Danganronpa 3

The conclusion of the mystery is close at hand

Good Luck

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first for despair


inb4 hopeman

I'm honestly expecting some completely retarded left field twist next week.



All the episodes that's left are delayed, user.
Better get used to it.

Is there anything this sprite can't do?
Serious fucking question, Hajime is a miracle of the universe

I wonder how it'll take for Hopeman to come in

So she was Juzo's sister, right?

If someone told you that V3 will actually be connected to original story disregarding Kodaka's words and by that I mean new cast are previous characters kids, Junko implied and so on, how would you react? Would you buy it or play pirated version at all?
Only asking because you people really like to doubt poor hack

But she isn't tanned, user.

qt pure angles, apples in the Lord's eye

When did she pull that face? I don't remember that at all

Will Mirai 12 at long last fulfill the
Asahina's SHSL Swimmer talent promised us?


>Punched Naegi in order to defend his bro
>Knee'd the fuck out of Anxiety fag because he knew that he was the traitor all along
>Had a misunderstanding with the Gozuboys
>Saved Hinata from getting killed by HPA
>The master of chair throwing, that one miss on Kirigiri was because he was a merciful hero, and not just to flex his muscles and check dat ass (because he only want's Munakata's ass)
>Went full ham on the evil old man mastermind and crew to save the FF
>Roundhouse kicks the everlasting shit out of Monaca's puppet in order to stop the second coming of Junko Enoshima
>Unable to stop some mentally deranged kid from blowing up half the school because he was too busy being a hero
>Had a misunderstanding with the donut but spared her
>Survived 2 missile barrages by an evil robot bent on destroying all hope
>Called out Monokuma's bluff with his cameras, recording his mad-ass pecs and didn't give a fuck in general about any of these plebians
>Became the world champion in boxing, becoming the undisputed best with bare hand combat before even leaving high school
>Too Alpha to mess with the bitches and instead neglects his own feelings as being the third wheel to protect his love no matter what
>Only took a 2 episode rest before kicking the shin of everyone again
>Took a fucking spear to the shoulder, impaled into a wall and shrugged it off like it was just a mosquito bite
>Was not seduced by Ruruka's sweets because he was so loyal to Munakata
>Has enough consideration to the normies to at least use them as a coatrack
>Even at the world's end, he was still gunning for a piece
>such a straight forwarded bro, he bends his own sexuality
>saves the manlet when he's in need, cutting of his hand to be the savior he truely is! Saving everyone with the power of determination
>Single handedly stopped the killing game, physically and literally


I'm excited, my friend!

>Asahina is the ultimate swimmer.
> Fucking jobs when it comes down to her swimming.

>green hair
>purple eyes
>did everything wrong
>same stupid "goldfish crap" metaphor

You bet.

I'd still play it. Don't want this but I enjoy the games too much to drop it after DR:AE

Where were you when our boy saved the day?

All your waifus are dead and shall stay dead.
In the words of a certain sad monk, let it go and move on.

Yeah, that's just about the only thing that would get me to play the game at all if anything. Kodaka's plot writing is terrible and I'm not very interested in the weak mysteries that he often comes up with, but the characterization in the previous games was considerably more acceptable. Making the new characters be related to many of the old good ones would be nothing but a good move in my eyes, since, given the terrible new environment and themes, I really don't see myself caring about the characters at all otherwise.

>Asahina tries to swim
Calling it.

Can't wait.

Here you go, user friend.

- Question: What kind of clothes do you wear to bed during summer? And are there a lot of times where it gets too hot to sleep and you wonder how you can endure it? (might not be the exact translation but the idea is here)
- Sakakura: After a workout and a shower I just fall asleep without changing so I usually go to bed in my trunks or something like that. Most of the time I go to sleep just when I’m tired so waking up from a troubled sleep never happened to me. A proper amount of exercise brings a peaceful slumber. …Is there anything fun in asking something like that?

- Question: Where do you like to go out during a hot summer? For dates, are there any places you like to go to?
- Munakata: A calm summer resort where you can relax would be good. There aren’t any places I’d particularly like to go to in my case, but at least I’d like to make my partner feel at ease. If there are other places where they’d want to go then I would follow them. If we could spend a peaceful moment together without any accident, that would be enough for me.

Reminder that Juzo is the purest.

My waifus are in a coma.

It's time.

Hey user, check this out!

I wonder if she mutilated herself

Where is the fanart of the Sakakuras' daily home life?


why. you know

This makes me feel sad that we'll never get any FTEs or any non-killing-game interactions with the new characters.

How was the episode 11 of despair arc?

not out/10

I'll buy it just to compensate for all the money they spent on Despair arc.


>Can run fast
>Can pipe fight Juzo
>But they can't show her swimming
Why did they make her talent swimming if they never show it off?

Shit, the screen's glitching again.

When will it be out?

Remember how we saw that Izuru was able to conceal his presence for the entirety of the first killing game until the very last minute, using the SHSL Spy talent? Nobody there saw him until he decided to show himself. Junko brought him there in the first place in order to convince him of the unpredictability of despair.

Wouldn't it be hilarious if somebody else like him - say, a Izuru 2.0 - was doing the exact same thing in the Final Killing Game? Just watching everybody act like a moron, slaughtering one another with impunity, with anybody unwilling to do that either killed via NG codes or by suicide via brainwashing, and doing nothing to stop it themselves even when they have all the power in the world? Could it be that the aim of the mastermind, whoever it was, was to prove a point to Izuru 2.0?

Even her brother, who was trying to get in for RUNNING, has swam more than her.

Actually Naegi cleared both Munakata's and Sakakura's FTE, he's still pretty good at it.

I can't wait to see the aftermath of Juzo beaten down and embarrassed and lie to Munakata's face!

I can't wait to see how ashamed he is... selling out the world just because he's ashamed of being in love with his best friend!

And this will be the last time we see him, too...

The despair... it's wonderful...

There was nobody watching. Junko said "Bye bye, class rep", Class 77 filed out, the monitors showed nothing... then, and only then, did somebody reactivate the camera and focus on her.

Who was it?
Why do it?

Never. Lerche is on fire, the show is cancelled.


A-all I see is the latest episode of Yu-Gi-Oh Arc-V...

>V3 comes out
>Post game is a full visual novel with a route for every character instead of a shitty resource management game
>Set in an alternate universe where Junko was thrown in the trash as soon as she was pulled out of her mother's growler

Show me your HOPE Cred Forums! you're not filthy despairs, right?


I'm sad the new characters are gonna be a bunch of teens.

I liked Mirai so much more because everyone was more mature and serious, even if they were still all fucking stupid.



Well that didn't take long for Hopeman to get here.
Time for some hopeman.

Never in a million years would I have expected Juzo to have become such a legend after watching Future episode 1.


I'm apathetic to the entire hope/despair conflict. Where do I fall then.

>Dumb boxing faggot
>Untalented dyke slut
Probably the same arguments everyday

1 and I HOPE
2 and I HOPE
3 and I HOPE
4 and I HOPE
5 and I HOPE
6 and I HOPE
7 and I HOPE
8 and I HOPE
0 or 9 and I DESPAIR

Chisa? Mukuro? Tengan? Fuck if I know.

Is this hope? Or despair?

What did she mean by this?

Why is Gekko standing when she's a robot in a wheelchair?

Yeah, the average age being considerably higher is what got me back into the series, since I felt like Kodaka could make them considerably more interesting. Too bad that's not how it turned out at all.


Daily reminder that Junko and would-be Super Imouto were both brainwashed and tried to kill each other, Junko being victorious. Sato seen it and was killed later by Tengan.

Hope, for living another day and striving for something better is hopeful


Was it really that bad? I see people complaining about it.

You would do well to see a therapist, Komaeda-kun.

Rambling because she doesn't know how to teach.

Reporting in, brother!

I am still hoping for a Ryouko cameo!
If not, I wonder if they will show us how exactly the mind hacking broadcasting escalated.

They just had to give it away. Our boy will be back one last time, just to rub the despair in.

Have a meal, drink some water, throw up if you need, and get a good rest man. Try not to drink again tonight, okay?

Because nobody knew about the wheelchair back then. Both the real one and the robot can definitely walk.

Because this is her official artwork back in March, before it was revealed she was in a wheelchair.

