Are you excited for the renaissance of the Pokemon Anime Cred Forums?

Are you excited for the renaissance of the Pokemon Anime Cred Forums?

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I will be once ash shaves that mustache

Is this a new studio or did they actually chamge up the art style?

The same studio

I wanted to watch Pokemon in Japanese but the first series isn't even subbed entirely. Too bad.

What's up with that retarded pose?

Also, is this a reboot or the same continuity?


>Also, is this a reboot or the same continuity?
Its not a reboot. Its a continuation.

Just watch Sm when it begins in November. Its not like it has an important story or anyrthing

It will be better than filthy XY for sure

Is that an edit?

How can you people still watch this? They continuously shit on the audience.

Funnily enough, no.

Koreans, amirite?

I haven't heard any kids complain about the show though

Well you must be living under a rock since kids complain everytime he losses a league specially the latest one because everything was handed to him and he still lost.

>What's up with that retarded pose?
JoJo's reference.

Cute. Cute! CUTE!

>What's up with that retarded pose?
Z Moves

New mechanics from the games.

Chicken-chan is truly the best MC.

same studio, diferent team of animator.
OLM team OTA (1997-2006)
OLM team IGUCHI (2006-2009)
OLM team KATO (2010-2012)
OLM team Kamei (2013-2016)
OLM team SAKUGA (SUN/Moon)
the chief animator of Sakuga says he hate pokemon. and that is why he isn't going to make to much effort in the series.

>the chief animator of Sakuga says he hate pokemon. and that is why he isn't going to make to much effort in the series.
hahahahahaha good one


>JoJo's reference
Every time.

>Just watch Sm when it begins in November
Now that you mention it, I may very well do that.


I don't really like or dislike the new look but I do like the character movement in the trailer, I imagine this new design might be easier to animate or something.

Not that it matters since the last time I saw a full episode was when it was on WB and they were in Johto. I kind of wish Johto had ended Ash's story and each subsequent series had a new protagonist.


How come Digimon and Yugioh can use new MCs every season but Pokemon can't?
Seems silly to just reset Ash's character development instead of using a new guy.

I guess it's because Pikachu

You really are so dumb you can't detect irony?

You can also watch XY subbed in full, assuming Sushi doesn't quit within the next couple months.

Yeah just do that
More than 100 episodes of literally nothing? No thanks user

I don't understand. What makes you think SM is going to be less nothing than XY? XY had a lot going on, compared to other sagas. Why recommend any Pokémon series at all if XY is your definition of literally nothing?

Wasn't this just a gag short after the regular episode?

What i mean is why should he watch XY when it will mean nothing just like every other season ever? Sm will start from zero like always.

I blame Cred Forums.

>XY had a lot going on, compared to other sagas
It ended in complete dissapointment unlike the others yeah

More like dark ages of pokemon anime.

So why watch SM? If the only thing that matters is the season "meaning something" then why watch any Pokémon at all? If XY didn't turn things around SM sure won't.

Why can't they do another Berserk anime instead?

Is this the same faggot trying to force the ashnime over and over here? Fuck off with your cartoon to your containment board, fag.

Who the fuck begged for a Ben 10 reboot?

>XY didn't turn things around SM sure won't.
Yeah i know very well thats true. The thing is i don't watch Pokemon for that. I just watch it for fun. And SM looks exactly like that

TTG's audience.

And it seems Pokemon wants a piece of that cake too. Now Ass looks like he's 8 ffs.

Good. Enjoy your commercial ad for children for the 21th year straight in your board.

Fuck TTG. I actually really enjoyed the original, but that garbage spin-off is an insult

I dropped Pokemon when i was 6 in Johto so i'm just coming back. And i will

I was really surprised when I saw noodle limbs animation in the trailer. I hope the whole series looks like that.

>20 year old faggot goes to school
he's too old for this shit

>there are people who unironically still watch the ashnime

The only people who should be watching this shit are too young to browse this site.

Nothing stopping them from giving a new kid a Pikachu.

It wouldn't be the same. Pikachu is Pikachu and theres only one

They could just give the new MC a Pikaclone then.
Like how Digimon's protagonist always has some sort of fire-type reptile.

Most Pikaclones suck, though. Except Emolga, Minun and Plusle, they're kinda cute.

Togedemaru and Dendenne aren't cool. Can you imagine one of those fighting a Charizard or a Latios?? It wouldn't work thats why Pikachu will always stay with Ash as the Anime MC

They've given one to each of his companions each season. Dawn had Pachirisu, Iris had Emolga, Eureka had Dedenne.

