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Obligatory gay priest.

The thread is already shit.
Good job, OP.

How is it already shit?


Females have more body fat then males!

Trust me user when I say that the tread could ALWAYS end up being worse

At least the OP image isnt borderline porn, cause it could be

Because the orange, user.
It's everything orange's fault.

>get EoH
>hop online
>literally wait an hour in a lobby
>no one joins
>no other open game found
Guys this isn't funny, at the very least I want my platinum trophy...

Shh, Gyro is sleeping.

13 year old boy from Ukraine

And it looks like a screencap from Youtube.
That's kind of shit too.

This image leaves out the best girl with the best tits tho

Caesar is the best brojo :)

Now that you're asleep I feel like I have to tell you something
I've been buying the shitty ointment you tell me not to buy because it attracts bugs so that way when you fall asleep I can undress you and jack off to your bug bites.
Good night Gyro.

Fuck you you fucker he makes everything better.



Some of these are gold.

>large boulder
Johnny confirmed for replaced by rock human

>tfw we never got to see SBRverse Joseph

I wonder if he was as cool

Why C-Moon?

Jorge Joestar suggests Battle Tendency is consistent in all universes

I've heard that some of you seem to think that my posts are getting rarer. They are I haven't been posting that much of him recently but do not think this is me getting bored of him or about to quit. I will continue to post more of him at an even greater pace then before.
He shall make these threads better.

>Jorge joestar
Get out



Battle Tendency happened in the Ireneverse, not in the SBRverse.

>Jorge Joestar

Hello, everyone!
Comparison user here. In case you didn't know or didn't care (in which case just ignore this post I guess) my old blog ( is now dead, due to the hosting costs. I've begun to manually migrate the blog to a new host:
Only the first post is up for now, and nothing is set in stone yet, so feel free to speak up if anything seems out of place or plain ugly.
I'll slowly migrate the other posts (which I'm having to manually get from the cached copies of my older blog), so just update your bookmarks and sit tight.
I don't want to clutter these threads more than necessary, so I don't think I'll post here every time I re-upload an episode. Maybe I'll show my face here once I've ported everything over to the github host, I'm not sure.
I hope the guy who maintains the jojo pastebin sees this!

tl;dr: is dead, long live!
Sorry again for the fuckup!

Poochie think he slick

>Jorge Joestar
Eyes of Heaven says otherwise

More jojo dabs

It's just a suggestion. Anything outside of the Parts can be taken with a grain of salt unlike here

>eyes of heaven
My fanfiction were Dio was a good guy and never became DIO says otherwise

Better version

Why did people hate AU Diego so much? He's fabulous as hell.

But it's wrong, and Jorge Joestar of all things shouldn't be used to prove your point. It was written by a person who clearly didn't understand MiH.

He can be narrowed down to a fanservice asspull.

I need to re read High Voltage because I dont know what the fuck is happening here


since stands travel through the bloodline,

what would happen if someone took the arrow and a timetravel/dimension jump stand and used it to stab mitochondrial eve?

and why cant we live in that universe.

I like him but he came out of nowhere and it felt like araki just shoved him in there for no reason

I wouldn't say asspull
just a fanservice to fill in the gaps of the epilogue

I'm sure the user on the internet knows more about JoJo's than the guy who got fanart from Araki himself for his published fanfiction

I don't think Araki gives a fuck how people interpret Made in Heaven

Because they only travel through the bloodline of the living family member. Jolyne didn't have a Stand because she was born after DIO died

DIO getting a Stand was the reason Joseph, Holy, Jotaro, Josuke and his sons got Stands

>FF can drink loads of water and make her tits fucking huge

There's a difference between an interpretation and being wrong. I'm not even sure what your post is trying to convey, but whatever.

I know.

Why is she so perfect?

Hey guys new to these threads.
Can anyone tell me about the "kill the king"thing? I know it's just a fan thing but I'm intrigued and can't find it

>Jorge Joestar.

The only thing you should take as canon from that mess is Rohan ignoring Made in Heaven's effects because he was too busy working on his manga.




Reminder that Jotaro could have defeated Pucci if he used Star Finger

I will fucking end you fucker how dare you insult him by posting this garbage.

Is there a website that has Part 4 with Duwang subs uploaded? I kinda want to read them



Keep thinking that, white boi.

but abdulavdolbabydoll has had his stand since birth.

another thing, how does dio dying make holys stand dissapear or weaker or help any way in the least whatsoever?

In Part 8, all of the Higashikita's have 'King' somewhere in their Stand name (California King Bed, King Nothing, Nut King Call, Speed King, Paper Moon King), so the theory is that when the big bad guy of the part is revealed, their Stand name will be 'KILL THE KING' (a well known song by Rainbow, whose leader singer was Dio ( because that'd be super dramatic and it would show their Stand is serious business with a name like that.

I'd love for it to happen but I doubt it will. Honestly I'm still not convinced that Araki isn't going to use the 'King' thing to bring back fucking King Crimson.

He comes out of nowhere for no reason in order to add another fight when the story had already climaxed, just for fan service, and also to lessen the impact of Diego's death
I did think the gasoline and the matches were a nice twist on the knife thing though

Who will win the gappy bowl? How will gappy pay for holy's treatment? Who is the bro-jo? Will Joshuu ever proclaim his true feelings for gappy?

strike my first reply.
what if someone stabbed mitochondrial eve, and then mitochondrial eve's stand made her immortal.

Who holds a knive like that?

What's wrong, Naranciafag
Don't you like your waifu?

Why does Jotaro look younger in each part he appears

Is that fucking Aladdin?

And part 3 would have been trivial if Kakiyon remembered he could mind control but hey

Also Part 3 could have been really short if DIO just sent Vanilla Ice to Japan but plots a thing.

