You waifu will never expose her butt to you

>you waifu will never expose her butt to you

Lucy a shit

when will natsu, lucy and wendy start dating eachother

She's better than that, you shitlord.

What does Wendy's butt feel like?

dreams and purity

That's right. My waifu isn't Lucy who flaunts her stuff to pretty much everyone.

she might

lucy is not even best girl. my
waifu exposes her butt to me every day

She looks like an ugly indigenous Peruvian

She already does.

wtf i hate the fairy tail series anime now

Is she disappointed or scared?

xD i love this meme

PRAISE KEK!!!!!!!!!!!!

She does all the time.

WIll there be another season soon?

I want cute moments with natsu sleeping in lucy's apt again and them doing cute things

>fairy tail

You have to be one hell of a low power level casual normalfag weeb to watch this garbage.

>hasn't seen fairy tail

Obviously I have seen it and its the most entry level shounen shit out there.

>but dude fanservice lmao

Yeah its 2016 normalfags aren't scare of lewd in anime anymore in fact they fucking love it.

yaknow user, powercreep affects fanservice too

who are you quoting?

You can always learn to draw.

My waifu exposes her butt to everyone. It's a great butt. Her body is a work of art meant to be seen!

Your mom.

Oh sorry, I didn't know I'm not allowed to like anime that others have seen also

She's a loli, so really lewd.

nice try user, she already did


The series needs more Natsu and Wendy interaction. For dragon slayers you think they would have more interaction with each other.

Did the rest of this make it to the anime? It was cute as shit

Thats where you'd be wrong OP

Why would she?

>Fairy Tail

I can't even even


whoa, you figured out the name of the show

more of a disappointsquid face de geso senpai

Nice shitty taste, OP.



cutest hips

She's not best girl but damn, dat everything

I bet she spreads her legs for just about anyone, several times per day.


The anime is basically fanart too since 90% of that fanservice is not in the manga.

But which FT retains the most fuckability after having their head shaven?


Lucy a best.

Is FairyTale comparable to anything else? Similar to the comedy in Gintama or anything?
That's a shit-ton of episodes to download...




You know, I've had some very strong suspicions about it, but the look on her face kind of confirms it: Erza is an exhibitionist.



Oh wait.



Back when Wendy was a loli, now she's just DFC.


I haven't really read, watched, or gotten in Fate, but I know that's Saber and your waifu sounds like a whore.

Yeah, only one person on this board dislikes Fairy Tail.