>Fedora was good
>Munakata had reasons to go full edge
>Juzo was good
>Tengan could be good
Could be worse
Most grownups were based

Fucking whore. I was working her in Island Mode earlier and she constantly wanted to hold hands.

>that was her way of teaching sex ed

it's all coming together

Did you forget that she stood just fine when fighting against Munakata?

>The only one to actually murder someone is Ruruka.

Miaya and Gozu could've been great too. Ultimately these minor impressions that we got are just that though - minor. If this had been a full-blown game like the previous entries, or even a VN, they could've all gotten so much more characterization and development.

Plus, it doesn't make up for how stupid they all were at times.

Komaeda is a good boy!

Reminder that she is dead because he saved Monaca.

Now he doesn't have to go to a therapist. Komaeda's so lucky!

Any chance that something from DR0 appears on next episode?

Friendly Reminder that you can't trust anything that is said on Ogata's Radio Show.
Case in point, they said Juzo died when in reality he lived on to save the day!



>implying Munakata didn't murder Juzo

Technically Juzo did Bandai in, intentionally or not.

What about Munakata killing Tengan?

>even if they were still all fucking stupid.
Honestly I would only say that Ruruka was fucking stupid due to her insane trust issues. At least with Munakata he went off the loop because his waifu had died. If you rewatch Future episode 1 before killing game started, Munakata isn't actually that bad.

If there's a timeskip of about a few weeks, yes, but otherwise no.

Ah...yes...this is exactly the kind of hope that can beat even the biggest despair...such hopeful individuals...
Sorry Gekohara but you're fucking dead!

I still haven't done that mode lol.

>Go into DR2 expecting to not like any of the females
>end up liking Mahiru a lot
>Go into DR3 expecting to not like any of the females
>end up liking Seiko a lot
When will this despair train end

Yeah but kirigiri being dead is more concrete just cause shes been a corpse for 2 whole episodes now. That and the survivor count just dashes my hopes.

>muh cure w
> muh ed lyrics

To be fair, he was only trying to get in for Running because Aoi was already the SHSL Swimmer. His first love was swimming.

Of course, there are multiple SHSL Lucky Students, so I'm not really sure what the rules on that are.

>not expecting to like Miku

He wanted to hear out Naegi, he told Sakakura to quit beating him, he told Chisa to fix him up. He even wondered if he was wrong.

After Chisa died, that's when he started to turn mad.

Munakata "killed" Tengan
Juzo absolutely got Bandai killed

Just started this. Is there a reason monokuma sounds so different or is it just a different voice actor

>4 people killed themselves, Chisa, Gozu, Seiko & Ruruka.
>2 people were killed by Ruruka, Fedora & Izayoi by activating NG codes.
>2 people were killed by Munakata. Juzo & Tengen, with his blade of hope.
>1 person was killed by Monaka using her bot to twist Miaya's head.

>147535537 (You)
>such hopeful individuals...

That only means you missed your one and only chance at fixing your crippling loneliness issues, Komaeda-kun. And now you're in a coma too.

Reminder what happened in the last episode of Despair arc. This is where we'll pick up tommorow.

>the table stand
He established his cred right then and there.

It's to be expected, since Japan doesn't like Christmas Cake waifus.

Munakata's autism for hope is what's bad for him and extremely skews his judgment

Seiko is best girl

The anime will have a happy ending. Despair is just a stepping stone for hope after all.

>Juzo absolutely got Bandai killed
Juzo couldn't have know Bandai was allergic to shithead behavior.

Survivor count?


??? died during episode 9.

Tengan is voicing the Monokuma since Junko is "dead"

She's coming back to SDRv3 since she is the main heroine and mastermind after all

I like Munakata, even if he did ruin everything during the game.

Technically Juzo killed Nignog

Its pretty much confirmed that Weedman is going to survive and reproduce

You clearly don't like her that much.

All Juzo did was copy Carlos.

Different seiyuu.
Who also voices Zero III.

It's fucking stupid. They're usually way more interesting than teenagers, it wouldn't be an issue if the majority of nip anime watchers weren't socially troubled.

Different VA.

Juzoisn't dead yet friend, not until last minute of the last episode!

The old actor has retired due to struggling with dementia.

But you see Gekohara-san, i high hopes that my talent will help me overcome my situation, however no amount of hope can help you out, since you happen to be dead!

All we need is Fukawa dying and Asahina, Weedman, Naegi and Byakuya family ends up as real.

is it okay to despair because you'll never be a qt 2d girl?

It's a self-contained epilogue story to Junko essentially destroying HPA and needing to hide out for a while, maybe Matsuda being involved in earlier events would've been interesting but otherwise there's no reason for anything from DR0 to get any focus at all.

But your talent is luck, not self-resurrection, Komaeda-kun. You're not Junko.

Yeah that as well. Pretty despairing to have forgotten his character.

Komaeda is the meme lord



Juzo didn't even do it correctly like Carlos did.

Yeah yeah how bout you finish it bra?

>Starts off as trigger happy violent asshole
>Ends up as legend who saved everyone

Stop. I don't wanna be a Juzoboy.

It's not that, Japan values youth and vitality above most things. It's not like people in western countries aren't spending millions to look years younger.

What did he see?

Seeing my mother and student bicker fills me with despair

"Love Love" instead

>Juzo comes back for one last hoorah
>Bacon bitch is dead as fuck

This girl deserved a long beach holiday and some direct affection from her manlet, not a rigged NG code and a killing game.

16 hour kun's shift being extended to 17.

Reminder that there could have been some prevention if Juzo wasn't fucking gay and didn't let Junko use that as leverage against him

>Making the least likable character at the start of DR3 to the most likable character at the end of DR3.

How is this possible?

I don't think that's really stopping people in the west from enjoying works that feature older characters. The situation is considerably worse in nipland in that regard.

To elaborate on my point a bit- there's a scene more or less like this in every episode of Future. Multiple, in most cases, though the Komaru episode only managed to squeeze in one at the end.

Well, maybe not as flagrant as this one in particular.

Granted, they were travelling together so it's not surprising they'd both be in many of the same shots, but in many cases there were other ways to frame the scene without putting both of them in the shot in the way they did.

The rock quitting to act in shitty movies with Kevin Hart.

>It's not that, Japan values youth and vitality above most things
People actually believe this lol.

Reminder that she will be best girl.

>Kawaii af
>HIGH socks
>Beauty spot
>Nice rack
>Great legs

Pic related. She is doing a martial arts pose since she doesn't have a useless talent.

>trigger happy violent asshole
he was so ridiculous I had to love him.

I'm sorry Cred Forums, but corrupt Chisa makes my dick so hard.
Please forgive me.

Him starring in gay porn at young age.

All the young and upcoming talent that would've become successful had he not buried them just to hold on to his championship belt and be the top dog of his wrestling company

I want to believe, my friend. But after last episode I feel like he had the closure we all awaited.

But as usual, we'll stay strong and if he rises again, a third time to grace us with his presence, then I'll be ever so happy and I hope the fellow Juzoboys share that sentiment, my friend!

She is but she'll end up dying in the 3rd Chapter. I'm calling it now.

Most of DR3's characters are shit. Juzo's not that great a character himself but it's not ie he has anyone to compete with.

>Socks & Sandals
>Best Girl

Fuck off. Her fashion sense is appalling.

It's already too late for you

mind break Chisa>despair/corrupt chisa>regular chisa

I thought she was being a Hiyoko there, laughing while mocking someone.

Now I see it's a martial arts pose.

>Ultimate Aikido
She's dead as fuck.

This, the best twin tails at least. Hope she lasts longer than Peko

She has the worst design of them all. I bet her character is even worse.

I guess his first wrestling gig must have involved a lot of oil or mud, then?

You are not alone. I would enjoy getting dominated by her.

Does that mean you're literally your own mother, Usami-chan? Who's the father? I'm going after him right now.

Another Celes/Hiyoko/Ruruka, this time with sock sandals? No thanks.

Twintail girl will be best.

>useless talent
I'm glad the writers don't get as autistic about talents as you guys do to be honest. If you guys had your way the characters would be talking about their talent in every sentence.

I'm not the singer
They're doing another DR song

She sounds like alot like Ruruka. I bet she'll be one of the killers.

