Give up your laps to imoutos

Give up your laps to imoutos.

Previous thread went down an hour ago, calmer down.
>that heart that pops up
never stops being cute to me.

>open mouth
>see this

How to proceed?

Reminder that imouto threads are started and fueled by imoutos secretly trying to get innocent older brother anons to do nice things to their imoutos.

Do not reply to imouto threads!

Do not do nice things for your imoutos!

Be mean and cruel to your imouto every day, she deserves!

>Previous thread went down an hour ago, calmer down.

I missed it.
I guess I'm a faggot.

shouldn't have put that name

>missing an imouto thread
Step it up onii-chan.

She deserves nice things and hugs.

How do I get my imouto to let me drink her pee? Have lived with her for 14 years, and I want her to pee in my mouth ever since she was 9.

This is why your garbage thread get deleted.


It was up for over a day, how do you even miss it?
It's too late for me to resist it at this point.

Will do, captain!

She does, she will stop for doing that if people tells her that she's childish for sitting on my lap. But then if there's another opportunity, she would do that again.


I hope you don't spoil your imouto. They may be cute but you can't ruin their upbringing.


Reminder to always spoil your imouto.

More translations when?

Why would I want a smelly, small piece of shit on my laps?
My little sister can go fuck herself.

They're chinese cartoon for something, user.

Take a bath with your sister

It physically pains me that this is not real.

tfw no millennial imouto

New raws never.

Millennial imouto would be an adult by now, or at the very least in their late teens.

You need to move to the next gen imoutos now.

tfw two millenial imoutos

at least no imouto stuff was deleted

I'd rather fuck you

That's one long-ass title.

That's a cousin.

Also, good job for once, mods.

Is that why there's only like 11 chapters out and they skipped 6?

Hey I have two spare imouto, where should I send them?


Cousin that lives, breathes, and loves as an imouto. Can't you let her have the one thing she desires most in the world? The title of Imouto she has more than earned time and time again?

Into the realm of love and supreme bliss

S5 never.

what if my imouto is a masochist that enjoy I'm being mean and cruel to her?

I'm more concerned with Fudatsuki translations man, or pic related's author picking it back up.

I guess. Haven't bothered to check if it's available in digital format.

This is something I might enjoy. I have tried reverse google search and sauce now. Can you please tell me the title?

>Dessed as Asuka
>anta baka

Cute, CUTE!

Incest is forbidden.
You're related by blood!

Who said anything about incest? Also
>implying it isn't the purest form of love

That one was pretty damn good, why did it get dropped again?

Momoiro Meloik, translators dropped it hard so I wouldn't bother

Volume 5 where?


That's a sidetail.

What is the secret behind the superiority of imouto-onii-chan relationships

What else should I give to my imouto


That girl would find it very uncomfortable to sit on my lap, if you know what I mean.

How's your relationship with your Imouto user?

>what if my imouto is a masochist that enjoy I'm being mean and cruel to her?
You are actually replying to one such imouto.

>posting just a picture of a certain french philosopher is now commonly understood to imply a sexual advance
sometimes I forget just how powerful memes really are
shits fucked m8

She's fucking tsundere, god damn it

>a certain french philosopher
i'd watch that if Touma's appearances were kept to a minimum

Imoutos and onii-chans belong together

God that lolis face freaks me the fuck out. Jesus how horrifying....

I want to dick that imouto.

She's a bit more of a gyaru than a loli.

Do gyaru lolis not exist?

Sorry! She's alredy getting dicked 24/7

la salsa, mi amigo?

>tfw 20 with a 13 year old imouto
but I really don't care about 3D imouto

But I pop boners from there!

You should give up your lap to her like the OP stated.

i feel ya senpai

could you post your imouto user?

is she a bitch to you already?

She's very annoying sometimes. My room is next to her and share one corridor. I pick on her everytime I pass by her door

What will you do if she brings a boy to her room ?


There's something I love about sibling banter.

Be honest here Cred Forums, how would you actually be like if you had a cute 2D imouto? Would you have a proper and pure sibling relationship, or would you lust after the imouto pussy?

So this is where the reaction image comes from

The secret behind the success of sibling incest relationships is that you can love her as a sister and a woman.

What if I don't have an imouto but instead, I have a cute little cousin who demands headpats and sitting in my lap?

Finding series that has this is a reason why I come to these threads.

I think the author just got bored? Theres another user that knows a little bit more about the background of it.

Both, especially if she looks like Komachi.

Is she close you you like an imouto? If so give her all the headpats and lapsitting she desires.

