You are allowed to give unlimited funds to finance a proper anime adaption of anything of your choice

You are allowed to give unlimited funds to finance a proper anime adaption of anything of your choice.

What do you choose? How would you have it?

Robin Hobs's liveship trilogy
+ Age of Sail
+ politics
+ pirates
+ talking boats
+ sea serpents
+ dragons
+ A variety of excellent female characters, two of whom have amazing character development.

Don't tell me you wouldn't watch that.

The entirety of Overlord done by the same studio that did the first set of episodes or The Devil Is A Part Timer season 2.

Steel Ball Run, told over the course of three movies.

Animated by David Productions with an enormous budget.

Berserk. Everything up to the Millennium Falcon Arc. That's it. Please.

Leviathan/Behemoth/Goliath as a series.

-WW1 with walking tanks, literal landships, giant organic dirigibles, crazy freak of nature combat animals, giant sea creatures that eat warships whole, and Tesla building a superweapon to destroy Berlin
-Reverse trap Brit/Austrian prince shipping
-Giant minority robots in Istanbul (jewbot, kurdbot, arabot etc) vs Ottoman military bots

>Houseki no Kuni directed by Oishi
>Wakusei Sutakola directed by Kobayashi Osamu
>Kara no Shoujo directed by Ikuhara

Etsusa Bridge series, separated into 2 movies. Hopefully it will push Narita to finally write the continuation of 5656.

Full adaptation of Starless as a 6-8 episode 8 OVA with everything included. Yes even the

>toilet scene
>curry scene
>the enema scenes
>the horse scene
>the dick guillotine scene
>the pig and dog scenes
>and ESPECIALLY the ballbusting scenes

And I wont even be fapping to half of that shit, I just want to see the reaction to seeing people watch it in top of the line animation quality.

Entirely 2d, but it only has 1/10th of a normal single cour seasonal show's budget stretched out for 25 episodes.
Starting from pre-eclipse ending at the eclipse.

This needs an OAV series.

A 52-episode Little Dorrit anime, WMT-style.

Unlimited funds? If you had asked me this last year, I would have poured it into health care so that Anna's VA wouldn't have died.

Voynich Hotel by SHAFT

Metal gear rising.

>raiden cutting mg ray with RULES OF NATURE playing in the background
>raiden vs armstrong animated with high budget

really just any work from Mizukami

Call me a pleb but I just want Soul Eater to get the Brotherhood treatment

A remake of the entire UC over the course of 12 movies with god tier animation and pacing.

Gundam F91 as an 85+ episode ova

This would literally be the perfect fucking Tim Burton film.

Both Voynich and Franken Fran

As long as we get this handsome son of a gun.

Give Tsugumomo the proper ova adaption instead of the shitty one we're going to get
4k, uncensored, animated on 1s, etc

can I fund my own original instead? I wanna produce a modern cel anime on 70mm film

Umineko no Naku Koro Ni.

Need 100 or so episodes.

An adaptation of the lazy king, I simply loved how chaotic and creative everything was. The protagonist may have been boring, but really that's all that Sloth's about. The side characters are so much more interesting.

truck sans daily drive a story about running over isekai protagonists in a 26 ep non stop car chase

Houkago Play in its entirety in 5 minute episodes.

Or an OVA of Sora No Woto.

Chrono Cross anime, 64 episodes, Ufotable, 4 openings.

Index S3. The battle royale and brexit arcs would bring ruin to Cred Forums.


Do people think this isn't edgy as FUCK? I'm usually very forgiving of that, but at the end of volume 2 I was fucking embarrassed.

Wheel of Time, so it can be the anime it was always meant to be. I would want it in an artstyle similar to Record of Lodoss War.

I could get behind this.

I can see it now:

>I want to tug her braid
>lan-chan a best
>nynaeve a shit


>why is fucking every girl in this show a tsundere

user, you make me cry.
Season 2 never. Why will we never see Maou and Emi as parents

Updates fucking when?

Okitegami Kyoko animated by I.G or Mappa.

> I would want it in an artstyle similar to Record of Lodoss War.
Meaning Izubuchi designs? Or just "I want noses"?

Afford all licenses for the songs.
Pay for a clone of Jimi Hendrix so he can voice-act as himself in Jenglish.

Didn't he get laid at the end of vol 2? How is that edgy?