I can't take this NTR.

>female protagonist

>there will never be a debate as to who the heroine will be except by the weirdos that are determined to make Kaede a lesbian.

>the only debates will be fujos trying to predict who the husbando is

It's an abstract kind of hell.

can i have pics

>Ogata says that there’s still a bit left to go, and to look forward to it. After all, Zetsubou-hen is this Thursday. Nakahara then says “Let’s despair!” and Ogata says that she can’t say what, but in Zetsubou-hen 11, something to do with Yukizome shocked her. Nakahara is intrigued and says she’ll ask Ogata for more details after the broadcast, but Ogata says she’ll know it when she sees it and refuses to say if it’s in the first or second half

Himself. He just wanted to put on a show, since he knows that Naegi's too boring to do that himself.

You're one to talk Komaru, since your uniform's too small as well.


She's ugly, her sense of fashion is awful and smug girls are always shit. I want a more reasonable looking&acting girl that doesn't make you want to think with your dick every time.

user, this is easily the most retarded theory yet and that's a fucking accomplishment. They're always together due to his NG code, they're friends, they're DR1 survivors and they stand next to each other a lot. No fucking shit they're framed together a lot.

>Liking the Chisa who'd scream messed up stuff like "murder" while she was getting plowed
No, not in crazy like that

Pic related is best girl though.

Romance is almost never the main focus in DR anyway, and when it is it always ends badly for everyone involved. You guys care more about this sorta shit than Kodaka himself does.

>>the only debates will be fujos trying to predict who the husbando is
> Girl x Boy
> Fujos

Come on Chisa! Redeem yourself! Prove that you're not what every says you are!

If Juzo can be a heroine, Kaede can be the hero.
See also: Naegiri

Aizen is the mastermind.
What changes?

How popular is Aoi compared to Kirigiri in Japan?


Still, a 45 second cutscene is the most swimming an Asahina has ever been shown doing. You gotta give him props for that.

Great, so the pacing's going to be shit yet again.

Couldn't ask for a better father. Even if he wears a dress, he's a real man where it matters

Ikr. Pepsi had one of the best talents and was still useless.

Do you think Asahina would stab Ryouta if Naegi asked?

It's clearly cap-kun.

Why are you apologising?

think Yuuta was a siscon?

More like:
>Liking the Chisa who was being plowed by shotas while screaming "murder" into their faces when climaxing.

>DR was all an illusion created by Aizen's Bankai.

She's Ultimate Aikido, so she's the best DR character by default.

>I wonder, if I grabbed the knife now, would Aoi have the time to stop me before I logged it in his neck...

Chihiro was shit at everything aside from computer programming though. Granted that's a pretty great thing to be good at, doesn't make up for being a complete dumbass in every other regard though.

>he's a real man

Why did Sato have to be such a shitty reserve course bitch?

He'd be useful if there was any shit for him to make.

Too bad his personality is worthless. Good when they get out of the game, though.

I am actually happy she can't be a love interest.

See how that turned out for naegi/munakata/hajime

Who is best DR girl and why is it Junko?

She's gonna die.

>trying to predict who is going to be the heroine's husbando

>his person of importqnce was going to be his mom, who Chiali was based off of
>instead they put in his dad
>a milf Chiaki might very well still be alive somewhere out there

Tell em', Naegi.


something like this

I wouldn't be surprised if 1 or 2 of the girls are actually lesbians for the MC.

My lack of brown incest doujins tells me no.

DR1 Asahina would have never done any of this shit. NEVER. She'd be cowering in a corner and freaking the fuck out. Clearly there's something more important to her now.

Thank you user!

At least she was attractive. A lot of those blueface kids didn't really have enough detail to be considered ugly. I'd nail most of them.

Who is ready for a miracle?

Because she's so spontaneous and perky. There's never a dull moment with her around.

>Stop beating her Hajime! She's dead already!

I can't believe she picked a fight despite knowing her NG code was "Get hit once and you die."

>tfw I just realized people will die for real in DR V3 just like DR1
DR2 will truly always be number 1 for me.

He was okay. He's useful when he gets the chance to, a lot of the time he is stirring up shit but he says the odd inciteful thing here and there.

She acts like that towards Sakura and at points even Toko during DR1. She's not acting that differently, she's just getting more screentime in DR3.

i think he just didn't get enough screentime. all i have is my shitty imagination for now.

>implying Izuro won't save Chiaki just to implant Junko's personality into her

That's because you are also a blueface user.

>Liking the Chisa that would bring a kid on the big night, fuck in front of him to traumatise him, then kill him in the midst of his confusion and have messy sex in the blood

Entire V3 cast are descendants from Dr1 and DR2 ships. Romance played a part after all.

So Kaede never said she was the "protagonist" per se, she said she was the "heroine" alongside this cover we can all figure out that our robot friend will be the main focus, with Kaede having a brutal but well deserved first death.

i hope we learn a little more about gozu. he was surely the shsl waifu.

> power of determination

Inb4 Gozu pulls a Juzo and shits on Tengan.

>Because Sakura survived

Yeah. She grew the fuck up. Especially after Sakura's will.
She's pretty much carrying on where Sakura left off. Protecting what is precious to her.

This shows what effect Sakura has even after her death.
Sakura got them united. The survivors are a tight union now who all protect each other when needed instead of going at each other.

That goes double for Asahina who tried to get them all killed and who might be the heart of the group now.

Yeah, same way how most of the DR2 cast were just the DR1 cast using pseudonym and shit like what everyone said during DR2's pre-release.

Source: user's ass

if it wasn't for him your waifu would be good as dead
More than makes up for it. without him DR1 and DR2 cast would all be dead

Are u retarded?

Hajime killed her?

Fujisaki-san was a good man, Usami-chan, but he cannot be the father. AI Nanami-san is his child, but she is not my own.

She said "shujinko" that's protagonist.

Bring it!!

This guy, witch loli, and ballcap are going to be the best new characters.

>if it wasn't for him your waifu would be good as dead

No. I'm talented. I belong at Hope's Peak. I came here to be proud of myself. They told me they could make me extremely talented. You know what? Fuck you. I'm doing it. I'll do it for her. I'll be someone she'll be proud to be with. A talented person. Talent. Hope's Peak. Hope's Talent. Peak Talent. Hope's Talent Peak.

That's actually pretty good.

I don't think you know what a fujo is user

They don't need to go out of their way to pander to shipperfags, they just spin every remotely positive interaction between any two characters into a ship anyway.

Is the only likely scenario, friends. They have too many similarities and Kodaka will try to play on your expectation from DR2 to make you believe that they are just making them similar as coincidence

Well yeah, she's not who she was at 16 anymore and has been working at the FF for probably two years now. She's actually useful and cool now. I don't see how that translates into riding Naegi.

The other prominent person on the cover is cap-kun, while RoboNaegi is just as small as the other unimportant characters.

>No mention of ChuuniChesshota
shit taste famalam

This user knows his stuff.

Tengan helped put them in a killing game. Gozu would only be demonstrating his huge strong hope.

If we don't get a happy end scene with this playing the background before this is over i'm gonna fucking lose it youtube.com/watch?v=nwCw8uu_AL8&index=19

Both Chuunis are shit characters kill yourself to be honest

Do you think Chiaki would resist if Chisa wanted to personally teach her how two girls can have sex?

>no bug man or midget bro
shit taste

>That PS90 instead of a P90

Scarf boy is cute too. Probably going to be a murderer.


Because she is FUN

Seiko confirmed best girl of DR 3

Checkerman's death will mark the start of the killing game like the flag he is.

Don't get me wrong brother, but his closure was so incredibly great and left such a strong feeling that him coming back would feel somewhat cheap, or just bad. So I hope everything will stay this way.

It is true that I would love to see more more of our boy but I just wouldn't change the final outcome for nothing!

If not for Juzo, Gozu would most likely be my favorite character, brother!

>I don't see how that translates into riding Naegi.

How does it not?

She's wanted it since their HPA days, she just sidelined it since she didn't want to fuck things up with him and Kirigiri. She likes them too much to try horning in and possibly ruining everything with her spaghetti.

The way is clear now, though. I mean, nothing is going to happen in the series. Too soon. But if there's any kind of long term epilogue Naegi sure as shit isn't going to be wanking it alone in a one room apartment.

