Re:Zero Kara Isekai Seikatsu

Alright, poll time. How many of you are planning on following the story along with the WN or the LN? How many of you are planning on just waiting for a while in case there's a second season? And if so, how long are you willing to wait?

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People, please answer these two questions


>Implying anyone here has the patience and perseverance to not go spoil themselves on the whole thing

Link to the site

Fuck waiting
Already reading the Translator Machine

I'm willing to wait a year, perhaps a bit longer if the LN does'nt go fast enough.
I doubt they'd go do a second season off the WN, plenty of material since I heard Arc4 is larger than the first 3 combined, but you know, happy merchant and all.

>Translator Machine

What's that?

Can't read moonrunes, so no LN or WN for me.
I'd follow the manga, if it will have a decent pace

People on Cred Forums have told me that the series is really popular in Japan, so, assuming they ain't lying, I'm gonna wait at least two years. If by late 2018 there's still no whispers of a second season or a movie or some shit like that, then I'll bite the bullet and go read up on the novels which will probably be fully translated at that point.

With Jewpress translating i have almost no faith on official translations, so i'm hoping fans pick up the WN translation, or translate the LN and host the text somewhere.


>Which should be animated first?

The mayonnaise chapters and the king game chapter for sure.

Just startet binge watching this and i must say oh god so much cringe. I love it tho, its funny as fuck.

I can't do it right now, you should post the translated extra material as well (fuck spoilers and spoiler fag, though)

Subaru is supposed to be a cringy fuck at first, so if you're feeling cringe it's working.

Could anyone tell me if Subaru stays (mostly) competent after the ending of the adaption? Or if he at least doesn't return to peak cringe? I'm interested in picking up the LN, but I don't think I could stand much more of that.

He stopped being cringy, if that's what you're worried about, and he does get more competent, but that doesn't mean he won't face a lot of unfair trouble.

It's not a matter of being popular, there are no LN to adapt, and they aren't going to animate a WB that will be rewritten.

Basically after episode 18 He is no longer a sperg. At the end of arc 3+ he is actually competent and does things rather than expecting people to do it for him.

Thats to bad, i thought it had pottential. But i have shit taste so.

That's good to hear. I don't mind despair or bad things happening, but cringe and people absolutely failing at communication just kills me.

I think a second season has decent chances of happening, just not in the near future.

Subaru and Ferris partner up to go hunt down Witch Cultists.

If only. Would be great to have them develop their relationship while killing some shitters.

But some faggot like Julius would probably tag along and it would turn to shit.

Shut your mouth pleb, Juli is best boy

Julius is canonically gay for Reinhard.

I'll hold off in hope for OVA's if we don't get any I'll read it.

Is there any chance of yen press speeding up their release schedule?
I was told that the WN to this point is probably equivalent to 30 LN volumes. If yen press only release 3 volumes per year, it's likely that yen press is going to die before we get an ending to re:zero.

Ferris becoming friends with Subaru would be cool. Ferris could have a confidant to talk to. Sure he had Crusch but she is also kind of his boss and he probably has to tone it down around her. If he had a buddy to talk with like Subaru we can see some more development.

I hope Subaru realizes what a precious cinnamon bun Ferri is.

It would take a decade for WN translation to catch up.

I was just looking at this and it struck me how much Greed resembles Emilia. Didn't Greed say that she hated Emilia and her mother in the spoilers?

Considering Greed's silver hair and whatnot, what is the possibility that Greed is Emilia's mother? And she fucked some Elf to give birth to Emilia?

So, you are here shilling your own TL?

I want Emilia, Rem and Ram to take turns fucking me as I'm tied to a bed for hours on end while Ferris sits in the corner and jerks off.


Where's the option for it was a huge disappointment and I'm glad it's over?

And when do you expect to catch up with the WN? What's your estimate?

I wish, I fucking wish.
Maybe if the first volumes sell well and people start asking them for more.

What's the difference between the WN and LN? Just the art, same events, but rewritten, or do different things happen?

Here is my theory of why Satella loves Subaru - if no one else already said a theory similar.

1st episode Subaru runs into Emilia who claims to be the witch Satella. Subaru is from another world so he obviously doesn't know that the witch is a big deal or that everyone is racist to elves. He ends up dying trying to help Emilia and promises to save her. At this point the witch of envy sees what Subaru is doing - she isn't all powerful but does have a small degree of control over the world. Seeing that Subaru has done all of this for a half elf that looks exactly like herself, Satella meets with Subaru and even though he reciprocates her love he can't stay, not yet, so Satella gives Subaru Return By Death and the gospels of witch cult members now direct them to capture the half elf so Satella can have Subaru for herself.

So you think someone else transported him to the world?

WN is like a rough draft
Ln is the final draft

How would've you ended the Re:Zero anime?

I've read similar, also that Emilia is Satella, and there's some sort of time travel. We saw by the end of ep 25 that Emilia accepts and is probably going to love Subaru even without being able to know all the stuff that happened in the events before his deaths.
Imagine her somewhere down the line being able to actually see what he did for her, and fully understanding why he feels how he does.
I'm looking forward to how it all plays out.

The same way. The reactions had they done the cliffhanger would have been delicious, but considering that a second season is going to take a few years (if ever), means that you probably don't want to leave it hanging like that.

I'm still not sure if it's Satella who did, because she has no reason to. But if Al has the witch scent or is related to the witch then it's still possible that Satella caused the transport for one reason or another.
Even if time travel is true, I hate the fact that we're using paradoxes now. I prefer if we have a linear story without time travel...

Pls animate this White Fox

What's wrong with Yenpress? I haven't touched anything they've done yet; just want to know why they should be avoided

We all know how it works, He was asking if Nagatsuki added/removed/changed some events.

They take forever to translate.

With her getting dicked.

>Liking a shallow otaku waifubait female side character instead of a mysterious lead female protagonist.

Rezero has one of the best memes ever. I love this shitty show.

Uh? They shouldn't.

The less it sells the more it takes.

thisThey take in so much projects but won't make an initiative to catch up with the JP release forcing everyone to wait for a long time to actually read the story and not get spoiled by those who read the Japanese release.

Exact same way except with an additional 5 seconds.

>"Let's go home and celebrate with Rem and Ram!"
>"Huh? Rem? Who's that?"

Everything basically gets 3-4 volumes per year.

Pic related

Just finished it and really feel sorry for sloth. He was cucked really badly.
And what really pisses me off is how emilia and rem have absolutely no self esteem. They're both door mats than flop on the floor if you tell them that you love them even though they take some convincing

Gayest thing I've ever seen on this site.

Ok... So we have someone doing Arc 1 now.

Someone should just get all of these people together.

>Arc 1
Why? Kikepress will end it with Vol2 in November if Vol1 didn't

Well having everyone hate you for as long as you remember probably fucks up your self esteem.

>Emilia’s response was completely different from Subaru’s imagination.

>She frowned at his words, and stayed quiet while putting a finger to her lips in deep thought. Scrutinizing his declaration, she was thinking of a proper punishment to give to him – it wasn’t a light atmosphere like that.



>After his name was called, Subaru turned to face Emilia directly.

>She also faced directly towards his gaze filled with resolution. However, her eyes were full of bewilderment, and Subaru was unable to understand her reaction.

>And then, the following words completely went beyond Subaru’s comprehension.

>“–Who is Rem?”


Him ending on suicide and realizing the checkpoint moved would have been nice.

Worked pretty well for this guy.

I don't know. but still

Another one.

Holy shit really.

I think it's still understandable. Subaru is probably some sort of insane savior from their perspective.

It's the WN, so it may still be interesting to compare.

>Having a bunch of muscled faggots chasing him all the time.
Yeah it turned out great.

Someone get these fuckers together.

Which one is the best of them? I already started chicken didn't check any others

Chicken is the only one going to Arc 4 I think

Worked out pretty well for that guy.

Studying Japanese, either I'll get good enough to read them on my own or there will be a S2.

God Ferris.

I'd pay for an OVA of just Ferris and Crusch cuddling for 20 minutes.

time to remove these threads from my watcher. No anime no attention

That's basically EX Novel 1.

Uh, no. You're gonna get a dude that's fine with trap cats.

