Danganronpa 3

Are you guys ready for a 100% Mitarai episode?

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Who would you main?


He was surprised though when he thought Murasame confirmed Izuru.

I'm sure we'll see what Tengan has in store too.





Did you know eyes losing color isn't an animator error? It means they're in despair.


Is anyone else waiting for this guy to do something?

> despair imposter-kun looks exactly like twogami with the night vision goggles from the first trial

He clearly cant do anything right

I want a game like Megaman and this is the boss select screen.

Ok that was actually pretty hot.

>anime saves the world
I will drop this shit so fucking hard.

They'd better leave her alone tomorrow, she'v had enough.
Let her sleep in peace.

Also, I think we could do with a Juzofact!

I know a lot of you know already, but for those of you who still don't...

Did you know, after Juzo pulls the final lever, he's trying to say something? What is it?

It's "Kyosuke".

That's right, Juzo's final word is the name of the man he loves.

Juzo Sakakura, SHSL Heroine.

Whatever Mitarai does do will fuck things over for everyone

I do, I pointed this out before it was cool.

> it was all an anime xdxdxd

please no

Bring out the guns, it's despair last week.

All you did was give a link that said the exact same things you said.

Honestly I heard it as "Munakata" the first time I listened to it and now I can't unhear it.


DR2 was literally a game.
Now DR3 is literally an anime.

Just waiting for alternate personality Mitarai.

>tfw that recent teenage girl meat you ordered gets finally arrives at your lab

Thank you, friend.
I can't believe so many people didn't understand it was deliberate.
Anime really does cause autism.

Nope, it means they're dying.
Just look at Chisa eyes.

He's going to be the new chairman of the HOPE Foundation so yes.


It's nicer when it's his first name.
H-how intimate!

Maybe he is just a big Hinanami shipper and set this all up so they can have a superhuman fight before making up and having lots of hope sex?


Who's ready for Chiakizuru 2.0?


He's able to smile at least a little in Mirai, after two years of the Tragedy. I wonder how he led his branch.

Why did his eyes look so golden, in Future they look like plain average eyes, like Naegi's.


son of a bitch

Do people really believe the Chizuru "theory"?


Mikanfriend report in!

I believe anything people say to me


Yes. Don't... don't talk to them.

There are hints, so I don't particularly think it can be dispelled until we know for sure. Plus, it'd be a hell of a lot better than anything overly bland, like Tengan being nuts.


Thanks for believing in hope until the very end, Naegi-kun...upupupu.

useless rotten mikan

>Plus, it'd be a hell of a lot better than anything overly bland, like Tengan being nuts.
What would be overly bland is getting another teenager girl mastermind who did everything because she wasn't getting enough dickings

I hope he snaps and does something nutty. We're never seeing these characters again after next week anyway so who gives a shit

post hajimemes

I laugh every time I see this picture.

I'd tell you to eat shit but you guys would probably start calling yourself "Shitfriends" after that.

Junko is coming back (Kirijunko) or Its one of the DR1 Survivors (Naegi, Weedman, Aoi or Togami)


More bland than Tengan being nuts? Absolutely not, especially given how invested people are in the characters by now.

i like the way you think

Does this count?

It's obviously going to be a Tengan/Mitarai episode that finally explains the relationship between the two.

Ur Welcome


He's got a little cap'n in him

It's Miaya

How many episodes are left? They teased jabberwock island, it seems weird they won't do anything with it

>More bland than Tengan being nuts?
Tengan was the sanest person there.

Sure, I was hoping for air guitar but this works.


Chisa's supose to do something Big according to her Voice Actress SO monokuma Maid Time

Mikan and Sonia.


They just show the boats turn around and thats it.

I swear if we don't get something crazy like Kirijunko or Chiakizuru I'm going to be very fucking disappointed.


Why is she so fucking cute?


Did the Monokuma maid even do anything of note?

>that foreshadowing

they went to the wrong island

But she's a good girl, user.

She was basically a plot dump of how the parade got started.

Mitarai a shit
>so shitty can't even find fanart to shitpost with

Same user-kun Me too


Preemptive reminder that Tengan did nothing wrong.

Oh yeah those VAs have been very reliable so far

I asked last thread but hearing what others said helps me cope. When did you lose hope in kirigiri surviving? I gave up when i started to realize,the survivor counter isnt an in universe plot device. Some anons have some cool ideas of how juzo cutting off his hand counts as him dead but again that relies on it being in universe

So when did you give up, or if you havent still why are you?

Is there actual proof to this? I've seen the tweet that it was subtitles or something but I don't really think it makes sense for him to say his first name.

What about Junkozuru?

She Helped with The Reserve course Sucide and Served Ryoko Cold tea while saying that she wanted to be Madame junko's Successor by the power of Monokuma.

>your face when it was revealed that Junko caused the apocalypse by using anime



I haven't given up hope user.
Reset ending will save everyone from death and despair.

Who's to say that doesn't mean she's the traitor?

You know nothing about Tengan or his motives, no matter what it would still be better than DUDE DESPAIR LMAO and Austic Gamer: Extra Autism Edition (besides both of us know the real reason you want that is because you don't want your waifus dead)

Its all a dream

> When did you lose hope in kirigiri surviving?

After this fucking faggot was about to end himself. They made her death so fucking anticlimatic and meaningless it wasn't worth holding hope over.

It's all an anime.

>ywn go shopping with Juzo
>ywn gossip with Juzo

Hajime didn't hold on too his ass well

The Imposter is the better Mitarai. Same for Togami. Why is the Imposter better than the original?

Needs more Imposter x Ibuki

>Needs more Imposter x Ibuki
No we dont. Stop being disgusting.

What if he's so sane he's nuts


>DR3 is propaganda against anime and weebs
>"Make your children stop watching anime or they will want to kill people and end the world!"


Did you miss the entire last episode? There's no traitor. This killing game was fully automated.


And going to bed. I'm tired. Goodnight.

But who was the message


there I just summed up Tengan's motives for you in a single line

Hey whats going on in this thread?


It's just a big meme which replaced the dying Kirijunko theory.

>that hair
Is he just mad because he was the original Super Saiyan and Hinata copied him?

If it was automated, who moved them undersea?