Death to imoutos
Onee-sans are the truth path


What about onee-sans that are smaller than you and flat?

Scientists have discovered that there may be a correlation between spoiling your imoutos and targeted imouto lewdness.

Spoil your imouto with caution and be sure to STOP if she exhibits signs of lewd.

>be sure to STOP if she exhibits signs of lewd
Isn't doing lewd things with onii-chan an essential part of imoutoness?

No, imoutos aren't for lewd.

Imoutos are for lewd but only with their beloved onii-chans

Kirino is a victim of over-spoiling

I'd over-spoil her if you know what I mean.

>rabbit and turtle
what lewd animals

Why are 2D imoutos so perfect compared to 3D imoutos?

>2D vs 3D
gee user I don't know

You would understand what I mean if you had a 3D one

I think you missed the point.

>ydwtt died translating this
He knew the risks, and he did it anyway.

user with an 8 years old imouto here

You know what to do. You must give her headpats.

Which one is superior spoilage material, imoutos or daughterus?

What anime is this? Google gave me nothing.

Daughterus are for all-around spoiling.
Imoutous are for dick-spoiling exclusively.

Healthy, close but not as much as I'd want.

>tfw imouto is 6'2 and gay

>don't having a threesome with your imouto

Yuimouto best ML imouto

Normal. Since my parents are divorced, I don't get to sent much time with her


Nigga she ain't your Imouto. She's your real life "little sister".

Nah. Lise best ML imouto.

Your imouto is an otouto my dude

Not as smelly as an older girl/woman though.
Also you're a faggot.

>tfw no shitposting imouto

Lise a shit, a shot, and a dead. Yui a cute, a pure, and olev.

So wrong. Besides Yui also a shot and a dead

Lise is liebe.

Then why does she appear in a TSFiA written by Kouki that's set over 20 years after Operation Ouka? Lise a shit.

sorry, i didnt realize nobody speaks anime language in real life

Why don't you just do it for her? What kind of shitty brother would make their sisters fuck themselves?

Literally the worst SM girl and that's saying something.

Well my imouto looks exactly like the flat chick from Dagashi Kashi so she might as well be 2D, and we already have a super "proper and pure" relationship but I would crush that puss in a second if she asked me to.

Distant, but she honestly behaves like the ones in anime. Seriously, when she hears about me visiting home she freaks out. I hope I never do anything to disappoint her.

Hey I'm not the one bargin in here attacking other imoutos for no reason.

Lise a best.


>not an actual imouto
>attacking an actual imouto
Yui > shit > Lise

Better imouto than Yui can ever hope to be even if not a 'real' imouto, and thats saying something.

>Better imouto than Yui
>tried to kill Theo
>Yui didn't try to kill Yuuya

Lise a shit and probably smells bad

Please don't fight using imoutos

>Sells herself out to a nightmare of an existence to save her brother
Yui can never hope to do as much for Yuuya as Lise had to do for Theo. At least know what you're talking about before talking smack bucko.

>sells herself
That's right, she's a whore who sold her mind and body to Beatrix. She's a sell out alright.
>At least know what you're talking about before talking smack bucko.
You just outed yourself as the retard Lisefag from the Muv-Luv threas, top kek,
Lise isn't an imouto though.


She's a German, she probably likes having a shit taken on herself too. That's what the internet told me.

search for imouto anime 2016, good luck

>forced into servitude to keep her brother alive
You could stop victim blaming, or keep being a shit posting dick about a subject you apparently don't have a full grasp on.

>victim blaming
God damn Lisefag you are really dumb.

And you have no ground to stand on so have resorted to straight up shitposting at this point.


God damn you are really dumb, this is why you got run out of the ML/SM/TE threads. Fuck off with your fake imouto whore.

Now you're just making shit up. But keep lashing out if it makes you feel better you overemotional child.

>lashing out

Get it all out of your system little buddy, I'm sure you'll feel better after your done.



Original version is better.

>mfw running dangerously low on imouto VNs

Are there translated ones focused on a protag getting with both his imouto and neesan?

I just want an imouto to cuddle with on the couch while we watch shitty movies and make jokes.

I gotta be honest here
I haven't read one where this happens

Learn weeb.

Or just play Maman kyoushitsu at least three times a year like I do.

>tfw I showed my power level to my little sister with saying that Yosuga no Sora is the greatest love story ever told
She said she will watch it, should I stop her?

No, cuddle with her on the couch while you watch it.

Why not both?

I can safely reply to imouto threads. My imouto would never try to get me to be nice to her. All she wants is for me to disappear.

