Utawarerumono Masks Ahoy

One more Utaware thread to bring it home. This topic still wasn't touched on much last thread, but seriously is there no hope for third season of the anime? I heard the VA's are dying or something, but they'll probably survive.

How did the last anime do?

Warning: Probably spoilers abound in this thread since the third game just came out. Third game will probably be talked about since it shapes the potential third season, if it happens.

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Also Chinaman is up to Kuon meeting her shadow self


Dark Kuou

I completely forget sales numbers, but generally Itsuwari no Kamen's anime was poorly favored and received, which is no surprise considering the abysmal directing. Now as for a show for the third game, that's more up in the air. I think I remember people speculating that there'd be no problem getting another anime because despite the show's poor reception, the games sold great and they were encouraged to branch out like that. I myself wouldn't mind it so long as they learn from their mistakes, but I'd obviously prefer a port of 2 and 3.

We do need ports of both of them for sure, but it'll be hard with Sony pulling support from the Vita recently.

Best bet is maybe Steam

Best boy

Cute oni.

Personally, although others are pessimistic, I have the vague feeling we'll get them here in the West sooner or later, even if it might be a year or two for even just Itsuwari no Kamen.

Use the Behelit Kuon, sacrifice them all to save him.

Probably not what's actually happening, but still

Semen demon loli who's ready to kick ass.

They killed his best bro so he's going to burn everything.

He died this game, in Haku's arms

After wiping off his makeup

Seems like he tried to get revenge for Haku though, I think.


>Killed based Gozaru
Too far

I know, but still, I think he's the most miserable guy in the game, he was very broken when Oshutoru told him that his bro died.



They went somewhere after the final boss. Shit is going places.


Last boss I guess.

Awakened Dark Kuon, final mix form, ultimate edition

Atui awakens

Just how many godzillas are there?

As boss?

Fire Godzilla - Vurai
Lightning Godzilla - Mikazuchi
Fusion Godzilla - Raikou
Fake white god Godzilla - Woshisu
Dark Godzilla - Berzerk Kuon

Five cursed masks, worn by Yamato Generals

Daughter of godzilla, who can transform it seems

True Godzilla: hakuoro, Dii,and Haku, since Hakuoro gave Haku the true mask in this game to activate the ultimate power if he needed it, apparently. That spoiler isn't entirely confirmed yet though

This is the final game in the franchise? Another season to end this for the non moonrune gamer would be nice.

Supposedly the last game

Yamato crisis is solved, Tuskur crisis is solved, world is in danger but heroes band together to fix it once more, godzillas, everyone working together, shit happens

God damn Kuon is sexy.

Its like Pokemon Mystery Dungeon as well

Since the game tends to always begin and end on the same repeat cliches we've come to like. MC has amnesia, misunderstandings, partner, team up to save the world, MC supposedly dies at the end, but a bit of hope is still there that he'll be back. Same basic shit as PMD. Also that's basically the story of Rune Factory as well, I think.

There might be an anime of S3, but not anytime soon.

English version is also doubtful.

Super Ultimate Void Extra Final Battle Godzilla Go.

Is there some sort of epic final battle theme song going on here?

More spoilers out, its just group talking before fighting ultimate godzilla

Is he still alive?

What did you expected?


that's a big hole.


Masks can heal a lot but you will die quickly if you overuse them or if you ask for more power.

>I heard the VA's are dying or something, but they'll probably survive.

Japanese strong. They'll survive even if they die.

But will they die if they are killed?




Shit, Dark Kuou summoned her minions

Contracts are a bitch


Clones or control?

Control most likely

I'd say that Hakuoro if he was evil could make a puppet out of those that had contracted with him, and somehow ownership passed to Kuou. I remember Kagura making a contract and selling herself, but I forget Touko. At the end of the first game obviously Hakuoro nulled the contract on Eruru, so she can't be controlled.

Threesome with dark kuon and normal kuon never.

Lot of new spoilers suddenly


Stop running away from your darkness Kuon, that's not how Personas work

Eruru a best.

Even more

Maybe they are clones, who knows

Most likely clones because we can see them outside.

Will the ova ever be subbed?

Haku's bros from beyond the grave, saving him? Giving him one more chance

If the spoilers are (most likely) true.

I wouldn't call immortality a gift, more like a curse. He got his freedom and be with his real family.

Spoilers seem to be slightly incorrect in a few places, but not entirely off the mark.

For example, spoilers said Kuon brought him back I think. And then he sacrificed himself to bring her back to normal.

Seems its his dead bros that brought him back instead.

Weird, if we trust the pics, his bros didn't talk with him but ? only. Hakuoro?

Truly best niece.

Guess so.

Dead bros telling you "hey, you can't leave it like this right, you've still got someone to save, right" is the greatest power of them all. Can allow you to reform yourself from nothingness from beyond the grave.

What's Godzilla doing here?

Hakuoro gave Haku his mask earlier in the plot. The mask if he wears it allows him to become white god it seems, since Hakuoro knew Haku would need it.

