and is actually the final episode of future arc whilst tying in DR2's cast then i can buy her coming back.

i personally am just gonna set my hopes really low as to weaken the blow, frankly ep 11 kind of fucked me up cause i was convinced she was alive originally only to get kind of shot down, not definitively but a blow was reached. If she winds up alive next week, then hell yeah my fav character is alive and my favorite ship is borderling confirmed, if shes dead, hey at least i accepted that this was the reality of it earlier.

I honestly am ok with either outcome at this point.

Don't forget Juzo slammed the knife down on fucking concrete a good number of times before it broke.

>Steadily advancing Valkyrie
this is kirgiri
>Loss is your only true teacher
Losing friends(kizakura?)
>So guide me with high efficiency - fake it!
So as in guide naegi via notebook that solved the mystery of the killing game, then fake it means fake her death
>In this all too vivid meeting
The dream sequence?
>Everything is categorized by prejudice
everybody assumes shes dead??
>nobody knows, only I know it
only kirgiri knows that shes alive???
>(you're already know, already over)
refers to the mastermind that it's game over for him??
>everybody loves despair
even ultimate hope gets despaired

Speaking of Yoi's traps, was he the one who made Chiaki's rape dungeon?

He's only remembering victims, user.

Proved you right on what? That people are tired of retards that act like their feverdream induced meme theories (created only for the sake of saving waifus) are foregone conclusions after 11 weeks? Yeah I guess you are right.

How did Juzo cut his arm off anyway?

hopelet don't care about despair fags

Gay magic

So did Junko
Makoto isn't haunted by their deaths, they were the ones responsible for the killing game in the first place
Will Hillary be a stepping stone?

What stands would the cast have?

He found Munakatana's old katana, maybe?


I'm glad DR3 killed off Mukurofags. They were delusional retards.

>this much delusion

>Will Hillary be a stepping stone?
she's already poisoned, so probably

>last time we're going to see him is when he has to lie to his loved one
This is going to hurt

Is that Jin next to Sayaka?



Why would Naegi be tormented by the death of a girl who trapped him and his friends in a killing game?

Never saw that pic but that's hilarious. Still wish Rui would draw the DR3 characters though (but not the second-rate Despair Girls artist)


it's leon you sick fuck
jin get away, don't you remember?

You blind? That's Leon.

No that's Leon you idiot

The ship was real cute, but they had to be brought in to the light and see the truth.

We don't know what Juzo used to cut his hand nor if cutting you hand counts as trying to remove the bangle so literally all the evidence you have is headcanon in your head.

>Naegi didn't do Mukuro's FTEs

nah,i actually think chiaki is dead,kirigiri is dead,chisa is dead,asa/chisa debunked,junko dead,only ryota and tengan are the only possibilty of the mastermind


He probably only meant in how some DR3 characters like Juzo appear in Killer Killer.
Actually, they outright said it was to make Mirai feel darker in tone

Well I mean Mondo is literally Josuke so he'd obv have Crazy Diamond

But I like Mukuro a lot more after DR3
Her relationship with Naegi is not consensual

Makoto is PURE hearted, that's why.

You could be giving this guy a blowjob and he wouldn't have any idea of what you're doing to him

Why did Hajime revert to Izuru? Isn't he supposed to be back to normal?
Or can he switch between the two personas like an evil alter-ego?

I'm sorry but I can't see Robohope saying anything but GIVE ME THE PROTAG SPOT KAEDE

Because his memories of the real Mukuro were wiped, you dip

Well obviously he's not a pure hearted as you think because he rightfully doesn't give a shit about that cunt Mukuro.

They got their school memories back, my man.

Danganronpa: Zetsobou-hen is like watching a Batman animated series except there is no Batman and the Joker always wins.


>Your opponent has run out of ideas, now resorts to personal attacks
Lost it

Munakata was so easy to trick

its not entirely confirmed if hes entirely izuru, im half expecting them to show his full face next week only for it to reveal one normal eye and one izuru eye. he retains memories of both as well ass the talents

Please just let me dream, hajime goes through so much shit in this series just give him one fucking thing.

