Leiji Matsumoto is a good artist

>Leiji Matsumoto is a good artist
lol no

>the character is ugly so he's a bad artist

Nobody made good character designs during that period.


Back then they didn't need every character to be attractive and samefaced.

How can you not love kidney face?

>Leiji Matsumoto is a good artist
well yeah in terms of being a pretty good writer, and even though his chara design isn't the greatest he's still responsible for a bunch of unique and very much original character designs.

tldr: OP is a fag and should go back to shitposting /qa/ threads.

nobody else did them that poorly though

Did you really need this sad excuse to start a leijiverse thread?

Again, nobody that time had a good sense of character designs.

Let me see your anime character design if you're being so critical about it.

Tetsuro is fucking repulsive desu

At least you can self-insert.


he's praised for his machines, isn't he?

Stop it with this heresy immediately. So what if he can only draw like.. 4 women.

He can only draw certain types of each gender
He's limited to 2-3 default looks for whatever character it is


I enjoy his work but it would be nice if he could draw more then one female

>only can draw girl with like 4 hairstyles
>unique and good character designs
yeah right


They are but the same actors upon different stages.
Blame Tezuka.


>what is WMT

Wow, that is sad.

Well, once you've found perfection, why bother doing anything else?

Anne had a tumor head as well.

Intentional. She's supposed to be ugly as a child.

You what? Matsumoto's one of the fucking kings of sameface.

Something doesn't sound right about this.

You dare mock the design of Leader Desslok?

>animation mistake
>lol it's the mangaka's fault

>animation mistake
How fucking stupid are you?

What's with the numbers? Was that put there for American readers or did the manga originally have it?