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What do you guys think of the site?

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Who cares what you use to find shows/manga or track what you watch. Just don't be a faggot about it and keep it to your self.

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Not bad to track what you've seen but the forums are horrible.

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What is so bad about them?

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Its useful, i guess...

I like it for its informative material. As for the opinion content, not so much.

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What about Cred Forums keeps bringing you here? Im confused because most of the threads dont even fucking talk about anime its mostly shitposts like

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Useful for your backlog, you know, the actual purpose of the site.

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Horrible community, medicore web design.

Also check em

Essential for finding information regarding animes.


I don't know why people hates on MAL so much. I know the forum is cancer as fuck but listing anime on it is actually pretty efficient, and has a database.

>I don't know why people hates on MAL
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Hating random things is one of those wacky Cred Forums memes people partake in to get that "girls not allowed" trip.

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it's shit

Being honest MAL is good for what it suppose to do. Keeping track of the anime you watched. Everything else on that site is ass. hummingbird is better

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Check these 5

That's the point. That's the kind of things it features.

From what ive seen it seems pretty useful. The feature qhere u keep track of ur anime is great
. Why is the forum cancer?

What is hummingbird

user don't angry at idiots. Its waste of time and energy. These fucks call anyone newfags and underage to that triggers them yet they can't prove it in any sense or way.

We all started off somewhere

I just put my favourites there and left.

Mal hates harems and ecchi genre. Any little fanservice triggers them to make a bad review. I expect this one to get a lot 6/10 or 5.5/10 because its "muh muh no good plot or character development"

The site itself is ok for getting quick info about anime and its sequels/prequels.
Now, creating an account, posting reviews or posting on their forums, it's out of the question.

tsugumomo will be the anime that bridges the gap between character developement and fanservice

I prefer a text file.

>why is the forum cancer?
Gee, I wonder why, user.

You should stay there if you even have to ask.

>Do you watch too much anime and then skip school the next day?

>implying harem genre is good

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Tsugumomo is genuine garbage.

Thats why its getting an anime.