I'm not seeing the problem.

No, all they got back was the realization that they had school lives
The actual details and what happened in said years are forever gone. Because of that, Naegi will never remember how Mukuro crushed over him

Despair, but also an erection

>Why did Hajime revert to Izuru?
What are you talking about? To get talent and stop being normal.

>Isn't he supposed to be back to normal?
He has his memories, ideals, and personality back but he still has his brain screwed up. The problem with Izuru is he lacked what Hajizuru has.

So he remembers that time Mukuro hogged tied him and his best mates and erased their memories

Imagine being Naegi and having the memories of Celese killing Hifumi and Ishimaru, and then also having the memories of Celes playing Mahjong with them and cheering up a crying Chihiro

user, according to DR2 they had recovered at least some of their school memories.

As he lives closest to despair he excels at escaping it.

No, they got them back. Try actually playing the games.

>Broken glass or random "sharp weapons"
Izayoi's weapons weren't quite random

They "merged" like pic related.

If you compare Izuru in chapter 0 and the way he talks to Hajime in the epilogue, he's very clearly different now.

Well shit, guess I need to replay the games


Nice observation,but i actually think chiaki is dead,kirigiri is dead,chisa is dead,asa/chisa debunked,junko dead,sdr2 cast is actually irrelevant,only ryota and tengan are the only possibilty of the mastermind


Man Mukurofags you're really the eptiome of delusional, aren't you?

Citing Naegi having his memories back as a reason for him to feel sorry for him, like, what?

If Naegi has his memories then he remembers Mukuro brainwashing him and his friends to make them kill each other.

He probably resents Mukuro, viewing her as a psychopath and a traitor

Give me a theory about Tengan that only Kodaka can dream of

Should t he be talking to naegi?

Tengan hates kids,but i actually think chiaki is dead,kirigiri is dead,chisa is dead,asa/chisa debunked,junko dead,sdr2 cast is actually irrelevant,only ryota and tengan are the only possibilty of the mastermind


why do you post this picture every thread whilst calling everyone around you delusional.

Chiakizuru sounds like a nightmare Hajime would have that turns into a wet dream that turns back into a nightmare

>He literally told us himself

He's the son of the real Izuru Kamukura. He's the very first superhuman and he revived via nanomachines. He's doing it to fight Jack "Munakatana" the RIPPER, for a world without kibou or zetsubou.

This pretty much plays into his mindset that only Junko is responsible for the killing game deaths. He doesn't think it's anyone else's fault and that the executed were victims too. The Future ep made that pretty clear as well.

No, I only post it when compelled to defend my one true waifu, Sayaka Maizono. How my heart ached for her this past episode.

Well, the Joker is the Batman's foil. For the show to be interesting both need to exist. Junko needs Naegi or Hajime to oppose her. But she doesn't in Zetsobou because Hajime is an edgelord and Naegi isn't the Ultimate Hope yet,

He isn't the old man from Makoto Naegi's worst day ever but the jewel thief. All this was a plan to get back at Makoto for screwing his plans over on the bus that day.

I can't believe what's in the games anymore.

I wish Izuru would have done more to this bitch. But I guess she was too boring for him

Stop avatarfagging


Because most people on Cred Forums like to namecall everyone who disagrees with them. It's an easy way to make yourself look superior to them when you have an inferiority complex.

user what are you doing

Daily reminder that Tengan did nothing wrong

You know what? Id ship it.

How would that stop Mukuro from having her way with him?
Obviously she's dead but if she wasn't just because he's not ok with it doesn't mean that she can't have him
I bet Mukuro can easily overpower Naegi

> The Future ep made that pretty clear as well.

Oh, it did? He sees Mukuro as a victim? Where was she in this past episode, I must have missed her...

Watching the world burn is entertaining by itself.

How does it feel to know that Kirigiri has entirely supplanted Sayaka in Naegi's heart?


