VIGILANTE - My Hero Academia Spin-Off


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Knuckleduster is cool as fuck; he's like Batman minus the edge.

Loved it. Has great potential.

>Loser with heart of gold
>Slut thirsty for attention
>Gezzer who takes the dust off his knuckles beating the living shit outta thugs on the streets
I like it. It has promise.

Damn, this music fits so well with him.

Nuckleduster is like Batman/Punsher.
The protagonist is a fag. A [spoilers]Gentle-Fag[/spoilers].

I expected it to be bad but holy shit it blew up my expectations. This was a very good read.

Liking it so far. I'm hoping it'll show the darker side of the hero system, how it's not about doing the right thing anymore, but I'm worried that won't happen because if they do show that, it'll make Deku and co look like a brain dead morons for wanting to be a licensed hero in the main story.

This isn't OPM, people like All Might and Eraserhead actually care about doing the right thing.

Even Mt Lady will take the bullet when the time comes to protect the innocent.

The only hero we've seen that's a piece or shit is Endeavor.

The issues it's addressing are clearly more nuanced than HURR SUPERHERO ORGANZATION BAD NOT REAL JUSTICE

Deku has even run into it MANY times where they did something to save the lives of others but were reprimanded later because they don't have a license yet and while the system is there to protect people from each other by discouraging dangerous behavior, it doesn't cover fringe cases where the hero association just can't get there in time.

Most likely that's what this story is exploring.

90's Man is definitely my favorite design out of this so far

Still, he is professional piece of shit.

Always though this is just nips thing. There always have to be some clan, adventurer guild, organization with ranks and shit. They simply do not comprehend individualism

Superheroes specifically being organised by the nation does make more sense than just thousands of individual supowered vigilantes running around with no oversight.

It is a pretty big asian thing to be an important person in a group rather than just an important person.

though as says it's pretty obvious that heroism would become a government run thing in real life.

Never really worked in western comics though

>pretty obvious that heroism would become a government run thing in real life.
Street level? Sure, i don't think they would even wear capes, just police/fd uniforms or someshit
Superman/Sentry/Doc. Manhattan level?
We would be screwed. Best case scenario some Injustice shit, worstm collapse of reality.

Cap was right and did nothing wrong

I think is because american culture in specific values individualism, free will/initiative and such.

Also marvel comics are generally shit, ESPECIALLY during events.

I mean they have started an entirely pointless 'Civil War 2' over nonsensical reasons just to be a cheap name tie-in to the 'Civil War' movie which doesn't even take place in the same canon or feature any resemblance to the bullshit comic event.


I know

>Also marvel comics are generally shit, ESPECIALLY during events.
True, dorpped marvel somwhere during WWH. No regrets.

I enjoyed it looking forward to see what becomes of it, also looking forward to that sweet pop-step hentai.

I'm interested how Gentleman is gonna use his quirk.

It's super weak and weird, but I'm really intrigued with the future applications of it

>Complains about a girl getting raped
>Complains about powers that isn't up to pair with other Quirks
>Has a Sasuke fucking Uchiha avatar

>that butthurt

Maybe he'll be able to use it to climb vertical surfaces as well as move faster across the ground?

Marvel Comics have been going down the shitter and the movies are their life support.

Hell even Marvel Studios were so fed up with their shit they went to Disney so that Marvel Entertainment's president and his toadies did't meddle with their movies like they did before.

I love how Gentle Man keeps making himself more and more like a cockroach, it's an interesting motif for a hero to have.

is there supposed to be a main series chapter today? I saw Toriko and OP out

yes,bot for some reasons it's taking ages for niggastream to release it

Yes, it's just niggastream being late as fuck again.

Did anyone spot Deku's mom?

>Did anyone spot Deku's mom?
No, you are special

If one or two more party members were to get added to the Vigilantes in the next few issues, what kind of characters would you want them to be?

new chapter!

Well shit it's actually out, niggerstream actually came through for once.

Iida looks so much cooler with his helmet on

So invisgirl's quirk is shining?

Makes sense if her invisibility is based on light refraction as opposed to absorption.

I think the invisibility is just a cosmetic mutation.

What are the odds that FistPunisher is quirkless?

There's been no indication their little groups is getting more members so far, though obviously they could just be keeping it under wraps so it gets a bigger reaction when it happens
I wonder what the hell that giant guy they seemed to be fighting in the flashforward is going to be

If Knuckle have a quirk, then some quirkless guy obvioulsy. Maybe some Question type?

i love it

Betten Court is doing the art? Whoa.

>a Noumu that wasn't completely legitimized
>a disenfranchised hero who's still passionate about justice

>a Noumu that wasn't completely lobotomized
>a disenfranchised hero that's still passionate about justice


>translations never
Why did you have to remind me of this, user?

be neat if eventually the vigilantes showed up in the main series and helped with something, to show they're truly running congruently, although this seems to be a bit earlier, considering all might is still all might

>Popslut watches a bunch of thugs beat the shit out of you and laughs about it
>Goes on to mock every ideal you stand for
>Gets captured by same thugs who intend to reveal her identity, likely for the best in the long run as it would mean she'd have to stop being a petty criminal
>Go full M'LADY mode to try and rescue her so you can feed her eggs
>Only make things worse

This kid is a hopeless faggot.

To be fair though, they had to make the registration side as corrupt as possible for Caps side to not look retarded.

> If you want to be a hero you have to register with the government and receive training
> Even if you don't want to be a superhero you still have to register with the government and receive training
Little authoritarian, but still sensible.
> You will also be required to help capture superhumans that refuse to sign the registration act
But what if I don't want to be a her-
> Failure to comply will land you an undetermined sentence in a maximum security prison in another dimension


I hope they address how fucking retarded it is that you need a hard-as-fuck-to-get license to use the powers you were born with it to save yourself or someone else in a life or death situation.

that ass

To be fair he's not a hero, he's had no training either physical or quirk-related apart from using it to putz about and help random people with their menial problems, none of which involves fighting

You're stupid. Self-defence is a thing, not the same as going out and tracking down criminals personally.

Deku got in trouble for saving Iida's ass even thought he would have died if he didn't.

Its not like he got expelled or anything, just barely a warning about not taking on serial killer ninja turtles without pro heroes around. Even speedy didn't get into all that serious trouble for ditching his mentor hero and tracking him down for revenge

There was no reason for Deku to get into trouble at all.
That law is fucking retarded if saving someone's life with your powers earns you even the tamest scolding.

Rules are rules. Superhero Japan doesn't want millions of snowflakes fucking shit up. Are some good things going to get screwed by this? Of course, but in that society it's a necessary evil


Haha time for rescue!

Pop Step is such a cute little semen demon

She should build a weapon into her guerrilla Idol microphone, to avoid another attempted sexual assault.

I was prepared for some mild chuckles but that was actually good. Like besides the humor good.