Actually, he's Santa.

Akane is also just another version of Hina. Just because the characters share similarities doesn't mean they're related at all.

>They have too many similarities
We know next to nothing about any of the cast. All you can go off of is visual design, in a series that has massive sameface and design similarity issues in that regard.

Could they be descendants of the DR1&2 cast? Yeah, they could. It is by no means an especially likely scenario though.

But Santa is Robohope.

I fucking hate this image so much.
Look at Chiaki, she is so naive and trusting of that cunt. That smile is so sincerely happy.

I want to cry because I will never be able to protect that smile

Yes, she'll save it for Hinata because she want him to teach her all kind of things.

Truly a classy and refined lady.


We're all in agreement that Cap is best boy, right?

That's weird. I thought best girls get better with more screentime, not worse.

>Best husbando was just a stepping stone for hope
He didn't deserve to die like that

I'm still pretty sad.

>Steadily advancing Valkyrie,
>Loss is your only true teacher


He seems smart and competent
Will probably be one of the main class trial investigators

>his personality turns out to be just like Ishimaru

>that blush
Of course not.

That's not how you spell Juzo

I would still play it. Honestly at this point Im just watching and playing this for the memes.

Why does Junko's crown change during her execution?

I mean, if she wanted to bring in that rabbit accessory that she used to wear, sure. But why attach it to her crown? On the end of a fucking spring? And why wasn't it there all along? It only showed up right before she was squashed.


SHSL Magician and SHSL Security reporting in for duty.

>can't even beat a qt gamer girl without resorting to murder
That was officially the moment Junko became a joke in my eyes.

I like this one. I'm a little worried about him being missing in the trial footage we've got, but I'm going to assume they intentionally showed that.

He briefly appeared for two episodes and my heart still beats like crazy every time I see him.

Does anyone here who tries to mention DR1 to backup their point ever actually happen to remember DR1 well? Aoi was not a coward at all, on the contrary she rushed into conflict recklessly at times and sticks her neck out for others at several points in the game.

Pretty much all of the DR1 survivors are a little more firendly with each other (you see more of it with Aoi towards Kyoko than you do Aoi towards Makoto, and you even see a little of it with Byakuya towards Yasuhiro too), but that's it. Otherwise they're pretty much the same charactesr as they were before.

So, Best boy?

AI Chiaki is not the same character, user.

Chiaki kept her class hyped about Chisa during the whole six months they were separated. It's only natural.

Fact 1: Junko first found Imouto's body and nobody feel it was suspicions or anything to have Super Gal in reserve course school.

Conclusion: Junko was a normal reserve course student until killing happened.

Fact 2: Higher-ups cover up everything and later Junko was appointed by the same higher-ups as a Super Gal into main Hope's school.

Conclusion: Junko was artificially created the same way as Kamukura by Kamukura Project using brainwashing technique or something. Knowing her later personality and that Imouto wanted to become SHSL, it's easy to assume that they both undergo this procedure and Jukno killed Imouto or they both try to kill each other after becoming Super Despairs.

Fact 3: Sato seen at least part of it happening, didn't tell anything to police, and later was killed by someone who found out that she seen it, feeling it could be a thread to the whole project.

Conclusion: Sato was seen at least part of what happened, and seen that she couldn't go to police with it because people who part of it were Most Important People in Hope's School. Tengan was heavily involved into Kamukura Project, as he said in Future Arc, and was sure that he did everything right or at least not in vain, so it's safe to assume that he was on scene, and later he or someone send by him killed Sato after they somehow found out that she seen everything/something.

>He actually manages to live this time

Hes just going to die in some shitty predictable case about twins. Probably chapter 2

Only male design that I dislike. Something about his appearance just annoys me. If that's intentional then good job designers, I guess.

He'll probably be more like Kirigiri. He looks like a cool type.

oops meant for just imagining those back muscle, hnnnng

I swear I remember AI Chiaki and Usami calling Alter Ego their brother or Chihiro their father

He's responsible for:
>New World Program
>Alter Ego
>AI Chiaki
>AE saving Makato in chp 5 after Kyoko betrayal

Without Makato class 78 is screwed and that in turn will cancel any hope of lass 77 survival. Izuru might've gotten away but I doubt he'd try much for the other RoD

Who's not going to remember their talent in V3? Who(if anyone) is going to be the lucky student?

I would buy for the entertaining trials. Who gives a shit about the overarching plot or lore or some shit?

I'm just here to see people kill each other.

Seiko is the sweetest

Did you wonder where the mushrooms or glasses came from, too?

Why is Mikan so lewd and sexual?

>Junko first found Imouto's body

Gonna need some citation on that one

J-just the tip

Im crying over Weedman day after day

So you are saying that Kamukura was a test run for creation of Junko?

These guys know it!

I'm not saying Chihiro was useless. I'm saying that he was a dumbfuck in every regard barring Computer Program, which I do note is a very useful thing to specialize in. Showed no sign of general intelligence beyond his specialized field in any other interaction with him. He's "book smart".

We have to protect his smile this time. Do not fucking let him die.

She's going to breed with HajiMEME

Of course not. But if the mushrooms all changed color and shape right before she 'died' I'd be suspicious as fuck. She wore a crown several times throughout that trial. But it was a different damn crown.

Having one kill the other and disguise themselves as the other would be cool, but seems too predictable. At least one of them is going to die though.

Reminder to all Chiakifriends, Kirigiribros, Chisapals, and Juzoboys that this will all have a happy ending!

>tfw he's probably going to be irrelevant and die early
I'm not ready for it.

I approve of all this Junko love.

For the fact that he created AI Chiaki makes him one of my favorite characters.

I doubt they're twins. The official artworks show her being taller than him, they have different hair color, and different eye color.

>Junko first found Imouto's body
Don't base your entire fucking theory on something you made up, user.

>He's responsible for:
Well yeah he did some good but fuck him he wears a dress.

I think you're jumping on something that was already deconfirmed years ago. Yes, they originally considered having Junko turn out to be alive, but they decided that she died instead for SDR2.

>Junko was artificially created the same way as Kamukura by Kamukura Project using brainwashing technique or something.

either play sdr2 and read dr0, or fuck off secondary

That's kind of the point with almost all of the students. They're only really good at what they specialize in. They suck in pretty much every other regard, especially social interaction for a majority of them. It shows how stupid hpa's philosophy was.

I dunno man, should we really be betting all our chips on Weedman at a time like this?

Don't lose hope!

Gonna need some citation on that one

>The official artworks show her being taller than him, they have different hair color, and different eye color.
Not like that ever stopped twins in DR.



weedmom had such a handsome boy

>Mukuro was identical to Junko

Old interviews. Look, you can believe me or not, but I'm merely pointing out that you shouldn't base theories off of Junko herself. For one, because she's demonstrably too weak powerlevel-wise to stand on her own.

It's not a cm or 2, she's significantly taller than him. They can't switch once the game starts because it would be obvious to everyone in the class.

>Caring about banter
I came to see pastel-colored bodies splatter for arbitrary reasons, so these hardened criminals better come up with some creative murders.

Watch one of the trials be a group of them gathering together to shank a guy to death, then watching as the one who dealt the killing blow get executed while Kaede gets wary of the other participants

He looks high as fuck in all his expressions
He will be the Hagakure-tier idiot of the game

Mukuro and Junko have the same height and Junko use contacts and dyed her hair.

Why couldn't Chiaki be more like ChiakAI?

It would have been nice to see her falling asleep or being generally dozy in the anime. I still felt it hard when she died but I would have been inconsolable if her characterization was a bit stronger and more like SDR 2.

>She'll never feed on your despair as she destroys an 80,000-piece jigsaw puzzle that took you hours to solve

What if Junko and Mukuro were never actually twins, just chuunis who thought saying they were twins sounded cooler?

Which danganronpa girls have proven to be immune to Hajimeme molesting them?
I can't waifu anybody that he's defiled.
Sonia maybe?

>tfw Kodaka didn't give Weedman a single moment of development and basically treated him as a joke and red herring participant

Because they're two different characters with different mannerisms and only some broad similarities such as appearance and a belief in the possibility of a miracle.