He does
Fuck you fucker these images you are posting are essentially slander against him.
I'm trying to save him and you fuckers keep trying to ruin him.

Thanks senpai


>72 posts so far
>Gappy makes me happy nowhere to be seen

How is Narancia hanging out with his friends slander? Do you hate Narancia? Do you want him to be lonely?

He secretly trained in hamon
or thats how asian people work

I hope you die fucker.
Stop ruining him you bastard.

Please just end your life, I'm with Naranciafag on this

From what I saw in the Death 13 fight that isn't very reliable since it takes too much time

>Narancia that dark
>Mista fat as can be

So if Kars went and stuck the Stone Mask on mitochondrial eve and after that she was stabbed with the arrow at some point the whole of humanity would have Stands?

Gappy makes me happy

Post JoJo merchandise

>tfw This is how the characters will look like in the anime

Gappy isn't happy

Possibly, though Kars isn't really alive at the point of Eve. And I think the meteorite the Stand arrows were made from came after they went into slumber

Even then, only some can handle Stands. They have to have a violent-enough disposition so that it won't kill them


another thing, after reading the wiki,
how do babies work in jojo, given this information that is entirely canon?

b-but Im not happy
what do I do?

Must have meant the anime.

Part 3 could have also been solved if Dio stopped talking for a second and just made The World snap everyone's necks except for Joseph's while time was stopped, and then stopped time again to drink Joseph's blood after throwing a rock at his head

damn, now I want a 'my hero academia' style manga where everyone has to come to terms at using their special psycic powers.

I will marry him one day there is nothing you fuckers can do to stop me.

I wonder how gappy is going to pay the bills
Will he ask norisuki
Will he go full breaking bad
Will he get an actual job

Does anyone have arcadefags Google drive? It apparently has all the EoH models

Drugs and Fruit.

he cant get a job, he's damn amnesiac, maybe doesn't even know how money works

Oh yes, I've got some 「FAT」 for you.

First time I really felt Giorno earned his protagonist status

Bank Heist

I'd still fuck all of those girls in a heart beat. They look pretty even if they are quite porky.
I'd fuck that Gappy, too
But NOT Joshuu!

Dio suffers from a special condition where if he stops talking for 5 seconds he will die

And it only took 90% of the story to happen

>His entire death scene was him being at disbelief and not saying a goddamn thing because he thought he was invincible

>Not fucking a girl dressed up as a Calling for Nuts

>money works

>Bank heist happens
>he convinces all the higashikatas to help, even jobin and kyo
>turns out bank is owned by rock men and big bad rock men boss with his stand WE WILL ROCK YOU comes down

This is unsettling

Johnny cucked his wife with a rock human girl but she fell asleep while they were roleplaying Lucy and Scarlet.

That's the second cutest Jotaro I've ever seen

Anybody has that pic of Jolyne spoiling Star wars Rogue One?

>An anime adaption that was so bad it got BTFO by it's own creator

So is the general consensus is that Araki hated it so much that he canceled the DVD release?

It's an unfounded rumor and a pretty dumb one too.


maybe thats why he is so pissed with her now.

fuggin ungrateful jotaro, some of us have to ask our moms to crossdress us.

Let's all chip in and buy the rights to show this of in a private stream.

He gets his moe side from Holly

Delet this

It wasn't too fantastic, but I heard the real reason was the Producer died during it and it just kind of stopped existing after it aired because everyone pulled support

I want to go back in time and watch it though just to see how it held up

master memester speedwagon wasnt even in it


But home come it was never released in home video? even shitty movies get released

Yeaah, no. Doesn't count.

Yo fucked up

Gappy is not happy

Mob psycho 100 already exists

what the FUCK are you implying you shitty memester???

I've read the same story did.

It'd be a gigantic hassle for one person to bury a movie like that. Araki doesn't even feel all that warmly about Phantom Blood anyway.

They removed Araki favorite character, so he removed their movie

This guy slaps you girl's ass and it starts to melt, what do you do?

The Teru episode is coming up soon. Are you all ready?

Speedwagon was a huge linchpin for the series up until Stone Ocean since the Foundation was able to make it easier for the Joestars to succeed in their adventures

There was no reason he should've been removed

>invisible man slaps gf's ass
>she thinks I did it
>appreciate my newfound assertiveness
I'd thank him desu

>Invisible man slaps GF's ass
>Hijinks begins
>cant see the man so only one conclusion

yeah but in mob psycho its just a few people that have a natural PS abilities, while what I want is a world where EVERYONE has them
am picturing an scenerio where people can get shitty deals with their stands and have to come around their mental inestability, it can even come across as a 'Coming of age' story, thats what am saying

Do you think they still fuck

>no josuke's mom
>no karera
>no haato/kaato while're at it
>all these literal who's after hermes costello
>no seriously who are the two standing on right of hermes?

>invisible man
>It's actually old Joseph with his invisible baby


Well guys, I followed your advice and read the manga, just got dine with vento aureo, is Stone ocean good?


Anasui and Pucci's sister

fml i forgot the pic

That was drawn in 2012 or 2013. It was way too early for Karera or Kaato.

Stone Ocean is the best.

it is actually shizuka al grown up and willing to experiment her coming of age

If thats the case I'd ask him to slap mine

Mc and villain are pretty good
supporting cast is decent
minor villains,stands and some of the fights are forgettable af

Mickey Mouse is not in it

Slap his ass


>Damo isn't actually dead he just turned invisible to escape



Experiment, you say?

Thanks, mate, I hope this one doesn't die too


>invisible baby
I am sad that we won't see invisible baby adventure happen

>we won't see invisible baby adventure

Miumiu a underrated!

Your not a true gappy memer

you only posted after someone pointed out it hasn't been posted

your the shitty memester


>Baby's Invisible Adventure

too late


You shut your whore mouth.




