You have 10 seconds to explain why Sento is the greatest

You have 10 seconds to explain why Sento is the greatest

pirate hat

she's cute, she has a kind heart, and I love how innocent she is

Real autist goddess

Pirate themed innuendo

>Pirate Sento figure STILL hasn't arrived

God fucking damnit Japan.


It's the tits.


Also this.

Don't forget the hips though


I like muse more

I guess faggot OP needs more breaking in...



>Sento is the greatest
This is why there is an eternal divide between plebeian and patrician taste.

You're the plebeian in this case though.


She's loyal and has a great personality. And she just happens to be a 9/10

>this whole doujin

i need sauce

Haruhi sucks, please give me Yuki.

She wins the Kanyebowl so of course she's the greatest. Kanye would never settle for anything less.

If you like Sento you're trying way too hard to be straight.
>Perfect silky hair
>Enchanting sexy Golden eyes
>Plump feminine lips
>Enormous, perky, jiggly, round milk tanks
>Fit but soft midriff
>Thin waist but child-bearing hips
>Big juicy ass
>Voluptuous thighs
>Long smooth legs
It's like whoever created her was trying to make the perfect woman to overcompensate for the fact that they're gay.

>If you like the perfect woman, you're gay

- Cred Forums, September 21st, 2016

That's some fucked up logic there, newfriend.

I'm gay for wanting breed with Sento!

Think of it like a free get-out-of-gay card.
I mean if you're called gay you can just use her as an excuse to prove your heterosexuality.

The pirate costume wasn't even her best outfit.

I thought this was a bodacious space pirates thread for whatever reason.


Sento is best waifu

The Japanese wish their women had a body like that.



it's by pinvise

You misspelled worst, OP