Does subaru die and rewrite the argument he had with Emilia at the end of the throne candidate election meeting arc? Or is that moment stuck? Was hard to watch

I'm really not sure what to make of Emilia's issues. Obviously it stems from no one being nice to her, and they don't go into a lot of detail other than 'muh racism.' The thing is, it goes well beyond racism, in that the Witch Cult actively targets half-elves and brutally kills every single one they find out about, its one of the few things they will actively come out of the shadows and do. Emilia knows people don't like her, and seems to somewhat comprehend the witch connection, but has never bothered to find out that their is very literally a target on her back and her presence endangers every single person near her. She doesn't even really know what the Witch Cult is.

With that in mind as fairly common knowledge its amazing anyone lets her near population centers at all, let alone wandering around the capital without harassing her every 3 seconds.

>cancerous mental damaged ferrifags are still shitting the threads

He's stuck with his sperg out.

Man that would be awesome. Subaru offing himself to win arguments.

That would be a good use for his power. I remember all the arguments I lost before I sleep at night.

garbage concept
garbage execution
garbage story
garbage show

Isn't it?

that last episode was so painfully disappointing, and indeed, felt like some kind of dark betrayal

I realize I'm in the minority, but I expect just a tiny bit more than "I wuv you"

so I've already forgotten this exists, it's really the best way to live

Ley seems to have gotten to this poor user, can anyone stop this madman?

Everyone who have read spoilers expected different ending.

Let them. I don't mind homo posters. We get yuri shows every once in a while, let them have this.

>I realize I'm in the minority, but I expect just a tiny bit more than "I wuv you"
I actually don't think you are, because a bunch of people were hoping for something really horrific to happen.

What the hell.

>Someone get these fuckers together.

This, seriously.

It wasn't supposed to end that way.

stay alive

> so it may still be interesting to compare.

Not when we don't know if, when, and how we will get new contents.

>I think it's still understandable.

Pretty much, and that's the only thing that matters.
"I don't like the idea" isn't valid criticism, every single idea can work with the right context.


In theory they can make a episode/s of S2 as interlude of Arc4 with felix and/ or wilhelm talking with crush about their past
They decide to make a ending that boost the LN, adding the last chapter of vol9 one feel a great cliffhanger, so the best option is to make that chapters as the first episode if they make a S2

I'm really disappointed it's over and we didn't learn anything at all about Roswaal. Most interesting character by far.

They need to make Rem AU and/or mansion SoL OVA's.

I still don't know everything about him, but that clown is a shady motherfucker.

His plan is something like
1. Bang Ram
2. Kill Dragon
3. ???
4. Get Waifu

It seems that he wants to use Ram's body to do something different than sex.

But sex is the fun part of what he wants Ram's body for.

Before we even consider the chances of the second season, how well is the Re:Zero anime selling?

Definitely above average

Pretty good. I think around 10k a volume.

Very well, but not enough to justify an adaptation of the WN. If we had more LN we would have got a S2 for sure.

God damn it, there are never Stalker threads around when I need them.

Merch (AKA Rem) is also doing well, and the LNs got a decent boost. Profits all around really. White Fox really doesn't seem to like doing S2s though, but if Kadokawa wants it, it'll happen.

Animation studios are hired

>White Fox really doesn't seem to like doing S2s though
They shouldn't fucking adapt ongoing series like this, then. This is The Devil Is a Part-Timer all over again

They get hired to do it, so its not exactly their option unless they want to risk funding the show themselves, and very few series are profitable enough to risk that. As said previously, its on Kadokawa to decide if they want more money or not, they'll probably see how people take the reveal in the LNs and decide from there.

That's not her real body, the body inside of sanctuary is different from the one she made for herself inside of the dream world.

We have to waif for official illustrations of that body to know how similar they REALLY look.

>tfw a popular show ends and you know the fanart is going to start dwindling down to nothing until it is eventually lost in time just like the show itself


>This is The Devil Is a Part-Timer

There should still be a considerable amount of doujin to come in winter comiket.

Not at all, the structure of the story and how its told make for the least interesting and most frustrating way of consuming it. I'm just going to read spoilers for it, assuming i even care enough to.

Interesting concept, but the writer has no fucking clue how to execute it. Same for every single anime of this genre, even the deconstructions end up in the same place.

hey didnt you guys say subaru kills himself a bunch of times after finding out what happens to rem

im reading but it doesnt seem to happen

I can smell the Ferri ones already.

Everyone was 100% positive that we'd get a second season of Hataraku Maou-sama because of the good sales and we didn't get shit and probably never will.

I think Re:Zero shares the same fate.

I actually enjoyed that show. It wasn't fantastic but it was comfy.

Flashback later

let me explain how it will be
white fox did ad this point literally show disinterest in making another season for this serie, they didn't want to put their face in it by giving us the "who's rem" ending ,then there is the title of ep 25 , the lack of a "probable continuation" , finally the "Read the Ln" statement was a certain way to say , "thank you but white fox and Re:zero friendship ends now"

There were people that didn't enjoy it? I remember it basically being universally beloved around here.

thank you

I wish they'd just tell us straight up they will never continue the show so that we don't stay in this cycle of hope

>hey didnt you guys say subaru kills himself a bunch of times after finding out what happens to rem

From what's implied, I only understood he killed himself ones. Not really sure if it was multiple times.

What's the difference between the WN or the LN?
Which one is translated?

WN translation started recently here

1st LN volume is officially translated

He kills himself ONCE. The whole killing himself multiple times was an edgy translators giving fake spoilers.

Ill probably forget this in a month and in a distant future ill remember it again and will just spoil myself since the hype will be gone

I think there are some people who went into it with the wrong expectations. If one expects something 'deeper' it probably is pretty easy to be disappointed.
Oh, and while I think it's a fun ride, some of the later dialogue is somewhat corny.

By having Subaru get crushed by an asteroid right as he was about to kiss Emelia.

These two will find happiness.

Might've fucking worked, though. Given Satella PTSD like Magic God Othinus. "JESUS! I'll fix her! Just stop already!"

Which one wears the pants in that relationship

Oh no, he was completely crushed, but he knew better than to try again and pointlessly kill himself when the checkpoint had moved already.

It should flashback to him suiciding shortly after finding Rem. His current aggressive reactions are because he knows he can't save her with RbD.

White Fox doesn't make the ads, that's on Kadokawa. As the producers, if they think they can get more profit out of their franchise they'll do it, but they need things to sell first.

>Felix throws a bitch fit and becomes a biased passive aggressive shitter when he found out what happened to Crusch
>Finds it better to just be a pussy and not look for killing Gluttony's bishop to try and make her go back to normal, instead just wants to teach her everything she knew in hopes she goes back to the way she was before

I like him a whole lot less. Also i have to wonder, how much of a panic attack must he have had when she got stabbed by Capella and given dragon aids in arc 5.

The one wearing pants, duh.

I don't think Satella could actually fix her, but its hard to say what she is or isn't capable of.

Emilia is an evil fucking witch! Rem will be the endgame!

I feel bad for him

Wilhelm. He's the bull.

He doesn't think killing Gluttony serves any purpose besides petty vengeance, and puts them at greater risk. He'd rather take what's left of Crusch and try and heal her with his magic than risk her in a battle against the Witch Cult.

Obviously Wilhelm wants revengance hard and also hopes that will fix things. Likely its not as simple as that, but we'll see.

Also Subaru was gonna tear that pussy up for suggesting Crusch (And by implication, Rem) couldn't be fixed like that.

>read the WN translation so far
wow ferris is a cunt

Ferri doesn't wear pants

How were there pictures of Lem when it's a novel?
Or was it just fanart of what was described?

Light Novels have pictures

Vote for Felt!

I have no idea what you're trying to ask. You mean like before the LN designs came out? It would've been fanart based on the WN character descriptions them.

Light novels have pictures. Earliest fanart is some picture of Rem, but she looks different because the description was mostly just 'maid with short blue hair'

Currently any pictures of the other witches and archbishops besides Pete are just taken from descriptions.

Fuck, I meant Ley. Could've swore I saw someone post a picture of him here.

The magic he was referring to was healing wounds and slowly reminding her of everything, there's no proper magical treatment for it.

>archbishops besides Pete are just taken from descriptions.
He's some scrawny kid covered in bandages.

Volume 9 should be coming out in the 24th of this month, we should see official art of him and Regulus in it, if they made drawings for then that is.