My imouto has a big butt.

>Illya fags are imoutofags
No surprise.

My Imouto got hit by a truck and died. She was the cutest. RIP Chris.

Imouto butt is the best butt.

>Maman kyoushitsu
I just finished that shit user

Just completed it yesterday. Lovely.

No! Its distracting at times!

>the car is full and your imouto sits her cute butt on your lap
Shit's unnerving.

>tfw chubby imouto
Its okay though she's cute and I think it works with her figure.
Don't pop a boner, user.

>tfw was on the path to an imouto success story
>Me and imouto were super close and did everything together, we cuddled all the time, she left her skimpy underwear out in plain sight and didn't care if I saw it, she modeled swimsuits for me, she let me massage her feet and legs despite knowing it's my fetish, she let me use her ass as a pillow, etc.
>Also the nipple thing happened
>She wanted us to move into an apartment together

>But then she moved out with some friends because I couldn't find a job, and now my life is empty

Remember kids: Not even your imouto will stick with you if you're a jobless fuck.

If you still have a good relationship, then there's still time to get a fucking job and try to win your imouto back

>Imouto's birthday is next week
I've never given her a birthday present before, I have no idea what to get her.


You know what *must* be done.







Do NOT sexualize or impregnate the imoutos!

>tfw no imouto
It's for the best.

But can I sexualize, AND impregnate the imoutos?


Thread says imoutos.


Imouto threads are only for blood related sort and not childhood friends.

But thats incest threads. Imouto threads include step-imoutos as a subcategory.

shiro is his imouto

>always liked imoutos but then the Kirino trash happened

True suffering, it almost ruined it entirely for me, and these threads are certainly ruined since Kirino is always posted in this shit

I have the world's best imouto. Just need to break down those conventions.

I will not have Imouto threads be taken over my NBR loving rabble. NBR has always been frowned upon.

My imouto is 3D.
Send help.

kirino is great

tfw imouto is literally Kirito, including hair and body type to match. There is no dere in her at all, everytime she walks into my room to tell me to move my car she pretends to barf a bit from all my figmas. She's told me I should kill myself multiple times and mean it. I just want a kind, moe blob imouto who looks up to me.

user I know he looks like a girl but that's an otouto.


I will impregnate and sexualize them instead!

I'm killing myself. Whenever I think of Kirino I think of shitty SAO and subconsciously think Kirito.

What happened to the user who promised he would vocaroo himself asking his little sister to wtach YnS with him yesterday?

I will never get NBR shitters
>family remarries
>imouto introduced as NBR
>"hurr durr muh nbr"
>do not give nbr imouto headpats
>imouto becomes sadden because she doesn't understand why her new onii-can won't give her headpats snd snuggles
>imouto does not recieve proper onii-chan love
How cruel, right? You wouln't deny an imouto her onii-chan love, would you?
An onii-chan has a responsibility to give love to his imouto, EVEN IF imouto is NBR. Discriminating agains imoutos just because they're NBR is neglecting onii-chan responsibilities. Have you ever considered how an NBR imouto feels? Must be hard enough having to move in with a new family, and on top of that her new onii-chan doesn't give her headpats and love. NBR imoutos have feelings too, you monstrous onii-chans.

You need to bring her to the exchange facility so you can exchange your current one for a 2D one.

She would be just some girl. I would treat her right but she would never truly be my sister.

user please, you're being ridiculous.

Family that are together simply because of marriage will never truly be your family like blood.


my imouto is a bitch and would scream the house down if I told her that she could get into my lap. FUcking bitch


If your step family does more for you than your real family they are more worthy of the title. The technical definitions are meaningless at that point.


Neesan butt > imouto butt

You're a tripfag so you deserve it.

NBR is shit and always will be. She is not your sister and is at best a childhood friend and at worse just a girl, why do you keep pushing her as a sister when she never will be.


See now you're being ridiculous again. Why are you arguing technicalities when that was never the point? No one is taking your BR away. NBR has its niche as well. And this isn't an incest thread. Its an imouto thread.


But user, the author IS br

So tell me, mine somehow decided I'm cool, and looks up to me. Even thinks my flaws are cool (e.g. alcoholism). How do I not fuck this up? I try to keep in shape, I'm pursuing a phd, but I honestly am terrified of the idea of somehow disappointing her.

>pic somewhat related


Please anons, rec an imouto moege. Lewd is fine, but just not overly, all the time lewdness. I need my cute imouto fix.

