I'm about 3/4 through this

i'm about 3/4 through this.

Jesus, why don't they make any series that are as good as this anymore?

20th Century Boy is better

this was a 6/10 it dragged on for way to fucking long

Now there's a show that needs some surgery.

it was realistic in the aspect, though. A mystery thriller should take a while to be solved. Although i understand why people think it's too stretched out, I believe the length makes it more intriguing, like solving a 1000 piece puzzle instead of a 100 piece puzzle

It has pretty lame start.
Japs love these bible-quote type things for whatever reason.

The manga is 10/10

Anime is an 8

>A mystery thriller should take a while to be solved

true but this was like what 80 episodes

yeah but again, it's just personal preference. I prefer long mysteries that stretch out that long. It makes the outcome sweeter. I still haven't finished the show so there's a chance that i could be disappointing with the outcome. But the lead-up hasn't disappointed me yet and it has kept fresh for me through the perspectives of multiple characters.

Maybe the first half of 20th century boy.
But damn do they drag it on

Nigger, random shows this season are better than Monster. Fuck, I hate that series.

ITT overrated anime

but who was monster

Never watched this. I hear people keep saying how good it is.

its should been only 24 episodes

80 episdes is too long & boring.

i felt like it was too long as well, but only because the meandering middle was less about any plot and more about shoving down the viewer throat how good a guy Tenma is. We fucking get it.

>shit taste:the post

The anime is literally a panel by panel adaptation. You are retarded.

>we are the monsters
dun dun DUUUN

Come on, user, there was a whole pseudo-German fairytale about this.

Not him, and I didn't like the manga enough to watch the anime, but how the fuck does that logic work? Do you think every medium is the same and that copy-pasting it means it will be the exact same quality?

It worked for Berserk 2016

it's as faithful as you can possibly be

epic nitpicking coonery though

Like what shows?

You're a moron. A good adaption isn't measured by faithfulness and panel to panel copying is not necessarily a good thing, and pacing is one of those things that are inherently very different between these two particular mediums. A panel you take a second to glance at can be dragged out for quite a while, for better or worse.

But it totally relates to the story.

Think harder.


>i'm about 3/4 through this.
>Jesus, why don't they make any series that are as good as this anymore?
>3/4 through
Be ready OP, because after where you're at it all keeps tumbling down, tumbling down, tumbling dooooown.


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But the ending is good you goddamned faggot

>20th Century Boy
Master Keaton was better, so was Pluto

Master Keaton
>Don't make me laugh

>Ending was terrible but I did enjoy the world building, characters and plot better.

No, its really not. It's a pretty standard Urasawa ending that shits the bed kinda hard and drags the series down from something really great to just good.

The ending to Monster is particularly terrible in how it just kinda fucks up everything that came before it.

>he doesn't like Insurance Man and his adventures
Boy do you have shit taste

The ending of Monster is arguably his best ending and doesn't drag the series down as much as for example 20th century boys does

Is this bait?

>>Ending was terrible
Literally par for the course with all Urasawa work. In the very least it's probably his best ending because although it ends so abruptly it gives me whiplash it doesn't overstay the ending like everything else he does.

How to turn a series from an 8/10 to a 9/10. Tenzo kills Yohan. Done. No seriously, kill him and then let him go to prison for his crime. Tenzo becomes the monster Yohan wanted him to be.

That is how you end a fucking series, not visit Yohan in a fucking hospital bed one sec and then poof he is gone. Utter stupidity and wasted my time watching all those episodes.

>The ending of Monster is arguably his best ending doesn't drag the series down as much as for example 20th century boys does
You are literally saying "at least it's not as bad as this awful ending". That is not exactly saying much. Urasawa cannot write an ending to save his life. Monsters ending is shit from how it makes the motivation for the villain painfully stupid, to how Tenma basically shows he has not changed at all for his hardship, overly story book level epilogue. It's just riddled with issues and is a sour end to an otherwise really good series.

I'm not entirely satisfied with the resolution, but the overall package was really enjoyable. It managed to keep me watching, episode after episode.
The only >26 episode show I've managed to marathon without taking long breaks. For like three days, only stopped for meals, bathroom and sleep.
I wish there were more like it.

>why don't they make any series that are as good as this anymore?
Urasawa's stuff doesn't get anime adaptations anymore.

Fucking lames like you annoy me, it didn't drag on, it's supposed to be a journey, all the interactions show the great bits of humanity, espcially loved the episode where they hitched a ride with some english retired cop.

No it's fucking not
20th CB is hipster garbage for idiot hipsters like you
That shit was a complete fucking mess...the fucking MC is MIA for 60% of the manga for fuck sake

>why don't they make any series that are as good as this anymore?
It was a fluke that's why
Urasawa never managed to make something this good again

Considering the scope of the story 74 episodes/162 chapters isn't long at all(though I think the anime could have done it in like 64 episodes if they hadn't abused the fuck out of pointless recaps at the beginning of each episode during the later parts of the series)

Such a good anime...yes why dont they make them like this much...

Good to know you're a fucking pleb

>its should been only 24 episodes
Kill yourself you low-test poser

Anime is a 10 and so is the manga
Even if the Anime was an 8 the amazing soundtrack and voice acting alone elevates it to a 10

Fucking this
The ending is a fucking masterpiece

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>The ending to Monster is particularly terrible in how it just kinda fucks up everything that came before it.
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>missing the point this bad

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50 eps. would have been PERFECT for it.

In fact, it's just so the right amount you can't argue against it.

>people legitimately falling for ITT overrated shit
I want to go back to the old days, user

Anyways, Urasawa's divisive sometimes due to the way he ends his series. I think he does a good job, but I can see why some are frustrated with them. Even I'm not the biggest fan of 20th Century Boy's ending. But I think Monster's ending is quite good. It shows a protagonist who isn't willing to compromise on his morals, and the way this affects the characters in the story. It reinforces the idea Tenma has that saving a life is always a good thing. That message drives some people nuts, though.

Pluto's still my favorite Urasawa work, but I'm a sci-fi fag, and a tezukafag so I might be a bit biased.

No, Pluto's is his best work easily.

Not that his other stuff is bad, but Pluto is on its own league that's all.

>ITT speedreading faggot
Sorry you either are delusional and/or have terrible reading comprehension

>Pluto had a bad ending
At worst: an average ending. It had some bad and some fucking great.

Urasawa is the Stephen King of manga. Literally ersatz shit for idiots that praise it for maturity because it's not moe.

The contrarians are out in force