The author will find out about his popularity and make him a shitty person on purpose now.

wait a second the LN is up to volume 9?
why do we only have 1 volume translated

I expect there to be Regulus, Ley, Crusch and Rem squaring off as at least one illustration.

Because there was't a lot of interest before the anime, so it was mostly off people's radar. Even after the anime started airing it took a bit while people were waiting to see if it took off or not.

There are high chance that they don't have illustration until arc5 because they almost don't have screen time in that vol.

>“Um… Petra, aren’t you a little close?”

>“I don’t think so? Is there something wrong, Subaru?”

>Petra- the little girl who was looking up at Subaru with round eyes and reddish brown hair. She was sitting to his left, and ever since their departure she had been grabbing his hand and sticking close to him.

Petra should stop before Subaru gets jailed.


I love Emilia

It's the Japanese one mate, Volume 8 is the current one, and Volume 8 is coming out this month.

next month volume 10 comes out which starts act 4.

Was it changed? I remember it coming out on the 24th.

There's an entire chapter for them, and they do a very bad thing.

>Interesting concept, but the writer has no fucking clue how to execute it.

No, you are a fucking idiot. The concept is actually the usual garbage, it's the execution that made it work.

>Up until now, Subaru had believed that his thoughts were earnestly focused on only one person. In reality, to Subaru the person on his mind was also Emilia and no one else.
>However, the existence of Rem, while leaving his affection towards Emilia unchanging, had become just as large to him and remained in his heart.

Well there it goes, he feels the same for both, but theeeeen:

>Insert spaghetti dialogue trying to touch on the idea of having both as lovers
>“Saying it’s because I’m a good kid, it feels like my rating went down.. No, I’m not being manly. Ahh, I’ll say it cleanly. Um, so… actually Rem also said that she loved me, so since Emilia-tan also likes me… uh, you’ll both be mine, uh how should I put it..?”
>After his name was called, Subaru turned to face Emilia directly.
>She also faced directly towards his gaze filled with resolution. However, her eyes were full of bewilderment, and Subaru was unable to understand her reaction.
>And then, the following words completely went beyond Subaru’s comprehension.

“–Who is Rem?”

From here:

The webm is fantastic, but, instead of "aka it's over second season ever", Kadokawa's "Read the LN statement" would have been better ".

>>Liking a shallow otaku waifubait female side character instead of a mysterious lead female protagonist.
Because the female lead is a shit tier, uninteresting, retarded, eroge heroine tier girl?

So translators that are lurking, why don't you put together your effort instead of doing this dumb shit?

>eroge heroine

Rem is actually much more "eroge heroine" and otaku friendly than Emilia. It's not a problem in both cases, though. But enjoy your irrational waifuwar.

So far how many chapters the artist of arc2 going to finish that arc? because he can start to draw arc4

>They decide to make a ending that boost the LN, adding the last chapter of vol9 one feel a great cliffhanger, so the best option is to make that chapters as the first episode if they make a S2
From what I've seen so far, the boost is limited.

I'm not sure on that one, but it should be a few more, since he's fairly close to the point where Arc 2 ends i believe.

Unless he's going to draw the:
-King's game
-Mayo chapters

It provided a decent boost, nothing amazing, but the anime also paid for itself.

>Nothing amazing

It's literally all over the place right now. Almost everyone has seen at least a picture of Rem too due to how much reach she got from her popularity.

The boost may not last forever but it made an impression.

>he can start to draw arc4

I fucking wish, he's a great mangaka. He made the second arc even better than the anime, and it wasn't easy at all.

>Unless he's going to draw the:
>-King's game
>-Mayo chapters

Ok, that would be beyond great.

>The boost may not last forever but it made an impression.
same shit for Danmachi and Hestia and now fucking look at her, its FOTM shit, give it two more weeks for the next LN issekai

>>Rem is actually much more "eroge heroine" and otaku friendly than Emilia. It's not a problem in both cases, though. But enjoy your irrational waifuwar.
>Disappear like 70% of the anime
>Came back on the last ep to win the MC
Just like those shit tier eroge where in true route a heroine comes out/back and win the MC.

True, it could go the same way.

Reminder that Hataraku Maou-sama sold just as well as Re:Zero and never got a second sequel.

Exact same shit will happen to this.

I meant in terms of LN sales, recognition is naturally very high. It was a noticeable bump up for the LN, so it probably met its aims.

everytime I hear about people talk about LN sales getting a boost so there doesnt need be a season 2 it just sounds like people in denial desu

We know that, that's why the thread started with the wn.

Maou also didn't seem to do nearly as well in bumping the LN or moving other merch, Re:Zero incidentals are doing very well by comparison.

Although Chi becoming much less relevant in the LNs even though she was quite popular during the anime could mean the same sort of thing happening to Re:Zero.

Just watched episode 13. I'm going to have lingering effects from this second hand embarrassment for at least a few days.

The denial goes both ways really.

The author wants it all animated but we know that means jack shit if he can't get permission for a second season.

>Danmachi and Hestia
Same VA as Rem. FOTM Memegirl status confirmed.

I think that was the point. You're supposed to see how much of a selfish brat and a sperg Subaru is.

Most powerful episode of the series in my opinion. Although there is a really good one that is arguably just as powerful coming up for you.

Grab a bag of chips and enjoy the next couple of episodes.

Since we're on the topic of Hestia. How much fanart did Hestia get while the anime aired in comparison to Rem?

Working off Pixiv images.

I loved it, after seeing him acting like a hero in arc 2, he showed that the same wild obstinacy and stubbornness that turned him into a hero were also his major flaws. This concept reminded me of Hachiman.

I can't yet. I need to rid myself of these feelings before I go on. It's gonna take like 5 episodes of SOL/iyashikei and some meditation and exercise before I can watch 14.

>Ram with so much art
Its good to have a popular sister

Dunno, how much does Hestia have now? Hestia does have an advantage in that most people cared almost entirely about her character design, which facilitates more drawing.

Oh come on, it was bad but it wasn't THAT bad.

Be aware, Subaru's brain will basically be out of comminsion for same episodes,in each one for a different reason. He comes back in all his glory later, though.

my webm suck! i've made the subtitles for that scene and i tried to make a screen video with good quality and turn it to a webm , but with the one without label it was a video of 1,2gb, here you see the amateurs skills , still nailed it

I'll wait forever if I have to. LNs are fucking awful.

Satan trips, if you have a weak heart this is the best option

I mean, I actually had to step away for like two hours, because I couldn't bear it. If one has a weakness to cringe, I can definitely get how one may have some problems with that. Especially because it's something that kind of lingers around.

Well, I would probably recommend just reading the manga once it has caught up. At least, that's what I am probably going to do. (It's also likely that it's going to be completely translated in our lifetime)

>Well, I would probably recommend just reading the manga once it has caught up.
I've been checking out the manga, there are some interesting differences. Much less twister than in the anime.

That's what I'm hoping for. For a Japanese his lack of shame is amazing, although some of that is probably due to him being aware of being in an isekai.

He's probably the guy who said that the first episodes were cringy, he has a low cringe threshold.

The video quality is terrible but the sentences are fantastic, I laughed like an idiot exactly because you nailed it that well. Put " the 'TV Anime's Sequel' is in the Novels" in it and it will be perfect.

>If one has a weakness to cringe,

I think you won't enjoy episode 18. It's a shame, though, it's genuine healing better than motherfucking Aria, and with tons of good characterization.

How would he not enjoy 18? There's no cringe, it's only self acceptance.

After doing some poking around it seems like Rem has a lot more fanart than Hestia, even now. I'm kind of surprised.

So is Clown actually fucking Ram or what?

I was expecting Hestia to actually have more fanart than Rem, since she even spawned that boob strap fad.

People shill their TLs here all the time. It's only looked down upon if there's a better alternative already or there's some stigma associated with the group


Yeah, that's what I was expecting, but apparently not. Although, even with less total pictures (by a lot), Hestia has more R-18 images (by a lot).

Yeah, in later volumes the author deepens their relationship.

>He's probably the guy who said that the first episodes were cringy, he has a low cringe threshold

Not whoever that was. I'm fine with Subaru's normal levels of cringe, especially when it's just around the people he knows, but him sperging out in the middle of the ceremony just set something off in me. Maybe I was more embarrassed for Emilia than I am for Subaru.

I think it helps that people actually like Rem and not just her character design.