Is that a fucking Sonichu?

Isn't Ash like 40 years old already?

he was 10 years old 20 years ago

Considering Chris-chan is actually in S&M, yes

you mean post-modernism

I'm excited for the semen demons.


I'm excited to see mama-san again.

me too

>"Back to pika-reddit, you fucking faggot"


Is that real? Ash's mom is a fucking artstyle invasion from 90s heh.

>Kalos Gym Leaders and Champion + Daigo + Four Heavenly Kings + Satoshi + Alan + Team Rocket VS False Zygard

Now looks mexican.

>Mr. Mime in tourist gear


Anyone who watches dubs belongs here even less

If you use dub names you should go back to Gaia, just sayin

>We want the Yokai Watch audience

yeah user XYZ was fucking great

Is YW really that strong in japan? I thought it's just a meme

The latest Pokemon game was a massive flop and Yokai Watch sold like x5 times better.

That's why they just ripped YW designs and recolored some Gen1 pokemon for this gen. Fucking lazy gooks. Pokemon is pure trash now for furry degenerates. Only good for fapping to pokegirls desu.

>team Sakuga
>looks worse than the previous Pokémon series

XY flopped?

Webgen was a mistake.

I don't care about Flare-dan. Ever since the abortion of a league finale I'm totally checked out. Life is pain.

>he didn't get to see Gundam Z

Did they just "show" a person die?

The latest pokemon game is ORAS, not XY. Yokai Watch 2 sold nontrivially more than ORAS, but ORAS wasn't a "flop" (though it deserved to be).

What do you mean? The Kalos League was pure sex in awesomesauce. Satoshi VS Alan was the best

Is she saying kill the bitch ass nigga?

What the fuck is this shit.

Who could be behind this racemixing scene in pokemon?


It's not the first time they done it.

Ik. I thought it was normally reserved for movies and specials, though.

Well-animated battles don't excuse the garbage fire that was the writing.

Did Musashi always have just a fat ass?

Wow, that sounds bad like, does the writer hate the anime or something?

Is it me or does Megumi Hayashibara sound like she has lost her voice or something in recent years?

Ash being a loser has been baked into the DNA of Pokemon since Shudo who wanted him to lose and give up being a pokemon trainer.

Not rly. Pic related

I don't notice anything. But then, I don't really like Musashi so maybe I'm just not paying attention.

>waaah my self insert didnt win

Satoshi is 10 and acts more mature about losing than you NEETs

Eat shit Alanfag, your self insert isn't any better.

>physically assisting your pokemon
isn't that cheating?


>that misinformation mixed in to fluff the argument
The league loss really messed /padt/ up.

Well we know the infinitely better "clone" is gonna be in it.


Honestly can't wait to see what GF does with this.

That angry walk down the hallway was so stupid and unprompted. No development of Alan and Manon's relationship and then suddenly he cares about her enough to make that face.

Jokes on you, I stopped near the beginning of the first DP.

>All that buildup leading to fucking nothing
Holy shit. I know I shouldn't have expected anything from the Ashime but still holy shit. There's incompetence then there's straight up malice.

>not bringing back Misty


The one I'm curious about on all fronts is the failed abomination

>Mistyfags are still salty
Get over it man. Be happy she's not in the show anymore, that way she isn't ruined. More than she already was anyway


Will Ash be dancing around like this all saga?

>failed abomination
Yep, also calling this, too. Watch it be about as rare and useful as a Kecleon.

Well, Kecleon isn't that rare, but you get my point.

It seems to be with Team Rocket

>That art-style
For what purpose, though? The XY art-style was good enough as it was.

But I like Togedemaru....ok, maybe except for the name, it is a bit of a mouthful.

Best Wishes ratings were dropping and XY's just continued dropping even further. They clearly want to differentiate the show from previous seasons (even though they're too stuck on the status quo to actually change protagonists).

The art style wouldn't stand out that much if it weren't for the Ash redesign.

>Teamed up with Gym leaders and League Champion to save the world
>Ends up in a special needs school

>Using my phrase concerning the lore and spinning to make it seem like I'm shitting on it
Fuck off.

This is the first time I've been genuinely engrossed in the backstory of a single Pokemon since fittingly enough Mewtwo.

Frankenstein monsters are my bread and butter and dammit I am hype for this

Oops, sorry about that. Misread your tone.