>ywn be woken up in the morning to find yourself tangled in the sheets on the floor while Juzo is snoring loudly on the bed
>ywn get ready for work as Juzo burns your breakfast
>ywn do a bad job of doing up your tie, eliciting a "leave it to me, man" from Juzo as he fucks it up even more
>ywn rush out the door before giving Juzo "his kiss", prompting him to pull you back in and accidentally headbutting you in the process
>ywn open up your lunch bought at the convenience store by Juzo to find a loving note from him scribbled on a piece on paper
>ywn come home after a long day of work to watch Juzo working out, breathing heavily as sweat is dripping down his muscular body
>ywn take a long hot shower with Juzo, while he massages your tensed shoulders from sitting at work for so long
>ywn climb into bed with Juzo and tenderly bury your face in his massive pecs
>Juzo will never tell you that he prepared himself, so it's okay if you want to go bareback today


Tengan survived having his throat slit of course.

He's also the big bad, btw and he hates all SHSL.

This guy is right. Imposter is too good for Ibuki

Junko is a shit character and you should be ashamed of yourself for liking her motives


To be fair, one of them went walking around killing everyone claiming he was killing all the despair.

Tengen was right. FF's leadership needed some new blood.

When they never actually drew attention to cure w.


I think he meant who set it up


I still can't believe we watched a lunatic with a katana chase a hope manlet for like 10 episodes while all worthwhile characters died in the background.

fuck off despair arc was never about the dr2 cuck class


>hajime in the main course


When she died, i still dont understand why people think she faked her death.


>hope academy performed human experiments
>junko is the bad one
She had to destroy the world to save it from itself

>no gains



I'm sorry user. I think your waifu might be a golddigger.




We need more scenes like this, then the anime will be saved.

but why


Why not


You know why.


oh fuck that hiyoko


Zetsmetz shouldn't have been about HPA at all I feel
shoud've instead been during the Tragedy with Izuru gathering up the RoDs for DR2 mixed in with his backstory + the activities of Munakata's faction of the FF + brief bits of Junko and Nagito doing stuff. There's still plenty of space for your big gaming changing plot hooks in this structure too.


Muh katana!!!

It's pretty agreed that HPA and Junko are put on the same level in regards to blame.

The thickest of them all.


Did someone summon me? Oh that makes me HOPEFUL guys

Tengan obviously. Now you can argue that he still has an extra goon running around but he's clearly guilty.

Now make an edit of this
You know what to do

pls Izuru or Tengan grant this wish.

Drop the gun.

Even the Ultimate Hope can fall into Despair.

His goon is Mitarai, who is monitoring the simulation from the inside.


Why is she so lovely?


Get that fucking animator out of Hope threesome.

Remember how we saw that Izuru was able to conceal his presence for the entirety of the first killing game until the very last minute, using the SHSL Spy talent? Nobody there saw him until he decided to show himself. Junko brought him there in the first place in order to convince him of the unpredictability of despair.

Wouldn't it be hilarious if somebody else like him - say, a Izuru 2.0 - was doing the exact same thing in the Final Killing Game? Just watching everybody act like a moron, slaughtering one another with impunity, with anybody unwilling to do that either killed via NG codes or by suicide via brainwashing, and doing nothing to stop it themselves even when they have all the power in the world?

Could it be that the aim of the mastermind, whoever it was, was to prove a point to Izuru 2.0?

>kill yourself my man
>everyone kills themselves
>still alive
>only other person with full access to building
The mastermind is obviously Munakata's alternate personality

I think I might drop in some art of less popular Mirais.

Probably not, though.

She is best smelly girl

>tfw no ahoge erection

Doesn't that mean he's not a hack then if he planned it out from the start?

Junko implanted Kirigiri's personality which had Junko's personality into Naegi in the NWP. NaeKiriJunko

Did she Also force you to Randomly capitalize words that Shouldn't be, for no real Reason except to trigger me?

why the fuck did it take so long for anyone in the story to consider Munakata being the mastermind? Kyoko mentions it a couple episodes ago, she was the first one I think

Makoto should've been the one to think this half the series ago


Definitely true, there are two Munakatas.

But the mysterious extra person.

>still no vertical edit
>still mistaking killyourself for despair

Ruruka and Izayoi thought he was the mastermind when fighting Seiko.

Suicide is pretty despairful thing though

> cucksoda's eyes

So it's a 100% suffering episode?

What is the problem with Mitarai again? I can get people complaining about him being useless but he at least saved asahina and nobody is complaining about Yuu,who instead of being useful has make the thing worse in every oportunity.

How do you explain all the bizarre inconsistencies like the disappearing cabinet in episode 02, Munakata walking into a closed room without opening any doors in episode 06 (double-checking episode 05, they showed multiple angles of the room and all doors were shut, and there were no hints of any sort that Koichi left one open for him), without a 16th mystery person who did all of this stuff?

Plus, there were those weird ceiling-shot camera angles that people originally theorized were of the killer. Now that we know for sure who the "killer" is, they might have actually been intended to obscure our vision of somebody else on the ground.

Tengan said in reference to the Kamukura project that he wanted to "protect it". His wording, while not being quite as ambiguous in the funisubs, implies that there was a second Izuru project in the works as well. Izuru 2.0 could do just about everything required to answer the remaining mysteries in the plot, as they have every single talent, including the ability to remain unnoticed.

At this point in the story, there are extremely few people we know of who could have had the opportunity to become Izuru 2.0. For somebody to be capable of becoming that, they would have to gain access to the Kamukura project facilities and be somebody who could be "disappeared", much like Hajime himself.

At this point, the suspects narrow down to a single person. There can be nobody else but them, as everybody else who could possibly be a viable candidate is already doing something else.

Yes it brings despair

Oh man, a GuiltyGear/BlazBlue style game with the Remnants
>Kazuichi using machines as special attacks, normal attacks involve his tools
>Fuyuhiko shooting guns at you, fighting like Hazama with some butterfly knives
>Peko with her quick sword attacks, probably the OP character (next to Izuru and Nagito)
>Mikan fighting like Faust, with her syringes and the occasional tripping as her low-attacks, might use a cadaver like May/A.B.A./Carl
>Gundham using his snake as his main attack, also summons hamsters similar to Arakune (astral would be a stampede)
>Akane = fastest combos, try breaking out of her Taokaka-like tackles and swipes
>Nekomaru = Zangief/Tager; lightning-based swings plus MvC Hulk-like ground lifting moves
>Ibuki attacks with music, music notes, guitars; the best juggler and aerial fighter in the game
>Teruteru throws knives, meat, has a small hitbox. He'd be more comparable to Arakune than Gundham with his food and knives, having the second best juggle.
>Sonia's style would be like Rachel, using her skirt in attacks, she could also summon soldiers to throw themselves at you.
>Nagito would be the Goro/Hakumen, with his "Drive" making things happen at random to injure the player (debris falling, maybe his astral will be A meteor)
>Mahiru can blind you like Mewtwo with Disable (with a much longer range) and throws polaroids like photographs
>Hiyoko uses her fans like Kitana and has a really small hitbox due to her dance skills, so she's very hard to hit.
>Imposter fights with tackles, throwing money as a stall attack and can Shang-Tsung into any other character
>Izuru is the M.Bison of the cast, he fights with hair whipping being all too OP. His combo speed is the fastest, rivaling Akane, and has a juggle on par with what Ibuki has.
and AI Chiaki is the bonus boss that fights like Nu-13

stop gettting muh hopes up.