>doesnt even kill anyone
>josuke turns him into a book for eternity
Pretty much all JoJos are terrible people,arent they?

I always knew that jotaro was a bad influence

Jonathan is the only exception


Jonathan is alright

Post JoJo confessions

I stopped before True Man's World in SBR because I thought it was boring at that point, spoiled myself on what happens, skipped to JJL, and only today legitimately finished SBR


I want to do stupid JoJo RP bullshit with people equally as autistic as me, using custom Stands and such

I'll have what 's having.

At least you told the truth, and speaking of truth
When i found out about the show from Bloody stream, and ASB, i didnt know the series had a specific order so i first read SBR, then Part 4, 3, and 8, finished 6 a week ago, and currently Reading 5. I still know all the shit that happens though.

I went
SDC anime>DiU-SBR manga(speedread through part 5)>watch part 1-2 anime>read JJL
I did this because i thought HftF(game) was the original thing an they made an anime adaptation of it
I think Made in Heaven's design is terrible

Joel introduced me to JoJo.

These two, I'm sorry


And Two Best Friends play

I love him more than anything else here.

I started the trend of just posting the word 'Narancia' in spoiler text. I stopped when I realized I was encouraging and enabling Naranciafag as well as inspiring copycats.

After rereading the parts Jotaro has become my favorite Jojo.
I also enjoyed reading part 3 more than part 7.

Two things:
I'm a horrible Frankenstein between Wikifag, Animeonly and just started JoJo with VA since I already watched Parts 1-4 through the anime. I plan on going back and reading them eventually along with SO and SBR

I want to draw fat JoJo girls but I'm not sure I have the skill for it yet

Not Buccellati.

What are some stands that seem legitimately invincible and literally only lost because they got the one and perfect counter?

Finished rereading part 6 a week ago and I'm kind of wondering how the Jumpin Jack Flash fight would go without Weather Report. It's probably one of the most OP stands ever, just being able to create vacuums and then fire super precise shots in zero gravity. And then of course we get fucking cloud astronauts from WR

A friendly hug doesn't bother me at all.
Narancia loves me anyway to do far more than a hug.

where did you even get that

I really like Narancia, like enough to cosplay has him, and have my hair look like his, and dress up in lingere while penetrating my rear end with some phallic object

The World

Come on, man. Narancia is rubbing his cheek tenderly against Buccellati's bare chest, and bringing his leg up to grind against his crotch.

They're gonna fuck.

literally every antagonist

I bet your cute but nowwhere near as cute as the real narancia.
Also here
Love this guys art.
Fuck you fucker he only loves me in that way.

This, and [/spoiler]Jotaro is my second favorite JoJo[/spoiler]

>all the chronokinetic ability users get roped together and put into an asylum to "contain" them, where their abilities are "observed" when really all that happens is timeloops stack onto timeloops and everybody involved gets stuck observing every moment for infinity at the discression of a single user who learned the limitations and abilities of everyone else in the madhouse,
basically, being stuck at the same moment until being told you are allowed to be stuck in the "next" moment.

Weather report?It didnt even lose or anything.Its a ridiculously versatile,strong and vague stand.It can do most stands' job better than them

Joshuu makes ME happy

>Weather report its a ridiculously versatile,strong and vague stand

My reading order was all fucked up first read through because I knew too many spoilers and read what interested me most.
I did unironic jojo rp years ago and still regret it.
I would fuck at least half of the characters in the entire manga in a heartbeat.


Rate me, you fucks.

Pretty decent maybe besides part 6 stand

>cars least favourite villian.
but hes the most fabulous of them all, and the only reason dio remains a threat.
you cur.

Well you got alot of Part 5 love thats for sure.
>Favorite Voice
>Favorite Fashion
>Least favorite Stand
Taste is alright, user.

that is not what I had in mind but its prettu cool
makes me think how a world where one can be born with such abilities would manage
>any children that displays op powers without realising the dangers of such get a trip to the looney bin and form a grudge against society and if they were to get free'd, oh boy the funsies to be had.
>people with whose stands synergize are tied by gravity to meet others, and that is a fact.
really makes you think.

Bit strange, but good taste overall 8/10.

Nice to see a lot of part 5 love here.

I won't justify that, but Araki stated his design was supposed to be that of a beastmaster or tamer, as hinted at by the frogs and the hat. While it is a rather...roundabout way of introducing and explaining a power, it's all meant to be thematic with the character.

So I just started reading Jojo after seeing threads for years and being put off by what appears to be ridiculous homosexual character designs. When does it gay? So far it's cool and actually manly,

What's manlier than a man having sex with another man?

Never because it's homoerotic and not homosexual

All the Joestars have the Joestar Sex Drive where they have to fuck the nearest girl for the purposes of continuing their bloodline. It's really the least gay thing possible

if you had a stand, what would your battle cry be?
mine would be yatta ("its done.")

but my stand ability would be to dimension shift into a library of all human knowledge and return without any time passing in any location, so i'd have to shout it myself about once every millenia, after stopping to punch from another direction and realising that people have had more thoughts that i need to sort through and organize.

At part 2 and 5 it can get a bit gay but other than that its pretty tame.there's just a lot of posing

Never. the only 2 gay characters in the series got killed and were mostly fodder.



>Least favorite JoJo
I really wanted to like you, user... I really did.

i'd also be able to use it as a bag of holding, or like gilgamesh uses his armory in fate.
the name of this stand would be

See, this is why I like stands being held by a few people, anf why time abilities are given so sparingly.

Like, look at Dio. He wants to be king of the world, standing on top of fate. What better way, then, to bring the entire world to a halt?

Or Diavolo. A guy who wants to change his own destiny as he sees fit, and believes that everyone else is a sleeping slave of fate. KC fits.