NBR has always been unwelcome in Imouto threads. Blood is key in having a true Imouto. Even a half Imouto is better than some fucking NBR trash.

But why

Who are these semen demons?

Been wondering about that. Thread went 404 while I was sleeping.

I'm a fucking broken record at this point but no blood connection for an Imouto is generally frowned upon as a copout. Just because a girl calls herself his sister means shit if she lacks the blood connection. I like some NBR girls too but they'll never be true blood related Imoutos. They are cursed to never have that true connection to their Oniichan.

haha, don't be silly user, there are no imoutos in this thread! I'm a certified, card carrying onii-chan and that's a fact! I love doing homework and watching TV and my favorite activity is hugging my imouto before bed! That's right, I'm a real man's man who likes chicks and I don't like clothes shopping, no way. Do I sound like an imouto to you? Get real, imoutos don't and never will browse Cred Forums!

What about cousins raised as imoutos

Imouto sexualization and impregnation is inevitable

Close relative but not a Imouto.

imouto paradise

source has been posted many times

Its all about showing whose boss. My imouto also thinks my hobbies are wierd. The thing is, she is failing in 5 subjects so whenever she pulls a snarky comment I have loads of heavier amunition to fire back with.



that's not surprising they're both shitty gary stus/mary sues


What if your imouto was autistic and ended up like Renge?

Not right now you don't.
Unless you want your imouto to feel it

How do we feel about imouto-sized neesans?

>I'm killing myself.
Will your sister really be happy with that? She might just be tsundere.

They're fine if you have a tall, big breasted imouto for contrast.

What if you have a neesan and imouto, both normal sized BUT the neesan is DFC and the imouto has oppai?


At last I have the source.

How would you treat an imouto with no arms?

Lots of hugs.

I see she has arms but no hands, user.

She has arms, she just lost part of them.

You wouldn't lick your imoutos' navel would you?

>Nit picking

Any other seasonal imouto like the QUALIMOUTO?

How does she go poop?

I would.

With her nii-chan's help, of course

they're cute

Is this what Imouto butts were made for?



Of course. What a silly question


Can you sauce me up fampai?

Don't look at me like that
You're making me blush

The fights we have just aren't worth the time put into them. She's average in school but she does do really shitty teenage things like weed and heavier drugs. I just don't fight with her for my dad's sake since he's usually stressed about his work and doesn't have time to deal with petty sibling shit.

I haven't seen a dere side of her since I was 8 and she played some video games with me. When she started getting friends she hated me.

i'd impale that girl's cunny and bounce her up and down right then and there.

I-it was jjust a prank onii-chan!


You have to be gentle with your little sisters.

What's wrong with her stomach

That's oneechan thread. Imouto thread was never and will never include NBRshit.

>This is legal to show on public television

No matter how hard Kanabro tries

So was this

I want to be your imouto!


Wanting to fuck your imouto.

prankster imoutos should be punished by oni-chan dick

It's crazy how quality oreimo's fanart is, considering how great the official fanservice has been.

Pic related


I wish my sister let me feel her up whenever I wanted


Anyone have the manga where the imouto slaps her oniichan awake to take her to the bathroom in the middle of the night or something?

>my imoutos are being super clingy to my oniichan and neesan and ignore me except for the otouto. Oh well.



I can't find it through any reverse searches.

>5 cent raise

I like to bully and BAP my imoutos.

Did you make this?

Don't bully imoutos!


Your imouto is thin as a stick, user. Feed her.


cum inside imouto

>Go to my sister's room, barge in and yell "I love you, my dear little sister!"
>She's been gone for a decade now

Who's your favorite imouto from modern manga or anime?

feed her to a shark or something

Uzuki a slut.

>Don't bully imoutos!
it inevitable user. they are too cute.

I want an oniichan so I can cook for him!


>weed and heavier drugs
>petty sibling shit
user I don't think keeping your imouto's drug consumption from your dad is a good thing.

I'm not going to search the thread, nor will i look this up myself. Somebody do your daily good deed and give me the sauce on this.

No, fuck you.

boku no pico

Diejoubii, i found it. Enjoy being a horrible person.

Felling nice today it's
Uchi no Musume no Tame Naraba, Ore wa Moshikashitara Mao mo Taoseru Kamo Shirenai

But I'm not a person!

Can I have sauce while you're at it

Why did you post a picture of a ghost?


Shit. My imouto is a drug addict, has almost killed herself multiple times because she drives drunk and high, and takes advantage of anyone in my family who feels sorry for her.


I want to have my face in that imoutobutt and motorboat it.


BAP the imoutos!