If anything I feel the opposite. AI Chiaki was great, but the real Chiaki being so significantly different and especially a lot weaker humanized her massively. Even with the generally bad characterization of DR3, I feel like there are enough things that can be implied or inferred from the show to make up a good character, which is way more than can be said of most others.

She even said it herself!

I bet Jin is laughing at her dumb ass in the afterlife.

Despite that magazine confirming that Mikan was the one who liked Hinata in canon, that won't happen though...
What's feeding this meme? The red-eyed V3 girl?

So just like the game then?

>30% chance of being right
>30% of 16 is 4.8
>Weedman, Togami, Asahina, and Naegi makes 4
>Persona makes 0.8, due to missing an eye

Hopeman if you truly despise Despair so much, then for the sake of a greater and brighter hope kill yourself.

Not true. Munakata is an awesome swordsman. Komaeda's super smart. Sonya knows a bunch of languages. Akane's a skilled fighter. Chiaki's charismatic. Etc.

AI Chiaki was a better character, she was pure and more interesting as an artificial intelligence being curious of human interactions. Human Chiaki was just a generic teenage girl.

Out of the SDR2 girls, Peko. Which of the ladies from the other installments would fall for his charms?

Both Heroines were a bit stupid in the anime but it can't be helped since Kodaka isn't the one writing them.

That's not how it works.
He has a 30% chance of being 100% right.
See DR bad end and UDh.

Yeah, I'll say that. Real Chiaki is honestly one of my favorite DR3 characters because they did manage to do quite a bit with her character despite her having to be a deuteragonist and then tritagonist to Chisa and Junko.

Growing up made Kirigiri lose her Detective skills and Naegi lose his Hope skills. Pottery.

Thats the price for becoming a survivor. See Asahina and Togami. None of them got any character development. Toko got the best deal out of it.

It's 30% chance of being 100% right.

In a series where seemingly everyone has to have some sort of weird quirk, Chiaki being a simple, frail girl is a welcome sight. Not to say that she's a better character, but it's easy to find that appealing if you eventually get bored of all the gimmicks that Kodaka tries to push onto his teenager characters, especially the girls.

He has literally never gotten an onscreen prediction wrong though.

I dug around and there were a few interviews from last year that said, basically, that it was a matter open to interpretation. He said that he didn't feel like Junko had to be a villain who had to survive to be significant in the series, but also acknowledged the western trope of every series having at least one basically unkillable villain that forms the counterpoint to the hero.

Basically- I ain't tellin.


>Schreier: Would you ever make a Danganronpa game with a female main character?

>Kazutaka: Honestly, I don't really think much of the gender of the character when I'm making the main characters.

Say that again.

That plus the fact that Chiaki won't breed with him.

She's gotta fill that hole in her heart somehow!
Pic related: Why didn't Nagito go for free healthcare for life?

yeah, he was soo strong. Willing to expose his secret to the world, even resisted Junko's brain wipe. Mentioning he thought he'd seen them all before, didn't have any brazing speeches or outward confidnce but damn the little dude worked hard at his own. Such a shame his bro snapped and killed him

Whether people hate Junko or like her she's definitely one of the most memorable villains of all time.

I've got nothing to lose. Either the characters get a spectacular, meaningful end, or they are all happy and alive with HOPE.

because he's got taste

Mahiru was the most normal girl if i wanted that.

I stand by the observation that Junko's threat level has downgraded too dramatically from the first game (right down to being stomped and turned into a masochist thanks to Izuru) to let her be a credible antagonist of Mirai, assuming that she simply survived. I'm not saying to count her out just yet, but if she does show up, I would assume bodyjacking.

Mikan is clumsy and flips up her skirt every chance she gets. Only kebyous want a nurse like that.

Yes. As the worst villain in any type of 21st century media.

How would you punish Mikan for all of the dumb shit she's done which has brought ruin upon everybody we know and love?

The saddest part is that his bro didn't mean to kill him, it was literally a retard moment .

gays aren't normal

At the edge of the academy I lived in the wild
From birch I have forged my fists
I've carved out revenge in my heart
On despair who kidnapped you
I've done some bodybuilding
You can call me trv
I covered my muscles in oil
They shine like dog's balls

Great warrior - fire and steel
Great warrior - flame and embers
Great warrior - stands in blood
Great warrior - kills despairs like evil

Hope and love lead me
I never take a step back backwards
Virgins stroke my body
When I pull my chair from the sheath
I've fought Junko before
The hope has been giving me strength
When I lost my ear in a fight
Two other grew in its place

Great warrior - fire and steel
Great warrior - flame and embers
Great warrior - stands in blood
Great warrior - kills despairs like evil

Great warrior - fire and steel
Great warrior - flame and embers
Great warrior - stands in blood
Great warrior - kills despairs like evil


dubs and we all go home hopeful

Try harder next time.

Even Delta is better. Life is simply unfair don't you think?

That's easy user. Marry her, fuck her, have kids with her, and die old, but also fuck her a lot. That seems like a good punishment


>Implying Nagito would look at anyone else after getting a taste of Izuru's hopedick.

>I don't like this opinion
>must be bait
The character simply is bland, terrible and a dumbed down version of the Joker, animated and a pair of tits put on it.


I'd start by pinning her down and give her asshole a good hard dicking.
That'll show her.

There's nothing wrong with continuing to hope, right?

plottwist: they are the same person, SHSL Cross dresser.

Don't fall for the /u/ meme. Sato's love was entirely one-sided like Juzo's.

True, she'll probably go crazy bc her husband won't abuse her and she'll be desperate for punishment

Mukuro had the right idea.

what is this from?

The despair is just a stepping stone for hope, you know? I love hope and change all the fucking despair into hope!

>The character simply is bland, terrible and a dumbed down version of the Joker, animated and a pair of tits put on it.
yeah, but she's kind of funny

> no hormones
> hormones are abundant in kids, little kids
> Chisa "one kid a day keeps the doc away" Yukizome and other Asgore-like memes

It all fits.

He looked at Chiaki again and (unsuccessfully) tried to convince himself that she was just a stepping stone for hope to in an attempt to counteract the brianwashing.

You're like a little baby, watch this.

Yeah, maybe she'd been shifted to the backgroud as the more whacky personalities from DR2 got the spotlight and butthurt after chapter 4. Heck I see chapter 4 as evidence of the big heart she's got, might as well kill us all off now instead of further hurting and betraying each other. poor girl could't take it

You should never give up on hope my friend, worst comes to worst she'll be a pretty good stepping stone.

stay strong my friend
don't give in into despair

Of course.

There's nothing better than hope. Hope will always prevail. Despair doesn't stand a chance against long hot hope. Keep hoping. Keep being a stepping stone for hope. Hope until your insides implode and your hopeful remains cover the walls.

>He looked at Chiaki again
Did he actually like Chiaki that way?

But at the same time, Gundham's a chuuni, teruteru's a rapist, Hiyoko's a bitch, Kirigiri has little social skills, ect. Most of the students had become so focused on their talents alone that it stunted their growth in other areas. There are some exceptions, but not nearly as many.


>The character simply is bland, terrible and a dumbed down version of the Joker, animated and a pair of tits put on it.


Fanart made before UDG. It was art of how the characters would look in despair.
>yeah, but she's kind of funny
"Lolrandumb I'm bored xd ZETSUBOU upupupu" Is tumblr tier kind of humor. Only a child or people mentally a child would fall for it. Either that or devoted waifufags. Had she been a male, nobody would've cared, the art would've been 1/10th of what it is right now and the character itself wouldn't have been loved by a part of the fanbase, but instead hated by 90% of the fanbase except for fujoshits.

This. I just like how fun she is

fake dr ae screens
someone made this up with characters from second game and zero

Nice try fags, watch and learn

i wish i was that thic

Why was he so smug?

It was fake, m8

Fuck you we are people not asphalt.

He was too busy blowing up auditoriums to collect anyone's hope fragments.

Favorite Hopeman ships?

What if Chiakizuru is a thing and Tengan allowed it because he's a massive Hinanamifag?

This user has the right idea

More like blowing them like a faggot he was

Reminder that this is a canon thing he did.

The ED has him talking about cumming to HOPE while a mosaic of Chiaki forms. Chiaki was literally his hope (which he said was "the class' hope") and he cries the most out of everyone in the room when the brainwashing happens, and straight-up told Junko he would never forgive her for killing Chiaki. You tell me.

ur an idiot.