Or Ringo. A guy who's always denied a good duel and wants to seek a path of light, but does so by constantly rewinding to get the best outcome.

Chronokinetic abilities shared en masse by a bunch of people in the same universe cheapens it, like in Marvel or DC or whatever.

>The guy who tried to fuck Ringo when he was a kid

The strange thing is that it never gets really gay, barring one fight in part 3. What's great about JoJo is that you have really buff dudes, and really twinkish guys who look really gay but are straight as hell and masculine with all the weird fashion, makeup and hair.

DIO and Pucci are some pretty sorry ass jobbers

Most of the gayness is in part 5. There's two actually gay characters (likely more) the Jojo and a BroJo get into a pretty steamy 'healing sequence', one of the guys in the main cast wears a thong, and it has the most feminine looking men in the series, including the villain and a certain airplane stand user.

Actual characters user, DIO just fucks whoever he pleases to help his goals, Pucci isnt gay even though we meme him for it. Araki stated DIO and pucci hanged out like best friends. The 2 gay fuckos i talked about was the 2 niggas in Vento aureo.

I like how this is managed in Mob psycho, were "psychic powers" are a place holder for people that are naturally gifted, and it shows everybodys perspective on being objectibly superior to the majority of people, heard that My hero academia goes in a similar direction.
though I feel that what you mention is not what jojo mainly is about.

lets remember that araki said "maybe.." to that one fugoshit that asked him about Dios gayness

lets also remember that the same Fujo shit is a dangerouss entity that made Araki nervous just talking to him.

ahh, but he said maybe!
so all my yaoi doujinshis are now totally canonical!

just let me have gay dio pls

I was just talking about chronokinesis and how Jojo never makes it feel cheap or something literally a bunch of people can use.

In MP100, there really aren't a broad variety of powers (though obviously you have the Super 5 guy with teleportation/precog and the plant dude) and a lot of the major fights tend to be more a straight up brawl of who's stronger, which Mob always is. Thats a good format for Mob, not very good for Jojo because Mob already has a lot of powercreep bullshit which is something jojo has to avoid.

BnH does it a bit better and a lot of major characters bar AfO, todoroki, and deku/all might tend to have kind of not incredinly useful powers but making the main character the 'pure power' type means we don't get a ton of strategy on that front, at least in more recent fights.

Seeing how society views this stuff is a thing of the past for both series, while its a constantly changing thing for jojo, especially jojolion.


Holy shit, N I C E

Vitamin C's secondary power is to instantly switch Damo's place with a sculpture that kinda looks like him

That's why nobody cared when the sculpture's head got punched off

Why would an Italian gangster dress like that


I don't understand why people dislike Anasui

Is kyo holding fucking lemon and bill

Its his stando power, [Gangsta Paradise]

While that interview was embarrassing and disrespectful as fuck, the topic of DIO's bisexuality was one of the few things that Araki volunteered of his own accord, whereas he outright said 'no, what the fuck' when she brought up Jotaro and Josuke having an incestual affair.

why are there no wierd al stands?

Here's something that probably has already been pointed out.
So Josephs stand is the ability to break anything and generate a map from it right?
and he breaks every vehicle he comes across right?
The stand does both, except instead of showing the destination, when the vehicle breaks, it gets them there, usually around another stand user.
And what was the stands name again? Hermit purple? Thats because it is a thing that leads an elderly man to seemingly random locations, and what are hermits sometimes compared to? Weeds

Quit namefagging you fag

why are there no parody stands based on the songs that weird al has made a cover on?
Bites the dust ---> Rides the Bus

Is there any character more /d/ than Kars?

Don't forget

Notorious B.I.G?

Doesn't that fall under the vore umbrella? It's a form of consumption.

>own the Japanese version
>on PS4
>fucking DLC code included with the game only triggers PS3 version DLC to download
If the next game isn't just All Star Battle 2, I'm gonna riot.

I dunno, everything Notorious B.I.G can do Kars can do better, what with the shapeshifting shit. And he's not limited by B.I.G's lack of intelligence either.

well vore just implies someone eating someone else, while absorption its body melting with someone else.

but then how would you know its me, the reptilian king?

Because he's cute and want's to arouse me.

Go away Diego

and that i speak for the science cult, experts of relative mythology and comparative magic?
i speak for them because i will not allow them to speak

Re-reading jojolion and I'm seeing a fuck-ton of foreshadowing that Jesus is still under the tree. Is this really fucking obvious?

yummy yummy in wamuus tummy

>part 9
>vietnamese jojo
>It Aint Me starts playing

im actually funny, and im here to tell you i never had a stand, i just knew a little something about this thing called the beast behind all perceptions.

That makes sense

What would a [Creedence Clearwater] Stand do?

Yes just remember that he does that for me and only me.


is cute
it's nice to see you again so much for that redemption arc huh?

I can respect that. I feel the same for hato

Whoever said I was the same lad?

What the fuck is Creedence Clearwater ?
I thought he was talking about the song It Aint Me by Fortunate Sons

I want to be narancia so badly

I wish someone loved me as much as naranciafag loves Narancia

Honestly, it sounds horrible.

>wanting to be dead

Sorry I assumed.
Sorry but I only love the real narancia.
I'm sure you'll find someone soon never give up man.
That's impossible I love him more than anyone has ever loved anything.
But I'm sure you'll find some love out there.
I'm just waiting for narancia.

Not if you shared the same feelings.. Actually over time it would get pretty obnoxious.


Didn't I say my posts about him were going to go back on full schedule soon?
I did not lie when I said that.
That's nice Hato is pretty good I hope she gets some more time or fights in new chapters soon.
Fuck you fucker.

who /mountaintim/ here?

>It Aint Me by Fortunate Sons

He's one of Araki's favorite characters, apparently.

>that WRYYYYYY in the middle

Always gets me hype.