She's non existent so she'll never love me


Can someone link me to the raws?



Thank you kind user.

I've actually heard about it before, actually from being in these threads, but never remembered the name.

like with the benis?

No! Imoutos hate penis! They hiss!

Imoutos loves Oni-chan penis.

>sister is older
>sister is autistic fujoshit yaoibait landwhale
>the thought of her on my lap disgusts me

Never had an imouto, never gonna have one.

You wouldn't have had that problem with a younger sister if you were a good brother. Have your parents fuck and give it a try.

>2 older sisters
>1 younger sister
>none of them are fit, smelly, ugly, or SJWs
>oldest basically takes care of us all and is a doting neesan
>imouto is adorable rarely if ever acts out of turn or disrespectful to us
>second oldest is also pretty cool and more laid back as a tomboy-ish type
I don't know how I lucked into this genetic family jackpot but I'm happy.

*Meant fat there

>tfw little cousin who is like a second imouto to me is too old to sit in my lap now


Onto my lap

Then onto my dick.

People in these threads dont actually have imoutos, do they? They are vicious manipulative cunts through and through

Yours is just shit.

Pretty great

She's a better person than me tho

I do have a lovely imouto yours is just shit.

I actually do. I have two of them. I'm the oldest.
One was a "big girl" borderline autist, 6'+ tall and heavy to boot.
The other was an oppai loli with a razor sharp tongue and an acid wit.
All they ever did was fight with me ending up in the middle as the mediator in their squabbles!
I hated my life!

I have two imoutos and two neesans, stop projecting nerd. Some people don't have shitty relationships with their siblings.

Is it illegal to kiss your sisters on the lips?
My mom said it was.

>my mom said it was
Well shit

When I visited family overseas I kept getting kissed on the lips by my first cousins constantly and they seemed to enjoy it.

>is it illegal to kiss your sisters on the lips?
no your mother just suspicious that you love your sisters more than a brotherly way.

I have two imoutos, while sometimes they can be brats and fight among themselves they are no where near the disappointments some anons mention. I just wish I had doted on mine a bit more and not have been so tsun towards them. Yours sounds like she may have been overspoiled or misguided.

Now, what made her say that? An, Onii-chan mustn't do bad things to his imouto.

>to this day always wish i had a twin/younger sister cause i feel i would've gotten along with one more than the rest of my family
>moved away last year and really didn't feel much for the family i left home

There is nothing wrong with loving sibling skinship, user

>tfw my imouto is away at college

So you're gonna be the house husband while your imouto brings in all the money? Not a bad deal

My favourite imoutos are the ones with strictly familial love going both ways.

Where do I find more of these?

my imouto doesnt like when i pat her head

what do i do



Uchi no musume

Amnesty for little girls!

Decent for living away from her for almost a year. Says she misses me. She recently got a boyfriend. Hit me harder than it should've desu senpai. I shouldn't have left.

Poor dumb frogposter

She's just jealous.

My dad is very trusting when it comes to me and my imouto. I've tried talking to him about it multiple times and he just says the same thing. "She's not doing it and if she is, it's just a phase. She'll grow out of it and become a better person." My mother just doesn't care, the rest of my family doesn't concern themselves with us.

No real imoutos do. They worry about it messing up their hair.

Cred Forums knows nothing about imoutos as most of them don't have one

Where can I find them? Doesn't matter if is raw.

>My imouto has a big butt.

>my imouto doesnt like when i pat her head
>what do i do

Let the imouto give you the pat-pat instead.

>have imouto
>mary sue like Kirino, minus the heavy tsun
>actually likes my figure collection
>gets depressed I never spend time with the family and am always in my room

I am a shit onii-chan, but I do teach her math

Imouto + cute nerd girl who encouraged the relationship and is cool with dating MC still

Not sure why there would be a debate when it comes to best sibling love story

>have imouto
>she is now bringing boys into her room
>she will, or probably already has, lost her virginity before me, almost 7 years older than her


>that look
The eyes of a broken woman.

For onii-chan

You have to show her that nothing can beat onii-chan cock

>They don't think onii-chans are in every way better than imoutos


dumb tripfag

Fuck off cancer.

You as well crossboarder.

full body hugs while headpatting to slowly mindbreak her into not being able to live without your headpats

What about the shut-in imoutos though? Mine doesn't seem to care about that much.


Here's a tip user. Reverse searching the pic isn't the only way to find sauce.
The character names are on the pic, try searching them with manga.

source please, science and research required.

