Has it ever been an anime girl more humiliated than Leina from Queen Blade?

Has it ever been an anime girl more humiliated than Leina from Queen Blade?

It's like a shitty hentai quote. "Your dick is making me retarded!" but it actually happened.


What episode was this from?


Vanquished Queens 3

What happens to this girl?

Thanks, senpai.

The petgirl of Katja from Qwaser, I forgot her name. The one on the right

Beatrix from Granblue will be when the anime comes out

Is that her ultimate form or what?

It's form her side story. She gets captured by monsters a lot, one time she was made into this midget warlord fucktoy.


This one was amazing. In the alternative ending I came like crazy.


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No bully Sarria

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How do i search the alternative ending? I cant find it anywhere.

Is she riding to Valhalla?

Hana Katsuragi

Are more like that one? Or any other character? I have a fetish for fallen heroines


That's a lot of spikes

Vanquished queens is still the saddest thing ever made. I don't mind otaku being sad fucks who like strong girls only so they can have them raped and humiliated in porn, but when it leaks in official material it just makes me hate the people I share my hobby with.

Is she awaited?

What's the context of this screenshot?

Gets sent to another world where she doesn't speak the language, is taken prisoner, and then used as breeding stock.

She is cumming because a witch put some parasyte in her that vibrates when she gets humiliated, and they are defeating her in a fight.

Its longer than that i guess.

Don't you have some pegging doujins to read, you cuck?

It's just porn though. I switch between 2D and 3D porn, and 3D porn can be pretty rough too.

Is all of Vanquished Queens like this? Or just this episode?

It's not translated to English, I believe. Each of the Vanquished Queens OVAs came with a Special. In nyaa there are torrents for the RAWs and a few assorted Spanish versions of them: RBF, Deadfish, GnF. GnF is an mkv file, if you're lucky the subs are soft (can't assure it though), so you can extract them and use google translate.

VQ the saddest? Man, you only know some vanilla hentai, don't you?

That episode is specially bad and Leina has the shittiest luck of all the girls if im not mistaken.

QB was always about strong girls beating/humiliating each other, though Vanquished Queens always took that shit too far.



Pretty much. To this day nothing comes close to what happened to her in terms of female manga/anime characters. Except maybe the teacher from Wolf Guy who went through Rape Namek.


VQ is 4 episodes. The 4 episodes have "happy endings" (given the circumstances), I guess it's the way the story ends officially; but in the BluRay release 4 specials (one for each chapter) were.
The first one is a bad ending for the chapter 1.
The second one is Airi (one of the featured characters from chapter 2) simply showing her tits while cleaning the house.
The third one is a bad ending for the chapter 3 (the one we are talking about).
The fourth one is a bad ending for the chapter 4.

Waku translated to English the four OVAs and the two first specials, but declined to translate special 3 and 4. Why? I don't know, perhaps because they are quite sadistic. So you have to either watch the RAW or watch one of the many Spanish version of it.

How do you know she got made into a fucktoy? Maye they just liked to keep her tied up on the chariot.

Where is that torrent from?

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Thanks for the explanation, did it way better than I was going to do it.

I'm still mad at them for not giving Airi a bad ending. :P
I was so looking forward for it.


>Get excited for the animator of another lady innocence returning for the Grimoire OVA
>All he does is some close up face shots and one short scene of a granny's boobs.

But Hana is a lolicon and likes being humiliated in front of her peers by her loli lover.


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General culture on Cred Forums says that the only emoticon allowed is ;_; . Spergs don't like emoticons.

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Somewhere between Rebellion and Vanquished Queens, this franchise died to me.


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Are people posting loli pornography in loli threads?

Cyclet used to make eroge titles solely about girls fucking huge insects. It's a niche.

Her entire existence is painful.

I think it's more of a joke tbqh. They can't be making this seriously. They probably laugh all the way to the bank.

>I'm just astounded that mods let loli threads run instead of deleting them and banning when it's obviously in the global rules.

posting screenshots from the anime, or official art isn't against the rules

Maybe, works like that were the result of the success of EXTRAVAGANZA which was Digimon tamers with bugs.

Pic related

For people interested in VQ3, it's not really sexy. Every time the parasite inside of her vibrates they play a really gross gurgly diarrhea-in-colon sound and she buckles and whines.

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Subjected to often humiliation? You guys like HenZemi?

Didn't mean to reply

So in all honesty, who did win the Queen's Blade? I was to busy doing, uh, stuff, to notice the plot.

Leina, but gave the throne to Claudette. Which was a mistake.

What is it about? She looks cute.

Listening to HanaKana talk about how she smells her own farts.
I'm not joking.

Thanks for saving me from even starting shitty anime.

Nah dude HenZemi is the tits, seriously, the OVAs are stellar work
What's it about? It's about some college kids studying a seminar for fetishes and perverse subcultures. It's a fanservice series that's a lot more chocolate than vanilla.
And the hanakana bullying is fucking gold too.

Why was it a mistake? I don't remember anymore, because of also being busy.
I need more Melona.

Claudette got possesed or mind controlled just like the previous queen, Aldra, was, and became a tyrant. That is the plot of Rebellion.

Eh, im not into farts.

I don't know I'm pretty degenerate myself, I will have to personally check it. You know, for science

Tomoko masturbation in anime.

So Leina is the only one that cannot be possessed?

No, but she was weaker so she would have given that much trouble getting defeated in Rebellion. Perhaps. She IS a protagonist after all so i guess thats a hidden strenght. And she did beat Aldra.

I have a feeling she would have fought against the possession better.