Nah, he never said anything of the sort.

Holy fuck if the main antagonist's stand is called We Will Rock You I'll have a fucking heart attack and die happily

I love him.

Secco was a good boy who dindu nuffin and deserved two candies
Cioccolata is a literal monster though

I've had Jojolion spoiled for me

I hope the impact is still there.

So, nearing the end of Venti Oreo I'm starting to compare it with Diamond and I have this feeling about the ways they follow up on Stardust

Diamond is Unbreakable feels sort of like a sequel to Stardust in a way where it continues on after those events, yet builds its own image. VA is more like a spiritual sequel that doesn't add much in the long run but carries a similar spirit to what Stardust was trying to get across. If this makes any sense

They aren't just straight sequels like the first 3 Parts were

He's probably Catholic
Secco deserved all the sweets


what, did a guy telled you the mc has four balls?

People in general dont like asshole type of characters and Anasui is a special type of asshole
While Rohan was psychotic,selfish and a huge dick at the end of the day he was still a nice guy
Anasui on the other hand is just iredimable human garbage
But thats the reason of why I love him so much

I'm on the part where Josuke goes to the fruit parlor, but I've had all of the stuff related to his identity spoiled for me. Luckily I know next to nothing about Damo so I hope the arc involving him is good.

Just in my experience it's easy to tell if someone is gay if the come from a Catholic background. They're usually shy/sad/reserved like they're guilty of some big shit.

Narancia is outgoing and will not hesitate to stab you.

Sign me up

It doesn't matter if he's catholic because it's not gay if he's cute narancia.
He will stab people but only dumb fuckers.
He would never do that to me.

that's looking pretty CLANG right there

I too have no idea What the fack is up with damo, and I've already went past that

Those Jojoveller notes about his stand say otherwise

Well since you volunteered...

Oh, my bad. Must have glossed over Oh Lonesome Me.

Vento aureo always seemed to me like what SDC should have been - less fights, more quality, more diversity of who fights and less emphasis on the jojo, and a villain who actually gets off his ass midway through to do something concerning the main cast

DiU was fun but it was a completely different animal to not just SDC but the entire series

who here /marine biologist/

>fucking dolphins
Not even once

I start Partwars, most of the times shitting on Part V, not because I hate it (in fact in contains some of my favourite designs), but just because I enjoy the shitposting caused


Would Jotaro fuck F.F.? She is technically a sea creature


Probably last one for tonight.
There will be more tomorrow.

>Taint a Beautiful creature of the sea's body
>Not examine her forhis research
>Not allow her to marry his daughter
>Not allow FF into his Home and have whatever she wants in the name of Sea Science

Why doesn't he just marry her himself so he can have his semen mix with the plankton?

jotaro belongs to dolphins and only dolphins.

is that boobage I see?


I like my men look like men, thank you very much.

Too much love will kill you

I got nothing to fear

Come one mane I know that trap narancia is the best but give boob narancia a try.

Not Narancia fag but
>busty Narancia


at that point is just futa mang, doesnt feel right.

It's fine apart from that Jolyne dislike.


Who said there was a dick?
Fuck you fuckers.
I'm the real naranciafag and I love these pics.
Even though I like trap narancia better.



Would catch the rainbow and weather report be an unbeatable team?

big tiddies do not suit Narancia
flat chest works better for him

Yeah on retreads it seems like it. The people affected by the Rock Disease end up looking like the Holy Corpse, so my guess is that the agents from the US fucked up and switched Johnny and Jesus' corpses around, taking a powerless corpse back to America and leaving Jesus under the tree in Morioh.

>cylinder does not connect to barrel
>six chambers but can fire at least seven bullets at once

it's the little things

I should the only person who knows what narancia looks good in.

its an imaginary construct of his mind user, it is not actualy a gun.


magic gun fires magic bullets

He probably got Emperor as a little kid, it's not an accurate gun because kids only have a vague understanding of them.

She looks like Haruhi

Araki stated its a combonation of 2 guns into one. Plus its a fucking stand.

They said they'd have finished Green Day and Oasis by the end of the month so give it a day or two for the Metallica scans. Then the next release should be Abbacchio getting fisted and the Boss' identity then Green Day and Oasis and the finale next month.

It's time to stop.

But Damo was the boss.


Hell yeah, cant wait.

>Lisa Lisa ran away from home because a fucking Dio zombie became part of the air force, killed her husband and she killed him

Battle Tendency is the worst part and the only redeeming part is Joseph, right?

Not really much progress today, but I got some of the movement down. Still need to fix up the wheel rotation.

It feels bad knowing that Abbacchio's death with a non-dicksuck translation is imminent. Poor guy deserved better.

>Secco was a good boy who dindu nuffin and deserved two candies
And a completely platonic pat on the ass

Who was more loyal to Dio?
Pucci or that zombie dude?

Does F.F. have green hair or is she bald and wearing a cap?

>you will leave to see this scene animated

>Enigma vs Hol Horse

Vanilla Ice. Pucci was loyal in that he and DIO were equals and friends and they always spoke their mind and respected one another's opinions, but VI was just obsessed with DIO's dick and would cut his own head off for it.

>3 panels dedicated solely to Abbacchio pissing in a teapot
I hope they animate it being as long and awkward as possible

Vanilla Ice. He fucking died for DIO. Twice.

Johngalli A

Joseph doesnt redeem shit. If anything he makes it worse by winning fights on pure bulllshit factor or because another person helped him, and he comes off as an OC really heavily, moreso than fucking Giorno (the smart, suave punk with a heart of gold is a fucking horrible trope, I'll take gangster MLK any day over it). The fact he's unable to interact well with any character, especially Caesar, cements it as extra shitty

Oldseph was much better by miles

in my honest opinion milf queen Lisa Lisa is still the hottest woman in JJBA

The dripping sounds it's what's going to make that scene

Vice was his most loyal servant, but not his most-loved. DIO actively seemed irritated at some aspects of him, like him blowing a hole in his wall and so on.