>Had she been a male, nobody would've cared
I don't deny it, I just like her for some reason and that's it
never said that she's complex

Yeah okay buddy. Where's the care for a one on one as I'm not gonna put in Hopeman's line right there.

Impossible, since the maid's taller than him.

>Had she been a male, nobody would've cared,
what about komaeda

Why do you want to be thicc?

Thiccness is reserved for girls for our pleasure.

Yeah, fuck that chapter was hard. Man all of DR1's pretty much were, legit felt betrayed by Taeko in chp. 3. Initially thought she was looking out for Hifumi during the investigation

A shame we'll never see this training duo

when you're old and dealing with retarded young people you'll understand


>Saying she's the worst villain to have appeared across all media in the last 16 years.
>Nope definitely not bait.

Please user. Not everybody is as retarded as you think.

>bland, terrible and a dumbed down version of the Joker.

So basically you don't like Junko because of she does things for the lolz.


>Mahiru NOT a blatant lesbian

It hasn't even been a month and I feel like giving up. This HOPE thing is harder than it looks.

Kirigiri vs. Komaeda class trial when

Could be but I don't want to confirm because I am a Hinanami fag. Well maybe Komaeda could squeeze in for a 3P.

Tengan is actually a relative of Chiaki, how would you react?

Woah, good thing that image didn't load quickly.



>what are high heels
but yeah it was a farfetch idea.

>"Lolrandumb I'm bored xd ZETSUBOU upupupu" Is tumblr tier kind of humor. Only a child or people mentally a child would fall for it.

Congrats you just insulted yourself, you must be proud of how retarded you are.

You got it

im a manlet
how am i supposed to pleasure thicc girls if im not thiccer

All of these.

Hey, I'm up for a little bit of bullying/abuse. I'd still treat her lovingly, but if she wants things rough, then I'm definitely not opposed

It's one of the most popular threesome pairings in DR.

always bet on weedman during the hard times.

Kirigirichang will be back to life once the game is over, right sempais?

Still pretty even with half her face fucked up. Bandai's poison scene was horrifying in comparison.

Never because Kodaka decided to rush to the end with his animu.

I don't think she's wearing high heels.

Komaeda is actually entertaining. Junko is just annoying.

Romantically? Hard to say since the guy was crazier than a bag full of cats. And probably a closet homo for Hajime/Kamukura

As Hope? Yeah. She was the heart of the class that was called the schools hope. In a school literally named Hope, and designed to foster the greatest of hopes.

More like its impossible because they fucking stand next to eachother. Other than that, the wig and heels could add her some cm

threesomes, you get my point

She'll come back. Trust me, Kodaka is my dad.

Mahiru is the kind of girl who's possibly gay but won't realize it until she goes to college and another girl starts hitting on her.

>bug man and midget bro
I've never seen two characters more fated to die.

I don't care what happens next week as long as my Asahina survives.

>what about komaeda
he's crazy wild card that everything for the greater good
he's fun too

Komaeda is literally HOPEsexual. Anything or anyone that's hope is what gets him going.

ChiakiAI really feels like Izuru wrote her.

She is somewhat cold and distanced, while being 100% rational and kind to everyone.

What if they were pretending to be one another from the very beginning?

Anyone have the Chisa watching the 7x1 and the pizza one?

The man kept no secrets.

Reminder that Kirigiri will never jing jing again.


So the question is: Does Komaeda love romantically what he loves as hope?


>You will never see STRONG defend her manlet friend from bullies.
>You will never see STRONG lifting her manlet in her arms.
>You will never see manlet asking STRONG out to friend dates.

Can't really argue with that.

The only way I'd believe they're the same person is if they never showed up in the same location at the same time, which seems impossible given the nature of the class trials. Everyone still alive in the class has to attend them.

I got ya.

Kaede has such shit ahoge, disgraceful.

I don't think it was about Chiaki. Chiaki barely knew him and they barely spent time together.

I'm pretty sure he is talking about Hajime/Kamukura in a post DR2 kind of sense.

>characters that die can't be top tier
shit taste

She said Shujinko, it means protagonist

Fucking EOPs

Junko will be the mastermind of V3.

Just like you can never escape despair, you can never escape her.

She's the most traditional girl you'll find out of everyone when it comes to her views on gender roles. Other than photography, she's the best out of all the girls at housework. She's also tough on the guys so she can find the responsible man in her life her father never was.

Thank you based insider. I was totally going to drop this series next week.

>I don't like her because she doesn't have complex motives for putting teenagers into a killing game.
>Villains must have complex motives to be a decent villain doing it for the lolz is retarded and you're a child if you enjoy this shit.

Please stop user you're just getting worse. Villains don't have to justify their actions and you're an idiot if you seriously think they do.

>Has talent which not simply causes misfortune but actually manages to basically kill his parents and dog
>Has brain and health problems which forcec him to cling to both his talent and kibou
>Seems like he only cares about hope at first but in actuallity he really wants to be loved by someone but too afraid of it
>Her talent makes her whole existence boring therefore she tries her hardest to fucking destroy everything for everyone else
>Actually good looking and has a possibility of decent future as model but chooses to put whole world into despair because it somehow feels good implies that it's boring when everything goes according to keikaku, somehow manages to be satisfied with it anyways
>Doesn't want to be loved, nor hated, just doesn't care
Nagito could've been much more interesting as mastermind, but he's fine as minor antagonist

That dirty old bastard

That's actually possible, but I'd hate such a twist that was obviously a big part of DR1.

>"Uyuu... room for... o-o-one more...?"

run naegi

Look, you can ignore all the hints if you want, I won't stop you. All I'm saying is that they did have quite a few interactions together, even on-screen.

Cure W man. Comas.

At this point I'm pretty sure they're going to retcon Chihiro having anything to do with AI Chiaki. It will be Izuru who created her. It doesn't make sense for Chihiro or Alter Ego doing it anymore.

Mahiru is pretty good waifu material

It's a shame she never got violent. I would have liked to see her pop Byakuya's arrogant head like an overgrown zit.

Tengan is awesome, despair or not.

I would gladly follow him, Junko is just destructive Cred Forumstier trash.

you put that gun down right now

>Peko hair
>ulitmate fencer similar to Peko's talent

>same traits as Weedman

>similar talent to Souda as an inventor
>Sonia's hair

Big Guy
>Akane's hair
>Nidai's built

>color scheme and meek pose like Mikan
>eyes and serious face of Izuru

Blonde guy
>poses and smug face similar to Nagito

Robo naegi
>similar height and hairstyle of Naegi

If this isn't the story about their kids, especially since Chunsoft referred to new Monokumas as "Monokuma kids" then i will be suprised.

Persona deserved it.

Even if Tengen is probably mastermind.

Chihiro could have created the AI and not imprinted the personality of Chiaki until much later. If he did it at all. But he still created her and her earliest memories are of him.

10/10 comment. Go back to your drg hugbox.
Komaeda isn't like Junko, not in the slightest. Komaeda does shit that goes to a radical extreme only for the counterpolar to strike him. Creating despair to grant the greatest hope. Not only that, but taking in his bad luck and his good luck, makes him far more of a character than Junko is. Komaeda also did what Junko could never do, which is manipulate people into doing stuff. Junko was portrayed as the goddess amongst manipulation, yet all we've seen is a 2 line dialogue between her and Izuru and that was her epitome of manipulation. Whoop-dee-doo.
>Please user. Not everybody is as retarded as you think.
>Nope definitely not bait.
Yet it isn't bait, it's actually a legit comment, but as usual Cred Forums will defend anything due to the waifu factor, not caring about the legitimate bad writing of the character. When a Somalian movie named who killed captain Alex had a better villain than this shit it's just bad. Hell, compared to this shit the SAW trilogy was a fucking masterpiece.
>So basically you don't like Junko because of she does things for the lolz.
No, I don't like the character as it was a decent character when it was a force of nature. Now we see her as an actual character and it's nothing but disappointment after disappointment, not to forget that the definition of fun for some of these people is for a character to behave like a 5 year old child whenever she's on screen. I remember people calling Ibuki a tumblr tier character for her randomness, but I'm starting to believe Junko's the contestant for that shithole.
Aww, did I hate on the waifufag their precious character? What a pity for (You).
But I didn't. Did I say I'm entertained by it? No. Thanks again for pointing out for me how retarded this fanbase is when they think everyone's entertained by Kodaka's poor portrayal of a villain.
I know I do my dude.