>Not recognizing Takeda Hiromitsu's art from the thumbnail alone

Here u go, Uchi no Musume no Tame naraba, Ore wa Moshikashitara Maou mo Taoseru kamo Shirenai, help others too.

Fuck you.

If you were joking you got me good

Why am I still here?

To watch people ironically take bait

You shut up

maybe she didn't want to mess it

It's time Cred Forums hug your imouto and post results.

another time that see it, another time that didn't find where it comes from

that one follow the usagi route


Older sisters are superior.

Kirino, Sora and Mikan are old and busted.
Pic related is the new hotness.

NBR trash

I wonder if they realize they'll be making a retarded 3-eyed incest baby?

Reminder that a woman having a child in her 40's has twice the chance of defect compared to first-generation incest in her 20's.

>tfw u only have an older sister who is fat and ugly and smelly and hates anime

>After I moved out, my imouto started dying her hair and has openly claimed to be a lesbian
She's fucking 13, what does she know about her sexuality

lesbians are just girls who haven't gotten the dick hard enough yet
you know what to do, user.

13 is a little young, considering i'm 25. But enough blogposting, post cute imoutos to dull the pain of knowing that yours is beyond your grasp

When I was 13 I'd already been fapping for five years or so

100 year war with my sister or something like that. Beware, it gets kinda dark, just like most of this mangaka's works.

>Kinda dark
That's putting it mildly. It's an Oreimo hate doujin, one this world would be better off without

Why are vampire kisses so tender and loving

Been catching up on the WN for this. It's weapons-grade hnnnnngh. I've gone through 5 hearts already, and I'm barely at chapter 25.

Then that mangaka hates everything and everyone. Still, the sex part before shit going down is amazing, and I still fap to it. After I'm done, I just stop reading it.

Nothing can beat Hyocorou's doujins, though. God DAMN.

Hyocorou is fine, I actually liked Yanderino, no matter how off character she is, and his other series was great
But no one can capture the tenderness and love like NIL can. Too bad the fucker is either dead or gave up on the H-manga world

Any sauce to this?

Can I hug the neesan instead?

>tfw s2 never

>wake up
>be alive and be a child
>have a sister, and parents
>go to school, make friends, live life
>play with sister, make letters for her on Christmas, and her birthday
>don't always get along, but parents force you to always say sorry and make up
>one day enter the living room, everyone's silent, there are strangers sitting down staring at you
>your parents tell you you're adopted
>one of the strangers says that they're your sister, your REAL sister
>the sister you've spent you life with is sitting across the room choking on tears that won't stop
>she gets up and runs to her room, and slams the door
>everyone is in a commotion
>your parents try and get her to open the door, but she just keeps saying "Go away".
>the adults keep apologizing to one another over and over as they move back towards the living room
>you look over at the hallway and wander off
>you knock on your sister's door, and she yells to go away again
>you say "It's me", after a lot of silence the door opens
>her eyes a red, and her hair is a mess
>as you come inside she says that she hates this
>she covers her face as she says she wanted to be your only little sister while hiccuping
>you've only seen her cry once or twice before, and never while you were alone
>you think about hugging her, but you're afraid to move

>NBR fags can only ponder this situation by muttering "muh NBR" or "muh NBR mothafuka"


I will start making threads about this until translations. Like Boku Girl.

I can't begin to fathom the failures of reasoning that led to this situation.

Welcome to drama.

The only real illogical part is the biological sister being older. People have sent their first child into an orphanage because of not being ready to be a parent.

With abortion being more common than say 80 years ago it's less of a thing.

She needed a man in her life son. You could have stopped this.

Imoutos are soft.

First off, why reveal it at that stage? Why not wait until they've developed the mental capacity to separate the concepts of biological vs situational families?

Why show up all of a sudden, why not introduce them as "family friends", over the course of a few weeks, if not months, and then reveal it once both groups have become accustomed to one another?

There's just so much wrong with this picture.

Because biological families are evil. :^)

Jesus man thats sad as fuck. 'nbr' imoutos deserve love just as much as any other imouto.



It's why they are cursed, user. I feel bad for them but they will always be NBR.

>tfw s2 never

have i got some good news for you

[citation needed]

"A 13-episode second anime season, titled Ore no Imōto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai. (俺の妹がこんなに可愛いわけがない。?) (with a period at the end),[14][15] aired between April 7 and June 30, 2013."
t. wikipedia

You're a special kind of idiot.

he asked for a second season :^)

Nigger did you even read the post I quoted?

Just checking but we're all imoutos here on this board, right?

You are aware that isn't from Oreimo, right?