>Teru wins because Hol Horse is afraid of shooting himself in the head again

To be fair, trying to interact with Cheeser would be like playing poker against a brick wall that's not even at the table because its head is lodged so far up its unduly proud stony ass.

Wasn't implying he was.

Was Johnalli someone who worked for Dio or someone who was told by Pucci how cool Dio was and he sign in
I dont remember

Vanilla Ice was the most loyal but Pucci was the one who DIO preferred the most (one of the few people he ever came to trust and develop an affection for).
It's partially because Pucci is not a mindless worshipper that DIO appreciates him.

What are the biggest plot holes in Part 3?

The second coffin
DIO's Hermit purple

>DIO will never grow fond of you and discuss philosophy in in bed

>second compartment in Dio's coffin

discounting Dio coming back
I cant really think of something maybe all those abilities that show up outta nowhere to get the heroes out of a tricky situation and they are never used again

Every hole Vanilla Ice made

I felt everything involving Holy and her Stand kind of felt forced. Especially how she instantly got better when DIO died. How did DIO put a curse on her in the first place?

Other than that the story is so simple and generic that there's not too many real plotholes outside of dumb shit like, "Why didn't DIO freeze time to kill everybody without actually trying"

He was some sniper dude that worked for dio directly, before pucci met him, and jotaro thought he was the reason why jolyne got sent to prison at the beginning of part 6

Pretty forgettable but a cool fight nonetheless

I dunno, like, I guess the tower of oil stuff and esidisi kill were supposed to be bonding moments, but none of it felt genuine and its just disappointing araki pulled off the same shit in part 1 instead of doing something or anything with caesar's character

Like his design was good and his abilities were pretty fine but he is wasted potential incarnate, his death was more funny than sad to me because of how cartoonish it was

He worked for DIO but never met him.

looking back, blackmore was one of the coolest characters in jojo and the reason for that is that he doesn't even really seem to belong in the series

an assassin who walks on rain while carrying an umbrella. Something about it seems like it doesn't belong in jojo or any series like it. I immediately decided upon reading that he was british and even though I know otherwise I can't shake the idea

>DIO's one weakness is getting punched really hard in the shin

DIO's coffin

It wasn't an actual curse Dio force on her it was her lack of FIGHTING SPIRIT
also Dio stabing himself with the arrow probrably made all the Joestars forcefully awaken their stands and going haywire, but Holy and Josuke couldnt handle it unlike Joseph and Jotaro

>implying objective facts can be opinions

You do understand the big difference there is between a plot hole and an asspull right ?
Let's just get that out of the way before people reply with "Jotaro stopping time".
Characters not using their Stands the way they could use them doesn't qualify as a plot hole either.

I'll say
>the coffin thing which is just a straight up plot hole
>DIO's Hermit Purple which is more of a retcon than anything
I can't think of any others

>How did DIO put a curse on her in the first place?
It's not like DIO wanted Holly to be cursed it was just the effects of the Stand that Holly couldn't take. It's a literal way of showing that DIO's presence is a literal curse on the Joestars

>Why didn't DIO freeze time to kill everybody without actually trying
DIO's World actually does sorta get around this problem by making the Crusaders split and run before DIO manages to kill them (he kills Nukesaku instead, and it's not like he can move much in frozen time anyway)

It wasn't a curse it was her Stand awakening and overpowering her. DIO's Stand was growing phenomenally fast and it was too much for Holly and Josuke (probably baby Giorno too) to handle so their Stands started killing them. Killing DIO meant his Stand stopped growing without limit which meant it stopped exerting that effect on his descendants so Holly and Josuke were able to control their Stands.

Someone needs to shop Josuke hair into Hercules

I wonder where that dude was during SDC
him teaming up with N'doul would've ass fucked the Crusaders
maybe he was just fucking around like Nijimura senior

Jotaro somehow surviving being barbecued into a Jotaroast by Wheel of Fortune by burrowing underground.

That always left a bad taste in my mouth for some reason.

Jojo fan we need your help get this thread off Cred Forums


We're not your army, fuck off

N'doul was pretty alright with his tracking abilities. He should have partnered with hanged man or justice or something


>I'm a melancholy man.
>That's what I am,
>All the world surrounds me,
>And my feet are on the ground.
>I'm a very lonely man,
>Doing what I can,
>All the world astounds me,
>And I think I understand.
>That we're going,
>To keep growing,
>Wait and see.

Abbacchio had a hard life.

Norisuke reminds me a lot to old Joseph, it is maybe because his love to his family

Suckas yall just gotta starve that attention whore, like nigga walk away don't give it the time

Dubs confirm

>Joseph loves his family
>Cheats on his wife
>has a bastard child
>Mad at his own daughter for marrying a Nip

I always thought SBR was pretty fucking boring until after Tusk and Diosaur. That is awfully close to true man's world, by then I thought it was good an it only got better in Civil War.

I suppose you did good

To this day I haven't finished Vento aureo and stone ocean (so shitty after prison break)... I guess i'm just not into Dio's sons.

Abbachio is a god tier character, fuck.

>great ability
>great backstory
>great moments like when he punches the shit out of man in the mirror
>great death
Wish he had gotten in a few more fights but damn.

I don't have the attention span to read the manga. I'm an animefag.

So how many "official new rules" threads did we had in the last couple of day, with all of them saying different things
also piss off

>Missed out on Based DIO sons fights
>Missed out on C-Moon and finale
>Missed out on HEAVY WEATHER
>Missed out on White Album
>Missed out on Grateful Dead

Why is Kujo's mom such a fucking weeaboo?