>not pure
What gave you that idea?

wasnt there a part of the LN somebody translated where Subaru goes into the mansion and clown and ram had to unruffled their hair and straighten their clothing or someshit like that

It does. My assumption was that there would be more art of Hestia because her appeal is primarily in the design, while Rem's is primarily in her characterization and role in the story. But as it turns out she's just that popular so it doesn't even matter.

The way she acts alone with Roswaal screams that she's getting the magic clown suprise

'Elaborate' farewells might be happening in situations where Roswaal will be gone for a few days. Subaru was about to ask about that, but decided against it. At least in the manga

In the LN its more like 'Hey me and Ram were just saying our long goodbyes' and then Subaru reads into them straightening our their hair and clothes and such.

It's not when he goes into the mansion, it's before they'd heading out for the capital for the candidate speeches.

Ram and Roswaal show up, Ram has messy hair which she tries to fix, and Roswaal fixes his clothing that was messy too.

Clown explains it was after a "Through farewell meeting".

Watching the first few episodes, what the fuck is wrong with Subaru? Doesn't he miss his parents and his home or something?

He's excited about being the memeboy in an isekai world. And then shit pretty much immediately goes south before he has much time to ponder about anything.

You'll find out why later.

If you don't want to wait he was a neet, who was tired of life. You can see his eyes have shine in then after he notices he's in another world, while in the real world they looked dead, or extremely bored with everything.

Honestly, with how the anime removed Rem's scene, and how it's only Emilia who got a confession, it's going to be fucking ugly how they will patch it up.

It just doesn't connect.

Ah, that makes sense. I still find it weird how nobody really questions that much where he's from, or why he doesn't know anything about their world. But I guess in a medieval setting not knowing how to read and write is more common.

>TV Anime's Sequel' is in the Novels"

Forgot the link

Subaru's heavy self-criticism, and Rem being so explicit about what she likes about him can be very cringy if you have a low threshold.

Well, I think he seriously believed that he deserved such recognition after how much he worked to save them, naturally he was wrong. Even about Julius, maybe he seriously believed that with Shamak he could have a chance.
He basically forgot all his limits after getting some huge achivements for the first time in his live.

>Maybe I was more embarrassed for Emilia than I am for Subaru.

Perfectly said.

It does. in the ride back he starts to realize he feels the same for both of then.

They could include some small scene of him slowly starting to realize his feelings for her as well, and coming to the conclusion of wanting both of then.

There are others who claim to also be from another world, its not that infrequent, but they're mostly regarded as crazy fakes.

Subaru Kun~ Subaru Kun~ Subaru Kuuun~!

Also in Emilia's case, she's ridiculously uninformed as well.

Mostly Puck and Roswaal's fault for sheltering her so freaking much.

Yeah, I definitely blame the clown. He's probably keeping information regarding the witch cult from her since it works for whatever the fuck he's doing.

Why does nobody know what the fuck Roswaal is doing? just how crafty is this motherfucker?

He's been around for ages, 400 years in fact. He knows how to be crafty and stick to the shadows.

The mayonnaise, Rem, the mayo.

I've actually translated to just before the first death in Arc 4 but I'm not confident enough in my japanese to release it to the public. Honk honk.

Throw part of your translation into a pastebin so we can check your grammar.

Don't give her nightmares.

Goddammit, i want the second OST disk to come out soon, i loved the track that played when Betelgeuse was chasing after Subaru.

I said the problem's my japanese. That said 'translation' is a really loose term for it, it's more like a super fucking detailed summary.

Personally I want to read it starting from the beginning of the arc, but I'm pretty sure that some people here would love it.
Anyway, that's another reason why you re:0 translators should work together, you can check each other.
So many people interested in translating it yet little translated.

Why do people treat cringe like a good thing? To me it's just second hand embarrassment and awkwardness which completely breaks the immersion of a story. It's like when an actor forgets their lines on stage, or the set dressing malfunctions. It's perfectly possible to make realistic/understandable characters without this immersion breaking element.

>motherfucking Otto is back.

Hell yes. He basically joined Subaru's party at this point, didn't he?

Is it just one scene or you translated it from the beginning of the arc?

Look at the word count. It's from the start of the arc to about chapter 20 right now.

Otto apparently supports Emilia, and has ever since he heard about her.

>People being cringy isn't realistic/understandable.

user, your post is actually cringy.

>88725 words
Who gives a shit, you already put in a fuck load of effort, post that shit somewhere for us already. It's more readable than a lot of other translations I've seen.

> It's from the start of the arc to about chapter 20 right now.

Jesus Christ man, don't be modest and become my hero.

Or make someone check it if you think there are serious translation issue, and then make the western fanbase know how Re:zero continues.

I still suggest you to work with someone else, though, If I understood correctly that arc is the longest so far, it must be tough for a single person.

All translators join this guy

for god sake, i used Screentogif to make the video, 20fps, low quality , tiny as fuck and still 600mb, how the hell do i reduce its size before making a webm from it?! i'm a lost cause

This should have been OTP.

Reminder that Emilia has kissed Rem before Subaru.

this is what was supposed to come at the end to pleasure my fellow anons, but i'd rather give you the subtitles to make you laught at home, hoping someone will post the full webm like a pro would

Nigger, post it. POST IT.

Just finished Episode 13. My opinion on Subaru went from neutral to disliking him. Why is he so arrogant?

Because he's The archbishop of Pride

Fantastic, but it's better to split

>the TV Anime's Sequel'

>is in the novel

to sync it with Subaru's labial.

Or just keeping that one sentence until Subaru stops talking.

I just want my Dark Lord ending

Subaru leading the cult?

I used to be a Remfag, but lately it became obvious to me that ferri is both best boy and best girl.

I've never liked traps before. That's a first for me. Is it my refusal to accept Rem's fate as a cuck, and later as a vegetable, that's led my subconscious to divert me away from Rem and throw me into the arms of this delicious catboy ? I used to think the best thing in this show was Rem's cuteness, her complete loyalty to Subaru, and the way they both tried to make each other better people. But now, what interests me the most is Felix's unique position as both a bro and a potential love interest. Felix is both a noble knight for Subaru to admire and a forbidden fruit, both attractive as a playful, teasing feline and repulsive due to his gender.

Is Ferris truly a best, or am I simply a misguided Remfag ?

Not that it matters much in the end, as Emilia is going to win anyway.

>or am I simply a misguided Remfag

You are a guided fag.

Hate to burst your bubble but the barbed dick is reserved for Crusch. Subaru and Felix are actually pretty testy towards each other for awhile since both and deeply disturbed by what happened to Rem and Crusch respectively, it makes them lose objectivity.

emilia and subaru after being catapulted in the past with no memories other that they love each other ,become friendly with these girls in this primitive world, these will later with the help of the two in their try to regain memory and in exchange they will teach them magecraft.
Satella will become like a sister to these girls and his boyfriend Fluegel will develop stronger and stronger magic spells.

i bet it will go this way!

But I like him despite his gender, not because of it.

Oh, that's a bit disappointing. It's a bit surprising, though, since Ferris hasn't shown any kind of affection towards crusch in the anime.

>barbed dick

Alright, give me a few hours to finish my day, check it over, and slap a disclaimer/nip proofreader begging at the front, and I'll upload it somewhere as a pdf.

He's a loyal retainer, and mostly comes off as such in the anime and most things up until Crusch gets wrecked. Then it becomes more obvious.

blog when

Holy shit, thank you.

>Subaru as High Archbishop
Well why the fuck not?

Your translation already seems as good as any, it should be fine, but thank you though

my nigga
thank you

He already can invoke an invisible hands. It seems he will keep obtaining more power. That sounds overpowered as fuck. I´m all in for it.

He has no inteintion of joining the crazy cult, he just wants to murder then all.

I'd find it more fitting that he slowly gains more and more power, but the powers take a tool on his sanity.

Post a cute Betelgeuse pic

Every PeterJuice is a cute Peter Juice.

I wouldn't mind Ferris and Subaru becoming bros but Ferris is exclusive to Crusch.

Felix is Crusch's knight.

Nothing more

I kinda doubt they can get on good terms again, unless Crusch gets fixed. He already wanted to take away their alliance over a bitch fit when Crusch got her memories eaten.