Well Chiaki AI never specified who her "father" was.

Yeah, I can't see real Chiaki acting the same way AI Chiaki did in SDR2. She'd be too freaked out that people were killing one another to do much investigating.

>it hurts

Mikan a cute

>Handsy fuccboi in lewd outfits
But then 90% of the fandom would be fujos, so your point would be moot. He'd probably be the first taste of someone who can fuck around with trials like Hopeman, so at least he'd have that legacy.

I think the 3 girls and boys on the furthest right of the image will die.

>Being this biased.

Fujofaggot confirmed.

Guys, I think the mastermind was Tengan. But I also think he's really dead.

What was the point of anything? Fuck if I know, maybe he was true despair.

Theres supose to be a change in class trials. Like they split into two gorups and the monokumas act as jury


Horrible. Absolutely horrible. I never got what I wanted.

She's only satisfied with it when it's despair inducing or when she knows it will lead to despair.

It's possible they just used Chiaki because she was in their class list. Would explain the vastly different personalities the AI has compared to the real person.

That said, I don't think Izuru made her, I think it's just her nature as being an AI based on notes about the real Chiaki.

>Like anyone's going to refuse someone so pretty.

Also, He looks like Leon, Kanon is Leon cousin...

Mask guy is a chunni like Gundam and has a military suit, Novoselic is a military Kingdom.

But it's like perfectly predictable which is boring, isn't it a contradiction?

Tell your dad he's a dirty hack but I still love him

Are they actually going to animate the characters or use more of that cardboard cutout trash?

Hey maybe it will still be Chihiro, that's just my gut feeling at this point. I'd like it better if it were still Chihiro.

Does it give you despair when you realize if Juzo ever shows up in anything again, he's probably gonna be reduced down to a blushing moe schoolgirl?

Despair is supposed to be unpredictable.

>Liking Komaeda makes you a Fujo now

>tfw Male Junko would have nothing but crotchshots instead

I really do think he was part of UD. Any other reason for him to implement the killing game would be too retarded even for Kodaka.

I'm a big fan of the cardboard cut out style.

Sure, it's cheap and way less effort, but it's stylish.

Despair leads to the end of the world, every idiot with a brain can see that. It's as predictable as it can get. It means the end of the world if it succeeds.

His cover art look like he's some sort of an actor with his mask and shit so i don't know if he's really related to Gundam.

No, Mahiru was too stuck in her traditional ways. Her upbringing and especially the unhealthy feminism that resulted from it gave her issues that you wouldn't find with most girls.

> Monokuma maid

Who wouldn't be a siscon if they had Aoi as their nee-san?

It'd probably still be chest shots.
Most people don't really want to see a bunch of crotchshots, user.

I thought you said petty

Oh, I agree, she isn't acting that much different, although I'd say she has matured a bit, considering she only breaks down once and was even level-headed enough to say things like "I'll share that burden with you".
It's just that the DR3 game is more suited to her, so she gets to act more.
She has several lines in DR1 about how she feels bad for how useless she is during the investigations, unlike Touko and Hagakure, who are useless and seem bizarrely proud of that fact. Makes sense that in a more physically demanding game she'd take center stage.
There is even a conversation they have in the beginning of chapter 4, where she says Naegi is cool during class trials in contrast to herself who only cries and can't do anything during investigations.

Judging by the V3 trailers, they're keeping it. Stop wanting DR to be a typical VN.

But in actuallity it IS predictable every time.

Munakata becomes the final boss when Hajizuru arrives because he attacks Hajizuru.

Naegi sacrifices himself to save Hajizuru and everyone reconciles. The end.

Eh, she probably only clings to despair because it's the only thing that doesn't bore her out of her mind and as such, is completely OK with being a contradicting hypocrite if it meant feeling more despair. Keep in mind, knowing everything about a person just by seeing them probably drove her mad LONG before the series proper.

Nice legs!

She still wound up attracted to the same person, so I wouldn't call them 'VASTLY' different. At the same time she clearly wasn't, like, made by uploading Chiaki's memories into a computer.

But some part of her was still in there. Whoever made her at least made some effort to make her a similar person. And in that regard they succeeded.

I hope so. I like the idea that Chihiro didn't know her personality so he made her exactly how he wanted her to be, like with Alter Ego.

What do you mean? If we see him tomorrow he'll be shown lying to Munakata and next he'll probably punch a wall from frustration

>Junko won and irrevocably destroyed Juzo's image as a macho man


Some fuckwit made another thread far to early but given its still up no one make a new one and just migrate to

I could never insult Mikan. Well except when she kills Chiaki.

I think you simply have to concede that the DR fanbase is, for the most part, too young and too immature to ask for anything better.

It does if you enjoy Komeada's crazy antics but find Junko's annoying. You either like both of their crazy actions or dislike both, anything in-between makes you a biased Fujofaggot or a biased Muh Despairfaggot.

>cucked by chisa
>btfo then controlled by junko to betray his gay love
>stabbed by his gay love
juzo got pretty btfo

Mahiru's a lesbian
but even lesbian's can't beat the dick


>Stop wanting DR to be a typical VN
>Not wanting characters with more animations or mouth movements while keeping the gameplay style

You basically just said that you want this subpar shit instead of some actual effort.

Ultimate Cute, I wonder how she would've acted if Hiyoko died first

Crotchshots, muscleshots and chestshots. Basicly all the shots from Macademi Wasshoi when Hapsiel arrived with his Love & Peace.

>same as Junko
Nice joke, Junkofag.

get all the brocons and siscons in this goddamn series, put them in a "class trial" and have them argue about whose sibling is the best

Or a big, throbbing DAIKON!

I mean in media past DR3. Though, yes, we get to see his betrayal.

And then fujoshit bait for the rest of his life.

I ship her with Souda because they both had shitty fathers, and she could probably whip him up into shape to be the best damn dad he can be.

So good to see more Mahirufans around here

>It does if you enjoy Komeada's crazy antics but find Junko's annoying.
No? I'm in no way a fujo and definitely agree with that line of thought, especially after DR3.

Don't you remember her PTA in SDR2? What she says and what she means are the exact opposite. She clings to despair as a predictable assurance rather than an unreliable, chaotic hope.

>Mahiru's a lesbian
But she clearly isnt.

Komaeda is much more amusing than Junko because his talent is actually SHSL luck. Also he's less annoying because he doesn't always come out on top, he goes through a cycle of getting lucky and fate absolutely shitting on him. It's not Junko's antics we hate, it's the fact that she's actually nothing special but just gets away with everything just because of incredible plot armor

She is dead Jin

Junko has never done something as crazy like the bombs, The russian roulette or chapter 5.
Everything she does is off-screen, In despair the only thing she does is yell "Zetsubou".

they are cute in his manga

Yes. I want more of the same. No departures.

DAIKONs only for her.

I wouldn't mind if it means I get to see him happy in promo art

Man, Nagito got the BIGGEST BONER ever from Izuru. Hajime is the only one who has been able to understand his viewpoint in the series. The Hope's birthday and it's inner version talk about someone understanding him. That isnt Chiaki.

>All I'm saying is that they did have quite a few interactions together, even on-screen.
Can I ask when outside of him leading her into a death trap (where he got the Izuru boner) and him talking about she's the hope of the class when she got elected rep?

She deserves some love. I just hope the cucks don't come back

Truly... this is despair...

When he saw the death trap and got incredibly mad over it. Stop acting like I'm saying he doesn't have boner for Izuru.

>Tries to deal with morning wood
>Finds really good scene of kibou fucking zetsubou
>Suddenly loses erection

Then your opinion is biased and has lost all its creditability then.

I thought Nagito was referring to Junko. He was "sad" over Twogami's death too.

and pic related, he's a retard who thought a gamer, photographer, cook, japanese dancer, breeder could take down what Junko had.