I bet Chiaki would be treating the whole ordeal like that one pokemon game where you have to purify the pokemon of their corruption.

Yeah he's not one of the remnants
He's OG

>Picking out the one exception
You ass. I was referring to the killers (Leon, Mondo, Hifumi, Celes). He thinks of them as victims too. We weren't even discussing Mukuro.

Maybe it would be if the reasoning for the burning wasn't "mindhack anime" combined with "I'm going to kill your beloved classmate in front of you and instead of you wanting to kick my ass for it you're going to kill whoever I say"

Both Kibou and Zetsubou were just pawns in his game. Junko was just a pawn and he's the player. Fucking old man.

You mean this one?


Pretty fucking bad if he can't even reply, kek

He is Gandalf.

Having an autistic meltdown.

The last episode proved she hasn't. though. Sayaka was just as prominent as Kirigiri.

>this delusion
Now we're shitposting.

Did you even see the episode? He loves both equally.

Then why is he remembering four murderers and an attempted murderer?

That's the one

>being delusional

so next ep there will be tengan the white ultimate wizzard? why didn't he use his staff aganist munakata?

Nice cop out.

Does it still hurt?

Well this has been a productive hour or so, goodnight anons.

I don't have a horse in this race, user. But it's clear from Naegi's despair nightmare Sayaka is just as important to him as Kirigiri is. You can argue how much sense this makes since at this point he's been through a hell of a lot more with Kirigiri and the last thing Sayaka tried to do was frame him for murder, but that fact doesn't matter to Naegi apparently.

>Then why is he remembering four murderers and an attempted murderer?
he blame the game and it mastermind

please, lets not start with this shit.

Anons, that was guilt over deaths. He promised Sayaka that he would protect her and failed. He sees Sayaka and Kirigiri as being the two where blood is directly on his hands.
Naegi said as far back as the first case of DR1 that he considered the murderers to be victims too due to circumstance.

Because Saruman took it obviously.

Nah. He had the perfect ending. It was emotional and it was the best closure I've seen in Danganronpa. Respect.

Did somebody say HOPE?

Naegi is the guy who tried to talk Junko out of killing herself, and felt bad when she did it anyway.


DR3 changed nothing about her

It's simple. This way they avoid pissing off Sayaka shippers of which there must be a few.

I honestly want kirigiri to live just to give closure on the god damn naegiri chip, second best option naegi dies and we get to see them together in death.


It'd be the cutest ship though. They can play videogames at the highest level and they keep one upping each other.


If she lives then there's a damn good chance that you'd get a 'he's just glad she's alive' type copout.


He just wanted the favor returned

>one upping tsumaranai man

Monokuma said in episode 2 that trying to escape from the bangle in any shape or form warrants punishment

Juzo could do it because he noticed Munakata was with a new sword, he looked for the old one and used it to make a clean fast cut before the poison could spread

Chiakizuru, user.

If it's Chiakizuru.

Just think how great would be resulting Hope, if the Ultimate Hope fell into Despair and became a stepping stone.

Yes user, I'm sure he went searching far and wide with a fucking hole in his chest.

>Monokuma said in episode 2 that trying to escape from the bangle in any shape or form warrants punishment
What? He didn't though.

At this point people just seem desperate to hate on this guy.
Do you want someone to blame that badly?

They're random, they're just traps not meant to actually amputate anything

This is what I get for reading while eating. My bad lads, missread.


I love when they sync in the OPs/EDs with a scene

Can't wait for the inevitable to happen in the final episode of the Future Arc

>episode begins immidiately with the ED song playing
>OP starts playing at the final confrontation with the mastermind

Hinanami happy ending!

>Junko says goodbye and turns off screen.

But who was camera?

Wasn't there an arc where that exact plot happens?

Well i dont need direct confirmation, just the fact that both are alive and their interactions in ep 9 more or less confirm the inevitable between them.

and seeing how kodaka went all out to express chiaki and hinata as being romantic i can believe in him making the ending of future arc less vague about their relationship give that she actually survives which i dont 100% believe.