His death was too sudden for my tastes. I didn't like his design much but I hardly like any of the Part 5 designs

I suppose I like him better than Fugo

Abbachio NEEDED more fights under his belt. I feel like Talking heads and clash shouldve gone to him.

I don't think he could have gotten any more fights giving his ability and the nature of the fights in 5
Still hes my favourite gang star

>wanted to fuck his own mom

It's incredible how that guy found "love for his family" as his characteristic.

best part 5 character right there

Honestly I think he didn't need fights so much as chances to use his stand in other ways. Parts 7 and especially 8 were good in having more downtime between fights, and since Abba's stand isn't combat-geared it would've been great if they'd had more scenes where they needed to investigate stuff. Part 5 was great but suffered badly from how fast-paced and fight-heavy it was, just slow it down a little and let the characters shine.

>talking heads and clash
Nah, we were long overdue for a narancia fight and it was probably supposed to be a little comedic sigh of relief (though the fight was still intense) and abbachio isn't very comedic

I would've probably had one more fight after b.i.g. and before green day so that his death isn't as sudden but hits just as hard

Kira doesn't have it so bad. Lived a full life as serial killer lives go and got be a cool ghost

This. It suffered from "Get this shit done RIGHT away" Syndrome. Everyone in the crew had a minimum of 1 fight but the people who needed more fights either fucked off or died.

I hate how the art style went from Fist of the North Star to pretty boy adventures.

I think the pacing of 5 was fine, it was meant to be much more violent than anything previous in the series and with a big main cast we still had ample screentime where each character got their moments. Bad translations fuck it up, obviously, but we do get scenes like after zucchero, after grateful dead, after the first KC fight where we have breathers. The problem is Moody Blues was geared towards a more intellectual fight, which wouldn't have worked in 5

I find it funny how he hunts killers now; reminds me of Serial Killer X but cool.

King Crimson. Well, maybe. I still legitimately don't know how it fucking works.

I kind of wish we got some spinoff where Diavolo and Kira met somehow and became best friends. Wouldn't have made sense but they're very similar and probably would have meshed well

I know how it works.

I don't know how it was defeated.

Classic araki asspull

it looks 10 secconds into the future, steals the location data, and shoves everything into where it would have moved without any movement actually occuring.
literally one of the simplest stands, kys

Just think of it as "diavolo can see the future and change it how he likes". Is that difficult?

Are we really gonna go through 'the final battle was for the arrow abd Diavolo's defeat makes perfect sense' again?

I wouldn't mind, we can actually discuss some stuff.

I want a miniseries of DMQ Kira trying to free Diavolo and help him move on to the afterlife.

If you meant autistic facebook-tier RP, kill yourselves.
But if you are talking about a board game role play D&D like and stuff, that sounds fun as hell.
With a good GM, an interesting side story to the real JoJo parts, with custom stands and users, trying to defeat the enemies with asspulls based on rolls

here. Yeah, I meant more along the lines of D&D, not *my stando punches u and u fly back x3*

>Pumping her arms like she's running yet is sitting down
>wind swept hair despite no sense of movement
>has all the facial expression of a gold fish
Why is Araki's art getting worse?

Maybe she's jumping.

>I didn't run in my life: the post

That sounds like a pretty good idea, but I hope Kira would fail.

Portraying Diavolo as sympathetic and his death as anything less than fitting would defeat Diavolo's whole point. He's supposed to be a guy who never wants to accept fate and wants to be immortal, so GER gives him the latter and makes him completely unable to control his destiny, damning 'Il Diavolo' to hell for eternity.

Still, just even a short story of Diavolo talking about his experiences and life before getting GER'd and Kira having some faint relapse of memory of what his former life might have been before Diavolo gets sent to his next death would be perfect.

I've read all the manga except for phantom blood and battle tendency.

>I dont know who i am
>Or how i got here
>But i know
>I must run

So why didn't Valentine just take Johnny's offer and plot revenge later?

This is where johnny and jonathon differ.
Because lets face it, jonathon could have lifted that heavy rock.

Because one, that'd be boring.

Two, valentine was pissed off some 19 year old horse jockey punk terrorist not only beat him, but made him suffer, when all valentine thought he was doing was out of the good for his country. He was seething and probably couldn't think straight after the pain.

nobody has that much patience

>Kira and Diavolo walking
>Something like this in the background

>Not liking Pillar Men

Kars and Wamuu are pretty cool
Esidisi and Santana are lame

We need more cooperative villains though

I just wanted to shitpost with bad shota art but I largely agree.

I still think ACDC had plenty of potential to be good though, he was nearly as cunning as Joseph and had a cool history, mentioning meeting Sun Tzu and so on.

I love villains!

A shame he got shafted in order to give more focus to Kars and Wamuu, he was still great but I kinda wanted a bit more
Santana served his purpose as being our first taste to how op the og real pillar men will be

Who doesnt?

Villains seem to have a habit of different having radically different designs while being the same person, don't they?

>you don't like jolyne

Fucc dude. You had such great taste otherwise. Like I legit wanted to be your friend, I was gonna ask for your skype and shit and then we could talk about jojo and other anime, forming life long bonds of friendship, real deep connections. sharing each others deepest fears and shit, real #bro talk and stuff. but I just can't see myself doing that with someone who liked jolyne less than giorno.

Yeah, he really needed more fights. Maybe if he'd survived his first clash with Joseph and got a fight with Caesar later on it could've killed two birds with one stone, Caesar really needed more relevance too.

>Two Dios
>Doppio AND Diavolo
>No Kira

I dont think he needed more fights, what I would've liked is Caesar and Joseph fighting him together and they still have a hard time beating him

user, if you see this, we could fite

Yea, they're usually pretty cool.

Wait somebody was actually going online to fight who wasn't just me?