>Why is the Imposter better than the original?
Because of all the effort it has to make to fool people into thinking it's the real deal.

Munakata seems to be way too unaware to be the mastermind. Like when he had to take Miayabot's brain to learn about the NG codes. Not to mention the whole thing with Chisa and Juzo and Naegi's conversation with him would become really pointless.

i useless character saved a character who is useless in Dr3 and only did anything in chapter 4

Not him and I know I'm wasting my time writing this to you but there was no indication that the Despair Arc wouldn't be focused on the DR2 cast before it aired. The Famitsu articles, the adverts, the PVs, Kodaka's message, everything focused on the DR2 cast. And Kodaka wanted to keep's Chisa role as protagonist a secret until it premiered. Your comment relies on post-release hindsight when that user was only talking about his prerelease expectation.


>but he at least saved asahina
Yeah and that was his peak, all the way back to episode 2.

I havent given up cause koichi's sacrifice and kodaka saying he wouldnt kill survivors.

Even if they're Naegi's eyes, they freak me the fuck out.

What if tommorow's episode is used as an extra episode for Future

Is not like Naegi or Munakata has done anything better,
Naegi was just there until Kirigiri died and then was punched by Munakata until he get tired.
Munakata has done everything wrong in the entire anime.
And these two aren't getting the same hate that Mitarai, I really think that his hate here is very unfair.

Nah they just wanted him dead because they were planning to betray the FF. Kizakura exposed her ass in episode 8.

Less than a week till Hope's Peak ends forever and we accept our new loves

Why can't Seiko eat sweets again?

They think he's working with the mastermind.

Clearly he's not. He's just an idiot. What will probably be revealed is that he confided in Tengan about his role in helping Junko with her brainwashing video. Tengan had him detail how the system worked, then swore him to silence, saying that revealing what he had done would put him in danger.

Since he already thought that anyway, convincing him to keep everything a secret wasn't hard. Tengan was staying close to him at first to try and gauge how likely he was to realize what was actually happening. Once he was sure Mitarai wasn't going to have a stroke of genius and ruin the whole plan, he went off to drive Munakata insane.

And this means shes not dead how?

He at least had the balls to protect Kirigiri from Juzo.
Of curse he failed but at least he tried.

Her medication for some illness or condition makes sugar toxic for her

This isn't really about getting anyone's hopes up, this is about taking key moments from both Despair and Future to try and figure out the overall mystery. There are oddities like this part that, if Chiaki is just supposed to be dead and forgotten, would seem completely out of place. Junko said goodbye to her, Class 77 left without her, and the monitors all went off. But then somebody reactivated the camera to focus on her. Who did it? Why do it? It's a very suspicious pause in events, and I'm sure that it means something.

Episode 12 of despair is likley this.

Can you remind me of what he said? If so this killing game did a good job shedding undesirables. Bandai, Gozu, Miaya(real) being the big losses.

Diebeetus which is exactly what her smile give me


>Mukuro lost against the Ultimate everything
>"She jobbed"

Are you retarded? I bet you're just memeing at this point

> Then after his upgrades (Tengan chuusen, Seiko drug, Izayoi sword) he's one of the most powerful DR characters barring Mary Sues (coughIzuru).

Holy shit you're delusional

The drugs only make him capable of fighting someone like jobberbot, the sword and the chuusen are just weapons

Someone who is specialized in weapons (Mukuro) or in bare handed combat (Sakura or Kenshiro) would wreck him completely

The ed lyrics kind of killed my hopes when i realized they were likley about junko not kirigiri.

>Asahina's eyes are golden
>Naegi has one red eye like Monokuma
What could it mean?

Munakata's increasingly crazy antics were comedy gold. Naegi's pretty inoffensive. Plus he's cute.

Would make sense. The only loose ends in Despair are Mitarai and Munakata, both of whom are alive in Future and can explain what they did themselves.


>Someone who is specialized in weapons would wreck him completely
Not him but pre-Raiden Munakata hold his own against Peko so kek.

I love how Japan can't describe any disease or illness with any more detailed a description than 'I'm sick!'.

I mean, you don't have to have gone to med school to know what the fuck diabetes is. Holy shit. Are the writers just that dim witted, or do they think their audience is?


>Naegi's pretty inoffensive. Plus he's cute.
Same with Mitarai and he is getting hate for no reason.

I can already tell that bondage Junko and the maid are going to die, and I hate that they're my favourites so far.

>Can you remind me of what he said?
Basically that Ruruka was gathering new members trying to make a power play.

I just dont see how they could shoehorn her back into the current events with so little left over.

>Less than a week
Not really, Despair 12 is part of the story actually.

When will Mahiru's Flash ability get fucking nerfed? That shit has no cooldown, the range can reach fucking Africa, and the disorientation lasts for 3 fucking seconds.

What can that bitch do outside making candies and whipping her boyfriend?

both the doujin and anime SHSL turned out to be worthless.

I fucking hate that they gave red herrings to kirigiri's survival as a fuck you to her fans.

Oh yeah, and there's one other thing that happened way earlier on that I think matters.

In episode 04, Monokuma said '12 members of Future Foundation left' but the counter later said 13.

That means that whoever the extra person is, they're not technically a part of Future Foundation.

It kinda sucks that people are really only hating Mitarai because they have to have someone to blame. He's weak and was a coward in Zetsubou-hen, but he hasn't actually done anything wrong.

which one will NDRV3 be

>soft reboot or it takes place in the same universe but DR1-3 are mostly irrelevant
>hard reboot or there's no continuity at all with the old DR universe
>Kodaka is a filthy liar and DR1-3 are directly relevant to the game

Kirijunko Solves your problem then

>Why can't Seiko eat sweets again?
Why do you think dude


2 preferable
1 likely but OK
3 in my nightmares

Mindcontrol people.

Jobbing is taking a character that's comparable to the MC and making them lose against the next big bad in order to buff up how strong they are.

Sounds like you're the one memeing.

Kodaka said it in twitter a long time ago.
Despair 12 is also listed in the BDs. So it can't be just a VA commentary.