“Saying it’s because I’m a good kid, it feels like my rating went down.. No, I’m not being manly. Ahh, I’ll say it cleanly. Um, so… actually Rem also said that she loved me, so since Emilia-tan also likes me… uh, you’ll both be mine, uh how should I put it..?”

What's with this weird mix of pure and double timing?

Felix is an up-jumped cut throat.

Nothing more

If only Subaru would just sit him down and be like "Look things are shit but trust me I will make this right". Or something.

But unless it really concerns Subaru's interests he is more then willing to let other people go to the wayside.

Lets face it this alliance really isn't helping Crusch-Camp at all.

To be honest the farther away you are from Subaru and Emilia the better.

They accepted because they could kill the whale. They did, just for their pride and honor.

If only Crusch could remember that.

Right when Subaru exploded and we fate to white, have it end right when he says, "oh, maybe I can hear" when Emilia is yelling his name. Just sharp cut off and end it like that.

Now only would it be thematically appropriate and meaningful for anime only fags, it would have pissed off all the shitters which is what a great ending should always do.

Just watched episode 18 for the first time.



What's an LN

It's the equivalent of an young adult novel in japan but a bit more professionally done.

LNs are literal trash, image WN then.

If you are going to read anything, try to spend your time on something actually good instead poor, trash level literature.


Remember way back in school when books used to have a picture on every other page? They're basically that. Japan doesn't really do books without any pictures.

I suppose you liked this animu, right? Well, this one came from those LN. As with everything, there are hidden gems, like this one. The problem is, we can´t read Japanese, so the translation becomes shit.

Felix is biased as shit when it comes to Crusch, words alone wouldn't be enough.

Don't worry.

He comes to realize he loves Rem just as much after a while.

This is why Konosuba was great. It was just an episodic comedy, and worked as such.

LNs hardly have THAT many pictures user.

Well comparing a comedy to something that's like dark fantasy world, is not really that fair. The execution is completely different, and the other one can get away with a lot of bullshit since it doesn't take itself seriously in the first place, like the RPG elements.

Konosuba was a literal joke in everything, and not a very funny one. No matter how many times you give the excuse of , " it's a comedy so it works!" There's a certain threshold that even I hold regarding comfy and comedy. Like making a jagged rough rock a pillow and calling it soft and comfy. And no, it is really rough and not safe for sleeping on. In other words, Konosuba DID NOT WORK.

From what I understand it doesn't end up being OP.
- Sloth: Only one hand, short range.
- Greed: Hasn't used it. Required waifus for Regulus.
He also trains with a whip and learns parkour, so Subaru basically levels DEX.

>but the powers take a tool on his sanity.
Are we sure about sanity? The wiki is vague on what's taken from him.


It's not for everyone, much like Re:zero, people just like to pretend they know what they're talking about when they talk about execution of something even though it's two completely different genres.

>anybody actually wanting to read this

The only way that Re:Zero works at all is as a ridiculous spectacle of melodrama and set pieces. In terms of story and character, it's basically Twilight, meaning if you like the books then you better be underage b&.

web novels are always garbage, no exeptions

No, there's no clear indication of what's being taken from him, i'm just assuming things.

Konosuba was hilarious, worked great, and you're a faggot. You're literally complaining about the lack of realism in an irreverent comedy in a fantasy setting. "Oh, the character motivations don't make sense! The plot is nonsensical!" It's a fucking comedy. Does the humor land? Yes, it does. Konosuba was the funniest anime in years.

Know the whole golden boy japanese highschool hero thing he had going?

Should have just used all of the athletic activities the average japanese highschooler can do and amped them up to 11

Judo, Karate, Kendo, Socc..I mean "football", Baseball, Track etc etc.

Give him a pocket full of magic rocks or the ability to make solid explosive balls of shadow and throw them.

He's all about being clever and shit like that so using those kinds of ailities together would be interesting.

Nevermind. He's close to being broken and is part of the way to end game. No use in going back and giving him abilities that are inferior to what he can do now.

Let me guess, you think Berserk needs more gore and rape.

I've seen so many damn excuses for Konosuba.
>"Uses rpg right because it's a comedy"
I say, FUCK YOU. Slayers and Helck did it better.
>"Disliking fun"
Oh please, people don't get critical when they don't have fun. People get critical when they no longer have fun. It's either that or something along the medium.
Konosuba's entire context of the LN, manga, and anime are a bunch of idiots fucking around and only taken for as a literal joke. And I experienced all of them. You call that good! STANDARDS.

After arc 4 he does start using that, he even developed some magic with Beatrice, aside from doing Parkour and knowing how to use a whip now.

I've seen so many damn excuses for Konosuba.
>"Uses rpg right because it's a comedy"
I say, FUCK YOU. Slayers and Helck did it better.
>"Disliking fun"
Oh please, people don't get critical when they don't have fun. People get critical when they no longer have fun. It's either that or something along the medium.
Konosuba's entire context of the LN, manga, and anime are a bunch of idiots fucking around and only taken for as a literal joke. And I experienced all of them. You call that good? If that's a joke, then I'm not laughing.

user, at least delete the other one.

Really solid posting, friend. I can see you're an intelligent Cred Forumsnon and you must have a finely tuned sense of humor.

The fuck happened, did the comment glitch?

"Guts having friends ruined Berserk." /s

She could move back the save point

Fuck that shit, Farnese's arc is probably my favorite thing that has happened in Berserk so far. I also think that Schierke is great, but the whole fellowship of the ring thing is a little out of place. I could go on about my thoughts on Berserk, but suffice it to say that I'm cautiously optimistic.

Man user just had to fucking mention Konosuba.

I just hope he doesn't do anything underwhelming for the ending.

I want the novel to end with Subaru eventually going so mad to the point where he accepts his place is with Satella and in order to stop harm coming to others he needs to embrace their love

Realistically how do you even opposite such a godlike figure in the first place. Re:Zero can end the sterotype of gay happy endings and do something sensible and still write it to please the fans

Is it ok to be slightly optimistic about the supposed PV this Friday? I mean i kinda doubt it's just an episode 25 PV after the story is done already, so i'm hoping there's something more to it.

Satella wants to die though.

Yeah, but Schierke needs to overcome her crush with Gattsu. Her character seems stalled. Same with Puck and Isidoro. I like the actual berserk, except for some digital art panels.

Given that it's going to take at least three years for Yen Press to catch up with the anime, I may as well just read the WN translations.

>Give him a pocket full of magic rocks or the ability to make solid explosive balls of shadow and throw them.
If only Walter White had been transported to the isekai instead.

Satella is batshit insane from incompatibility with the Envy mom jeans. So if Subaru is compatible with everything so far...

I don't know why they can't translate volumes in parallel.

It's a shame you didn't get to experience the general threads. The waifuwars were constant.

It's a really tough situation at this point. It's apparent that he has a hard time just keeping up with the already almost nonexistent schedule even while compromising quality in a ton of places. And where the story is right now, if he ended it within anything less than like a hundred chapters then it would definitely feel rushed.

My hope for Schierke is that she really digs into what's going on with Guts and ends up exploring all these astral realms and shit in an ongoing effort to remove his and Casca's brands. The challenge would drive her to grow more powerful as a witch and stronger as a person. She would be forced to take great risks in these astral realms, and deal with consequences.

I don't know about Isidro, though. He's pretty flat. I mean, he's a decent sidekick / comic relief character, and at least now he's got a love interest kinda, but I don't really expect too much from him other than continuing to learn from Guts. He'd have to be like ten years older before he was relevant in any way.

>but Schierke needs to overcome her crush with Gattsu.
I think she should be Guts rebound once it becomes clear the unretarded casca is still loyal to griffith

> Using ad hominem
> Stated a bunch of shit by putting words into my mouth of things I have not ever once mentioned.
Great comeback, you made yourself look stupid now.

>tfw binge watched it and now feel empty inside
>tfw no Rem to love me unconditionally

>I don't know why they can't translate volumes in parallel.
They can, but they are a business. Series fatigue is a real thing, so they just stagger releases. (Also adding more translators to a project brings it own share of problems, so it's seldom worth it.)

Yeah, um, when did he ever say this ? Is it supposed to be an ad hominem?

>ad hominem
learn what that means before you use it.

I'm confused, is this just same-fagging or are ignorant tweens tag-team shitposting on Cred Forums now?

> Ad hominem
> Attack against a person rather than their claim.
Like this guy ?