Maybe anyway, hasn't entirely happened yet

A shame, I would have liked that Haku kept his one horned mask and godzilla form if he become the new white god, it's so much better.

Yeah Hakuoro

His mask was destroyed when he died the first time I guess, who knows. He fused with it earlier in the plot, sorta. Couldn't take it off. He turned to dust, but then Kuon went crazy and is fighting all of his friends. So he willed himself back into existence with a bit of help. From Hakuoro and his dead bros

Fake mask becomes real symbolism, Haku is no longer faking anything, or pretending to be anything.

They're definitely talking

Or at least with a different form, fake white god is not bad.

Who is this?

Oshutoru (Haku) vs Woshisu



Haku taking on the clones of the original characters and dark godzilla himself

Not a fan of the old mask.

Final battle

I guess he's Lv1 again? Although his stats are pretty high considering. Seem pretty absurd for that level actually.

wait is that classic ray rommano or is that hakumano?

Hakuoro gave Haku his powers so he could save the world and the girl.

so did classic romano show up in person, or was it an out of body sorta thing?

>We'll never going to see Munechika's Godzilla


Ray showed up maybe twice in the story. Haku talked to him after he died briefly, before he pulled himself back together.

>died briefly
Ray rommano died briefly?



what the fuck

Goes on to become the new diety in charge, with his oni helpers. Meanwhile Hakuoro can finally go on to lead a normal life.

Happy end

Is there any orgy happen? how does his friends react to his return?

Except for Kuon, Atui, Rurutie, Nekone and Nosuri.

Never thought that I'd see him without the mask.

Partially conjecture but

He's been living underground with Eruru in secret for awhile it seems. I'd assume they all know. However seems he didn't want to lead the country anymore, so he's just being a normal married guy with Eruru. He was always happiest as a country boy anyway.

What about his harem?

>for awhile
>Eruru still doesn't pregnant
Did he become impotent or something?

Earlier spoilers were sort of deconfirmed, maybe?

Although it was already like bits and pieces were true and bits and pieces were untrue, it all gets mixed together a bit.


I always knew Uta2 cast would fight Uta1 cast, but this is a bit different than I thought.

Mustache !

Best boy finally back.

Any CG of Kuon embarking on her journey to find her husbando?

Haku left without even saying something.

where does he go?

Hey guise, what's going on ITT?

So after almost 15 years Hakuroro finally gets a happy ending? Fuck yeah.

That's what he gets for not being born a woman in a harem.

>no visible marks from having a mask superglued to his face for years

I call bullshit.

But he has the heart of a maiden

Did China guy stopped to play ?


Sequel about Haku's adventures as a god when?

The anime did bad.

The anime was done bad.

There's probably no hope for a third anime because of the bad directing.


Good end for ants ? Tell me it's that.

It's really not a bad end.

Someone was miscasting in the spoilers yesterday a bit.

Haku is the new god and went off with the Twins.

The true new Empress of Yamato.

Yes, it's better than Hakuoro at the end of the first game. But what about Kuon ?

She could find him eventually if she felt like it, since the twins did. However she's busy at the moment. He's not going anywhere anymore, no rush.

Final parts of the ending aren't revealed yet anyway.

Do Benawi and Munechika fuck?

Nostalgia, lots of it.

fuck so did the twins won?

How did Hakuoro remove the mask? Wasn't it attached to his brain?

Gave his burden to Hakuoro 2.0, he's free now.

What about his harem?

He could get lost in the middle of outer space and the twins would find him. They're very persistent.

Lets just say Haku gets to smash ALL the pussy now.

These spoilers make Hakuoro seem like a dick. Bails on his daughter, his friends, and responsiblities to chill underground with his waifu. Also the anime at least made it seem like Kuon never knew who her father was. Which is fine if he was sealed or whatever, but I guess he was just too much of a deadbeat to introduce himself.

Hakuro was kind of a dick though. Not to women though.

Kuon seems to know where Hakuoro was, I assume they all did. They just left him alone since he earned it.

the anime was shit at explaining anything the game did

kuon actually did in fact know she had literal godzilla powers, and had used them multiple times.

i think she knew her dads legacy to the harem and some other bits, i'm not sure if she ever got to meet her father tho

they did know im pretty sure

i forgot like a whole sentence there user, i'm sorry

>and had used them multiple times
against kurou who then directly is like "SHOW ME YOUR TRUE POWER KUON HAHAHAHAHA" as a joke or some shit, then directly hints at her father from nowhere

and then the anime was just kinda like "hahaha she kind of knew ᵇᵘᵗ ᶰᵒᵗ ʳᵉᵃᶫᶫʸ ᵇᵉᶜᵃᵘˢᵉ ʷᵉ ᵈᵒᶰ'ᵗ ʷᵃᶰᵗ ᵗᵒ ᵍᶦᵛᵉ ʰᵉʳ ᵐᵒʳᵉ ˢᶜʳᵉᵉᶰ ᵗᶦᵐᵉ ᵗʰᵉᶰ ˢʰᵉ ᵃᶫʳᵉᵃᵈʸ ʰᵃˢ"

Just a reminder.
>The spoilers were true

>It was osthoru mask that completely fused with haku. It was the event where kuon was sure that oshtoru is haku but he keep insisted that he was ostthoru and he even said that the mask cannot be removed again anymore. Mikado said that there is supposed to be a safety device in the mask that limited the mask power and allowed the user to release the mask anytime they want. Maybe the limiter is broken and he cannot take it off anymore because he really overused it this time.

