This show was alright

This show was alright.

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Why can't Nips do comedy? I'm pretty sure the only halfway decent comedy anime I've ever watched was Arakawa Under the Bridge and even that wasn't all that funny. I've never actually audibly laughed at an anime before.

Because you either have no sense of humor or you've seen 20 anime.

at least you enjoyed nichibros right?

You have the depression.

Maybe sound effects will help?


probably because you can only understand anime by reading the subs

It's not japan's fault you were born with autism

Even if he could, what's the difference?

>"look how silly I am"
>"you're being silly"
>scene cut

There's Gintama and Osomatsu-san

Everything else is overdone anime tropes trying to comedy

yeah I agree xDD gintama is like totally random and so funny like omg

A friend watched a little of Bimbougami over my shoulder during the "poop god" episode. They asked me if I'm so far gone that I have to watch this meta shit.

I think the exact phrase was "this is like an anime of an anime".

Please list 5 non-anime works that have provoked an audible laugh in you.

Does it have to be a real laugh, or does "what the fuck is this?" laughter count too?


We need more asshole protagonists.

They just need to be non-anime works that you've found funny enough to provoke laughter.

I can't remember watching anything but anime right now.

Oh right, I was watching Gilmore Girls. In the first or second season, the young female protagonist is on a date with her boyfriend for their 3 month anniversary. He makes a big deal about it and the night ends by him taking her to the junkyard where he has a 1/2 built car as her present. There, he finally says "I love you" and she freezes. I was laughing so hard at that that my girlfriend was mad at me for the rest of the night.

In the Amazing Spiderman 1, when Parker is trying to ask out Gwen Stacy, and is having the most awkward time with it in the hallway, I laughed out loud.

I went to a comedy club with a friend who was there to get some practice during Open Mic. Apparently there's this one autistic regular who never gets any laughs. His act was the best of the entire night, but I'm pretty sure I was the only one laughing. There were a few moments where he peered through the darkness trying to figure out if I was serious or making fun of him.

I laughed a couple of times during Sausage Party, but I'm not sure that counts, and I don't remember any particular scene.

I'll try to remember a 4 and 5...

Looks like you get laughs off of awkward. Dialogues and uncomfortable situations usually.

Admitedly western comedy takes stride in that more.

Yes, we do.


Pretty much exactly what I was expecting. You don't like people trying to make you laugh you're just entertained by the suffering and failure of others. Very cool and edgy of you.

So yeah, don't complain about people not being able to do comedy when you just fundamentally hate comedy itself.

If you count feminist articles as "works" I've laughed out loud during some of those. A few are a lot funnier than they're meant to be.

Some of these are really funny

I bought into the John Cena meme hype because of this video:

You know that I (actually posting things I found funny) am not the edgelord that thinks anime isn't funny.


This was really funny to me too. You probably had to be there:



Half of anything that user laugh about falls into that category anyways
>Someone fucked up or is fucked up
>Let's laugh at him until he ascends meme status

This show is much fun.

That was also fantastic

Chichiko a best.

I wanted main boy to get with the cute blonde goddess
I don't know why

you re a monster frisbee

The anime that I've had the most luck showing to normie friends has been Baka Test. They find it hilarious.

Well if you want awkward cringe watch watamote

I was expecting that too actually after reading his initial post, strange how we were on target there. He seems more like he watches awkward shit like Steve Carrell's The Office or Curb Your Enthusiasm or something. He really is in the wrong medium to look for that kind of humor in anime. We should go into business as handreaders or something.

Oh user, you should watch Shounen Hollywood, that sounds like the right type of comedy for you.