Tell them to get together once they catch up with one another. The guy working on the first Arcs will probably catch up to Arc 3 before Kaguro is finished, which should speed things up.

Are the other archbishops as cool as this guy?

How the fuck is that an attack against a person rather than their claim? Because I called him a faggot? See how I start my rebuttal with:

>You're literally complaining about

That means I'm attacking what he said. Not who he is.

>In reality, ad hominem is unrelated to sarcasm or personal abuse. Argumentum ad hominem is the logical fallacy of attempting to undermine a speaker's argument by attacking the speaker instead of addressing the argument. The mere presence of a personal attack does not indicate ad hominem: the attack must be used for the purpose of undermining the argument, or otherwise the logical fallacy isn't there. It is not a logical fallacy to attack someone; the fallacy comes from assuming that a personal attack is also necessarily an attack on that person's arguments.

They are definitely assholes. But honestly? Betelguise set the bar too high for a lot of characters not only in this anime. It's pretty damm fun to watch him. My opinion, of course.

It's pretty telling that Re:Zero threads have such a high rate of obviously hormonal teen crossboard shitposters. The popularity of this show has noticeably degraded the quality of Cred Forums, I'd say worse than OPM but not as bad as SAO. Hopefully now that it's over they'll mostly leave.

When did he ever once said the stuff you said? You put words into his mouth and called him a faggot.

He was cool in that first episode, every other time he showed up was lackluster. It's really obvious that they took the time to do him right during his introduction, but after that it was just sorta cheesy.

A new part released in translationchicken

That's a straw man, not an ad hominem ya dunce.

exactly, not to mention some of them is probably digibro fan

So that's making shit up that the other guy never once said? That sounds more ad hominem considering he insulted him rather and put words into his mouth.

What is the chance of JAV of Rezero?

none so they aren't added to that cancer

Fuck, has that slick faggot been shilling this show? That would explain a lot.

Insulting somebody is not an ad hominem attack. The point of an ad hominem attack is to try and delegitimize a party's position as a participant in the debate based on who they are rather than what they are saying. I just called him a faggot. That's just a base insult, and had nothing to do with my argument. Educate yourself.

So that is what you did attacking a person who did not like Konosuba and said crap that he never once said by putting words into his mouth. You delegitimatized the person rather than their claim, put words into their mouth that they never claimed and insulted him. And he never shilled anything, what are you talking about?

>being this confused
Okay, you obviously don't have the reading comprehension skills to even understand which parts of my post are directed at you, so why don't you wrap up high school English before trying to get into arguments on Cred Forums? You might be more comfortable just returning to or >>>/reddit/.

You're the only one that has been shilling Konosuba here. The other guy shilled nothing.

Samefagging isn't gonna work if you're retarded.

First off, You said a bunch of shit and undermined what he said here . When did he ever say those things you said? What you're doing is putting words into his mouth, attacking his position rather than claim and you never even stated the claim. You pulled words out of NOWHERE. The only that shilling anything was you by saying Konosuba is all great and saying he is only a hater and saying a bunch of claims he never once said. This is bullshit. How are you not using an ad hominem?

>Subaru basically levels DEX.
What a faggot
Real men level STR and DEX

>People can't say anything bad about Konosuba without "muh Cred Forums integrity" faggots come rushing in to bullshit the thread

He's the least evil of them all and the only one who actually gives a damn about Satella. The rest aren't quite so wacky, but they all seem to have their own delusions, hypocrisies, and madness.
>Are we sure about sanity? The wiki is vague on what's taken from him.
Spfags translations said that using the power felt like he was feeding a monster, and that he could feel something wriggling inside of him. I think it was also mentioned that the Sins lead to an obsessive madness focused on the Sin. If I were to guess, I'd say that the more Subaru uses the Authority the more the Sin grows and starts to take a hold in his personality. Anyhow, I don't really know how long it takes for Subaru to gain access to a power he's absorbed. From what I've heard, it took him awhile to figure out how to use Invisible Providence. Figuring out his version of Greed is probably going to be part of Arc 6.
I heard he actually got an STR boost after getting infected with dragon aids, which is poisonous to everyone else but heals Subaru instead. However, it turns infected areas black.

Megumin was pure sex.

I like her too, i just find some user's knee jerk reactions to people not liking Konosuba to be fucking hilarious.

Problems with your comprehension of the situation:

1. In an argument a position and a claim are literally the same thing.
2. For some inexplicable reason you thought I said you were shilling, when I obviously said that in reply to a post about digibro. Either you don't know how replies work in which case you need to fucking lurk more or you didn't know who digibro was and for some reason just assumed I was talking about you meaning you're retarded.
3. Even if I made up random shit and attributed it to you, that's still not what an ad hominem attack is. It's hardly even possible for me to make an ad hominem attack against you because you're anonymous and I therefore know nothing about you. An ad hominem attack would be, for example, if I said your position is invalid because you're a man, so we shouldn't listen to you. Because that's invalidating your argument by pointing out who you are. I never did that. At most what I did was a straw man argument.

You've proven that you don't have a strong grasp on the English language. You've proven that you can hardly handle the mechanics of Cred Forums's UI, meaning your a newfag. You've resorted to blatant samefagging. You're obviously just a salty teen crossboarder. And therefore I'm no longer interested in what you have to say. There, THAT was an ad hominem attack.

This is now a Megumeme thread.


So, I think I've confirmed my suspicions after reading a few of these. Subaru's suicide scene is shown in a flashback in Arc 4, isn't it? You're not supposed to know about it until then, are you?



The guy from Translation chicken said there's another interlude that happens after the chapter he's currently translating that explain much better what happened after Subaru found Rem.

Best to wait on translations before confirming anything.




We shouldn't explosion post in some one else's thread. Just gives them ammo.

So an user translated the first 20 chapters of Arc 4?
What is TLchicken gonna do, skip to chap 21?



>no megumin to cuddle
I really need a daki.

The user described it as more of an extremely detailed summary. I assume the chicken would want to do it his own way.

I think he said that it's not a 'clean' translation and more like a really detailed summary.

We're still waiting on that user to deliver before anything else happens. And probably not, unless TLchicken sees it for some reason and feels lazy.

Fairly sure he said it was more like a summary with a LOT of details.

Ah I see, would be nice if that user also joined some of these guys

Part 5 is out:

It's Wilhelm explaining the wound and Theresia's blessing.



>Ferris: Nyan? “Gluttony” and “Greed” appearing together, for starters. After killing “Sloth”, an Alliance with Emilia-sama’s camp will only make us targeted by the Witch Cult… Considering what happened to Crusch-sama… do you still believe it’s in our interest to form an Alliance right now?

Holy shit Ferris is backpedaling hard, he must be pretty desperate.
Also reminder that Teppei is friends with Konosuba's author

I'm ok with the Arc 4 summary but based Chicken is still needed. I'm more inclined to his works since he actually uses the right words for the right context.

If I manage to find the LN on .mobi so I can read it on my kindle then sure, I'd rather read the monogatari series and zaregoto while I wait for it to air in october.

I'm glad we finally got rid of spfag, I was right in the end. I'm glad he had his spergout too to prove my point.

Well, of course. It'd be great if we could get the whole WN translated as soon as possible. Zeroliveblog seems to be keeping a decent pace for now, and Arcs 1 and 2 are relatively short, so that's good. Maybe they could collaborate with Kaguro after that and actually get the Arc 3 translation going again.

Can you stop talking about him?

Its not like Ferris is wrong.

You ever play Civ? Do you ally with the country that keeps pissing off literally everyone?

Agreed, I'm just glad we have a few people who're trying to help translate/summarize this fucking monster at all.

Still, I'm glad he got told hard by Wilhelm a few lines later

That's not the same thing, they were allied to fight the whale, and Subaru did warn Crusch and the others that he needed help with the cult.

The assault was a fatality on both sides, not just Crusch's. That's like complaining that allying yourself with someone who could be targeted by a nation of barbarians got done in by then. Worse yet, he's basing it off assumptions that it was because of Emilia, when in fact, Ley and Regulus only attacked then because they went to check who killed the whale.

Plus he's a fucking coward, he'd rather have Crusch stay like this, and slowly teach her the stuff she knew, as if she'll get to be the exact same person she was.

