What's your homo OTP?

What's your homo OTP?

/u/ welcomed too.

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Me + You're father.

I have two moms.

Not sure who I like more as bottom though.


I grew up fapping to Hijikata as a bottom, but recently I've fapping to that one author that portrays him as a top.


Basically canon


Why do they have the same face?

Nothing can beat brotherly love.

I like you (#nohomo)

Small budget...

I like to imagine Takumi and Gou as Seiha's parents

Takumi looking fit.


I like Harada doujins of Hijikata as bottom and 3745HOUSE doujins of Gintoki as bottom.

That's tumblr trannies hangout, yaoi is anime related.



The shirts in that show gave me eye cancer, still a great story though


Her style doesn't fit Gintama. Gintama boys are thick.

>That's tumblr trannies hangout
Great, so you will fit right in.

Do I really need to post
>not homOTP
Every fucking thread?

Looking at these two makes me feel like I'm 14 and experiencing homo feelings for the first time again.



I come here expecting you to do it.

This thread and It's time thread


All the shotas in that show were too cute. It's a real shame trap shota didn't get raped and killed before he turned in to a pudgy ugly fatass


Them obviously

Was this eventually delivered?

>Me + You're father.

He called you a father.

Kenya x Satoru doujins never ;_;

Fuck why is shotadom so fucking good?

That's what you get from handling balls all days.

Congrats, I guess

There are dozen of Kanyas, but only one Sensei.

And each one requires love.


I have yet to see muscles in anime more delicious than the ones in Rokka no Yuusha

Exactly. They're so delicious, but not over-detailed. They're just the right size too; nothing so excessive as to be impossible, but also enough there to make you salivate just looking at it. I'm not even that into muscles, but Hans, Adlet and even Baby-Bara here make the case extremely well..


Forever best

>those abs
>those armpits


You stole the words right out of my mouth, user. I couldn't not have said it more perfectly or eloquently.

Also, for a boi who's built like an ox, his face is fucking perfection. He's like an angel. I have no idea how Nash could resist him.

Wasn't he like 15? Kind of weird to have that body, but then again there's Free! so...

Hans was the overally sexiest to me, though. The personality, the toned body, the suggestive attitude, etc

Greatest married love story ever told.

Tomoko x Delinquent

Oh hey there, me. Too bad all of that sexual attention was focused on only girls though.

I actually fantasized to the idea of being a qt adventurer and having him pursue and eventually ravage me in a blissful haze of pleasure and sweat.

B-But yeah. Rokka boys are as special and amazing as their show's OST.

Thank you for providing me something new to fantasize about, user. Here, have some naked Hans as reward.

I bet he'd be rough and sweaty

They should've gone with the yuri route

Only catgirls can head pat catgirls.

That is just how normal heterosexuals interact. No sir, no homo here.

And hagu as this season's favorite.




He was a fucking animal user. Thank you. I hope he treats you the same way.

user, cyan clearly has to get it doggystyle


Doggirls can only be loved by mousegirls.

No one made porn for this ever. Not even a shitty smut.

Fuck you word!

I feel you fellow user.

Nah, man
Luluco's love for Nova-kun was justice



Three's fine too, right?


Hoping for a homo end for my seasonal homOTP tomorrow.

>he doesn't want to the cups to gather
How mean of you

kuro is shit

Has your taste in pairings matured yet, Cred Forums?


S3 never


This is just disgusting.

Excellent post.


>he will never drink from that supple armpit

this desu

Maybe if he begs.

Hajime and Nagito
I don't have any art saved though

Reminder that no homo, just bros

I actually loved the patterns everywhere style, almost every frame was wallpaper worthy. Still gave me a headache after watching a bunch of episodes in a row. Gotta check the BDs to see if the patterns survived the HD transfer

>no homo
You could not possibly sound any gayer. Even if you were saying those words through a mouthful of sweaty cocks.

>not green and blue
Silver haired faggot a shit

>still thinking that Green/Blue has a chance
Are you not watching S2? Even Blue ships Green and Art.

To be fair, nobody is pretending that's the case here. This ain't SamFlam.


Here you go. Here's hoping we get to see them tomorrow.

Good, good.

Blue just supports them being friends because he knows green is forever his, remember he was completely confident that green would give him valentine's chocolate? That and he seems to be a bitof a NTR fetishist

Your ship is dead, user. Let it go.

No, love is never over

Kamille should've been in CCA.

It's the OTP, but it's also my OTP.

Doesn't Hinata hate Hopeman's guts?

Its canon, in my dreams.

>Not them sandwiching Gora


He's just tsundere

Love literally ends tomorrow.

>mouthful of sweaty cocks
Too lewd, can I say it while holding hands instead?

I don't think so. Hinata's the only one that even tried to understand him. Deep down their both pretty similar too.


>NTR fetishist
Blue a shit.

>top mikleo
That's not the OTP.

>Homo OTP thread
>Fine Sauce for Image
I dont know what I was expecting, but I was let down.

