[HorribleSubs] Mahou Shoujo Naria Girls - 12 [720p].mkv

>[HorribleSubs] Mahou Shoujo Naria Girls - 12 [720p].mkv
At least one person finished it, I guess.
By the way, everyone died and was reborn as a genderbent version of themselves.

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>reborn as a genderbent version of themselves.
Damn it user I had a minute left in the episode. That's what I get for checking Cred Forums during the ED

>reborn as a genderbent version of themselves.

Now they can really charge their Naria!

Well to clarify for OP, only Urara got genderbent. Pretty sure they were talking about boobs or something.

With how lewd they were being I thought they were talking about other girls, but yeah only Urara getting genderbent makes more sense (especially given how he was talking about chest balls and the flat one having a nice ass). Urao is also younger than the other two so hooray for /ss/ threesomes.
This show made me realize that girls are pretty damn lewd. Or maybe that their seiyuus are just huge perverts.

can you post all the end card if you have them?

Not an end card, I don't think there are any. It's from the full version on youtube.

She didn't actually get genderbent. She made it so that her mom couldn't use magic to save her stillborn self, meaning she didn't turn evil and was able to have a new child who can sexually harass the friends who no longer had to sacrifice themselves to save her because she's already dead.

I honestly did not expect them to go there.

Yeah, it got really damn plot heavy in the last two episodes.

There was even a bonus QB moment.

In retrospect, I probably shouldn't have been surprised after "haha it wasn't magic, your grandma is fucking dead now," but saying that MC was a stillbirth and saving her only resulted in the deaths of everyone around her is way the fuck darker than shows that sell on being dark.

Why does this look like it was made with MMD.

Because it was.

Because it was. And that's amazing.

What are you talking about user, this show is totally normal right?

The absolute madmen. Picked up. I hope Im in for a ride.

Truly the Madoka of anime.

Full ED when? It's so damn catchy.


Is it still not out? It's super pleasant to listen to.

I still want more JK Meshi, that show was really fun. Still can't believe Crane Game got an S2.

Don't forget to watch Tesagure later as well for more MMD and ATARASHII.

New season never ;_;

So basically, Japan made RWBY-like anime better than RWBY itself.

Not at all user.

I can't believe how dark this show was.

It's kind of funny too. A number of shows have been accused of trying to be Madoka 2.0, but of all series it's Naria that actually goes and uses it as inspiration for its main story.

TesaTabi 2 soon

All that plot in the end sure was something. This anime became way more hilarious to me when I was imagining the seiyuu saying all the lines in the booth.

That studio bouncy sakuga at the end was amazing a whole 2 frames per second of animation.