Wilhelm was being selfish too though

>Plus he's a fucking coward, he'd rather have Crusch stay like this, and slowly teach her the stuff she knew, as if she'll get to be the exact same person she was.

Funny because the EX novels show that Ferris despises cowards.
Oh the irony.

How big WIlhelm's shoulder wound must be?

I mean, if Theresia did that to him, i imagine it must be something she has control over, like, she can stop his wound from opening up, else that would have been an really awkward mark on their marriage.

>Funny because the EX novels show that Ferris despises cowards.
Hasn't it been obvious that hypocrisy is a common element to many characters in this series?

Fairly sure he doesn't like "people that give up" specifically, or more like he has a bad memory of it because of how Fourier accepted he was going to die, and basically "gave up".

EX2 Novel movie when?

>The assault was a fatality on both sides, not just Crusch's.
There were no casualties for Team Emilia in the battle against the hakugei though. Roswaal and Emilia don't have a defense force.

>it was because of Emilia
Betelgeuse's presence was due to Emilia. As to the hakugei, are you sure Emilia had nothing to do with its location? Was its location random, or was it led there? The wolgarm's location sure as fuck wasn't random.

>he'd rather have Crusch stay like this, and slowly teach her the stuff she knew
It's the most realistic treatment, and it ends up mostly working. Other options stated are 1) dragon's blood (yet Crusch gets dragon AIDS and doesn't recover her memory), 2) get Flugel to do it (unknown if he actually or can, or is alive), 3) kill Ley, use Authority to reverse it (unknown if it can be reversed, or if Subaru can use the Authority well enough, or if Crusch's memories would transfer from Ley to Subaru like the Authority).

Dragon aids is Capella's thing.

The blood from the dragon Echidna referred to came from THE Dragon, the one that provides blessings and whatnot.

Also it wasn't specifically Flugel, she just told him the sage may be able to do something about, Shaula is the current sage, and that's public knowledge.


The list keeps getting bigger

I'm pretty sure a lot of the Bishops fit in very easily, if not all of them.

in what way is she a hypocrite?

>That picture.

>mfw JazzKatCritic got BTFO after episode 15 and his following meltdown

>Reading a fucking LN of all things

Not gonna happen bro. LNs are the medium for plebs and faggots.


Like if the faces weren't fucked.

Any particular reason why some anons seem to want to make sure others get that they think LNs are trash tier? I understand that that medium has good amount of bad works, but surely that's not the only reason for bashing then is it?

This guy:

PIc thematically related.

He's super stuck with that convo. Basically the rest of the anime springs from that ugly, awful conversation and some of the best moments of the season try pick apart why Subaru was so awful in that moment.

I'm curious about Emilia's parents. Hopefully there's a book in the tower that has their pasts written in then.

Anyone else like everything about the show but hate the parts with emilia? It just gets so boring when ever shes involved or starts talking. Like the author can't think of a personality for her so shes just a bland boring love intrest.

As far as I know Ley was screening for Petelgeuse with the whale, it was there on purpose to prevent assistance. Regulus was there for no particular reason though.

I dont know there for casual reading in a train or when you are relaxing. I don't see a problem with them. Its like reading RPG short stories.

There's an implied use for her in later arcs, like a lot of things are centered around her, and she does get some more development, and her backstory is told.

I honestly feels like her character doesn't change THAT much, but at least it's something. The author is setting her up as if someone is using her for some keikaku shit.

I don't think that's an uncommon opinion. I don't hate the parts with Emilia, but I have a hard time really giving a shit about her. Even after she does more things and her problems and past are explored more in-depth I find her really weak. Its weird because her backstory itself is actually kind of interesting, but its really all of the events and other characters in it that make it so, not Emilia.

Isn't there a huge variety of stories though? It's not just Isekai, or adventure stuff is it?

I'm not sure how much of it is intentional or not. I think it's supposed to become clear that Emilia at the beginning is overly dependent, ignorant, weak, and incompetent, so she can be built up and become a more capable person from there. Kind of like how Subaru starts off as a shitty hero, Emilia begins as the worst possible candidate for the throne.

Its basically anything. Its really the format that defines them as LNs, even if some of them really push what you would reasonably consider 'light'

Is it just me or does the Tohsaka Rin look like Goro with makeup and wig on?

>Goro in sweat jacket will never fuck a subpar Remurin
it hurts

>[Wilhelm: —Felix!!]

>With an ear-splitting roar, the swordsman’s aura resounded in the room. As if a gust of wind had swept in – was the sensation felt by everyone present.

>All wincing from the shock, only Wilhelm’s keen gaze remained intact.

>[Wilhelm: Felix… What you said just now. Never utter it again in front of Subaru-dono]

Am I the only who finds Wilhelm a bit less cool with his whole love obsession? You get the impression at the start that he's a calm collected guy who's rational. But he goes on Subaru's dick for allowing him to avenge Ther and now he gets buttflustered because Subaru/Rem reminds him of his own love.

I don't know. I just expected him to be less of a waifufag. Though Ferris getting blown out was cool.

scans soon

The tears say sad.
But the face says "ow I stubbed my fucking toe"

Where the fuck are my Archbishops?

He just feels bad for him because he KNOWS Subaru lost someone important too considering his reaction.

Plus, Wilhelm says in part 5 of the translated interlude that he did want to stay in the alliance for his own selfish reasons, that is to find out why his shoulder wounds has opened up, since it's most likely connected to the cult.

Love is also a motif for most of the characters in the story.

Wilhelm's love for Theresia
Subaru's love for Emilia,
Rem's love for Subaru
Roswaal's love for Echidna

And so on.

Betelgeuse actually looks like a fucking zombie in the LN.

Also i feel like these are not all the image scans.

I don't think those were all of the pictures.

I actually prefer how they did Betelgeuse's method of transportation in the anime. That one while showing his fucked his body got, just feels sorta silly. He's literally just using his hands for support, instead of wraping then around himself forming a terrifying spider like body.

Feels like a mix of anger and sadness.

Hey, anyone want to hear how the wiki summarizes Al's encounter with the Satella illusion?
>For the third wave, the mist created an illusion of a shadowy figure wearing a shadowy dress, which Al was unable to bring himself to harm even though he tried some 100,000,000 million times. Unable to do anything, he was gripped with fear, and tried to retreat as it attempted to touch him lovingly with its fingers. Fortunately, Priscilla destroyed it with her Yang Sword, yet this caused him to be filled with rage, though she easily dealt with him by smacking his helmet with her sword. Although he was still scared somewhat, he was relieved that the shadowy figure was fake.
So, what's Al's relation to Satella, and why does it seem eerily similar to Subaru's?

Al does lots of weird shit. Maybe he was one of Satella's previous boytoys.

Honestly i have no fucking clue.

With Subaru it's easy to imagine that he has this weird relation to Satella, and possibly a past connection, but when you throw Al into the mix it's like you just burned down a really fucking easy assumption and it just feels really hard to imagine.

Either Satella is a fucking liar and is actually bringing all these people in the hopes that she gets saved. Or like the witches said, she does have a split personality, and the witch side wants to use any able bodies she can find.

I don't believe the Satella who talked to Subaru inside the dream realm was being fake though, she does love only Subaru, and cares for his well being, but i can't figure out how Al fits into the whole mess.

Or maybe, the figure who Al saw is not actually Satella?

Are we sure she actually has a connection with Subaru? Like, could she just be attempting to groom any number of people to be her loved one but they usually ending up as failures?

I love 2002 things about Emilia!

Most of the cast has selfish reasons.

Honestly, I don't get the impression that either of Satella's personalities are particularly sane. Maybe the soul of whoever Satella originally loved ended up split into more than one part and implanted into several different guys, but Satella still sees them all as being only one person.

Her shadow hands and her boobs?

She gives out an entire description of things he did for her, and how he "saved her".

See pic related for the text.

The implication is that those things happened in the past. I don't feel like the author would be setting all this up by having Satella suddenly be revealed to just be picking up randoms for her plan, since it just feels lame as shit.

I'm hoping it's something to do with lost memories, and no actual time fuckery is involved in this.

I hope there are scans of Subaru sitting in that room beside that sleeping Rem.

Sure, but she's also batshit insane.

She looked fairly sane, the insane side seems to come from her alternate personality.

I dunno, i guess the idea that this is all just a giant fucking ruse from Satella after all this buildup, just feels like it would be disappointing as hell.