>wearing thighhighs at her age
What a little semen demon. Her legs look so velvety and soft.

As long as they are loved by their Onii-chans like an imouto should be then its all good. Key word being like, hopefully they're not too bent out of shape at the loss of direct blood ties.

Hit the imoutos! Bully the imoutos! Destroy the imoutos!

I've mentally conditioned mine into loving it because a lot of the anime we watch together has cute little girls in them that love receiving head pats and I often do so while we watch. It helps that I always fix her hair afterwards.

No! Imoutos are not for that.

>Hit the imoutos
Only if they have to be put in they place
>Bully the imoutos
only in a playful way
>Destroy the imoutos
only with Oni-ichan dick

Either you're retarded or I didn't express myself well, but this is what I meant.

Sometimes you need to put Imoutos in their place.

But only with your dick.

which is worse?

NTR is unredeemable shit. At least NBR can be cute sometimes.

NTR. No fucking hesitation. I can deal with NBR if they're honest from the get-go, but when NTR involves NTR'ing an imouto from the onii-chan she defied social taboos with, it makes me want to kill myself

I love NTR.
I might be a masochist.

Hide tripfags
Report tripfags
Pressure tripfags who are into NTR to off themselves at their earliest convenience

Do you ever give her the Comb?

I'm a tripfriend.
also kirino is shit

poor KoG

What if she likes it and keeps doing bad things, though? Sometimes a bap is necessary,


What was she offering to help with?

Mastering the art of giving girls the b.




Who needs an Oreimo s3 when s2 ends totally on the up and up? Just use your imagination, user. Clearly what they told you about Kirino's personality she won't accept losing aniki to any other girl or be relegated to [i]just siblings.[i/] Hopefully she lets him be with Ruri at least as a cover for their relationship.

Just re-read the last volume

Now I understand why Ruri has all that dom/feet shit. I thought it was just something that happened but nope cunt is into the footplay.

Only good NTR is an imouto and onii-chan NTR'ing someone else

That's not even NTR, because an imouto already belonged to her brother before she even that other person.

I would like an S3 where it just shows the two of them doing cute couple shit the entire time. Just focused on them

Not everyone is allowed to brush an imouto's hair. Only people she trusts are allowed.

What about nee-sans?

Nee-san's get their own thread.

Never had one, but I did have something similar.
My mom had a baby sister, a very late accident from my grandparents. She was still in high school when I was born.
So my oba-san was like a Nee-san.


Will she go through with it?

That sounds fun. I don't have an older sister and never had anyone I could say that acted like one.
I mean, I have an cousin that's half a year older than me, and since our ages are really close and our parents are big friends, I was basically raised together with her for like 15 years, but she always acted like an imouto, sometimes even more than my own actual imouto.

Inferior to imoutos

>implying they haven't already

>he then post the only case that a nee-san is superior to imouto

>Still no Doujinshi of they having a threesome.

Speaking of which, is this sugito's next manga?

It will never happen.


I don't remember this!? BD-exclusive scene?!

I think it is a parody.

Chifuyu-nee is a miracle of the universe.

koyomimonogatari, owari or nise maybe

can't remember

Why does that never happen to me?

What the hell is this?

Will they ensure a second season of my favorite anime will be made?

No second season ever.

Only if you buy enough copies of the manga.

>mfw 79 chapters already translated in my language

>a neesan or imouto of full blood lose to a non-blood related step sister.
How much would you rage if this happened?



It's like Ane Log french translations which are up to chapter eightysomething. The final chapters got translated in some threads here months ago.

It's probably koyomimonogatari.
I never got around to seeing it, thanks.

I'll wait for English.


I think they stole Sora and Haru's design.


That might take forever. Anyone know if there's more chapters translated in spic or even frog? I'd give it a try in nip, but I suck at kanji.

Fucking this.

Reminder that if you don't impregnate your imouto, you are a shitty brother.

I can't wait forever. Get it done.

It's a shame they have to be related by blood.

Maybe it will be different for their kids.

Loli imoutos are for protecting and guiding? Nay. Loli imoutos takes care of and corrupts you.



I don't think "shame" is the word you're looking for. Try something like "wonderful" instead.


This thread is going in the wrong direction.

what kind of faggot get a boner when your little sister sit on your lap?

Superior Yotsuba babies soon.

How soon?

It's from Servant x Service, really under appreciated anime.

>fade to black
W-what happened?

Have you tried KanjiTomo?

They couldn't afford to animate the guy?


updates never ever

I really hope we get an uncensored version of this sometime. Also, another sequel.