>you will never save Nanami Chiaki when she's on the brink of death
>you will never tend to her
>you will never see the light resurge in her eyes as her wounds heal and she regains her former physical condition
>you will never force her to sleep for extended periods of time "For the sake of her recovery" while you secretly operate on her body, pumping her full of all sorts of talents that she was never intended to have
>you will never see the smile on her face slowly die as she realizes what you're doing to her, too helpless to fight back, assuming the absolute worst intentions of you
>you will never continue adding in more and more talents to her, doing it ever so carefully so that her personality doesn't end up suppressed, ensuring that she can continue to enjoy talents
>you will never see her regain her smile as she realizes she was wrong to doubt you but asks you if she can be let go anyway
>you will never promise her that you will let her go soon and see her smile and give you a hug, letting you feel up those soft, squishy Nanamis right against your chest
>you will never discreetly hook her up to a personality rewriting machine when she's sleeping one night and force her awake just as it turns on
>you will never explain to her that you're going to overwrite her personality with your own, so that you can enjoy her body, and see the light in her eyes flare up one last time as she struggles to resist
>you will never listen with delight in the cries and moans she makes as she helplessly attempts to resist your assault, her mind in utter shambles as you force her personality to the back of her own mind and allow a superior personality, one of your own choosing, to take its place
>you will never let 'Chiaki', the full, complete, Kamukura Izuru 2.0, out of the brainwashing machine and see her give you a big smile for helping her out so much all this time

What is there to HOPE for anymore?

I know right. She constantly keeps flashing me. I can't keep calm. Have some restraint girl.

>Marshmallow Tits


>Cred Forums pretending they hate this cutie
>Implying any of you would turn down the chance to rail her

Yeah right.

Kodaka is lying and Junko is the mastermind again.

Mitarai is a useless coward, Makoto isn't

Munakata was meme tier entertaining but nowbis a legit interesting character because of his relationship with his friends and how it affected him

there, you got it

Threadly reminder that people like this exist and are the epitome of shit taste and would lead you to believe that Junko is not best girl with their retardation.

I'd rather they took out whatever god-damn mechanic makes you trip at random when fighting against Nagito. It's just a crutch for people who can't play in the first place.

You're just mad bc you can't main Hiyoko who can dodge it with her Dancing Kitsune or Mikan who can just trip to avoid the hitbox.

If you don't give me a source right fucking now you're getting executed

You type like a memelord.

Why do you keep dismissing Miaya's prowess? Jobberbot? Monaca was only fooling around half the time. Have you seen the arsenal she sports? If this wasn't the DR universe she would be wrecking everyone.

>Someone who is specialized in weapons (Mukuro) or in bare handed combat (Sakura or Kenshiro) would wreck him completely
You're bullshitting. Peko kept up with Mukuro. Pre-Raiden Munakata has no trouble with Despair Peko. Whether Munakata would outright beat Mukuro/Sakura is not one what I'm saying but you're saying he make them push to their limits? You have to understand he's not only powerful but intelligent. DR3:Future in general has strong adult characters, look at the power feats that Seiko has done along with her regeneration ability.

Do you subscribe to a crazy theory (KiriJunko, ChiakIzuru, it's all an anime etc)? Will you shitpost later if it comes true?

I would "rail" her but I wouldn't be her bf.

>give brainwashing tools to junko
>stalk kirigiri
>stare at phone x20
>get your ass kicked
>boo hoo why can't i be like naegi
>why are you getting over this naegi?
his existence is annoying. those bullies were right, he should have stayed at home and given up on anime.

>They clashed one time
>We didn't got to see the end of the fight
>"Dude, they were totally tied!"


>implying Cred Forums tolerates betrayers
>implying Cred Forums doesn't jack it to characters they don't like for hate fucking

Even if I wasn't already a Rurufag, I would still gladly eat candy from her cunt.

>Mitarai is a useless coward, Makoto isn't
Yes,he is.
He hasn't done anything in the anime until Kirigiri died and then was punched by Yuu.
Mitarai is not that coward as much of you are saying. He tried to protect Asahina and Kirigiri from the Angry Ultimate boxer of all people.

Considering how everyone who isnt a Sakura-tier design in DR world is attractive, I would not hit that.



Also that isn't what jobbing is, memelord

>What can that bitch do outside making candies and whipping her boyfriend?
She can mindhack men as long as they are straight

Isn't Monaca on the cover of v3? I think it's pretty obvious it's option 1, considering her episode in 3 seemed like a set up for that

Mitarai will make the HOPE anime.

Youre as retarded as that guy who posts the wet panties thing.

Imposter sounds like a joke character.
What about Chisa as the secret boss if you beat arcade mode without dying once?

I think it's all an anime.
I never shitpost, but I'd be too emotional to do so anyway if the theory turns out to be true.


There were no red herrings, you people are just idiots who overanalyze things.

You're talking about this, aren't you? He was just listing the total episode number after Despair 6.

And they could be counting the commentary as an actual episode, as in it's vital to the anime. That is, of course, if this isn't all just an anime and that final episode is the characters doing an after talk.



>Brainwashing is what caused all this

It kinda undermines the whole point of the series if it isn't really despair doesn't it?


No, that's Nagito in 200% Luck Mode

>Yes,he is.

When Mitarai risks his life the way Naegi did the last 2 episodes (fighting Munakata head on, willingly exposing himself to suicide video) you will have a point

.It being an anime would be the only way Hagakure's happy end prediction would be true, so I can see it happening.

It would still be shit though.

It's not Monaca. It's her with weird lighting.

Cred Forums, how would you feel if this was VR/an anime/some other bs, and everyone survives?

Would you be happy? Sad? How would this affect the characters?

Personally, while it'd be a giant asspull, I'd be happy. I just want everybody to be happy.

>>give brainwashing tools to junko
Junko stole them. Is not the same.

>>stalk kirigiri
What is wrong with it? He did what tengan told him to do

>>stare at phone x20
What is the matter?

>>get your ass kicked
Normal considering how he is a weak manlet and the others are a boxer and Yuu Narukami. He at least tried to fight

>boo hoo why can't i be like naegi
>why are you getting over this naegi?
Those are normal reactions, What is wrong with it?

Really guys you're complaining just for complain

What jobberbot accomplished? Did she defeat anyone? Did she actually got to kill anyone?

>T-trust me! Jobberbot would be stronger if she wanted!

Nah, just because she is a robot doesn't means she is all powerful

>Peko was BTFO by Mukuro


> Pre-Raiden Munakata has no trouble with Despair Peko

They clashed only one time, how can you take conclusions of that?

> You have to understand he's not only powerful but intelligent.

Got outsmarted by Naegi

> DR3:Future in general has strong adult characters, look at the power feats that Seiko has done along with her regeneration ability.