They don't give a shit about continuity, consider yourself lucky if they even mention it again.

Boy I hope so.

Togedemaru is horrible, Mimikyuu is a Pikachu knock off and is miles better than him.

Togedemaru is a weird localizing decision to me. Seems cumbersome for an English speaker to say. Names like Nyabby and Iwanko seem easier, but they got localized.

At least Mimikyu still works as a pun in English.

Anime Misty is shit anyway. Electric Tale Misty and Game Misty are way superior.

The Pikachu stand-ins always keep their original names.

that's some disgusting camera movement

>jobber frog confirmed to be released
My sides.

>lost the league
>didn't do much in Team Flare arc
>final battle is with Xerosic
>gets the Pidgeot treatment

>the cheeks fash when touches them
pretty cool

Emonga/Emolga didn't.

The reason why it's bombing huge and is on the way to irrelevancy is because of their slavish adherence to the status quo.

Ash should have won and ash should become a pokemon master who wants to not just win leagues but find and discover new pokemon. Become a pokemon hero or whatever.

That would have been a far more interesting path for him.

Hell had this be his last real adventure before he does something else and have a new adventure be about his chad with special guest apperances by chad's baby sister and her pichu.

Which pokemon manga is the lewdest senpai?

>Like how Digimon's protagonist always has some sort of fire-type reptile.

Yeah, how's that working out for them? They aren't even called Digimon anymore.

Not saying I agree with it, just saying that's how it is.

It's funny actually, I honestly think SM would've been treated more warmly if Ash won and actually did shit during the Flare arc.
I'm convinced the writers just want to fuck with everyone at this point, and whatever if anything interesting they have planned for SM is going to end up going nowhere like always.

Nah, it'd be the same exactly because Pikachu is Pikachu. Going with Pikaclones like here would be a mistake, but always keeping a Pikachu as part of the main cast would be easy. It could also be an early capture sometimes rather than an outright starter. Or maybe a Pokemon that just "travels" alongside the heroes for a while before officially being caught by a Pokeball. There would be many different ways to handle it for each season.

ok what is going on here?

>those arms
>that smile

is this being drawn by japanese cal arts students?

>Those Digimon designs
And people have the nerve to shit on Pokemon's designs?
>They're not even called Digimon anymore
What kind of stupid idea is that? What are they called now then?

>cal arts

Because Digimon actually ends after fifty episodes and Yu-Gi-Oh! is based on a Jump manga that actually ended (after DB GT, as well), while Pokémon keeps going every weekend forever.

The first Yu-Gi-Oh! series ended you mean, the franchise is still pumping

Because Pokemon wants to stay good and relevant.

It's not they can't, they probably just didn't bother because reasons.

Every season has it's own Yu, tho.

Last I checked it's all the same canon though, but I haven't watched/read it since 5Ds.

But the MCs are differrent.


Episode 39 just got subbed, by the way:

Subbers fell behind right after the league, but seem to be trying to catch up again now.


What happened was basically that Konami wanted to keep the card game running after the manga ended since it was so popular, and they wanted an anime on the air to promote it, so since there wasn't any more manga to adapt, they commissioned their own series. Either they weren't allowed to do a direct continuation of the manga with the same characters, or they figured it would be better to just start from scratch to make everything more card game centric, but it's a very unique situation you can't really compare with any other franchise.

>Yokai Watch 2 sold nontrivially more than ORAS
That's a misreport. YW2 sold more in 2015 than ORAS sold in 2015, and that happened because YW2 came out in the summer and ORAS near the end of the year.
ORAS' sales surpassed YW2's sales in early 2016.

He will probably just use the lightning z move

This is an Oreimo thread now.

And it starts with best girl.

No, this is patrick.

What happened to Digimon?

Trying and usually failing to come up with some new reboot that actually catches on.


What the fuck?

>looking at pikachu
What's wrong with you?

>unironically watching ashnime after Ash lost the Kalos league
>expecting anyone to fall again to the "this time it'll be good" meme

X&Y was the first time ever the anime was any good. I'm hopefully optimistic for Sun and Moon, but without Eureka I fear there is no hope.

source: your ass

>I haven't watched/read it since 5Ds.
Last series to be the same continuity.

>I haven't watched/read it since 5Ds.
Last series to be the same continuity.
My point is that it has new protags because the mangaka actually has standards with his work and doesn't want it tarnished, while Pokémon is fun running one show forever and pretending anything too old never happened except when it did.