Animorphs, with each arc being written/directed by a new big-name creator, corresponding with the ghostwriters. Produced by Kyoto Animation X Madhouse.

The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath

the original isekai-anime

This whole thread.

As for me - picrelated
With all the thread replies voiced in a bonus BDs

Metal Gear animated continuity with these:

1. All post-credit dialogues fully animated.

2. Yuki Kajiura composing.

Continued from Plot alterations:

1. Give further explanation for Big Boss' backstory, in that, like The Boss, he's a child of one of the Wiseman's Committee. Studied in one of the schools run by the Philosophers, and that he met EVA there when they were children and promised that, if they were to see each other again as adults, they will marry. Unfortunately, the Philosophers decided to experiment on memory manipulation, with Big Boss as a test subject, thus not remembering EVA when they meet again in 1964. Also, make Big Boss The Boss' nephew.

2. Put the events of Metal Gear into 1991 as opposed to 1995, and that, although he had training, Solid Snake was inserted into FOXHOUND for Operation Intrude N313, with his lack of experience being suited for Big Boss' plans in that one.

3. Make rescuing Liquid from Iraq a FOXHOUND mission, with Snake being the one who saved Liquid, and give Liquid a Skull Face-esque backstory in the form of wherever Snake was, Liquid was, Zanzibar Land as one example, with its date being in 1995 instead of 1999. That way, while Snake gets fame, Liquid doesn't, which adds more fuel to the fire for Liquid's problems with Snake in 2005 (Solid 1).

4. Promote Holly White in that, post-Zanzibar Land, she's also involved in Solid 1 as a spy, where she ends up being rivals with Meryl over who gets Snake, and also, have Holly be the one Liquid threatens before his fist fight with Snake on top of Metal Gear REX.

5. Changes for Solid 2 anime:

a. Skip the Tanker chapter and demote it to flashbacks.

b. Have Snake's Codec conversation with Otacon in the after-credits scene take place the same time as Raiden reunites with Rose.

Continued from 6. Post-Solid 1 anime, Holly co-organizes Philanthropy with Snake and Otacon.

7. For a Solid 4 anime, have Holly be absent during Meryl and Johnny Sasaki's wedding; the reason being aiding Big Boss in acquiring Zero's body, which adds her to the events of Naked Sin (Snake at Arlington failing to kill himself, with Big Boss showing up with Zero).

Sequel sage set after the Solid 4 anime that makes sure Rising: Revengeance isn't in the hypothetical anime canon that contains these:

1. Everything from the founding of the Philosophers to the Guns of the Patriots Incident be exposed to the media, thus making things even worse, with more conflict across the globe. Making this worse is that certain incidents have been caused by what appears to be a new biological weapon that kills, but if the infectee is strong enough, he or she can be brainwashed. The name of the biological weapon: FOXDOM (Fox Domination).

2. In response, the para-military group SNAKEHOUND is organized to combat this threat.

>cherry picking
His entire character is edge incarnate.

Continued from 3. The protagonists:

a. Fox

Found in an old, abandoned laboratory, he was raised as a child soldier. He was eventually taken in by an NGO. One day, an outbreak of FOXDOM occurred, killing nearly everyone, except this child soldier. Due to this, he was shipped off to another laboratory, only for SNAKEHOUND to take the boy off the laboratory. Due to his skills, he was given the name "Fox." His assignment in this story is to guard a certain HVI from a certain organization.

b. Miyuki Homura

The first experiment in the project the gave birth to the Next-Generation Special Forces, in which, a clone of EVA was infused with Big Boss' DNA. As she turned six, she was then used for another Patriots experiment, which is implanting one's brain with knowledge of humankind's history. To make sure the project went on without interference, she was placed in cryo-sleep. However, in the year 2012, the facility keeping the girl was raided by Philanthropy, specifically Snake. After finding out the circumstances of her birth, she was given to the woman who assisted Para-Medic/Dr. Clark with Les Enfants Terrible. When she was released from her cryo-sleep, she appeared with no memory of her birth, so she lived a peaceful life. Now, circumstances will make her leave the life she knew.

4. The conflicts are now fought with four-meter tall bipedal tanks called Assault Gears, which are a response to the many Metal Gear REX derivatives that came about post-Shadow Moses Incident.