Seiko has to drug herself for that and she was having trouble with Izayoi

Understand, I'm just saying that someone with combat based talent will obviously be better in combat compared to someone who doesn't have a talent based on combat. It's simple logic

ruruka is stacked, is that where she hides her candies?

I will shitpost no matter what happens.

If it was all "just an anime", it doesn't mean that everyone survived. It means everyone never existed in the first place.

I also forgot to mention that Naegi revealed his NG code to literally everyone trying to get them to cooperate (which in retrospect they really should have), while Mitarai had a mini sperg out just from Kirigiri asking about it.

Alright how about this?

Gekkobot was able to hold its own against Juzo and even so identified Munakata as an S level threat.

If Munakata has the highest threat level then surely he is as capable a fighter as Juzo, Peko and Mukuro.

I can't do it guys.
I can't play Ultra Despair Girls. It sucks too much.

It's the only DR related thing that I haven't touched, so I felt obligated to play it as a fan of the series, but I just can't.

Will I be missing out on much not playing it?

Trying to protect Kirigiri from Juzo is not a risk?


Since after that we're done with the characters, I don't really mind some asspull for a happy end. Not like the story was good to begin with so there's nothing to ruin.

90% of those reasons doesn't make sense.

>A coward

Have we been watching the same anime?

Btw being useless (like Makoto was until episode 10) =\= coward

Just watch a no-commentary playthrough of it. If you can't even do that, go without it. Don't bother asking about stuff you end up seeing of it though.

I think he means Mirai-hen is an anime of themselves that the characters are watching.


I don't really care about him but normal people aren't insecure spergs. In any case he's not a exactly person you'd want to be with especially in that environment.

>You're going to buy my game, right user?

>playing it
You can just watch a walkthrough instead.

Tengan tells Kyoko that Voilence leads to despair
Tengan talks about a another project and that they have to protect it.
Tengan gives Ryota the order to protect Kyoko

Was Kyoko his other project

Give it up

The anime has been stating how he feels weak compared to Naegi, just accept it

What kinda panties does she wear?

Her talent must have something to do with Music. Maybe SHSL Composer or something?

It's going to be painful waiting for it to be translated.

Every time you buy my game my ahoge gets bigger
You want my ahoge to get nice and big, right Cred Forums?

And how does that makes him as shitty as people are saying?

>Jobberbot was able to hold it's own against Juzo, the jobber

Big fucking wow

> If Munakata has the highest threat level then surely he is as capable a fighter as Juzo, Peko and Mukuro.

That's a stretch and you know it

Of course I will. But I won't be playing it for you.


radio translation is out

seeing how some people want the protagonist to have a dick, might as well

Because he is a fucking coward with no balls

She'll be the SHSL Orchestrator.

>inb4 mastermind confirmed

>Miracle confirmed.

Is normal to bea insecure sperg with his backstory and how he ruined everthing for accident.

Again, You have to have balls to going against Juzo.

>That's a stretch and you know it
Are you now going to imply with your headcanon that S isn't the highest threat level?
What do you think she classifies Ultimate combat abilities at?
You know what, don't answer that, it's rhetorical and obvious you're just a buttblasted headcanon IF reading fuck that thinks Mukuro is invincible, Munakata would shit in her cereal and force feed it to her, no matter how bad you don't want it to be true.

If Seiko looks in a mirror, would she die?

Ultimate President when?


Nicest head of the Future Foundation you'll ever meet

Based on what? They made it sound like things will be even worse next ep.

>Highest threat level

Maybe for Jobberbot, who had trouble fighting with Juzo the jobber

> IF reading fuck that thinks Mukuro is invincible

Even in IF she isn't invincible so idk what's your point

> Munakata would shit in her cereal and force feed it to her, no matter how bad you don't want it to be true.

The delusion is strong in you

You mean OUR game, Kaede, OUR game.

If he had balls, he would have lied to Junko about making more Despair Anime and then just deleted the files so she had nothing to use.

>You have to have balls to go against a faggot


>Normie eating with the SHSL

And then she could kill him and make another one.

No, it's MY game. MINE!

rip non nip speaking fans

>lying to the Ultimate Analyst

>Sakakura and Suwabe are definitely in a good position now

In terms of what, popularity?

Mukuro is just one of the strongest characters easily in canon. With a couple knifes she could probably 1v1 everyone.

>the delegates, Monokuma

>Juzo the jobber
How is Juzo a jobber? Did you see that pile of normies he smashed all by himself?

Not to mention his incredible endurance.

>That's a stretch and you know it
Why would it be a stretch? The bot clearly considered him very dangerous and it didn't even know about his drug upgrades.

If you want something more coherent, remember that Munakata held his own against Great Gozu who was the Ultimate Wrestler.

You have to have balls to go up against the best boxer in the world, regardless of his sexual orientation

Iit's true, he's an insecure dude who's accidentally screwed up the world. Didn't have anyone to support him except maybe Tengan who's looking pretty suspicious himself right now. Not everyone is Makoto or has a Makoto in their life to fill them with hope, a lot of people succumb to despair and kill themselves. Mitarai's had a bad start and is at least trying to fight his despair, Tengen was surprised he came to the trial. Remember the brainwashing used on Makoto last ep, it amplified his survivors guilt so much he nearly killed himself. Imagine Mitarai who's anime techniques is has turned his closest and only friends into +1million mass murderers each and forced allies to kill themselves. Can't blame the dude for being a wreck. Another example, if it wasn't for AI Chiaki and class 78 the RoD probably would've given into guilt and despair of their actions too

>making more Despair Anime
Which he didn't.

>Maybe for Jobberbot
But Monoca had info on all the remnants.
So there's your headcanon again.
>Even in IF she isn't invincible so idk what's your point
Yes but it's obvious it's mukuro fanwank, dumb bitch wouldn't turn against her sister if she attempted to kill her.
>The delusion is strong in you
Says the guy who's saying someone who struggled against teenager peko would beat someone who could easily mop the floor with adult peko.
Munakata with all his powerups would shit on Mukuro so bad you wouldn't waifu her anymore.

Even if it's normal for him it doesn't make him likeable. And his presence contributes to nothing. Why would you need/want bootleg naegi when the real one is doing it better.

Why didn't Juzo just lie to Junko? Because she is the Ultimate Analyst.
And deleting the video is pointless when Junko knows how to make another one and has Izuru with her.

Grow up

>Nakahara says that her feelings on Mirai-hen 11 are complicated–it’s like Munakata has been stolen away. Sakakura and Suwabe are definitely in a good position now

I chuckled.