She seemed fairly specific about loving only Subaru, and in the end she even asks him to kill her when he reaches her, as if she is tired of all this.

Why does Al fit into the picture? I have no fucking clue, we barely know anything about him, aside from the fact that he has a similar power to Subaru but the rules are totally different, he came to that world 18 years ago, something about Rem and Ram both existing and both being alive is something that's wrong in his mind, and he lost his arm early on when he came into the world.

The thing about Satella is weird.

The cut out part during Subaru's first death to Betelgeuse post Whale had a different vibe to it.

It's as if Satella was encouraging him in a manner that was similar to Rem.

Meanwhile Arc 4 Satella in Echidna's tea party was a little more sorrowful. She also does the same for Subaru in Arc 3 however, her approach is somewhat akin to that of Emilia. She encourages him again, but with in a sorrowful comforting kind of way.

>Sure, but she's also batshit insane.

That is the witch of Envy.

>The implication is that those things happened in the past.
The first part of the text in that pic clearly refers to what Subaru did for Emilia during the last loop of Arc 4.

I'm okay with the anime, I'll wait for an S2 if it happens.

Only thing I would really care about is Roswaal but doubt he's any major importance.

>Roswaal but doubt he's any major importance.
Tripfags being retarded again.

I swear if it's actually "Satella is freaking Emilia" from the future i'd be disappointed as hell.

I hope all these current happenings are just parallels to what happened with Satella, and they're actually different, and the author pulls a nice explanation for it.

How do you even doubt that? The anime made sure to fucking hammer it down that he is shady as fuck, and is clearly planning shit behind everyone.

>pulls a nice explanation for it.
What about Rem being Satella's/WoE's other personality?

Didn't Tappei once confirm in the Q&A's that Satella and Emilia are different people?

Or am i mistaken?

>Only thing I would really care about is Roswaal but doubt he's any major importance.
You'll probably wish he was just a funny clown man.

Rem and Emilia fuse into Satella when?

Rem is not that insane about Subaru though.

The other personality literally tried to absorb Subaru into herself for all eternity.

Oh for sure but the anime made him feel very minor.

As different as Scarfkidna and Leweskidna

We don't know just how sane Rem will turn out to be once she wakes up.

She'll be fine, she's gonna live to the end and marry Subaru!

I need a greentext compilation of Crusch and Felix's suffering.

It's called setting up. His time to shine is not just now, but they gave plenty of hints

>Fucks off somewhere for some odd reason even though every other times he stayed around
>Wants to kill THE DRAGON who grans blessings to the kingdom
>Super powerful magician, who never seems to be around when things go to hell
>Smiles when Subaru becomes outraged at everyone badmouthing Emilia in the candidate meeting as if he was expecting it

Arc 4 is going to show what he's up to.

I can't tell if you're trying to be ironic, or if you're using then as examples, but those two are completely different yeah.

Who the hell are you talking to? Wait, we assume user are men because unless you have boobs with time stamp of Cred Forums on it, we assume they are men. Unless you have a pic of boobs with time stamps, they are automatically men. If not, don't assume they are all the same if we call them men. The rule is unless you have a pic of boobs and some writing to indicate you are a female anonymous, then here, you are all considered a male.

>She looked fairly sane, the insane side seems to come from her alternate personality.
She's not as purely irrational as the Witch of Envy seems, but we can't be certain she's actually entirely sane. Insanity can come in both the immediately obvious forms, as well as the subtler kinds which don't immediately show. None of the Witches really strike me as sane, even if they can hold conversations.
Those were the examples the author used in one of the Q&As. There's a connection, it hasn't been explained yet.

Anything else interesting about Priscilla besides being noble cunt bitch with fire powers?

She's a lucky noble cunt bitch with fire powers.

Unless some serious shit happens she might just win the selection process by default due to everything that happens somehow always working out for her in the end.

Extremely prideful, extremely lucky, never once had a bad thing happen to her, she always gets things going her way, was married a bunch of times and in all of then the husband died at some point and she inherited the lands and possessions if it's anything like the last one, they were all most likely trying to use her, but got fucked along the way..

Wrath seems to think she may be fit for the seat of Pride.

She's been seen using light power that has the property to burn shit.

>just relies on her luck
That usually doesn't work out well.

Unlike Nagito nothing bad ever happened to her in her entire life though.

Don't forget about her and Subaru having multiple kids.

>husband is deceased
She acts like she doesn't give a fuck, and the marriage was definitely not out of love.

The last husband literally wanted to use some sort of brainwashing spell to make use of her status as queen candidate.

If all the others in a similar vein, it's no doubt they got dealt with

LOL, for a second there, I thought you said "Cred Forums time" instead of "poll time". See:


Just you wait. Priscilla is not safe, Crusch got gluttony'd and Anastasia is currently possessed by a spirit of greed to save her life.
She won't be exempt. Perhaps her punishment may come at the hands of Pride, or be something related to Pride. Of course she will be punished dearly for it, Pride is the worst of all the deadly sins.

>Perhaps her punishment may come at the hands of Pride
Do you think Al would really betray her like that?

>Pride is the worst of all deadly sins

Under what basis? Wrath can be pretty bad too, and so can lust, since it doesn't just encompass sexual needs, any other sin can be fairly bad.

Naturally, I'm just curious what kind of thing will happen to her, because it has to get pretty crazy.

Pride is the first, and the sin of Lucifer himself, its always considered the 'worst' of the Deadly Sins if you ever care to rank them.

not even a single felix daki to snuggle

Pride is generally seen as the Sin that leads to all of the others.

Pride is known as the original sin. A complete anti-god state of mind. The sin that invites all the others.

I remember reading that somewhere, i guess i forgot about it. Thanks.

Is he right?

He isn't wrong. Subaru isn't just Pride, he's going to become all 7. Even Envy.
He's already sloth and greed.

Hey guys what do you think the authority of envy is like?
Minerva mentioned that Satella would direct her Jealousy towards her..that might be the first step.

I was pretty intrigued by this, why did Betelgeuse keep saying that Subaru was pride?

Well, isn't Envy usually about wanting what someone else has?

Because pride is the only seat left.

Envy can't happen since Satella still lives.

I imagine it has to do with absorption, or power stealing, since she killed all the other witches with traps, to steal their powers i think.

It's also about bringing misfortune to those who are better than you.

He said it because Betelgeuse did not know that a Pride archbishop existed, and Subaru had a scent equal to that of an Archbishop

Subaru reeks like an archbishop, but Pride is the only one Pete had never met, so he assumed if Subaru is anything he would be Pride. Though without a Gospel he can't really be anything, so Pete wanted to leave him in a cave and see if he'd ever get one. He has the qualifications of an archbishop if he isn't one already.

Does Subaru actually become a knight?

There are supposed to be Bishops representing each of the six sins aside from Envy, but no one knows who Pride is. Not even the other Bishops know who Pride is, but they seem to think Pride is out there somewhere. Betelgeuse suspects Subaru because he doesn't know who else Subaru could possibly be. Sirius later seems to think it might be Priscilla.

>implying sunbro would betray her when she literally has sun powers

I think it may be a unofficial title, unless arc 4's ending does really have him being proclaimed her knight by Emilia's request.

the runes

> Al has a looping power.
> She will be too exhausted
> Lop her head off, or fondle her tits or something.cause she's got a good pair.

Subaru is the BEST

>I swear if it's actually "Satella is freaking Emilia" from the future i'd be disappointed as hell.

Absolutely slothful.

don't mind me just posting the girl that literally has Subaru's heart in her hands

Rem could've had it a few times if she went digging around.

No "Subaru and Rem in coma" illustration. It's wasted.

It doesn't seem like its all of the illustrations though, gotta wait for the scans

I assume there'd be at least one or two illustrations for the Bishop chapters, but I haven't seen anything yet. I don't think its the full set.

What about the leaked Rem IF images?

Thing is, they're part of Volume 9 and the illustrations aren't posted at the link, so its pretty much ok to assume its not all of the illustrations what with the number of pics too

What about them?


>Thead reached 506 posts.

Oh, well, I hope I won't miss the thread in which that translator bro will post the translation of the first arc 4 chapters.
You fags better post it in other threads.

There will probably be a new thread at some point that will take ages to actually die.

For the love of Satella, don't make any new threads.

>For the love of Satella

I fucking love Subaru


New thread.