Why would Kira hang out with a bunch of wierdos?

So, I've managed to get my dad, who is in his late 50's, into JJBA. He just finished Part 1 and can't wait to start 2.

minami takayama for giornos seiyuu pls

Emporio tricking Pucci into pushing Weather Report's disc into his head is the best "holy shit" panel in the entire manga.

I hope the 3rd opening of DiU is as good as Chase. I don't get why Chase gets that much hate here when it fits the 2nd half of DiU and the Acoustic version is pretty damn good. I am disappointed they didn't use it during Shigechi's death.

Chase is kind of a generic shonen opening but I agree, it's probably my second favorite OP

I just personally think they should've saved it for the Reimi episode instead of debuting it with Rohan

me too!

gappy make me happy

I like fried chicken

That's fucking horrific

Will the new OP debut on this episode or the next one?

Realistically Araki, nor any manga creator who doesn't have absolute control over it, couldn't sink a production, of course I don't know how much influence an author has on adaptions of his work.

Araki may not be too fond of Phantom Blood, as a creator and an artist, he has enough respect for it to not want it fucked with like A.P.P.P. did.

Has Araki ever said whats his favorite part?

DiU, which Japan actually hates for some reason

>*but* as a creator and an artist

Is what I meant

Going with his list of top characters, he has a lot of fondness for Part 4. I'll presume that, from a creator standpoint, he likes Part 7 the most because it seems he accomplished a lot of what he set out to with it.

They don't actually
They love it just as much as 3 and 5

I always found it hard to tell what was going on in Vento Aureo panels, I haven't had that problem anywhere else.

Going by that top ten he released a long time ago it's between 4 or 5

I want to break free

It might be the scans. Earlier it was much easier with higher quality for me to understand what the fuck is happening. The translation has nothing to do with it, shit seems relatively fine to read

Anyone else holding out for a Radiohead stand in Jojo?

King of Limbs would be awesome for JJL's more grotesque and haunting undertones - but I imagine the chance of it being a stand is basically zero. Still want to see a stand called Radiohead sometime, or if we're lucky, Paranoid Android, but I dunno at this point.

Karma Police would be a great Stand name

I want to [M A R R Y] Hato.


I like the sound of [Kid A] too

Why did u stop...?

I want to impregnate hato

I want to break free from your lies

I don't understand how people can dislike Anasui

We will never dub a phantom blood ova

I'm surprised how fast she's becoming best girl
Yasuho is getting btfo right now

I just want to see what was all that fuss about that movie

I didn't liked him at first, but in the end he ended being my second favorite character just behind Pucci.

I was bitten by Anasui as a child and it traumatized me for life.

It's well documented. They removed several key characters and abridged the story.


>He likes Disney

>He wants to be the Prince to Jolyne's Princess

>Somewhere along the line, he became a psychopathic killer

I always thought his design was really off kilter for jojo.
I cant quite put my finger on it, given all the crazy fashion in jojo anyway, but he doesnt look like a jojo character.
Blackmore almost looks like a character you would see in Guilty Gear or Blazeblue or something.
I think that makes him pretty memorable. He is cool as hell.

that and
>Literally god mode stand that could kill just about anyone in the series.
>can only be used when it rains.

Yasuho needs a bit of spotlight soon.
Even Joshu is more central now

I want to hold Polnareff's hand

We actually haven't seen Yasuho close to a year now.

Chase reminds me of 90s garage rock, and it kinda fits.
But I really want the last song to be less upbeat and more mysterious, specially if Kira does something with the song in the Bite Za Dusto episodes

Gay Kira pls

You sick bastard

I want to hold Anonymous#147558966's hand

I want to see more tactics like Paper Moon King fused with Titty Park.
Maybe Nut King Call/Soft & Wet


I now that but I want to see that train wreck of a movie with my own eyes

I want to tittyfuck OVA DIO

Whats his Stand?

No need to be a savage

I want to see how they would've planned Battle Tendency and beyond. Speedwagon was largely useless as anything but a hype-man in Phantom Blood, but his kidnapping is what got Joseph involved in the events of BT and his organization is a key ally to all the later generations.


Could OVA DIO consent to sex? He seemed genuinely mentally retarded.

My hand belongs to Trish, Gay Kira.

you're so self satisfied

Could be 63 Kira

He probably didn't even know what sex was, the only time he touched a body was probably when he changed his body with jonathan's

In fact Speedwagon IS in the movie, but he is just a minor villain who is defeated by Jonathan in 2 minutes and never appear again

R63 Kira's Hand fetish would make more sense at least to me, most girls I've met love 'HANDS'

[Que bonita vecindad]

No one at any point in production asked 'You think we should seriously make Speedwagon a minor character?'

Poco, Dire, and Straizo were completly removed
You can also consider the RIpple was removed, because while Jonathan use it, it was never named or explained what it was supposed to be

[Torta de jamón]

True ending to part 4.

You could probably walk right up and titfuck him and he'd just chortle at how weak and pitiful your attempts to kill him are, and that he doesn't even need to defend himself

[Crimson Chapulín]

How does it work?

Missed best girl.



I don't need you

Brown loli>>>>>Regular bland white loli
>We will never see a spin off with ULFKars and Anne working as SPW Elite team

Her stand, clothin lg and hair all look gross

nice lunch

That's because 5 was ongoing at the time. Stalin seems the sort to like his current work the most since he feels he's growing as a writer, though he'd be fond of all of them.

It seems fine but it's really not. They make stuff up every second page and butcher all the characterisation. Both of these are the reason the finale falls flat in the eyes of a lot of English readers. They REALLY drag down the ending and final battle.

To be fair that's because the Damo arc lasted so long. Hopefully this coming arc with Josuke trying make money for Holly's treatment has Yasuho involved again.

The Hand with time. But only Diavolo is effected by it