>I will build a great, great wall around Hope's Peak Academy and I will make the Reserve Course Students pay for that wall. Mark my words.

Are Normies the new Elevens?

I want to attend Kaede's orchestra rehearsal.

>Ogata says that she can’t say what, but in Zetsubou-hen 11, something to do with Yukizome shocked her.


is that a codename for gangbang

What does being SHSL Analyst even mean? Can she look into the future or some shit?
Isn't that what Weedman does?

If so, Tengan would create a plan called

Exterminate all Jacks!

Monokuma maid

Maybe we'll get to see her kill more kids.

dumb frogposter

>Kodaka has 40 minutes of runtime left to finish the entire Hope's Peak saga

its like Detective except better

either use context clues or read dr0

The emperor Trumpkuma

>Sato and Mahiru
>Cafeteria for special kids only

>Ogata says that she can’t say what, but in Zetsubou-hen 11, something to do with Yukizome shocked her. Nakahara is intrigued and says she’ll ask Ogata for more details after the broadcast, but Ogata says she’ll know it when she sees it and refuses to say if it’s in the first or second half

Alright guys, what is it?

>these are the people who post in these threads

Would you date Chihiro?

She swapped places with Junko.

I want to PARTICIPATE in Kaede's rehearsal.

Why is Chisa's hair and eyes drastically different between Mirai and Future, even in flashbacks?
muh style

This Juzo is too skinny.

If by date you mean go to the gym and lift weights together? Yes, very much so

If he stays small and cute

Monokuma Maid or something much milder than we think (like the "that scene" for Komaeda being a shower scene).

Too late user, you only get to watch.

Mondo should've just raped Chihiro up his trap ass rather than bashing his head in

You're not looking.

I don't date boys.

what are you a faggot?


>not wanting to date someone taller than them

It's like they want to keep passing the curse in to heir children or something

She can tell everything about ya just by looking at ya.
She can mimic anyone's Voice (See Dr0 and Drif for examples)
She can Predict things and events ahead of time
She's always bored cause of it

this pic is a perfect wallpaper for HTC One M9s, I've set it as mine

I want to FTE these three.

i want to FTE great gozus bara pecs!

> You have to have balls to go up a faggot!


>FTEing Chisa
Why would you do that to yourself?

Chisa has Orange hair
She Dyes it Black to be the monokuma maid
then dyes it back Orange but because Orange and black mix it comes out brown


>ahhh, I want to suck Kyousuke's dick!
>ahhh, I want to destroy all despair.
>ahhh, I want to suck Kyousuke's dick!

All done

Kirijunko next Monday?

Despair 12 / Special will be Mitarai's hope anime -- Side:Hope


Sounds like Madara copypaste

She'd somehow mention despair, Child killing and Madame Junko

I can't help it, man.

There's just something about girls that really attracts me. Like, some sort of spell that captures my heart.

>you will never have Chisa and Juzo suck your dick at the same time

God damn it i want kirigiri to live, why did cure w have to be bullshit.

Seems like it fellow Kirijunkobro





I don't know why did you stop believing if you believed in that in the first place.

Anyone else hoping for an asspull over Gramps being the mastermind?

Seiko was a total failure that's why.

DR3 IF with Miaya instead of Miayabot when?


She'd probably lose to Sakura and Kenshiro though

>Beating normies
>Was still rekt by them later on

Is this supposed to be a feat?

> Yes but it's obvious it's mukuro fanwank, dumb bitch wouldn't turn against her sister if she attempted to kill her.


She didn't turn against her sister because of that though

There is no fanwank there, Mukuro loses to Sakura and to Junko's remotely controlled Monokumas

> Says the guy who's saying someone who BTFO teenager peko


> would beat someone who could easily mop the floor with adult peko.

When did Munakata beat adult Peko? Are you really delusional?

> Munakata with all his powerups would shit on Mukuro so bad you wouldn't waifu her anymore.

Nice autismo

I get it. It all became clear to me. I was taking a shit, which is when I do my best thinking, and had a moment of clarity.

Tengan's plan wasn't some nefarious scheme. It wasn't even the end of the war between Hope and Despair. It was the end of Hope and Despair themselves.

Let's roll the clock back a handful of years. Up until the day Enoshima Junko used a combination of brainwashing and other forms of manipulation to break the world, what was Despair?

The answer isn't complex. It was just despair. That thing that everyone feels from time to time when bad things happen, or they have a problem and see no solutions. It's just a normal emotional state that everyone is susceptible to with no real strings attached. Even if someone's despair is so deep they wind up doing something tragic, it's usually just a personal or localized incident.

Then Junko comes along and elevates Despair from just an unfortunate emotion someone might feel from time to time to an entire religion, a faith based on hopelessness. Naturally, those that opposed this wound up being polarized in the opposite camp- Hope. Naturally, the two came to blows. Junko had instigated it, of course. But neither side was backing down.

And as the war went on, both sides made the rift wider and wider, to the point that the policy of 'Hope''s' leadership was to kill everyone that showed even the smallest sign of Despair on the grounds that as long as any Despair was left it would rise up again and again. The war wore on, and Hope slowly started making headway against Despair, killing most of it off, capturing it's leaders, and driving it into a corner.

At that point, the only future left for the Future Foundation could only be described as genocide. The mass murder of millions in a witch hunt for any 'Remnants of Despair' led by a group with a 'Better dead than red' philosophy when it came to assumption of guilt. ---

Will we ever learn what he looks like underneath the mask?

Hey guys, this man sumed up Danganronpa future side pretty well.


The Falseflag King deserves a guillotine desu.

Holy fuck
Doujins when?

So Tengan made a gambit- with the RoD Naegi captured isolated on Jabberwock, and having been run through the NWP, they were effectively neutralized, one way or another. So Tengan saw his chance to bring the world back to normal, the only way he knew how- take all the remaining Remnants of Despair, as well as the most fanatical of the Future Foundation's leadership, and put them in another killing game. If things worked out, the game would have ended with a minimum of bloodshed as both sides realized that their fanaticism was getting them nowhere. If things didn't, the worst of them would be killed and the world could maybe start healing.

He's just trying to close that gap, by killing off the people widening it, or making them realize that fanatical Hope OR Despair will only drive the world to ruin. Despair might not be right, but both sides are wrong.

60 minutes, speedwatcher


I'm certain Syo would

She'd just hide in a closet like Mitarai was when they found him.

Wow dude that's really fucking gay.

>Didn't even have to smell her.
Can Izuru be ANY MORE baller?

Wasn't she able to go toe-to-toe with Sakura in IF?

>in the entire time she knew him, Syo never figured out Chihiro was a crossdresser
Damn, was that his secret second talent?