My fucking heart

This is the third time I've seen this picture and it still hurts...

He only blame Junko for that situation

Mukuro wasn't in his vision because he doesn't thinks she is innocent like the others

Btw stop avatarfagging

>Naegi gets to cry in the corner
>Hajime gets his waifu
Honestly doesn't sound too far off from how Kodaka seems to be treating the two casts.

>All these weird delusions coming from the fanbases of Kirigiri and Chiaki to try to think of some way, any way they could still be alive.

Just let your waifus rest, user.

this plays in the final episode as Dr2 cast heads back to jabberwock and naegi leaves with the survivors (potentially kirigiri with them)

>still has the Galaga hairclip on her necklace

epic meme




Never ever

>her hallucination caused by blood loss as she died.


I told you to keep your mouth shut.

Tengan, it can only be tengan. Hes actually dead but he still set all of this into motion

.dark knight returns basically was this, joker caused batman to lose control and actually kill him after slowly making batman realize all the people joker killed was by extension deaths on batman's hands.

killing joke is also a story where joker pretty much wins.

Juzo survived pic related.

Chiakizuru and Kirigiri somehow being alive when there's absolutely no time for that to even happen anymore are pretty big delusions, user. They're both dead. There is only one Mirai episode left, you think they're going to spend most of it introducing Chiaki and Kirigiri back in to the fold? They won't do that.


those threads are too much for me

user please it still hurts.

But why would Tengan want to see Izuru cry over muhnanami?

If there is a future there is hope.
If there is hope there is a way.


He was walking around with the same hole and the amputated hand after it, retard

This is what happened

Time limit hit, he slept, woke up still alive, went to search for Munakata or something, stumbled Upon Munakata's old sword in Chisa's body and decided to use that to cut the bangle and get the attacker

Did you ever stop to think that Despair arc would introduce them?

You've stopped thinking. You're relying only on the Future to solve the mystery and ignoring that there could be a key that unlocks the mystery in the past.

New thread

>theorizing is now delusion
>implying people waifu'd any of these girls
user can we stop with this?

yeah but you know wh

well for chiaki they can spend all of the next despair arc setting her up as well as tengan's overall plans. Kirigiri pretty much just needs to show up and spend 5 seconds saying "sorry naegi my man cure W lol"

all things considered chiaki as the next izuru makes the most sense at the moment as to why the DR2 cast is even heading out over there.

>Being a speedwatcher


we'll find out tomorrow. (if hope subs are fast enough)

S&M Junko is probably inventor, now that I think. There's a mechanical arm sprouting from her

Keep yearning for hope so you will continue to fall into despair.


but junko is dead
only tengan and ryota is left


Izuru could be what the ED lyrics refer to.

It mentions a "founder".
Izuru Kamukura was the founder of HPA and Hajime was named after him.

>Unmatched Valkyrie, Keep your eyes on the founder! Keep him fooled, that impressionable young boy - break it!

Silly user. Nobody is confirmed dead until you see their body. We never saw Junko's dead body.

So is Hinata x Nanami the official SHSL OTP

Yeah, sadly no other characters have parts of their bodies replaced with Junko's to confirm her death.

Episode 10. OP showed 6 people left. lets count again


Juzo does not count because he cut his hand.
Kirigiri is alive

>Time limit hit, he slept

He literally PASSED OUT before the time limit. So he was asleep even longer.

tell that to nagito and fuyuhiko

I sure hope so, his edgy as fuck design is atrocious.

Nah. that's Gundham x Sonia, Nagito x Hope or Akane x Food.


Suit yourself


If we really wanna go insane:

??? died and was Gekkobot.

The irony is that a kirigirifag made that edit as a joke and yet a Sayakafag uses it to shitpost constantly and thinks he BTFO kirigirifags by using it.

Juzo hadn't cut his hand off at that point.

Juzo only cut his hand off after Ruruka died. Otherwise he'd have caught HER trying to kill herself.


Doesn't the HOPElet look noticeably taller than Donuts here?