Pokemon special

Does having sex invalidate edginess or something?
And even if it did he got unironically bound and raped by a demon loli. I'm sure that cancels it out.


user cannot read between the lines, i see.

Pic related. It's probably trash. But it's also sort of become one of my Holy Grails because even once I finish learning moon I doubt I'll ever get to see it.

>you love power, you disgust me
Lanfearfags btfo

I'm hype and it will never happen.

Why complicate and change already messy as hell plot? Cant you just use already established characters, world?

I do agree that Solid's snake past (just as well as Big Boss's 70-00 mess) wasnt really explained, and it presents itself as a great place to make new characters and plots (like H I D E O K O J I M A did with original metal gears on msx, MGtactics, etc.

But you are forgetting the main theme of MGS4 - the end of snakes, FOXHOUND's, Fhilosophers, etc.

So bringing a new "snake" after mgs4 would be illogical and wrong.

Unlimited money?

The Malazan Book of the Fallen.

>10 books
>12000 pages
>insane amount of characters
>power levels through the roof
>rape giants

It would be perfect.

Keit-Ai. I'm amazed no one has posted it yet.

I guess probably a full adaptation of the Cybersix comics?

The two series I want more anime of (Juuni Kokuki and HxH) are on hiatus :(

because it's shit, and you're shit

Because it happened

Its already a thing, and it was shit.

Also, the edgiest guy since Coldsteel.

>insane amount of characters
>power levels through the roof
>rape giants

Why not just adapt Greek mythos?

Star Glitter

Gardens of the moon is one of the worst books I've ever read and I've suffered all of index.

Full adaptation with 60fps of The Romance of the Three Kingdoms loli version

Index III. I would also pay a certain singer to come out of retirement to sing its theme songs.


As I said in , the guy is named "Fox," not Snake. Also, for the hypothetical sequel series, make it more focused on mecha. Heck, make it like Metal Gear meets Full Metal Panic, with some Mega Man X spray-painted on it.

Anyways, I've gone off-topic. Here's another thing I want animated: Assault Suits Valken.

Here's how I'll handle it:

1. Explain more on the character's backstories, like how Jake Brain, the protagonist, met Crea Coral.

2. Add new characters, including a female Assault Suit pilot whose one of Jake's subordinates.

I want the complete Horus Heresy but with cute female primarchs

Would want Farseer first desu. Especially since a big character in Fitz's trilogies is in it.

It doesn't invalidate anything, nor am I cherrypicking, you specifically pointed out the end of the volume as edgy where all that happens is a wrap up, a confession and being dommed by a loli. Hardly edgy.

And I take exception to that label in the first place. Edgy is without reason, for edges sake. there isn't a single thing Dantalian has done without meaning.

Horus Heresy a shit though. I feel like it was an event best left shrouded in mystery at this point.

The Silmarillion. Animated by SHAFT. Unlimited funds for QUALITY.

Cherry picking wasn't me.
I said I was cringing by the end as in the end was just the cherry on top. Specifically the cackling about the head on a platter.

Edgy is usually in tone, not the actual events. It's an overemphasis on the darker aspects.

Yeah it's edgy but still entertaining as fuck. The banter is gold.

>It's an overemphasis on the darker aspects
I remember when we used to call that GRIMDARK. Why is this site so bad about using the word edgy

Dorohedoro by Yuasa

I remember too, I just adapted to the times.

Super Smash bros animated. Fucking One Piece tier episode count. Story, animation, everything maxed. Animated by Ufotable. Pls.

>unlimited funds

Il hire kajishima and an a class studio to produce paradise wars, isekai s2 and everything else he has planned for 50 years. Also the designs and style is going to be under kajishimas rule. And 26x50min episodes.

Dysfunctional Systems.
I hurts to know that such good talent was ruined by such shit management.

Does a doujin count? if so...

I need this scene fully animated in the nonexistent OVA.

Proper anime adaptation of Shaman King

Animated hand-drawn on 1's on Cels
Animation done by the Hunter x Hunter '99 Team
Each art-style change is represented in the corresponding episodes/arcs
Same voice cast as the 2001 version
Re-uses some of the music from the 2001 version(particularly all the awesome vocals songs) while having new music as well possibly by the same music staff

Ɯbelblatt done by Ufotable, excessive fanservice, no changes in the character Desing

2 cour adaptation of Plastic Nee-san by a custom studio consisting of the best and most renowned people in this industry.