Did he also broadcast the game to jabberwock?


This was for you too

>Chisa starts out as a cute, happy-go-lucky teacher that can do no wrong, ends up a normie-hating, child-killing despairfag
>Munakata starts out as a handsome hardass leader, ends up an insane edgelord meme king
>Sakakura starts out as a typical musclehead antagonist, ends up a meme-turned-based bro faggot

kodaka really loves 74

IF is total fanfiction.

That's not even Mukuro's canon personality.

Byakuya probably told her to stop killing people
its why she was never a murderer

he does the same thing in UDG after all

Seriously, having a fucking therapist around would have solved most problems.

I got my cookies and took a piss.
I'm done reading your fanwank over Mukuro, you have the fact that you have the balls to call Juzo a jobber while defending Mukuro to the death is laughable.

would you let weedman lick your foot?

a picture of the settei book page with his face was floating around for a while. somebody should still have it

Are you ready for her return?

This bring the question, she died with the eyes wide open, she saw the video as well

how much strenght do she have to twist her own neck like that?


I like this new buzzword

No, that's Mukuro alright

She is still as Junko centered as ever

Onaka was the neck twister and she killed Miaya, not the mastermind.


Maybe shes just constantly masturbating



>Junko said goodbye to her, Class 77 left without her, and the monitors all went off. But then somebody reactivated the camera to focus on her. Who did it? Why do it?

I thought it was pretty obviously Kamukura.

She was killed before the game even started, though. Monaca killed her and replaced her with her robot.

So was the whole "hanging" motif just a red herring?
>"Hang The Witch" had no meaning
>Kirigiri's OP death had nothing to do with how she actually died
>"Attacker" victims being suspended wasn't even relevant

Let's post some sluts

Here's an obvious one

>Implying Juzo isn't a jobber
>When he was BTFO by normies

Sure, mate

>Fanwank over Mukuro


Or Monaca killed her and took control of the robot, we don't have a timeframe for when Miaya died.

>>Kirigiri's OP death had nothing to do with how she actually died
Like every other death in the anime.

I guess she got her just deserts.

It wasn't broadcast anywhere.

I imagine though, that he had discussed things with Kamukura beforehand. Munakata sent the entire FF fleet after the RoD, but they were clearly ordered to stand down. Before communications were cut, Tengan had probably countermanded Munakata's order to attack, and instead sent in a ship to pick up Izuru and bring him to FF headquarters, where they would negotiate an end to hostilities.

>this boy is in his early 20s

This seems something Sonia would do.

Juzo is a jobber, but the fact that you point it out while defending another jobber only shows everyone else that you're a faggot hypocrite that has no opinion of worth.

a-another one?

Sorry, I'm not 13. I think with more than just my dick.

For a few minutes, Sakura would eventually overwhelm her in hand to hand combat

>girl that could possibly ruin the world that my friend obviously knows is the mastermind to most of this crap
>but I won't tell him because I'm afraid she leak the secret that I'm gay for my friend
don't fall for the juzomeme

this is true despair


I would let Weedman pleasure me for money

Izuru was there with her.

>its why she was never a murderer
Do you just mean she never killed anyone in the games or did they retcon something?

>I thought it was pretty obviously Kamukura.

Why? He was standing right there all along. He just wasn't letting her notice him until then.

another guy Syo should meet

I want to fuck that slut.

Sephiroth a cute! A CUTE!

That makes me think that Chihiro probably wouldn't have had a complex about his masculinity if he saw what a femme bitchboy Mitarai was.

yus. feed me with a spork

Why didn they make him a girl

she was never a culprit, I mean

she never lost her memories after all

>where they would negotiate an end to hostilities.
That would be lame as fuck.

NONONONONO. Something cool needs to happen.

1-6 was crazy, 2-6 was crazier, we need to go BIGGER

What if this was what Naegi saw on the TV?


Cause its too late in the anime to pull it.

0 goes into it. She can accurately predict how someone will act based on their previous actions.

So essentially she can see multiple steps ahead.

>Hang the witch

The witch Hunt they did to Makotoin episode 2

>Kirigiri's death in the OP

Represented her sacrifice, she willingly gave up on her life for Makoto's

> Attacker" victims being suspended wasn't even relevant

This was a fan theory of the attacker MO proven wrong with Ruruka's death

>There will never be a doujin about Monaka mindbreaking Miaya using her Miayabot, then taking her new slave with her to space

A skin recolor done right? Very rare.

>Represented her sacrifice
Hanging is traditionally an execution, not a sacrifice.

>A jobber

This meme is old, mate


These fucking three make for the easiest NTR doujins.

It's like Kohacku wanted exactly that. Between mind breaking Chisa to making Juzo gay. It's like a fetish storm.

Shit even add Tengan in the mix

Shit, he really does look like the smoker type.

>Impostor stealth game where you sneak into classified areas using various disguises and impersonations with the intent of sabotage for despair
Why not make this?

I'm ready to see people get whiny and pissy when they discover Junko is the mastermind yet again.

Guarantee there will be a shitstorm and people threatening to abandon the series.

Sounds like Hitman.

>These fucking three make for the easiest NTR doujins.

And everyone thought that was going to be the Class 76 trio.

are hope gets not a meme anymore?

Nice retort, apparently your headcanon couldn't cook up a solution that was suitable for you so you deflected the statement instead, mind responding properly this time?

he only told her she could join FF as a member if she could stop Syo from killing people after DR1 and before AE

During DR1. She doesn't kill because she can't kill in her personal way. It would make her the obvious culprit

>watching this show
>suddenly giant dogs and wile e. coyote bomb shenanigans
not even the games were this cartoony

Here you go, user.

>not using his stealthy ways for stealing food and breaking in to restaurants to steal their secret recipes

more Natsumi

Which site is true hope???



But there's nothing left to do.

There was never, in fact, anything there in the first place. Junko is dead. Monokuma was just a recording. The bracelets were probably just networked with the monitors and cameras to track NG code violations. Izuru isn't a Despair anymore. Munakata has finally pulled his head out of his ass and seen what his zealotry led to. Even Naegi got Despaired.

The Despairs were all fixed already since I'm sure Kamukura used his hax powers to restore their memories and personalities. And now the symbols of Hope have both tasted their own personal Despair.

It's over. All that's left is the reveals of all the shit I just said, and the epilogue.

Maybe Kirigiri is miraculously alive, since the VAs seem to be implying something incredible happened. Maybe Chiaki is alive too. But there's not going to be some big showdown between Hope and Despair. The climax was Naegi and Munakata's showdown. There's no Despair left. And no Hope either.

Just people.

What did he see?