It's like a half second long scene, and a fairly low budget anime so no.

I wonder what Sora would do if Haru suddenly became a shota.

>your cute little sister turned into fat lesbian SJW

Is it on a streaming site?

Takei Ooki.
Just for you, fellow imoutofag

No, it's a software that translate kanji

As soon as they graduate probably. Onii-sama said the ring is coming soon and next volume is the start of 3rd year.
Intense sibling love happened.

This is the scene from episode 1 of Tsuki right before Karen leaves and Koyomi does the platinum disco dance while asking Tsukihi (younger imouto best girl) if Karen is cool enough to have her own spinoff more or less.

You forgot Muslim.

Thanks, onii-chan.


I really like Umaru and her onii-chan's relationship. She acts like a believable spoiled nugget and her brother gets understandably irritated with her. But they love each other and obviously like spending time together.

Especially as a salary man, it's much better to come home to a nice imouto than an empty apartment. Dunno, I think people who hate Umaru don't understand what it's like to have an actual cute little sister.

They are blocking the entrance. How inconsiderate.

You wear a bikini to the beach. Not to bed.

It was beach day in Kyousuke's bed.

no such thing, fuck off

Sand in your bedsheets is the worst.

You wear a bikini to fuck

I am not convinced her nipples are not exposed.

Kirino is more busty than that and her butt is bigger.

Why is Kiririn so lewd?

The artist made improvements.

Then make it pool day in onii-chan's bed.

>making her less womanly and more like a 6 year old boy

That is just horrible.

Flat is justice.

>psychologically imprinting any future recognition of the birthday song to trigger memories of being blackmail raped onto her onii-chan
>pointing out that you CAN do a bunch of things with your imouto and that it isn't actually impossible

That beta nice girl didn't stand a chance against this cold, calculating alpha loli.

Cute loli Umaru is a nice imouto!

The lapha burns out and dies fast. Beta wins.

Does Taihei feel like he is raising his mother when he sees Umaru?

That is just like the scene in The Exorcist. Except creepier.

>Implying Kirino isn't naturally petite aside from slightly bigger than A cup breasts
Stop being gay.

Does she still deserve to win even after straight up murdering him.

For all she knows it wasn't even the same Tatsuya that came back. He could have died there and been replaced with a magic clone.

Kirino's probably closer to a C

No. She deserves unhappiness.

>tfw your only siblings are shitty younger brothers

But give your bed to your onee-sans.


Then Miyuki might not be the same Miyuki that he knew either since she was saved by the same power.

But if you are Shuu you can get both. Well, so does Haruka.

dumb frogposter

Dumb frogposter;



>Shuu picked the plain stick figure homewrecker instead of these goddesses
He'd better take advantage of his position and keep the bloodline pure.

>already at bump limit
Been busy past couple days, the thread went by so fast.

>what kind of faggot get a boner when your little sister sit on your lap?
The one with attractives little sisters

Onii-sama needs the Miyuki to keep his sanity in check. She is the only true joy in his life.

>your cute little sister turned into fat lesbian SJW
you failed as brother

You can always tell when you or Kanafriend are lurking around. Just look at the imagenames

It's kind of endearing to know that people notice.

I think it's more that people want to see you get your heart ripped apart by Kana

>NBR is shit and always will be
woah woah woah, while BR will always be superior in my eyes, NBR has its charms too! I personally find them better when the siblings are older/at the tail end of puberty and they experiment with each other and it turns to love

Sorry for your loss, but you could have prevented this.

Did someone break the bump limit.

dude, get her some help. maybe try talking to her about why she's doing it? maybe look into getting her a therapist so she has someone to talk to?

let her know you care about her and seeing her doing drugs hurts because you can do nothing but see her hurt herself. I think opening up a line of communication would help (ask about school, compliment her on something like her hair looks nice/if she does something well like she did the dishes without you asking/getting a good grade, talk about shows she likes).

Mutsuki is a goddess but Yayoi is top imouto material. She is the tsundere type that will quickly melt in your arms after at a couple of sweet words.

I still feel bad that I haven't made any progress on that. I wanted to take care of some shit in life, but I put it off for the entire summer. I think I'll just ask Kanafag for it soon, and I'll do what I did for YnS in one of these threads too.

He hasn't been around for a while, neither has Kanasis

I think he was here a week ago or so, and even if he doesn't post I'm sure he still checks in on the threads.

Cute twins.

Given how infrequent these threads are, how do you plan on getting Kana? On the off chance that Kanabro shows up?