Why don't we get charismatic Harem protagonists like Harima anymore but only milquetoast beta faggots such as Rito and...

Why don't we get charismatic Harem protagonists like Harima anymore but only milquetoast beta faggots such as Rito and Raku & company?

Seinen sequel when?

>Not beta


Easier to self-insert.

Hopefully never. The manga/show wouldn't be the same without the stupid humor.

At least he had and actual personality and took a proactive role in the story.

I don't really ask a lot but I at least want my heroes to do that much

I'm kind of pissed that by the end of school rumble literally nothing was resolved. Whether he got the girl or not, I would have liked at least some closure on their relationship.
With that said, yeah Harima was a great protagonist and I agree that I wish more of these shows would go for actual original characters instead of the same copy and paste douchebag every time.

Welcome to manga, enjoy your shit endings.

what is the manga?

Does the manga have a better ending?

>school rumble
what, it was only a love triangle

every second girl lusted after Harima cock

Harima's only flaw is being in love with an autistic girl

The drop of water of this glass was that tenma knew that Harima was in love with her yet she treat him like shit for his own happiness.

These 2 were the only ones. Tae also wanted his dick but she would take ANY dick.

Harima and Eri have a baby.

best pie endlng ever

Jaja Fuck You
tatsuya, arata, yuuji, issei, basara, izayoi akatsuki are worst
No more harem

Because manime is dead, user.

It was a shitshow.

Not quite

Harima was great because he was more than he appeared to be. A hoodlum and dumbass sure but also someone with strong principles while strong enough to do something about it.

Eri as his endgame was dumb though. She only liked him because he didn't give two shits about her and triggered her daddy complex. It would have been difficult to pull off but a Yakumo ending would have been more satisfying because Harima would be closer to his ideal and her dilemma with mind reading would have had a conclusion. As it is now Harima is with a girl he generally disdained as a selfish brat -because she was the most assertive - and Yakumo will almost surely be forever alone or a 3rd wheel to Tenma and Karasuma.

SR never got a bluray release did it? not seeing anything

Considering it's from the early era of digital animation, there's no saving the quality anyways

The manga ending was awful

oh well, at least I can grab a dvd rip without dual audio

>The anime is 12 years old

it was a comedy user, not a romance heading to or needing a conclusion. Had it continued, it would have just been more comedy and more misunderstandings

now Jin Kobayashi is her exclusive mangaka

Man, it was not cannon and the baby was just a delusion from Karasuma. Harima didn't end with anybody.In before "it was based oof the autor life so it was an Eri end"

I want to watch the show, but the MC isn't good looking like me so I can't self-insert.


>Good friend
>Slightly tomboyish
>10/10 body
>Not a fucking psycho

Miko best girl

I always thought Akira liked Hanai and that was the reason she was always trolling him.

Akira toys with everyone, Hanai's just one of the easiest to get a rise out of

I miss him every day

The first manga series ended suddenly, it seem like it was heading towards the final arc with the engament between Harima and Eri but suddenly we get a time skip, skipping that arc going straight to a unsatisfying ending. Was it cancelled? It even got that sequel manga that felt really random and still got a weak ending.

mangaka himself ended it


Is it good user ? I realy need some above average brotagonists

The manga went downhill after the anime ended, but it wasn't cancelled. That sequel was random trash and not worth it.

Because no one knows how to write men these days

Is there a animu series besides Giant Robo that has a MC or at least secondary character like Slayer from Guilty Gear?

Alberto was from Mars which got an anime

can't say if sucks or not and I don't think it has decent subs

>implying there are others like him
>implying Harima is no the author's self-insert

Cheap to produce and don't draw too much attention to themselves. People are into it for the girls and there's a danger of the protagonist eclipsing them.