Why is this pic not related?

No one in here posted Shinji and the Albino?

Space homos forever.


These two for sure. The size difference is such a turn on.

Th-Th-That's even lewder!

I'll take the cocks if you're not using them, though.


It's okay, we'll get S3, I believe in love
Though seeing how uninterested the Battle Lovers were this season I don't know how it could go

I like it when girly boys surprise buttsex the manly boys.

With their massive cocks?

>Floris peels a sleepy Lancis off her.
>Floris relaxes in a massage chair. After removing Lancis from her lap


My brother of a different mother.

Is there fucking anything Haruhiro can't look good in?


>one twin wants to tie down Gora
>the other one wants Gora to slap him
S&M? Sun and Moon? What did they mean by that?

the only real answer

the purest love

NicoMaki is my Raison d'ĂȘtre


Great taste.
I can't find my archive links but in case you are new to the show have this as proof of staff support for T&B,
I'm sure you are just trying to meme about Kurata backpedaling though.
I'm so glad this manga exists.

Some good taste here.

I wanted that route

Homoprince is best ghoul boy

Best Jojo ship

ma nigga. good taste

Looking good in anything, even straw, seems to be his unspoken skillset.

Why is japanese media gay so much superior to western media gay?

Less Christianity poisoning the perception.

Naked Haruhiro is still best Haruhiro

>gong to the bar
Bad idea. They turn into pic related afterwards.

They understand that nobody wants ugly gays and pander accordingly, whereas in the west people are into unfortunate looking 3D british creatures.

Doesn't matter, they are still great in every way; I like flawed characters helping each other become better.

No shitty identity politics.


Till this day I'm still very sad that they pushed Suoh with Munakata instead for cheap rivalry bait whereas these two were the ones who, when you think about it, probably had a secret relationship.

Why is Baseball so lewd?

No complaints there.

It seriously looks like he's fapping under the water

The difference between their selves in ep 1 and now is really something.


Sometimes entry level pairings are best pairings. It's a shame the next time they're together, if Togashi ever gets off his ass and writes, they're going to be adults

>implying H x H will even get that far

But user, I didn't imply that at all, I actually implied the opposite if you read my post.

Not even the best paring in the series.

Not even best Okuyasu ship

delete this


>Eating a sandwich with a fork
This is madness

God I fucking hope so.

I'll bite. What does that even mean?

Yes, cute boys don't deserve to be raped by hung like a horse pedo clowns, cute boys are meant to cuddle and gently make love to other cute boys

Oh my

>tfw they see your dick

Look in their eyes

You cannot deny Hisoka's girth.

Can't say I'm terribly big on size difference, sometimes it's almost more like a hindrance. The ship is just so gosh darn adorable that I can't help it. As well as a breath of fresh air in a show where every other ship is trying to out-edge each other. And that seiyuu endorsement. S2 is going to end me one way or another.

I'm not even into the show or other pairings in it but wow that is some colossal shit taste.

>hung like a horse
info for this?

Probably for the better

>tfw crush on some user and we would be size difference to the umpteenth degree.

If this body is shit taste, I don't want to have good taste. Plus his dick and ass have the properties of both rubber AND gum

Did you forget about them Cred Forums?

Lulu x Rollo was better

Bahamut had pretty sweet muscle action.

God damn is that head wasted on such a perfect, immaculate body. I want to style his hair and then lick every part of him until I die.

>And that seiyuu endorsement.
Isn't that just the usual marketing ploy?

>If this body is shit taste
It is. It even has two abs too many. Not one, but TWO.


user, is he okay? What are those dark spots on his chest, where his nothing should be??

Avilio a shit

Their manga selves are cute, too bad

>scanlation never

>Isn't that just the usual marketing ploy?
No, the voice actors genuinely love each other's characters and the prospect of these two being in a relationship. Nobody on the exec side is interested in hyping it up.

>armpit hair in anime

Just when I thought I had seen it all


>No, the voice actors genuinely love each other's characters and the prospect of these two being in a relationship
I like the pairing, but top kek

Look for a drama cd about christmas, Nozomi confess her love to Eli but then says it was a joke and run away. (We know it wasn't)

Nobody is implying it means anything, but it's a more fujo-friendly attitude than "lol I don't give a fuck" that Gaelio's VA is giving out. Go and be retarded somewhere else.


Bahamut went all out with the body hair, including chest hair on one of the MCs and pubes on the main girl.

I don't know who they are but seems like pure love to me

>I don't know who they are

Lurk forever.

But Cred Forumsnons are supposed to hate anime and manga

Maya fuck off, Persona started at 3


Now that's interesting. If only we had happy trails in anime boys...

Ranta's giving him a footjob.

I'm still upset about last week's episode. But damn, they were cute together.

Nero a shit.


This is the worst post in the thread.

>Nobody mentioned the homoerotic volleyball montage yet.
Is it fucking amateur hour here or what?