S+ bullshit what the fuck stop fucking cheating






I will now explain Hope and Despair because the show makes it so vague it gives me diahrea.

Imagine a large horse cock named Hope trying to get through a door with no lock and no handle. The only way it can open is by depositing a small amount of liquid into a chamber about 5 feet off the ground. In order to open the door, Hope must ejaculate into the hole. This is where things get weird, because Hope had a vasectomy last week and can no longer cum. The only way to open the door is to bring along his friends, who also happen to be horse cocks. Driving the cock car, they'll travel down Dick Street, past Shaft Avenue, and arrive at the house. All the dicks will furiously try to cum into the jar only to realize that they too had vasectomies. Is there no way of opening the door? Hope thought otherwise. In order to open the door, the horse penises needed to form an alliance of sorts, but it wouldn't be easy. A monopoly on the remaining sperm count in Cocktopia was under Pig Chode's rule. One of the horse cocks, named Nanami, stepped up to take on the role of ambassador for the Horse Cock Nation. Using a bus that pulled in last week, she travelled to meet the chodes. A few minutes after she left, the door opened for the throbbing penises sitting outside. They all flopped into the building only to find out they were in a mutual killing game run by Bull Semen, the mastermind behind the game. On a TV screen, there she was, Nanami, sitting in the bus on its way to Pig Chodeland. To the dismay of everyone involved, the bus she was on was heading for pube mountain, a one way trip to death. Bull Semen laughed as everyone went insane. They tried to cry, but their cum reserves were out. No one made it out alive that day.

So yeah, that's basically how it works.

why are her tits so much bigger in the anime

How about you explain to me how she is a jobber?

>Inb4 lost to Izuru

Anyone would lose to Izuru, try again

>Inb4 Gungnir Spears

She let her guard open because she trusted Junko, if you think she jobbed there then Munakata also jobbed when he was outsmarted and verbally BTFO by Makoto

>dr1's opening scene is a teddy bear killing a man by putting him in a toy rocket to an outer space where a planet and a sun have faces
>not even the games were this cartoony


>Jozu is weedman

Chiakizuru vs Hajizuru

His refusal to kill friendlies probably resulted from prior trauma where he had to kill a friendly or a loved one, probably a mercy killing.
This is all conjecture but it's really up to your imagination.

Because everyone's tits are ALWAYS bigger in the anime.

Please no, I only want pure, consensual and slightly kinky threesome doujins

gaia online


Can br seen as a symbol of suicide too or at least of a scheduled execution, which is basically what Kirigiri had

look at how huge his ass is

I don't know, Yoi is still up there in fetishes.

What's dono mean?

>souda admits what he really wants to build a rocket
>tfw you realize this fucker was sent into orbit by pepsicuck

>page 1
i hate you

Best family


You know, if you check around down in the garbage pit, there's a plane and a tank down there along with the rocket.

Risk level like in Guilty Gear?
Mhhhh. I think Peko and Fuyuhiko are more dangerous than Sonia and Ibuki.

>Anyone would lose to Izuru, try again
He literally only had to move one limb, the nerd in the glasses made him actually attack.
>She let her guard open because she trusted Junko, if you think she jobbed there then Munakata also jobbed when he was outsmarted and verbally BTFO by Makoto
Ohhh, this is how I know you know I know you're wrong, you even went through the trouble of adding a retort with false equivalency to it.
Junko tried to kill her multiple times, so she had to be the biggest retard on the planet to let her guard down against someone who has tried to kill her multiple times, hell even in your fanfic she easily dodged them.
Job City.

Peko is so adorable. Hajime missed out on this potential family.





>Fuyuhiko as best bro
>Peko as personal bodyguard
>Smoking hot smug wife
What was he thinking.


Are you honestly implying that the nerd with chainsaw is better than the Ultimate Soldier? If you are then I'll know you are really memeing and stop giving you (You)

Izuru's reaction doesn't matters, he is always bored as fuck

> Junko tried to kill her multiple times, so she had to be the biggest retard on the planet to let her guard down against someone who has tried to kill her multiple times

Mukuro's prone to cronic retardation when Junko's involved, doesn't means she is a jobber though

>hell even in your fanfic she easily dodged them.

She only did it because Makoto called her out, you didn't even actually read that did you?

>False equivalent

Munakata lost to someone who is plainly weaker than him and whom he didn't even trust. He let himself get trapped and was destroyed in a verbal battle to the point of being de-edged

Stop having double standarts

>Job City.

That's Juzo and Jobberbot's place

>Jobbing so hard you fucking die.
Not even Juzo managed that, that's saying something

I haven't really been following but Mukuro would beat Munakata and Juzo at the same time while unarmed.

This terrified me as a kid. it still does

>Music meme

How old are you? You need to be 18+ to post here

>Meme answer

Ebin, you sure showed me, underaged user

Anyone would beat Juzo. He is the SHSL jobber.

Of course she would, only retarded would believe otherwise

Mukuro actually spent big part of her life fighting in secret wars against other mercenary groups while Juzo the jobber got stomped by normies

Someone's upset.

She'd get absolutely shitstomped by Munakata.
Nigga wouldn't even have to suspect her of being despair, which would raise his stats by 30%

Episode today?

13 hours.

Why didn't Juzo get BRAINHAKKED?

Epic answer, kid. You sure showed me!

Does your mother knows you're browsing a 18+ site?

I live with my wife so no.


Nice lie, kid

His brain is already messed up.
That's also why Ruruka's sweets didn't work.

>Has a wife
>is on Cred Forums sperging out about DR and acting like a kid

That's how I know you're lying

I want to waste my various human resources inside of Touko's "bookshelf" too. If you just happen to be conscious and privvy to the meaning of my words.

It's my day off tomorrow and everyone's asleep.
I know it's hard to understand but you can have a wife at 24 and browse Cred Forums.

The Mikan-tripping trick is way too hard to grasp. I might be a permanoob or something.

Does anyone main Impostor here though?

Best song in DR3

>Trying to desperately convince me that he has a wife

Looking even more like a lie, pathetic really

Don't you have school tomorrow, kid? You should be sleeping

Hey buddy i think you got the wrong door.
The reserve course is three blocks down.

She's only good for fucking, though, nothing else, unlike Mikan who is a literally innocent, guiltless angel who did nothing wrong with beautiful long hair.

He is a boxer, so some brain damage is very likely.

That's not www.youtube.com/watch?v=VfUGLeE_41U

Hard to like a song when its played with the worst character

I like it because it's a glimpse at the real, actual Junko and not the goofball. She's a hollow shell of a human being who fills her life up with hedonistic sadomasochistic acts.