>After his death because of over using his power and turned to dust, kuon succumbed to the voice inside her and make a wish to save haku which resulted in her berserker god state. In order to save her, haku used hakuoro's mask and in turn inherited all of hakuoro's power. (he turned into a god guys). Because he did this, he finally free both eruru and hakuoro from their fates and allowed them to meet their friend and family in the lasr part. Haku just vanished after that last battle.

>Haku is now a God
>He vanished along the 2 boys, inb4 gay shit
>Humanity is restored to the original form
>Everyone is rebuilding the damage done
>Haku needed to turn into a God in order to sabe Kuon from her berserk state
>Kuon forever alone and searching for Haku

In the end this third game was nothing but a huge disappointment. Literally they did Uta1 all over again and Haku turned into being Hakuoro 2.0.

The twins are boys?

No, that guy has been shitposting in different ways the last two threads

Twinfags win


Why does Japan have such a boner for bittersweet endings?

So Kuon ends up foreveralone after all that? That's pretty depressing. At least her dad is back.

Because they don't want people to be happy. Endings must be disapointing like the world

It's not even really bittersweet in this case. It would be bitter if he had died like he was dying at first in the game. However after he put on the mask, he's still hanging around somewhere, the twins managed to find him, the others could as well if they felt like it probably. Maybe he created his own heaven realm for them to all come down to eventually. Kuon who has the same power as him can definitely find him eventually, but she's not really trying that hard at the moment. She's being the ouro, she's hanging out with that one girl for now. She's not really broken up.

No one is really sad this ending from what I'm seeing, it doesn't really have the same feeling as the ending of the first game

Even Hakuoro was saved this time, and was leaving his cave in the end.

Did we ever learn Haku's real name?

She's got lots of friends, she's spending a lot of time with one girl ,
and she could find Haku eventually

She's not forever alone at all

Someone is trying to frame this as a bad ending, but not really.

There's some cg with them together at the end, but it won't save for me at the moment t.

It's not letting me save any image at he moment


Man you know where to find spoilers

Guy is still posting spoiler images

Is emperor, his wife, oshutoru, and everyone just hanging out in the afterlife together?

Obviously, also don't listen this retard He's been deluding himself and sperging around on all threads just because he can't believe we got a shitty ending and his lovely secondary characters have almost zero screentime.

Yes, she's forever alone but Kuon and her friends are looking for Haku so maybe they will find him again.

Obviously don't believe this sperglord is the same retard who shitposted the previous thread and got BTFO multiple times by other anons and the spoilers being confirmed.

Shitposter shows up every thread, starts shouting down to ideas he doesn't like, misinterprets the ending on purpose, calls everyone a sperg or whatever name he can think of at the time in lue of an argument. Gets furious and takes it personal when you don't believe him implicitly as the golden standard. You can see how riled he gets.

He killed yesterday's thread, he'll kill this one.

See? not a single argument, link or at least one of the already confirmed spoilers that we have. Just acting like a retarded 10yo kid who can't deal with the fact that most of the people is not happy with this bittersweet ending.

Just report and ignore.

Doujins of Kuon finding god Haku and fucking like crazy when?

Christopher Poole.

I'd kill for a remix of the song when you Witsuarunemitea as the final boss in the first game.

He's kami, he could be found whenever he wanted, he can literally do whatever he wants.

Probably wants to piss off for a few years and fuck onis

Kuon abusing the wishes to summon him back all the time for fucking and other stuff, rinse and repeat for the other girls that were left behind.
After a while Haku has enough of it and turns Kiuru into a god instead.

Are the twins dead or do they have the ability to speak with deceased?

They followed haku

They are with Haku getting their asses filled with Haku's semen.

Probably Yamato. Makes sense at the very least.

They were talking with Oshutoru, Honoka and Mito in the afterlife

Self-insert fag detected.

I dont want to be Haku when the others find him. He'll probably end up taking a tail up the ass.

They followed Haku.

They didn't so much die though supposedly. However they did follow him into the other world.

Daijobu becoz this show end up with HappyEnding found the last CG

Haku pls bang those pussies.

Fuck off sperg, sperg alert. We all know the earlier spoilers were absolute and didn't mention this so fig off.

Don't type like retardeds.

the irony

Ded bread

>Maroro and Oshutoru bring him back from the dead.

It was all part of his master plan to help Haku-dono ojaru.

I wish I could feel nostalgia for this but I only fully watched Uta1 a couple of years ago, as I thought the mask was silly when it aired.