She would have been helpful during trials
If I remember things properly she was one of the first consents of the game, took pictures and drew a healpful piece of evidence

Komaeda's fun despite being attached to the Hope vs Despair nonsense due to his role of fucking with the mysteries (and doing that in an entertaining manner)
Junko does have her share of good moments (I still think that scene of her & Izuru's first meeting was one of the best individual scenes in DR3 period) but for the most part she just sorta sucks as a villain.

That's how I see it anyway.

New thread where?????

What if it was revealed that Mahiru is just Mukuro in a red wig?

Nowhere, we need to mentally prepare ourselves for next ep, so no more threads.

Considering that that gamer in both of her incarnations has been the biggest thorn in Junko's side and the only person who's managed put the FEAR in her, I'm not surprised he thought that.

See for new thread.

>Then your opinion is biased and has lost all its creditability then.

>an anime going into depth on the characters we've seen in the games before, including Junko and Nagito.
I wonder, are you retarded or a high school dropout to not realise that an anime with that feat is capable of changing people their opinion of a character based on the appearance of the characters in the anime.

>but just gets away with everything just because of incredible plot armor

Yeah because Komeada's antics in episode 4 & coming back from his suspension and finding out about Junko and her plans in a matter of seconds isn't plot armour at all nope.

Sorry user, but Komaeda is just as bad as Junko in this regard if not worse.

Perhaps it's all she knows and wants to cling to something familiar?
Maybe she was lying?

Both camera and gun needs a good aim, so I'd believe it.

Because he is bananas and admires to the point of worship people who can achieve things without relying on LUCC.

We would've found out from her stink

>literally opens up with "who is best girl"

Komada is supossed to be Lucky he has done shit like since DR2.
Did you even play the game?

>in both of her incarnations has been the biggest thorn in Junko's side
Literally what? Real Chiaki was fucking nothing to Junko and she slapped down class 77 so easily. She was never scared of real Chiaki. And AI Chiaki isnt real Chiaki.

Izuru in case 2-6 is the ONLY time Junko faces fear.

That's not even the same type of thread, you realize?

She said her mom is a war photographer, but maybe she was talking about herself.

Komaeda is Lucky while Junko gets a way with more shit for who knows why.

Well no. Komaeda did shit and paid the prize for it. In episode 4 he got expelled and missed out on Izuru. In the other episode he got shot, was unable to walk and due to his luck they ended up in despair as Chisa came to save them and they went to save her. It's not plot armor if it always returns in a way to fuck over a character.

Which doesn't happen for Junko. Junko doesn't get fucked over, not even by Izuru, not by anyone or anything and that's what makes her nothing but a shitty character that's brought to us as a plot device.


She was unable to turn her to despair and resorted to killing her. AI Chiaki was the one who awoke Izuru.

I think you're shipping ChiakixNagito or something. Junko never shows anything but delight around the real Chiaki.

Nagito knew that they were dumbasses for thinking they could take down Junko but he got high off the fumes ffrom his hope bullshit.

She planned to despair Chiaki but changed her mind after Chisa saved Chiaki and allowed her to escape.

So its okay in Komeada's case to do it because he's lucky but not for Junko who's an analyst?

Please stop being so fuckin biased user.

Up until near the end of the first case I thought that she was supposed to be the main girl. She was the only other comparitively less autistic one there aside from the MC character.

I'm not sure I like how she is in DR3 though. I guess with Hajime gone she got stuck with the straightman role.

No, I'm just pointing out that Chiaki is SHSL Hope.

>She was unable to turn her to despair and resorted to killing her.
She never even tried to turn her to despair. She wanted too then the other class leader, Chisa came in and she decided to do it to her. She saw that Chisa resisted it a little so she thought she'd do something more despairing for the rest of the class.

One key that she never even tried to turn Chiaki to despair: She never told her what happened to Hajime. She literally didnt give a shit about real Chiaki.

>AI Chiaki was the one who awoke Izuru.
Then she should've yelled "NANAMI!" instead of "KAMUKURA!!!".

Everyone is SHSL Hope these days. Besides, the dubbed SHSL Hope, Naegi Makoto, easily got brainwashed into killing himself. Hope is just a euphemism for optimism in this series.

If it wasn't for Chiaki, Hajime couldn't have come back the way he did.

>Junko doesn't get fucked over, not even by Izuru,
But she did get BTFO by Izuru in episode 6 and she could have been killed if she didn't choose her words correctly.

Yes, Because komaeda actually gets "paid", He was expelled,Shooted and Brainwashed.
Junko Analyst shouldn't give her that Dumb luck that she has n Despair arc and she gets away with everything.

>Being an Analyst makes you Lucky

I agree but she never shows fear directly from Nanami. She doesnt know what happened in 2-6 other than Izuru probably planning or foreseeing this.

No she didn't. It was another plot device as she predicted it already. Do you even watch the anime? Thing is, Junko has shit 100 steps ahead of her and is literally a plot device, in contrary to Nagito who acts on the moment and sees wherever the fuck his luck gets him.

She didn't pick jack shit carefully. She had a 2 line dialogue with Izuru about predictability and that's it.


I think Chiaki's objection might have clued her in a little about who was responsible.

>He was expelled
Its suspension user.

>Junko Analyst shouldn't give her that Dumb luck that she has n Despair arc and she gets away with everything

Maybe just Maybe user its because she's a fuckin genius and the reason why she avoids trouble is because she always plans ahead to get away with it and with the exception of Izuru is like 10x smarter than everybody else.


Some people are hijacking a "best girl" thread for now.

>Maybe just Maybe user its because she's a fuckin genius and the reason why she avoids trouble is because she always plans ahead to get away with it and with the exception of Izuru is like 10x smarter than everybody else.
Yeah, throwing grenades out of a car is totes not obvious. It's not like it's on a highway and there's one limousine with a grenade coming out of it.

Plot armor, nothing more, nothing less.

Thing that Junko has done in Despair arc
>Learn about Izuru for reasons
>Met with Mitarai for accident
>Met with Mikan and class 77th by accident
>Protected by Izuru in the right moment
Truly an analystic genius.

That was Mukuro not Junko and with Mukuro being a soldier she could have put the blame on her sister.

> A car explots in her introduction
> Nobody gives a fuck about the fact that she was in that car

>Implying she never planned for anything.

And this is why Despair needed 24 episodes because everything has to be shown on-screen with your kind.

Junko threw the grenade, you daft cunt. It's literally plot armor as nobody even questioned it. Same for the wallet, same for her mysterious enlistment in HPA, same for Izuru suddenly appearing to save her, same for her meeting mitarai and the list goes on.

She's a walking plot device.

Are you really saying that meeting Mitarai and Mikan was part of her plan when the show clearly show that it wasn't?

>If someone came accross her base fucking open and decided to call someone, her plan would have been fucked
>If anyone at all had realized sending a cook, a dancer and a musician to fight a maniac who shoots before asking, her plans would be fucked
>If any of the 2 who escaped her had told the cook, the dancer, the musician and the photographer that there was a maniac who shoots before asking and that maybe, JUST MAYBE, they should sit this one out and try to reach the authorities, her plan would be fucked
>If anyone at all had followed the several leads Munakata put together her plan would have been fucked
>If Chisa had picked up her phone, her plans would have been fucked
>If Juzo wasn't the worst head of security in the history of the universe, her plan would have been fucked
That's not even getting into how we are never explained how she finds out about half the shit she knows, like Izuru's existence, the secret base, etc.
The main problem with her is that her plan downright RELIES on shitty writing.
Nagito's luck works as a rube goldberg machine with each mechanism being something that no one could control at all.

I can't go through this again, user. Umineko was enough.

You're forgetting that Juzo was also limited, same for Jin as the HPA board also CONVENIENTLY covered everything up and even told security and staff alike to not look into it further and help cover it up.

>mfw Juzo is just a shitty version of Carlos



And you're forgetting that Junko's report heavily implies that she is supported by the trustees of Hope's Peak.

Which would mean Junko can do anything as they covered it up for her.

That's confirming his point, you retard.

That's literally giving her more plot armor which is what he's on about. Bravo, you've just managed to fuck your own point over.

No that was more to do with the first point. Even I have to admit there's nothing I can say to refute on the second and third points currently.

Well duh user. This is a prequel so her plan HAS to be successful. So she has to have plot armour to some extent, most of you are just taking it out of proportion, in fact apart from Chiaki, Sato & Natsumi every other character has plot armour since they can't die.